NNJ 116 Its not ALL corona

How social distancing is not really working out in Japan, for people who should do it or the people who want you to do it.

Find out where I want to die, how to make money while working and one story that has zero connection with corona virus. Things are looking up.

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NNJ 109: Corona Gouging

There is no news other than the covid-19 news, so we go through all of that. Mostly it is the effects its having on normal people just trying to live.

Plastic bags are on notice and one creepy guy tries to make a challenege for the guy who lays things out.

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And the image mentioned in the episode:

The guy who lays things out shows his ultimate talent in forensic reconstruction of skirt slashed for thrills. Each tattered element placed back where it truly belongs. The guy who lays things out, he re-constructs all of our hearts.

NNJ 106 The Echo Knows

Might actually be an episode I recommend people skip. I missed last week becasue of work and tried to make one in a very echo heavy room. I need to find my out of house studio.

Otherwise, it’s Coronovirus, cryptocurrency and the age of consent in Japan. All the stuff you’re looking for. 

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