A Complete Lack of Humanity


Alright, so a lot of people, they
want to come to, okay, nerds.

I should just start with nerds and
just any kind of new story, just nerds.

But, nerd stuff and
Japan stuff go together.

I think that’s pretty fair.

Anime voice acting is a
dream for a lot of super nerds.

It’s the kind of thing they want to do.

It would be like a dream
job for a lot of people.

The anime industry is tough.

It is incredibly tough and
is incredibly tough because

the margins are razor thin,
they have to produce so much.

It’s not the dream job
most people think it is.

It’s a lot like drug
dealing where there’s a

very small minority at
the top of the pyramid

that is making a ton of money and then
you have everyone else who’s making below.

McDonald’s sort of
staff wages in the hopes

that one day they’ll be part of that
incredibly small upper percentage.

The government has
introduced a new invoice system.

It goes into effect in October.

969 voice actors were surveyed.

77% of those said this
new invoice system is

going to become an
income decrease for them

and 27% said they may actually
have to quit voice acting altogether.

So this system is clearly incredibly
detrimental to the voice actor.

It’s being introduced to simplify taxes
for the companies and to prevent fraud.

Now those are good things.

You want to simplify taxes
for companies because

companies pay a lot of
taxes if they do a good job.

You want to reduce fraud,
reducing fraud is a good thing, but

it seems like it pushes all the
burden onto these voice actors

independent artists
essentially because a lot

of them are not employed,
salaried employees.

In some cases it pushes the
corporate rate to the actor

or artist because they are
not technically employees

or the tax will increase for the
companies reducing work for some artists.

So basically let’s say
you employ me as a voice

artist and I don’t do
this tax invoice thing.

The tax will increase
for the company so they

can employ me or they
can go with someone else.

But if they go with me and then I have to
provide that invoice, my tax rate goes up.

Most voice actors actually supplant
their income already and so all of these

taxes that they were going to have to
pay were going to come out of pocket.

Which means voice acting as
a career is a less viable option.

So if I issue the invoice and
pay the tax I have less income, if I

don’t do the invoice I’m going to
get less work from the companies.

Also the other side part that
they didn’t actually mention

very much is this is also
going to be more paperwork.

So that paperwork is going to have
to be done for done by the artist.

If it’s done by the artist
they actually spend that time.

Then you might think
oh it’s just taxes, it’s a

little invoice you have
to fill it out for every job.

And a voice actor might be
doing X amount of shows for one

company, X amount of shows
for a different company, different.

So they would spend a
significant amount of time if

they’re actually a busy
voice actor that is unpaid time.

I work for a company.

My company essentially does all my taxes.

I have to fill out basically
one or two forms a year.

It’s really just making
sure I sign a piece of

paper that says I still
work for this company.

My salary hasn’t changed
or it has changed whatever.

And the company takes care of it.

I basically do almost nothing
for taxies which is amazing.

That’s not going to be the case
for these independent voice actors.

And it seems like it’s going to be very
detrimental to the voice acting industry.


Maybe I should just
start every story like that.

I could do that.

It could be the thematic beginning.

It could be nerds and then perverts.

I wonder which one I’m going
to end up yelling more often.

Let’s try to get that.

So it’s nice on Dave is the star show.


So there was a sex scandal.

Perverts and nerds.

Oh my God.

Johnny and Associates.

Johnny and Associates is a talent agency.

They have made some of the biggest band.

Biggest band boys.

The biggest boy bands.

You can see how deep I am into this world
when I can’t even get like the words right.

Johnny and Associates
has a sex scandal going on.

Where the executive
class of the company was

sexually abusing
members of the boy bands.

And of course you had to succumb
to this in order to get into the

band and be famous and get your
job and honestly fulfill your dreams.

So that’s awful because this is abusive.

Now the abuse in the idol
industry is sort of an open secret.

I think it’s one of those things
that everyone knew it was going on.

But now it has come to the light.

Some whistleblower has come forward.

Dave said this is what’s happening.

This has been happening
for years and years and years.

Johnny’s is in trouble.

McDonald’s will not renew its contracts.

It used to use a guy named Kim Taku.

Kim Taku is probably one of
the most famous people in Japan.

He was part of SMAP, which was
one of the biggest boy bands in Japan.

It’s weird to call it a boy band because
they’re all in their 40s and 50s now.

At least 50s and 60s at this point.

Kim Taku is one of the
richest dudes in the country.


I don’t know how much money he makes.

The way I actually know him and would have
any sort of affection for him as a person,

although everything I’ve read
makes him seem like pretty awful.

He is the star of the judgment
or judge eyes video game series.

So if you play that
game, you’re probably like,

oh, they just made
this guy look like this.

That’s not the case.

They took one of the most
famous dudes in Japan and

they put him in his own,
Yaku is a style video game.

Kim Taku, from what I’ve read, he’s
basically the reason his boy band broke up.

So he went to the executives at
Johnny and Associates and like,

Ratted out the other guys
were going to go independent or

something or were looking at
other contracts or something.

I broke up the band so
that he could stay famous.

I never watched, they
all had like TV shows.

So they’re like four of those five members.

I think they all had TV shows.

There was a period where
you would flip channels

and there was a TV show
with one of the members from

SMAP on almost every
channel, which was disturbing

if you think about how
much they were making.

When they broke up, the thing
is, every show has a production

crew, that production crew, you
know, massive amount of people.

We’re not talking about one show, we’re
talking about like 5678 shows overall.

All those production
crews ended up losing

their jobs, millions,
not millions of people,

but thousands of people,
millions and millions

of yen were lost when
this group broke up.

Kim Taku seems kind
of like a piece of shit.

He seems like he sucks the corporate teet as much as humanly
possible, although I’m complicit in my guilt in that I will still play

those video games because I really love Yakuza video games and
that style of video game and I love how weird and stupid they are.

Nerd, I get a self nerd on that one.

So other companies now, now that the sex scandal
is public, I’ve decided to start dropping

Johnny and Associates, which is an interesting
thing because I think they knew it was going on.

But now that it’s public, they
have to act like they are outraged.

And that’s the bit
finding it a bit hypocritical.

Like you can’t be outraged by
something you inadvertently supported.

Which again, should I play judgement?

I’ve already paid for
the game, so I guess I

mean my complicit
nature in this is already set.

I can’t undo that.

I guess I can’t return the game.

I bought it digitally.

So I’m going to play
that game and then am

I going to play other
ones if they come out?


I’m a hypocrite.

You’re probably hypocrite too.


So we got nerd, pervert, and hypocrite.

I can call them out in succession.

And I can do self callouts.

I can see where I’m being a
piece of shit just like everyone else.

But at least I’m not abusing
young boys who want to be famous.

I mean, I can take a step
back from that at least.

This is the Howard who runs 100 feet.

Shouts at the the coward.

All’s the the coward who runs 101.

Eat a coward.

I don’t there’s a saying there.

I don’t remember what it is right now.

I’m a bit lost to my own
words at the moment.

Other companies that are
dropping Johnny Associates.

These are masters.

McDonald’s was one of the first ones.

Asihi group, which makes Asihi super dry.

They are a drink company and
alcohol company and beer company.

They’re dropping the other companies.

They are a drink company and
alcohol company and beer company.

They’re dropping them.

Suntory is demanding improved governance.

So this was the other side of the issue.

Well, let’s get through the drops first.

Japan Airlines is dropping them.

Nippon life insurance is dropping them.

Suntory is demanding
improved governance, which

actually implies that
what they’re saying is.

If you get rid of all your executives who
are doing all this abuse, we’ll keep them.

Because I am thinking about
the young up-and-coming stars.

Currently, who may be remiss
treated, but do they deserve

to be punished because the
executives were pieces of shit?

I actually think it’s fair for
the big stars to get in trouble.

They lose their contracts
because they were complicit

in that they didn’t speak
up in defense of anyone else.

This whole thing broke when a couple of
them were like, “I can’t let this continue.

I can’t let this happen to other people.”.

I have a great deal of respect for that.

They went through it, they
came up, they got famous, and

I’m like, “I can’t let someone
else suffer the same way.”

The media also remained silent on
these issues when these stories came up.

They remained silent on it because
they had to maintain access to the

stars because this is where all
their entertainment news comes from.

This group is so big and so powerful.

If they block off your access
to the stars of their group,

you’re going to lose out on
news stories, which is problematic.

I don’t want to see
these young guys who are

just trying to break
in get punished for it.

I do think it’s fair that the guys
who sort of profited off it get punished.

The guys who called it out are
actually the most noble people in this.

They suffered, they
went through it, and yet

they tried to make it
better for other people.

They’re better than me and my
desire to play the “Eckusa” video game.

“Eckusa” video game.

More nerd, more idle news.

This is a more entertaining one.

It doesn’t involve the… it involves
abuse but in a more entertaining way.


An agoya-based, idle underground idle group,
which I don’t really know what that is.

I guess underground idle group
just means not popular yet.

“Pulsar, LUMACS.”.

“Bired one of the members.”

The member is called “Riri and
Osono” or her complete lack of humanity.

This is on the other side.

It’s not the management of
using the teams, the members.

The members abusing fans.

It’s hard to tell.

“Riri took some time off for stress.”

She’s feeling tough, tough life.

I Grant that it is a very tough thing
to have to keep doing all the time.

She needed a couple weeks off.

She took a couple weeks off.

Management’s very kindly, very
sensibly came in to check on her.

When they came to
check on her, she appeared

with two men carrying
her on their backs.

So I really want an
explanation of what that means.

Like is it she on both shoulders?

It says on their backs, are they bent over?

And she’s riding them like
some kind of weird horse?

Are they piggybacking her?

But in the middle, I can’t
tell what it actually means.

Anyways, they asked quite sensibly,
“What the fuck are you doing?”

And she replied, “It’s bothersome to walk.

It’s too bothersome to walk.”

So basically, I’m assuming these are fans.

She got these fans
because they are such big

fans, they’re willing to
do anything she wants.

She said, “I don’t want to walk.
I want you to carry me.”.

Management was so deeply offended by this,
they’re like, “I’m sorry, you’re fired.”

Turns out she was also lying to fans
about the other members of the group.

So she’s not even like smart enough
to not abuse the other members.

This is a thing.

She’s underground.

So she’s not that popular.

But I think in her head,
she’s so popular she can do

whatever she wants because
he has these core fans,

probably like a bunch,
will do anything she asks.

Now, if she’s no longer
part of the band is that going

to continue, does she have
enough clout to go solo?

I doubt it. Is she talented enough?

These idle groups don’t tend to hire people
based on talent by being really honest.

So she was fired.

She was fired for her
complete lack of humanity,

which is a great
reason to fire someone.

And now they are looking
for a new fourth member.

And I think I know someone who
has no musical talent, who’s a big

white dude, who would really bring
a new demographic to your market.

Who’s really old and doesn’t fit the mold.

But this is it.
It’s time to break the mold.

I’m not going to make two
people carry me on my back.

I would actually
probably try to carry two

people on my back because
that would be funnier.

And then break my knees.

And I would be a member, the first
50-year-old, foreign member in a wheelchair.

of an idle group ever.

And think about the records
you would be breaking.

I immediately think like, the fans.

Fans are so gross.

So she’s an awful person.
She was doing awful things to people.

And she was punished for it, which seems
like the way that story is supposed to go.


So nerd.

Over hypocrite.


A few weeks ago we did a story on OSO18.

Also 18.

This giant bear who is killing
and partially eating cows.

And they were very worried
about it attacking people.

And they actually had
to put them down, which I

was really sad about
because giant bears are cool.

Even if…

Yeah, it doesn’t matter, man.

Giant bears are cool.

That’s just what they are.

But the bear community
is decided to get revenge.

They’re actually on the brink of a war
between humanity and bears in Japan.

There have been 54 bear-inflicted
injuries since the end of July.

And this is the most, the
highest since 2007, which

makes me go, “What the
fuck happened in 2007?”

That there was some
sort of peak in bear attacks.

So I was thinking, “Yeah, the bears,
their leader, also 18, was taken down.”

And they’re like, “No,
we gotta get revenge on

these humans for hurting
our master and lord.

The biggest bear who ever went.”

Because you know bears are
going to do it based on size.

That is just going to be how it is.

It’s not talent or charm.

It’s just going to be
like, “Biggest bear wins.”.

Well, it turns out it’s not
because of revenge for OSO18.

It turns out there was a really
bad beach nut crop, which is one of

the main sources of nutrients,
main sources of food, for these bears.

So back in 2007, there was also a really
bad crop of beach nuts, which means the

bears are now coming down into sort of
human settled areas, trying to find food.

Trying to find food means
they encounter more people.

They freak out and they attack the
people, which is perfectly understandable.

This is all again, a secondary
result of climate change,

which means the human
bear war will occur very soon.

Maybe I should just switch to animal news.

I don’t know.

A two meter long iguana
is loose and cute shoe.

It escaped from a woman’s house.

This woman, in her 60s, kept a
two meter long iguana, and she

just let it loosen her home,
which honestly is cool as hell.

I don’t think I would do that.

I don’t think I have two.

I am 1.84 centimeters.

I’m almost too, not, no, I’m
20 centimeters off two meters.

We’re going to round off.

I’m also old, so I’m probably shrinking.

I think I went from
184 to 183, but we don’t

need to report that
small piece of news.

But there’s women in her 60s.

She’s like, “Oh man, I
gotta have a companion.

I’m gonna have a giant
iguana to be my companion.”

That’s amazing.

It escaped.

So now there’s a manhunt
for the two meter long iguana.

The iguana is said to be very timid
and gentle, which sounds very nice.

But I think maybe it’s a
co-conspirator with the bears that

is decided to rise up, and
if it can become big enough,

because again, size is what
matters in the bear world.

If it can become big enough,
it can lead the bears, and we

can get some kind of
iguana bear hybrid animal

that will decimate
the human population.

Thus, we won’t be producing as much.

Climate change will correct itself.

This iguana bear hybrid is going
to be what fixes climate change.

The Mayor of Shibuya Ward says,
“Don’t come to Shibuya for Halloween.”

We did a report on Shibuya last week,
and they started eating a little bit of a

issue in more complaints,
more tickets and whatnot.

There increased police presence.

Because people are getting out of hand.

They were getting 200 complaints a day.

He said something similar last year.

Now last year was deep in the pandemic.

Now, technically the pandemic’s not finished,
but we are acting as though it were.

The pandemic is not a
thing anymore as far as

people and governments
and whatnot is concerned.

You do have to be careful though.

My son’s school was shut down
for three days because of COVID.

I think my son got it
and got over it in a day.

But him being young and very
healthy, it didn’t impact him very much.

He also was vaccinated.

So I think all that helped.

I didn’t catch it or I caught
it and spread it around

and just never noticed,
which is very possible.

They are very worried about the
accident that happened in Seoul last year.

So in Seoul Korea last year during
Halloween, there’s an area called E-Tae-Won.

Thousands of people went to E-Tae-Won.

They thought there was a famous person.

There was this huge rush and a
whole bunch of people got killed.

They were just crushed to
death or trampled and stuff.

They are really, really worried about
something similar happening in Shibuya.

Traditionally, that’s not what happens.

They, people get drunk, they
get out there, they’re all walking

around, then they start flipping
over cars or smashing stuff.

It just becomes sort of a little riot.

They need more police.

What they’ve decided to do
was hire 100 security guards.

They will be deployed and they
will probably be absolutely useless.

Security guards don’t have
the authority to do that much

other than turn around
and go like, “Hey, stop it.”.

And then a drone person
when you say, “Hey, stop it.”

It really just encourages them to do more.

You have police currently in Shibuya issuing
citations and it hasn’t really curved

the amount of negative behavior they’re
talking about that they’re trying to stop.

I think what’s going to
happen is people are going

to go to Shibuya for
Halloween just like the year.

They’re going to be drunk
just like every year and

they’re probably going to
set cars on fire and stuff.

Smash them up just like
they do every other year so far.


Maybe in-in-nep to governance.

In-in-effective police.

Maybe I could just do that.

I’m going to have to sit down
and actually work out my call-outs.

Just like the last story, I found
that the parallel between is very funny.

So the mayor of Shibuya is saying,
“Don’t come to Shibuya on Halloween.

My prediction is a whole bunch of
people go to Shibuya for Halloween.”.

The police last week, when
the Huncheon Tigers, which

is based on Osaka, when
or if the baseball team wins,

what they’re saying is, “Please don’t jump
in the river that goes downtown, Osaka.”

So this is something that
happens whenever they win.

It’s sort of good
locker, it’s your addition.

You jump off the bridge into the river.

In 2003, there had been an 18-year
sort of losing streak for the team.

They broke that in one in 2003.

5,300 people jumped into the river.

They’ve put signs up on Bridges.

They have a larger police presence.

And then yesterday, it went into effect.

The Huncheon Tiger… oh wait, 2005.

That doesn’t matter.

And then yesterday
there was a baseball game.

September 15th, this Tigers fans jumped
into the river to celebrate their victory.

They did try to arrest
as many as they could.

So they had police presence on the bridge.

You couldn’t jump off the
bridge, but there’s still the canal.

People were jumping
off the side into the canal.

They arrested some escape,
but again, the police saying,

“Please don’t do this thing
you’ve been doing for years.”

That’s not going to work.

I don’t know.

I honestly, as an interested side party,
don’t know how you would fix this problem,

it is an interesting problem for police
to fix because you have this tradition.

It’s a bit dangerous.

People have died in the past.

What, how do we stop it?

Do we corn it off?

Do we have enough police?

You can’t put… We don’t have enough
police to like line the entire canal.

You can arrest people.

How many do you arrest?

When do you go too far?

When do you cross that line?

I have no answers for this.

I would have to honestly sit down
and see how many police they have.

How many people show up?

Is there… What kind of like
resources or finance do they have?

So they could actually put it to
implement some sort of defense.

I bet they just sheer
volume of people who

are idiots overwhelmed
the police every time.


A 50-year-old man, Neat.

What is Neat stand for?

Yeah, let me actually just look that
up really quick before we continue.

Not in employment, education, or training.

So this is basically just another.

Neat is a phrase for unemployed people.

They’re not even training or
going to school or anything.

They are just not doing anything,
so they’re staying at home.

These aren’t shutters.

He-Komori is a different thing.

He-Komori is…

You have some sort of trauma.

You have an issue with society.

You stay shut in your room all the time.

These are these people who don’t work.

This dude is 50 years old.

He’s clearly being fully supported by
his father, who lives in the same house.

He was arrested for setting fire.

He was father’s clothing
and the building they

live in, which seems
like a really bad idea.

If you live in a building, it’s not a
good idea to burn down the building.

You live in if you can’t afford to
pay for living in a different building.

He started with the laundry.

And then the laundry fire that
he set expanded to the house.

He started spreading a
lot faster than he expected.

He panicked and then he put it out himself.

But then of course by that time, the police
had arrived, the fire trucks had arrived.

They arrested him and they
said, “Why did you set the fire?

You weirdo moron.”

He said he wasn’t happy with
the dinner his father had made.

So basically his father had made bad food.

He had been supporting
him in this completely

individual lifestyle where
he doesn’t have to work.

The food wasn’t good.

So he decided that the appropriate response
would be to set fire to the laundry.

Jesus Christ, dude.

You clearly don’t
understand your situation.

Weirdo perverts.

Weirdo perverts is the final
story of every new student.

I actually noticed I’m doing a
lot less weirdo pervert news.

And I realized it’s
because it’s repetitive.

Weirdo perverts don’t
tend to be that creative.

I have realized I’m doing
less and less news because

now it has to either
the interesting or

surprising so that I have
something to comment on.

Now we’ve done the same
like stole panties from a balcony,

stole a thousand pairs of
underwear, stole something.

I guess volume would still
get me interested, but at

the end of the day most
of the weirdo pervert news.

We’ve hit a saturation point
where most of it’s not interesting.

This one was kind of interesting though.

So it made the list.

I’m now very discerning in my
choice of weirdo pervert news.

A phone was found in a gutter.

It was face-stuffed and recording.

And this was a woman
who steps across the gutter.

There would be a few frames of film.

I guess we don’t call it film anymore.

I guess it’s still the phrase.

It’s the verb, two film.

A few frames of film would
catch an up-skirt photo.

Seems like not the best way to do that.

But I’m not going to give advice on people
on how to take better up-skirt photos.

A woman saw the device.

She called the police.

The police dug it out.

They weren’t able to unlock the phone.

So they started searching the area.

And they found a man in a ditch.

And they’re like, “Hmm, using
my incredible detective skills.”

I think we have found
a link because we have

a phone in a gutter
and a man in a ditch.

There, while correlation is
not causation, it does seem

like there is a unnatural
link between these two cases.

And we should investigate that further.

This is good police work.

I think maybe I should start
narrating the way police think.

So they found a man in a ditch.

And they started to use some really,
really powerful investigative skills.

They walked up to the man and
they said, “What are you doing?”

The man in the ditch looked up at them and
said, “I was trying to look up her skirt.”.

Here, my incredible detective skills.

Find a secondary link.

One, in the interest in
ditches and low-dug places.

Second, in the desire to look up skirts.

So then they arrested the man
and they said, “Is this your phone?”

And I went, “It is.”

So my investigative instinct.

Now, why was not making assumptions?

Let’s be very clear.

Man, he really gave that up quick.

Yes, he gave that up so fast.

This was actually one of the bits that I
found most interesting about this story.

The police are like, “What are you doing?”

And he goes, “I’m committing a crime.”.

And it’s a crime immediately
linked to a previous crime.

So that’s actually two crimes he’s
been committing sort of at the same time.

You’ve got to give the man
some credit for efficiency.

He has doubled his crime
capacity and creepiness all in one go.

So I’m assuming he was
going to go back retrieve the

phone and then go home
and try to extract still images.

I don’t know how to campy good video.

I weirdly have realized that the
quality of the film is important to me.

So this wouldn’t do it for me as a pervert.

I need a higher quality perversions
to satisfy my perverted inclinations.

Anyways, he was arrested.

They were able to unlock the phone.

I was assuming they just took his, they
said, “Hey, can you unlock this phone?”

And he just stuck out his finger or
they were like, “Is this your phone?”

And he just went, “Yup.”

Because he is.

As Jade said, “Giving it up real quick.”.

Turns out he has a record he was arrested
for the exact same thing 10 years ago.

Not being in a ditch,
literally getting into the gutter

laying down so his face was
sticking up out of the gutter

so that when a woman walked
over he could look at her upper skirt.

I left 90s Aerosmott
quality behind the 90s.


I’m wearing 4K now.

If it’s known 4K, I don’t want to see it.



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Okay, so I got a house full of sick kids.

I don’t know how good
this is going to be today.

Since summer break, the kids
get like a month off and then

there’s been things happened
and then everyone got sick.

We’re not sure if it’s the flu or
COVID or whatnot, but oh my God.

I’m not getting that one day a week.

I usually get to just be
by myself and do my stuff.

I don’t think people come here to listen
to me complain about my personal issues.

Ah, I mean, maybe they do.

Maybe that’s that little
insight into my personal life.

That makes this the more appealing format
where you can get to know me as a person.

by me bitching continually
about honestly very minor things.

Would you, there’s something
maybe I should get some feedback on.

Would you like to hear about
the very minor things that suck

in my life that really are
essentially first world problems?

I’m going to go ahead and assume not.

Let’s just start.

When people come to
Japan, a lot of people

have an image of Japan and it comes
from movies and it involves Shibuya.

Shibuya is a sort of Mecca or where
you would come in Japan downtown Tokyo.

Let’s party on.

Let’s get our drink gone.

Let’s have a good time.

That is problematic because the
police were giving out 200 warnings a day.

And so Shibuya, the district has
decided to go with zero public drinking.

Now this is an interesting
thing about Japan.

Public drinking in Japan is legal.

And in most Western places, I know
like you can drink in bars and pubs.

You can drink in establishments,
but you can’t drink in public.

So when foreign people come
over, they get real excited

by the idea of just drinking
all the time everywhere.

So the first time people
realize that you can

drink on the train
and not get in trouble.

They every day after work,
they’ll get on the train and drink.

They don’t take a moment
and look around and

notice that no one else
is actually doing that.

Drinking on trains is kind of a
shinkun-send tradition, the bullet train.

So when I’m going to Osaka,
maybe, my way home, like crack

a beer on your way home from
your hard day to business trip.

That is acceptable.

But if you’re taking
your local train or

the subway back to
your house, that’s weird.

And you still see people
do it, but they’re also weird.

And that’s maybe
something that people miss.

And so I have met several
people who’ve come over.

And every opportunity they
have to drink in public, they do.

And it’s kind of like an over-correction.

Like, I wasn’t allowed
to do this at all at home.

I can do it now.

Therefore, I should do
it as much as possible.

Or the reality is you
should maybe just be normal.

So you can drink in parks.

You can drink at sort
of some events, some are

not drinking, but some
events you can drink at.

You know, you can drink on the train.

And you’re not going to get arrested, except
now in Shibuya, you might get arrested.

You probably get a fine.

I don’t think that zero
public drinking probably

is going to be a fine,
not an arrestable offense.

The problem is, so they’ve
increased patrols in the area.

And that didn’t help.

And then the restaurant
started complaining

that people would stand
outside the restaurant

and drink and then leave all their garbage
outside the front of the restaurant,

making it less appealing for
people to come into their restaurant.

So this is not officially
obstruction of business.

So it doesn’t get a dang
doesn’t go up on the board,

but it’s there in the
background waiting like a vampire.

I got vampires on my head.

I watched a couple of
vampire movies recently.

But it’s there stalking you.

The obstruction of business charge.

It’s coming for you.

It will sink its dark dank teeth
into the throat of freedom.

Oh, last week, this is
where it became a new story.

Some guy, some foreign
people decided it would

be a good idea to
start taunting the cops.

We’re asking them to stop
and throw away their trash.

Here’s a piece of advice
for anyone at it anywhere.

Don’t taunt the police.

Now, I’m not the police in Japan.

I’m not going to shoot you, not
like in America or other places.

You wouldn’t taunt the police in America.

You would not really.

If you’re sensible, you wouldn’t taunt
the police where I come from Canada.

Because you would probably get thrown
to the ground and arrested pretty quickly.

They would find a charge in Japan.

It doesn’t quite work that way,
but that you have to understand.

You’ve listened to Ninja News
Japan three, four, five times now.

Let’s see.

Not even like a long-term list.

You’ve heard the story
of how people can be held

on multiple charges for
an extended amount of time.

This is how the police in Japan work.

They don’t shoot you.

They hold you for 20
days on a single charge.

Then they hold you for
20 days on another charge.

They ruin your life.

They make you lose your job.

They take away your
because you’ve lost your job.

You’re probably your
visas connected to your job.

You get deported.

You lose anything you had here.

You don’t get to take home with you.

That’s another thing
people don’t understand.

If you get deported from
Japan, it’s not like you get to go

to the bank and take all your
money out before you leave.

The police just say, “Oh,
that bank account is ours now.

Your apartment, you
don’t get to go home and

collect all the things
you brought with you.”

So, like, my incredibly noticeable
valuable in the corner of the video.

You just get on an
airplane and get sent back.

Then they’ll go to your house and
take all your stuff, keep it or sell it.

I don’t know, but this is it.

You might have some stuff you
really is really important to you in there.

That’s not yours anymore.

And this really messes up
your life and you’re not being

allowed back in Japan ever
again, so you’re never coming back.

So, that’s something to keep in
mind about taunting the police.

Yes, you are probably not
going to get shot, but yes,

if you push it too hard,
they will ruin your life.

Okay, so what did gamers need?

I’m a gamer. I play video games.

If you watch on stream, you’ve
seen me play a video game.

I shoot things.

I particularly like things that explode.

I have a very simple male
brain where a shoot boom

is the most satisfying
experience I can have in life.

I have just described my sex life.

The gamers need fuel.
They need cut noodles.

But cut noodles aren’t enough
because that sustenance.

You need also something you know,
boost you. You also need caffeine.

You don’t have time to eat noodles and then
switch over to a drink and drink the drink.

You don’t have time
for that kind of life, that

kind of hassle because
you’re too busy gaming.

You’re doing rad moves in 360 no-scopes.

Trying really hard to think of
some out of date gamer terms

and the first thing that came
up to mind was skateboard.

Skateboard slang from the 90s.

Do you don’t have time to
eat and use the secondary?

Like this is stupid.

So the audio solution
to be take your mountain

dew code red and put
it into your noodles.

Well, that’s disgusting.
It doesn’t actually taste good.

Like I’m not, well, you might like it.

I have a more elevated palette
so that doesn’t do it for me.

We’ve seen his step in.

Listen is the creator of the cup noodle.

These are the people who made
cup noodles in the first place.

They have stepped in
with the gaming cup noodle.

There’s two kinds.
You can get garlic and black pepper.

Or you can get gaming, curry, michi,
which has rice instead of noodles.

It’s energy, ginger, chemo flavor.

The cup noodles is garlic and black pepper.

Don’t know if I just said that or not.

They’ve also put in some additives
to really boost your gaming acumen.

The first being, of course, caffeine.

Because what do you want
in your cup noodles more

than anything else, but
the addition of caffeine?


I’m not 100% sure I’m saying that right.


I have noticed all three of those
ingredients are in hangover cures in Japan.

So when you get a hangover in Japan,
you can buy these little energy drinks.

And in those energy
drinks always includes

caffeine, arganine, and
niacin, and something else.

I can’t remember what it is.

But clearly, if you’re studying
or gaming or have a hangover,

Niacin has actually
just come to the rescue.

I do have friend Jade
who sent this to me before

I even saw the article
of it being released.

So if I can, I’m going to
find a case and send it.

If you would like your case
of Niacin game or noodles,

well, I’m going to
charge you an exorbitant

rate, but I would
consider getting it for you.

The Japanese prisons.

We did just talk about foreign
people taunting the police.

Another reason not to go to
Japanese prison is in Japanese prisons.

You might get abused.

There have been 22 cases of guards
being accused of assault in the last year.

And so they’re like, “Ah, we shouldn’t
have guards assaulting inmates.

We shouldn’t have guards
treating them poorly.

We should try to fix this.”

So what we’re going
to do is have the guards

address all the prisoners
by the honorable son.

So criminal son, not
their niacin to say it.

They would say you would have
to swap out criminal for the name.

But you know what I mean.

So it would be Chiangmi beef chest son
instead of Chiangmi beef chest, Yatsura.

I don’t know if they actually say
the name or they just say Yatsura.

This is a new phrase for me.

So I was actually quite
excited I learned this.

They refer to inmates
as Yatsura, which would

translate to guys, but it’s
basically saying convicts.

So I think you wouldn’t
say name plus Yatsura.

You would just say
Yatsura because you’re just

saying, “Oi, you do believe
when I go into ignorant,

I always do this like
really bad British accent.”

This of course is going
to fix the assault problem.

So you have guards who
have assaulted Yatsura.

They say, “Well, stop calling them
Yatsura to start calling them the son.”

So as they’re hitting them and they
go like, “You deserve this, criminal son.”

This is your punishment
for being bad criminal son.

You’re a terrible criminal son.

If you’re a bad criminal son and then that
will fix the assault problem, apparently.

This, as an experiment,
has just started, but it’s

actually already been
going on in women’s prisons.

The interesting is after
they started saying, like,

“We’re not going to call
them Yatsura anymore.

We’re going to call
them like name plus son.”

Some of the inmates reported feeling
embarrassed when they were being

addressed politely because
they’re essentially just not used to it.

So I guess if I’ve been
in prison for a decade and

the whole time they’ve
been calling me Yatsura.

Then suddenly they start going,
“Chang, my beef chest son.”

I’d be like, “Oh, Yammit,
they could have signed.”

“Oh, God,” said, “Let’s see.
Can I do that? Can I–“

“Yammit, they could have signed.”

Maybe we’re going to switch
to a really weeb ASMR channel.

“Yammit, they could have signed.”

Now that I have his new
microphone, that ups sort of

the deep end of my voice,
my voice is not that deep.

The microphone has settings and I
put the settings when I do the podcast

onto the dark settings to make it
sort of a heavier sound in your ears.

So it sounds sort of more romantic
because that is kind of what I’m going for.

When you introduce your
pen, it’s not actually about

news. It’s not reporting.
It’s not about entertainment.

It’s not about humor. It’s about romance.

“Yammit, they could have signed.”

This–freak me out. I don’t know, did it?
I was weirded out by this.

A nine-year-old has
passed the third level of the

bookkeeping exams for adults,
not like there’s a kids one.

This child took the Japan’s
Chamber of Commerce

and Industry exam
after studying on his own.

This year, there were 113,294 test takers
and it only has a 43% pass rate as in 2022.

So last year, only 43%
pass. We don’t–oh, we

do have the results
because the kid passed.

The third level states
that you have mastered the

basics of commercial
bookkeeping and books for business.

This kid’s dream is to be a game programmer or start his
own business, but took an interest in math and so the

father encouraged the kid and gave him some like
bookkeeping stuff and then helped him when he was studying.

The kid decided to take this test on
his own. This is–I don’t know if this is

really good or really bad or this is
some sort of like new generation of things.

Japanese kids do tend to hyper-focus on stuff and usually
it’s trains and they grow out of it, but then like you

got this kid who has earned a business accreditation at
nine years old, could just keep going, would be insane.

So he had to help with his
father and some terminology.

So he struggled with
the idea of deprecation.

So like I buy a car and the car, as soon as
I drive off the lot, the value goes down.

So that, again, for a
nine-year-old conceptually, the car

is only eight seconds old.
How can it have lost value?

But once he figured that kind of
stuff out, he said this was like kind of

exciting. It was a new language. It
was a new way to think about things.

And he wants to take the level
two test next year. Now, a story I

didn’t actually put into my notes
because I only saw this morning.

He didn’t have time to read
it. He said, “And 11-year-old,

a Japanese kid, has just
climbed, met, killed in Manjaro.”

And I’m like, “My kids are in
bed and they haven’t done shit.”

Talking about kids. Kids in school.
There’s a lot of absenteeism.

So this is like coronavirus has really
messed up kids’ heads. Japan has

a lot of trouble with hekekumori.
Hekekumori is the stay-at-home people.

Like they basically just
never leave their house

or sort of always stay in
their room kind of thing.

They don’t want to interact
with society. A lot of it comes

down to mental stress or trauma
or bullying and stuff like that.

There’s a lot of absenteeism. They
are talking a lot of it up to coronavirus

because these kids are just not
comfortable in a school environment.

So they’re just staying
home. And they’re still trying to

do classes. They may do it
through Zoom or something else.

What they want to do is try to
find ways to bring these kids back in.

So they’ve created one meter
tall robots with a pad for a head.

Like I’ve seen this joke on
TV before, like on sitcoms

where they have the
robot roll around the room.

It’s got a mic and a speaker and a camera
for two-way communication so that these

kids from their room can move around
the classroom and actually join in class.

In 2022, 2,760 kids were not attending
school at all. They were staying home.

This is up from the last number that was in
the article. It was 2018. There was 1,283.

So there’s a lot of kids suffering from anxiety. A
couple of kids they talked to after doing this said that

their self-esteem went up and they felt like they could
do it and they were thinking about going back to school.

So while I would make fun
of the style of presentation,

the fact that it’s successful
kind of means that the…

I mean if you’re helping kids,
I can’t complain about that.

I’m thinking about maybe
trying to make a change

the format a little in
the stories that I do.

So we have a YouTuber
turned politician and he refers

to himself as super
crazy-curd and he was arrested.

So I was kind of like, “Is there
a way we could play a game

where I give you all the information
about super crazy-cune?”

And then you try to guess what he was
arrested for. Now it doesn’t really work

on a podcast or the video because I
would need sort of real-time interaction.

But I guess I could do week to
week. So this is my thing. I set

up the question during the
podcast and I don’t give the answer.

You have a week to send
in the answer. If you send in

the answer, I’d have to
have some kind of prize for it.

But like, “Game or Noodles,” I could send
you “Game or Noodles” if I can find them.

Or, and then the next week
I give the answer and the

award winner and then we
could set up another one.

Like, “What was this guy
arrested for?” It’d be a

fun game. I think I’d
rather do it. I don’t know.

Again, live. People could
look at it. I guess you could

see the problems. You could
look it up online and stuff.

It’d be hard to manage the game
because the problem is I’m getting all

my information from the Internet,
which means you could just look up.

Once I give you enough information,
you could find the exact story properly.

As soon as I write in
super crazy code, if you type

that into the Internet
right now, it wouldn’t work.

Maybe I’ll have to bring in some people or
a bit and have them play this game with me.

It might be a game in the
future. We might be doing a

special Ninja Ninja Japan.
What was he arrested for?

They’d come up with a game
show, “Jingle” or something.

Anyways, super crazy code was arrested. He is a former
musician, boss of Zoku, boss of Zoku, who’s like

a youth motorcycle gang who kind of wants to be in
the yakuza, but haven’t quite hit that level yet.

He decided to run for
office in 2021, but his win was

revoked because concerned
citizens filed a complaint.

He went back and tried
again and he won in 2023 April.

He was then recently arrested for
non-consensual sexual injury with a woman.

It is. I’m not going to touch that one.
There are no jokes there at all.

I got nothing. I don’t want to touch that.

A woman met several men 12 times
over the course of this interesting case.

She met them via an Internet matching site.

The whole point of this is related
to one of our sugar daddy episodes

where we talked about a girl who
wrote a book up like a how-to book.

Someone else bought it, used it
actually made a ton of money, and then fed

back so that the police actually
arrested the woman who wrote this book.

Sugar daddy, I’m wondering
if it’s illegal because

it doesn’t seem like it
would be illegal to me.

I guess it’s the fraud or the scam
aspect of it that wouldn’t make it illegal.

If I say please go out with
me, I’ll give you $100,000.

You go out with me and I give you $100,000.
It’s not prostitution.

There’s no real reason
for that to be illegal.

I guess. It was interesting
because the legality of

this seems very great
to me, but we’ve had a girl.

I guess constructing a how-to
commit fraud book is probably illegal.

Executing the information from
a how-to fraud book is illegal.

This girl, she’s done, this is a different
issue, which is why I brought it up.

This she’s doing her sugar daddy activity.
She met 12 guys.

She’s taken them for
220,000 yen that we know of.

Basically, she meets
them for meals, hasn’t been

with them, and then they
have to give her some money.

Someone, I do enjoy that. Someone
reported it to the government

because she actually during the
daytime worked for the government.

So she worked for the government
during the day. She took a paycheck.

She would go out for dinner with
it, probably a different guy every day.

Maybe rotate them through.
But when she went out for dinner

with these guys, she would
expect them to give her money.

Someone, so I’m going to
assume one of the guys who figured

out he was being scammed,
reported this to the government.

So what did the punishment
for that? See, this

is a good game. There
is a good game in here.

What do you think the punishment
was? So for a super crazy

crew in the previous story,
what was he arrested for?

And then a different category
is what was the punishment?

So we know she was arrested for sugar daddy
stuff. She was scamming men for money.

But she was also working
for the government. When you

work for the government,
you can’t have another job.

It’s profitable. So they’re
saying like, what was specifically?

She was engaged in unauthorized
profit making activities.

So they’re saying like,
you weren’t doing this for

fun. This was for you to
make money. You can’t do that.

I guess unauthorized. Maybe if you asked
an advance, you asked your boss, hey, can I

go out with these men and take money off them
and your boss said, okay, then it’s okay.

The lots of companies have like you can’t work for a competing company.
The government in Japan actually has you can’t make a profit on

another venture without discussing us first because it might embarrass
the government, which sort of sugar daddy stuff absolutely would.

The punishment, no jail
time, nothing like that,

but she is having her
salary cut by one tenth.

I don’t know how much
money she was making,

so I don’t know how
much money she’s losing.

I’m betting the 220,000 yen she
made kind of makes up the difference.

So is that okay or not? I don’t know.

Yeah, it’s kind of slimy.

Speaking of a 10% pay cut, what else would
you have to do? Here’s my third game show.

What do you need to do to
get a 10% pay cut in Japan?

Well, if you are an official of the transportation
bureau, operational center and your drunk

and you get frustrated when a ticket machine
shows an error message, that itself isn’t enough.

What you need to do is when the
station employee comes over because

of the error message, you probably
try to fix it for your help you.

You shove them and start kicking them.

So what actually happened was this guy
had 10 beers at a party and then he went

to Karaoke and had 2 more beers and then
he went to the train station to go home.

He went, he has a monthly
pass thing. He went into

the station and then
tried to leave the station.

Now the machine doesn’t allow
you to do that. If you go into

the station, you have to go to
a different station and come out.

If you want to leave the station,
you’ve got to go talk to the ticket guy.

So you go talk to the ticket
guy and say, “I forgot something

at work or I need to get out
and I’ll come back in a minute.”

They will reset your card. It
has to do with payments and

stuff like that and they’re
trying to be careful of fraud.

So it does make sense. The
first time it happens to you, like

I, let’s say, ran to the station
and I forgot my umbrella.

So I want to go out and I haven’t
actually traveled anywhere. If I put my

card on the machine, the machine will
beep and say, “Sorry, you can’t go out.”

You go talk to the ticket guy and say,
“I forgot something. I just want to run

back to the office. They’ll just take your
card, beep it, and then you can go out.”

No problem. It’s reset. This
guy being drunk, not of his best

mental faculties, probably didn’t
realize that he had messed it up.

So when the ticket dude
comes over to help him, he

starts shoving and then
he started kicking the guy.

He did, I say afterwards, this is I’m assuming
after he’s sobered up. I’m very sorry to

be the perpetrator despite our calls for the
prevention of violence against station staff.

He’s pretty fair. I mean, he literally
works for the operation center where

they would be like saying, “Treating
station staff like shit is wrong.”

He’s a mic coworker and then he does it.
10% pay cut and well deserved.

The last story is just a little
update and it’s the Stein’s Gate guy.

So this guy, we’ve reported I
think two or three times. What he

had done is he took the visual
novels, not like a video game.

He took a visual novel
and he played through

it and he recorded
and posted on YouTube.

But it had endings and the endings sort of
with the company’s arguing with lower the

motivation of people to actually buy the game if
they’ve actually seen the ending of the story.

And he played multiple endings
if they’re multiple endings.

He also did what they call fast movies. Now this is not a fast movie.
This would be I guess a fast anime where you take a movie or in this

case an anime to spy family anime and you cut it down into like five,
ten minute things so the people don’t have to watch the whole thing.

They just watch the important
bits and you cut out all the

stuff so that you can actually
watch the video really quickly.

So he’s clearly just taking
stuff, putting it on the Internet,

trying to get his much money
he can from a YouTube views.

In that time, so by spoiling
the ending so you don’t

have to play the game, you
don’t have to watch the anime.

Companies went after him
perfectly fair. I mean he is trying to

essentially ruin their business model
by giving away spoilers and endings.

I am not a big spoilers and endings as a problem kind
of guy. If it’s not purposeful, when it’s purposeful I’m

like, “Well you do that on purpose, that’s kind of shitty.”
If we just were talking, he’d spoil something for me.

I’d die okay, whatever,
I’ll let it go. I’ve never

been one of those people
who were like, “Spoila!!”

But he said, “I just wanted someone
to see what I made as part of my

hobby, my hobby being ruining the
ending of stories for other people.”

So what is the punishment that you would get
for that? Two years suspended sentence, so if he

doesn’t get in trouble for five years, he won’t
have to go to prison at all and one million.

So right now it’s just a 1
million yen fine. If he commits

a crime again, he’s going to
have to do two years in prison.

A lot of people on the
Internet were saying that this is

like too harsh or unfair or
something, but I don’t know.

I actually don’t know.

There’s no one where I’d like to sit down and sort
of talk through the different aspects of it because

the companies have a right to protect themselves,
but also with the strike going on and everything.

I don’t have a lot of love for
the companies, so then getting

screwed over doesn’t hurt me.
It doesn’t upset me, I don’t know.



Hacksaw news

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Let me know.

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We have so much cop news.

I sometimes try to get stories
and I put them into a theme.

I try to put thematically
related stories together.

This in cop stories come up every week.

Cops are always either arresting
people or getting into trouble.

Either way, it’s exciting
and interesting, but

this week was just
overwhelmingly cop news.

I was like, do I do cop
news first or seconds?

I’m going to go with cop news
and then random news at the end.

I don’t know why I enjoyed this so much.

A cop from Shizuoka.

Shizuoka is up here in Japan.

For those of you
listening to the actual audio

podcast, I just put my hand up
in the air and waved it around.

You actually didn’t miss
anything by not having the visual.

Shizuoka cop was arrested for
kicking a Tokyo cop in the face.

I’m always interested
when cops get arrested

because they have to
get arrested by other cops.

That’s a big thing.

I always have this expectation that
cops know how to not get arrested.

Literally one of the
reasons I would join law

enforcement is to
improve my criminal skills.

If I was going to be a criminal, the first
thing I would do is become a cop and learn

the ins and outs of copness
and then start committing crimes

using my intelligence to use
the system against the system.

This is a smart way to do crime.

The engineer’s Japan has
once again quickly descended

into advice for criminals and
how to be a better criminal.

You can see what I would
like is to be the best criminal.

I saw a thing.

It was in America.

I don’t know if this is true everywhere.

They have standards for police officers.

One of the standards was there was
actually an upper level of intelligence.

You take an IQ test and if you
score too high, you can’t be a cop.

That was a new story somewhere.

The reasoning behind
that was interesting

because what they’re
saying is if you’re too

smart and you become
a cop, what will happen

is you’ll get bored or
you’ll do what I think

about and be like,
“Oh, I could manipulate

the system and commit crimes
effectively and not get caught.”

Very much Lee, very much Lee,
Trump has infected the way I speak.

Very much Lee abused
the system and out with

the cops who are chasing
you because A, you know them.

B, you understand how they work.

You understand the rules they work within.

Lee, most importantly,
you are smarter than

them because you scored
higher on the IQ test.

I don’t know how true or real that is.

It was an interesting, it was
a new story from ages ago.

It may have just been
in this one town, but

it informs my belief
of the intelligence level

of police officers
overall, which is not true

because actually a bunch of
cops I know are really smart.


So, I guess my real
world experience and the

Internet information
I’ve received don’t line up.

I should correct my real world view.

That being said, hmm.

So anyways, Ashizuoka-Kob
is in Tokyo drinking.

He calls Ashizuoka-Kob’s backup.

Something’s gone wrong.

He calls for backup.

Cops from Tokyo, Tokyo Metro
show up and they start to help him.

They respond to this call from
one of their brethren for help.

There are no details
given about what transpired,

but then the Tokyo
cops end up fighting

with Ashizuoka-Kob, who
ends up kicking them in the face.

Now, kicking them in the face is broad.

This was to me, one
of the more specific

things I wanted to,
what kind of kick was it?

Was he down?

Was he standing up?

Did he do like a flying spin kick?

Was it backwards, bicycle kick?

Was it like some cool
type one, those stuff?

I don’t know because they didn’t tell us.

When they say no details, we need details.

We need details of the kick.

The action scene needs
to be built in my head.

This Shizuoka police officer was
arrested for obstructing official duties.

Now, you might say that,
“Hey, obstruction of business

and obstructing official
duties are not the same thing.”

Actually, it falls under the same law.

I’m counting obstruction
of official duties

as an addition to our
counter for obstruction

of business because it is
the same law, same rule.

Official duties and
your business, your

business being your
official duties is in fires.

I’m concerned is the same thing.

The counter did go up just one just then.

A cop, opposite guy, two cops are on
bicycles and they stop a guy at one a.

They’re like, “We’re
going to question them.”

He flees on his bicycle.

He’s a bicycle chase.

You don’t get bicycle chases anymore.

Bicycle chase only
lasts for 200 meters,

which I remember doing
the 100 meter dash as a

kid and it was basically the driveway
up to my school was 100 meters.

I know 200 meters is not that far.

They probably went like what?

Two, three blocks maybe.

This criminal wasn’t
dedicated to the chase.

The cops were relentless.

They’re bearing down
on him and their bicycles.

After 200 meters, you know what?

I’m going to stand and fight.

I’m going to be the man.

I know I can fight off two cops at once.

It can be awesome.

He pulls out a wooden
sword and starts

swinging it at the police
officers while at the

same time trying to
grab their gun out of

their holster so that I
assume he can either

hold them or use their
gun against themselves.

The other cop, the
problem here is taking

on two people at the same time and
they have guns and you have a stick.

The wooden sword,
wooden sword sounds more

impressive than big stick,
but what it is is just a big stick.

They have practice training swords.

They’re just pieces of wood.

They’re used for basically practice
flicking things or hitting things.

They don’t have a sharp edge or anything.

If it’s the one I’m thinking
of, it’s a solid piece of wood.

There’s a kendo stick
that is four pieces of

bamboo put together and
it makes it really loud sound.

That’s the ones they
practice with and they’re

really cool, but they
don’t technically hurt.

They don’t hit with anything.

Like you could get a meter
stick and two or four together.

You’d basically have
one of these kendo things.

They don’t, okay, yeah,
they’re staying if they hit

your skin, but they’re not
going to like damage you.

They’re not going to hurt you.

The solid piece of cedar,
let’s say, is going to hurt.

It’s not a baseball bat size, but
it’s a baseball bat kind of action.

It’s going to hurt.

So I think that’s probably where
they have when they say wooden sword.

He cop shoots three warning shots at
the man’s feet and hits him in the leg.

So we don’t actually know
if he meant to shoot him.

I bet he sort of did.

They gave a warning, a verbal warming.

They gave a verbal warming.

They said, hey, buddy,
let’s just hug it out.

Now they gave a verbal
warning, put the big stick down.

And the guy’s like,
no, I’m going to hit you

with my stick and I’m
going to steal your gun.

I’m going to shoot at your legs now.

Pew, pew, pew.

One of those hits him in the leg.

I’m assuming he shot him on purpose.

The two warning shots
and then the third one

was like at his body or the cops
like he knows I’m such a bad shot.

There’s a kill three at the ground.

One might hit him.

He was arrested for
obstruction of official duties.

That tracks.

This was interesting though.

Last week on Seamig B.

I was actually sort of mentioning media
awareness and how one of the things I do for

the engineers,
Japan, is find multiple

versions of the same story to try to
make sure that I have my facts straight.

I am not an investigative journalist.

I’m essentially a commentator.

I get news.

I read the story and I give you
sort of a summary of the news or

the interesting bits and then I
give you some color commentary.

That’s the bit you enjoy.

That’s why you come back here.

That’s why we’re friends.

I know that.

I get that.

We’re good.

But I do want to make sure that I’m
as honest and accurate as I can be.

I found a different
story on a different

news story on the same story and
some of the details were significant.

The first one said big
wooden stick, wooden

sword, he took it out
and tried to fight the cops.

The second one said
knife and saw which gives

a very different
atmosphere to the conflict.

So if a guy comes at me
with a big wooden sword,

I am threatened but I actually don’t
think my life is in danger in any real way.

I think I can probably
take him if I’m a tough boy.

I like to think myself as a tough boy.

A guy pulls out a knife and a hacksaw.

I’m thinking this dude’s
unhinged my life is in danger.

So shooting him three times in the leg,
shooting him two warning shots and shooting

him once in the leg makes a lot
more sense in the second version.

I am looking for a
third or fourth version

of this story to confirm
what was pulled from

the Rucksack that the
guy attacked the police with.

Because to me that changes the story.

The first one, almost
whimsical in the idea that you

could take a big wooden
stick and fight two cops.

The second one, knife and hacksaw,
you are now shifted to psycho mode.

And that psycho mode
is such that I’m not

messing with you, I’m
going to put three in your

leg if I can, put you
down on the ground and

then arrest you for
obstruction of business.

On the other side of
the police spectrum, an

unemployed man, a
taxi to the police station.

And he arrived at the police station.

He says to the taxi driver,
“Hey, what does it cost?”

The taxi driver says it costs $1,410.

So let’s say $15.

Yes, sorry, I have no money.

Let’s go in and get me arrested.

Clearly, that was the
plan from the whole time.

So he had brought extra
clothes for his stay in prison.

So really the question
is, why would he do this?

Why would you get in a taxi
knowing you can’t pay the fare?

Get the taxi to take
you to the police station

where you will be arrested
or refusing to pay the fare.

Knowing that you brought extra clothes, the
suspicion no one actually has said anything

yet is that he was
actually wanted to get

arrested so that he
could get food and shelter

for a while, which is a
really sad state of affairs.

Like that, it’s funny at first
because of how organized it is.

But when you think
the reality of the

situation, this guy was
dealing, I actually feel

a lot of sympathy for
him, I feel really sad.

And now I feel like maybe I
shouldn’t have done that story if

I wanted to keep sort of the
humor aspect of the podcast going.

The humor falls apart
when you get into real

life and you’re like, “No, poor guy just
wanted to play sustained some food.”.

This I can see being
an issue with the aging

population in Japan where the people who
haven’t prepared for retirement properly.

I’ve heard of this story before.

So it’s interesting to see how
often it will actually happen.

The guy was arrested.

They don’t actually
say if they put him in jail.

Here would be the
saddest thing for me is if

he goes up to the cops, he’s
like, “I just took a taxi here.

I didn’t bring any money.

I refused to pay my fare.

I want to get arrested.”

And the cops are like, “I’ll pay the
fare for you and just let them go.”.

Then weirdly, that is actually
one of the sadder outcomes

of that story is he’s just
left out on the street again.

A 40-year-old woman was skating.

So they actually called
her a 40-year-old skater girl.

Or maybe I wrote that down.

I wrote 40-year-old skater girl.

I think you hit your 40s.

It’s not really tend
to be referred to as a

girl anymore, but at the
same time, you know?

She’s clearly got a
youthful jwazaveef going on.

She was called noisy and
she seemed to be drunk.

Some guy called her
noisy and she grabbed a

construction cone,
bumped the guy in the head.

When we get to non-life
threatening forms of

violence, I find them
incredibly entertaining.

I just, okay, so they
don’t give any details.

They say, “guy was in the
park, ladies in the park skating.

She’s probably drunk.

She’s making a lot of noise.

The guy calls her noisy.

She grabs a construction cone.

I assume skates up behind him, just
cracks him in the back of the head.

With the plastic nature of the
construction cone, I can’t get me a cone.”

Yeah, more like that.

It would make this pop sound
that I would find really funny.

I used to skate when I was like 15, 16, 17.

I mean, like that.

I was so serious about skating.

I thought I was going to
be a professional skater.

I was very good.

I didn’t have a breadth
of skills, but the few

things I could do, I
could do really, really well.

I actually thought I was going to move
to California and skate for Dogtown.

My hero is not as helpless.

I should actually look up
and see how he’s doing.

He had the highest vertical all-e
in all of skateboarding at that time.

The record may have
been broken, but that was

something I could do,
so I kind of idolized.

This is the guy I want to be.

Had four of his
skateboards or five of his

skateboards over the course
of my skateboard career.

So this lady bonks a guy with a
traffic cone, people call the cops.

They actually said she was throwing
bottles and cut someone’s leg.

This could be a more
serious version of assault.

I think the bonking might not be that bad.

I think you get a good talking to.

You know, you hit someone with something.

I bet the police would arrest you for that.

But I can’t see you getting any jail time.

Cutting someone with a broken glass.

Not on the other hand.

That’s sort of a step up and
you’re getting more serious.

Just the in your 40s,
getting drunk in the

parking skating, and
then getting violent with.

people, that’s not a good way to be
taken on the next phase of your life.

I had one more cop story.

Maybe I can swap it.

This was terrifying to me, this cop story.

Not a police officer was
forced to confess and

then to false charges
and he went to court.

He sued the police
station and he won $21,000.

They have to pay damages of $3 million.

He was actually looking for $8.2 million.

The interrogations he
underwent were considered illegal.

So what happened?

The quote from the
mighty chief is, “Police

persistently press the
officer to make a confession

as if to make up for weak evidence.”

So basically they’re
saying, “We didn’t have

enough evidence to
prosecute him properly

so we wanted him to
confess so they just brought

him in for confession
again and again and again.”

He was repeatedly
interrogated almost daily between

February 28th and March
8th for up 7 to 10 hours a day.

This is, he hasn’t been arrested.

He’s been brought into a
room and they’re like, “We need

you to confess to this
crime that you’ve committed.”

He’s like, “I didn’t commit this crime.

We’re going to go for 7 to 10 more
hours every day until you confess.”.

And in February, it’s like a week they
were doing this 7 to 10 hours a day.

That’s insane.

A detective with a
pre-factual police is first

investigation division
coerced him into making

confession telling him, “There’s no one but
you who could have done it and we’ll arrest

you as many times as possible
by delving into various charges.”

We’ve talked about this before.

Police in Japan, they can arrest
you and hold you for basically 20 days.

So the cop knows this and each
charge means another 20 days.

So let’s say this is actually about
bullets went missing in the police station.

So let’s say it’s five bullets.

That would mean they
could hold him for 20 days,

20 days, 20 days, 20
days, 20 days, 100 days.

It’s basically that we’re
going to arrest you.

We’re going to hold you for 20 days.

Well, that charge didn’t hold.

Okay, walk out.

We’re going to charge you
again for the second bullet.

We’ll hold you for 20 days
and they can do that endlessly.

So the cop knows this
and he knows they will

do it, especially with
you have this detective

standing there telling you
this is what we’re going to do.

So we’re going to force you to confess.

So he ended up confessing.

The court criticized
police saying they

drove the man into a
corner by denouncing

his personality and
using insulting language.

So they’re basically really rough with him.

The ruling stated that
such harsh interrogations

go beyond socially
acceptable bounds at our legal.

It also recognized the link between
interrogations and the officers depression.

So the officer suffered depression.

He had to quit.

He’d been accused of this
crime that he said he didn’t do.

I mean, it’s just a nightmare.

This is where Japan goes
from being your fun anime

wonderland to literally
dystopian nightmare in one step.

Because one day you’re
out having a good time

with your anime and
you’re drinking in public

and you’re maybe bonking
people with traffic cones.

Then next thing you are, you’re
in an interrogation cell for 20 days.

You got eight charges because
they rack up obstruction of business.

You touch an officer.

It’s assaulting an officer and
that’s also obstruction of business.

That’s three charges
like knowing the tiny, tiny

bit of live learned from
doing the the entire thing.

I know how to stack charges in order to
hold you for the maximum amount of time.

Make your life miserable.

You’re going to lose your job.

You’re probably going to lose a
huge chunk of your personal life.

And there’s nothing you can do about it.

It’s perfectly legal.

This case shows that
if you can bring it to

light, the courts recognize that this is
too much, but they haven’t done anything to

actually address the issue of
trying to get cops to stop doing it.


We’re off cop news now.

Climate change.

People have argued that
climate change is not real.

Again, C-McB last week.

One of the clips I played was one
of the, it was the presidential debate.

I don’t know if it was CPAC
or something, I don’t remember.

The one dude said the
climate change agenda is a hoax.

Let’s give you some real world data now.

Nokia had 30 degrees Celsius
or more every day in August.

That’s a first.

They started keeping
track of heat temperatures

in 1875 at no point
between then and this

last month that they ever had a full
month of 30 degrees Celsius weather.

That’s not even, that’s the minimum.

Every day was at least 30 degrees
Celsius most days were more.

Last year they had 21
what they call hot days.

This year we had 22
extremely hot days, extremely

hot days are 35
degrees Celsius or more.

I know some of my American listeners
are not going to know what Celsius.

So let’s do.

I’ll see you.

Fahrenheit converter.

The 30 degrees Celsius
is 86 degrees Fahrenheit.

35 degrees Celsius is
95 degrees Fahrenheit.

That is really hot.

Taking to account that Japan is
particularly humid in the summer.

It’s actually the humidity that
actually causes a lot of heat stroke.

You sweat.

I walk a 15 minute walk from
my house to the train station.

In that amount of time I start to
sweat and like literally dripping sweat.

That’s no exaggeration or joke.

I know I’m prone to exaggeration.

Dripping sweat off my body.

That’s not like I’m not exerting myself.

I’m not trying to get there quickly.

I’m just walking.

From July 6th to August
31st they had 57 consecutive

hot days which is
terrifying and ridiculous.

I’m sorry.

You can argue climate change.

Oh well this is the natural
change or something.

No man this is sped up way too
much for it to just be like a trend.

There have been two stories about
driving structures in the last week.

One story is actually quite interesting.

There’s a driving school
and what they want to do

is make you understand
what it is to drive drunk.

They actually offer this course
where you do a course so it’s

like a slalom and maybe an
S-turn or something like that.

It’s a little course you have to drive.

You drive it sober and then
you go off and have cocktails.

I think you have a beer or
some shochu or something.

Then you get legit drunk.

They ask you how you
think you’re going to do.

You go back and do the course and
they can tell you what you did wrong.

You went too fast.

This is how you’re driving a change.

You can experience it
which is really interesting.

Then this story comes
up a driving instructor

arrested for groping a
woman during a lesson.

Police in Sapporo,
that’s the North part of

Japan, arrested a 65
year old driving instructor

on suspicion of allegedly
sexually molesting a

woman in her 20s while she
was taking a driving lesson.

Around 2.30 pm on August
14th during the lesson

at the driving school’s
course, the instructor

asked a woman to stop and
then groped her upper body.

The woman filed a complaint
with the police the next day.

The driving instructor said he’s quoted as
saying he didn’t indecently touch the woman

but gave her a shoulder massage
because she looked stressed.

This is an interesting
thing for me because I’m

sure she looked stressed
because she’s doing

a driving test and maybe she’s
struggling with the concept of driving.

You decide to start massaging her.

If it was not requested,
if it was not welcome,

maybe the nicest way to
say it, that is sexual assault.

So this guy has the
problem that I think

all old men have where they don’t
understand that you need consent.

Consent isn’t a thing when
he was a kid, I think, in Japan.

Consent is someone actually
wants you to do something to them.

So if someone looks
stressed and you just walk up

and start massaging
them, that is sexual assault.

This guy is using that
his admission of sexual

assault as his excuse,
which I find very entertaining

because he doesn’t seem
to, I bet he doesn’t realize.

He’s actually just told on himself.

He’s just ratted himself out.

Anyways, we got to be
careful about driving schools.

All right, last one for today.

The Sanjo taxi corporation
during the pandemic was struggling.

So what they do, what does
any Japanese company do?

This is again, this shows for the wild
variations we go through in Japanese society.

You have the previous
story was about consent

and the change that
you have to understand

that you have to give
consent to do something.

But then also in the same
breath, we’re going to have what

a company does to try to
like revitalize its corporation.

But at the same time, that of course
the end of the story is going to go wrong.

What does any Japanese
company do when they’re struggling?

They create an idle
division called the

Sakura team of all
female taxi drivers in all

their 20s and so they have them
post on social media and stuff.

They have them sort of
create this atmosphere

that if you take our taxi, you might
get one of these Sakura drivers.

It’ll be in the presence of a
woman who’s young and beautiful.

So again, you can see
the message there is

different from what you would actually think
from the previous story of what’s okay.

But I think this is a natural
instinct for a Japanese company.

So we’re having trouble.

So let’s get a young
attractive woman up there.

That’ll help.

One member gained
100,000 followers and then

August became the Sanjo City
hometown tourism ambassador.

So the city that they live in is like
this woman taxi driver is so successful.

If you have so many followers, let’s
bring her on as the town ambassador.

Everything’s good.

The taxi is getting good press.

The ladies getting good press.

The city is getting good press.

The CEO makes a tweet.

I guess they’re now called an X.

So you know, as soon as you say
that phrase, this is where it went wrong.

And he said how cute they are.

The problem is the picture he posted
was the ambassador biting a cucumber.

So a bit of sexual imagery there.

So again, this is
actually what they’re

selling by creating
the all female taxi fleet.

of young attractive women
who are on social media.

They are selling sex and
we know that sex sells.

The CEO is just saying
isn’t she attractive,

isn’t she cute with all
the things she does?

Now it’s on the Internet though.

So he if they just left it
alone, not done anything.

The CEO hadn’t made any
comments, hadn’t posted that picture.

Maybe if the lady
had posted the picture

herself, there wouldn’t
have been an issue, but

the CEO posted this picture
and said how cute she was.

He got blamed for sexual
imagery to lure male passengers.

The tweet was deleted,
then the account was

deleted, then it was
brought back with an apology,

then it was deleted
again, then the CEO had to

quit his job, and the
ambassador had to quit her job.

I don’t know how I
feel about all of that

because things are going well
for the lady, but she was selling.

Yeah, I don’t know.

I think I need other
people’s opinions so I

can kind of help gather
my opinion together.

Because the CD took
on this woman as the

essentially cultural
ambassador, and everyone was

okay with it, but it’s not like
she changed what she was selling.

She probably was eating a cucumber,
like a locally grown cucumber or something.

Assuming she didn’t do anything, I’m
going to try to hunt down the picture.

So when I actually
post this on the Internet,

they’ll have a picture up in the corner
of the lady biting a cucumber or not.

Or maybe I’ll just draw one.

Maybe this is where I should go.

Because Ninja News Japan is
not held to any actual standards.

For the video, I could
start drawing my version

of what I think the new
story image would look like.

I don’t have very good
drawing skills, which

is what would make that
actually good as in so bad it’s good.

But at the same time, I don’t know
if I have much time to draw pictures.

I guess I drew them throughout the week
and then just threw them up on the day.

That might work out.


If you go to San Jo City and you take
one of the Sakura taxis, you’re sexist.

(calm music).

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We’re all living in
apartments, condos, vans.

Well, dude, even you can have a studio.

The studio in a box.

Yes, we can help you with that
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Okay, so any HK is something
I’ve talked about many times.

Any HK is a TV channel.

It’s the National Broadcasting Channel.

That’s fine.

You are obligated to pay for it
if you enter into the contract.

So it gets a lot of heat because a lot
of people don’t want to pay or don’t pay

and then they come after
them and it’s shit like that.

So it’s sort of an antiquated idea, especially
in the age of streaming and whatnot.

And they don’t do a lot to compete.

So I don’t have a lot of love for NHK.

And then I found out that the president of
NHK, I decided to switch the company from

a seniority-based system to a merit-based
system, which is something I really

appreciate because it means one of my
biggest complaints about Japan’s society,

primarily politics, but this
works as in corporations as well.

As a seniority is overvalued.

You have people who are
put in a position because

they’re old or they’ve
been there forever.

They haven’t innovated
or learned anything new.

So the company or in this case, politics
or whatnot does not innovate along with it.

And that’s how you
end up with antiquated

ideas being pushed
through and the minister of

technology not knowing
anything about technology.

That’s all based on seniority.

So he did a lot of things.

So the former NHK
president who retired the

January introduced a number
of new measures such as

eliminating the seniority system
and professional sectionalism.

However, the movement a strong
backlash from within the broadcaster,

including a claim that a
strong of employees have

left due to the abrupt
changes in the system.

The current NHK leadership
has therefore decided

to amend the personnel policy
to replace the system entirely.

Basically what they’re
saying is that you had

all these people in senior positions
and this good dude comes in.

He’s like, you don’t deserve your
senior positions or maybe you do.

Let’s find out.

Let’s create a meritocracy
and you can keep your position.

But anyone coming up,
they’re not going to come

up because they’re your
flunky or because of their age.

They’re going to come up
because they actually have skills.

And all the people who
are probably, now I assume,

not particularly skilled
or didn’t really deserve

their position, they’re
all like, no, that system

sucks because I might
not get to keep my job.

So then as soon as this
guy retires really quickly

right afterwards, they’re
like, we’re going to

bail on that system created and go back to
the old system where I get to keep my job.

And that’s one of the
problems with the senior

people being in charge
and the people in power

being in charge because
what they have to do is

consolidate power to make
sure they can keep their power.

So another quote from
the article during his

tenure made a laid out
policy to cut back on the

ratio of managerial posts
from the 30% range to 20% rate.

So he’s wants to cut 10% of the
managers and put them down or retire them.

He introduced exams for
appointed managerial staffs.

So you couldn’t just be
like, I’ve been here 10 years.

I deserve to be a manager.

You’re like, now you
have to pass a test with

the aim of scrapping
the seniority system by

promoting junior and mid
level career employees.

He also offered an early
retirement plan for those

in their 50s and supported
their reemployment.

He also introduced the
system to relieve staff

from managerial posts after
they have reached a certain age.

This is all stuff that I said
should happen in politics in Japan.

I think it should be universal.

I think there should be an upper
limit of the age of politicians.

A lot of the politicians
when they hit their

70s, they’re not in the right space
to be running countries anymore.

Just like these guys probably aren’t in the
right space to be running new amendments.

Like the guys in their
50s, myself included,

they’re not really the ones we’re
going to be innovating a system.

Maybe they can take a system
and make it work with system.

They already know, but they’re not going
to be innovating and making new things.

They’re not going to be
jumping onto the Internet.

They’re going to not
going to be creating a new

system for NHK to move
forward into the future.

And if they don’t know
the technology, if they

don’t know what’s going
on, if they can’t pass

these tests, they certainly
don’t deserve the position.

So that was very interesting to me.

These are all steps that I think
companies and governments should take.

Sure, the thing that I
actually was most interested

in was it was mid-level
career people with

skills could then surpass
senior level people.

And so you would have the best
people in position to actually do a job.

And that is incredibly
antithetical to the way

Japanese work, culture,
and political culture works.

So I really, really was
excited that this happened.

But of course, I didn’t
learn about it until

that system would have been
scrapped, which is complete bullshit.

According to multiple
individuals close to

NHK, NHK board members
of the executive body

held a meeting in early July to discuss
the personnel system introduced by Meida.

So these are all the people, most at risk.

These are the oldest
people, these are the people

who achieve their
position through seniority.

They’re not necessarily the most skilled
people, but they’re the people with power.

The attendees analyzed the system made
light of senior employees, which it should,

and reported it gave a rise
to promotions in assignments

that didn’t match
personnel evaluations on site.

So what they’re saying
is people are getting

promoted, and they’re not getting
promoted in the way I got promoted.

I got promoted because
I put my time in there,

my time in, and the
time’s what matters.

But the reality is in a business
time is not what mattered.

It’s skill.

So I’ve met many people
who have worked the same

job for many years,
and they will talk to you

about how they have so much experience
at their job at the thing they do.

They fail to take into account.

They’ve never had a good evaluation.

They’ve never done a good job.

So I’ve been working at the same company.

I’ve had the same job for 20 years.

That sounds like a good thing.

But if you haven’t done a good
day in 20 years, that’s problematic.

That’s something to be aware of.

So this guy, Maeda, the
former NHK president,

sounds like the kind
of guy I want in charge,

because he’s like, let’s make changes,
and let’s make the people who come up,

be the best people to
drive NHK into the future.

I want to do the same thing in politics.

Let’s have the people come up, be the
innovators who actually understand technology

and the problems that
society is going to face

into the future, and have
them drive Japan into the future.

But of course, as soon as he stepped
aside a little bit, everyone’s like, well,

you’re into that crap that might make me
lose my job in my bonus and make me retire,

because I don’t do much
work, but I get to sit at my desk.

I don’t know why my senior Japanese
executives have sort of Western exe.

I want a little cowboy there.

But let’s face it, it’s
that cowboy attitude

that’s going to get
you through the day.

Okay, this is weird Japanese politics.

The director of women’s
affairs division has

agreed to step down because of literally
the most Japanese photo I’ve ever seen.

So she went to Paris
on a fact-finding mission

and to do research
into women’s issues and

stuff and to look at
how other countries are

handling it and there’s sort of a conference
and important women leaders are there.

There’s a previous
one I actually didn’t talk

about where it was like G7 countries all
sent a representative for women’s issues.

Japan sent a man.

So they have this
picture and it’s like six, I

assume very powerful women in politics from
their countries and this Japanese dude.

I mean, because of
course, who’s going to speak

on behalf of Japanese women, but at
Japanese man, that only makes sense.

This is the way it’s done.

Found that funny, but I think
they’ve maybe swapped out.

So anyways, this lady
went to Paris and she’s

doing the work she’s
supposed to be doing

and she’s out in front
of the Eiffel Tower and

she’s with two other
ladies and she’s like,

oh, let’s take a picture in
front of the Eiffel Tower.

So they do a very Japanese thing.

They do a goofy picture.

So it’s her and her
two friends and they

steeple their hands above
their heads and stand

in front of the Eiffel Tower mimicking
the Eiffel Tower that is behind them.

It is a very innocent,
quite frankly, very sweet

picture of a woman who’s probably
very excited to be in France.

I mean, I’m going to go
ahead and just guess for the

first time because she
looks very happy to be there.

She posted this on her Twitter
and Japanese media went, Abe shit.

So much so that they’re like,
this is inappropriate behavior.

You shouldn’t be
having, they’re essentially

saying you have
shouldn’t be having fun.

But you go out to a
conference in another country.

That doesn’t mean you can’t also have fun
and you’re not working 100% of the time.

They did this with the
Prime Minister’s son.

The Prime Minister’s son
actually also had to step down.

Now he seemed to have
a little bit more going

on, but they were making
a big deal of him taking

pictures while he was in France
and I’m like, he’s driving around.

He’s picking people up.

He’s doing diplomat stuff, let’s say.

He’s essentially the Prime Minister’s aid.

Let him take some pictures.

This depends really weird about that.

Like you’re there to work.

You should only work,
but you’re still in human

being and you’re not
working 24 hours a day.

So taking a picture
in front of the Eiffel

Tower, it’s not like she was doing anything
dirty or offensive or anything like that.

She’s just doing a very innocent picture.

So I really feel like this one was unfair.

And so after the public backlash of
her being a really normal Japanese lady,

that’s the bit I can’t get over.

I’ve seen so many Japanese
pictures where this is, I was be like,

if you were, if she didn’t do that,
yeah, I can’t say anything more.

It was a nice picture.

And I’m really sorry.

I bet she’s a nice lady
who’s doing a good job.

And I can public out.

I think they’re just looking for shit.

It’s almost like Japan’s
so got so few problems.

It’s not that they don’t.

We like, I mean, that’s what I talk about
every week is all the problems Japan has.

Focus on those.

When people go overseas to take pictures,
I’m going to take a fucking picture.

He has.

That’s just free.

Okay, so Japan has done
something that is terrifying.

The Fukushima nuclear
reactor problem almost blew

up, didn’t blow up, but
cause problems shut down.

And now there’s a ton of
liquid that’s been radiated.

And they’re like, we got to get rid of it.

We’ve been sitting there for years.

They came over the plan.

What we’re going to do is
slowly release it into the ocean.

Sounds very, very scary.

And they did.

They started working sort of last Thursday.

Everyone who wants to freak
out, that was your chance to freak.

Now, other countries have reacted to
this in a neck, which it was expected.

Thing is, two countries in
particular had very strong reactions.

Both Russia and China
said they didn’t want

Japan to release the
wastewater into the ocean.

They both said we would
prefer if you would vaporize it.

So basically create steam and
have it go up into the atmosphere.

And they’re saying that
it would have less sort

of effect or impact on
neighboring countries.

I’m pretty sure the neighboring countries
they were talking about China and Russia.

The issue, and this is one
of the problems between

sort of international
politics is if you’ve

listened to an engineer’s
Japan over the last little while.

Russia and China have been taking a very
particular stance with Japan as a country.

In that particular stance,
I would go so far as

to say is intimidation or bullying
or trying to be the big dog.

The somewhere I come from, it
would be he’s trying to big dog them.

And it hasn’t worked.

So Japan hasn’t really backed down.

In fact, Japan is pushed back, which
is made China freak out once or twice.

North Korea certainly is
freaked out once or twice.

We did have that group
with saying like Japan’s

military, we’re following
the Constitution.

The Constitution says
we can only defend

ourselves, but let’s
redefine defend ourselves as

be able to shoot rockets
and missiles into other

countries and hit things
that are attacking us.

So you can see there is an element of Japan
that is saying like if you keep pushing us,

we’re not going to push
back, but we’re going to make

sure you can’t push
anymore, which is terrifying.

So with that cultural point
that Japan, Russia, China

have a contentious relationship
when Japan or when China

and Russia make a request,
a legitimate request, we

think doing research that this is a better
way to do this, you should listen to us.

Japan’s going to be
like, dude, you just spent,

you just like sent
warships into my ocean,

you shot missiles into my
exclusive economic zone.

We’re not going to listen to you,
we’re going to do what we want.

They actually got approval
from other countries.

And to sort of put
everyone more at ease,

the amount of radiation measured in the
ocean has not changed in any significant way.

So you hear like people hear the
word radiation and they should freak out.

I think that’s fair.

People again sort of forget
that bananas are radioactive.

So as long as there’s
like a little bit, not very

much, it actually has no
negative impact on you.

I mean, we’re all thinking
radioactive fish and stuff.

Who knows, because this is
going to be constant continual

release of the radiated
wastewater into the ocean.

Yeah, it could lead to mutations.

It could lead to lizards
who grow up bigger than

before and have, you
know, maybe extra curricular

Um, yes, it could lead to Godzilla, but

as we’ve seen historically
in the films that, that

knows how to handle that,
and they take the brunt of it.

So I’m trying to in Russia might want
to just sit back and let Godzilla happen.

That might be the thing.

Some other actual, I almost
said it, and fall out from this.

China has banned import on all
marine products is primarily seafood.

From Japan.

Japan, China is the largest export
destination for Japanese seafood though.

So this is going to have a really
big impact on Japanese business.

But a good thing for me and
anyone who’s actually living in Japan,

there might be an
excess of fish that does

not get exported, which
means fish prices in

Japan may go down, which you’re
like me, you need a lot of fish.

That’s pretty good thing.

It also set off some.


Any sort of situation like this is going
to have people over react in China,

they started hoarding
salt because they were

thinking that there’s not
going to be an assault available.

All the salt that might
comes out of the ocean

might be irradiated,
something like that.

So they’re all been hoarding salt.

The governments like
don’t do that and they got

really weirdly racist in its own way
by saying like, we are not Koreans.

This is not how we behave.

So apparently China doesn’t just look
down on Japan, it also looks down on Korea.

Not a big surprise.

I’m being honest.

I hate saying China because
it’s not Chinese people.

It’s the Chinese government, which
has to follow a very strict party line.

So I think every now and then I have
to reiterate that as I take digs at China,

it’s not the Chinese
people because honestly,

pretty much every Chinese
person I’ve met has been very nice.

It’s the Chinese government,
which is borderline

dictatorial and the
Communist party is pretty

rough and let’s face it
at the end of the day,

I wouldn’t want to live
there and it’s because

the government and
the racism isn’t exclusive.

It goes back and forth
and China, China, to Korea,

Korea, to Japan and you
can make any combinations

of those and yeah,
it’s pretty accurate.

Structured of business for calling the
police 1,996 times over three months.

Initially this man called
for a legitimate case

and wanted to get
information but then wanted to

speak further the police declined
to chit chat or speak further.

This is what this is the bit
that I would like to know about.

When they say he wanted to speak
further, did he just want to talk to them?

Did he have something
specific to say? Did he

have more information
or was just rambling on?

The police thought they got other
stuff to do than just talk to you all day.

So they hung up.

So the guy started calling
back and saying things

like, “Screw you idiot”
and then hanging up.

He got two warnings to stop
and this is one of those things.

When you get a warning
from the police, you’ve

got to realize you’re
dealing directly with

the people who are going
to arrest you. You’re not

dealing with like, let’s
say I have an argument

with my neighbor and
they warned me to stop. I

can keep going, they can’t arrest me
unless they perhaps be a police officer.

But if you are dealing directly with the
police and the police give you a warning,

stop doing what you’re doing
or we’re going to arrest you.

They know they can do
it. So then they gave him

a second warning, they’re
like, “Stop calling us

or going to arrest you.”
And then they kept doing

it and then they arrested
him because it’s like

they don’t know who
he is. He keeps calling

them. He’s got the name.
They have a open case,

so they have his
name on file. They know

his address. They know
everything about him.

This is very poor criminality. When
he was arrested, he denied the charges.

He denied saying he’d done anything
wrong and he said, “I have my.”

Which is a pretty dark scary thing
to say, which I honestly just wake up.

Cool, but the guy’s clearly an idiot
because he called the police 2,000 times.

Two men were arrested for sending a bomb
threat. We actually went over this once.

when it actually happened. So the two guys
have been found and they’ve been arrested.

They’re suspected to be the
people who sent over 300,000

faxes to schools, firms, and local
governments. Now, most of them just ignored it,

but a music school took
it really seriously. The

fax said there are 334
bombs in and around the

school. You have to pay
us 300,000 yen ransom or

we’re going to blow up
the school. This was the

Tokyo College of Music.
They evacuated the

school. They called the
police. They did all the

things they started
searching, didn’t find any

bombs. 300,000 yen is
not enough money for this.

A monthly salary in Japan would be
between 250 and 400. This is the mid-range

of an average monthly
salary in Japan. For me,

again, I’ve talked to the
last few episodes about

risk versus reward when
it comes to your crimes.

One month’s salary
isn’t enough to risk the

jail term that is coming
your way or making bomb

threats. I am interested
to see what kind of

punishment this gets
sent out with because they

just made the threat,
but it’s obstruction of

business. We know that’s
the catch-all where they

do whatever they want
with it, which is actually

one of the scarier laws in
Japan. These guys turned

out to be part of
Kuchinkyo, which is a group

that is known for harassing people online.
They’re part of a group specifically that

harassed a lawyer. That’s
what their most famous

for, but they’re a group.
They think harassing people

is a form of entertainment.
One of the guys was

arrested, said, “I thought
it would be fun if this

became a big deal.” It’s going to be
a big deal for you as you are arrested.

A woman was arrested.
This was interesting because

it does give a sense of
what you can and can’t

do in Japan and take
responsibility for. A

woman was arrested for
creating a how-to guide

called “How to swindle
your sugar daddy.” It’s not

just how to get a sugar
daddy, someone who will give

you money to hang
out with you and be with

you and just take all
his money. It’s how to

find one of those, get
him, and then get him to

give you as much money
as possible, whereas it goes,

that goes a step beyond the paid relationship
to fraud. There’s a 20-year-old girl.

My mind was like 20 years
old and she’s written a

book and she’s made a
book that apparently works,

that she took 10.65 million yen from two
men in Ichi. This is why she was arrested.

The connection, this is a different. I
have to be clear. I’ve got to start again.

A woman used the book
to scam two men out of

10.65 million yen. The
scam led to her arrest,

a 20-year-old woman. That created, they
were like, “How did you do this? How did you

get to like, how did you
figure out how to scam

these guys?” You said,
“I found this book online,

I bought the book.”
That’s where the book was

revealed to the police.
The police went online.

The book was being
sold from between 10 to

30,000 yen, but if you
could make 10-point size.

That’s a pretty good return on investment.
They went and found the author of the book.

She also has been
arrested because she’s

propagating fraud. I
assume she’s already done it.

She was interviewed on
YouTube. She had her face

covered in stuff, talking
about her success.

I know what’s going
to mean Japanese and

Mike. My Japanese
reading abilities and good,

I really actually want
to get that book and read

it now because I want to
see where there are any

steps that I couldn’t
figure out on how to scam

your sugar daddy because
I think just having a

sugar daddy is part of
the initial scam. She’s

taking it to a next
level where it’s like,

“How to squeeze your
sugar daddy for everything

he’s worth.” More
because she’s multiple

sugar daddy’s and get
your 10.65 million yen.

There’s one more story
and this is the growth story.

Weak. 65 year old man
was arrested for a sexually

assaulting a woman by
tricking her into thinking

that her womb was full
of bad energy and that only

he could fix it by
filling it with positivity.

So I think you know what all that means.
I don’t need to get into the specifics.

It’s interesting because
they’re calling it sexual

assault, which I agree
it is, but in the moment

the woman was actually
eager, not eager, willing,

agreeable, trying to
find the right word.

The woman was agreeable
to this process because she

actually believed what
he was saying. So what he

was doing initially was
committing fraud that

led to sexual assault.
So if she had had all the

facts, she could have
made a real decision,

but because he was lying
to her, she made a bad

decision, which is why it’s sexual assault,
which I think that is a pretty fair charge.

The woman was introduced
to the man last November

by Anna Queens, who
told her that her life

changed for the better
after paying the man for a

change of life. We don’t
know what the change of

life was. It may be the
same thing where he lied

to her in such a way,
created some sort of mystical

situation and then
sexually assaulted her. The

guy, oh no, is believed to
have committed the crime

by telling the woman
that she had bad energy in

her womb and telling her
you need to put a positive

energy in her in there, only I could
give it to you as one connected to God.

When it was investigated,
Ono denied the charges

saying she didn’t do
anything against her will,

but the Metropolitan Police
Department is investigating

the other woman who
suffered similar damage

in full detail, meaning
that because you have

managed to have sex with
her and she agreed to have

sex with you because
you lied to her to get her

to have sex with you
means you committed fraud,

which means what you
did with sexual assault,

which means now, hopefully he’s
going to get punished in a very real way.

A Game of Gut Punches

(upbeat music)

So after the summer break,
or holiday, we’re back at it.

Very excited to be here.

It’s weird ’cause I read two
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Okay, there’s also so many
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And somehow by rearranging
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So the last couple of episodes
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I’m assuming people noticed
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but I have not been
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So I do plan to move
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And I’ve also bought a new microphone.

It’s not the microphones problem.

I don’t wanna disparage this
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The first solution though,
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Therefore, reducing the ability
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So if it sounds like
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Because I’m always trying to be sexy
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That’s just something to
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So the video will suffer because I will
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this is going to be a new, sensual
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And then when I get my new
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It’s gonna be very exciting because
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Which I am.

I’m trying to seduce your ears.

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I have gone a little quieter
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And now that I’ve discovered that I
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This is essentially, I
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So you can see every time I like slow down,

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Okay, we’re gonna get
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Welcome to NPR and NJ and NJ NPR.

I’ve completely, I should
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I, I like who you’ve become as a person.

I support you and your efforts
and I think the things you

do to try to make yourself in
the world around you better.

I think those are valuable.

Now let’s get to some weird Japanese news.

(phone ringing)

All right, I’m gonna try
to not whisper that much.

It is going to be hard
because I actually never sit

at the microphone.
The pop filter is right in

my face and the
microphone, I’ve angled it up.

I’ve tried to do everything
I can to avoid buying a new

microphone and I just like, fuck it, I’ll
go buy the stupidly expensive microphone

that’s supposed to take
care of that goes for you.

Now that I’ve bought
it, I have massive buyers

regret, even though I
haven’t even received it yet

because I feel like I could just
do some bad, I have whatever.

We’re not gonna talk about it anymore.

A 31 year old man calls the police.

And he says, “I figure it’s gone.”

Not my physical figure,
like honestly my figure

left like 20 years ago,
but my figure is gone.

What he means is his,
his, a toy, a figurine.

You’ll notice if you’re watching the video.

I suppose I shouldn’t like address
stuff that you can see in the video.

Oh, look, anyways.

On the shelf next to
me, I do have a tatikoma.

Tatikoma has a robot from
the Ghost and the Shell series.

It’s one of my favorite characters.

And so I have a figurine.

I don’t have a lot of figurines.

I don’t collect a lot, but I understand
it has great value to other people.

It’s not the sort of thing
that is valuable to me.

If someone took the
time to steal my tatikoma,

I probably would not call
the police, if I’m being honest.

Turns out, a former coworker and living
girlfriend was the one who took his figure.

She said she stole and
sold the figure from money,

which shows that she didn’t
really understand what she’s seeing.

One of the things I think is
important if you’re gonna be

a thief is that you understand the
value of the thing that you’re stealing.

I had this conversation, many episodes ago,

where I was talking
about like people stealing

Pokémon cards where you would
need to know which cards are valuable.

So it’s like the unarmed thief thing.

And this was I was doing an equivalency
of people who steal Pokémon cards.

This is the next version of art theft

because you need to have
a deep understanding of it

to know its value, to know
that it’s worth stealing.

And if you do that, well, then
you’re in really good shape.

But if you don’t, you’re
gonna end up like this girl

who stole a sorta from
Kingdom Hearts, the video game.

I’ve never played it, so
it’s a little obscure for me.

stole a sorta figure and was
managed to get 4,000 yen for it.

So I don’t consider 4,000
yen worth going to prison over.

I should probably won’t go to prison.

And being his girlfriend, do you
think he’s gonna forgive or let it go?

This is something that’s
come up multiple times

where a nerd has married
or engaged in a relationship

with a non-nerd who doesn’t respect how
much they value the stuff that they have.

Like they’re collectibles and things.

So they don’t understand
what they’re doing.

There is a couple of
instances I’ve read online

of, you know, a woman
is angry at her husband.

She goes in and smashes the
case where all his figures are.

And I don’t think in those
cases they actually understand

what they’re doing because
to them it’s a stupid toy.

They’re angry at their husband
still plays with stupid toys.

So they smash the stupid toys.

And you’ve read stories on
the Internet where it’s like,

if you want to date me
you have to stop playing

video games and stuff,
which is pretty unreasonable

if you really think about
it because you’re saying

you have something you love if you love
me then you will stop loving that thing.

So I just found this interesting
that this woman stole something.

I don’t think she understands
because she stole it.

And again, you have to kind of say
your motive, or the reason for stealing.

It’s part of the police report.

And she said for
basically living expenses or

entertainers basically
just spending money.

But 4,000 yen, again, the really
bad math is like 40 to 50 bucks.

You’re not going to have that
much fun on 50 bucks anymore.

You’re not going to be
going out and doing it.

You’re gonna get a really nice dinner
for 50 bucks somewhere in Japan.

But even then you’re not
talking about like high class stuff.

You’re just getting like a
really good mid-range meal.

So I think a couple of
mistakes have been made.

She wants you to have
to study what she’s stealing

before she steals it to, don’t
steal your boyfriend and stuff.

That’s not cool.

The Deputy Mayor of Tokyo.

This leads to an
interesting set of problems

when communicating to your
team at work on messaging apps.

So my work co-workers and I use Slack.

I think a lot of companies do.

Microsoft Teams is the one
that’s actually using this story.

There is a feeling that what you’re
saying in there is sort of private.

And that’s not true.

Now I’ve made the mistake
more than once of clicking

on the name of the
person I was thinking about

to talk about that
person to someone else.

So because I was thinking of person A,

and I wanted to talk to
person B about person A.

What I did was I clicked person A’s name

and started typing and they saw
it and it’s embarrassing and stuff.

But it’s also whatever.

You know what I think.

I’m not particularly shy about
sharing my opinion in real life anyways.

So you probably knew if we’re being really
honest, but that’s a different issue.

So this sense of privacy
comes with a problem in that

you feel that you can say
whatever you want on this platform

because it’s not public, but
you’re saying it to a group of people.

Now, do you have the full loyalty and
understanding of the people you’re speaking to?

I have now realized that there are
things you should not just write down.

This is very much related to the Ninja
News Japan Advice for Criminal Section,

which is now something
I should actually title.

Come up with a secondary theme song,
Ninja News Japan Advice for Criminals.

It’s not criminals, but you
don’t want to pay portrayal.

You don’t want to say negative
things about people and write it down.

You want that to be ethereal.

You want that to be in the atmosphere.

So you’ve said it, but then no
one can prove that you said it.

That’s the important part.

‘Cause what could happen in what
happened to the Deputy Mayor of Tokyo?

Is he decided it would
be perfectly acceptable

to call someone who works
for a different group, a pig.

He did a play on words on their last name.

So he called an assembly
member, a pig multiple times.

A copy of the team’s chest, with
someone screenshotted that chat,

printed it out and sent
it to the home of the

assembly workers, assembly
members, co-worker.

So what happened is someone who
didn’t like the Deputy Mayor of Tokyo.

And this is again, the first issue
is, if you’re gonna say shitty things,

you have to make sure
everyone agrees with you before

you say it, finding out
afterwards is a problem.

So this is like any sort of racist person.

You really need to test the
waters and find out if the person

you’re speaking to is also
racist before you say racist stuff.

If you wanna do it with
sexism, anything like that,

any sort of negative aspect
that you wanna present

into the world, you have to make sure
that the people you’re speaking to agree.

And then even then,
they might be putting up

a face that they agree
so they can catch you.

So you gotta be really careful,
going back to my original point.

Don’t write anything down.

So someone screenshotted,
printed out, and mailed it to snail mail.

The copy of this chat to the
Assembly Member’s coworker,

a press conference was held by the victim
and said, you know, be really good idea.

If we looked at all the
Deputy Mayor’s postings.

So basically saying, like, if let’s
see what kind of shit this guy has said

about how many people there
are in the world and how awful he is,

and let’s just get that
out in the open right now.

So I think honestly, it’s kinda awesome.

The Deputy Mayor offered to apologize

and then offered to make a face-to-face
apology in person to the offended party.

The offended party declined, saying
it’s because of a scheduling issue,

but I am betting it
had a lot more to do

with, I don’t want to
stand in front of a man

who has called me a pig
and accept his apology

because the problem
with apologies primarily

is there is an expectation that you
accept them, even if you don’t want to.

And I bet she doesn’t
want to because the guy

called her a pig but I bet
it’s because he is a pig.

So this did not end there.

He called the Assembly
Group, a group of idiots.

He also posted her home
address in the team’s chat.

That to me, he’s now
doxing her to a group so they

could maybe take initiative
and go ahead and do stuff.

That is problematic,
’cause that is a step above.

Calling someone a pig is bad.

I’ve called people names.

I’m sure people have called me names.

If I found out someone called me a name,

I don’t think I would actually
end up taking it that personally.

We all get angry, we all get annoyed,
we all want to throw some stuff out there.

I think that’s healthy to a degree.

You gotta be careful, of course.

I don’t ever actually want to offend
someone, but bad moods, whatever.

Taking someone’s home address and posting
it to a group of people is a step above.

That’s not you’re in a bad mood.

That is you are trying
to actually put someone

in a situation where they
could get hurt, the deputy mayor

of Tokyo had to resign,
which is completely appropriate.

I actually think they could
have taken a little further.

This border’s on the criminal,
as far as I’m concerned.

(upbeat music)

So I’ve been involved in teaching
for most of my adult career.

I have always wanted to
find ways to engage students.

Teams, young teens, pre-teens.

They’re sort of the
most difficult to engage.

Little kids are great,
you just sing a song.

They’re happy.

You have adults.

They’re voluntarily, so
the feeling is different.

So I find adults are the easiest
and little little kids are the easiest.

That in between group there,
that toughest ones to deal with.

So finding ways to engage
with them is important.

And I tried and failed,
and I tried and succeeded.

But one of the real
ways to get young people

to engage with stuff is to bring them
sort of real life into the classroom.

They like that because it
helps them feel like adults.

So they were going to
talk in this lady’s class

about drugs and where drugs
come from, like illegal drugs.

So she thought, “Ah, you know, hi, from
my break, “I’m going to go to Columbia.

“What I’ll do is bring
back some Coca leaves.”

Coca is quite famously the plant
where the drug cocaine is refined from.

There’s already a first problem.

She’s bringing back leaves from a plant

into a country which I’m
pretty sure everyone knows

you’re not supposed to
bring plants across borders.

Like, I know it’s primarily because
of invasive species and stuff.

But like, even like lettuce,
it carry bugs and stuff.

You’re not supposed to bring stuff

like vegetables and stuff
personally across borders.

So I was like, as soon as they said,
she brought Coca leaves to Japan.

I wasn’t thinking,
“Oh, she’s going to go

back “and break bad
and start making cocaine.”

Which she wasn’t.

But I was like, she must
know that this is not okay.

Just on a like, don’t bring
plants into countries, kind of issue.

She brought the Coca leaves from
a trip to Columbia, back to Japan.

She brought them into the classroom and she
was doing a lesson about drug precursors.

So essentially where drugs come from.

And then she did a how-to
on how to refine the leaf

into the actual cocaine
and got like a 99% purity

and then had everyone
take a bolt off the ground

and just that class rocked
for the rest of the day

for about 20 minutes and
then they all came down.

No, that isn’t what happened.

She actually did though.

She was trying to engage the students.

So I weirdly appreciate
what she was trying to do.

The problem is she did it.

So she was like,
“Hey, I’m going to bring

these leaves “from
another country to Japan.”

Of course, turns out the Coca leaf

is illegal to possess an
illegal to import into Japan.

So she’s in trouble.

She claims she didn’t know.

Now most of the time
on the engineer’s Japan,

a criminal will do
something and then claim

they don’t remember or
they don’t know and I will go.

You know, that’s a good tactic to try to
delay the police but you’re guilty clearly.

I think this lady may have actually
been ignorant of what she was doing.

She’s like, “Oh, I managed
to get some of these leaves

“that are freely available
in Colombia apparently.”

I thought this would also be a controlled
substance technically in Colombia.

I got them in my bag.

No one found them brought them to Japan.

Nothing happened so
clearly it must be okay.

I bet if they asked her to
surrender them specifically

at the border, she
probably just would have.

She wanted to engage the students.

So advice to teachers.

They introduced Japan as all about
making everyone better and everything.

Advice to teachers don’t
bring products that can

be refined into illegal
drugs into your classroom.

Criminals always want to break into houses.

That’s where stuff is and criminals
want stuff more than anything.

They would rather
actually have liquid funds.

They would actually have
money but money is also

in Japan and still quite
often stored in the house.

Breaking into houses is hard though.

So one of the ways
you could do it is to trick

the person into letting
you into the house.

And this was interesting
because I had not thought

of this as a feasible
way to get into a house.

So if someone came up to
my door, knocked on the door

and said, “Hey, I’m trying to be a
chest “of an indigenous Japan fame.”

A snake has escaped.

Can I stay in your house for a bit?

I would be like, I don’t see a snake.

Why don’t you just run away?

I mean, if there’s no snake visible here

and it’s a big snake big enough to
scare you, I don’t think it’s a problem.

I think if you just keep moving, you
will be safe and fine from the snake.

I would not let them in my house.

Other people are kinder than I am.

I’m not even gonna say gullible.

I’m just gonna say
straight up kinder than me.

So what happens there is
they let you into the house.

Now somehow this guy found 3.7 million yen

in his ladies house stole
it and then left the house.

The police picked about based on the fact

that his car is being seen on security
footage, sitting outside the house.

So they figured out who he is.

This was four months ago.

They arrested me and said, “I can’t remember
anything that happened four months ago.”

Just great.

So they were like, “Where
were you four months ago?”

He’s like, “I don’t know.”

This is a real experience I had.

So I was as a part of my company
sued by a former employee.

And the court process, I believe it was
two years before I actually was in court.

And the man, the defending attorney,
no, no, no, we were the defendant.

So the prosecuting attorney
asked me very specific questions

about things I said on that day that I was
actually working with this other person.

I have to keep the details a little vague,

but that’s actually not
relevant to the story.

So he asked, “Did you
say this specific thing?”

And I legitimately remembered, because this
was a pretty big event in my work life,

I did actually remember, but it
seemed very justified for me to say,

I don’t remember exactly what I said two
years ago, because I think it’s unreasonable

to expect people to remember
what they were doing two years ago.

So I was half lying,
half telling the truth.

“Did I just purgery?”

I just think I just purgured myself.

I had a recollection of the
sentiment of what I said.

I did not remember that.

So I guess we’re talking about laws.

Legally, I did not lie.

Spirit of the law, I
fudged the truth a bit,

because I did remember
the spirit of what I said.

I remembered a vague sense of what I said.

I remembered the
approximation of what I said.

Did I remember the exact
sense the specific words?

No, I didn’t.

Since he asked me if I
said something specific,

a negative answer
to that was not a lie.

So I did not purgure myself.


This means Japan, you
don’t swear on a Bible.

‘Cause I watched a lot of court stuff.

Used to watch a law and order and stuff.

And they go to court
and you swear on a Bible.

And I’m not religious, so that
always seemed weird to me.

But then I know I’m in a different country.

And you don’t swear on a Bible,

they just go like, hey, tell
the truth and you go, yep.

Swearing doesn’t mean anything.

Anyways, this guy, I actually think it
was the result isn’t that interesting.

It was the fact that he used
this very, to me, not very

convincing story to actually
get into someone’s house.

But he did it successfully.

And it seems like he did it multiple times.

And then also there’s this,
keeping 3.7 million yen in your house.

I currently have 10,000 yen, it’s
like a hundred bucks in my wallet.

That is all the money I keep in the house
because I generally use digital payments,

which means the best you
could do is steal my phone

and you need my fingerprint
to access anything on my phone.

So your snake story won’t work and I
don’t have any money for you to steal.

So don’t target me.

Don’t target anyone, stop stealing stuff.

So there’s a lot of games
I’ve played in my youth.

Here’s my moment to
try to appeal to the youth

and talk about games
that they’re clearly playing

’cause they’re in the news,
games I’ve never played.

Honestly, do not want to experience.

So there were three friends.

They’re out for an evening of cocktails
over, I assume the summer break.

I actually didn’t write
down the exact dates.

And they’d been imbibing,
so they were loose, let’s say.

What happened was they started a
game and in front of a crowd of people,

the two friends started taking turns
punching the one friend in the stomach.

This led to a point where the one friend

collapsed unconscious and
was then taken to hospital.

The two friends were arrested.

When the friend regained
consciousness, he

said, oh no, no, no, they
weren’t assaulting me.

We were playing a game of gut punches.

This is a game.

I practice judo.

If you’ve listened to an engineer’s
Japan for any amount of time,

you know that I spend
significant portion of my

life doing very awful
things to my body for fun.

This is not something
I’m a professional at.

It’s a hobby.

It’s a very important part of my life.

But, and it causes me
immense amount of pain.

So I did it last night, walk up this
morning, took a 10 minute ice bath.

I know ice bath has become kind of a trend
for, you know, douchebag, sports bros.

But, honestly, if you are
feeling pain all over your body,

and ice bath is a
pretty, pretty nice thing.

So if you do any sort of significant sports

that cause you pain, I’m not
gonna get into the ice bath.

You should look it up and
probably take it seriously.

You don’t need to do what they do,

like all the extreme stuff,
like 30% ice, 60% water,

and you sit in there for
two minutes and almost die.

I put cold water in a
bathtub and then throw in

some ice that melts
probably before I even get in.

And it’s cold, it’s not freezing.

Again, cause I’m not working at
a level where I would need that.

But the relief it has brought
to me has been significant.

I have some friends who’ve tried it.

They all have a very positive things.

I’m not gonna go ice bath bro on you.

Let’s start talking about that.

But, what I’m saying is I’ve done a lot
of damage to my body on purpose for fun.

I would never consider
playing a game of gut punches.

Back in 2015, there was
a jewelry heist in Japan.

Three men, I actually talked
about this not too long ago

because one of the men at the
time of the crime was underage,

but now that they’ve actually found them
and are prosecuting them, he is an adult.

I was very interested if
he’s being tried as an adult.

This may never come to pass.

They were talking about
extraditing them from

the UK where they live
to Japan to face trial.

Normally in this situation,
they just have the country

they’re in, prosecute on
the other countries that have.

But they want to extradite them to Japan.

They’re only dealing with,
there’s three people involved.

They’re only doing one at a time.

They are currently the UK
saying they will not extradite

the suspect to Japan because
of Japan’s human rights issues.

So people who are held in Japan
by the police, they get abused.

They’ve had multiple deaths in
Japanese holding cells for immigrants.

So people who are like their
visas of run out or their illegal

immigrants and stuff, they
get thrown in these holding cells.

They don’t get fed properly
or taken care of properly.

They’re talking about
human rights violations now.

The concern is that the
suspect may be in the hospital

the suspect may be made
to confess under duress.

And then Japan argues
back that the police interviews

are all recorded except for the
ones where the recording doesn’t work

and the person accidentally punches
himself to death, which has happened.

So I think people have a fairly positive
image of Japan as a society, as I do.

The police though is really mixed bag.

Now I know some cops.

The cops I know I like to believe.

They’re good and kind people and
would never actually do any of this stuff.

But the reality is there are regular
stories of people being held for no reason.

There’s a guy who was held for 40 days.

So he lost his job.

He lost most of his friends
on a false accusation.

And the police basically are like,
“Whoops, sorry, you can go now.”

Problem is his whole life is in shambles.

And in Japan, you can sue,
but what you get for suing them.

It’s not like enough to fix your life.

So in America, being
a very litigious country,

you get massive payouts
if the police wrong you.

That doesn’t happen in Japan.

So you get a couple thousand dollars,

but a couple thousand dollars
isn’t gonna get me my job back.

It’s not gonna fix my life.

So that’s problematic.

The other two are still waiting
in decision about extradition.

Japan, I didn’t know this.

Japan only has extradition treaties
with the US and South Korea.

So basically, if you
commit a crime in Japan

and you can get to any country
other than the US and South Korea,

it’s very likely they will not send
you back to Japan to face charges.

So my immediate thought is like,
okay, what country would I go to

that would be least likely
to send me back to Japan?

Actually better would be China.

If I committed a crime in Japan,

I can’t be giving advice like this
to Japanese criminals all the time.

But it is just the
way my brain works is

like, present a problem,
give me information,

and I start to go like, well,
what is the best solution to that?

I’ve committed a crime in Japan,

which country is least likely
to send me back to Japan?

I would at first think
it’s trying to because

they have such a
contentious relationship,

but then they might
send you back just ’cause

they don’t want you
who has a problem there.

And China is not really
big on human rights either.

So they’ll be like, ha
ha, go back and suffer.

It’s actually China might
not be the best choice.

I might have to do a survey
somewhere and see what everyone thinks.

If you commit a crime
in Japan and you’re not

going to the US, you’re
not going to South Korea,

where would you go in the hopes that you’re
least likely to be sent back to Japan?

The human’s right
issue actually brings it up.

So you need actually
a very liberal country.

So now I’m thinking my
home country of Canada,

they would not send
you back if there was

any possibility of a
human rights violation.

So I think doing years and years and years

in an introduced Japan has
led me to the conclusion that

I should start planning my big crime and
go back to Canada and not get extradited.

Some plans on the horizon I see.

So there’s a South
Korean DJ called DJ Soda.

She played a music festival in Japan.

Now DJ Soda at the end of her
sets goes down into the audience

and says hello to people
and talks to people.

And the problem is in Japan, she
was groped by both men and women.

Jaxi said the woman grabbed
her breasts the hardest

and was like most sort
of invasive with the groping

where the men like grabbed
her elbows and grabbed

her shoulders and stuff,
but they were touching her.

Now I don’t want to victim blame,
but I do want to give all the information.

So this was, I personally,
if I was that big personality,

probably would not go down
into the audience without security.

I absolutely wouldn’t do it
if I was an attractive woman.

And I’m not talking about the Japanese
audience, I’m talking about any audience.

The Internet went really weird on this one.

So you have the Japanese
Internet that’s trying to defend itself,

the Japanese Internet that’s trying to
apologize or be sympathetic to the situation.

You have the South Korean
Internet that is accusatory of Japan.

You have the South Korean Internet that
is judgmental of the way DJ Sota dresses

’cause she basically wears
short shorts on a bikini top.

And she’s a very sexual person,
but again, being a sexual person

doesn’t make it okay to
sexually assault someone.

They also had a porn star dancing on stage.

So the problem I see is
that this was a sexually

charged atmosphere and then
she went down into a crowd.

Now, I would actually
say that’s a bad idea.

Not, again, I don’t think it’s okay.

I think those people should get in trouble,

but I also think your
self-preservation needs to kick in.

This is, we got porn stars up
in bikinis dancing on the stage.

We, the audience is mostly
men and they’re mostly drunk.

I wouldn’t go down there.

As now, as a male, I still
would not go down there

because I’d be like, I don’t
believe it would be safe

to go down into a crowd of drunk people
if I have just like hyped up the crowd.

But again, I still don’t
think this is okay.

It leads me in a tough position because it
will sound like any sort of excuse I make.

We is victim blaming,
which I don’t think that’s fair.

She should not have been touched.

The audience should have
kept their hands to themselves.

Japan, having done as many stories
as I have on creepy people in Japan,

I do have an image of Japanese
men being kind of creepy.

So that’s problematic as well.

So is that true or is
that a bias I’ve created?

Like a confirmation bias
because I seek out those stories

for an engineer’s Japan
because they’re usually

interesting and weird
and funny and gross.

And that suits the
platform I’ve created here

where we’re talking about
interesting, weird, gross stories.

The interesting thing is this
morning, a news report on Japan today.

So I’m gonna read this
because I just got it this morning.

220 year old men surrendered to police
Monday and connection with the incident

where popular South Korean artist DJ
Sorda was allegedly groped by attendees

at a recent music event in Japan,
according to investigative sources.

So basically the police are like,
oh, the creators of the music festival,

we want to press
charges, civil and criminal

because we want to promote
the safety of our artists

who are the people who come to
this festival, we want them to feel safe.

So we’re actually pressing charges.

These two guys turned themselves in.

And they said, again, not
an excuse, but they said

they were drunk and this
really was gross to me.

They said we touched
her in a lighthearted way.

So I think what they’re trying to
say is we didn’t intend to grow per,

but you were touching
someone without permission.

So I mean, it’s the same whether
your intent was to be gross or not.

And this is the problem is something
like this depends on how it’s received.

You touch someone and
they like it, not a problem.

You touch someone and they don’t like it.

That’s sexual assault.

They’re really, it’s really
the person who’s on the

receiving end gets to
decide if this is okay or not.

And she’s decided it’s not okay.

I did read a lot about, again, the different
internets trying to lay blame elsewhere.

I don’t have an answer.

I, yeah, I think security should
have been down there, maybe.

I don’t think.

Do you remember Taylor Swift?

Went on to, she was receiving an award
and then Kanye West charges the stage

and grabs the microphone and
says like, I’m going to let you finish.

And then my only thought in
that was where was security.

Like security didn’t, you
have a guy, I know he’s famous.

He just walks on the stage
and just grabs the microphone

out of her hands just to
like take over that show.

Security should have like
pulled him off the stage.

Like just picked him up and walked him off.

And they’re probably thinking
like, oh, he’s rich and famous.

So we shouldn’t do that.

He’s an artist here tonight.

So we shouldn’t do that.

But man, I don’t think anyone
should be rushing up on anybody.

So I think security failed here.

Just like I feel like
they failed back then.

I think that might be where in my
mind, most of the blame should be.

So I think DJ Sona is absolutely
justified in being offended.

I think the fans turning themselves in was
actually probably the right thing to do.

The female fan who
she was literally the most

blame was laid on
did not turn herself in.

I bet she didn’t think
she did anything wrong

because it was a woman
touching the other woman.

We got a lot of cultural
issues all wrapped up

in that that we don’t
have time to go into today.

Because I got a couple more stories to do.

But it is interesting.

I’m interested to see where this ends up.

Because does DJ Sona go forward
with these guys getting arrested?

What happens to them and what comes
up after this would be very interesting.


This is something I
didn’t know about at all.

And I’m super excited about it.

And I kind of want to try it.

And I know I end up spending
way more money than I should.

But there are online UFO catchers.

UFO catchers in Japan
is what I think they would

call crane games or claw
games in North America.

I haven’t been in North America long
enough to know what they’re called anymore.

But in Japan, it’s that big claw
comes down and you grab something.

And then, of course, it lets go halfway up.

And you go, oh, I almost got it.

You can do that online
with your smartphone.

This, I think, came about
primarily because of COVID,

because people couldn’t
go to our kids anymore.

They set up a warehouse
with these hundreds of

UFO catcher machines
and then cameras on them

so that you can control
it from your smartphones.

You pay money through the phone
and then you get a play and it picks it up.

And if you win, it picks
up the item and it drops it

and you actually win,
they’ll mail it to your house.

I don’t know why that got me going.

I assume he has the thing.

When I came to Japan, I
used to do UFO catchers.

I used to be really good at it.

And then the UFO catcher machines seem to
get like they paid out less or more scammy.

They clearly had
programmed the machines not

to give you stuff until it got
a certain amount of money.

More so than when I came.

So my skills didn’t go down.

The quality of the grab went down.

So I don’t play them anymore because
now I feel like they’re just rip off.

Whereas before I felt
like I had an actual chance.

So I probably actually
gave them more money

before what I would win
stuff every now and then.

Whereas now I don’t win anything.

So I don’t give them anything.

So imagine a warehouse with 500
machines and over 1,500 different prizes.

It’s mostly anime stuff.

So if you’re a nerd,
this is like up your alley.

I, with my touchy coma on
myself, 100% am down for this.

DMM.com, which is a big
website in Japan that does live

streaming and stuff,
they will move the prize

to make it easier
after multiple attempts.

They actually some places do this.

So like I try to grab
this big anime sexy girl.

And I drop it like five times.

You can call this staff and go,
can you please position it better?

And they want to move it closer to
the whole or closer to or like on its side.

So it’s a little easier to pick up.

It’ll give you a fair chance.

And after you spend so much
money, you’ve kind of paid for the thing.

So it’s a fair thing to do.

So dMM.com does that.

Taito and Sega also
have these online services.

I didn’t know about any of this.

Actually, that’d be a cool
thing to actually live stream

on Twitch is set a certain
amount of money and see

how much I can win, which
would probably be zero.

Because again, I’m assuming
now I’m even like my skills

that I would have had
before they’ve gone down.

And then doing it via the Internet.

I bet that’s actually really hard.

But I’m super interested in this.

They make 20 to 30
billion yen a year on this.

This whole industry I didn’t
even know about, which I think

that to me is the most interesting
aspect of this whole thing.

OK, creepy last story, creepy last story.

This happened to me two days ago.

And so I was shocked.

I was actually on TikTok.

But it turns out on
YouTube, there was a sudden

influx of older whole
advertising on YouTube in TikTok.

And an older whole is a
machine, a suction-based machine

with vibrating capabilities
for a male individual.

So it is a machine designed
for a man to take care of himself.

Now, the one I saw, I actually
tried to send it to my friends

because it was so disturbing
and gross when I saw it,

that I wanted everyone
I knew to see it as well.

So we could talk about it.

But what it was, it was one
that was stuck on a window.


If I’m going to do sort
of my private activities,

I’m not going to do
it on an open window.

But I’m betting the suction cup
actually works really well on glass.

So maybe that wasn’t on purpose, maybe not.

Then they just turn on
some of the functions.

There’s no voiceover, no sound.

It’s just this tube stuck to a window.

And it has a touch panel at the top.

And they touch it.

And you can see it go, boom, boom, boom,
where it starts to vibrate and whatnot.

And then they take a thing.

It’s not a male PPE.

They take a long stick with ridges on it.

And they start putting it in there.

Then they did an internal
view of what it looks like

on the inside and how
it’s vibrating and stuff.

And then they did some
practical special effects.

I think it might be the best way to say it.

And then the video was over.

Because it is just like a 10, 15 second ad.

I know this is not what YouTube wants to
have advertised on its Japanese website.

I know it’s not what Japanese TikTok
wants advertised on their website.

So a lot of people freaked out on Twitter.

I guess I should start
calling it X properly.

As in why am I seeing these things?

They’re all gone now, but everyone
wants to know what happened.

I’m betting YouTube and TikTok
will not let us know what happened.

My guess, my honest to
goodness guess, is that this is

part of the influence of
AI in the algorithm creation.

So AI has been like, we have men like me,

who really enjoy looking at
gross weird stuff on the Internet.

Let’s show them some gross
weird stuff in the advertising.

And maybe they’ll be more likely to buy it.

Now that’s not true, but I was absolutely
willing to share it with my friends.

I wasn’t able to share it,
which I found interesting.

So I click the share button to
get the link to send to the Discord.

So my friends could be grossed out with me.

But that didn’t work.

So I’m actually thinking
the AI kind of tripped up

and said like, there is no actual physical
thing that is disgusting in this video.

Because there’s no body
member that you see,

like you don’t even see like a human
hand, you see an object and that object

goes into another object that gesture
would be very sexualized to a human being.

But to an AI, they’re
not seeing any body parts.

They’re not seeing any,
they haven’t been programmed

to understand what
aspect of this is sexual.

So to them, it’s probably not sexual.

I think this is one
of the first failures

I’ve seen at AI trying
to moderate a system,

letting the exact stuff it’s
supposed to filter out, go through.

And that is, I guess, our future.

(upbeat music)

(upbeat music)


(upbeat music).

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Let me know.

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It’s got a lot of updates.

Before I actually do that, we
have just started my summer break.

The kids around summer
break for like a month.

My work is me two weeks off.

So next week, this is the first day.

So I was able to record today
because basically nothing’s happened yet.

We haven’t organized anything yet.

But next week, I don’t
know if I’m going to get

an episode out or I
might get one out later.

I’m going to try.

I don’t know.

It’s a holiday and I don’t
feel obligated to entertain you.

That’s just the straight-up truth.

Now if I can entertain
you, I would love to do that.

The reality is, am I not?

Anyways, two weeks from now,
there will be a regular episode.

It will be back on.

It will be all awesome.

I’ve actually just inadvertently
implied that the holiday episode

I record will not be awesome,
but I’m sure it will be fine.

So let’s get to some updates.

I’m just letting you
know that maybe your

free entertainment may
not be available next week.

It may be.

Maybe if you pray
hard enough to the right

God, I will have enough
time to do the thing.

And then record it for you.

Now I don’t want to start.

I want to berate you in a
weird way to the point where

you now feel obligated
to pray to some annoying…

You’ve been playing Assassin’s
Creed Valhalla, so I think Odin.

Odin might be the guy before.

I’ve always been a big fan of Thor, both
the original version and the MCU version.

God, Chris Hemsworth’s body.

I know it’s all fake
because he’s he’s Jack

downstairs, but I’m damn
with that man takes his shirt off.

I respond and I’m a heterosexual male.

Still kind of respond to that in a
positive way if you know what I’m saying.

Alright, so I actually do the podcast now.

That wasn’t too much of a distraction.

I got to put on updates,
which I’m pretty happy about.

Last week, I talked about barbinheimer.

So that was the hashtag
that they came out

because Barbie and the
Oppenheimer movie are

coming out the same day and everyone’s
like, “Oh, we’ll make a double feature.

It’s so quirky and
ironic because one’s

super light comedy fun movie, the
other one’s very heavy and serious.”

I created the barbinheimer hashtag.

Now, Barbie is coming out in Japan.

Oppenheimer currently is not
slated to be released in Japan.

The Warner Brothers Japanese account issued
an apology for the barbinheimer hashtag as

it being relatively, you know, instant, not
instant seer, insensitive to, you know, the

historical reality of
what’s happened in Japan.

The Internet being the Internet, Internet
citizens were not super happy about that.

Internet people are always classy.

Let’s put it that way.

I spent a lot of time on the Internet,
stream, video games, do podcasts.

I spent a lot of time on
the Internet just for fun.

Yeah, I’ve run across some of
the joyous aspects of the Internet.

Always classy, always fair, always honest.

So in retaliation to
the lack of apology from

the American Barbie account, that’s
very specific is what they’re doing.

Because the Japanese account apologized
and they said, “That’s not good enough.

The American Barbie account is still
not acknowledging that this is insensitive.

It’s still not acknowledging
how gross this is.”

So because what they
were doing, if you go

in search barbinheimer,
you will find Barbie.

The one I found the first one,
which I did actually think was

pretty solid, was Barbie with
her hair as a mushroom cloud.

Okay, and it’s all pink.

The Internet was like, “Japanese” and
it was like, “We could play this game too.”

So they started shopping?

I guess shipping might
not be the right word.

I was about to say photo
shopping, which is the right word.

But then I thought maybe they’re
shipping to use some younger parlance.

9/11 images in Barbie
pink or with Barbie

overlaid or things like that, creating
their own memes in retaliation.

I don’t know how I feel about that.

I didn’t care about
barbinheimer because, sure,

whatever, people are putting
two disparate things together.


I didn’t take it too seriously,
but again, I’m not Japanese.

I mean, people are also like,
“You gotta be able to talk about it.”

But again, I guess it
is for them, it’s serious.

My feelings on it, I’m
torn, is what I’m saying.

I find the 9/11 memes they’ve made in
portace, but at the same time I find the whole

barbinheimer thing in
sort of in portace as well.

I do understand the marketing of it.

Those people jumping on, like,
“Hey, this memes happened.

It’s promoting both our films.

Let’s get on that.”.

I get why that happened.

I guess I just live in a real
world where gross things happen

and you kind of just let it go so
you can move on, move past it.

Not so for Japanese people in this case.

Not, I don’t want these people to
say that this is Japanese people.

They don’t represent all of Japan.

Most people in Japan
probably don’t even

know this is going on because
it is very much an Internet thing.

I talked previously about a YouTuber who
was playing essentially a visual novel, a

Stein’s Gate visual
novel and he spoiled the

ending and they sued
him because they’re saying

that this is giving away
the ending of a story.

Therefore people are
going to be less likely

to pay for that story
in the future if you

spoiled the ending
because people the whole

point of doing one of these
things is to get to the ending.

He wants two years in prison plus
like a million years or something.

And they said that
he must be punished

severely to prevent the
decline of the content industry.

The verdict came out yesterday,
but hasn’t been announced yet.

I was looking for it this morning.

It being August 8th as I recorded this.

So the verdict was supposed
to be brought down August 7th.

I don’t think he’s going
to get two years in prison.

But I could see a hefty fine.

Prosecutors being
prosecutors, they always ask

for massive, massive punishments
and they’re going to get less than that.

I think that’s kind of the strategy.

But yeah, it is
interesting that this visual

novel has had such an impact because to
me visual novels are really small things.

But again, it’s a whole industry in Japan.

People pay a lot of money for these things.

So ruining it for other people,
you’re ruining it for the company.

They’re going to take you to
court and I think they’re going to win.

So this was a very interesting development.

Over the last, it’s probably
like five, six months.

Sushi terrorism has been an ongoing theme.

There was the kid and he drank
from the soy sauce bottle directly.

So he licked it and stuff.

Then you put it back.

Other people use that
disgusting that went viral.

His friend recorded it
put it on the Internet.

Now these were just kids.

They were doing dumb stuff and recording
it and putting it on the Internet.

There was some other
kids who were licking and

touching the Sushi that was
going by on the conveyor belt.

Sushi, the conveyor
belt Sushi company is

saying like we had to change
our entire system because of this.

Our stocks dropped billions of yen.

This has cost us so much money.

We’re suing the kid.

They wanted they were suing
the family because he’s underage.

So they actually have to
sue the mom for 67 million yen.

I can guarantee that this person does not
have 67 million yen just in liquid assets,

they were able to spend on the fact
that his son licked a soy sauce container.

They have reached a settlement but
released no details, which is killing me.

Because I think what’s
happened is the company,

Sushi, they wanted
to make a lot of noise.

They wanted to make
sure everyone knows that

if you do this and we
catch you, we’re going

to come after you and they
took it all the way to the limit.

Then they said, look,
we don’t actually want

to ruin this lady’s
life for the fact that

her son, a teenager,
is just a bit of an idiot.

Every teenager is,
I was, might still be

sometimes, but I absolutely
was a bit of a dick and

an asshole in a dummy when
I was like 16, 17 years old.

The boy admitted
responsibility and they

have reached a reasonable
agreement, is what they’ve said.

I do want to know what the
reasonable agreement is, but because

he’s underage, I bet no
details are going to be released.

But I’m betting they got
to pace enough money

that it hurts the family, but
doesn’t ruin them completely.

Or there’s a payment
plan or something like that.

They’re not going to
take all 67 million yet.

This was just a show to stop other
people from doing the same thing.

I think.

And I think that’s
actually a fair thing to do

because Sushi does, they
got lawyers on retainer.

They can do this forever.

They can try, if she tried to
fight back, they could ruin her life.

Not being reasonable, normal human beings.

They decided not to
go that far, but they

still want to get the
message out there that

if this happens again,
we will go that far.

Try to think is a very
fair thing to be able to do.

It’s got to add on.

I’m actually quite happy
Sushi Rho didn’t fuck him.

They could have.

And you think of corporate people.

I think this is again a
Western image of corporate

people just being like absolute
bastards, ruining people’s lives were fun.

In Japan, yeah, they’ll go far,
but I think the level is different.

The attitude is different
and people are people still.

Like I’m sure there are
massive corporate assholes.

We actually have some other stories
going on that I didn’t actually write down.

There’s a car company
and they killed all the

trees outside of their
car dealership because

they were basically the trees were
obstructing your ability to see the cars.

Of course, all that’s illegal.

And then they got pulled up on getting in
trouble for scamming and lying and stuff.

That’s pretty standard
car dealership stuff.

It’s a bit shady as far
as an industry goes.

It has a reputation for a reason.

But I would say the
average executive maybe

is dumb in the way executives
are, but is not a complete asshole.

From what I’ve seen on the
Internet, I don’t know these people.

I don’t run in those circles.

I know that the president of JAL for the
last like 10 years has not taken a salary.

He literally said, I’ve made enough money.

I can survive for the rest of my life.

I will not take a salary.

I just want to make this business
the best business it can be.

You’ll support the workers and stuff.

So all the money he
would have made went

back into the company
into the employees and stuff.

And I thought, man, that’s awesome.

That is a completely
different form of corporate

thinking, which I can
get on board with.

And I guess maybe that’s also not
called, I don’t know which is more common.

Although Sushi Do in
this case didn’t go out

of their way to destroy a family just
because a kid was being a fucking idiot.

They did want to get a message
out, which I think they did successfully.

I’m going to have to
run my transition sound

again because I have
to get to the next story.

World Heritage Sites being
vandalized, is that like an Internet trend?

So we had the guy
vandalized the call of CO.

And then we had a kid named
Justin vandalized a temple in Japan.

And now I’ve read about two
more instances at the call of CO.

And the call of CO once, you
can get five years in prison for that.

Well, one of the most
famous temples, super

famous because I know
the name of the temple.

That’s how famous it is.

Not like I’m like a temple fan.

Toadaiji Temple was
vandalized with a picture

of a fairly poorly rendered cat, believed
to be scratched into a door by a finger.

Now, this is wood that is
literally thousands of years old.

So pushing your finger into
it is going to leave a Mark.

You don’t even have to use a nail.

Justin that little shit before, he actually
used his nail to scratch his name in.

Now I do want to give us some
credit to the vandal this time.

They didn’t write their name.

Actually, one of the
previous episodes I

was like, what you
should do is you’re going

to vandalize something
is don’t write your name.

Someone else’s name and then they’ll
be like, hey, Chuck, the beef chest.

Did you vandalize this?

I’m like, well, no, that says Brad Pitt.

So Brad Pitt must have been
here vandalizing it, not me.

So they drew a cat.

So unless a cat did
it, no, here’s the thing.

The height of the cat had like where
they did it was about 180 centimeters.

So I’m going to say,
let’s say someone who’s

slightly under six foot lifted
their arm up and drew a cat.

That’s how they got to 180 centimeters.

So the best we could say is this is someone
who is approximately six feet or so.

Because either they’re
six feet and they were

drawing at eye level
or they were less than

six feet and they were
drawing a little bit of

bum or they were like seven
feet and drawing but elite them.


So we could have a seven
foot vandal on our hands.

They’re not doing the
CSI stuff where they’re

taking footprints and
then calculating by

the impression of the footprint and
how heavy the person isn’t stuff like that.

But it seems like
because of those initial

reports, it’s now in the
mindset of people visiting

these places and it’s
being, it’s like a thing.

But the fines for this are hardcore.

So like again, the ones
in Italy, five years in

prison, a couple million
dollars or whatever.

I actually think it was like
a few hundred thousand

dollars, but a few
hundred thousand dollars.

I don’t have that.

I can’t pay that.

No one’s in the Japan.

It’s the same.

It’s like millions of yen
and possible jail time.

Absolutely not worth doing.

Like again, I want, if
I’m going to do a crime,

I want them to be a benefit
for me and my legacy is not it.

Like I want money.

If I’m going to commit a
crime, it’s going to be for money.

It’s not going to be so
that I become famous

because that kind of
fame isn’t what I need.

I need money.

I should have started
dropping in like ways

you could donate money
to you right after that.

I need money and then do the donation.

That actually would make sense.

Still not doing it.

I’m not going to come out here and beg.

Look, okay.

So you want to support the
engineers Japan, tell other

people to listen to it, get
other people to download it.

The rate review thing that actually
helps with algorithms and stuff.

I would love that.

I’m not even going to ask for that.

All I want is people who
are interested in it to listen.

And if you really, really want to make
me happy, send me questions and stuff.

So I have more things
to I can gain Gauge with.

So I can follow up on
stories or answer questions

about being in Japan or
my opinions or whatnot.

Your questions and
comments are easily the most

motivating factor to doing an
engineer’s Japan and see me.

So if you want to support the
podcast, don’t send me money.

I mean, send me money, but don’t
send me money by a see me B T shirt.

That would be all right.

Because then you get
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But send me stuff that I can talk about
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That to me is the peak.

You can go to speak pipe.com/chocolateweefchest
and leave a voicemail, which I can

then drop into the episode
and then use as a segment.

So now that I’ve said that,
we’re going to move on.

This is maybe my pre
holiday begging for interaction.

Just a bit sad, isn’t it?

I’m so lonely.

16, 99% of people in their
30s and 40s never watch

Vtubers, which to me is
a surprisingly low number.

I actually would have thought hardly
anyone in their 30s and 40s never

watches Vtubers just because
Vtubers became a thing fairly recently.

So I would assume older
people aren’t aware of them.

It’s not like they hate them or something.

I consider doing this podcast as a
VTuber, but I just didn’t have anything

set up and by the time I started doing
video on Twitch and stuff, there was no

point and going through
another process to set it up.

Although I still think a
VTuber, a super cute anime girl

and me not changing my voice
at all would have been funny.

And then every time I say
that, people get this like shitty.

I had to lose been done before.

You want a list of things
that have been done before?

It’s fucking everything, man.

The only thing I can claim to be completely
original was Montana, L.D.A.B.L.O.

The audio podcast
choose your own adventure.

And the only thing, the only reason I think
that was original is because I may have

just been the first person to
organize it and put it together.

And it was a huge pain in the ass.

I have tentatively started working on
a second one, which hopefully would be

better, but sitting down and just writing
for hours and hours and hours is pretty.

Pretty hard to find that time in my life.

But that is probably, and then
even then, people will like, you know,

choose your own adventures
have been done before.

Adult ones that are supposed to
be funny have been done before.

It’s like, if you actually went by
things that have been done before,

there would be no reason to do anything.

And let’s face it, Montana, L.D.A.B.L.O.

It’s fucking better than
all the other ones anyways.

All right.

No, no, I’m not going to, I was going to
do this sound again and restart the story.

I’m not going to do that.

I’m just going to keep going.

I’m going to power through.

Okay, so people in their 30s
and 40s, one to two times a week,

13% watch V2 or three to four times
a week, four percent, every day, 14%.

It’s more men than women.

I think that’s just
generally on the Internet,

you tend to find more
men doing dumb shit.

watching V2 versus isn’t dumb.

It’s fine.

V2 versus are great.

That’s it.

I just, I actually
thought 69% they’re like,

whoa, it’s, it’s,
that’s not a surprise.

I thought it would have
been the 80s or 90s.

Because again, just older
people, not that in tune

with what’s going on on
the Internet and the stuff.

A 14 year old Turkish boy was arrested for

throwing a smoke bomb at security guards.

And what he said was, uh,
okay, so let’s give it a story.

He claims that he had been scolded before
with his friend, oh, but not his friend.

So his friends and him were
sitting outside this building.

They were playing loud
music and smoking cigarettes.

He’s 14 years old.

So he’s not supposed to be doing that.

Uh, and then he came and then a security
guy came out and scolded him specifically,

but not his friends, but
he claimed was discriminate.


So he said, don’t
discriminate against foreigners.

I’ll blow you up and then
through a smoke bomb.

And if I can give you a list of things
you should not do, smoking is number one,

uh, being playing loud
music in public is not great.

But I guess I’d give a pass on that
because there’s no law against it.

Claiming discrimination is possible, but
you’re not going to improve your case.

by throwing a smoke bomb at someone right
after saying don’t discriminate against me.

I’ll blow you up.

I’ll blow you up is a threat of
violence, which again is illegal.

So he’s committed multiple crimes.

Now he’s 14 again.

He’s underage.

He’s not going to be
going to jail or anything.

But he was arrested for our favorite
crime, forcible obstruction of business.

All right.

This is, I don’t know if
this is Saturn at 10 years

in a row, the demand for
rice has dropped in Japan.

It is 100,000 tons down to 6.81 million
tons of rice needed or wanted this year.

It’s the lowest since they
started keeping track in 1996.

It’s weird that they only
started keeping track in 1996.

I don’t know why that was one of
the bits to suck out on me in this story.

In 1996, they started keeping
track of how much rice they eat.

I think that would
have been like ancient

times, how many barrels
or bushels or whatever.

I don’t know how rice is measured.

Grains of rice, I guess just wait.

Tons of rice.

People eat.

Like it’s sort of one of those things.

It’s a staple of the country.

The Ministry of Agriculture
is encouraging farmers

to switch to other crops like soybeans or
wheat because they are more in demand.

So I’m wondering this is partially because
of the population of decline in Japan.

So it’s representative of
there being less people overall.

It is also partially demonstrating a
change in dietary wants or needs.

So people generally are eating less rice.

I would like to see a breakdown.

This didn’t give me enough information.

I would be really interested in
what the breakdown of that is.

Is it because there
are just less people and

therefore less people
eating rice or is it because

there are more people eating other
diets than just a rice-based diet.

Like is keto taken off in Japan?

I kind of looked at that a
little bit but didn’t find anything.

particularly demonstrable of what’s
actually happening with the diets in Japan.

But it’s a weird thing to see.

You think of Japan, you
think of Asia, you think of rice.

And Japan is a country
just eating less rice overall.

It’s very interesting.

That’s it.

I’m going to go eat some rice now.

I don’t know.
I’ll try to pop up the country.

I, again, just at the end, I want
to make sure everyone knows.

It’s summer holiday.

I’m going to try to get an episode
out next week if I have time.

It might be late.

It might not happen at all.

So I’ll see you in two
weeks worst-case scenario.


But I got Dave and Dave
doesn’t want to get out of the way.

What do I do with Dave?

This is a tough question for me.

I want to move the microphone closed.

Last time I had it
up here, it was good

positioning, but actually
echoed from the back

of the room, which was very annoying,
because I could actually hear it.

It’s not terrible, but it was enough.

But then you don’t get any Dave time
if I move the mic where I need it to be.

Which is about there.

That’s right in Dave’s face.

Alright, buddy.

Yeah, I need to do my thing.

That’s what I need.

I need to do my thing.

What am I going to do?

That’s a tough question.

You can see I’ve worked
on my positioning back here.


As soon as I sit down to get
this started, he wants attention.

It’s like he knows I finished writing.

Maybe I’ll ignore him completely when
I’m writing, so that’s why he doesn’t.

He doesn’t, but he knows during this part
I might actually like pay attention to him.

Oh, what do we do, Dave?

What do we do?

Let’s get that up a
little more right there.

That down.

Yeah, like that.

That’s interesting.

Oh, he’s sitting down.

That’s very nice.

Okay, so let’s get started.


Japan, as a country, is shrinking.

Not the actual, no.

Japan is a population.

So as a country, it’s staying
basically the same size.

I mean, there might be erosion going on.

I didn’t check that statistic.

I was looking at a different statistic
because you’ve been in his huge Pam before.

You know, I love the statistics.

Statistics are super fun.

Japan’s population
2022, so they take a lot of

time to resolve the
actual surveys and whatnot

from the previous year to
make sure they’re accurate.

So we got, there was an 801,000
person decline in Japan last year.

That’s a lot of people.

It’s the first time that all 47
pre-fractors have declined in population.

So usually Okinawa,
they’re down there in the

sun, they’re banging
them out, they’re increasing

the population the way,
you know, Okinawans do.

That’s now going to be a new,
like, weird, sexual phrase for me.

You know, like Okinawans do.

But even there, Okinawa,
I guess they got worn out.

They did not increase
the population this year.

This, of course, has prompted calls
to address the declining birth rate

from the prime minister
and programs and stuff.

We’ve talked about this a million
times in the Institute of Japan.

I’ve solved this problem many times over.

And yes, it’s not an easy fix.

It’s not an easy solution.

It’s not something that
can just be done quickly.

You need to change culture to be honest.

But I actually have
other news stories coming

up, the showing that
culture can be changed.

and things will get better.

Foreign residents Rose to
just under 3 million people,

and in Tokyo, actually saw
an increase in population.

So just Tokyo itself.

Because so many foreign people
were going there for jobs and stuff.

So you can see there’s
sort of a tentative solution.

Our next story, though,
is going to kind of show

how that solution isn’t
really going to work out.



They wanted to include
the phrase, including foreign

nationals to its definition
of what a citizen is.

So that would mean that the
people like myself, foreign nationals,

living in kumamoto, would be
considered citizens by the government.

Now, this wouldn’t actually
give them any more rights.

I can’t vote in Japan.

Other people, so it wouldn’t
actually change anything.

It would just be like, hey, you
are now included in the city.

You are a citizen of
the city by being here.

You pay taxes.

You do all the things
that citizens have to do.

You follow the rules.

You’re a good person.

You are welcome here.

I think that was maybe
the underlying message

that you as a foreign resident are still
welcome and are a member of the community.

How could that go wrong at all ever?

Well, they did a survey,
basically asking if this is okay.

Public opposition to this was 90%.

So they went out and did
a survey of the community.

90% of the community
said we don’t want foreign

nationals to be
referred to as citizens.

It’s not going to change
their rights or anything again.

Let’s just be clear that,
but the idea of calling

them citizens was too
big a door to open up.

So they were like, no,
shut that down right now.

So the government of Komodo
has decided we are not going to add,

including foreign nationals in
their definition of what a citizen is.

The foreign numbers in
the city, though, they’re

recognizing that those
foreign numbers are going up.

So they’re like, well, you know,
we’re getting more and more foreign

people who live here, more and
more people are part of the community.

We want to include them in part of the
community. We should call them citizens.

The people on the other
hand are like, fuck those guys.

Fuck those people because
they’re not Japanese.

The government tried to
say that this was based on a

misunderstanding and not
like massively rampant racism.

This is the problem.

As a foreign person
living in Japan, you are

never going to be accepted
as a Japanese person.

You might say that’s because I look
different, but hey, what’s going on?

You might say that’s because
I look different, but I, this

is most of the foreign nationals
in Japan are other Asians.

So they’re from Korea, they’re from
China, they’re from other places in Asia.

So they don’t look different.

So the racism there is just straight up.

We don’t want anyone who isn’t
Japanese to be called Japanese.

The government again, they’re
trying to make it seem like the

people in the city aren’t
anti-foreigner, but of course they are.

They said, we do not
believe that not specifying

foreign nationals as
citizens will exclude them.

I think that having 90% of
your population say that the idea

of calling a foreign national
a citizen will exclude them.

Because basically the
people have made it very

clear what they think of
foreign people in Japan.

I have run experiments
like live experiments on

my students when I was
teaching classes in Japan.

And so they, I said, you know, if
I had lived as a foreign person in

Canada, if I had lived in
Canada as long as I have

lived in Japan, I’ve lived
in Japan for 21 years now.

If I had lived that long in
Canada, I would have been a

naturalized citizen and
everyone would call me Canadian.

I mean that of course was
racist everywhere, but then the

number of people who would
accept me as a Canadian huge number.

In Japan, I could live here
for the rest of my lives, let’s

say 40, 50, 60 years, and I will
never be considered Japanese.

I could learn perfect Japanese.
I could adopt Japanese

lifestyles and I could take
on their behaviors and stuff.

And I still would never be Japanese.
And that’s it. It’s just never.

And then my students would say, well
that’s not racism. You’re just different.

I’m like, well that’s
literally what racism is.

And so I put an experiment to them.
We were talking about police.

And I said, you know, I, when I was
young, I considered being a police officer.

My students say, oh,
you’d be a really good police

officer. You know, you’re
strong and you’re serious.

And you know how to, you know how
to, you could handle people really well.

And you know when to be strict
and you know when to be kind.

That kind of stuff. You’d be a great cop.
And then I said, in Japan.

And they all went dead silent.

And they all went dead silent
because the idea of a foreign person.

And now these were
not racist people really.

But they were saying,
like they accepted me.

They were taking these
classes with me as the teacher.

So they were like, you know,
we’re interested in foreign culture.

We’re interested in lots of stuff.
We’re open people.

But the idea of a foreign
person, a person, a non Japanese

person, having authority
over them in their situations.

Like I pulled them over. I said, like if
I did, I was a police officer in Japan.

And I did a traffic stop. I bet half the
people I pull over would not consider.

Like my authority. They wouldn’t,
they’d be like, well, he’s foreign.

He’s not a police officer.
So and they’ll just drive away.

I 100% think they would do that.

Because the idea of
a foreign person having

actual real authority in
Japan is inconceivable.

And again, this isn’t
rampant racism. It’s

kind of a more generalized
soft racism, maybe.

And that’s one of the issues
that Japan needs to get passed.

Because the declining population is really
only be saved in the short term by an

increase in foreign residents who do
jobs produce babies with Japanese people.

And you need a more mixed
society for Japan to survive.

And I know Japanese people,
that is the last thing they want.

And this survey, 90% of
the people in Kumamoto,

and Dave will not stay still. Okay, I got
to do something to get Dave’s son down.

So what I do is I take Dave’s
bed and I put Dave’s bed on my lap.

And then I put Dave in
the bed and he will sit down.

My lap, I think, is not
comfortable with that.


That nice, nice butt shot there.
So now, I think maybe my,

Oh, see, look at that. You are
immediately like starts laying down.

The problem is I got to get
close enough to the microphone.

Okay, so you won’t be able to
see him as much, which is too bad,

but you do get a lot more
Steven Seagal, which is great.


My rant about racism has been
interrupted by my love for Dave.

And that’s how we stop racism. Love.

So I don’t know where
I was going with that.

But the solution, oh, the short
term solution to the population,

the decline in Japan is
to bring in more people

who are not Japanese
and make them Japanese.

But when you get in Kumamoto,
let’s say 90% of the people are

opposed to the idea of calling
a foreign person a citizen,

even if they pay taxes and do
all the things that citizens do.

Again, again, no increase
in their actual rights.

They don’t get to vote.

They don’t get to do other stuff.

They don’t get to hold public office.

That still was aligned
too far for these people.

Just giving them acknowledgement
that they’re part of the community.


So Twitter recently rebranded to X.

Kind of a problem in
Japan, because then it’s

going to be X Japan is
what they wanted to call it.

In Japan, there is a glam
rock band already called

X Japan, so that name
is already trademarked.

It’s not trademarked
by like a guy like me who

Twitter could just like
bowl over with money

and just like take it from them,
which is exactly what they would do.

It’s not like they would, if I
owned X Japan, the trademark, they

would offer me a massive someone
money so that they could use it.

They would try to steal it from me.

This is one of those things
that you have to be really

careful about like these
big companies and stuff.

They’ll just take from you if they can’t.

But X Japan is a massive,
massive rock band in Japan.

I never really listened to them.

I don’t know if their music is good or not.

I’m not going to make a
judgment because I haven’t.

It’s not my thing.

So they’ve already run
into a problem there.

This has been very interesting
as someone who lives

in Japan seeing the way
Elon Musk is running stuff.

I’ve talked about Elon Musk on
Seamick being stuff like that in the past.

The issue is he doesn’t seem to
consider anything as he makes a decision.

He just moves ahead.

He just bowls ahead.

So when Elon Musk took over
Twitter, he fired a ton of staff and

he fired almost all his PR groups,
including the PR group in Japan.

The thing is, labor laws in Japan
are very much in favor of the worker.

And a CEO taking over a company is not
a justification for firing those people.

So every single one of
the PR people he fired

in Japan, because that’s
the group I knew about.

He fired them all like
basically right away.

They all had a massive legal case
against Twitter that they 100% could win.

Because the ruling in
Japan is that if his new CEO

takes over, he has to,
you can’t fire those people.

You can move them around.

You have to use the resources
that you have and not fire any people.

So a new CEO taking
over a company is not a

good, justifiable
reason to fire your staff.

You have to use that staff first.

And then if they fail to
meet some kind of like, what,

or whatever measurement
that you try to put out

there, then you could
start considering firing.

But that would have
to be after a year or two

years if you’re trying to
use the staff you have.

So I don’t know.

I don’t know.

That story went away really quick.

So I’m betting all those
people just got massive payouts.

The thing is, in Japan, is not America.

This is the problem
where I would actually say

Japan needs to be a
little more Americanized.

They don’t do punitive lawsuits.

So you would have lost this
much money for this year.

We’re going to pay you
out this like five million yen.

But whereas in America it would
have been like 50, 60, 100 million

yen because of the emotional
damages that went along

with the they don’t do
any of that extra stuff.

But like a company like Twitter, a guy
like Musk, he needs to be punished before

he’s going to change his behavior before
he’s going to take any of it seriously.

So for him, paying each
of these employees a

year salary to get rid
of them, that’s nothing.

And he’s just probably just
like settled, which is too bad.

Because I would like to see him get into a
little more trouble because he was absolutely

flaunting the rules and just being an absolute
douchebag that I think we’ve all come to know.

That’s what he is.

And again talking about abusing the
system, a couple was hiking in Goodman.

These were in their 50s.

Around 2 P.M., the husband
calls emergency services.

He says, “My wife has
been injured for left foot.

Oh, my wife, my dramatic
reading kind of fell apart.

My wife has injured her left
foot, is having difficulty walking.”

So of course, because they’re on a
mountain, they can’t just go get her.

They have to call out a helicopter.

So they call out a helicopter.

It’s dispatched.

And then they have
like three or four firemen.

They have some police officers.

They’re all out there.

She’s taken.

She’s airlifted and taken to a
hospital for an ingrown toenail.

And again, this is Japan.

So she didn’t really get
punished for this, which I

was like, did they make
her pay for the helicopter?

Did they make her do other?

They should have at least embarrassed
her because this was too much.

This was like the husband could have
helped her walk down the mountain.

They could have tried to cut the toenail.

I don’t know how bad it was.

But an ingrown toenail, she managed to
hike up the mountain to a certain degree.

Far enough that they couldn’t just like
pick her up with a car and drive her back.

So she, I don’t know, man.

It’s one of the things like how do you
punish people for abusing emergency services?

Because they’re not really ever
going to understand emergency services.

It’s the kind of person.

It’s the way they think.

This is kind of, you know, on
most cases, the same problem.

He thinks a certain way and he’s
not going to change the way he thinks.

He thinks he deserves
to be able to do whatever

he wants because of
the ways he lives his life.

Because the world has been
set up for him to succeed.

These people, they thought,
ah, we can call a helicopter

to come pick up my wife
because for a sword toll.

And that’s not going to change.

An employee took sick leave
from a government position.

So they had a doctor certificate.

So this was, you know, per-fquile eagle.

They were allowed to take their sick leave.

There’s no argument there.

Once you get a doctor certificate to take
sick leave, you get your time off in Japan.

There’s no sort of pushback on that.

During the leave,
though, they decided it

would be really cool
to go to cosplay events.

Gothic Lolita ones.


I think I might be creepy.

I have done a lot of stories about
the 50-year-old dudes who are creepy.

And I’m in my early 50s
and so am I getting creepier?

It’s a concern I have because
I’ve done so many of these stories.

I’m wondering if that
is an inevitable path.

Like, is it the inevitability that I
will end up being the creepy dude?

I’m hoping my awareness
of it will reduce the reality.

But I don’t know.

I will never know until it’s too late.

That’s the problem.

I’ll do something.

Someone will say that’s creepy.

I’ll go, “Oh, no, it was me.”

But my first thought,
the reason I said that

was my first thought
was like, no pictures.

Because he’s at cosplay
events, posting pictures.

I wanted to see the pictures just to check
out what kind of cosplay she was doing.

It said like a Lolita thing.

I was like, “Okay, well, I’m interested.

What does that look like?”

But then I was like,
“Then I need a thought.”

I was like, “Oh, was that creepy of me?”

Because it’s research.

But does the fact of what
she was wearing matter?


I just wanted to see the pictures.

When I read a story about something like
this, I always wanted to see the pictures.

Is it good cosplay?

That’s actually my first thought.

Is it good cosplay?

Is it bad cosplay?

What kind of cosplay is it?


So this lady’s supposed to be on say, “J.

Just through an I.S. research.”

I do.

T.B.F. I want to see them too.


It’s weird.

And okay.

But I may be, a couple of
times mentally, I’ve been like,

“Have I crossed the line with
wanting to see these pictures?”

If it’s terrible cosplay, why bother?

If it’s terrible cosplay, well,
okay, there’s more to this.

So that’s actually the
bit we’re going to get to.

I’ll do that maybe next time.

I’ve had a rough day.

I’m going to… Jade is very good
at getting me to tangent from the

story, but again, maybe
the more interesting bits.

This is not funny.

In the engineer’s Japan,
I try to keep things light.

But I’m exhausted today.

I finished work.

Yes, so many tangents.

But the thing is, the tangents are good.

Tangents are the good part.

Yesterday, I did an early shift
and I covered someone else,

and I finished it four
o’clock and I thought,

“Awesome, I’m going to
get home, like 5, 5, 30.”.

I can sit down, read all
my news stories, get all

my stuff prepped out for
an engineer’s Japan today.

This didn’t work out.

The train hit something.

Now, there’s only so many
things the train can hit.

I was in the car and
I felt the train hit it.

And it was probably a person
because we stopped the train stops.

We sat there for about 30 minutes.

The police show up.

Some firemen get on and
they check that everyone’s okay.

And then we sit there for an hour.

And then we sit there
for an hour and a half.

Because now, I’m sitting
in an active crime scene.

Then, I think it’s three hours, two hours,
and some we were sitting on the train.

And then it went back
to the previous station.

We all got off.

That train went away.

Had to wait for another train to come.

Got on that train.

It was crazy packed because no trains have
been going for the last two, three hours.

So it was one of those
cliche squishing people

pushing people onto
the train car kind of thing.

Get off like two, three stations.

A bunch of people get off.

So they’re actually getting home
so I’m happy about that’s not too bad.

By the time I get to
my transfer station,

it’s actually normal
amount of people again.

It’s old man.

There was lots of space
and you could get off the train.

It was old man was still in push mode.

He decides to push past the people
on my left and then push his past me.

I’m a large person.

So I weigh like 90 kilos.

I’m probably way 90 kilos now.

It’s like two, two, ten.

And this little Japanese old
dude tries to push past me.

I was so tempted to
just push him back or hold

him back so he
couldn’t get off the train.

And then he gets past me and he pushes this
other old man who gets really offended.

Who was getting off the train?

Again, there was no reason to push it.

Everyone was getting off the train.

So I got home last night at 8.30.

So I finished it for it.

It took four and a half hours to get home
last night because of this train accident.

So I went, got home, sat around and
watched some TV and then went to bed.

Got up, started doing my preparations.

So I’m just wasted today.

It might actually took
all my energy last night.

It’s crazy.

Anyway, back to this lady.

So she had been given sick leave.

She had a doctor’s note.

During her sick leave, she
thought it would be really cool to

go to cosplay events, showing
off her cosplay and her tattoos.

Now, if you have a government position,
you’re not really supposed to have tattoos.

It’s not like they can say they
won’t hire you because it had to.

But again, this is kind of going
back to one of the earlier stories.

These embedded philosophies or
way of thinking, they are not changing.

They still think people with tattoos
should not have government positions.

So probably she had tattoos like I
do where it was covered by a t-shirt.

So I have a tattoo of my shoulder.

I have one of my back.

But you would never see it unless
I took off my shirt to show you.

She probably rolled up her sleeves.

You could see her tats.

She thought she’s
having a really good time.

Under her pictures,
she posted things like, “I

still have a hangover
from the year-end party.”

That kind of stuff.

Because this was a few months ago.

The city got an anonymous tip.

So this was another thing.

These anonymous tips.

So that’s like a coworker
or someone who knows her.

They have to be angry at you.

This is another thing.

If you’re going to sort of break rules, you
got to keep the people around you happy.

I’ve broken rules at work.

But my coworkers, my immediate
coworkers, I’ve kept them very happy.

I’ve covered for them.

Therefore, I am pretty
sure they will cover for me.

I haven’t been flagrant
about breaking the rules.

But I know inherently
as a budding criminal.

It’s important to make
sure the people around

you are willing to
support you in small ways.

I don’t expect them to
put their jobs on the line.

But if it comes down to
like, “Hey, where’s Peter?”

“Well, I don’t know.”

Or, “He’s in the bathroom,”
or something like that.

100% they would do that.

So if you’re going to go on sick leave and
then go to cost pay of play events and show

off and talk about the hangovers
at the party you’ve been doing,

you got to make sure you keep
the people around you happy.

So someone was unhappy decided to do
the anonymous report that, “Hey, there’s

an employee who’s going to these
events when they should be on sick leave.”.

The woman was suspended
because during sick leave,

she should have been
making every effort to recover.

Which I guess is technically
true, but you could say going out

feeling good, having a good time
is part of your recovery process.

I think that would be fair.
Having fun helps you recover.

Not Ignat’s just put in the chat.

Fucking snitch. Yes, that is the feeling.

I agree. Emotional recovery,
I think is where it should be.

So here is, there’s sort of
an underlying theme of the,

you have to change the way
you think to be successful.

Because the world is changing.

In Hiroshima, there’s a garbage
collection company, in a garbage

collection, if I say garbage collector,
your immediate image is a man.

Because, traditionally, this
kind of job has been done by

men. That’s not saying it should
exclusively be done by men.

But if you are struggling to hire
people, there is a group of people that

you have not attracted to your garbage
collection company and that is women.

So this company decided we
are going to make some changes.

Around 2018, a new, a 2016,
a new young president came in.

Young, I think, was the optimal
word there, the important word.

It was one of the
complaints I have had about

politics in Japan. It’s
being run by 70 year olds.

It’s being run by people
who don’t understand the

Internet. People who don’t
know how a printer works.

People who still think we should
be, “Hunkoing things with stamps.”

That’s not cool. Those guys got to get out.
We got to get some young blood in there.

Young girl than me. I’m
actually now thinking I’m on the

precipice of two old to change
the world in a really positive way.

Because I’m going to be like,
“Tiktok is only like, “Well, I don’t

understand that. So we shouldn’t
have that. That’s just not a good thing.”.

No. Kids love Tiktok. They should have the
Tiktok. Don’t go crazy on it, of course.

But don’t go crazy on anything.
That’s just sort of a general rule.

This guy is like, “I’m going
to change the program.

I’m going to make a
worker-friendly environment.”

If I want to make a worker-friendly
environment for women, I need to have daycare.

In 2018, that’s where I
got the numbers mixed up.

2018, this new young president
introduces daycare for employees.

Most of that running the daycare
is covered by government subsidies.

He’s now providing free
daycare for his employees.

That free daycare is being
subsidized by the government.

He’s paying almost nothing
for this benefit, which is

again, this is some
brilliant thinking on his part.

Now, women start joining
the company. They’ve

set up a system where
your kid gets a fever.

We can either sequester them.
We can call you. Your superior

will call you and say, “It’s time
to take your kid and go home.”

They make flexible work hours.

If your kid’s sick, you
immediately just get the day off.

No questions don’t argument.
You’ve got to take care of your kids.

But knowing that the kid is safe, knowing
that the kid is knowing where they are,

because it’s back at the office.
I know where to go get them.

I know they’ll be taken care of
until I get there to take them home.

Or I can actually just
leave them there because

they have a whole area
for the kids who have fever.

Kids get fevers all the time.
It’s a really normal thing.

This means that now
40% of the garbage

collectors working for
this company are women.

You can’t say garbage man anymore because
it is. It’s garbage man, garbage women.

And that’s awesome.

And now they have enough people to do their
business and their business is flourishing,

where others are struggling to
hire people because it’s all men.

And the men don’t want to do this
job or they have other issues going on.

My wife worked for an accounting
firm, not anymore she used to.

And I was like, “You
get paid almost nothing.

What is the attractive
aspect of this accounting firm?

What he’s done is he’s hired
a whole bunch of married

women and give them
incredibly flexible hours.”.

So he pays them dirt.

But they can pack up and leave
anytime they have to do something.

So we’ve got to take the
kids to school, got to go

to a school meeting, going
to take care of something,

just pack up and leave, no
arguments, no complaints.

And these women were
overjoyed to have this job.

So everyone there was really happy
because they’re like, “I can make money.

I can do stuff that
it’s interesting. It’s

like counting can be
quite challenging work.”.

But I don’t have to sacrifice
taking care of my family to do it.

So if I need, again, kid gets a fever, I
just go pick up the kid, bring them home,

and I stay home with them for that
day or maybe the next two or three days,

and the company doesn’t
complain about it at all.

It doesn’t give me a hard time.

That worker, positive, friendly
environment, those women

were paid garbage, but none
of them would quit the job.

That’s cool.

And that’s again, sort of
the change in philosophy is

made these companies flourish
where others still struggle.

Okay, so the Barbie movie, an
Oppenheimer, came out in the same day.

And so that a bunch of people
were like, “Oh, we’re going

to go do a double feature of
the Barbie and Oppenheimer,

because the contrast,
the juxtaposition of the

two styles is going
to be really interesting.

Funny, ha ha, aren’t we quirky people?”

And it kind of got the Barbie
Heimer hashtag took off in the West.

The thing is Oppenheimer takes
a slightly different tone in Japan,

because this is one of the
places where they actually

dropped the bomb that was
created at the end of that movie.

So, Barbie Heimer was seen as
quite offensive by Japan, I think, fairly.

So, this led to a
problem where the official

Barbie English Twitter
account joined the

Barbie Heimer hashtag and
retweeted stuff and did all this stuff.

And they were making their
own, like, “Ha ha, isn’t it funny?

Barbie and Oppenheimer in the same day.

We love it.”.

This led to the Japanese
Barbie account apologizing sort of,

because what they didn’t
say they were sorry, they were

like, “It’s more like an
explanation what they said was,

we didn’t make the Barbie Heimer hashtag.

That was made by Americans.”

And we have no control
over what those Americans do,

much like making the bomb itself
and then dropping on us here in Japan.

But it’s regrettable if
you’re upset about it,

which is a very, very
common Japanese non-apology,

like just saying, “It’s regrettable.”.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t go see Barbie.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t
go see Oppenheimer.

I think they’re probably both great movies.

I probably will see them both myself.

But yeah, people in Japan were
a little annoyed by Barbie Heimer,

so they came up with the
no-Barbin Heimer essentially

trying to ban both
movies because of this.

And I don’t know, as Oppenheimer
been participating in any of this,

I actually didn’t see, it’s
all been on the Barbie side.

And they’re all trying to make light and
they made like a pink mushroom cloud,

and they had what’s in a Margot
Robbie with a mushroom cloud hair.

Yeah, I think in a place
where the actual bombs

gone off, that might be
considered in poor taste.


Body Hair Confessions

(tongue clicking)

A gun without bullets is actually less
dangerous than bullets without a gun.

‘Cause a gun without bullets is just a brick
or a big chunk of metal, which you know,

it could be dangerous
if you hit someone with

it, but bullets are
still tiny explosive.

So you gotta be careful with your bullets.

A police sergeant went for lunch.

Let me turn off this.

(tongue clicking)

And you’d serve her for me.

Yeah, we’re good, okay.

A police sergeant decided it was
lunchtime, and he had his break,

and he went to a supermarket
by a bento or a pre-prepared meal.

Not muting discord, rookie.


Uh, yes, it is a rookie move.

The problem is I’m just so popular that
people are sending me messages all the time.

That’s really what it comes down to.


I actually think a lot of videos
are enhanced with the little bloop,

because it makes it seem
like people care about you.

I’ve changed my side up a bit.

You can see some of
my nerd stuff in the back.

So we have my nooka dark room.

I’ll introduce you to my
room before I continue.

I’m gonna start this story again.

We have the nooka dark
room that I spent way,

too much money for
how bad the alcohol is.

We have a dumba cook,
and then we have a little

warhammer 40K guy
that my friend made me.

Look at that.

He actually did a really good job.

You can get it in the right in the middle,
and maybe it’ll focus, it probably won’t.

I have to pull it back a bit.

You can’t see the details.

The whole point of these
things is the details, right?

So my friend that made that for me.

Since I have this space,

I ordered a touch coma, and
that’s gonna come, and then

in a couple months, I have
a slayer of a story coming.

Oh, hey.

So, that’s the excitement of this
space is going to now be my nerd space

because I figure that’ll
look good on camera.

Let’s start again with Ninja News Japan.


(electronic music)

That is probably the third or
fourth fall start I’ve had this morning.

What I wanna start with today is
to say, I want everyone to know that

the guns without bullets are actually
less dangerous than bullets without guns.

I’m really gonna get this
out there today in the world,

because the gun without bullets is
just a hunk of metal a brick essentially,

whereas bullets without
guns are still tiny explosives

that could explode in your
hand or face or anywhere else.

That’s bad.

Police Sergeant went to get lunch.

He went to get a bento, so
he went to the supermarket

and get a bento or
pre-prepared lunch, it’s very nice.

And some point during his trip to the
supermarket, he dropped a bag of ammunition.

Now, most people were
like, oh, he dropped his

ammunition, he lost his
ammunition, that’s really bad.

I’m like, bag.

For me, the optimal word in this, the
problematic word was bag of ammunition.

‘Cause it implies a loose bag of bullets.

A bag of loose bullets, I guess, is the
correct sentence I wanted to make just now.

Which to me just seems insane.

I always imagine bullets
is being very well kept.

So boxes with each one
standing up in its own little place.

Or, you know, like cowboys had a
belt in each bullet went into its own slot.

That is my image of how to
care for and handle bullets.

It seems, Japanese police
officers are, if not regularly,

irregularly, given hopefully
small bags of ammunition.

So on July 15th, this police
officer lost his bag of ammunition.

And I’m gonna say that a lot because
that’s the bit that blows my mind.

Then, noticed on July
16th, so the next day

he noticed, hey, my bag
of ammunition is gone.

My first thought when they said bag
of ammunition was actually Ziploc bag.

But the story employee who found the bag
didn’t know he was carrying live ammunition.

So it’s clearly not see through.

I’m hoping at least has Velcro on the top.

I don’t know, but they didn’t look in
the bag, which was kind of respectful.

I thought that was all right.

So he goes back.

The sergeant’s like, oh, I’ve
lost my bag of ammunition.

So he goes back, retrace his steps.

He goes back to the supermarket
and says, hey, did I drop a bag?

I’m gonna just leave out
of ammunition part here.

Did I drop a bag here in
the lost and found and go,

yeah, we do have a bag that matches the
description of your bag and he gets it back.

I don’t know how much
trouble you get in for for that.

But I always enjoy what I
learned things about rules in Japan.

I don’t know if this seems
other countries, but apparently

you’re giving your gun
an ammunition separately.

That sort of makes sense.

And Japan they use revolvers.

So again, my imagination, if you
said they gave him ammunition,

it would have been in
a box with each bullet

individually standing
up in foam or something

to make sure they don’t
bump into each other and go off.

Well, no, they give you a bag of ammunition

and then you’re supposed
to put the bullets in your gun.

And then you’re only supposed
to carry around your gun

with bullets in it as you go out
and do your duties during the day.

So he had decided it’s not
worth putting my bullets in my gun.

A, showing how safe a country Japan is

that this cop didn’t think
his gun needed bullets.

But B, shows how dangerous
it gets if you’re complacent

because he was carrying
around loose bullets in a

bag all day and then leaving
them in grocery stores.

They also come just stacked
on top of each other in a box.

I know that’s the
reality, but it just, I don’t,

I don’t want people to kill
themselves by accident or on purpose.

So it’s just weird.

It’s weird that people like
bullets are inherently dangerous.

That’s kind of my point.

So they shouldn’t be
handled all wheeling really.

A loose bag of bullets
seems like a bad idea.

So the reason for putting
your bullets in your gun

is that the gun actually
has a cable attached

to the police officer’s belt, which
means it’s very hard to steal a cop’s gun.

Now it’s still possible,
but it’s difficult.

If I just have a loose bag of ammunition

and someone grabs my loose bag of ammunition,
that’s actually quite easy to steal.

And then also they’re
actually if they have like a

safety zone the gun and
stuff is less likely to go off.

The secondary issue
is if this police officer

was in a situation where he
actually had to use his gun that day,

he would have been like, oh,
excuse me, incredibly dangerous,

Kremel who I need to
shoot right now, a timeout.

Let me just get my
little bag of ammunition.

I’ll just, I’ll take two.

Go, two bullets, let me
put them in my gun just now.

Okay, we’re now freeze.

I mean, that seems to be the
situation they were in in this moment.

He’s been reprimanded, fair.

But I know, I guess it is
nice that we live in a country

where cops don’t feel they
even have to load their guns.

So I actually just purchased a new car.

It’s very nice.

My old car will be recycled.

I just bought a new car, which is great.

Very excited.

It’s a hybrid.

I would want it to move
more, a little more greenhouse.

I want to do more, but there
weren’t charging stations and stuff.

It’s not really feasible right now.

It’s too bad.

My old car is going to be recycled.

Now recycled in Japan actually
means they’re going to fix it up.

Now what car runs fine is just
the taxation system in Japan

has made it so that after a certain
period, our car is 13 years old.

After a certain period,
the taxes are so high.

It’s actually cheaper to buy a new
car than to maintain your old car.

And so they take these old cars.

They fix them up.

They clean them up.

And they usually somewhere,
send them somewhere else

and resell them somewhere in Asia, usually
like Cambodia or Thailand or something.

You’ll see a lot of
secondhand Japanese cars.

It used to be also Russia, but not anymore.

Because of the export bands,
they’re now including used cars.

So last year, it was a luxury band.

So any luxury item from Japan
could not be exported to Russia.

Used cars were included if
they were 6 million yen or over.

So it had to be a pretty good luxury car

to be where 6 million
yen as a secondhand car.

This band has been expanded to any used car

with an engine over
1900 cc’s, hybrids, or EVs.

So any good car that could actually– you

could do stuff with
other than just transport

yourself is now not going
to be exported to Russia.

You can still get really,
really small compact cars.

But I’m assuming it goes engines.

You can’t turn into weapons of mass
destruction or like mount guns on them.

I don’t know the reasoning.

I figured if you’re going to do an export
band to a country, you just blanket band.

But then also, companies still
need to make their money and stuff.

So I’m a little torn.

I’m on all-in-nothing kind of guy
when it comes to let’s deal with Russia.

And honestly, I wouldn’t even
give him my under 1900 cc ex-ins.

Because who knows what
they’re going to do with them?

They’re clearly not in good
shape right now, mentally.


I don’t know.

Can you say a country is
not in good shape mentally?

Certainly the leadership.

What we’ll go with that.

OK, this was interesting.

I’m a content creator of sorts.

I create content by spitting into
this microphone on a regular basis.

Not bars, just flam.

There was an interesting
thing went up on the Internet.

And it was a creator who works
for Subaru Diata productions.

And they make Ultraman.

That’s kind of the most important thing.

And he went on the Internet
and he said, hey, big fans

of Ultraman, please don’t
send in your ideas to me.

Which is weird, because you’d be like all
the fans are very excited about Ultraman.

They send you all their
cool ideas for Ultraman.

You could use the ideas.

That’s the problem.

That’s actually the problem.

You’ve hit upon it.

The designer, one of the character
designers for Street Fighter,

came in and said, yeah, don’t send
in your design ideas, to Street Fighter.

And so this was almost snowballing.

All these other very serious professional
creators, I’m not one of those.

All those very serious professional creators
were saying, don’t send me your ideas.

The guy who’s in charge
of the Gundam manga,

he said he’s received
complaints in the past,

because he’s like a
fan is sent in an idea.

And then in some point, at some
later point, he’s done a similar idea.

Because again, we’re talking
about giant space robots.

How many actual ideas
are you going to have?

Well, I have an idea.

The giant space robot goes into space.

And if it’s another new giant
space robot, well, he did that story.

The guy who sent in that story
was like, hey, dude, you took my story.

You didn’t credit me.

You didn’t compensate me.

You didn’t even say thank you.

He’s like, well, I didn’t use your story.

We just happened to be in
the same genre of stories.

So the concern is that
if you send in your story,

and they don’t even
look at it, they don’t use it,

what’s going to happen is they will
hit on a similar story at a later date.

That similar story is going to be the
problem, because you might try to sue them.

So like, you took my
idea, you used my idea,

you didn’t compensate
me, you didn’t credit me.

I should now be considered a
professional, whatever thing I’ve sent you.

Be it writer, artist, or whatever.

I want my cut.

And so these creators,
these professional designers

and whatnot, they’re saying,
don’t send us your ideas,

because we just don’t want
that problem in the future.

Because let’s face it,
we get so much stuff.

We don’t even look at it anyways.

I have posted several video game ideas and
TV show ideas on the Internet in the past.

And let’s be very honest.

I will sue.


There was a– I– this
story’s not very good.

I actually only did this story because
of the name of the hair removal place.

There’s a male laser hair removal chain.

It’s mostly in Tokyo and Osaka.

It’s called Wolf Clinic.

I don’t know why I really enjoyed that.

A hair removal place
where their logo is like a wolf

howling at the moon covered in
hair, which made me think of werewolf.

And I’m like, ah, you’re a werewolf.

But you, if you do, laser hair
removal, you’re not a werewolf anymore.

But you still maintain the vigor,
the vitality, that is the werewolf.

Probably reading into it a
bit of being really honest.

They suspended services in April.

They have received 700 complaints.

I was interested also on the pricing.

The average cost for hair removal,
laser hair removal, is 210,000 yen.

So it’s like 2,000 bucks, let’s say.

It’s like probably 1,700,
something like that.

If you want, this one man was complaining

that he didn’t get his
total body hair removal.

So I was like total implies all the
hair in your body head, face, body.

But I’m assuming he
actually means like, chin down.

So his chest, legs, exciting areas.

How much does that cost?

There’s an interesting question.

How much does it cost to get all
the body hair on your body removed?

It’s 400,000 yen.

So hair removal, non-specific,
the average was 210,000 yen.

I’m assuming that’s going
to be like chest and back.

And I got, I got some, I got some
weird shoulder hair growing in.

I could get them laser off.

I’d be pretty happy about that.

The problem is the company’s
going into bankruptcy.

So a lot of these guys
might be, they paid to have

their body hair removed and they’re
not getting their body hair removed.

I, I feel some sympathy
but wolf body hair removal.

I was just a great name.

Speaking of great names, if you are named.

So I have a thing about when the
police give a nickname to a thing.

400,000, per session or
for a hundred dollars of

a 10-year-old, 10-year-old,
10-year-old, 10-year-old.

And I’m going to make
a, I’m going to make

a, I’m going to make
a, I’m going to make the

assumption that that
means multiple sessions.

So it’s like, they’re actually charging,
I guess, for a square inch of body.

So like you want to have your torso lazored,
that’s going to cost this much money.

You want to have your legs lazored.

That’s going to cost so much money.

That’s a crazy good deal.

Is it?

I don’t know.

I’ve never looked into hair removal.

Again, I just said I, I do it.

I have some really, I have
really gross chest hair.

This is now going to be a
confessional about my body shaming.

I have nipples.

That’s it.

That’s my confession.

I, Peter, of an engineer’s depend.

I have nipples.

I apologize.

I have like octopus hairs,
like the just little straggly ones.

And then I have like a patch in the middle.

I would actually love
to get those lazored off.

I was being honest.

I’m one of those white
people who has really thick

hair on his beard, losing my hair
up top and patchy hair on my body.

I don’t mind losing my hair.

I don’t really care about the beard.

It’s just okay.

It’s, it’s nice.

The patchy hair, if it was
even, if it was like consistent.


Patchy hair is gross.

I think we can all agree.

If I had the extra money, I’d go to wolf.

Well, I guess not because
they’re going bankrupt.

I would get some hair laser hair
treatment and get that, that taken off.

I was going to talk about a bear.

I’ve gone from wolves to bears.

There is a gigantic bear that is in
Hokkaido has been killing and eating cows.

Now that doesn’t apply if you say that way.

It’s eating the entire cow,
which I don’t think is true.

But it has 66, it has attacked 66
cows and killed 32, eaten most of them.

The bear is gigantic.

And they’ve given it a
name, OSO 18, so also 18.

And I don’t know.

I have this thing like when
cops give a criminal nickname.

That’s not usually as cool as the movies.

The comp hits our like $150
per session, and you need like 10.

Teets in the chat still on the hair.


Arm pits are like $150 per session
in the US, and you need 10 sessions.

That’s $1,500.

Just for your armpits.


I don’t know.

It couldn’t have been
$400,000 yen per session.

It must have been a block of sessions.

It just must have been.

Like I get, I didn’t look into
the actual programs they offered,

because they’re going
bankrupt, so I couldn’t

even get it even if I
was vaguely interested

for no nipple-oriented
reason whatsoever.

Let’s just be clear on that.

There’s a big bear.

The total cost for hair, laser removal for
a bear is way more than that of a person.

Because there’s nothing else to that story.

There’s just a really big
bear, and I really like bears.

Bears are cool.

Since we’re talking about big things, I’m
now trying to find– I’ll stop doing it.

No, don’t do it.

D-mailing is fun.

What I’m hoping the evolution of
this podcast would be, I tell a story.

We have a chat conversation.

I tell a story.

We have a chat conversation.

So please feel free to do it.

Because if the chat’s
no good, I can delete it.

Like that’s the editing
process for when this goes out.

So I have that power of
if it’s a fun conversation.

We have the fun conversation.

If it’s not a fun conversation, it’s going.

I mean, that’s just the beauty of editing.

As we can sit here and dick
around as much as we want.

I need to learn a certain
level of professionalism as well.

I need to learn to
know when to just power

through the story, and
then deal with the chat.

Whereas the thing is, I’m
actually all excited about the chat.

And I want to talk to
both at the same time.

So this is a skill I
need to teach myself is

when to do story, when
to stop, when to do chat.

Should I go back or
should I just keep going?

That kind of thing.

Ignatius called me a dick.

I assume the laser hairdreaming
for your dick is quite expensive.

2000 peaches.

So I’m helping.

Of course you’re helping.

You’re giving me a level of
enthusiasm I would not get by myself.

Even if I cut out all the chat
bits, the enjoyment level on my side

and the enthusiasm that
that would create goes up.

Hey, think about that.

That’s true.

2000 peaches were stolen
from a Fukushima orchard.

Of course they were stolen at night.

And I was just like, holy
shit, that’s a lot of peaches.

30 trees and the peaches
are very sought after.

If you know anything about
fruit in Japan, fruit in Japan

is very expensive, but
then they have special fruit.

They always have these areas
and this area is famous for apples.

And this area is famous for peaches.

These peaches would be worth.

2000 peaches would be
worth at least 650,000 yen.

It was weird to me.

I’m like, I guess you can’t
have orchard security.

Must be a really hard thing to organize.

Because they put up fences
and stuff, but I mean you

could just take a truck
and roll through a fence.

And now you have a truck in the
middle of the orchard with all the peaches.

You just gather as many peaches
as you can and drive the truck away.

It’s got to be really hard.

Last year or previous years we had
Apple theft stories and similar stories.

So it seems like this is an ongoing issue.

Police have stepped up
patrols because the actual

harvest time for peaches
is an August in Japan.

But they got a couple
weeks early and I guess

they’re going to hold on to those
peaches and then sell them in a later date.

They would have ripened
by then to a degree.

But this is actually
a… It’s weird.

I was like, how do you
protect your peaches?

Okay, the Abbeis assassination.

This mare of the town
had happened and he

was like, we should put
up a memorial statue.

And then the people in the town were
like, nah man, we don’t want a memorial

statue because we don’t really
want to be reminded that this

prime minister was assassinated
in our town all the time.

So, can we do something else?

And the man was like, ah,
the people are kind of right.

I protect my peach by wearing pants.

I am only being videoed
and chest up at the moment.

So who knows if my peaches
protected at the moment?

So the people in this town are
saying they don’t want a statue.

They don’t want a statue to Abbeis.

They don’t want to be reminded
that he was assassinated in

their town every single day
when they walk around this area.

So the man was like,
okay, we’ll compromise.

We put in a flower bed.

And then anyone who would
like to visit the flower bed could,

you know, put a memorial
thing there, you know, whatever.

People do when they have memorial things.

So one citizen was like, no, I want
the statue that was originally proposed.

I actually was like, this
is a very reasonable mare.

You had an idea.

He brought up to the people.

The people said no, he
didn’t go like, well, I’m the man.

I’m doing what I want.

He’s like, oh, I represent the people.

The people said they don’t want it.

I’ll do something else.

I think the flower bed is a very
good compromise because it does

give you a place to memorialize
this event and remember the person.

But it also doesn’t remind
everyone all day every

day that this terrible thing
happened in their town.

This is one guy was like,
nah, I want a big-ass statue.

So he decided that this would be the
appropriate way to change the mare’s mind.

Who do you think you
are opposing the erection

of former Prime
Minister Abe’s memorial?

I will send scumblike
you to the afterlife soon.

So I hope you’re ready.

That, if you haven’t figured
out already, is a death threat.

So you have a man who
was murdered in a town.

And then the mare said, I want to put
up a statue as a memorial to this man.

And the town said, we don’t
really want this memorial.

And he said, well, let’s find a compromise.

We’ll do something else that
can sort of keep everyone happy.

He finds that solution.

There’s one guy’s like, I don’t like that.

I’m going to kill you.

Would you think that’s a good idea?

Because the police don’t.

Also, he did it online from
his phone through a forum

that was like to give
feedback to the government.

So he was found pretty
quickly and arrested.

When it was arrested, he
said, I thought the mare would

change his mind if I
bombarded him with harsh words.

I have caused him a great deal of trouble.

Yes, you have.

You’ve actually, what you’ve
really done is caused yourself a great

deal of trouble because now you’re
being arrested for death threats.

Do you have ants?

I’m assuming in your
country you do, but if

you have ants in your
house, what do you do?

He actually did a very Japanese thing.

There’s this powder you put around.

You do like a border around your house.

I spent one morning just putting
this little… It looks like salt.

I don’t know if it’s pesticide
because it didn’t seem to do anything.

But you put this powder
all around the house.

You were supposed to keep the
ants from getting into the house.

They wouldn’t cross this border.

I can’t really explain what happened.

I guess it probably wasn’t
pesticide of some sort.

If you have a house that you own
and you’re fixing it up and you have ants,

you know the word saying that when you have
a hammer, everything looks like an ale.

I think I just said an ale.

I was in a beer.

That’s not correct.

When you have a hammer,
everything looks like an ale.

I assume this is applicable
to almost every implement.

So therefore, if you have a blow torch,
every ant looks like something you can burn.

So this man has a house.

He doesn’t live there.

It’s just his property and he’s
fixing it up and he sees some ants.

And he has a blow torch.

He’s like, “Huh, I know
how to get rid of these ants.”

So he starts blowtorching the ants.

Leaves the house weirdly the
house burns down that night.

The police and fire department show up.

They put out the fire.

No one’s hurt because again, no one
actually lives in this house at the moment.

Luckily, no neighbor’s house
is caught on fire as well.

The fire and the police
department, I really like this.

After they spoke to the
men, they are investigating the

cause of the fire despite the
fact that the man has admitting

to using a blow torch to
kill ants inside the house.

So your Ninja Ninja
Japan advice for today is

don’t use blow torch for
non-blowtorci problems.

That might be the title of the episode.

Okay, last story.

It sounds like a joke.

So that’s what got my intention.

The more I got into this story,
the weirder it was, which I did enjoy.

If former chief priest,
so I have a temple and a

private investigator
broke into a woman’s home,

the priest knew the woman and he
had sort of a one-sided love for her.

So she didn’t love him.

He loved her.

They broke into her house and
they stole 19 million yen and cash.

First of all, I don’t have 19 million
yen in cash to keep in my house.

I’m already a bit jelly of this lady.

The priest was in love with the
woman and he hired the private

investigator who says he
specialized in breaking up couples,

which I didn’t think was a subset of
skills that private investigators had.

So you could hire this guy to try to
break up couples in the hopes that you

can get one member of the couple
that you’re interested in to be with you.

So is that private investigation?

I guess you would need, if you want to be good at
breaking up a couple, you would need to do some private

investigating to find out what would break them up
in order to then implement a plan to break them up.

So I guess it could
fall into, this is like evil

private detecting, or at
least it certainly immoral.

So they broke into the house to steal the
money and then they were also breaking into

the house to steal back all the gifts that
the priest had given to the woman in the past.

So he’d been like, I love you.
Here’s a Prada bag. I love you. Here’s

a coach bag. I’m just using
bags. I know that ladies like bags.

And then they’re like,
holy, I’ve given this lady a

lot of bags and she hasn’t,
you know, put out yet.

I don’t know what he was
actually expecting. He hasn’t,

he hasn’t left her husband
for me because I gave her bags.

So, oh, my bags bags.
We bring in, they get the bags.

Or they actually say they only
say they got the money. So they look

for the bags. I bet the woman
was smart. I’ve just realized this now.

I bet the woman sold the bags. I bet
this is what Hostess is doing, Host Clubs.

This was a whole thing I
learned about. So let’s say

I’m a Hostess in a club and
I have many male suitors.

What I do is for my birthday, I say, I
want this very specific brand of Rolex.

And then three or four of the guys
will all give me the same Rolex because

I’ve been, you know, I’ve been
very specific about which one I want.

I like the serial number,
the code or whatever

it would be. And
the color, everything.

So I get the same watch three, four times.
I will keep one and wear it and say it’s the

one you gave me, the one you gave me, the one
you gave me, and I’ll take the three extras.

And I go sell them for the money. That’s
a good move. This lady probably did a lower

level of that where this priest was giving
her, I am going to assume unwanted gifts.

And she took those gifts
and she sold them. So that’s

probably why they didn’t
find the bags in the house.

But they did manage to find
19 million yen. Maybe she sold

them for 19 million cash and
that’s what they picked up.

They went back again. So this first thing to get
the money back wasn’t enough because the lady still

hadn’t broken up with her boyfriend or husband,
whoever it was. I’m pretty sure it was husband.

So they’re like, we got to, we can’t give up. So
the priest has an idea and he goes to the private

and he says, we’ll break into their house, we’ll
plant some marijuana. The husband will get arrested.

That will surely break them up. And then
I can swoop her off her feet with obviously

the massive amount of charm I have having
come up with these schemes in the first place.

So he’s, oh, I had the quote, if
you plant cannabis in their home, the

woman’s husband would get arrested
and the two would likely separate.

It is interesting that he assumes only the man is going to get
caught for marijuana possession because if it’s in the house, it’s

actually legally possible that either party is guilty. The woman,
I’m, you know, very egalitarian. I believe in equal rights.

So I also believe in equal ability to
commit crime. So as a cop, I wouldn’t

walk in and go, here’s some marijuana.
That man must have committed a crime.

I would be here some marijuana. There’s
two people who live here. At least one

of these people committed a crime. Maybe
even both. Maybe they smoke it together.

It will conceive of both.

This shows sort of the old style
thinking of these, these, these, at least

this priest former priest because of
course he’s in a bit of trouble right now.

So they got caught, they got caught for breaking into
the house once and stealing 19 million yen breaking

into the house a second time and planting marijuana and
even the possession of marijuana is illegal in Japan.

So it’s not only they had
to get it, purchase it, take it

somewhere and plant it. That’s
a whole series of crimes in itself.

This is one step away from a
romantic comedy movie. I’m just waiting

for the rights to come through and
then that’ll be my next big project.


I’m innocent

(upbeat music)

Okay, I’ve got a bit of
a new setup, so I have

to make sure, you know,
the mic volume is right.

I’m not hitting my P’s, the plosives
in the wrong spots and things like that.

But I think we’re okay,
so we’re gonna get started.

The boy who was in trouble last week,

17 year old Canadian
boy visits a temple in

Nara and decides,
“Hey, I have a good idea.

“I’m gonna take my fingernail,
I’m gonna carve my name.

into this temple from the year 710.”.

Which is just the dumbest thing you do.

My point last week was,

don’t carve your own name in it.

And then when they say
like, “Did you do this?”

They go, “No, no, that was some
guy called Justin Bieber, “not me.

“I think the kid’s name was Justin,

“so I guess I didn’t work
out if he put Justin in there.”

Ah, flaws everywhere, you gotta
think your plans through criminals.

So, what the temple decided
to do was put up a sign.

The sign is in English
and Japanese bilingual.

The problem is,

Canadian kids aren’t the only problem.

As we have the guy in Italy,
I forget where he was from,

there was a guy who was in Italy and he
carved his name into the call to see him.

His name was Ivan, but I don’t
wanna be so racist in the case.

I think he’s from Belarus, I don’t know.

Anyway, it doesn’t matter.

It’s not an exclusively Western
English problem to be dumb.

It is every country.

So you can’t put up the sign in every
country in every language from every country.


the priest from the temple said, “In the
future we would like to use pictograms,

“so people from all over the world can
understand, “which I think is a great idea.”

It says, “What is the
pictogram for don’t be a moron?

“Don’t damage the site, don’t carve
your name “into ancient temples?”.

I would be mostly concerned about curses.

You go in there and you
put your name on something.

and you put your name on the wrong thing.

You’re cursed forever.

I mean, that’s the first issue.

So another reason death note wise
to put someone else’s name on it.

Don’t stick your own name in an ancient
temple on any document and anything.

Maybe that wall you’ve written
your name on is the curse wall.

You don’t know because you’re visiting
the temple ’cause you’re not an expert.

If you were an expert, you would know

not to put your name on the temple.

This is this shows how
nice Japanese Buddhist

or Chinto priests or
whatever they are were

is they said, “This was
done without malice.”

I actually kinda disagree.

I think the kid knew it was bad.

That’s why he did it.

It is still regrettable and sad.

In Japan, if you damage
ancient stuff, I’m trying to decide,

should I go through all the
rules and stuff or make up,

get it’s kind of used my own
natural speaking languages,

you know, break an old shit,

the breaking old shit
law can be 300,000 yen,

which, wow, a lot of money
isn’t that much money.

Or five years in prison, that’s
on the other hand, is a lot of time.

So you gotta be real careful.

where you stick your name.

Again, I would be less
concerned about 300,000 yen

and way more concerned
about a curse on my eternal soul.

(upbeat music)

All right, so this is actually a big story.

It came up like five, 10 times
in different feeds this week.

And it’s because it’s a big deal.

It is something that
everyone loves story wise.

Certainly you don’t want this to
happen to you or someone you know.

False accusations, false arrests,
accusations flying back and forth.

Oh, it’s terrible.

But it is like the whole
true crime genre is based on

how we like to watch horrible
things happen to other people

and like just sit back with the popcorn.

A man was wrongfully
arrested in a revenge porn case.

A revenge porn is like, I
get newbie pictures of you or

naughty pictures of you and
meet together or something.

And I say, we’ve, our
relationship is sourdad

and I’m going to post them on
the Internet just to get back at you.

That is illegal in Japan.

I think it’s probably illegal in most
places, Japan’s taking it pretty seriously.

I’m assuming because it must
have happened a lot already.

Well, how did we get here?

A guy was harassing a woman.

He was threatening to take nude pictures
of her and post them on the Internet.

Now the pictures that he
sent to her via her Instagram.

were photoshopped.

Apparently, well, I guess, you know,
and the average person doesn’t care.

So she went to the police and like this
guy threatening to put pictures on me.

There were different accounts, but it was
clearly all coming from the same person.

The, some of the accounts
used this guy’s family name.

So she said to the police,
“This guy is sending me stuff.”

The police didn’t do
a lot of investigation.

They arrested him really quickly.

Now they said, because
of the urgency of the

case, we did not have
time to check the IPs.

The thing is, in total, they
held this man for 40 days.

In Japan, you can be held for 20 some days.

by the police without
actually being charged.

What they do is they have,

oh, we have this accusation.

We’re gonna hold you for 20 some days.

I think it’s 24 because of days
off or weekends or something.

It’s an odd number.

It’s not a number you
expect, but I’m just

gonna use 20 ’cause
that’s sort of the base.

Then he gets released and
they grab him again pretty

quickly saying like, oh,
there’s another charge.

We’re gonna hold you.

So they held this man for 40 days.

The whole time he’s insisting is innocent.

The problem is what a criminal is due.

If they listen to an incident in Japan,

they’ve learned that what you
do is like insist your innocent.

Don’t confess, make
the police do their job.

Problem is, you’re actually innocent.

You’re doing exactly what the criminals do.

So I had no intention of
uploading any revenge porn.

I don’t have any newty pictures of her.

The person sending the threats.

That wasn’t me.

What would a criminal say?

That’s what the police
are looking at you going,

what would a criminal say
in the same situation, buddy?

Exactly what you just said.
So we’re holding you.

40 days.

The lawyers for the guy,
they’re pretty accurate.

They’re saying this is hostage
justice to coerce a confession.

So I’m being held for
day after day after day.

I’m gonna lose my job.

I’m gonna have all these other issues.

I have no recourse.

If I want to solve this to end this,

confession is the fastest way.

They’ve had multiple cases in
Japan of people who have confessed

to crimes they didn’t commit
because of this very action.

The lawyers saying like, this is unfair.

It’s inhumane.

What I have learned, though,
and this is the part I actually do

enjoy about the
ingenuity of Japan is what

the things I learn
about police and justice.

And something people
need to know is that the

rules don’t, your rules
from home don’t follow you.

I’ve talked to several
Americans who seem to

think that American
law is international law.

Like they’ll talk about like they
have to read your, your Miranda rights.

And I’m like, well, Miranda
isn’t a thing outside of America.

So Japanese cops don’t
read your Miranda rights.

They just actually grab you
and take you and hold you.

Again, they don’t have to
actually charge you with anything.

It could be an accusation or a suspicion.

And they are legally allowed to
hold you for the 20 X amount of days.

And then they can do that for each charge.

So then they let you go.

And then as you walk
out of the police station,

they pull you back in and go,
well, we’re going to hold you

for another 20 days for another
charge, another accusation.

If we have 15 20 accusations, we
can hold you for 15 20 times, 20 days.

We just have to keep like
going through that cycle.

They can essentially
arrest you for nothing

for years if they have
enough accusations.

Like let’s say each email is
an accusation in this case.

They could hold him for
20 days for each email.

Now it turns out while he was being
held or while he was in one place,

uh, information was being
sent from another place,

that’s how they
realized this isn’t the guy.

But again, that would have been sort
of the first thing you should have done.

That’s actually part of checking IP
addresses when it comes to Internet cases.

And if they had done that right away,
they wouldn’t have held him for 40 days.

Maybe they would have held him for the
first 20 and maybe you could justify that.

But the second 20 days, it
doesn’t really hold up anymore.

And what I’ve learned though
is you can get 1,000 to 12,500

yen a day for each day
you’re held by the police.

Like if you don’t get actually arrested
for a charged with an actual crime.

The man who was falsely
arrested is asking for a senior official

to explain to his family
and go to his work

and explain to his work why he was
basically missing from work for 40 days.

So like this isn’t covered
in your time off policy.

Uh, you could lose your job because
they actually need you to come and do work.

This is one of the problems.

Weirdly, the police have stayed,

and this is we don’t believe there was
any wrongdoing on the prosecutor parts,

which of course is how the police think,
which is maybe one of the big problems.

But that’s also the
way the laws are set up.

So very technically they
haven’t done anything wrong,

but they’re also not held responsible for
interfering within innocent person’s life.

A group of youths,
which is an excellent thing.

I don’t want to use a group.

I want to have like a gaggle, a gaggle.

What would you call it?

A group of youths?

Uh, I was all about to say a conundrum,

but that just implies certain negativity.

I actually think youths are great.


a joy of youths.

Oh, that sounds nice.

Anyways, uh, in Japan,
adulthood used to be 20.

It’s now been taken down to 18.

These youths are now saying, well,
the rules say that if I want to run for

government, I have to be 25
or 30 depends on the position,

but let’s use 25 as our low end
to be like a perfectural governor.

You have to be at least 30 years old to
run for mayor or something else or a local

election. You have to be at least 25.
He’s like, well, if we’re adults,

then we should have adult rights,
which would be running for office.

Uh, I’m all for this.

Ninja Ninja Japan, if you listen for any
amount of time, I have complained multiple

times that we have way too
many 70 year olds in charge.

Way too many people who don’t understand
sort of the modern aspects of life.

Because they’ve been in
politics for the last 50 years.

So they only see politics in a certain
way and anything that’s come up in the

last 20 years, they don’t even
like think about it or consider it.

I think those guys need to be out.
I think we need some fresh blood.

I think youth is the way to go.

Would I vote for an 18 year old?
Probably not.

So again, this is where it
becomes a fair system, though.

Like if community in general thinks 18
is too young to be mayor of the city or

governor of the prefecture,
then they won’t vote for them.

But if the 18 year old is convincing
enough, people will vote for them.

So I think absolutely led 18
year olds run for office any office.

If the world at large things are too
young, they’re not going to vote for them.

It works.

But this is should be a legal right.

So a legal right.

So they’re filing with
the Tokyo district court to

be allowed to run for
office, certainly in Tokyo.

And I am 100% on board.

I hope they’re successful.

This goes to like drinking laws and stuff.

Everything’s just to be established
either in adult or you’re not an adult.

So like America, you’re an adult
at 18, but you can’t drink until 21.

What the fuck?

That doesn’t make any sense.

If I’m an adult and I can drive a car
and I can buy a gun and I can join the

military and I can kill people
on behalf of the government, I

think I should be allowed to
have a cocktail after all that.

But yeah, apparently their laws are
different and they don’t make any sense

to me.
Of course, here’s the other side of youth.

It’s nice to have a
balance between stories.

I do enjoy that.

There were four boys with motorcycles.

They’re driving around.

They’re like, you know what?

This is not exciting enough.

One of the four boys
is like, let’s call the cops.

The driver, there’s like
three o’clock in the morning.

What the kids do in
Japan, they’re in like a gang.

They drive on the wrong side of the road.

They go through red lights and they’ll
do circles around the intersection and

block traffic and they’ll be they’ll
ride like four or five motorcycles wide

so that no one can get past them and
there’ll just be shitty to other drivers.

If they’re out at three
o’clock in the morning.

And they’re like, this is not enough.

We’re causing trouble, but we’re
not getting all the attention we need.

Certainly not the attention we should
have gotten when we were younger,

which would have stopped
this kind of behavior.

Let’s call the cops on ourselves.

Now I have in my many years now of doing
the introduced Japan talked about bad ideas.

Calling the cops on yourself
and not expecting to get arrested.

It’s just a bad idea.

It just doesn’t make sense.

It’s not the way the world works.

So they call the cops the cops
show up and they get arrested.

Well, they all admitted to the charges
and they said we wanted to get the

thrill of luring a police
car and being chased by it.

And I guess you got that.

I don’t know how much
of a car chase this was.

It sounds like they got
taken down pretty quick.

Although in the news story, they
maybe have just cut that part out.

But at the end of the day,

don’t call the cops on yourself.

I think might be this week’s Ninja
News Japan advice for criminals.

In Japan, motorcycle, bicycle, sorry.

We just talked about motorcycles.

Bicycles are classified as light vehicles.

And therefore they must have a
belt just like a car must have a horn.

You could be fined though.

Well, there are some rules about
the bicycle belt that I didn’t know.

This is why I’m putting out this is
almost like a public service announcement.

Bicycles, you can, so
you’re riding a bicycle,

you could be fined
for continuously ringing.

You are a bell.

It’s a violation to ring the bell for fun.

So if you’re just feeling joyous
riding your bicycle and you’re thinking,

ding, ding, ding, yeah, 20,000,
you had to find for you, bitch.

It is prohibited to ring the
bell to get people who are

walking out in front of you,
like pedestrians out of the way.

So you’re riding, you
could ding a link, excuse me,

so I am passing through
20,000 in for you, bitch.

The thing is, I didn’t know this
law before and I know it now.

And I, couple times a week, do
quite long walks and there are a lot of

grannies out there who
do a lot of bicycling on the

sidewalk and they really don’t
want you to be in their way.

They feel like the sidewalk is their
personal highway and they ring the

shit out of their bell and
I’ve just learned that they

ring the bell at me for walking
20,000 yen for you, bitch.

There’s going to be a lot of
20,000 yen fines coming up.

And you just look out for me, grandma.

I’m coming for you.

And that’s the way it’s going to be.

Actually, probably won’t.

I bet by the time I call them
is not a police won’t show up.

This might not be worth it, but
if there is ever a problem, 100%

I’m trying to try to get
old lady pay 20,000 yen.

Not to me, unfortunately, but I’ll
maybe I could do super damages.

They don’t really do that Japan.

It’s too bad.

What do you do when you’re feeling lonely?

When I’m feeling lonely, I
get my little friend here, Dave.

I scratch him and we snuggle.

And that’s that’s really what Dave’s
purpose is, is to make sure that I

don’t feel lonely and go off the rails and
maybe call emergency services 2,761 times.

So I’ve never called
emergency services in Japan.

I’ve never had to lucky me.

That just means I’ve had a lucky life,
but also means I’m not lonely and bored

and thinking like, how
can I entertain myself?

I could ride around a motorcycle at
three o’clock in the morning, call the cops

and get them to chase me, or
I could just sit and over a two

year, nine month period, call
emergency services 2,61 times.

This lady was very, she
said the reason she did it

was she was lonely and I
actually find that quite sad.

I feel a little bad for
the lady because yeah,

she’s, she’s resorted
to this to get attention.

She’s got nothing going on.

And that’s a sad situation.

She would call up the fire department
and say, I have a stomach ache.

I took a large dose of
medicine, my leg hurts.

And she would ask the fire
department to dispatch some Ambulae.

Then when the ambulance arrives,
she would claim she didn’t make the call.

We just started out with a
revenge porn story where an

innocent man was held by the
police and abused by the police.

But this is the opposite
where the police are quite nice.

So it’s really, it’s tough because
I do want to give a balance view.

Most cops that I’ve met, I’ve known,
I’ve dealt with, have actually been

really good people and I feel like
they would never falsely arrest me.

And they would do a proper investigation.

But of course, that’s not everybody.

In this case, she was warned several
times to stop calling emergency services.

And she kept doing it.

And that’s why she’s in trouble.

Did learn about a scam.

There’s a lot of scams targeting older
people and it’s usually on the phone.

And what they do is call you and
try to get you to transfer money,

trying to pretend to be
a relative or something.

But those guys, if they
work in an office, it’s

actually quite easy to
track where they are.

A computer and stuff, IP
addresses, much like again,

our first story of the
day with a revenge porn.

So how do you deal with that?

You get in a car and from eight
o’clock in the morning to 8 P.M. at night,

you stay on the highway and that makes
it much harder for the police to find you.

They can’t ping cell towers as quickly
and it’s, it’s, you keep on the move.

You’re hard to catch.

This is actually some smart criminally.

The problem is if you’re working in 12 hour
shifts, they don’t want to stop the car.

So you got four or five people in this car.

You’re in the car for 12 hours.

You’re driving along the road.

You are pooing and peeping, peeping
in that car, which is really gross.

So I, I mean, I was thinking
about there were 50 cases

involved, which are total about
94 million yen and damages.

So 94 million yen, they’ve
scanned out away from people.

Is that is everyone in the car
getting an equal share of that?

I bet not.

I bet there’s a boss taking majority of
it and he’s paying these guys a salary.

When they say crime doesn’t pay,
this is kind of what I’m thinking about.

How much money am I getting paid to be
in a car for 12 hour straight to pee in a

bottle and maybe poop in
a bucket or something with

other guys in the other
guys are doing the same thing.

So this car is rank by the end of the day.

It is not a place I want to be.

How much money would you have
to pay me for me to do that willingly?

It would have to be a lot of money.

And I bet these low level criminals
are not getting the pay they deserve.

Which is why they should do denies.

I don’t think that’s going
to work out for anybody.

So this is the last interesting story.

This is public policy.

The mayor of Osaka has put
into place or he voted in a place.

He put it up.


He proposed a rule change and he

said that the this is
a really ballsy move.

I kind of like this guy.

He said that government officials
should get a public review and that

public review if it’s low enough,
they should have a salary cut.

So I learned that the mayor of
Osaka makes a million yen a month.

That’s 12 million yen a year.

The average salary is four
to five million yen a year.

So he’s making three,
four times more than

the average salary by
being mayor of Osaka.

Now that it’s actually less than
I kind of would have expected.

But I’m assuming to
get to be mayor of Osaka.

You already have funds elsewhere like
campaign or your rich family or backgrounds.

A lot of political people in
Japan, they’re institutional.

So like their parents were politicians
and their politicians, that kind of stuff.

So the way it’s going to work is they’re
going to do a survey of 3,500 residents.

And if you get a low enough number,
you get a 30% decrease in your salary.

Now you’re still going to be making
way more money than the average person,

but at the same time,
a 30% cut in your salary.

That that sends a message to anybody.

The current mayor has overwhelming support.

So that’s probably why he’s pretty confident
about this, but again, could change.

So I found that an interesting thing.

I think it’s a really nice idea.

I was thinking the way to really
make this effective because again,

you can use American
politics as the standard version

of politics because it’s
in the news all the time.

And it’s all very rich people.

I think if you get low enough
numbers, you should actually have your

personal funds reduced by X
amount of money and put that in.

So like a Trump, let’s say he’s in
office, he gets very low numbers.


X amount of money goes from his
personal accounts into just the tax system.

And he has to pay for
a system he doesn’t like.

So if it was a Republican
and they get a low

score, they have to
pay for social services.

If it’s a liberal.

conservative Republican and Democrat, whoo,
forgot the word Democrat for the second.

If it’s a Democrat and they get a low
score, they have to take money from

their personal life
and pay for the military.

Probably pay for some
cluster bombs or something.

That would give you, you would want
to keep everyone happy, which is what

the politicians are really
supposed to be doing in theory.

So I’m interested in how this works out.

Again, the just the straight up idea of
this guy doing this is pretty cool to me.

So we’ll see if it has an impact on
other aspects of politics in Japan.

I was hoping that’s hoping you
get a view of Dave on my lap.

The problem is, if I do this and you
can see Dave, then you can’t see me.


Part of me thinks Dave is the far
more appealing member of this team.

So you’re here listening to my voice,
but just seeing the little sausage Dave

in his little burrito thing here
would probably be more appealing.

I would, I bet I would get more views.

Because this, I put
this on YouTube that the

podcast version
wouldn’t actually matter.

I probably get more views.

What you were seeing was this, just my
lame chest, the talking mouth at the top.

I actually might do that next week.

Give this a shot.

This might be my new format for YouTube.

Because you don’t see my head.

You just see my mouth talking.

And then you get to Dave here the
whole time because he’s just chilled out.

And if I, if I get him up and scratching
and stuff, it’s almost like SMR.

This might be my new, my new scheme,
my new plan, but then you can’t see the

Domo Coon up there, which is sort of the
secondary appeal of my desk at the moment.

I could move Domo Coon down here.

I mean, that’s empty space right now.

So certainly some things to think about.

I moved my desk around.

Just try to clean everything up.

New format would be pretty solid.

I think I might, I think I might really try
to capitalize on the Dave aspect of the.

Confessions of Vandalism

(upbeat music)

It’s pretty common that old
people struggle with new technology.

And people like to make
fun of that, but you have

to think in the days to
come, you will get old.

And in the days when you get old, are
you going to struggle with technology?

And the answer is yes.

I try to keep up with technology, but
I’ve also already seen that in some ways,

I’ve fallen off like there’s
some things I know about.

And then there are huge swaths of
technology that I don’t understand at all.

I used to think of myself
as fairly tech savvy.

Now I’m functional.

So I’m assuming in the next decade
or two, I’m going to be struggling.

I mean, you have to imagine when
I talk to my grandkids and I’m like,

why in my eyes does my
neural link show that it’s the

time in Greenwich Meridian,
instead of local time.

And my grandkids are like, oh my God,
grandpa, you’re so dumb, you’re so useless.

You don’t even know how to reset
your neural link with the extra net,

because the Internet
is not a thing anymore.

It’s all external.

That we’re all connected to all the time.

And I had my USB in my
neck installed backwards,

making it always very awkward
to put the USB in my neck.

And that’s what’s coming.

And so I’m just trying
to stay abreast of

technology so that I can
not be a complete idiot.

Now because I enjoy technology,
I’m hoping it lasts longer.

Like I play the video games, I make
the podcast, I like to learn things.

If I can just keep that spirit
alive, all at least no stuff.

I maybe I don’t, not proficient,
but I will understand things.

And that’s kind of the most important part.

A lot of older people in Japan, and
that’s most people, for being honest,

they don’t want to apply
for the My Number Card.

My Number Card is basically
a social security card of sorts.

It’s not because you already have
one of those if you’re Japanese.

It’s a different card.

The government wants
to unify its information.

So your health card.

So if I go to the
hospital or I go to a clinic,

I have to bring my
national health card.

I use that to get my national rates.

I’m like, I don’t want to
pay full price for medicine.

I want to get my whatever
percentage I’m supposed to get.

So socialized medicine in Japan, very good.

I can get medicine at reasonable rates.

It’s cheaper to go to the
doctor and get medicine,

and then go to like the proper pharmacist
than it is to buy over the counter drugs.

So if I buy allergy medicine,
something I buy every year,

I can get 30, 40 days worth of
allergy medicine for about 1,000 yen.

If I buy over the counter,
it’s going to be like

10, 15 days for more
than that, probably 1,500.

The reason older people don’t
want to apply for the My Number

Card is they find it difficult
to remember the password.

And so this is it when you create this
card, you have to create a password.

And if you forget it, that could
cause you problems down the line.

So you know what, I
just don’t want to do it.

I just don’t want to create
the card in the first place.

I’m not obligated to.

The government really wants
everyone to have a My Number Card.

From November, you can
choose not to set a password.

Now, as I said, I’m not
a technological expert,

but I do have a base proficiency with
technology, and I do follow the news a lot.

I can see absolutely
no problems with having

a password unprotected
information connected to your knife.

I have to, how do I, how do you phrase it?

I can see no problem with having
your national health insurance

and other personal information
non-password protected.

Now, they’re saying that if there’s no
password, you won’t be able to do stuff.

You won’t be able to use the stuff online,

which these old people
wouldn’t be doing anyways.

But a lot of that in the
news, Japan is scams.

And those scams prey upon old people.

And so if we know the old people have cards

that are unprotected, there’s got
to be a way to abuse that system.

And that is going to be, I
was literally my first thought,

not that I was coming up
with a scheme to abuse them,

but my first thought was
someone’s going to find cards

without passwords and
then try to find a way

to abuse the system to either
get medicine they could resell

or get medicine at such
a discount or something.

It’s scams, that’s what they do.

I’m waiting for this to
go through in November

and then January, the
story start coming out

of old people losing
a bunch of money or

something via the my
number card with no password.

Recently, one of the
problems is the people in charge

of my number were
investigated as some of the cards

were registered with
other people’s personal

information like
they’re addressing stuff.

So that with the password
is already showing, there’s

already problems and mistakes
with the my number card system.

Then a lot of stories recently
about the Pokémon thefts.

And Pokémon cards have become
a common target for thieves.

Stories get broken into
last week, we did the

guy who got scammed,
but like reseller, website.

And the guy who resoled
the stuff had filled real boxes

with juice boxes and I
made like a very extended

joke about just using
the word box too much.

It’s very well done considering
it’s not scripted, very well done.

I think she’ll go back
and listen to that one.

A company executive
sold five fake Pokémon

cards at a second hand
store for 283,000 yen.

They were specifically from
a Tokyo Art Museum event,

which actually shows the
level of Pokémon in Japan that

you, they have Pokémon
events with national museums.

Like that’s, I guess they
would have other events,

but it’s just, it shows the
level of Pokémon in society

when they have like
art exhibits for Pokémon.

It like not just a
museum, like a local one.

Oh, that’s neat.

This is like Tokyo Art Museum.

That’s a big deal.

The owner said these seemed
off, maybe the quality of the paper,

they were little grainy,
something like that.

So he called the police
and he got the police.

The police got the Pokémon
company to send out someone to

appraise the cards, which is a
whole world I was unaware of.

There are people who work
for Pokémon, who’s, I don’t know

about singular job, but
probably primary job is to be able

to appraise the reality
and value of Pokémon cards.

Because of the rarity of
the cards, some of these

cards are selling for 100,000
yen, maybe even upwards.

So you can make a lot of money if
you can get the rare, rare, rare cards.

The suspect was then contacted because
the appraiser for the Pokémon company,

said these were not real,
these were counterfeit cards.

He claims he didn’t know
they were counterfeit

and the police are
still investigating.

I’m interested where this ends up,

because either he
committed a crime and got

caught, or he legitimately
bought these cards,

thinking they were real,
and he got screwed over.

So Japan, Korea, the United States, there,

working together, they’re
trying to work together more.

I’m very happy about South Korea
and Japan working together more,

because I really think these two countries,
I know they have a very hard history,

but I think together they would
be a force to be reckoned with.

And values-wise, they
actually both countries

have very, what I
consider positive values.

And the United States,
sort of that backing of the

United States is making them
more stable in the economy.

We will get better in this.

I just think it’s a good stuff.

A lot of this actually comes down to China,

keeps trying to exert pressure
and create tension in Asia.

So Japan, South Korea
and the United States,

we’re talking to like, hey,
China’s all very up-body.

Maybe we added together
and take care of stuff.

We share information and stuff like that.

And everyone’s like, yeah, this is great.

Except China’s like, hey, that’s not cool.

So recently there was
a summit of some sort.

I actually stopped carrying so many
summers, the G7 summit, all these summers.

I don’t really care anymore.

This Chinese ambassador
guy comes out and he goes,

no matter how blonde you die your
hair, how sharp you shape your nose.

You can never become
a European or American.

You can never be a Westerner.

You must know where your roots lie.

So he’s, oh, I mean, further.

Japan and South Korea
should work with China

to prosper together and revitalize East
Asia, revitalize Asia and benefit the world.

Weirdly, none of them
have taken this seriously.

South Korea and Japan have not
taken this call to their roots seriously.

And it might be because China
keeps more exclusionary attitude.

When it comes to every other instance,

they have flown airplanes
over Japanese airspace.

They have taken like aircraft carriers
and sailed them really close to Japan,

like just right out of
legal limits and stuff.

They’re always banging
heads with everyone in Asia

and then here they
are saying like, hey,

man, why don’t you guys
want to work with us?

And it’s like, dude, you keep
kind of kind of the blow is up.

There have been stories
in Indonesia, Japan of

Chinese diplomats and
high level politicians,

basically threatening
to wipe everyone else

in Asia off the map on
more than one occasion.

They aren’t taking it
primarily this seriously

because of the nature
of China towards Taiwan.

Taiwan is an independent
nation, it’s part of China.

Nobody knows.

Taiwanese people, they think they’re
independent and they want to keep it that way.

That’s not working out for them.

North Korea, very supported by China.

Japan and South Korea may all sort
of have their issues in North Korea.

North Korea keeps shooting missiles
over Japan if you want to be specific.

And there’s the abduction issues.

There was a bunch of
people, this is sort of history.

North Korea abducted a
bunch of Japanese nationals

and South Korean nationals and
brought them back to North Korea

and they haven’t returned
them and no one knows

if they’re alive or dead
and it’s a big problem.

China in its conflict, oh,
China Russia in its conflict

of Ukraine, China’s
kind of on Russia’s side.

And so basically the fundamental
philosophical differences

Japan and South Korea are
diametrically opposed to China.

So this call to remember your roots.

I don’t see how that’s
really going to work out.

I don’t see how you can say, hey,
look, you and I, we disagree on everything.

But we come, it’s actually
like maybe my sister and I.

So if you met me and
then you met my sister,

you would see two people
who are very different.

We are, we just, we have different values.

Now she’s not a bad person.

I hope I’m not a bad person.

I don’t want to talk about it.

And unless I got to get some
like someone to back me up.

But our fundamental philosophies about
life and how you should live life differ.

And I essentially, we just
stay away from each other.

And it works out fine.

Because she doesn’t try to impose
her lifestyle on me and vice versa.

I don’t tell her how to her live her life.

China on the other hand
is telling other Asian nations

how to live their lives and that they
should sort of succumb to China’s power.

But it would be like
going to me and saying,

you, despite the fact
you agree with everything

your sister thinks,
should align yourself

with your sister because
you come from the same family

because you come from the
same house, that kind of thing.

And that’s just not how it works out.

China then went on to declare
that the US is exaggerating

ideological differences to
so confrontation and division.

Now Japan and America have had
a very positive relationship overall.

There’s issues, of course,
there’s always going

to be issues between
two different countries.

But overall, they have a
very positive relationship.

And this sowing ideological differences

in confrontation, again, if you
go back through the vast library

of Ninja Ninja Japan stories
and just go through everyone

where China has
mentioned, I think you’re going

to see a lot of stories of
China almost purposefully

sowing confrontation and division
when they don’t even have to.

So while Baffy did a story
about a kid who had cornrows.

So one of his parents
was black, one of his

parents is Japanese,
he has kind of puffy hair.

And he was going to go to
his high school graduation.

So he said to his daddy,
he’s going to look neat.

What’s a good hairstyle?

He goes to cornrows, sort of
traditional hairstyle for our people.

So let’s do that.

So he went to a salon, got cornrows.

I have never had cornrows.

I think it’s illegal for a man of
my complexion to get cornrows.

But he went to a salon.

I do know it takes a long time.

So he put a lot of effort
into making his hair look good.

He shows up at graduation.

The teachers are like, no,
man, I don’t like that haircut.

So you don’t get to graduate today.

So when they put them
in a different room upstairs,

so when they call your name, you
don’t come downstairs, and he just left.

And then they tried to like,
well, he decided to leave.

Well, he decided to leave
because you guys stuck him

in a room and told him he wasn’t
going to be allowed to graduate.

I really like the follow up
to this story just recently.

A group of volunteers for Juneteenth
decided to have their own ceremony.

And it was better with way cooler hair.

I could get into the details.

You don’t really need–
they basically got up.

They had a graduation.

They had a whole thing going on.

And they’re like, hey, we’d
like to celebrate this kid.

He graduated from high school.

He came to the front.

He said, thank you.

I feel special.

I feel more accepted in his story.

He’s kind of made it clear that,
again, Japan is a country is changing.

You got more and more mixed kids.

Japan is a society’s less homogenous.

And progress is going
to have these hiccups,

but it is going to happen, especially
with supportive people out in the world.

So I think that is a very
nice palette cleanser,

a very nice little story about
people saying, that kid’s important.

Since we’re talking about
schools, the city of Yuruma

doesn’t want to standardize school
uniforms as abolishing schools traditions.

And let me start the whole thing again.

City of Aruma doesn’t want
to standardize school uniforms

as abolishing schools traditional uniforms
would have a negative effect on students.

But I was like, what negative effect?

Because I know school
uniforms in Japan high

school to high school
are technically different.

But for the boys, it’s a blazer.

They might be slightly different colors.

The girls do talk about
the skirts and stuff.

But if you standardize them all, there’s

not really anything you
can play about anymore.

You just need, again, like a symbol or
something to show what high school you go to.

If that’s important, the fact
that you go to high schools

enough, again, this like
tiered system of this high

school is better than
that high school and stuff.

I don’t see any value in that.

So I was like, what are
the negative effects?

And then someone else
actually quite smartly asked

the same question said, it would be
diminishing pride and their sense of belonging.

But again, they could belong to the high
school group, the high school demographic.

The reason they started talking about this

is they were talking about the differences
in price in different school uniforms.

So in 2023, there was
a 16,000 yen difference

between the highest and
lowest priced school uniform.

For boys, the expense of
the cheap end was $50,930.

Yeah, not always.

And the high end was $66,700.

So depending on what uniform you
get or what school you go to, you’re

going to spending more or less
money, these things are expensive.

And so what this is actually about
is if we can standardize the price,

we could buy and bulk, we can
make more, we can make the cheaper.

And that would help out
mid to lower income families.

Not spend a ton of money.

They have another thing
in Japan where all the kids

have to get this backpack,
this leather backpack.

It’s called land sale.

I don’t know where that name come from.

I should actually look into
that because it is interesting.

But now my kids are too old.

They don’t use them anymore.

They’re stupid.

They’re like 50, 60,000 yen.

They’re ridiculous.

Now they do use them for a long time.

So they got to be sturdy,
but– man, give me 20,000 yen.

I’ll get you a backpack
that’s going to last five years.

Girls, the low end is 70,543 yen.

And the high end is 84,838.

So if you are a boy and you get the
cheapest uniform, you get 50,000 yen.

If you’re a girl and you get the
cheapest uniform, it’s 20,000 yen more.

If you are a girl and you get the
most expensive uniform, it’s 84,000 yen.

This was justified
because they all wear vests.

They vests come with the female uniform.

And justified because of the
fabric, the high end uniform.

In another prefecture, they
standardized the uniforms,

and it brought the price
down to 6 to 8,000 yen cheaper.

So the low end, 50,000
yen uniform, you could

drop that by 6,000, even
time for like 45,000 yen.

So, again, these uniforms,
they’re important in one way,

but it’s so stupid because the importance
is constructed, and I don’t believe it.

But I went to a high school or I
wore t-shirts and jeans every day.

So maybe that was my uniform.

I don’t know.

I just don’t put value in this.

I understand.

I actually am okay with the uniform system.

I think the uniform system
should be designed to be affordable.

I like when the school
has decided to go unisex.

So everyone just got
pants in a shirt and a jacket.

And if the girls wanted skirts, that
was extra, but that was a choice.

I liked when they made them from uni-glow,
so they were like 10,000, 20,000 yen.

Because, yes, we paid
for it, but it was expensive.

And it’s soft.

OK, so the story, big international
story, is that a guy vandalized the policy.

And he put his name– I think
him and his girlfriend’s name on it.

I did like when I read
that story that his excuse

was he didn’t know the call of
see him was of historical importance.

That’s what his lawyer said.

So he did it, and he got in trouble.

He’s looking like five years in prison,

and he’s crying, going like, no,
please don’t try and make the prison.

I don’t want to go to prison.

Well, dumb shit.

Not only did you vandalize it,
you put your stupid name on it.

Well, this thing happens
all over the place.

And in Japan, pretty much every
building is a historical site of some sort.

A 17-year-old boy violated the
cultural properties protection law.

So that’s the law of, if it’s
historically important, don’t touch it.

So this is kind of like, keep
your hands to your self law.

He carved letters using his fingernails.

So he was at a temple.

And temples are made of
wood, so if you have a strong

fingernail I was looking
at mine, I couldn’t do that.

But I cut my fingernails
all the way down for

judo, so a different
story, and you don’t care.

So he was used to,
maybe at a long fingernail

or a strong fingernail, and
he started carving his name.

He carved a big J, and then he wrote Julian,
making it incredibly clear who it is.

Now, here’s an idea.

What if you’d written someone else’s name?

So you get the thrill of vandalizing
and making your Mark in a historical site.

OK, so this is something I did.

I, my first year of university,
I fucked up housing.

I didn’t get an apartment.

I thought I was going
to get campus housing,

and then it was full, and I didn’t get
it, and ended up in a lottery system.

It didn’t look like I was going to get it.

My university has a frat
system, the Greek system.

So they had frat houses.

Now, I had no intention of joining
a frat, but they had empty rooms.

And it’s better for them to
have people in those rooms

paying a little rent
than it is to have those

rooms empty and not
making any money at all.

So I ended up for my
first year of university

living in a frat house where I was not a
member of the frat, which is a really weird.

But when I say the whole sentence out loud,

I just think that is one of the
weirdest things that’s ever happened.

They did spend the entirety of the
year trying to get me to join the frat.

I was not interested at all.

And it was a very–
I mean, as far as I yet

to live with another
guy, but it was fair.

I think they pressured my
roommate to get me to join.

So it’s like, hey, Peter likes judo.

You should join the judo
club and be really close

friends with Peter, and
then he’ll join the frat.

And then we’ll get $365 a year.

Because he got to pay a dollar a
day for these guys to be your friends.

That was back when I went to university.

So it’s probably a lot more now.

So this guy joined judo.

But he– I don’t know if he
had any real interest in judo.

And so basically, he
also has a weird attitude.

And I’m now gotten into judo stories.

I explained, don’t do this
step or you’ll get thrown.

And he was looking at me like, ha, ha.

I’m going to do this step.

And then he did this step in my through.

I said, this is just going to get worse.

The more you do this one,
move, the harder the counter gets.

And he was like, ha, I got you now.

And then he did it really big.

And he did it three, four, five times.

And I got really frustrated.

Because I was trying to help him.

And so then I just threw
him super, super hard

and just ran him into the floor
and he lost his breath for a minute.

But he didn’t get hurt.

But he was shaken and put it that way.

He didn’t last very long in judo.

Again, because I don’t think he
wanted to be in there in the first place.

Anyways, I was living this frat house.

Overall, not the worst experience.

Not as bad as I certainly
thought it was going to be.

Because I thought I would live
there and look for another place to live.

And then I ended up just
riding it out for the entire year.

The guys were fine.

They didn’t have any–
it wasn’t like the movies.

Like the Greek system in
American comedy movies.

But I was on– they had a little balcony.

It was wood.

It was really cheap.

And I was standing there.

And I started very much
like this kid just scraping.

I think I had a fork or an knife.

I just took scraping into it.

I was like, oh, I should vandalize this.

Because I don’t really like
the Greek system or whatever.

And someone in the house had pissed me off.

I was like, but if I write my
name, they can track it back to me.

Because it’s my name.

If I write Chuck Me Veest on something,
I’m like, hey, I think I know who did that.

So I wrote Fuzzy
Zellwager, which is a golfer.

I don’t know anything about golf.

I’ve played golf with my uncle once.

And I’ve gone to driving rain.

I’ve gone to driving ranges a few times.

But I don’t really follow golf.

So I don’t know why this golfer’s
name was in my head at that moment.

Maybe it just seemed to connect to
the frat system for me or something.

So I vandalized their house
with the name of a famous golfer

who never had been there, figuring
that if they were like, who wrote this?

And then you can just look at it and go,
well, apparently, Fuzzy Zellwager wrote it.

And that’s my vandalization story.

And I never got in trouble or went to jail.

Because I’m smarter than the two
fucking idiots who did it elsewhere.

Dave just moved in the background.

He was in his little bed.

And it’s hot.

So he goes in the bed.

And then he goes and he
stretches out next to that big pillow.

Sometimes he lies on top of the
pillow, but he stretches out his lines.

He’s a very long dog for how small he is.

He’s got very long sexy legs.