Sorry kids, no

(electronic music)

Nagasaki cops can now wear sunglasses.

It did, okay, growing up.

You don’t realize
things until they tell you.

So I would have
thought that cops are just

allowed to wear sunglasses
in the West in Canada

when I grew up, you
know, cops wear sunglasses.

I remember as a kid watching the TV show,
chips, California, highway patrol, sexies,

sexy boys, I don’t know.

I don’t remember what the S stands, patrol,

sexy. It’s the only word that comes to mind

when you see those two
hunks of hunks of men.

The scene, I don’t remember the show.

I do remember, fuck,
this is now a brain’s gone.

I’m gonna talk about chips for a second,
only because if you talk about cops,

one of my first images is
them riding up on motorcycles,

wearing sunglasses, probably
taking the sunglasses off.

That’s it.

It was a show about California Highway
Patrol officers who were very sexy.

All crime had to be highway related,

which already makes it a
very complicated story to write.

There’s several issues there.

The, I do remember one episode
where it was a kid on a skateboard,

grabbed onto the bumper
of a car, and then I guess

went on the highway, and
so they had to save them.

That’s the only thing I
remember from chips.

I’m not gonna go back and visit it.

Anyways, so my thought from when I
was a child is the cops wear sunglasses,

and then we have the
very, very famous CSI Miami

where he takes off his
sunglasses and goes, “W.

“So, I had never thought that you
weren’t allowed to wear sunglasses,

“and it’s not that you weren’t
allowed to wear sunglasses,

“they weren’t banned outright,

“but it wasn’t, they
weren’t worn, “but it was just

something you just didn’t
do, “please in Japan.”

And they didn’t want, because they didn’t
want to seem intimidating to local people,

because you want the
local people to work with you,

and you can’t be seen as
a scary person to approach

if people with sunglasses,
sunglasses in Japan,

they’re very, very connected
to the Yakuza lifestyle.

I do remember a friend
of mine went to a wedding,

and he said, “There’s the bride’s side of
the wedding “on one side of the church,

“and the groom’s side of the wedding,
“and the other side of the church.”

And the bride’s side, all the guys were
wearing sunglasses, in the church, inside.

So clearly they were trying to send a message
that they were like, “Tuff Yakuza do.”.

“Anyway, the officers
were kind of complaining

“when they were on
patrol, it’s very sunny in the

summertime, “and it’s
hard, they’re worried about A,

“having an accident because being blinded
by the sun, “or B, damaging the ride.”.

So to prevent accidents and
reduce damage to eye health,

also so that they can whip them off
and do a really cool CSI Miami thing,

and let’s face it, sunglasses are
sexy, so you could be more chips-like.

So you could put the S in chips.

Oh, look at that’s the title theme.

Okay, got it, got it on the second try.

This is a story that has
come back irregularly,

and I’m fascinated
by it because it is part

of the modernization of Japan as a culture,
demonstrates the resistance Japan has

to moving forward and integrating people
who are not initially natively Japanese.

Now the thing is, the kids in
these stories were born in Japan.

They might have mixed heritage, but they
were born in Japan, so the Japanese kids.

But they are not, you
can see that the country

has not come to accept
them as Japanese kids yet.

37,000 signatures have been
collected calling for an end

to hair discrimination.

We’ve done the story of
the girl who had naturally

brown hair, who was
told to dye her hair black,

who then damaged her scalp and
ended up suing the Osaka school board.

We did the story, the young boy who decided
to wear corn Rose to his graduation,

and then was excluded
from his own high school

graduation because his
hairstyle was not approved.

The thing is that we haven’t
seen that kind of hair before.

Therefore, you’re not allowed to wear it,

such a bullshit reason, but I
mean, that is what they said.

The petition is calling for a
revision to problematic school rules.

And basically, these are
exclusionary school rules and they’re

saying the problem is, these
school rules encourage bullying.

So it’s basically state
sanctioned or, in this case,

board sanctioned bullying
by teachers or other students

to students who have not
naturally black-straight hair.

So if you have, there’s
a story that came out

of it, someone who
had naturally curly hair,

they had to get a certificate
to show to the school board

that this was naturally curly hair

and that they hadn’t been perming it,

but there’s the brown hair.

They had to prove that
they weren’t dying their hair.

The school rule needs to be changed.

So way back.

And this is because I
ended up talking about

it, people tried to come
at me on the Internet.

But there was a rule
that you had as part of the

school uniform you had
to wear white underwear.

And I saw the immediate problem with that

sooner or later it means
someone has to check

if you’re wearing the
right color underwear.

Gross teacher stories are pretty common.

I actually cut out, I think, to this week,
it was a teacher taking up skirt photos

and the teacher doing
something else creepy.

There are a lot of creepy
people in a lot of places.

So you don’t want teachers
checking your child’s underwear.

That was it.

I was like, just straight up, this is
not something you want teachers to do.

So they needed to change the rule.

to the underwear just shouldn’t be visible.

‘Cause I was actually thinking,
the girls tend to wear a white shirt,

so if they wore a colored bra or
something, it would show through.

That would be enough to say, you
have to wear a white or a neutral color,

but basically make the rule,
we can’t see your underwear.

If we can’t see your underwear, no problem.

I don’t actually say what color it is.

That’s the saving point.

This is the same.

You have to change the rule.

So right now the rules,
you have to have black,

straight hair and it
might be to your shoulder

or something very
specific about the cuts.

What they want to stop
students doing is dying,

permitting or changing
their hair in such a way.

So what they need to actually do is
just say, your hair needs to be natural.

Instead of saying, straight black,

it needs to be natural and
that will solve this problem.

But it also means you’re gonna
have to accept that some kids

with mixed heritage are going
to have different kind of hair.

I think that might be where it falls apart.

(upbeat music)

Speaking of high school,
international relations I guess,

the relationship between China and Japan.

is a difficult one.

This certainly is not gonna out.

So this popped up on the Internet.

It was a Chinese high school.

They’re having like a sports day or
some sort of festival or something.

And they decided it
would be a really good idea.

Which, the thing to me, this means this
had teacher/parent approval to go forward.

Now if I was a teacher, I
would have said, oh, this is

import taste, not because
of international politics,

but because of the
content of what we’re doing.

So this Chinese high school, they say,

what we’ll do is let’s reenact
the assassination of Shinzo Abba.

Here I go.

Abba was giving a speech.

He was standing on this platform,

giving a speech for some
political person coming up.

A guy with a homemade
shotgun walks up and shoots them.

It was, I don’t wanna get too into it.

We’ve actually talked about this a
bunch of times on the international Japan.

Anyways, former prime minister
Shinzo Abba last year was assassinated.

They had a kid standing
on a chair, this other kid

runs up and like fake
shoots him with a shotgun.

And then they unfurled as
very big, produced banner.

Again, because this had to
be approved by some adult.

who was like, yes,

you kids should reenact
an assassination of someone.

That’s a great idea.

The banner said, two
gunshots left dead bodies,

contaminated water
leaves a legacy of suffering.

And then everyone in the audience was like,

oh, excellent, wonderful
play, wonderful message.

So what they’re talking
about is China’s very unhappy

about the release of some
of the contaminated water

from the Fukushima
power plant into the ocean.

Now, studies were done.

I’m just going off the news.

So studies were done.

They have international people come in
like third bodies come in and they said,

the amount of radiation
it’s releasing to the

water is less than if
they did it another way.

So they’re doing this, what they
consider the safest way possible.

China’s saying, no, I don’t care.

You didn’t consult us.

You didn’t do it the way we wanted it done.

So you’re doing it wrong is a very
Chinese anti-Japanese stance to take.

They banned all fish
imports from Japan to China,

a pretty serious reaction.

Japan was actually talking about suing
them in the world trade organization.

So there’s all this other stuff happening.

The message of the Chinese government

as that the Fukushima
release of the water is bad.


That’s an opinion.

I don’t know enough about it.

It seems like from what I’ve read, but
of course I read maybe biased material.

I don’t know.

That this is the best way.

Russia and China were at
one point saying, you should

put it up into the air
and it will disperse more.

So there’ll be less in
one place at one time.

I don’t know.

I just don’t know.

I mean, that’s just leave it at the facts.

I don’t want to say something
that ends up being not true.

I’m fairly ignorant on this issue, but it
seems like they’ve taken steps to make sure

that they’re doing it the safest
way, possible at the moment.

I’ve used from now, we might
find out that was 100% incorrect.

That wouldn’t a surprise me either.

The little play these
Chinese kids put on though.

Shinzo Abe, former Prime Minister of Japan

being assassinated has
nothing to do with Fukushima.

He wasn’t Prime Minister.

He didn’t have anything to do
with the release of the wastewater.

He was already dead by that time.

They seem to have just decided,

let’s take a dramatic moment
in recent Japanese history,

reenact that and connect
it to something we don’t like.

So the undertone of the violence
and the threat is maybe what I don’t like.

‘Cause if I was teaching my kids,
even if there was countries I don’t like,

I was about to think
of if there’s a country

that I don’t like, but
every country I’ve been

to, I’ve liked and I’ve
liked the people I’ve met.

I can talk as a teacher.

As a teacher, if my
students came to me and

said, we would like to
reenact the assassination

from another country,
another country that we,

traditionally or have been
conditioned to not like.

The hatred towards other countries in Asia

is very much, I believe,
nurture, not nature.

It’s a taught thing, but even as a teacher,

I guess if I was a Chinese
teacher, I would think differently.

I’m now struggling because
what I’m trying to say

is that I as a teacher would
not think that reenacting the

assassination of anybody is a
good thing for students to do.

And political criticism, I think is fair,

but again, I’d like it to be more unbiased.

Maybe use the word I’m looking for.

The assassination
element puts a tone of

violence into this
protest that is unnerving,

primarily because it’s an undertone of
violence is constant and that’s the issue.

I would like them to start looking at
politics, international politics as not.

The prelude to war,
the prelude to violence.

Is that seems like where a
lot of these countries are going

and that’s what they’re
teaching their youth

and the youth grow
up and then they don’t

have an opportunity
to change their thinking.

I’m trying to solve world
of violence and racism.

Maybe a 30 minute news oriented,

Japanese oriented podcast
isn’t the best format for that.

I’m just like my brains now going
in circles, like what would I do?

I would absolutely tell my students
you cannot reenact in assassination.

You want to make a political statement
about releasing the Fukushima water?

We could find a way to do that.

I don’t think it’s a good idea.

Okay, let’s get some
statistics up there or something.


Let’s talk about alternatives.


Let’s reenact in assassination.

Sorry, kids, no.

Dustreal espionage.

Not something we’ve talked about a lot

and it is one of those things
I find incredibly interesting

because it’s two companies
and they’re stealing secrets

and selling secrets and it’s
espionage, but it’s not like spies.

It’s like normal people
could do this kind

of espionage, which
I think is really cool.

So a man was fired in 2022.

Let’s get back to the
whole history of this thing.

He was fired for stealing
suspicion of stealing data.

from a glass bottle manufacturer.

So what they do is in Japan,

this Japanese company they
create ultra light glass bottles,

glass being easier to
recycle and it was ultra

light, you can make more
bottles from less glass.

This could be valuable
because you could see things like

plastic bottles being made more
illegal in the future or difficult.

So a very light glass could
be the next stage in sort

of the environmental gains
that they’re making in them.

We sold this to a Chinese competitor.

He joined the Japanese company 2003.

In 2013 to 2017, he was
part of the overseas team

as an interpreter and they
suspect he stole the information

from the company in 2016 as
he was working for an interpreter

in China and then would have
had sort of deeper connections

with some of the Chinese
employees that he was working with.

Maybe they would have
convinced him to do it.

He was fired because of his suspicious
connections to the Chinese in 2022

and around the same time, 189.6
million yen was sent to his wife’s company

where she is on the board of director
and they didn’t really explain why.

So what they think this
guy working for this company,

this glass company, stole the information,
gave it to the Chinese company.

The Chinese company
paid the wife so they didn’t

go directly to him in
the hopes of hiding it.

But that 189 million
yen is pretty noticeable.

They was caught pretty quickly.

So I want to see how this plays out.

And I actually, again,
very, very interested in

what is the punishment
for corporate espionage.

No one is physically hurt by them.

The secondary issue is
that the secrets already

out there, that Chinese
company has a secret.

So they could put this Japanese
company out of business, possibly,

if they utilize that information
for the best of their abilities.

I’m going to be watching this story.

I’m hoping we get more
information where it comes out

in the future, because
this is really interesting.

Johnny and Associates, we’ve hit this
one in the last three weeks in a row now.

They had a press conference.

And in the press conference, they’re
going to deal with some of the issues

that have been coming up like, OK,
what are we doing with our company?

We’re going to change
it to smile, up, company,

and they’re going to deal with restitution
for the victims of the sexual assault

that have happened
over the last 20, 30 years.

They need to have a press
conference and answer some questions.

So turns out they made a
blacklist of outlets and reporters.

They will not talk to, because nothing shows
how much you want to repair a situation

that might be like, oh, yeah, we
want to be open and transparent,

but we’re not talking to you
or you or you or this company.

We want to redress
past issues, but if we’re

not going to talk about
specific past issues,

the list, so this company called FTI,
they put together the press conference.

They are sort of the promotion company,
the organization that’s putting this

press conference together.

They say that Johnny’s didn’t
have a part in making the list,

which I think is almost impossible, because
how would they know which companies

or which reporters to
not allow to ask questions?

Unless there’s just like, oh, this
guy from the industry of Japan

has a reputation for
asking the hard questions.

Let’s just put him on a blacklist.

But you know, Johnny’s
must have had some input as

to who would and would
not ask the worst questions.

They claim that the list was made so that
the press conference would run smoothly

with the limited time the venue was
available, which I think is absolute bullshit.

I mean, it’s all bullshit, of course.

They’re just trying to get
out, dig themselves out of

this hole, but of course
you do this kind of stuff.

What you’re doing is showing
is how deep the hole is.

The press conference had a
one question per company rule.

So if you had three
reporters from one company,

all three of them could
only ask one question

didn’t matter how
many people were there.

Some reporters started shouting
out because they weren’t being picked.

So these were probably
the reporters on the blacklist.

So they accidentally showed some
guy a reporter that there was a blacklist.

And he, of course, then went and reported
it and now it’s caused a big problem.

Maybe Johnny and Associates needs to
just change the whole attack from, okay,

we not only were we were sexually
abusing people and trying to cover it up,

maybe we should just
stop trying to cover

stuff and try to deal with it
and try to make the world better.

Now, now let’s just
keep going down the path

you went down before
because it works so well.

Two Portuguese people
tried to get into Japan.

They had 1.8 kilograms
of cocaine wrapped in

plastic wrap in small
balls inside their body.

They didn’t say, oh, no, they did.

They did.

They swallowed them.

So what they did is they took
the 1.8 kilograms of cocaine.

They wrapped it into 15 gram balls
wrapped in, so ran wrap or plastic wrap.

I have an issue with that.

Like I could swallow a lot of stuff.

I didn’t know how it does say.

They were 4.5
centimeters long and 2

centimeters wide, so
you could swallow that.

That’s pretty big.

It’s a big pill.

This thing like a big, big pill.

The plastic wrap I feel like would stick.

That’s all.

And plastic wrap isn’t sealed.

That’s the other issue.

I got a couple issues with this.

I know the condoms, if
a condom break, if you

fill a condom with
cocaine and you swallow it

or put it in your body
and it explodes, you die.

I guess they’re hoping that
not many of these will explode.

What I really wanted to know was how many
pills or tiny balls of cocaine that is.

So at 1.8 kilograms
divided into 15 gram balls,

that’s 120 balls total
between two people.

So that’s about 60 balls each.

They got caught in the
dumbest way possible.

So I’m not a great drug mule.

I’ve never done it before.

I could call myself inexperienced.

I was going to become
a drug mule and you’re

like, “Okay, Peter, I want you to
swallow 60 pill-sized balls of cocaine.”


We’re going to fly you
into another country.

When you get to the customs, you’re
going to say you’re here for tourism.

All right, I’m ready.

Let’s go.

Then the customs guy got suspicious.

And he got suspicious because
they said, “We’re here for tourism.”

And the customs guy was like,
“Where are you going to visit?”

And they didn’t know any tourist places.

And I’m thinking, Japan is a
very famous tourist destination.

Like you don’t need to
have learned much about

Japan to know some of
the tourist destinations.

Like I want to go to,
and then he’s just one of

the first things that
comes to my Mount Fuji.

I want to go to Shibuya.

I want to go to where the
Yakuza games take place.

Because like all this nerd
stuff is completely valid.

What is it?


I want to go to, yeah,
I want to go to Osaka.

I want to go to, it’s very
easy to start naming stuff off.

I didn’t do any research.

I didn’t think about it.

Standing in front of a
customs officer, you know

they ask, “Oh, a tourist,
what are you going to do?”

You say a couple of
places and they’re like,

“Fine, I want to go to a
traditional Japanese hot spring.”.

The amount of research
you would have had to

do to get that question
right is non-existent.

If you’ve heard of Japan, you
could just say a place in Japan.

I want to go to, go
to, to look at a temple.

And you’re home free.

You’ve now taken your 60 balls of cocaine.

You poop them out.

You pick them out of the toilet.

It’s not a funny evening.

But street value of
43.77 million yen, it

was worth doing a
little bit of homework for.

You have lost that much money
and you’re probably going to jail.


Because you wouldn’t do
your eight minutes of homework.

This is maybe revealing
your personal issue I’m having.

It’s not right now.

It would not be an episode in Engineers
Japan without some creepy stuff.

I mean, this was actually one
of the creepier ones this week.

I did, again, I cut out
some of the ones with

some creepy teachers and stuff
because they just weren’t pretty valuable.

They weren’t interesting.

You 63 year old man was arrested
for giving a teen girl a note on a bus.

I could stop there.

You know it gets grosser, but I could
be like, I leave it up to your imagination.

Let your imagination run wild
and see how your brain ends up.

Okay, the note said, Oji-San
will teach you sex education.

It says more than that.

Oji-San for those of you
who don’t speak Japanese

would be like old man or
uncle, that kind of thing.

The Oji-San will teach you sex education.

So this, to me, indicates I was interested
in the note itself in the contents because

it shows what kind of brain space
he was in when he was writing it.

He knew that he was going to be
targeting young to underage girls.

Let’s grow with 17.

He’s 63.

That’s a pretty big age gap.

So he used Oji-San on
purpose because he knew

he as an older man was going
to be talking to younger women.

So he had a target in
mind when he wrote this.

No, which again, pre-gross.

He hasn’t even done the gross thing yet and
he’s already like in the gross mentality.

The note continues.

I used to direct adult videos.

I used to be an actor.

Now it doesn’t say an
actor in adult videos,

but I’m going to connect to those
two and assume that’s what he meant.

He is trying to, I
guess, show that he is

physically capable,
adept, skilled at these acts

in the hopes of enticing the
young woman to untact him.

He did include his contact
information in the note.

So I do have one question.

Was this note typed out?

They sit down on the
computer and type it up

and then print out
multiple so you could just

hand them out a random
or did he write it out

and then just plan
to give one girl a thing.

A statistical odds thing here, right?

If he gives it to a thousand girls,
maybe one will answer in a positive way.

But if he just had one,
he had to like pick the girl.

So there’s a different feeling there.

Both gross, but a difference in sort
of what his, his, his tack was in this.

Including his contact
information may have been his

downfall because the young
girl on the bus took the note.

She went to the police and said,
this gross old man gave me this letter.

This is his phone number or
his other like his email or so.

Please track him down
and have him arrested.

And that is exactly what the police did.

So do I need to give advice on this one?

Don’t include your contact information, but
now the guys like sitting there going like,

but if I don’t get my
contact information, how

is she going to contact me
for all the crazy weird sex?

So you have created
a dilemma for yourself

in that you should have grown
up and realized this was a bad idea.


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We have so much cop news.

I sometimes try to get stories
and I put them into a theme.

I try to put thematically
related stories together.

This in cop stories come up every week.

Cops are always either arresting
people or getting into trouble.

Either way, it’s exciting
and interesting, but

this week was just
overwhelmingly cop news.

I was like, do I do cop
news first or seconds?

I’m going to go with cop news
and then random news at the end.

I don’t know why I enjoyed this so much.

A cop from Shizuoka.

Shizuoka is up here in Japan.

For those of you
listening to the actual audio

podcast, I just put my hand up
in the air and waved it around.

You actually didn’t miss
anything by not having the visual.

Shizuoka cop was arrested for
kicking a Tokyo cop in the face.

I’m always interested
when cops get arrested

because they have to
get arrested by other cops.

That’s a big thing.

I always have this expectation that
cops know how to not get arrested.

Literally one of the
reasons I would join law

enforcement is to
improve my criminal skills.

If I was going to be a criminal, the first
thing I would do is become a cop and learn

the ins and outs of copness
and then start committing crimes

using my intelligence to use
the system against the system.

This is a smart way to do crime.

The engineer’s Japan has
once again quickly descended

into advice for criminals and
how to be a better criminal.

You can see what I would
like is to be the best criminal.

I saw a thing.

It was in America.

I don’t know if this is true everywhere.

They have standards for police officers.

One of the standards was there was
actually an upper level of intelligence.

You take an IQ test and if you
score too high, you can’t be a cop.

That was a new story somewhere.

The reasoning behind
that was interesting

because what they’re
saying is if you’re too

smart and you become
a cop, what will happen

is you’ll get bored or
you’ll do what I think

about and be like,
“Oh, I could manipulate

the system and commit crimes
effectively and not get caught.”

Very much Lee, very much Lee,
Trump has infected the way I speak.

Very much Lee abused
the system and out with

the cops who are chasing
you because A, you know them.

B, you understand how they work.

You understand the rules they work within.

Lee, most importantly,
you are smarter than

them because you scored
higher on the IQ test.

I don’t know how true or real that is.

It was an interesting, it was
a new story from ages ago.

It may have just been
in this one town, but

it informs my belief
of the intelligence level

of police officers
overall, which is not true

because actually a bunch of
cops I know are really smart.


So, I guess my real
world experience and the

Internet information
I’ve received don’t line up.

I should correct my real world view.

That being said, hmm.

So anyways, Ashizuoka-Kob
is in Tokyo drinking.

He calls Ashizuoka-Kob’s backup.

Something’s gone wrong.

He calls for backup.

Cops from Tokyo, Tokyo Metro
show up and they start to help him.

They respond to this call from
one of their brethren for help.

There are no details
given about what transpired,

but then the Tokyo
cops end up fighting

with Ashizuoka-Kob, who
ends up kicking them in the face.

Now, kicking them in the face is broad.

This was to me, one
of the more specific

things I wanted to,
what kind of kick was it?

Was he down?

Was he standing up?

Did he do like a flying spin kick?

Was it backwards, bicycle kick?

Was it like some cool
type one, those stuff?

I don’t know because they didn’t tell us.

When they say no details, we need details.

We need details of the kick.

The action scene needs
to be built in my head.

This Shizuoka police officer was
arrested for obstructing official duties.

Now, you might say that,
“Hey, obstruction of business

and obstructing official
duties are not the same thing.”

Actually, it falls under the same law.

I’m counting obstruction
of official duties

as an addition to our
counter for obstruction

of business because it is
the same law, same rule.

Official duties and
your business, your

business being your
official duties is in fires.

I’m concerned is the same thing.

The counter did go up just one just then.

A cop, opposite guy, two cops are on
bicycles and they stop a guy at one a.

They’re like, “We’re
going to question them.”

He flees on his bicycle.

He’s a bicycle chase.

You don’t get bicycle chases anymore.

Bicycle chase only
lasts for 200 meters,

which I remember doing
the 100 meter dash as a

kid and it was basically the driveway
up to my school was 100 meters.

I know 200 meters is not that far.

They probably went like what?

Two, three blocks maybe.

This criminal wasn’t
dedicated to the chase.

The cops were relentless.

They’re bearing down
on him and their bicycles.

After 200 meters, you know what?

I’m going to stand and fight.

I’m going to be the man.

I know I can fight off two cops at once.

It can be awesome.

He pulls out a wooden
sword and starts

swinging it at the police
officers while at the

same time trying to
grab their gun out of

their holster so that I
assume he can either

hold them or use their
gun against themselves.

The other cop, the
problem here is taking

on two people at the same time and
they have guns and you have a stick.

The wooden sword,
wooden sword sounds more

impressive than big stick,
but what it is is just a big stick.

They have practice training swords.

They’re just pieces of wood.

They’re used for basically practice
flicking things or hitting things.

They don’t have a sharp edge or anything.

If it’s the one I’m thinking
of, it’s a solid piece of wood.

There’s a kendo stick
that is four pieces of

bamboo put together and
it makes it really loud sound.

That’s the ones they
practice with and they’re

really cool, but they
don’t technically hurt.

They don’t hit with anything.

Like you could get a meter
stick and two or four together.

You’d basically have
one of these kendo things.

They don’t, okay, yeah,
they’re staying if they hit

your skin, but they’re not
going to like damage you.

They’re not going to hurt you.

The solid piece of cedar,
let’s say, is going to hurt.

It’s not a baseball bat size, but
it’s a baseball bat kind of action.

It’s going to hurt.

So I think that’s probably where
they have when they say wooden sword.

He cop shoots three warning shots at
the man’s feet and hits him in the leg.

So we don’t actually know
if he meant to shoot him.

I bet he sort of did.

They gave a warning, a verbal warming.

They gave a verbal warming.

They said, hey, buddy,
let’s just hug it out.

Now they gave a verbal
warning, put the big stick down.

And the guy’s like,
no, I’m going to hit you

with my stick and I’m
going to steal your gun.

I’m going to shoot at your legs now.

Pew, pew, pew.

One of those hits him in the leg.

I’m assuming he shot him on purpose.

The two warning shots
and then the third one

was like at his body or the cops
like he knows I’m such a bad shot.

There’s a kill three at the ground.

One might hit him.

He was arrested for
obstruction of official duties.

That tracks.

This was interesting though.

Last week on Seamig B.

I was actually sort of mentioning media
awareness and how one of the things I do for

the engineers,
Japan, is find multiple

versions of the same story to try to
make sure that I have my facts straight.

I am not an investigative journalist.

I’m essentially a commentator.

I get news.

I read the story and I give you
sort of a summary of the news or

the interesting bits and then I
give you some color commentary.

That’s the bit you enjoy.

That’s why you come back here.

That’s why we’re friends.

I know that.

I get that.

We’re good.

But I do want to make sure that I’m
as honest and accurate as I can be.

I found a different
story on a different

news story on the same story and
some of the details were significant.

The first one said big
wooden stick, wooden

sword, he took it out
and tried to fight the cops.

The second one said
knife and saw which gives

a very different
atmosphere to the conflict.

So if a guy comes at me
with a big wooden sword,

I am threatened but I actually don’t
think my life is in danger in any real way.

I think I can probably
take him if I’m a tough boy.

I like to think myself as a tough boy.

A guy pulls out a knife and a hacksaw.

I’m thinking this dude’s
unhinged my life is in danger.

So shooting him three times in the leg,
shooting him two warning shots and shooting

him once in the leg makes a lot
more sense in the second version.

I am looking for a
third or fourth version

of this story to confirm
what was pulled from

the Rucksack that the
guy attacked the police with.

Because to me that changes the story.

The first one, almost
whimsical in the idea that you

could take a big wooden
stick and fight two cops.

The second one, knife and hacksaw,
you are now shifted to psycho mode.

And that psycho mode
is such that I’m not

messing with you, I’m
going to put three in your

leg if I can, put you
down on the ground and

then arrest you for
obstruction of business.

On the other side of
the police spectrum, an

unemployed man, a
taxi to the police station.

And he arrived at the police station.

He says to the taxi driver,
“Hey, what does it cost?”

The taxi driver says it costs $1,410.

So let’s say $15.

Yes, sorry, I have no money.

Let’s go in and get me arrested.

Clearly, that was the
plan from the whole time.

So he had brought extra
clothes for his stay in prison.

So really the question
is, why would he do this?

Why would you get in a taxi
knowing you can’t pay the fare?

Get the taxi to take
you to the police station

where you will be arrested
or refusing to pay the fare.

Knowing that you brought extra clothes, the
suspicion no one actually has said anything

yet is that he was
actually wanted to get

arrested so that he
could get food and shelter

for a while, which is a
really sad state of affairs.

Like that, it’s funny at first
because of how organized it is.

But when you think
the reality of the

situation, this guy was
dealing, I actually feel

a lot of sympathy for
him, I feel really sad.

And now I feel like maybe I
shouldn’t have done that story if

I wanted to keep sort of the
humor aspect of the podcast going.

The humor falls apart
when you get into real

life and you’re like, “No, poor guy just
wanted to play sustained some food.”.

This I can see being
an issue with the aging

population in Japan where the people who
haven’t prepared for retirement properly.

I’ve heard of this story before.

So it’s interesting to see how
often it will actually happen.

The guy was arrested.

They don’t actually
say if they put him in jail.

Here would be the
saddest thing for me is if

he goes up to the cops, he’s
like, “I just took a taxi here.

I didn’t bring any money.

I refused to pay my fare.

I want to get arrested.”

And the cops are like, “I’ll pay the
fare for you and just let them go.”.

Then weirdly, that is actually
one of the sadder outcomes

of that story is he’s just
left out on the street again.

A 40-year-old woman was skating.

So they actually called
her a 40-year-old skater girl.

Or maybe I wrote that down.

I wrote 40-year-old skater girl.

I think you hit your 40s.

It’s not really tend
to be referred to as a

girl anymore, but at the
same time, you know?

She’s clearly got a
youthful jwazaveef going on.

She was called noisy and
she seemed to be drunk.

Some guy called her
noisy and she grabbed a

construction cone,
bumped the guy in the head.

When we get to non-life
threatening forms of

violence, I find them
incredibly entertaining.

I just, okay, so they
don’t give any details.

They say, “guy was in the
park, ladies in the park skating.

She’s probably drunk.

She’s making a lot of noise.

The guy calls her noisy.

She grabs a construction cone.

I assume skates up behind him, just
cracks him in the back of the head.

With the plastic nature of the
construction cone, I can’t get me a cone.”

Yeah, more like that.

It would make this pop sound
that I would find really funny.

I used to skate when I was like 15, 16, 17.

I mean, like that.

I was so serious about skating.

I thought I was going to
be a professional skater.

I was very good.

I didn’t have a breadth
of skills, but the few

things I could do, I
could do really, really well.

I actually thought I was going to move
to California and skate for Dogtown.

My hero is not as helpless.

I should actually look up
and see how he’s doing.

He had the highest vertical all-e
in all of skateboarding at that time.

The record may have
been broken, but that was

something I could do,
so I kind of idolized.

This is the guy I want to be.

Had four of his
skateboards or five of his

skateboards over the course
of my skateboard career.

So this lady bonks a guy with a
traffic cone, people call the cops.

They actually said she was throwing
bottles and cut someone’s leg.

This could be a more
serious version of assault.

I think the bonking might not be that bad.

I think you get a good talking to.

You know, you hit someone with something.

I bet the police would arrest you for that.

But I can’t see you getting any jail time.

Cutting someone with a broken glass.

Not on the other hand.

That’s sort of a step up and
you’re getting more serious.

Just the in your 40s,
getting drunk in the

parking skating, and
then getting violent with.

people, that’s not a good way to be
taken on the next phase of your life.

I had one more cop story.

Maybe I can swap it.

This was terrifying to me, this cop story.

Not a police officer was
forced to confess and

then to false charges
and he went to court.

He sued the police
station and he won $21,000.

They have to pay damages of $3 million.

He was actually looking for $8.2 million.

The interrogations he
underwent were considered illegal.

So what happened?

The quote from the
mighty chief is, “Police

persistently press the
officer to make a confession

as if to make up for weak evidence.”

So basically they’re
saying, “We didn’t have

enough evidence to
prosecute him properly

so we wanted him to
confess so they just brought

him in for confession
again and again and again.”

He was repeatedly
interrogated almost daily between

February 28th and March
8th for up 7 to 10 hours a day.

This is, he hasn’t been arrested.

He’s been brought into a
room and they’re like, “We need

you to confess to this
crime that you’ve committed.”

He’s like, “I didn’t commit this crime.

We’re going to go for 7 to 10 more
hours every day until you confess.”.

And in February, it’s like a week they
were doing this 7 to 10 hours a day.

That’s insane.

A detective with a
pre-factual police is first

investigation division
coerced him into making

confession telling him, “There’s no one but
you who could have done it and we’ll arrest

you as many times as possible
by delving into various charges.”

We’ve talked about this before.

Police in Japan, they can arrest
you and hold you for basically 20 days.

So the cop knows this and each
charge means another 20 days.

So let’s say this is actually about
bullets went missing in the police station.

So let’s say it’s five bullets.

That would mean they
could hold him for 20 days,

20 days, 20 days, 20
days, 20 days, 100 days.

It’s basically that we’re
going to arrest you.

We’re going to hold you for 20 days.

Well, that charge didn’t hold.

Okay, walk out.

We’re going to charge you
again for the second bullet.

We’ll hold you for 20 days
and they can do that endlessly.

So the cop knows this
and he knows they will

do it, especially with
you have this detective

standing there telling you
this is what we’re going to do.

So we’re going to force you to confess.

So he ended up confessing.

The court criticized
police saying they

drove the man into a
corner by denouncing

his personality and
using insulting language.

So they’re basically really rough with him.

The ruling stated that
such harsh interrogations

go beyond socially
acceptable bounds at our legal.

It also recognized the link between
interrogations and the officers depression.

So the officer suffered depression.

He had to quit.

He’d been accused of this
crime that he said he didn’t do.

I mean, it’s just a nightmare.

This is where Japan goes
from being your fun anime

wonderland to literally
dystopian nightmare in one step.

Because one day you’re
out having a good time

with your anime and
you’re drinking in public

and you’re maybe bonking
people with traffic cones.

Then next thing you are, you’re
in an interrogation cell for 20 days.

You got eight charges because
they rack up obstruction of business.

You touch an officer.

It’s assaulting an officer and
that’s also obstruction of business.

That’s three charges
like knowing the tiny, tiny

bit of live learned from
doing the the entire thing.

I know how to stack charges in order to
hold you for the maximum amount of time.

Make your life miserable.

You’re going to lose your job.

You’re probably going to lose a
huge chunk of your personal life.

And there’s nothing you can do about it.

It’s perfectly legal.

This case shows that
if you can bring it to

light, the courts recognize that this is
too much, but they haven’t done anything to

actually address the issue of
trying to get cops to stop doing it.


We’re off cop news now.

Climate change.

People have argued that
climate change is not real.

Again, C-McB last week.

One of the clips I played was one
of the, it was the presidential debate.

I don’t know if it was CPAC
or something, I don’t remember.

The one dude said the
climate change agenda is a hoax.

Let’s give you some real world data now.

Nokia had 30 degrees Celsius
or more every day in August.

That’s a first.

They started keeping
track of heat temperatures

in 1875 at no point
between then and this

last month that they ever had a full
month of 30 degrees Celsius weather.

That’s not even, that’s the minimum.

Every day was at least 30 degrees
Celsius most days were more.

Last year they had 21
what they call hot days.

This year we had 22
extremely hot days, extremely

hot days are 35
degrees Celsius or more.

I know some of my American listeners
are not going to know what Celsius.

So let’s do.

I’ll see you.

Fahrenheit converter.

The 30 degrees Celsius
is 86 degrees Fahrenheit.

35 degrees Celsius is
95 degrees Fahrenheit.

That is really hot.

Taking to account that Japan is
particularly humid in the summer.

It’s actually the humidity that
actually causes a lot of heat stroke.

You sweat.

I walk a 15 minute walk from
my house to the train station.

In that amount of time I start to
sweat and like literally dripping sweat.

That’s no exaggeration or joke.

I know I’m prone to exaggeration.

Dripping sweat off my body.

That’s not like I’m not exerting myself.

I’m not trying to get there quickly.

I’m just walking.

From July 6th to August
31st they had 57 consecutive

hot days which is
terrifying and ridiculous.

I’m sorry.

You can argue climate change.

Oh well this is the natural
change or something.

No man this is sped up way too
much for it to just be like a trend.

There have been two stories about
driving structures in the last week.

One story is actually quite interesting.

There’s a driving school
and what they want to do

is make you understand
what it is to drive drunk.

They actually offer this course
where you do a course so it’s

like a slalom and maybe an
S-turn or something like that.

It’s a little course you have to drive.

You drive it sober and then
you go off and have cocktails.

I think you have a beer or
some shochu or something.

Then you get legit drunk.

They ask you how you
think you’re going to do.

You go back and do the course and
they can tell you what you did wrong.

You went too fast.

This is how you’re driving a change.

You can experience it
which is really interesting.

Then this story comes
up a driving instructor

arrested for groping a
woman during a lesson.

Police in Sapporo,
that’s the North part of

Japan, arrested a 65
year old driving instructor

on suspicion of allegedly
sexually molesting a

woman in her 20s while she
was taking a driving lesson.

Around 2.30 pm on August
14th during the lesson

at the driving school’s
course, the instructor

asked a woman to stop and
then groped her upper body.

The woman filed a complaint
with the police the next day.

The driving instructor said he’s quoted as
saying he didn’t indecently touch the woman

but gave her a shoulder massage
because she looked stressed.

This is an interesting
thing for me because I’m

sure she looked stressed
because she’s doing

a driving test and maybe she’s
struggling with the concept of driving.

You decide to start massaging her.

If it was not requested,
if it was not welcome,

maybe the nicest way to
say it, that is sexual assault.

So this guy has the
problem that I think

all old men have where they don’t
understand that you need consent.

Consent isn’t a thing when
he was a kid, I think, in Japan.

Consent is someone actually
wants you to do something to them.

So if someone looks
stressed and you just walk up

and start massaging
them, that is sexual assault.

This guy is using that
his admission of sexual

assault as his excuse,
which I find very entertaining

because he doesn’t seem
to, I bet he doesn’t realize.

He’s actually just told on himself.

He’s just ratted himself out.

Anyways, we got to be
careful about driving schools.

All right, last one for today.

The Sanjo taxi corporation
during the pandemic was struggling.

So what they do, what does
any Japanese company do?

This is again, this shows for the wild
variations we go through in Japanese society.

You have the previous
story was about consent

and the change that
you have to understand

that you have to give
consent to do something.

But then also in the same
breath, we’re going to have what

a company does to try to
like revitalize its corporation.

But at the same time, that of course
the end of the story is going to go wrong.

What does any Japanese
company do when they’re struggling?

They create an idle
division called the

Sakura team of all
female taxi drivers in all

their 20s and so they have them
post on social media and stuff.

They have them sort of
create this atmosphere

that if you take our taxi, you might
get one of these Sakura drivers.

It’ll be in the presence of a
woman who’s young and beautiful.

So again, you can see
the message there is

different from what you would actually think
from the previous story of what’s okay.

But I think this is a natural
instinct for a Japanese company.

So we’re having trouble.

So let’s get a young
attractive woman up there.

That’ll help.

One member gained
100,000 followers and then

August became the Sanjo City
hometown tourism ambassador.

So the city that they live in is like
this woman taxi driver is so successful.

If you have so many followers, let’s
bring her on as the town ambassador.

Everything’s good.

The taxi is getting good press.

The ladies getting good press.

The city is getting good press.

The CEO makes a tweet.

I guess they’re now called an X.

So you know, as soon as you say
that phrase, this is where it went wrong.

And he said how cute they are.

The problem is the picture he posted
was the ambassador biting a cucumber.

So a bit of sexual imagery there.

So again, this is
actually what they’re

selling by creating
the all female taxi fleet.

of young attractive women
who are on social media.

They are selling sex and
we know that sex sells.

The CEO is just saying
isn’t she attractive,

isn’t she cute with all
the things she does?

Now it’s on the Internet though.

So he if they just left it
alone, not done anything.

The CEO hadn’t made any
comments, hadn’t posted that picture.

Maybe if the lady
had posted the picture

herself, there wouldn’t
have been an issue, but

the CEO posted this picture
and said how cute she was.

He got blamed for sexual
imagery to lure male passengers.

The tweet was deleted,
then the account was

deleted, then it was
brought back with an apology,

then it was deleted
again, then the CEO had to

quit his job, and the
ambassador had to quit her job.

I don’t know how I
feel about all of that

because things are going well
for the lady, but she was selling.

Yeah, I don’t know.

I think I need other
people’s opinions so I

can kind of help gather
my opinion together.

Because the CD took
on this woman as the

essentially cultural
ambassador, and everyone was

okay with it, but it’s not like
she changed what she was selling.

She probably was eating a cucumber,
like a locally grown cucumber or something.

Assuming she didn’t do anything, I’m
going to try to hunt down the picture.

So when I actually
post this on the Internet,

they’ll have a picture up in the corner
of the lady biting a cucumber or not.

Or maybe I’ll just draw one.

Maybe this is where I should go.

Because Ninja News Japan is
not held to any actual standards.

For the video, I could
start drawing my version

of what I think the new
story image would look like.

I don’t have very good
drawing skills, which

is what would make that
actually good as in so bad it’s good.

But at the same time, I don’t know
if I have much time to draw pictures.

I guess I drew them throughout the week
and then just threw them up on the day.

That might work out.


If you go to San Jo City and you take
one of the Sakura taxis, you’re sexist.

(calm music).

Body Hair Confessions

(tongue clicking)

A gun without bullets is actually less
dangerous than bullets without a gun.

‘Cause a gun without bullets is just a brick
or a big chunk of metal, which you know,

it could be dangerous
if you hit someone with

it, but bullets are
still tiny explosive.

So you gotta be careful with your bullets.

A police sergeant went for lunch.

Let me turn off this.

(tongue clicking)

And you’d serve her for me.

Yeah, we’re good, okay.

A police sergeant decided it was
lunchtime, and he had his break,

and he went to a supermarket
by a bento or a pre-prepared meal.

Not muting discord, rookie.


Uh, yes, it is a rookie move.

The problem is I’m just so popular that
people are sending me messages all the time.

That’s really what it comes down to.


I actually think a lot of videos
are enhanced with the little bloop,

because it makes it seem
like people care about you.

I’ve changed my side up a bit.

You can see some of
my nerd stuff in the back.

So we have my nooka dark room.

I’ll introduce you to my
room before I continue.

I’m gonna start this story again.

We have the nooka dark
room that I spent way,

too much money for
how bad the alcohol is.

We have a dumba cook,
and then we have a little

warhammer 40K guy
that my friend made me.

Look at that.

He actually did a really good job.

You can get it in the right in the middle,
and maybe it’ll focus, it probably won’t.

I have to pull it back a bit.

You can’t see the details.

The whole point of these
things is the details, right?

So my friend that made that for me.

Since I have this space,

I ordered a touch coma, and
that’s gonna come, and then

in a couple months, I have
a slayer of a story coming.

Oh, hey.

So, that’s the excitement of this
space is going to now be my nerd space

because I figure that’ll
look good on camera.

Let’s start again with Ninja News Japan.


(electronic music)

That is probably the third or
fourth fall start I’ve had this morning.

What I wanna start with today is
to say, I want everyone to know that

the guns without bullets are actually
less dangerous than bullets without guns.

I’m really gonna get this
out there today in the world,

because the gun without bullets is
just a hunk of metal a brick essentially,

whereas bullets without
guns are still tiny explosives

that could explode in your
hand or face or anywhere else.

That’s bad.

Police Sergeant went to get lunch.

He went to get a bento, so
he went to the supermarket

and get a bento or
pre-prepared lunch, it’s very nice.

And some point during his trip to the
supermarket, he dropped a bag of ammunition.

Now, most people were
like, oh, he dropped his

ammunition, he lost his
ammunition, that’s really bad.

I’m like, bag.

For me, the optimal word in this, the
problematic word was bag of ammunition.

‘Cause it implies a loose bag of bullets.

A bag of loose bullets, I guess, is the
correct sentence I wanted to make just now.

Which to me just seems insane.

I always imagine bullets
is being very well kept.

So boxes with each one
standing up in its own little place.

Or, you know, like cowboys had a
belt in each bullet went into its own slot.

That is my image of how to
care for and handle bullets.

It seems, Japanese police
officers are, if not regularly,

irregularly, given hopefully
small bags of ammunition.

So on July 15th, this police
officer lost his bag of ammunition.

And I’m gonna say that a lot because
that’s the bit that blows my mind.

Then, noticed on July
16th, so the next day

he noticed, hey, my bag
of ammunition is gone.

My first thought when they said bag
of ammunition was actually Ziploc bag.

But the story employee who found the bag
didn’t know he was carrying live ammunition.

So it’s clearly not see through.

I’m hoping at least has Velcro on the top.

I don’t know, but they didn’t look in
the bag, which was kind of respectful.

I thought that was all right.

So he goes back.

The sergeant’s like, oh, I’ve
lost my bag of ammunition.

So he goes back, retrace his steps.

He goes back to the supermarket
and says, hey, did I drop a bag?

I’m gonna just leave out
of ammunition part here.

Did I drop a bag here in
the lost and found and go,

yeah, we do have a bag that matches the
description of your bag and he gets it back.

I don’t know how much
trouble you get in for for that.

But I always enjoy what I
learned things about rules in Japan.

I don’t know if this seems
other countries, but apparently

you’re giving your gun
an ammunition separately.

That sort of makes sense.

And Japan they use revolvers.

So again, my imagination, if you
said they gave him ammunition,

it would have been in
a box with each bullet

individually standing
up in foam or something

to make sure they don’t
bump into each other and go off.

Well, no, they give you a bag of ammunition

and then you’re supposed
to put the bullets in your gun.

And then you’re only supposed
to carry around your gun

with bullets in it as you go out
and do your duties during the day.

So he had decided it’s not
worth putting my bullets in my gun.

A, showing how safe a country Japan is

that this cop didn’t think
his gun needed bullets.

But B, shows how dangerous
it gets if you’re complacent

because he was carrying
around loose bullets in a

bag all day and then leaving
them in grocery stores.

They also come just stacked
on top of each other in a box.

I know that’s the
reality, but it just, I don’t,

I don’t want people to kill
themselves by accident or on purpose.

So it’s just weird.

It’s weird that people like
bullets are inherently dangerous.

That’s kind of my point.

So they shouldn’t be
handled all wheeling really.

A loose bag of bullets
seems like a bad idea.

So the reason for putting
your bullets in your gun

is that the gun actually
has a cable attached

to the police officer’s belt, which
means it’s very hard to steal a cop’s gun.

Now it’s still possible,
but it’s difficult.

If I just have a loose bag of ammunition

and someone grabs my loose bag of ammunition,
that’s actually quite easy to steal.

And then also they’re
actually if they have like a

safety zone the gun and
stuff is less likely to go off.

The secondary issue
is if this police officer

was in a situation where he
actually had to use his gun that day,

he would have been like, oh,
excuse me, incredibly dangerous,

Kremel who I need to
shoot right now, a timeout.

Let me just get my
little bag of ammunition.

I’ll just, I’ll take two.

Go, two bullets, let me
put them in my gun just now.

Okay, we’re now freeze.

I mean, that seems to be the
situation they were in in this moment.

He’s been reprimanded, fair.

But I know, I guess it is
nice that we live in a country

where cops don’t feel they
even have to load their guns.

So I actually just purchased a new car.

It’s very nice.

My old car will be recycled.

I just bought a new car, which is great.

Very excited.

It’s a hybrid.

I would want it to move
more, a little more greenhouse.

I want to do more, but there
weren’t charging stations and stuff.

It’s not really feasible right now.

It’s too bad.

My old car is going to be recycled.

Now recycled in Japan actually
means they’re going to fix it up.

Now what car runs fine is just
the taxation system in Japan

has made it so that after a certain
period, our car is 13 years old.

After a certain period,
the taxes are so high.

It’s actually cheaper to buy a new
car than to maintain your old car.

And so they take these old cars.

They fix them up.

They clean them up.

And they usually somewhere,
send them somewhere else

and resell them somewhere in Asia, usually
like Cambodia or Thailand or something.

You’ll see a lot of
secondhand Japanese cars.

It used to be also Russia, but not anymore.

Because of the export bands,
they’re now including used cars.

So last year, it was a luxury band.

So any luxury item from Japan
could not be exported to Russia.

Used cars were included if
they were 6 million yen or over.

So it had to be a pretty good luxury car

to be where 6 million
yen as a secondhand car.

This band has been expanded to any used car

with an engine over
1900 cc’s, hybrids, or EVs.

So any good car that could actually– you

could do stuff with
other than just transport

yourself is now not going
to be exported to Russia.

You can still get really,
really small compact cars.

But I’m assuming it goes engines.

You can’t turn into weapons of mass
destruction or like mount guns on them.

I don’t know the reasoning.

I figured if you’re going to do an export
band to a country, you just blanket band.

But then also, companies still
need to make their money and stuff.

So I’m a little torn.

I’m on all-in-nothing kind of guy
when it comes to let’s deal with Russia.

And honestly, I wouldn’t even
give him my under 1900 cc ex-ins.

Because who knows what
they’re going to do with them?

They’re clearly not in good
shape right now, mentally.


I don’t know.

Can you say a country is
not in good shape mentally?

Certainly the leadership.

What we’ll go with that.

OK, this was interesting.

I’m a content creator of sorts.

I create content by spitting into
this microphone on a regular basis.

Not bars, just flam.

There was an interesting
thing went up on the Internet.

And it was a creator who works
for Subaru Diata productions.

And they make Ultraman.

That’s kind of the most important thing.

And he went on the Internet
and he said, hey, big fans

of Ultraman, please don’t
send in your ideas to me.

Which is weird, because you’d be like all
the fans are very excited about Ultraman.

They send you all their
cool ideas for Ultraman.

You could use the ideas.

That’s the problem.

That’s actually the problem.

You’ve hit upon it.

The designer, one of the character
designers for Street Fighter,

came in and said, yeah, don’t send
in your design ideas, to Street Fighter.

And so this was almost snowballing.

All these other very serious professional
creators, I’m not one of those.

All those very serious professional creators
were saying, don’t send me your ideas.

The guy who’s in charge
of the Gundam manga,

he said he’s received
complaints in the past,

because he’s like a
fan is sent in an idea.

And then in some point, at some
later point, he’s done a similar idea.

Because again, we’re talking
about giant space robots.

How many actual ideas
are you going to have?

Well, I have an idea.

The giant space robot goes into space.

And if it’s another new giant
space robot, well, he did that story.

The guy who sent in that story
was like, hey, dude, you took my story.

You didn’t credit me.

You didn’t compensate me.

You didn’t even say thank you.

He’s like, well, I didn’t use your story.

We just happened to be in
the same genre of stories.

So the concern is that
if you send in your story,

and they don’t even
look at it, they don’t use it,

what’s going to happen is they will
hit on a similar story at a later date.

That similar story is going to be the
problem, because you might try to sue them.

So like, you took my
idea, you used my idea,

you didn’t compensate
me, you didn’t credit me.

I should now be considered a
professional, whatever thing I’ve sent you.

Be it writer, artist, or whatever.

I want my cut.

And so these creators,
these professional designers

and whatnot, they’re saying,
don’t send us your ideas,

because we just don’t want
that problem in the future.

Because let’s face it,
we get so much stuff.

We don’t even look at it anyways.

I have posted several video game ideas and
TV show ideas on the Internet in the past.

And let’s be very honest.

I will sue.


There was a– I– this
story’s not very good.

I actually only did this story because
of the name of the hair removal place.

There’s a male laser hair removal chain.

It’s mostly in Tokyo and Osaka.

It’s called Wolf Clinic.

I don’t know why I really enjoyed that.

A hair removal place
where their logo is like a wolf

howling at the moon covered in
hair, which made me think of werewolf.

And I’m like, ah, you’re a werewolf.

But you, if you do, laser hair
removal, you’re not a werewolf anymore.

But you still maintain the vigor,
the vitality, that is the werewolf.

Probably reading into it a
bit of being really honest.

They suspended services in April.

They have received 700 complaints.

I was interested also on the pricing.

The average cost for hair removal,
laser hair removal, is 210,000 yen.

So it’s like 2,000 bucks, let’s say.

It’s like probably 1,700,
something like that.

If you want, this one man was complaining

that he didn’t get his
total body hair removal.

So I was like total implies all the
hair in your body head, face, body.

But I’m assuming he
actually means like, chin down.

So his chest, legs, exciting areas.

How much does that cost?

There’s an interesting question.

How much does it cost to get all
the body hair on your body removed?

It’s 400,000 yen.

So hair removal, non-specific,
the average was 210,000 yen.

I’m assuming that’s going
to be like chest and back.

And I got, I got some, I got some
weird shoulder hair growing in.

I could get them laser off.

I’d be pretty happy about that.

The problem is the company’s
going into bankruptcy.

So a lot of these guys
might be, they paid to have

their body hair removed and they’re
not getting their body hair removed.

I, I feel some sympathy
but wolf body hair removal.

I was just a great name.

Speaking of great names, if you are named.

So I have a thing about when the
police give a nickname to a thing.

400,000, per session or
for a hundred dollars of

a 10-year-old, 10-year-old,
10-year-old, 10-year-old.

And I’m going to make
a, I’m going to make

a, I’m going to make
a, I’m going to make the

assumption that that
means multiple sessions.

So it’s like, they’re actually charging,
I guess, for a square inch of body.

So like you want to have your torso lazored,
that’s going to cost this much money.

You want to have your legs lazored.

That’s going to cost so much money.

That’s a crazy good deal.

Is it?

I don’t know.

I’ve never looked into hair removal.

Again, I just said I, I do it.

I have some really, I have
really gross chest hair.

This is now going to be a
confessional about my body shaming.

I have nipples.

That’s it.

That’s my confession.

I, Peter, of an engineer’s depend.

I have nipples.

I apologize.

I have like octopus hairs,
like the just little straggly ones.

And then I have like a patch in the middle.

I would actually love
to get those lazored off.

I was being honest.

I’m one of those white
people who has really thick

hair on his beard, losing my hair
up top and patchy hair on my body.

I don’t mind losing my hair.

I don’t really care about the beard.

It’s just okay.

It’s, it’s nice.

The patchy hair, if it was
even, if it was like consistent.


Patchy hair is gross.

I think we can all agree.

If I had the extra money, I’d go to wolf.

Well, I guess not because
they’re going bankrupt.

I would get some hair laser hair
treatment and get that, that taken off.

I was going to talk about a bear.

I’ve gone from wolves to bears.

There is a gigantic bear that is in
Hokkaido has been killing and eating cows.

Now that doesn’t apply if you say that way.

It’s eating the entire cow,
which I don’t think is true.

But it has 66, it has attacked 66
cows and killed 32, eaten most of them.

The bear is gigantic.

And they’ve given it a
name, OSO 18, so also 18.

And I don’t know.

I have this thing like when
cops give a criminal nickname.

That’s not usually as cool as the movies.

The comp hits our like $150
per session, and you need like 10.

Teets in the chat still on the hair.


Arm pits are like $150 per session
in the US, and you need 10 sessions.

That’s $1,500.

Just for your armpits.


I don’t know.

It couldn’t have been
$400,000 yen per session.

It must have been a block of sessions.

It just must have been.

Like I get, I didn’t look into
the actual programs they offered,

because they’re going
bankrupt, so I couldn’t

even get it even if I
was vaguely interested

for no nipple-oriented
reason whatsoever.

Let’s just be clear on that.

There’s a big bear.

The total cost for hair, laser removal for
a bear is way more than that of a person.

Because there’s nothing else to that story.

There’s just a really big
bear, and I really like bears.

Bears are cool.

Since we’re talking about big things, I’m
now trying to find– I’ll stop doing it.

No, don’t do it.

D-mailing is fun.

What I’m hoping the evolution of
this podcast would be, I tell a story.

We have a chat conversation.

I tell a story.

We have a chat conversation.

So please feel free to do it.

Because if the chat’s
no good, I can delete it.

Like that’s the editing
process for when this goes out.

So I have that power of
if it’s a fun conversation.

We have the fun conversation.

If it’s not a fun conversation, it’s going.

I mean, that’s just the beauty of editing.

As we can sit here and dick
around as much as we want.

I need to learn a certain
level of professionalism as well.

I need to learn to
know when to just power

through the story, and
then deal with the chat.

Whereas the thing is, I’m
actually all excited about the chat.

And I want to talk to
both at the same time.

So this is a skill I
need to teach myself is

when to do story, when
to stop, when to do chat.

Should I go back or
should I just keep going?

That kind of thing.

Ignatius called me a dick.

I assume the laser hairdreaming
for your dick is quite expensive.

2000 peaches.

So I’m helping.

Of course you’re helping.

You’re giving me a level of
enthusiasm I would not get by myself.

Even if I cut out all the chat
bits, the enjoyment level on my side

and the enthusiasm that
that would create goes up.

Hey, think about that.

That’s true.

2000 peaches were stolen
from a Fukushima orchard.

Of course they were stolen at night.

And I was just like, holy
shit, that’s a lot of peaches.

30 trees and the peaches
are very sought after.

If you know anything about
fruit in Japan, fruit in Japan

is very expensive, but
then they have special fruit.

They always have these areas
and this area is famous for apples.

And this area is famous for peaches.

These peaches would be worth.

2000 peaches would be
worth at least 650,000 yen.

It was weird to me.

I’m like, I guess you can’t
have orchard security.

Must be a really hard thing to organize.

Because they put up fences
and stuff, but I mean you

could just take a truck
and roll through a fence.

And now you have a truck in the
middle of the orchard with all the peaches.

You just gather as many peaches
as you can and drive the truck away.

It’s got to be really hard.

Last year or previous years we had
Apple theft stories and similar stories.

So it seems like this is an ongoing issue.

Police have stepped up
patrols because the actual

harvest time for peaches
is an August in Japan.

But they got a couple
weeks early and I guess

they’re going to hold on to those
peaches and then sell them in a later date.

They would have ripened
by then to a degree.

But this is actually
a… It’s weird.

I was like, how do you
protect your peaches?

Okay, the Abbeis assassination.

This mare of the town
had happened and he

was like, we should put
up a memorial statue.

And then the people in the town were
like, nah man, we don’t want a memorial

statue because we don’t really
want to be reminded that this

prime minister was assassinated
in our town all the time.

So, can we do something else?

And the man was like, ah,
the people are kind of right.

I protect my peach by wearing pants.

I am only being videoed
and chest up at the moment.

So who knows if my peaches
protected at the moment?

So the people in this town are
saying they don’t want a statue.

They don’t want a statue to Abbeis.

They don’t want to be reminded
that he was assassinated in

their town every single day
when they walk around this area.

So the man was like,
okay, we’ll compromise.

We put in a flower bed.

And then anyone who would
like to visit the flower bed could,

you know, put a memorial
thing there, you know, whatever.

People do when they have memorial things.

So one citizen was like, no, I want
the statue that was originally proposed.

I actually was like, this
is a very reasonable mare.

You had an idea.

He brought up to the people.

The people said no, he
didn’t go like, well, I’m the man.

I’m doing what I want.

He’s like, oh, I represent the people.

The people said they don’t want it.

I’ll do something else.

I think the flower bed is a very
good compromise because it does

give you a place to memorialize
this event and remember the person.

But it also doesn’t remind
everyone all day every

day that this terrible thing
happened in their town.

This is one guy was like,
nah, I want a big-ass statue.

So he decided that this would be the
appropriate way to change the mare’s mind.

Who do you think you
are opposing the erection

of former Prime
Minister Abe’s memorial?

I will send scumblike
you to the afterlife soon.

So I hope you’re ready.

That, if you haven’t figured
out already, is a death threat.

So you have a man who
was murdered in a town.

And then the mare said, I want to put
up a statue as a memorial to this man.

And the town said, we don’t
really want this memorial.

And he said, well, let’s find a compromise.

We’ll do something else that
can sort of keep everyone happy.

He finds that solution.

There’s one guy’s like, I don’t like that.

I’m going to kill you.

Would you think that’s a good idea?

Because the police don’t.

Also, he did it online from
his phone through a forum

that was like to give
feedback to the government.

So he was found pretty
quickly and arrested.

When it was arrested, he
said, I thought the mare would

change his mind if I
bombarded him with harsh words.

I have caused him a great deal of trouble.

Yes, you have.

You’ve actually, what you’ve
really done is caused yourself a great

deal of trouble because now you’re
being arrested for death threats.

Do you have ants?

I’m assuming in your
country you do, but if

you have ants in your
house, what do you do?

He actually did a very Japanese thing.

There’s this powder you put around.

You do like a border around your house.

I spent one morning just putting
this little… It looks like salt.

I don’t know if it’s pesticide
because it didn’t seem to do anything.

But you put this powder
all around the house.

You were supposed to keep the
ants from getting into the house.

They wouldn’t cross this border.

I can’t really explain what happened.

I guess it probably wasn’t
pesticide of some sort.

If you have a house that you own
and you’re fixing it up and you have ants,

you know the word saying that when you have
a hammer, everything looks like an ale.

I think I just said an ale.

I was in a beer.

That’s not correct.

When you have a hammer,
everything looks like an ale.

I assume this is applicable
to almost every implement.

So therefore, if you have a blow torch,
every ant looks like something you can burn.

So this man has a house.

He doesn’t live there.

It’s just his property and he’s
fixing it up and he sees some ants.

And he has a blow torch.

He’s like, “Huh, I know
how to get rid of these ants.”

So he starts blowtorching the ants.

Leaves the house weirdly the
house burns down that night.

The police and fire department show up.

They put out the fire.

No one’s hurt because again, no one
actually lives in this house at the moment.

Luckily, no neighbor’s house
is caught on fire as well.

The fire and the police
department, I really like this.

After they spoke to the
men, they are investigating the

cause of the fire despite the
fact that the man has admitting

to using a blow torch to
kill ants inside the house.

So your Ninja Ninja
Japan advice for today is

don’t use blow torch for
non-blowtorci problems.

That might be the title of the episode.

Okay, last story.

It sounds like a joke.

So that’s what got my intention.

The more I got into this story,
the weirder it was, which I did enjoy.

If former chief priest,
so I have a temple and a

private investigator
broke into a woman’s home,

the priest knew the woman and he
had sort of a one-sided love for her.

So she didn’t love him.

He loved her.

They broke into her house and
they stole 19 million yen and cash.

First of all, I don’t have 19 million
yen in cash to keep in my house.

I’m already a bit jelly of this lady.

The priest was in love with the
woman and he hired the private

investigator who says he
specialized in breaking up couples,

which I didn’t think was a subset of
skills that private investigators had.

So you could hire this guy to try to
break up couples in the hopes that you

can get one member of the couple
that you’re interested in to be with you.

So is that private investigation?

I guess you would need, if you want to be good at
breaking up a couple, you would need to do some private

investigating to find out what would break them up
in order to then implement a plan to break them up.

So I guess it could
fall into, this is like evil

private detecting, or at
least it certainly immoral.

So they broke into the house to steal the
money and then they were also breaking into

the house to steal back all the gifts that
the priest had given to the woman in the past.

So he’d been like, I love you.
Here’s a Prada bag. I love you. Here’s

a coach bag. I’m just using
bags. I know that ladies like bags.

And then they’re like,
holy, I’ve given this lady a

lot of bags and she hasn’t,
you know, put out yet.

I don’t know what he was
actually expecting. He hasn’t,

he hasn’t left her husband
for me because I gave her bags.

So, oh, my bags bags.
We bring in, they get the bags.

Or they actually say they only
say they got the money. So they look

for the bags. I bet the woman
was smart. I’ve just realized this now.

I bet the woman sold the bags. I bet
this is what Hostess is doing, Host Clubs.

This was a whole thing I
learned about. So let’s say

I’m a Hostess in a club and
I have many male suitors.

What I do is for my birthday, I say, I
want this very specific brand of Rolex.

And then three or four of the guys
will all give me the same Rolex because

I’ve been, you know, I’ve been
very specific about which one I want.

I like the serial number,
the code or whatever

it would be. And
the color, everything.

So I get the same watch three, four times.
I will keep one and wear it and say it’s the

one you gave me, the one you gave me, the one
you gave me, and I’ll take the three extras.

And I go sell them for the money. That’s
a good move. This lady probably did a lower

level of that where this priest was giving
her, I am going to assume unwanted gifts.

And she took those gifts
and she sold them. So that’s

probably why they didn’t
find the bags in the house.

But they did manage to find
19 million yen. Maybe she sold

them for 19 million cash and
that’s what they picked up.

They went back again. So this first thing to get
the money back wasn’t enough because the lady still

hadn’t broken up with her boyfriend or husband,
whoever it was. I’m pretty sure it was husband.

So they’re like, we got to, we can’t give up. So
the priest has an idea and he goes to the private

and he says, we’ll break into their house, we’ll
plant some marijuana. The husband will get arrested.

That will surely break them up. And then
I can swoop her off her feet with obviously

the massive amount of charm I have having
come up with these schemes in the first place.

So he’s, oh, I had the quote, if
you plant cannabis in their home, the

woman’s husband would get arrested
and the two would likely separate.

It is interesting that he assumes only the man is going to get
caught for marijuana possession because if it’s in the house, it’s

actually legally possible that either party is guilty. The woman,
I’m, you know, very egalitarian. I believe in equal rights.

So I also believe in equal ability to
commit crime. So as a cop, I wouldn’t

walk in and go, here’s some marijuana.
That man must have committed a crime.

I would be here some marijuana. There’s
two people who live here. At least one

of these people committed a crime. Maybe
even both. Maybe they smoke it together.

It will conceive of both.

This shows sort of the old style
thinking of these, these, these, at least

this priest former priest because of
course he’s in a bit of trouble right now.

So they got caught, they got caught for breaking into
the house once and stealing 19 million yen breaking

into the house a second time and planting marijuana and
even the possession of marijuana is illegal in Japan.

So it’s not only they had
to get it, purchase it, take it

somewhere and plant it. That’s
a whole series of crimes in itself.

This is one step away from a
romantic comedy movie. I’m just waiting

for the rights to come through and
then that’ll be my next big project.


I’m innocent

(upbeat music)

Okay, I’ve got a bit of
a new setup, so I have

to make sure, you know,
the mic volume is right.

I’m not hitting my P’s, the plosives
in the wrong spots and things like that.

But I think we’re okay,
so we’re gonna get started.

The boy who was in trouble last week,

17 year old Canadian
boy visits a temple in

Nara and decides,
“Hey, I have a good idea.

“I’m gonna take my fingernail,
I’m gonna carve my name.

into this temple from the year 710.”.

Which is just the dumbest thing you do.

My point last week was,

don’t carve your own name in it.

And then when they say
like, “Did you do this?”

They go, “No, no, that was some
guy called Justin Bieber, “not me.

“I think the kid’s name was Justin,

“so I guess I didn’t work
out if he put Justin in there.”

Ah, flaws everywhere, you gotta
think your plans through criminals.

So, what the temple decided
to do was put up a sign.

The sign is in English
and Japanese bilingual.

The problem is,

Canadian kids aren’t the only problem.

As we have the guy in Italy,
I forget where he was from,

there was a guy who was in Italy and he
carved his name into the call to see him.

His name was Ivan, but I don’t
wanna be so racist in the case.

I think he’s from Belarus, I don’t know.

Anyway, it doesn’t matter.

It’s not an exclusively Western
English problem to be dumb.

It is every country.

So you can’t put up the sign in every
country in every language from every country.


the priest from the temple said, “In the
future we would like to use pictograms,

“so people from all over the world can
understand, “which I think is a great idea.”

It says, “What is the
pictogram for don’t be a moron?

“Don’t damage the site, don’t carve
your name “into ancient temples?”.

I would be mostly concerned about curses.

You go in there and you
put your name on something.

and you put your name on the wrong thing.

You’re cursed forever.

I mean, that’s the first issue.

So another reason death note wise
to put someone else’s name on it.

Don’t stick your own name in an ancient
temple on any document and anything.

Maybe that wall you’ve written
your name on is the curse wall.

You don’t know because you’re visiting
the temple ’cause you’re not an expert.

If you were an expert, you would know

not to put your name on the temple.

This is this shows how
nice Japanese Buddhist

or Chinto priests or
whatever they are were

is they said, “This was
done without malice.”

I actually kinda disagree.

I think the kid knew it was bad.

That’s why he did it.

It is still regrettable and sad.

In Japan, if you damage
ancient stuff, I’m trying to decide,

should I go through all the
rules and stuff or make up,

get it’s kind of used my own
natural speaking languages,

you know, break an old shit,

the breaking old shit
law can be 300,000 yen,

which, wow, a lot of money
isn’t that much money.

Or five years in prison, that’s
on the other hand, is a lot of time.

So you gotta be real careful.

where you stick your name.

Again, I would be less
concerned about 300,000 yen

and way more concerned
about a curse on my eternal soul.

(upbeat music)

All right, so this is actually a big story.

It came up like five, 10 times
in different feeds this week.

And it’s because it’s a big deal.

It is something that
everyone loves story wise.

Certainly you don’t want this to
happen to you or someone you know.

False accusations, false arrests,
accusations flying back and forth.

Oh, it’s terrible.

But it is like the whole
true crime genre is based on

how we like to watch horrible
things happen to other people

and like just sit back with the popcorn.

A man was wrongfully
arrested in a revenge porn case.

A revenge porn is like, I
get newbie pictures of you or

naughty pictures of you and
meet together or something.

And I say, we’ve, our
relationship is sourdad

and I’m going to post them on
the Internet just to get back at you.

That is illegal in Japan.

I think it’s probably illegal in most
places, Japan’s taking it pretty seriously.

I’m assuming because it must
have happened a lot already.

Well, how did we get here?

A guy was harassing a woman.

He was threatening to take nude pictures
of her and post them on the Internet.

Now the pictures that he
sent to her via her Instagram.

were photoshopped.

Apparently, well, I guess, you know,
and the average person doesn’t care.

So she went to the police and like this
guy threatening to put pictures on me.

There were different accounts, but it was
clearly all coming from the same person.

The, some of the accounts
used this guy’s family name.

So she said to the police,
“This guy is sending me stuff.”

The police didn’t do
a lot of investigation.

They arrested him really quickly.

Now they said, because
of the urgency of the

case, we did not have
time to check the IPs.

The thing is, in total, they
held this man for 40 days.

In Japan, you can be held for 20 some days.

by the police without
actually being charged.

What they do is they have,

oh, we have this accusation.

We’re gonna hold you for 20 some days.

I think it’s 24 because of days
off or weekends or something.

It’s an odd number.

It’s not a number you
expect, but I’m just

gonna use 20 ’cause
that’s sort of the base.

Then he gets released and
they grab him again pretty

quickly saying like, oh,
there’s another charge.

We’re gonna hold you.

So they held this man for 40 days.

The whole time he’s insisting is innocent.

The problem is what a criminal is due.

If they listen to an incident in Japan,

they’ve learned that what you
do is like insist your innocent.

Don’t confess, make
the police do their job.

Problem is, you’re actually innocent.

You’re doing exactly what the criminals do.

So I had no intention of
uploading any revenge porn.

I don’t have any newty pictures of her.

The person sending the threats.

That wasn’t me.

What would a criminal say?

That’s what the police
are looking at you going,

what would a criminal say
in the same situation, buddy?

Exactly what you just said.
So we’re holding you.

40 days.

The lawyers for the guy,
they’re pretty accurate.

They’re saying this is hostage
justice to coerce a confession.

So I’m being held for
day after day after day.

I’m gonna lose my job.

I’m gonna have all these other issues.

I have no recourse.

If I want to solve this to end this,

confession is the fastest way.

They’ve had multiple cases in
Japan of people who have confessed

to crimes they didn’t commit
because of this very action.

The lawyers saying like, this is unfair.

It’s inhumane.

What I have learned, though,
and this is the part I actually do

enjoy about the
ingenuity of Japan is what

the things I learn
about police and justice.

And something people
need to know is that the

rules don’t, your rules
from home don’t follow you.

I’ve talked to several
Americans who seem to

think that American
law is international law.

Like they’ll talk about like they
have to read your, your Miranda rights.

And I’m like, well, Miranda
isn’t a thing outside of America.

So Japanese cops don’t
read your Miranda rights.

They just actually grab you
and take you and hold you.

Again, they don’t have to
actually charge you with anything.

It could be an accusation or a suspicion.

And they are legally allowed to
hold you for the 20 X amount of days.

And then they can do that for each charge.

So then they let you go.

And then as you walk
out of the police station,

they pull you back in and go,
well, we’re going to hold you

for another 20 days for another
charge, another accusation.

If we have 15 20 accusations, we
can hold you for 15 20 times, 20 days.

We just have to keep like
going through that cycle.

They can essentially
arrest you for nothing

for years if they have
enough accusations.

Like let’s say each email is
an accusation in this case.

They could hold him for
20 days for each email.

Now it turns out while he was being
held or while he was in one place,

uh, information was being
sent from another place,

that’s how they
realized this isn’t the guy.

But again, that would have been sort
of the first thing you should have done.

That’s actually part of checking IP
addresses when it comes to Internet cases.

And if they had done that right away,
they wouldn’t have held him for 40 days.

Maybe they would have held him for the
first 20 and maybe you could justify that.

But the second 20 days, it
doesn’t really hold up anymore.

And what I’ve learned though
is you can get 1,000 to 12,500

yen a day for each day
you’re held by the police.

Like if you don’t get actually arrested
for a charged with an actual crime.

The man who was falsely
arrested is asking for a senior official

to explain to his family
and go to his work

and explain to his work why he was
basically missing from work for 40 days.

So like this isn’t covered
in your time off policy.

Uh, you could lose your job because
they actually need you to come and do work.

This is one of the problems.

Weirdly, the police have stayed,

and this is we don’t believe there was
any wrongdoing on the prosecutor parts,

which of course is how the police think,
which is maybe one of the big problems.

But that’s also the
way the laws are set up.

So very technically they
haven’t done anything wrong,

but they’re also not held responsible for
interfering within innocent person’s life.

A group of youths,
which is an excellent thing.

I don’t want to use a group.

I want to have like a gaggle, a gaggle.

What would you call it?

A group of youths?

Uh, I was all about to say a conundrum,

but that just implies certain negativity.

I actually think youths are great.


a joy of youths.

Oh, that sounds nice.

Anyways, uh, in Japan,
adulthood used to be 20.

It’s now been taken down to 18.

These youths are now saying, well,
the rules say that if I want to run for

government, I have to be 25
or 30 depends on the position,

but let’s use 25 as our low end
to be like a perfectural governor.

You have to be at least 30 years old to
run for mayor or something else or a local

election. You have to be at least 25.
He’s like, well, if we’re adults,

then we should have adult rights,
which would be running for office.

Uh, I’m all for this.

Ninja Ninja Japan, if you listen for any
amount of time, I have complained multiple

times that we have way too
many 70 year olds in charge.

Way too many people who don’t understand
sort of the modern aspects of life.

Because they’ve been in
politics for the last 50 years.

So they only see politics in a certain
way and anything that’s come up in the

last 20 years, they don’t even
like think about it or consider it.

I think those guys need to be out.
I think we need some fresh blood.

I think youth is the way to go.

Would I vote for an 18 year old?
Probably not.

So again, this is where it
becomes a fair system, though.

Like if community in general thinks 18
is too young to be mayor of the city or

governor of the prefecture,
then they won’t vote for them.

But if the 18 year old is convincing
enough, people will vote for them.

So I think absolutely led 18
year olds run for office any office.

If the world at large things are too
young, they’re not going to vote for them.

It works.

But this is should be a legal right.

So a legal right.

So they’re filing with
the Tokyo district court to

be allowed to run for
office, certainly in Tokyo.

And I am 100% on board.

I hope they’re successful.

This goes to like drinking laws and stuff.

Everything’s just to be established
either in adult or you’re not an adult.

So like America, you’re an adult
at 18, but you can’t drink until 21.

What the fuck?

That doesn’t make any sense.

If I’m an adult and I can drive a car
and I can buy a gun and I can join the

military and I can kill people
on behalf of the government, I

think I should be allowed to
have a cocktail after all that.

But yeah, apparently their laws are
different and they don’t make any sense

to me.
Of course, here’s the other side of youth.

It’s nice to have a
balance between stories.

I do enjoy that.

There were four boys with motorcycles.

They’re driving around.

They’re like, you know what?

This is not exciting enough.

One of the four boys
is like, let’s call the cops.

The driver, there’s like
three o’clock in the morning.

What the kids do in
Japan, they’re in like a gang.

They drive on the wrong side of the road.

They go through red lights and they’ll
do circles around the intersection and

block traffic and they’ll be they’ll
ride like four or five motorcycles wide

so that no one can get past them and
there’ll just be shitty to other drivers.

If they’re out at three
o’clock in the morning.

And they’re like, this is not enough.

We’re causing trouble, but we’re
not getting all the attention we need.

Certainly not the attention we should
have gotten when we were younger,

which would have stopped
this kind of behavior.

Let’s call the cops on ourselves.

Now I have in my many years now of doing
the introduced Japan talked about bad ideas.

Calling the cops on yourself
and not expecting to get arrested.

It’s just a bad idea.

It just doesn’t make sense.

It’s not the way the world works.

So they call the cops the cops
show up and they get arrested.

Well, they all admitted to the charges
and they said we wanted to get the

thrill of luring a police
car and being chased by it.

And I guess you got that.

I don’t know how much
of a car chase this was.

It sounds like they got
taken down pretty quick.

Although in the news story, they
maybe have just cut that part out.

But at the end of the day,

don’t call the cops on yourself.

I think might be this week’s Ninja
News Japan advice for criminals.

In Japan, motorcycle, bicycle, sorry.

We just talked about motorcycles.

Bicycles are classified as light vehicles.

And therefore they must have a
belt just like a car must have a horn.

You could be fined though.

Well, there are some rules about
the bicycle belt that I didn’t know.

This is why I’m putting out this is
almost like a public service announcement.

Bicycles, you can, so
you’re riding a bicycle,

you could be fined
for continuously ringing.

You are a bell.

It’s a violation to ring the bell for fun.

So if you’re just feeling joyous
riding your bicycle and you’re thinking,

ding, ding, ding, yeah, 20,000,
you had to find for you, bitch.

It is prohibited to ring the
bell to get people who are

walking out in front of you,
like pedestrians out of the way.

So you’re riding, you
could ding a link, excuse me,

so I am passing through
20,000 in for you, bitch.

The thing is, I didn’t know this
law before and I know it now.

And I, couple times a week, do
quite long walks and there are a lot of

grannies out there who
do a lot of bicycling on the

sidewalk and they really don’t
want you to be in their way.

They feel like the sidewalk is their
personal highway and they ring the

shit out of their bell and
I’ve just learned that they

ring the bell at me for walking
20,000 yen for you, bitch.

There’s going to be a lot of
20,000 yen fines coming up.

And you just look out for me, grandma.

I’m coming for you.

And that’s the way it’s going to be.

Actually, probably won’t.

I bet by the time I call them
is not a police won’t show up.

This might not be worth it, but
if there is ever a problem, 100%

I’m trying to try to get
old lady pay 20,000 yen.

Not to me, unfortunately, but I’ll
maybe I could do super damages.

They don’t really do that Japan.

It’s too bad.

What do you do when you’re feeling lonely?

When I’m feeling lonely, I
get my little friend here, Dave.

I scratch him and we snuggle.

And that’s that’s really what Dave’s
purpose is, is to make sure that I

don’t feel lonely and go off the rails and
maybe call emergency services 2,761 times.

So I’ve never called
emergency services in Japan.

I’ve never had to lucky me.

That just means I’ve had a lucky life,
but also means I’m not lonely and bored

and thinking like, how
can I entertain myself?

I could ride around a motorcycle at
three o’clock in the morning, call the cops

and get them to chase me, or
I could just sit and over a two

year, nine month period, call
emergency services 2,61 times.

This lady was very, she
said the reason she did it

was she was lonely and I
actually find that quite sad.

I feel a little bad for
the lady because yeah,

she’s, she’s resorted
to this to get attention.

She’s got nothing going on.

And that’s a sad situation.

She would call up the fire department
and say, I have a stomach ache.

I took a large dose of
medicine, my leg hurts.

And she would ask the fire
department to dispatch some Ambulae.

Then when the ambulance arrives,
she would claim she didn’t make the call.

We just started out with a
revenge porn story where an

innocent man was held by the
police and abused by the police.

But this is the opposite
where the police are quite nice.

So it’s really, it’s tough because
I do want to give a balance view.

Most cops that I’ve met, I’ve known,
I’ve dealt with, have actually been

really good people and I feel like
they would never falsely arrest me.

And they would do a proper investigation.

But of course, that’s not everybody.

In this case, she was warned several
times to stop calling emergency services.

And she kept doing it.

And that’s why she’s in trouble.

Did learn about a scam.

There’s a lot of scams targeting older
people and it’s usually on the phone.

And what they do is call you and
try to get you to transfer money,

trying to pretend to be
a relative or something.

But those guys, if they
work in an office, it’s

actually quite easy to
track where they are.

A computer and stuff, IP
addresses, much like again,

our first story of the
day with a revenge porn.

So how do you deal with that?

You get in a car and from eight
o’clock in the morning to 8 P.M. at night,

you stay on the highway and that makes
it much harder for the police to find you.

They can’t ping cell towers as quickly
and it’s, it’s, you keep on the move.

You’re hard to catch.

This is actually some smart criminally.

The problem is if you’re working in 12 hour
shifts, they don’t want to stop the car.

So you got four or five people in this car.

You’re in the car for 12 hours.

You’re driving along the road.

You are pooing and peeping, peeping
in that car, which is really gross.

So I, I mean, I was thinking
about there were 50 cases

involved, which are total about
94 million yen and damages.

So 94 million yen, they’ve
scanned out away from people.

Is that is everyone in the car
getting an equal share of that?

I bet not.

I bet there’s a boss taking majority of
it and he’s paying these guys a salary.

When they say crime doesn’t pay,
this is kind of what I’m thinking about.

How much money am I getting paid to be
in a car for 12 hour straight to pee in a

bottle and maybe poop in
a bucket or something with

other guys in the other
guys are doing the same thing.

So this car is rank by the end of the day.

It is not a place I want to be.

How much money would you have
to pay me for me to do that willingly?

It would have to be a lot of money.

And I bet these low level criminals
are not getting the pay they deserve.

Which is why they should do denies.

I don’t think that’s going
to work out for anybody.

So this is the last interesting story.

This is public policy.

The mayor of Osaka has put
into place or he voted in a place.

He put it up.


He proposed a rule change and he

said that the this is
a really ballsy move.

I kind of like this guy.

He said that government officials
should get a public review and that

public review if it’s low enough,
they should have a salary cut.

So I learned that the mayor of
Osaka makes a million yen a month.

That’s 12 million yen a year.

The average salary is four
to five million yen a year.

So he’s making three,
four times more than

the average salary by
being mayor of Osaka.

Now that it’s actually less than
I kind of would have expected.

But I’m assuming to
get to be mayor of Osaka.

You already have funds elsewhere like
campaign or your rich family or backgrounds.

A lot of political people in
Japan, they’re institutional.

So like their parents were politicians
and their politicians, that kind of stuff.

So the way it’s going to work is they’re
going to do a survey of 3,500 residents.

And if you get a low enough number,
you get a 30% decrease in your salary.

Now you’re still going to be making
way more money than the average person,

but at the same time,
a 30% cut in your salary.

That that sends a message to anybody.

The current mayor has overwhelming support.

So that’s probably why he’s pretty confident
about this, but again, could change.

So I found that an interesting thing.

I think it’s a really nice idea.

I was thinking the way to really
make this effective because again,

you can use American
politics as the standard version

of politics because it’s
in the news all the time.

And it’s all very rich people.

I think if you get low enough
numbers, you should actually have your

personal funds reduced by X
amount of money and put that in.

So like a Trump, let’s say he’s in
office, he gets very low numbers.


X amount of money goes from his
personal accounts into just the tax system.

And he has to pay for
a system he doesn’t like.

So if it was a Republican
and they get a low

score, they have to
pay for social services.

If it’s a liberal.

conservative Republican and Democrat, whoo,
forgot the word Democrat for the second.

If it’s a Democrat and they get a low
score, they have to take money from

their personal life
and pay for the military.

Probably pay for some
cluster bombs or something.

That would give you, you would want
to keep everyone happy, which is what

the politicians are really
supposed to be doing in theory.

So I’m interested in how this works out.

Again, the just the straight up idea of
this guy doing this is pretty cool to me.

So we’ll see if it has an impact on
other aspects of politics in Japan.

I was hoping that’s hoping you
get a view of Dave on my lap.

The problem is, if I do this and you
can see Dave, then you can’t see me.


Part of me thinks Dave is the far
more appealing member of this team.

So you’re here listening to my voice,
but just seeing the little sausage Dave

in his little burrito thing here
would probably be more appealing.

I would, I bet I would get more views.

Because this, I put
this on YouTube that the

podcast version
wouldn’t actually matter.

I probably get more views.

What you were seeing was this, just my
lame chest, the talking mouth at the top.

I actually might do that next week.

Give this a shot.

This might be my new format for YouTube.

Because you don’t see my head.

You just see my mouth talking.

And then you get to Dave here the
whole time because he’s just chilled out.

And if I, if I get him up and scratching
and stuff, it’s almost like SMR.

This might be my new, my new scheme,
my new plan, but then you can’t see the

Domo Coon up there, which is sort of the
secondary appeal of my desk at the moment.

I could move Domo Coon down here.

I mean, that’s empty space right now.

So certainly some things to think about.

I moved my desk around.

Just try to clean everything up.

New format would be pretty solid.

I think I might, I think I might really try
to capitalize on the Dave aspect of the.

Me want the…

 It's a rainy day in Japan. I'm sitting at home in December. I'm thinking of writing a country song. It's hard to put Japan into country songs. As soon as I just start doing that, I'm like, ah, it's not really going to work out. But I could do like a soulful. Okay, I am very distracted by the fact that I heard a new... The disorganized nature of my thought pattern at the moment is being demonstrated through the word salad that is not being completed. I'm not able to finish any sentences. I listened to a two-hour podcast, Behind the Bastards, and I listened to the one on Steven Scal. 

It was actually two parts, but I listened to two hours. And there was no really new information in there. It's all stuff I'd heard before. Reaffirming my belief that Steven Scal is a piece of shit garbage human being. Fine. But there was a reggae style song. So he has a music career on the side and it's supposed to be blues, but then there's this song where it's like a reggae song. I found that to be a lot and it's kind of overwhelmed my brain. Well, actually... Yes, it's called Strut. This is featuring Lady Saut. Now you're really like, hey Peter, I came here for the Japanese news. I didn't come here to hear about your stupid Steven Scal and how much you hate him and his terrible music. I understand that. But at the same time, fuck you. You got to listen to the awful things I have to listen to. This is the only way I'm going to be able to flush this out of my head. So we're going to have to listen to some of it. All right. That's all I really wanted to get out there is that Steven Scal, it's a calling response between him and what's her name? Lady Saut a little bit. And she's like, what do you want, sir? Steven Scal. 

And he says, I want the punani. And that was it. That was enough for me. Like my brain has not worked properly since I've heard Steven Scal say I want the punani. So now I've put that out in the world. Hopefully that'll sort of like flush it out a bit. You can suffer along with me having heard Steven Scal say. I think he even says me want the punani because, of course, he has to affect do a sort of he has to do an affectation for every sort of sentence he ever says. We have some updates. Let's actually start the show. Yeah, I can't. I think we need to use Japan and this week seem to be it might just be me talking about Steven Scal saying I want the meet me want the punani. Over and over again until I just exhaust myself, I should start drinking now. It's 10 o'clock in the morning. There wasn't enough. OK, you've come here for the show. I'm here for the show. We're all here for the show. We want some updates on previous stories. I really hate you've come at the wrong time. My brain. Oh, no, we're going to do it again. Jane came. So we're going to play the Steven Scal thing. I actually put it. You don't need to see the picture. You just need to see my dumb face. I have been going for four minutes and this is supposed to be recording my show and I can't do it. I can't do it because of a Steven Scal song. Let's do it. Let's listen to that part again. He says me want the punani. Steven Scal at that time probably 60 year old gross man. He says me want the punani. He's a white guy. He's disgusting. 

He's a sexual predator. He's multiple sexual assault cases. He's a serial liar. And yet weirdly the most offensive thing about him is him saying I can sing. I don't know. This is everything. Every aspect of him. I got to cut all this out and start again. Me want the punani. I should make that my transition sound from now on. That's it. So instead of doing the. Where is it? OK, let me get the transition sound. Instead of that, it should just be this. Oh, I think my clapping my hand woke up Dave a bit. I'm sorry. Sorry, buddy. I'll settle down. I got to settle down for Dave's sake. That's the important part. Me want the punani. So I'll do like a dead serious Japanese news story, which I actually never do because I'm always here to make fun of it. I'll do a news story from Japan and then me want the punani and then change on to the next topic. I might do that for the rest of this episode. It wouldn't stick. It's only funny ones or it could be funny. And it gets like so it's not funny, but then because it happens so much, it gets funny again. Those actually are all pretty good, but it's pretty painful. All right. No, I'm going to do some ninja news, Japan. Otherwise, I'm not going to get an episode done today.

 I was thinking of doing some lunchtime drinking this. This song is ruined my brain. Ninja News, Japan fans. I want to apologize and just let you all know. I'm going to make a sound board that says me want the punani. Steven Seagal sucks on so many levels. Like, like there is no metric by which you measure another human being where he is not a total piece of shit. Lady saw the female voice in that I actually bet is very talented. And the reason she's in there. The reason she's in there is because Steven Seagal paid her a ton of money. May says she hates the punani. How can you hate the punani? Because we all know that deep down inside. I mean, that's that's it. I got to actually make the sound board so that I can I can actually just hit the me want the punani. Let's listen to a little more. We didn't actually get into that's only the intro. My my my podcast, Ninja News Japan, usually 20 to 30 minutes. I've done seven minutes now. Never having said a word yet. When the when the girls start to strut, you can look at their butt. But you shouldn't do that. So here's just throwing in a little bit of morality, despite the fact that he's just said me want the punani. Look, I don't know where my head's at. And that's that's maybe the core issue that we're dealing with here. If I can just comment on Jade's last comment, we we all love the punani. I mean, that's just that's just factual. 

Everyone when it comes to punani loving, it's like KFC. It's finger licking good. Was that gross? I'm 50. I shouldn't be saying shit like that anymore. I should be a more mature adult. But I don't one of the the fallacies of growing up and getting old. So like now I am certainly old. I'm past growing up. I'm now old. I have yet to feel like I've grown up yet. I'm going to do an Indian News Japan episode. I'm a little down about it. Steal myself. Intro song once again, let's get to start from the beginning. Let's actually do it. All right. I'm going to start from the beginning and start the whole thing again. Updates to previous stories that do not have anything to do with punani. Or Steven Seagal. We there was a story about. A group of men, gentlemen who belong to a crime group. They weren't mafia. They weren't Yakuza. This is a new form of group. They were more of a gang, organized gang. It was really interesting because they were actually orphans from Korea and China. Not them. This would be like second generation. But their parents and stuff were orphans and stuff. And they were left in this dire situation. And they had kids in Japan and they turned to crime. And they ended up organizing. So it's Yakuza is always like a family thing. This is a mishmash group of people who have come together because of dire circumstances. Actually, it would make a really good movie. I'm not kidding. They had a celebration. One of their members, senior member, had gotten out of jail. And there was like 30, 40 guys. 

They had taken out this whole restaurant at the top of this very high skyscraper. So you know that's an expensive fancy restaurant. They booked the whole place to have this party. Brawl breaks out. And they start smashing the place up and fighting. No one gets killed. I mean people get beat up but that's a fight. Five people recently were arrested. The problem I see, they were arrested for obstruction of business. Very standard Ninja News Japan end of a story. Because that is the catch all law in Japan. Obstruction of business. The problem I see is that they were, the brawl broke out at the celebration of someone getting out of prison. They've made five arrests. They're going to have to have five more parties. Which means five more celebrations of people getting out of prison. Which has exponentially increased the likelihood that there's going to be a brawl at a restaurant. Where they're having another party welcoming someone out of prison. Five more arrests. It just goes on forever. Last week we did a story about a multi-level marketing, a pyramid scheme. 

And it was a guy selling eggs. And he was saying that his eggs were special and nutritious. Vaguely implying that they were like super-powered eggs. Total bullshit. He sold you these eggs 150 yen per egg. And that's, an egg in Japan, as I said, is like 10 to 15 yen. So he's doing a hundred times markup. So all these eggs, he was making tons of money, got shut down, he was arrested. Great. This week though, egg prices in Tokyo have gone up. The feed cost, the war in Ukraine, and a bird flu outbreak has increased the price of eggs by 26.5%. So maybe I was wrong. Maybe the multi-level marketing scheme was actually a good deal. And you should have got your eggs on the ground floor. Because the price of eggs going up means that might just be our new currency. Forget cryptocurrency. Forget fiat currency. Eggs. You know in video games they always have, Fallout was bottle caps. Became the new currency. Maybe this guy saw it coming. He saw that eggs were going to be the fundamental core basis of currency in the future. And he was actually a visionary. And we, who just want the punani, we don't see the future because we're so fixated on the punani. And so that's why he has clarity of vision and we don't. 

The reason this is important is eggs are usually a standard price. So fluctuations in price for many things. There's enough buffer around eggs and enough ability to plan around eggs that the price of eggs has remained relatively constant. So the fact that the price of eggs went up suddenly is really shocking to economists. So you might not think about eggs and things like that. And the prices of things go up and down, yes. And we've recently had price increases on many, many goods. Eggs have remained stable through all of that until very recently, which is a big problem. And it's actually very shocking. And it is actually a big issue. But also, we just did a story on eggs last week. So it was kind of interesting. Okay, so this is a kind of scary story. Over the next five years, Japan wants to increase defense spending by 56%. 

And Japan has a constitution that says it is not allowed to invade or attack other countries. It's called the Self-Defense Force, as the military in Japan. They are only allowed to defend themselves. But there are some voices in the government at the moment who are saying, like, because of the threat of China and North Korea specifically, self-defense as a concept needs to be expanded. And this is where it gets really scary, because what they're saying is self-defense should include counter-strike. And what does that mean? Because North Korea shoots missiles over Japan and by Japan all the time. It's very scary until the 50th, 60th time it's happened. Then you actually stop paying attention, which is probably the worst thing, because it should be a big issue every single time it happens. So what they're saying is if North Korea wants to shoot a missile, Japan should be able to shoot it down. But then some of them are saying we should be able to hit the thing it came from. So I assume a military base. That's the counter-strike capabilities they're talking about. 

Now, this is going to be 43 trillion yen. Okay, that's the set number, right? Now, I have an ongoing theory that Japan is really just trying to make an excuse to build a Gundam, a fully functioning real Gundam. To do that, I went on the internet and looked up the resources and costs and stuff. It's, of course, already been done by someone. How much would it cost to build a real-life, active, working, functional Gundam? And they said $725 million for parts and materials. And I went and looked it up, and it's pretty accurate. 43 trillion yen easily outpaces that number, because there still has to be some research and development. Now, how are they going to pay for this? How are you just going to grab 43 trillion yen? They've actually come up with, I think, a pretty good solution. They want to use revenue from corporate taxes and tobacco. So they're saying, corporations, you're making lots of money. We're going to tax you harder and pay for defense capabilities to keep you alive and safe in Japan. Tobacco is killing you anyways, so we're going to take that money and protect you with it, which I think is an interesting idea. If they added in a tax on alcohol, alcohol is still a big thing in Japan. 

I believe that some things should be paid by these, in Canada they call them sin taxes. So that's alcohol, tobacco, pornography. They have a higher tax rate, but all that money goes into social services. So you want to do bad things to your body, you are free to do that. You have to pay a little extra, but that money goes back into society to do some good, sort of balance it out, balance out the scales, some karma. I actually think I'm really on board with that. I think they should do it for, I love my fizzy drinks, my colas, I drink a lot of bad stuff. I think they should tax that at a higher rate. I would be immediately punished by that tax, but that tax should go into healthcare, because what do sugary drinks do? They give you diabetes, they make you sick, they do a lot of bad things. Put that into healthcare to offset those costs. I think that is a fair, balanced, sensible way to do it. So Jade has just said, finally a good tax idea. I actually think this is good. I'm not a big fan of the military.

 I do think Japan should protect itself, but I think it should build giant Gundams and just make a wall of Gundams around the whole island of Japan. No one would fuck with that. Japan has been developing rail gun technology that is a technology used within the Gundam universe and the big gun on the Gundam's arm. So they want to use corporate and tobacco taxes. I think if they included alcohol, you'd have enough money like Tuesday, next week, to pay for everything. They're looking at 700 billion yen trillion. I just wrote 700 corporate and 200 tobacco, but it gives you just a scale of how much. They're looking to tax corporations at a much higher rate than tobacco. So they're going to use that a lot. Now this comes into a third story. The Japan, the United Kingdom, and Italy are all working together to develop a new fighter jet for 2035. This is the first time for Japan to do a joint venture with countries other than the U.S. So like when it comes to developing military technologies, Japan has always worked with America. This is the first time they're stepping away from America saying, England, you guys make the Triumph motorcycles. 

They're sexy. Italy, you've got the Lamborghini and the Ferraris of the world. The build quality isn't so great, but they go really fast. That's what we need. We need fast. You want the British to make the interior of the jet. The seats, the pullout T-set, that should all be made by the U.K. Italy should do the engine and the speed. Now it's going to break every time you fly it, but it's going to go super fast when it flies. So basically you're going to have to fly it, bring it back, maintain it. I think they have to do that with jets anyway, so that's not a big deal. Japan is going to do the technology and engineering, which means you're going to have a cute AI hologram woman who pops up on the console. It's like, oh, please attack that airplane over there and does something like that. I need a voice changer maybe to do the anime voice. But you can see this is an interesting it's interesting because it's a step outside what they normally do. They have very established relationships military wise with America. You're stepping away from that, trying to expand. I mean, the U.K. and Italy, man, that's a good lunch. 

I mean, you would have a really good lunch if you had someone from England and Italy and Japan together mixing up those cultures. Japan is actually going to lead development, which again, technology wise, I think that's a good idea. But it is going to end up having like weird – or maybe you don't have a hologram girl pop up in the heads up display, and the voice in your ear is going to be super annoying and hyper cute, which is actually going to like probably make the pilot sick. There was a quote. We have begun collaboration through a series of discussions on autonomous systems capabilities. Now, my final point is that the Gundam was a semi-autonomous robot. So it did have a pilot, but the AI in the Gundam was a learning computer that learned from the pilot and its experiences and put those together and then work together with the pilot to fight better. 

So we have enough money to build a Gundam. We are joining with other countries technologically to develop new technologies that will apply to a Gundam. We have already the weapons platforms that Japan is sort of developing that would go into a Gundam. I can't believe anyone is going to tell me that we are not building a Gundam. There is a truck driver shortage in Japan. One of the solutions they want to do is have drones do delivery for the mail, which is an interesting concept. Until recently, it was illegal to fly a drone over a residential area. They had to change that law to make the ability for the post in Japan to be delivered by drone. This is because of a driver shortage in Japan. I was interested in kind of the rules because they are changing the law, they are changing the rules. What happens? To fly a drone in Japan, you have to have a level four pilot license. That is required. It is a three-year renewal process. Every three years you have to renew your license. Every year you have to do a flight test. This is still not like any casual person with a drone can fly it. 

A person with a drone is still not allowed to fly their drone over a crowd. There is significant privacy concerns. That is actually the biggest issue in Japan right now. The biggest concern is about privacy infringement because these piloted drones have to have cameras. I am waiting for this to happen. Actually, having done enough Japanese news, I am waiting for someone to fly the drone into someone's window and just stare at them and then get arrested for that. Because it will be illegal. It is absolutely going to be illegal. It is going to break the stalking laws in Japan. Drone flights are going to be allowed over residential areas. I said all that. It is primarily for parcel deliveries. That is just a big important thing. That is all that story. I am waiting to see. They built these little sort of the Japanese postal systems that uses red. A lot of countries do. It has got a very cute drone. Look out for that in the future. I am interested to see how and when they actually start doing it. 

A big change. Cops in Japan are not allowed to go into... I have totally lost track of what I said. I need a little refresher. Let's get a little refresher up there. Okay, that is all I needed. A little want the punani to get myself going. In Japan, it is actually not true. I read this thing. There was a picture of some Canadian cops on the internet. They were standing around. It was a crowd. They were policing like an event, like a parade or something. They were both holding Starbucks. There was this big interesting outcry in Japan. Japanese cops would never be seen standing around with iced coffee. But then all these other people were like, well, you know, cops need to eat and drink and stuff. I mean, it is just ridiculous that they can. I thought from that, from across the country in Japan, that cops were not allowed to eat and drink on duty or not allowed to be seen. It turned out in most places it was true a long time ago. What would happen is in the rule was, I am a cop, I am in uniform and I want to drink. I have to go back to the station, change my clothes. They had like an official jacket you could take. Go to the convenience store, buy a drink, bring it back to the station, drink it, then change back into my uniform and then I go out and patrol again. But of course that is not very convenient. It would make sense to allow cops to buy drinks. But they were worried that cops standing around drinking coffee on duty would look bad and it would reduce the trust of the public that they are not actually doing their job. They are just messing around drinking coffee all day. 

There is, what is it, Oita Prefecture just said, oh, we changed the law. We changed the rule. They actually did a news story. You could actually watch a cop go in in uniform and he bought a coffee and he chatted to the, you know, this was all for the news. So he chatted friendly and then went outside and everyone was like, well, isn't it great that cops are allowed to drink? Sure, I thought that was a bigger rule. But it turns out 40 prefectures, so with this change, 40 prefectures now allow it. There is only five left that don't. You can't buy any fun stuff though. You're not allowed to buy cigarettes or beer or manga and then go sit in your cop car and just eat, drink beer and read manga all day, which is fair. But I mean, if you need some water or drink or something or a little caffeine to keep you going, that's allowed now, which I think it should have been allowed from the beginning. 

Several Japanese companies are adopting English as their official language, and this is an attempt to attract foreign workers. This is primarily IT companies that need engineers and stuff, but other companies are doing it as well. They want to have, it's a 45% increase in companies that are going to use English as their official language in the future, which is fine. They want to make all their internal documents English. They want to do all their communications in English. This is going to be really tough for the Japanese staff. They're going to have to all learn a higher level of English, so that's actually maybe good for people like myself, who's primarily source of income is teaching English. But I think the problem is they're not going to attract any IT people this way. And the reason I think they're not going to attract any IT people this way is because the problem in Japanese companies isn't English or it's primarily work-life balance. IT is already a tough business. 

Japanese IT is just worse because the work-life balance philosophy of companies in Japan is poor. So if that's the case, I don't think just them speaking English is really going to be attractive. They're going to have to bigger pay package. They're going to have to have better holidays. They have better standard holidays, but the average working day is so bad that I don't think anyone is going to really want to work for a Japanese company in that capacity, unless it's sort of like a real love passionate thing. I don't know. I'm a little thinking, basically I'm thinking they've missed what's not attractive about working in Japan. The language barrier isn't what distracts people. A smart engineer, I bet, is going to learn Japanese fairly quickly and be functional. Maybe reading, I think, is a lot harder because of kanji and stuff. But English is not the barrier. It's the why would I take this job that gives me more hours for less pay versus where I'm working now. Okay, we've got two arrests. We've got some crime news to finish off. So the man was arrested for a bomb threat. He's also suspected of 600 kidnapped threats to local governments across Japan. So this is a guy, he's unemployed, has a lot of free time, and he decides to spend his free time by threatening people about stuff he doesn't like. 

He threatened to kidnap 334 kindergartners. Now I was like, that's an interesting issue because he said the 600 kidnapping threats, say like I'm going to kidnap 300 kids, is that 300 individual threats of kidnapping or is that one threat of kidnapping applied to 300 kids? Because he's very specific. He says, I'm going to kidnap 334 kindergartners all in one statement. Does it count as 300 individual threats? Was it the actual bit I wanted to know about? I was actually looking into it. I couldn't find the answer. He sent a message to the mayor of a city. I will kill the mayor using a gun I illicitly made. Now gun legality in Japan is such that if you make a gun, it is already illegal. He did not need to specify. He did not need to specify that he had illegally made a gun. He made a gun, that's already illegal. But as you know, a few months ago, Prime Minister Abe was assassinated by a homemade shotgun. So this is really going to sort of pique the police's interest. This got them sort of off the go and off they went and they found him. He was arrested and what for? Obstruction of business. Because the threats stop people from doing work, that is obstruction of business and that is the law that you can catch everyone in. I got to start keeping count. I'm thinking up here in the corner, I'm going to keep an obstruction of business counter. And then every time I say obstruction of business, as the crime has been committed, not just every time I say it, but every time it's part of the story, it's the law you've been arrested for, we ding one on the counter. I think that actually might be fun. So that's something to consider in the future. Last one. There was a new law about pornography, which I found very interesting, not the pornography, the law. 

There's something I found really interesting about it because what they do is you have to have a written contract to do a porn movie in Japan. And in the contract, it has to include that for the next two years, if the actors within the film want that movie taken down, it can get taken down. And I actually think this is a really good idea because let's say I'm 18, 19 years old. I'm like, I'm really desperate for money or I'm in a tough situation. I make a porn movie to make some quick money. And then my life changes after that. And I'm kind of like regretting the idea of making that movie. Or I'm influenced in a negative way to make the movie in the first place. And then a year or two later, I'm like, oh, my life has changed. I really want that out of my life. I want that erased from the internet. It's in your legal contract that you can just say, I want it taken down, it'll get taken down. So sorry, Jay just said it'll always be out there anyways, but it's a good idea. I think that is actually true. Like logistically speaking, it's like the internet, you put something out on the internet, it's very hard to take it back. Like it will get copied and replaced or whatever.

But it gives them a legal recourse to at least minimize so the main source can be taken down. A lot of the videos will disappear because that'll be gone. But it gives them a legal recourse. And then of course, porn being a very manipulative industry in itself, the guys who do it, they're kind of scummy guys. Like I'm sorry, I have to honestly say that's what I believe. I think it's a manipulative industry. When I had a daughter, people always, like when you have kids, so if you have a son, a bunch of straight dudes are all going, what if your son's gay? Like you're supposed to react really negatively to that. And I was like, I mean, I hope he's happy. I don't really give a shit if he's gay or straight as long as he's happy. I made a joke. Of course, I didn't say it that plainly and sincerely. I said like, oh, you know, I hope my son does really well. We were talking kind of about double standards between having a son and a daughter. As a man who was raised in a misogynistic society, I am more protective of my daughter. But anyways, yeah, what I was saying, of course, when you have a daughter, they'll go, what if she does porn? And my thought was like, if it wasn't manipulative, I actually wouldn't have a problem with it. But like I take it down to modeling. Modeling as an industry is manipulative. S

o I'd be very wary about her doing modeling. She actually a couple of years ago said she wanted to do like one of these kids fashion things. And I was like, and it's not the kids doing fashion or the photographers or stuff like that. It is the creepy people involved in the industry that I'm wary of. If my kids aren't slightly gay, I'd be disappointed, but it's okay. I think we all got that in us. Again, I think because of when I was born and how I was raised in my life that any aspect of that has been tampered down. But I think it was tampered down to such a degree it's kind of come around where I'm super comfortable talking about dudes and penises and stuff. So I think I came around the other side. I'm clearly super heterosexual. But the idea of talking about men or a handsome man or gay stuff isn't off-putting to me anymore. I don't know if that's age or because I've just hit such a level of manliness that it's okay. But that's again a different topic. I wanted to finish the porn story. I want to finish the porn story is a phrase I didn't think I'd be using today. And oh, we did it at the same time. I clicked off so I could get the I want the punani line to go. This is now going to be a sound clip I'm going to pull from this episode and actually just make that a thing. Because let's be clear, if nothing else has been said today in the last 35 minutes, me want the punani. 

Anyways, the reason this came to light is we've had the first arrest. And something again, Ninja News Japan loves first arrests for new laws. Because is it applied the way the law was intended? Is it effective? This is kind of the interesting part of a first arrest for a new law. There was an executive of a porn company and he had seven times between August and October made seven porn movies with people without contracts. Now, three of those were uncensored, which is again also illegal in Japan, but they're uploaded to this website that's in the Caribbean. But the women weren't told that was going to be uncensored. So that's again, so you can see where this leaves the woman in a more powerful position. She said, like, I made Japanese porn. Japanese porn has your genitalia censored. You have taken that video and you've released it uncensored. Now she can say, I'm not comfortable with the genitalia not being censored. This wasn't what I agreed to. I want you to take that movie down. They have to take it down. So it does give, again, I think like Jade said earlier, it's always kind of going to be out there. But this is a case where I've found out early that this isn't what I agreed to. I'm forcing you to take it down. 

They do have to legally take it down. At least the actor in this case would have some legal recourse. And that legal recourse, at least they're going to get paid. Because if something that you don't want on the Internet is out on the Internet against your will. At least the absolute minimum is you can get paid. And hopefully paid enough to shut that guy down so he doesn't do it again. And that is... Ah, it's too slow. Why? Tell me what you really want. All night. No wonder Fernandez if I make my name. Okay. But... But I mean, that's all these guys in porn. That's all they really want. All right. I got to... That was the worst end to an Indian news drama. I've had some shitty endings to my shows. Because I don't script it. That was maybe one of the worst ones ever. But thank you for hanging out.