There’s probably rat feces on that

(upbeat music)

Update, ginger guy, so we
are deep in food terrorism.

And it doesn’t seem to be stopping.

The fact that people are getting arrested,

the fact that people are
being sued by companies,

the fact that there has
not been a popular outcome,

’cause what I mean by popular is, of
course, people are filming these things,

they’re getting on the
internet, and the only reason you

put stuff on the internet is
’cause you want to be popular.

That’s, you know, social
points is what you’re going for.

You maybe get it for a little bit,

but then it disappears
when you end up going to

prison, which is what
happened to the ginger guy.

So a couple of weeks ago, I was
a guy in a beef bowl, restaurant,

and they have communal ginger,

and he was eating the ginger
right out of the ginger bowl,

and he was like putting his
dirty chopsticks back in it.

They filmed it, they put
it on the internet, internet

goes crazy, he gets in
trouble, he gets arrested.


The question was, for me, always, what
is the actual punishment for these crimes?

Kids in Japan basically don’t go to jail.

So now that it’s an
adult, he could actually get

punished, he’s actually
responsible for his actions.

The problem was, this guy was arrested

on multiple counts, and
they were all stuck together.

So he got two years and four months
and had to pay a 200,000 yen fine,

but those charges
included growing marijuana

for personal use or
distribution, drug offenses.

He got arrested for growing
marijuana to drug offense.

That is way, way more serious than
eating ginger out of a communal thing.

So that’s a problem, because
how much of the punishment

is growing marijuana, which
is an incredibly serious crime

in Japan, and how much of it
is for weird public harassment,

chasing internet clout, just being gross.

I mean, that’s what we’re talking about.

My guess is that the two years as
for growing marijuana, the four months

is tacked on for the ginger crime.

Maybe even the 200,000
yen, the interesting part.

This was the more interesting part to me,

which is why this became a
worthwhile follow up to the story.

The guy who filmed his friend eating
the ginger was fined 300,000 yen.

So I think that is a fair
view of the punishment.

So I think jail time for doing
something gross in public is a lot.

A fine seems appropriate.

The fine can be very big.

I think big fines are good
things, but it’s very hard.

I’m not a judge and Japanese law is
a bit hard to work your way through.

It’s got a lot of rules and stuff.

It has a lot of considerations
that I will not understand.

But filming someone
committing the food terrorism,

which is what this has been
dubbed, is a 300,000 yen fine.

So I think that’s actually
showing you how seriously

they are taking it because the
companies now are going to follow up.

Now that they have a guilty charge,
they know that this guy is guilty.

If they take him to court and they
sue him, they have a much better case.

And I think interestingly,

the punishing the cameraman
to me is an interesting tactic

because you are punishing not
the person committing the crime.

You’re punishing the person who videoed
the crime, who essentially made it popular.

So what you’re kind of doing is like,
okay, these guys want to do gross things.

Something I’ve said on Indonesia
pan, probably a thousand times now,

to the point where it’s
almost not worth repeating,

but I have to because
it flows into the thoughts

that we have is,

don’t film it and put on the internet.

Now, the crimes still may occur, and
there still may be these things happening.

But if the popularity that momentary fame

is taken away from this sushi terrorism

from the food terrorism that’s happening,

there’s going to be
less incentive to do it.

So if you punish the people
who are filming it and they’re like,

well dude, I’m not going to film that,
I’m not going to put it on the internet,

then there’s less incentives
for you to do it in the first place.

And I think that’s an interesting way

to maybe do attack this
issue is attack the goal,

because the goal is
to cloud the popularity.

If you can take that away, so the people
like it do it, I don’t want to film this,

I don’t want to spend 300,000
yen to film a 30 second TikTok

of you eating stuff that
you shouldn’t be eating.

That in itself is pretty interesting,
take on how to get a handle on this,

’cause this is a thing that’s
not going away, that said.

It happened like immediately right
after, it’s almost like the crime happens,

the punishment comes out and then like a
week later, it’s teenagers, mostly, right?

This guy, this guy who was just arrested,

it was in his 20s, he was an adult.

But mostly it’s teenagers
and there’s a whole thing

I learned here, so let’s
get to the second story.

I don’t want to do a transition sound.

(upbeat music)

Completely unnecessary, it’s
just to help me stay organized.

This is the second story, but it is the
exact same thing, it is the food terrorism.

And I didn’t know this had been
going on for as long as it had.

I learned about it, the main
instance was sushi terrorism,

but it was probably because
it became such a big story,

because sushi row, the Kaiten sushi
restaurant, sued like a 15 year old kid’s mom,

I forget it was like a billion
yen, it was some ridiculous

number, but they were
just out to prove a point.

But kids are kids, I
have trouble remembering

when I was a teenager, I know I was stupid.

I was stupid into my mid 20s.

Easy, maybe even late,
what am I talking about?

I might be dumb now
and just not realize it.

That’s the problem with being dumb.

These kids, I guess
they’re not reading the

news, they don’t know
these things are happening.

I don’t know, or they do and they
think they’re gonna get away with it.

That’s a very youthful
bravado kind of thing,

but there’s a dominoes, and Amagasaki,

and a worker at two o’clock
in the morning with his friend,

they’re goofing around, he’s needing dough.

And they’re talking back and
forth, and he picks his nose,

and he wipes it on
the dough, and he carps

needing it, and they
laugh and laugh and laugh.

They filmed it.

Now, these are not intended
to go on the internet, apparently.

These are intended to
be shared among friends,

but share among friends, and
then one of the friends is like,

“Hey, this will get
me internet clout.

” The only logical
thing for me to do

would be to post it on the
internet, it gets super famous.

Dominoes reacted so quickly.

So this dough that it had snot wiped on it,

was still in the fermentation
process, it wasn’t actually finished.

They found the restaurant,
they found the dough,

they disposed of it, they
closed the restaurant,

they sanitized the entire place
before 24 hours was even done.

So this thing hit the
internet, it started to

gain, just the smallest
Iodo of popularity,

and Dominoes was like in crackdown mode.

They probably have the Dominoes SWAT team.

You know how they get their
pizza to you in 30 minutes?

They’re gonna get to the store
where the food terrorism happens in 10.

I mean, that seems like
what’s really gonna happen.

I am now imagining there’s
the Dominoes headquarters.

It’s got all these monitors everywhere,

and then an alarm goes
off, and they just dispatch

the Dominoes sanitization SWAT team to go.

And those kids are fired.

I mean, again, I don’t know
about criminal charges.

They are talking.

Dominoes didn’t mention that
criminal charges are possible,

but criminal charges,
as I said in the last bit,

criminal charges towards teenagers
in Japan doesn’t really do that much.

So we know that no one ate that pizza.

Now, if you’ve eaten fast food,
there’s the logic part of my brain,

and then there’s the
emotional part of my brain.

The logic part of my brain is saying
that if the snot was in the dough,

and the dough was
cooked at a billion degrees,

or whatever it is, to make pizza
dough, nothing’s gonna survive in that.

It wouldn’t actually be that bad.

So logically speaking, no
harm would come to you

because it was pre before it was cooked.

Doing it after it was
cooked is somehow grosser

because you’re eating
the actual bodily fluid

that came out of the person.

But once you cook it, it’s all dead.

The emotional part of me
responds like everyone else does.

It’s like, I do not want to eat snot pizza.

So what I learned
from looking at several

articles, and soda news
24, big Japanese website,

they actually did a
little bit of a breakdown.

So this actually goes back to 2013.

It’s like a decade ago,
and they have bakatur.

So it’s bakah, which means stupid, and ter,

which is Twitter, so bakah,
Twitter, so stupid, Twitter.

And it’s filming yourself doing
dumb things and putting it on Twitter.

Twitter was 2013, the
biggest website in Japan.

And they’re also
calling it Baito-terrorism.

Baito is Japanese for part-time job.

So Baito-terrorism, so
we have food terrorism,

Baito-terrorism, but
this all seems to evolved

from bakatur, and it’s kids
filming dumb shit at work.

And I just remember
seeing this pre-pandemic,

and it was a part-time kid
in a community store at night,

and it was super hot, and he got in the
cooler where they keep the ice cream.

You just lay on top of the ice cream.

Very technically, all the
ice cream in there was in

packages, and he was
wearing his clothes and whatnot.

So nothing actually touched
anything, but it is gross conceptually.

Again, the logic part of
my brain kicks in and goes,

well, you know there’s probably
a ton of rat poop on that anyways,

because it was all in transit at
some point, and rats are everywhere.

You should wipe the top of a drink can
or bottle before you put it to your mouth,

if you’re ever gonna drink straight
out of the bottle, that kind of stuff.

‘Cause there probably is rat feces on it.

That’s your ninja new
Japan, thought for today.

There’s probably rat feces on it.

And I think I just came
up with a new t-shirt.

I mean, the chocolate
beef chest, Academy

of Martial Arts t-shirt,
it’s a best seller.

Everyone loves it, who gets it.

But you know, I need
to expand my repertoire.

Maybe I need to take more
of my classic phrases and turn

them into t-shirts like,
there’s probably rat feces on it.

And just say that.

Just something you just
keep in mind at all the time.

It’s probably rat feces on it.

So the trend seems to
have really hit in 2013.

So kids saw other kids doing stupid shit

in their part-time jobs, and
they would do something similar,

but there was a trend that had
happened in January and February,

and there are theories, it’s why.

So there were some nice
theories on Soto News 24.

I don’t wanna like
just steal their content.

So this isn’t my idea, but
it was pretty interesting

because January,
February is when you’ve hit

sort of the stressful
exam time in Japan.

So maybe this is a weird way of
kids trying to alleviate their stress,

where they’ve just hit this
point of stress where they’re

just the brain shuts down,
they start doing stupid stuff.

I don’t know, it’s interesting though,

there is a trend of an
increase of kids doing dumb shit

at their part-time jobs
in January, February.

So if you have a theory,
I mean, I’d love to hear it,

send an email to

com or
and tell me your

thoughts on why you think
teens in January and February

do dumb shit at their part-time jobs.

There’s a street vendor in Asakusa.

He’s been out in the street for 15 years,

selling soda, they
call rumnay, it’s like a

very, very sugary
ginger ale, I guess, soda.

I don’t like it, it’s
actually too sweet for me.

I like sweet things and
it’s too sweet for me.

The thing is, this is also
a member of the Yanayah

Yakuza family and apparently a
fairly high-ranking member of that.

So there’s a lot of
questions they’re already.

My image of Yakuza comes from the Yakuza
video game series more than anything else.

It used to be Yakuza movies
and then the Yakuza video

game series took over in my
mind as to how Yakuza’s live their

life, basically you don’t open a
door, you only kick open doors.

There was someone else
came out on the same street

where he was selling his
sodas and it was a guy dressed

as a ninja and he was giving
out flyers for a ninja experience.

Now, let me tell you, I went
to Iga Castle and I took my

mom when she visited
Japan and they had Iga is

famously were ninjas or
supposed to come from.

I learned that ninjas always
sleep on their left side to be

able to protect their heart,
which weirdly makes sense, but

also doesn’t make any sense
at all because if your head’s

exposed and you’re lying
down, I’m not going to

attack your heart, I’m
going to attack your head.

But still, they slept on the
left sides and they didn’t wear

black, they wore navy blue because
that blends in better in the evening night.

There was also a thing where
you got throwing stars and you

threw it at a target and
hit the target three times.

You want a t-shirt?
Now, let me tell you, you’re good friend,

showing a beef chest.
He threw those three throwing stars and he

hit that target three times and he
won that t-shirt and it was too small.

That is the second
t-shirt I’ve wanted to

pay. They don’t have big boy sizes
in Japan. That’s pretty much a given.

I was at a bar with a
friend and they had a

thing and it was this Apple Jack Daniels.
Maybe it was Apple

whiskey of some sort,
which is already pretty bad.

But if you bought one, you got a
lottery ticket. You pulled it out of

this like box and if you got
the thing, you want to add

Jack Daniels, Apple, whiskey
t-shirt and something in my

brain clicked because I bought
one. I actually was being stressed.

What does this taste
like? It wasn’t bad.

Again, too sweet, weirdly.
Then I said to the waitress the

next time she came to the
table, I said, can you promise me

there really is a winning card in that box.
She said, yes, we

have three t-shirts in the
back right now that I know of,

there are probably more.
So I said, fine. Please continue to

bring me drinks until I win. I don’t
remember how many drinks I had.

It was a lot. Like we’re
in excess of six to seven

easily because I was drunk,
like real drunk, like proper drunk.

And I won the t-shirt and it
was a very nice t-shirt and it was

also way too small.
That’s two t-shirts I’ve

taken the time to win in Japan
and two t-shirts that I’ve won

that are too small.
Not what we’re talking about.

What I am saying though is you
have the opportunity to go to the ninja

experience in Ega
Castle. You should do it.

My mom really enjoyed the ninja castle
experience. You go through this little house,

has ninja doors and stuff.
I’m doing like tourist services for Ega

Ega may be want to drop a coin this way.

Just putting that out there as well.
I don’t really do free advertising.

And then they put on a little show.
So you go through the house and they show

you like the trick floors and
the trick this and the trick that.

And then they do a little show with some
guys who do some martial arts and stuff,

which was quite fun. My mother
really enjoyed it. I actually really got

talking to the guy next to me who
actually worked for like a news company.

We had a really great chat about
like would this be good TV or not.

The irony being that he clearly
thought this was not going to be good TV,

but he was going to film it anyways,
which does directly express my

feeling of most Japanese television.
So we’re back on the street.

We got this guy. He’s dressed
like a ninja and he’s giving out

flyers for a ninja experience.
We got this Yakuza. It’s been selling

ginger ale for 15 years on the street. No
one can figure out why I’m supposed to be

a high level Yakuza. The quality of
Yakuza and the drama there and has

dropped significantly is this if this is
how these guys are spending their days.

15 years on the street selling soda
is not the life I would imagine for a

high level Yakuza. It’s not sitting in
like gold cars with like three women

draped off you who loathe you,
but you know they’re too afraid to

get away from you that kind of thing.
You know movie stuff.

I actually would prefer a honest and loving
relationship. Just want to put that out there.

Chocolate beef chest
of an engineer’s Japan.

He’s not into a press of relationships.
He’s into a open, honest,

mutual relationships. Don’t know
where I am right now. I’ll be honest.

The Yakuza walks up to him and he does
a very very Yakuza thing. He says if you’re

gonna give out flyers on my street,
you’re gonna have to give me 10,000

yen a month or get the fuck out.
No one really knows what happened.

If the guy actually paid any money
and stuff, eventually the intimidation

tactics, the extortion
got back to the police.

The police come out
and arrest this guy.

The reason that this blew up on
the internet in Japan was that he was

calling the Ninja Ninja Kun. Kun is
what you would call like, so if I was a

teacher and I go into a classroom
and I talk to the kids, there’s you

probably no Chan, so like Lucy
Chan would be Lucy as a young girl.

Kun is for boys. She calls him
Ninja Kun. So he’s talking like this

lower status person in society, which was
pretty funny, but the guy is in his 60s,

so probably the guy who was the
ninja dress up as the ninja was actually

probably younger, fair enough. On February
8th, he was arrested for extortion,

which is a very Yakuza thing to be arrested
for. So I’m very, I’m happy that that’s

at least consistent
with my image of Yakuza.

His defense was I
was just giving him a

warning because he was being impolite.
Now that to me is Yakuza code for,

I told him to give me money or I’d break
his bones, but also it’s also a pretty

weak defense. Like you shouldn’t really
be telling other people how to live their

lives, and I bet the 10,000 yen, if
you want to stay on this street, was

something that came out of your mouth.
But that’s again, that’s a bias on my part,

and I’m not a lawyer, so I don’t
want to like sully his reputation.

Problem is, if you remember last week,
we talked about Yakuza apartments,

so was the guy who was on the poster.
Next to the guy who had died,

who had had people have been looking for
him since the 70s. That guy in the poster

was found at a Yakuza apartment.
Yakuza on apartments. Now the police have,

since they’ve arrested this guy, they
have a reason to go into where he lives,

which may be one of these apartments
or maybe a house, and then get information

about other places, Yakuza. So if he’s a
high-level guy, he has information about

other Yakuza stuff
that leads to the cops

on this sort of network
they can go through,

which could cause a huge amount of
problems for that Yakuza family over 10,000

yen from a ninja they just
could have just left alone.

I suppose I do this all the time. I finish
the story, I hit the transition sound,

and then I have a thought while
the transition sound goes on.

That isn’t how crime things.

Crime isn’t thinking, this
isn’t worth 10,000 yen.

Crime is thinking,
this is 10,000

yen I could get for doing
nothing, which is what extortion is.

It’s getting money for nothing.

Yeah, I don’t think
like a criminal.

That’s maybe the problem.
Maybe why I haven’t, you know,

really, my criminal
empire hasn’t really taken

off is I just don’t
think like a criminal.

I don’t think like, hey, let’s
abuse the people around

me and get money for
nothing and cheat and lie.

God, maybe I have
not done this right.

Is that how I ended up
podcasting? A 64-year-old woman

had been making fake
designer brand bags for the

last few years by hand. So
she had started her own shop.

She was making bags
of her own design.

And they weren’t selling very
well. She saw some news and

she saw some really popular
bags. And some were similar enough.

She’s like, I think
I could make that.

So she made it. She made
Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Gucci.

And she would sell
them for about 3,500 yen.

And what she was doing
in some cases, she was

trying to copy the bag.
And in other cases, she was

making her own original bag
and putting like a logo on it.

I found this interesting
because I was

like, I bet her handmade
bags were of the same

if not better quality
than the actual brand bags

that people were buying. She
was only charging 3,500 yen.

Unfortunately, that is illegal.

So you can’t do that. The
police searched her shop and

they found 330
bags ready for sale.

So she just basically made a
couple bags every day, all day,

every day, I guess.
And then she was selling

him in her store. I don’t
know. The thing that struck

out to me, there’s not
really much else to say,

this lady was basically
hand making bags.

But I was like, if you can hand
make a bag, man, that’s pretty cool.

I kind of had this
weird respect for the

lady’s ability to make a
bag that was of the same

quality as a Chanel
bag, if not better.

Because she just bought,
bought the material.

She’s like, what are those made of?
She bought similar materials online.

And then made those
bags. And I’m like,

man, I wonder if
her bags were good.

That was pretty shit story. I
didn’t have anything to say about it.

I just did it again. Hit the transition
sound and then finished my fault.

It’s an interesting story, but I
didn’t have anything to say about it.

Because I should
actually, if I could

have got it early, I’m
not going to find out about

it until she gets
arrested, but I kind of want

to buy one of her bags
now and just see what the

quality of the bag. Prison
inmate was not allowed

to wear his glasses because
they were one millimeter

over the Sives limit.
And he was without his

glasses for two months.
That doesn’t sound too

bad. Not having your
glasses though. He had trouble

going up and down stairs
because he couldn’t see the stairs.

So his eye set was terrible.

And he was wearing glasses.
It sounds like they were blacked

out like basically dark
lenses. He might have had

a light sensitivity thing.
Who knows? But he was like,

he had trouble walking
around without his glasses.

And they said the the frames
were one millimeter too thick.

So I don’t know what
they meant like the arm

of the eyeglasses were too
thick or they were too big.

I’m guess the reason I try to figure out
the reasons for this. I guess the reason is

because the arm of
the glasses could be like

shaved down into a shiv
depending on what they

are minor made of plastic.
So I would do that and

just still would just
bounce off people.

I don’t think I can make it sharp
enough to actually shiv someone.

But they took away his glasses
and didn’t give him anything else.

So he’s just basically blind for
two months. The bar association

in Japan is claiming
that taking away his

glasses as a human
rights violation, which I

think is probably pretty
accurate because you’re

basically saying like,
hey, you could see, but

we’re going to take away
the thing you see with

because we’re
annoyed. And this is it.

This shows more the actual
reason why they took away his

glasses because the
prison complained, these

glasses were arousing
the curiosity of others.

So again, because he
was allowed to wear these

what sounds like
sunglasses all the time,

other people in the
prison are like, hey, why

can’t I wear sunglasses and
look cool while I’m in prison.

Hey, why does
that get those weird

glasses on? Hey, how come
my glasses are just regular

glasses and that guy
has special glasses.

And the guards had difficulty
confirming eye contact.

So because he’s wearing
darkened glasses, they

can’t tell if he’s actually
looking at them when

they’re talking to him. So he
might be being disrespectful.

We don’t know. So
I think this is where

we see the actual reason they wanted to
take away his glasses because they’re like,

I don’t think that guy’s
paying attention when I

was speaking to him. I
think he thinks he’s too cool.

I think we take away
his glasses and we

make him blind and we treat
him like ship for a couple months.

And then he’ll
learn some respect

because this is all about
respect. He was unable to

read and he could not go
up and downstairs very well.

He isn’t prison. I
don’t know what he did,

but yeah, I think if you’re
in prison and you wear

glasses, you should be
allowed to wear your glasses.

Okay, so we get to a new
porn law introduced in Japan.

And this was very
interesting because it

was stringent enough
that porn stars were out on

the streets protesting.
And they say if it goes

through the Japanese
adult videos will disappear

forever, like the
industry will just die.

I found this interesting
on a conceptual level.

Let’s say you agree with
the stars that this law

is unfair, but like I’m
not in the porn industry

and I live a very normal
life. So it would be

very difficult for me to
go out and lend my voice

to the porn industry
because then people would

then say like, well, tongue
of beef chest is big horn dog.

The rule itself was
interesting because

there’s one of the directors
started speaking up on it.

He was of course in
the public protesting,

saying like, this is my
livelihood. You’re actually

attacking my livelihood.
And he said, I think

it’s good for girls filming
for the first time, but

not for those who make
adult videos for a living.

And I actually agree. He seems like a very
reasonable guy, this director he’s talking.

He is saying it violates
the freedom of business

that is in the constitution.
The director says

it has some good points,
but too many hindrances.

So what this is designed
to do is I am going to do my

first adult video. I
sign the contract.

There has to be a one month waiting
period before we actually film the video.

So I’m sitting down with you.

We’re doing the
contract negotiation.

I say, yes, I will take this
much money and I will put

my very attractive sexual
body on screen for you,

which I know is what everyone
wants at the end of the day.

Let’s go and go, no, no, we
have to wait for one month.

So I have essentially one month to change
my mind and back out of the contract,

then after we film the video, of course,
has to go through editing and whatnot,

I doesn’t need too much
CG for me because I actually

know you’d have to like
really tone down the whites.

My bare skin would probably
blow out the cameras.

So we’re going
to have to film it in

complete darkness
and my body will light up.

It’d be like watching
luminescent jellyfish have sex

would be very similar to
the experience of having

sex with me and motion wise,
like the very I assume very floppy.

What am I doing? I’m insulting
my own sexual prowess.

It feels bad about
making fun of myself now.

So we filmed it.
We’ve edited it.

It’s ready to go. There has to be
another four-month waiting period.

And that means from the date you sign
the contract to the actual release of the

video is going to be going to
be between five to six months.

And that is also that this person
who’s doing their first video for the first

time can back out, which I
actually agree with that director.

I think if this is
your first time,

you seem very excited about it. Your
circumstances are such circumstances changing.

Like I don’t want to do this
anymore. I think having the

ability to back out
is a really good idea.

Japan also has the law
that after X amount of years,

you have to re-sign with
the star to keep the video out.

So the star like let’s say I did a porn
five years ago. And I don’t want that in

my life anymore. I don’t
renew that contract.

You have to take all that
stuff down from the internet.

Now there are going to be clips and stuff,
but basically it becomes harder to get.

And that part of my life may be
not erased, but is greatly diminished.

You’re far, far less likely to find out
that I made this porn video in the past.

So I actually think these
protections for people

starting out and for
people who’ve retired from

that industry are
a really good thing.

But I also think he is right
in that putting this much

hindrance like a six month period between
contract and final production and release

is problematic for
people who actually make

this as their livelihood.
And so they need to

continue to produce content
to be able to make the money.

The other danger
is that this goes into

place and then people
instead of doing it through

their proper channels
start to go to underground,

start to do things
illegally, start to do things,

which therefore
immediately become less safe.

I actually agree
with this director.

I think this should be in place
for first timers. I do actually

agree with that. But once
you’ve done two or three

videos, then there’s no
need to have all these

sort of roadblocks
in place. I was thinking

about like who’s going
to stand up for them,

because this is
about fair treatment.

And to stand up for porn
stars, you are then connecting

yourself with porn stars,
which no politician wants to do.

And that’s where the
problem is going to arise.

That’s a certain amount of bravery,
because we know about the proliferation of

pornographic material
on the internet.

So we know there’s more than
like three people watching it.

We know there’s a lot
of people who watch it.

We know the statistics.
So I think the fair

representation there
actually needs to happen.

But I don’t think
there’s ever going to be a

politician in place who’s
actually going to have

the balls to do it, because
it immediately puts you

on this position where,
well, if you support

porn, then you’re a dirty,
dirty person who does

dirty, dirty things,
ruins your reputation.

They’re in a really tough
spot. But I will actually

stay up because I mean
stay up. I actually follow

up on this story primarily
because I’m always

interested in new rules
and how they go into effect.

It’s funny, I love the
dirty, dirty stories,

but I never loved the
dirty, dirty aspect of them.

Like the actual
porn parts, not the

interesting part to me. It’s
the contract negotiations.

It’s the production.
It’s the rules in place.

It’s the things that
have to happen before

and after is the stuff
I actually care about.

I’m really interested in
the complicated contract

negotiations that go into
Japanese productions.

And production’s all over the world. Movie
contracts and stuff. We’re all fascinating.

You should look them up
and make yourself a more

informed person. I have
just got lost at that last part.



Giri Podcast

(upbeat music)

Okay, just a bit of a
pre-warning for this week.

Is normally, I have trouble reading
my notes because I write really messy.

This week, I’m gonna have
trouble reading my notes

’cause I write really messy
and my eyes all messed up.

So that’s a bad combination.

Writing messy and bad head.


I shouldn’t say bad head.

All right.

Couple weeks ago, we
had a kid who was licking

the lid of a shared water
pitcher in a restaurant

and posted online, just like all these
other, like again, the sushi terrace.

We’re now calling food terrists in Japan.

Couple details have come out

because he and the person
who filmed it have been arrested.

This is an interesting thing for
me, is the second part we’ll get into.

The boy is 16 years old.

So he’s not, I mean, he wasn’t
gonna do jail time anyways.

It becomes, once you get
arrested for it, it becomes sort of a

civil suit between you and the
company that owns the restaurant.

So I think it was sushi dough,
was the sushi terrace and thing.

And then that company was
suing them for a stock price drop

when that kid did some
gross stuff in the restaurant.

So that’s something to be aware of.

Like it’s not like he’s going to prison.

He could be opening
his family to a lawsuit.

I found out that this incident
happened at five, 10 in the morning.

So first of all, they’re
at a ramen restaurant.

And who’s eating ramen
at five, 10 in the morning?

Like even if you’re a night worker,

five, 10 in the morning
isn’t, it’s not ramen time.

I mean, I guess it different,
different people, different moods.

I have become a very serious, serious.

That makes it sound like I got a problem.

I’ve become a very adamant lunch drinker.

If I’m going to drink, I
want to drink at lunch time.

And then over the course of the day,

I can sober up and I’m asked
to feel a little hangover come

and I can start drinking
water and then I go to bed

and then I wake up next
morning and I feel great.

I’ve realized that night
drinking is actually the mistake.

We should all be drinking at lunch
time, day drinking, almost exclusively.

So the boy, the 16 year
old boy and his 20 year

old friend who was
videoing it, so already again,

I can see there’s a bad influence,
the older boy, videoing the younger boy,

probably encouraging
him to do the bad thing.

That’s going to be the first sort of issue

is the young guy’s going
to take the lead from

the, what I’m going to
go ahead and just assume

is a negative influence because
he ended up getting arrested.

So you’re not going to call that
a positive influence on his life.

The 16 year old is underage.

So again, probably very
little is going to happen to him

again, open to a civil lawsuit that
could affect his family or his parents.

The 20 year old though, he’s in a different
set of trouble because he’s an adult.

So he’s responsible for himself.

When arrested, the 20 year old said,
I posted the video on social media,

but I don’t remember why I
filmed it or why I uploaded it.

And let me, let me fill you in.

Not even being there, not
even knowing who you are.

You filmed it because
other people had done this

kind of stupid stuff and
gotten attention for it.

You uploaded it because
you wanted the attention.

And that’s it.

That’s the whole, it sounded
like I had a third point.

I didn’t.

Those are the only two.

You saw other people
were getting attention.

You thought, hey, maybe I can
get the same amount of attention.

So you did.

Both were arrested for our
favorite abstraction of business.

Dave’s, Dave’s gently resting his paws.

He’s been doing this lead lately.

Let’s see if I can get the video down.

He rests his paws on my arm.

And it makes me not want to move my arm,
but it means I can’t control the mouse,

which means it’s very hard
to hit the transition button.

And then, so usually, right
now, he’s only got one paw.

He’ll put on two paws, right?

And then it’s quite heavy.

He took the one paw off when I was moving.

You know, it was very nice of him.

I talked about last week
about the guy from the ’70s

who had planted a balm,
he was part of a group.

He blew up some stuff.

And he went into hiding, went
into hiding until he was 70 years old.

He stayed off the grid for the entire time,

which is really impressive,
if I’m being honest.

He didn’t use his national health insurance

until the point where
he actually got cancer

and the cancer got so far
he had to go into hospital.

And then he had to use
his national health insurance.

And then they found out who he was.

He then died like a week later.

So that was national news.

It was all over in the news.

And the picture they put
up was of his mug shot.

Now in Japan, they have
these sort of yellow posters.

And they put on like the
nine most wanted people

in Japan at the time,
or they’ll put on like,

here’s the nine most biggest
scammers or whatever.

So this guy, because
they let talk about this

guy from the ’70s, now
he’s been from the ’70s,

but they put his poster up
again and again and again,

and every time they talk about it and post
them, and there’s a picture next to it.

And it’s another guy, not another guy.

He’s also a criminal.

He’s also another guy
who’s been a criminal in hiding

the entire time, wanted for an
attempted murder back in 2020.

Turns out having his
picture on the news every day

for a couple of weeks was
enough for someone to go,

“Oh, come on, come on, I
think I know who that guy is.

“I think I’ve seen
that guy around before.

” He hangs out in that
building that’s full of yakuza.

In Japan, they actually, the yakuza
will buy a building to house the yakuza.

And the whole point is, if
you are a yakuza in hiding,

you go into one of these
apartment buildings where it’s

all other yakuza, and
they’re not gonna turn you in.

The problem with having your
face on the news every day

means if you go outside
and which you probably do,

you go outside and go for groceries and
do some other stuff, it means other people

will see your face, and
someone put it together,

put an anonymous tip
in, hey, that guy lives in

Sendai, the police arrested
him on February 1st.

So it’s an interesting thing,
just throwing the pictures

up on the news again and again and
again, was enough for people to go like,

“I actually think I
recognize that guy.

” So you think about
wanted posters not working,

but they kind of work if
you get it on national news

so that a whole bunch of people can
see it, and then, you know, nosy neighbors,

that’s not just a Japanese thing,
but it is a very big Japanese thing.

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow.

I was of recording, this is February 13th.

This is tomorrow is February 14th
with his traditionally Valentine’s Day.

Japan, if you are a fan of Japan, it’s
pretty fairly common knowledge now

that it’s not done in
the Western tradition.

They made their own
tradition where a woman

will give a man chocolate
on Valentine’s Day.

And then a month later, on White Day,

man are supposed to
reciprocate by giving cookies.

There is a tradition in Japan that the women
in an office give really shit chocolates

to everyone in their office,
all the guys in their office.

They don’t like them, they don’t find them
attractive, it’s just something you do.

That’s called giddy choco.

Now, giddy, giddy, giddy
is like almost, but it’s in

English, they translate
it to obligation chocolate.

And I never thought about the word,
but giddy, it kind of means like barely.

So it’s like barely
chocolate or maybe barely

affectionate chocolate
or something like that.

I actually need to go
get the etymology of that

’cause I was thinking about
it as I was writing this down

that the direct translation
while it makes perfect sense

doesn’t actually translate the words,
it translates the spirit of the phrase,

which is an interesting
aspect of translation.

When you have something
called super dragon punch

in Japanese and you’re
gonna translate to the

English, do you call it
super dragon puncher?

Do you change it to something else that
would be more sort of in the right atmosphere

or feeling of the words,
which would be interesting?

Totally relevant.

I just, I realized that giddy choco

or giddy giddy choco doesn’t
translate into obligation chocolate

would actually translate into
on essentially shit chocolate.

The practice has reached its
lowest point since this survey began.

I didn’t write down when the survey began,

which is a big failure on
my part as a journalist,

but luckily I’m not being held to journalistic
standards because I don’t get paid.

The benefit of being
an independent anything

is that you can kind of just
make up the rules as you go.

If someone accuses me of not being a
good journalist, I’ll be like, wow, pay me.

Then I might become a good journalist.

There was a 19,000 person
survey, 37.6% plan to give gifts.

That’s up 3.2%.

Usually gifts are given
to spouses or partners.

Worst reporter ever.

The cost.

Look, I mean, again,
how much have you paid?

Like, when you start throwing money my
way, then maybe you can start holding me

to some sort of standard
you imagine in your head.

Or when the advertisers
roll in, maybe whatever.

It is true, though.

Well, actually, no, it’s not.

I’m going to now suddenly
after having agreed.

What’s your Venmo?

You send me money
on paper and link in the

description of the YouTube
channel’s has my PayPal.

I actually had my first donation.

The month ago, two months
ago, it was very exciting for me.

Some guy just like dropped me 20 bucks.

I was, that’s the most money I’ve made
off any of endeavors I’ve ever had so far.

Anyways, no, I’m not the worst reporter.

See, the thing is, I actually
double check everything I say.

So if I get a story, I don’t accept it.

If it’s only one story, I
have to have two sources,

which a lot of journalists in online
sources, they don’t do that anymore.

They’ll just take it and repeat it.

And maybe even make changes to it.

There was the story of the guy who
hit the taxi driver who hit the pigeon.

And I found two sources.

And then the third source actually said,

they changed it from pigeon
to dove to try to create

that sort of more
sympathetic sound to the story,

which was an embellishment,
which made it inaccurate,

which made me realize like, okay, this
person, this writer cannot be trusted.

So as far as a trusted news source,
while I am not the investigative reporter,

when it comes to the things
I say, they are verifiable.

Better than Fox News,
which legally is entertainment.

This is not entertainment.

This is fucking news.

All right. Anyways, the average this,
this was a story about Valentine’s Day,

which is, you know, sort of one of those
light stories that has no actual meaning.

The average intended
cost of the gift is 3,238 yen,

which is down from 3,329
yen in previous years.

66.2% of people are planning to
give it to their partners or spouses.

Co-workers are down to 14.

1%, where 72% of the people surveyed
said, it is either somewhat unnecessary

or completely unnecessary to give
chocolate to your shitty stinky co-worker

who laughs too loud and
eats with his mouth open.

I’m not thinking of anyone, and specifically
who works in the office where I work,

who eats crackers every
morning that smell like shrimp,

and I’m across the fucking office, and I
can smell it and eats with his mouth open,

and he’s eating sembe,
which is like a hard cracker.

So it’s also, it’s not
only like a really noisy

food to eat, the fucking
wrapper is weirdly noisy.

It’s like the noisiest food ever invented,

and he’s the only
one in the office who’s

making any sound, and
I don’t want to kill him.

I don’t want to pick up a
chair and throw it at him.

I don’t want to push him out the window.

No one in particular.

I mean, that was just a
hypothetical that came

to mind, has no bearing
on any person in reality.

This was the interesting
part of this article, though,

was they were blaming the
reduction in wanting to give

a giddy, giddy choco to an increase
in teleworking and not inflation.

Because to me, it would
make way more sense,

like if chocolate as its
baseline gets more expensive,

it would make way more sense
that people don’t want to pay

for something that they
already see as unnecessary.

But they’re saying,
like, “Oh, people are not

as in the office, they’re
not as connected.

” It almost felt conspiratorial,

like this was one of those
weird return to office pushes,

like, “Oh, you’re losing the
connection that the office creates,”

which is, as we all know,
complete and utter bullshit.

Speaking of inflation, oh my God, I put my
stories together in the right order today.

That’s a piece of magic right there.

People are buying less
because of inflation.

I actually noticed that I buy
less overall because of inflation.

Previously, I would go
out for lunch regularly.

Now I have basically stopped.

I don’t go out for lunch.

I meal prep.

So I make burritos.

I make like 20, 30 burritos and I freeze
them and I bring them into the office.

That’s it’s cheaper and I’m not
spending money to go to restaurants.

So, and that’s inflation.

Like, I could see the price go out, go up.

I can see that going out is too expensive.

I’m not going to do it anymore.

Convenient stores in supermarkets
are also, they’re like feeling it.

They’re getting feeling hit.

So what they’re doing is creating
larger products to lure people in.

And the owner of, I think it
was, you know, incorporation,

said, because of the appearance, larger
food can provide excitement and fun.

The price cuts can’t.

And here’s, here’s the thing
from a consumer perspective.

I would rather have normal food at a
discounted price or let’s just put it this way.

One inflation is no longer an issue.

Like, inflation is capped out and you’re
like, we’re not selling enough of this.

Capitalism actually dictates
that’s when you lower the price.

I don’t want an extra large, only giddy.

I don’t want a cake
with more frosting on it.

I would just like the regular
version at a lower price.

And then you’re more likely to
get my patronage on a regular basis.

It is interesting that
these, it’s convenience

stores and supermarkets
are like, instead

of lowering the price
of our regular products,

we’re going to take some products and
make them extra big for the same price.

And I, they’re only
choosing select products.

So it’s not really like the
necessities of the things you need.

They would make a lot more money if
you just said, let’s make a regular price.

And let’s actually drop the price on regular
items and then people would keep coming

back because, hey, it’s slightly
cheaper here than somewhere else.

That is exactly what I would
think and that’s where I would go.

They’re increasing the size
of only giddy, bento boxes,

so the pre prepared lunchboxes
and a bunch of sweets.

Obviously, it’s one
of those things that

sounds like a good plan
to executives, but then

doesn’t translate into the real world
where people actually live and work.

The Japan Education Minister.

This was actually something
I learned, so that’s nice.

He said, I never received
support from the unification church.

And then next week
he’s like, okay, I kind of

received support from
the unification church.

Unification church is a big issue in Japan.

Way back.

Now, a year ago, the former
Prime Minister Abe was shot.

He was shot by a guy
who was angry at the

unification church because
the unification church

had ruined his family
because his mom had

joined and given all the
family money to the church.

And he said he wanted
to exact revenge.

Abe’s father was the
one that brought the

unification church into
Japan as an organization.

He was a politician.

He let them into the country.

He let them become an organized religion.

So it wasn’t a direct
link, but there was

supposed to be unification
church leader at this

thing where the guy showed
up and Abe was there.

The guy didn’t show up.

So he shot Abe instead.

It was like actually a
target of opportunity.

This set off a whole
thing where people are

like, well, is the unification
church taking money from people?

And then it turns out they’re
doing a lot of really weird stuff.

We’ve actually covered
that in a previous

episode, so I’m not
going to go over it again.

But what they did find
out is the unification

church does a lot of pandering
to politicians, not a big surprise.

You want to enact political power.

You got to get politicians so they
give a lot of money to politicians.

Politicians are all now scared
because now if you’ve received

money or anything from the
unification church, it looks bad.

It looks like you’ve been bought
and paid for, which you probably have.

You fucking education minister.

Turns out the thing I
didn’t know, the education

minister is also in
charge for religious

issues, which if you
are in charge of religious

issues and you’ve
taken money from the

unification church, there’s a
bit of a conflict of interest there.

That’s kind of the issue
that maybe has come up.

So he said, no, I’ve never
dealt with the unification church.

Turns out he participated
in an event hosted

by the unification church and accepted
a letter of recommendation from them.

But he says, and this
is on record, if there

happened to be photos, I think I must
have received a recommendation letter.

So I do like the initial part of that
sentence more than anything else.

If there happened to
be photos, he’s like,

basically, if you have
evidence, then it must be true.

If you don’t have evidence, then I’m going
to deny it because you don’t have evidence.

So if you have evidence, bring it
forward and then I’ll admit that I did it.

It’s a very interesting piece of logic he’s
working on because he’s basically saying,

if you can prove it,
I’ll admit it, but if you

can’t, I’m not gonna
ask a he shimblin, publish

these photos and
it’s him at the event

receiving the letter of
recommendation and being

very chummy, tell me
with the unification church.

This is coming after a
scandal in the government

where a whole bunch of
people were taking money.

I mean, again, not
particularly the surprising

scandal, but it’s actually meant because
she to the current prime minister, like his

whole cabinet is now
being called into question

and it is going to be a big problem
for him in the upcoming elections.

Crimes in Japan rose
for a second straight year

in 2023 went up 17% to
703,351 crimes recorded.

This is basically because coronavirus
restrictions have been reduced.

So all the criminals,
all the criminals were

in lockdown, which
meant it’s really hard

to commit crime if
you’re stuck in your house,

but also there’s been
a legislation change.

So the penal code has been
revised, the interpretation

of forcible intercourse has
been updated in the penal code.

And so those cases rose by 63.8%.

This sounds like there
are thousands of forcible

intercourse cases that
have suddenly happened.

What actually happened
was before they were

happening and not getting
prosecuted, now they

are being prosecuted,
so this incredible rise,

63% rise in forcible
intercourse crime means that

it’s actually being prosecuted
now where before it wasn’t.

It’s good that these are being prosecuted.

This huge rise in
numbers, though, has meant

the atmosphere, the
feeling of the average

citizen in Japan thinks that
Japan is a less safe country.

So a survey said 70% believe that Japan is
less safe than it was before, before being

a very vague term,
because yeah, during the

pandemic, when everything
was locked down, everything

was very safe because no one
was allowed to leave the house.

But getting to
actual statistics, a 4.

8% increase in fraud and
robbery, cyber scams are

up 8%, there were 19,033
cyber scams recorded last year.

It’s the most in 10
years, obviously the

internet is where these
scams are going to take

place from now on, 44.1 billion yen,
it’s up for the second year in a row.

The scams are not
just coming from within

Japan, the scams are actually
coming from all over Southeast Asia.

Gassy, we talked
about Gassy a lot, and I

talked about Gassy a lot because
he had a very interesting thing.

He was living in Dubai,
he was a YouTuber,

and what his YouTube
was like all scandals in

Japan, and then he said
he was living in Dubai

because if he came
back to Japan, they would

arrest him, and there
were people against

him, and it was like
all very conspiratorial.

And then he ran for
office, and he thought

like I can run for office
remotely, and he won,

he was running in the
government remotely,

and they’re like no, you
have to show up, he’s

like if I show up, you’re
going to arrest me,

and then they’re like
no, that’s not going

to happen, then he
showed up and got arrested,

and now the case
is actually coming to

sort of a conclusion,
essentially online intimidation.

So he was basically a cyber bully, he would
get scandals, he would get information,

and then he would like
blackmail people, or pick

people isn’t like, and he
would like harass them.

So he’s online
intimidation symbolizes the

problem of online
defamation and its extreme

maliciousness, whoo,
that’s what the judge

said, prosecutors are
looking for four years in prison.

So in a weird way,
though, this is actually

funny, because he was
talking all conspiracy,

and everyone’s like no, no, that’s not a
conspiracy, that’s not going to happen.

And then it was true, the whole time it was
true, they’re like as soon as you step foot

in this country,
you’re going to get

arrested, which is exactly
what he said would happen.

He’s being accused of
threats against actors.

I know go seems to be the main
one, who said I have been slandered.

I’ve lost contracts, and I
demand a strict punishment.

So this is actually a big thing.

Like when your name
gets dragged through the

mud in Japan, companies
will not work with you.

So he lost advertising
contracts and probably

millions and millions of yen
because of the things that Gassy said.

So Gassy having to pay
the price for that is good.

Again, I think this opens
him up once he’s found guilty.

There’s also a civil suit that I and I will
go could levy towards him and probably try

to recoup some of
those funds, although I

bet Gassy’s not going to have that
much money left over after all this.

So there was a man
and he’s a fan of this ex

porn star, and she
goes live on TikTok now.

And he sends her 80,000 yen
and he says, let’s meet for tea.

Now, if you’re a cool person in Japan,
young person, this actually a pickup line.

So it sounds, let’s meet
for T sounds very innocent.

Most Japanese pickup lines and stuff do.

In Korea, what does it like,
let’s go to my house and I’ll make

you ramen is like come over and
sleep with me at my apartment.

In Japan, let’s go for tea
means like let’s go on a date.

So he sent her 80,000 yen
and like dropped a pickup line

and she’s like, well, I got a
simp on the hook, let’s go.

She replied later with
if I’m driving, so like if I

have to come meet you,
that’ll be another 150,000 yen.

And so the dude paid it.

So the dude has paid out 80,000 yen for the
initial dropping line, 150,000 yen to get

her to drive to him or to
wherever they’re going to meet.

And then she said, not
having, not being satisfied.

She said, I haven’t been
able to pay my phone bill.

So give me another 40,000
yen, which he then paid.

But then she never actually met him.

So this is 270,000 yen total this man
has spent has given to this ex porn star.

And she actually still hasn’t met him.

Then during email
conversations or it’s like

online, line is like a chat
system they use in Japan.

It’s probably the
most popular one.

She said that he started
treating her cold, he’s probably

treating her coldly because
she’s taken 270,000 yen.

And average salary in Japan is
going to be 250 to 300,000 yen.

So he’s paid the average
monthly salary just

to have a meeting with
this woman who said

she will meet him and
then she’s not doing it.

She’s like, oh, I’m angry
that he’s now cold to me.

She said she would return all the money,
but he could never contact her again.

He said fine.

And then she hasn’t returned the money.

So I’m wondering, yeah,
like where’s the legality here?

Because the money was given under
a condition, but there was no contract.

Can he take this a step further?

And now let’s face facts, he
wanted to meet a porn star.

I think we all know
what he actually wanted

to have happen, but it
seems like a good story

to end on, but there’s no conclusion
because the story hasn’t ended yet.

The story hasn’t ended yet because we don’t
know if he’s going to get his money back or

if she’s actually going
to meet him, which

is not going to meet him because she
was just trying to like scammer for money.

Is there a scam here because
he gave the money willingly?

Like if you were going
to donate money to a

podcaster, and then make
demands of the podcaster,

and then they didn’t
meet those demands.

Would he then be obligated
to give that money back?

I don’t think so, but
the fact that there was a

disingenuous agreement
made is a kind of fraud.

So with my very
shallow understanding of

Japanese legal law, I
actually bet the fact that

she said, if you give me 150,000
yen, I will come and drive to meet you.

That is an oral
contract, that’s an oral

contract and therefore he
would have some kind of civil case.

It wouldn’t be punitive.

I bet he could get his money back.

I don’t think he could actually
like get extra money from her.

Just like if you gave a podcaster money, so
let’s say 80,000 yen, if you dropped 80,000

on your favorite podcast, I mean, what
kind of demand would you make of me anyway?

It’s like take off my shirt.

The problem is I would do it.

I would take off my
shirt and it would be

disgusting because it
would blow out the camera

and you wouldn’t be able
to see anything anymore.

Would it be 80,000 yen and only, all right,
so Ignat’s is just putting the chat sing,

but you please know the
Ignat’s is not dropped any money.

So when the money gets dropped, then we
will have an oral contract if I agree to it.

That’s the problem.

That’s the bit you’re missing.

So, yes, you can say,
I request that you sing

and then I can say,
well, I want 100,000 yen

and I will sing the song of
my choice and then I will sing

and then it would be like, I’m
not satisfied with that song.

Unfortunately, then
I would have actually

fulfilled my side of the
contract and you would

just lose, you would not be
able to accuse me of fraud.

Whereas if you gave
me 100,000 yen and I

said I would sing the
song of your choice and

then I sang a different song,
that could be problematic.

But if I just didn’t sing at all, well
then, absolutely, that would be fraud.

Oh, look at Dave, look at how cute Dave is.

He sat up just for the
end of the show, oh, my

little buddy, he’s still
got his eyes half close.

The dude is like barely asleep all the
time, okay, let’s just do the end song.

That was really messy today.

I do not know what happened.

I think I just kind of
mentally am not there.

Oh, he’s actually asleep.

He’s like doing the deep breathing,
sleeping as eyes are closed.

He’s sleeping while sitting up.

I bet if I just left this on Twitch, this
would be the most popular thing I’ve ever done.

Can I get the microphone
down to his nose?

Oh, no, he’s laying down again.

Ah, that’s too bad.


(upbeat music)

With the declining, man, right off,

that’s, I did a good first start and then
messed up to say, okay, let’s try again.

With the decolon, fuck!

Declining, declining, declining.

I need to do some mouth warmups.


With the declining population in Japan,

recruiting for pretty
much anything is difficult.

So companies are
having difficulty recruiting.

Things like the military,
let’s say, there are less

people to recruit from,
so numbers are going down.

And the military, honestly,
for a lot of people, not the

most attractive option, it’s
self-defense force in Japan,

has decided to try to increase recruitment
by relaxing some of the standards.

And this is one of the slippery slopes,

because when you get so
desperate to need people

and you start accepting
people with hippie haircuts,

which is like, mm, there
are other other way.

So they’ve decided to
relax hairstyle regulations.

So I guess so you can
look good on the battlefield.

So as I run across the battlefield,
like I do in COD, guns aiming at nothing,

because I’m just shooting
randomly in the air,

you can see my golden
locks fly out behind me.

They’re trying to attract younger people.

And what they’ve decided is that
women don’t have to have short hairs.

So they had to have
very, very short haircuts,

like still just like above
the ear kind of haircuts.

Men don’t need to have buzz cuts anymore.

So women, the hair must be tied back, and
it cannot obstruct the wearing of a helmet,

and it cannot touch your shoulders.

So it’s not long hair, but it is longer.

And then men, they said, “There
is an athletic standard for men.

” And the thing is, I don’t know what the
athletic standard is when it comes to hair.

I assume by that they actually
just mean short-ish all around.

The thing is, an athletic
haircut where I come

from in Canada, would
be the hockey mullet.

So short in the front and long in the back,

that would be very much what I would
associate with a certain kind of athlete.

And I don’t think that is
what the Japanese military

is really going for.

They have tried anime in the past,
but we’re not going to see any anime

wife who’s on the battlefield, because
you are not allowed to die your hair.

So that’s actually,
again, the sensible rule,

because remember, all those
stories from the last couple of years

about high schools and whatnot,
saying you had to have black hair.

The rule wasn’t that you
shouldn’t die your hair.

The rule was that you
had to have black hair

with the base assumption
that every Japanese kid

is born with black hair, and
then these mixed kids come in.

And they have dark brown, light brown hair,

and they were being
forced to die their hair black,

because the rule
wasn’t, don’t die your hair.

The rule was, you have to have black hair.

They’re being more sensible.

They’re saying don’t die your hair.

So if you have naturally brown hair,

the military is more than
happy to welcome you,

which is a step forward,
I think that’s pretty nice.

You can only die gray hair,

which I thought was interesting.

So they’re saying as men, women get older,

they get gray hair, you’re allowed
to cover that up, if you want.

Otherwise you have
to have natural hair.

So we’re not going to
see any bright pink hair,

main character,
syndrome stuff on the

battlefield, at least with
the SDF any time soon.

They have also tried anime in the past,
which takes us deftly into our next story.

There is a, the reformed church,
which is also trying to recruit people,

and they’re doing
something very interesting,

which we’re going to take
a moment and listen to.

They’re trying to teach Calvinism.

They decided to go on the internet
and say the best way to teach Calvinism.

I honestly did not take the time

to look up Calvinism.

Calvinism, I do have a coworker

who I’m sure would be more
than happy to tell me about it,

but I’m sure they also would not have
connected Calvinism to anime ASMR.

So they are reciting psalms,
or if you read it like I do psalms

with sort of a weird
Japanese character voice,

sort of whispering in
your ear at the same time.

So luckily for you, I
have a little bit of that.

What are we looking at?

We are looking at…
(speaking in foreign language)

Okay, the Japanese is too
hard for me to understand,

but I think she’s reading
Psalm 103, colon two.

And I mean, we could just
do it together for a while.

If I could read the Japanese fast
enough, I can sort of read the Japanese,

but no, I’m gonna be able to
keep up with a native speaker.

So I don’t know, when
you would listen to this,

I guess this is you turn this on,

you go to bed and you get
that tingly failing in your ear.

And then, join the church.

All right, there are three and
a half minutes more of that.

We don’t need to listen to anymore.

Just another weird thing, combination,

Japan, anime, recruitment, to try to get
those nerds, I guess, to come to church.

The military, actually, it
was two years ago, I believe,

actually, it was using
anime posters to try to

attract a certain segment
to join the SDF as well.

I don’t think it’s a bad idea.

I mean, most of the military now,
at this point, is probably computers.

It’s drones, it’s computers,
it’s logistics and stuff.

You need people who are
more than happy to sit in a chair,

10 to 12 hours a day and get
paid to mess around on a computer.

This is the right demographic for it.

And then they get to call themselves
soldiers and pretend they’re in an anime

where they’re like fighting cyber stuff,
which they might actually be, I don’t know.

I mean, that actually may
work out for you in the future.

The host club of crackdowns
continue, which is good,

’cause I was, everything I’ve heard about
host clubs is make me like, just wonder.

I just wonder, every time the
story comes up, I just wonder.

Is it that good?

Like, is it the men sort of
fawning over you, that good?

I’ll fawn over you for a much lower price.

Let’s put it that way.

You throw 20 bucks my way.

I will fawn for a little bit.

Anyways, there’s a little bit of fallout.

So again, these are because
this is a recent development.

This means these are
going to be the first time

charges are put towards
host clubs in this way.

So one club was suspended
for charging huge fees.

That’s kind of like a
constant that everyone

knows is going on, but
was never punished before.

I guess it was one of
those things where like,

the police are like, you
know where you’re going.

You know they use manipulation tactics.

You know they’re going
to try to jack up the price.

You’re in for it.

That’s up to you.

But now they’re like, no,
it’s gotten too far because

once you’re in so much
debt, they try to force you

into the sex trade of some
sort to pay off your debt.

And that’s maybe going too
far for the police in Japan.

I guess massive debt wasn’t
enough, all that it should have been.

So one was suspended
for charging huge fees.

And a second was suspended
for admitting a minor.

These were all, all the charges are
going to be related to inflated debt.

One club apparently stopped a
woman from leaving until she drank more.

So the way they actually
create the inflated price

that you owe is to get you super drunk.

And then by like, hey, let’s buy a bottle.

That bottle, you know, a 2000
bottle yen bottle of champagne.

Let’s charge them a million yen for it.

They get you drunk and they
don’t ever put out the prices.

This is again a common scam in Japan.

If you come to Japan and
you go into a restaurant,

you go into a bar and there are no
prices listed, you should just leave.

And if they try to get you to stay, what
they’re trying to do is get you to buy stuff

without telling you the price
and then they’ll hand you

an inflated thing and then say like, if
you don’t pay it, we’ll call the police.

The thing is, the police are actually,

they know what’s going
on but there is nothing

they can actually like,
they can’t defend you.

You actually still have to
pay the bill because in a way

because you drank there,
not knowing the price.

That’s your fault and the
police actually have to enforce it.

You have to pay that bill.

So that’s only you, you
should be aware of it.

If you’re a tourist and
you’re coming to Japan,

it’s but Japan’s reopened, it’s borders.

Tourists, I think it’s up
six fold from what it was

this time last year, which makes
sense because COVID’s not gone.

Apparently, I was reading a
story, I didn’t write it down.

I wasn’t going to do it for
Ninja Ninja Japan this week.

They’re saying we’re in our
10th wave of coronavirus.

But now, immunity is very high.
The vaccine is rolled out.

So it’s more like people
are just getting long colds.

So not particularly violent,
like people were dying before.

Now people catch a cold
and it just sort of lasts,

like cold lasts like two,
three days, let’s say.

This lasts like a week plus.

So they’re actually saying
that we’re in our 10th wave.

This is people aren’t noticing
as much because they just

think like, whoo, it’s cold
season and I got a cold.

So this woman, they
stopped her from leaving.

I said, you have to drink more,
which that is, I would say kidnapping.

Once you stop someone from
leaving a place they want to leave from,

that is actually kidnapping, uh, then
they made her take out 850,000 yen

from an ATM to pay off the debt
that she just racked up from them,

keeping her in the place in the host
club so that she could drink more.

So they basically made her stay drink
more to rack up a bill and they made her

go pay the bill.
If these punishments go through,

this is going to be the first of
their kind in Japan and I really do.

I think the host club system,
scam, whatever you want to call it.

It’s one of the grossest things they
have and I would really like to see.

I don’t have a problem
with what’s happening.

Like you want to go and
pay someone to talk to you.

I personally wouldn’t do that.

But if that’s, if you’re
comfortable with it, that’s okay.

Just make it a fair business.

That’s, that’s the only thing I would say.

Just make it a fair business off we go.

But that’s apparently not good enough.

You have to rip people off.

And that’s where they always,
it’s where everything goes wrong.

It’s why we need regulations.

Don’t get me going on regulations.

I know, I know everyone out there
is listening to this is like, oh, Peter,

do some SMR about regulations,

but the regulations you would
put into place on corporations.

I know, I know that that
might be my new podcast.

Corporal SMR regulatory systems.

Uh, they’ve decided to stop
running snack carts on shinkansen.

So if you go on the shinkansen now,
the bullet train, what happens is lady

still very sexist is you shouldn’t I
don’t think I’ve ever seen a man do it.

So I think it’s pretty fair to say a lady.

A lady comes down to card and she’s like,
do you want to buy an overpriced chocolate?

Do you want to buy an overpriced tea?

Do you want to buy something that you should
have bought before you go on the train?

Everyone just buy stuff
and brings it on the train.

So those things are not
profitable, but it isn’t in train service.

I think way back, probably when
they weren’t ripping people off,

people probably bought from
it and it was maybe a good deal.

I don’t know.

I’ve never bought anything from it.

I always buy snacks and bring it on the
train if I ever have to go on the train.

So these carts, there’s a
lot of train fans in Japan.

So these carts, what are
they going to do with them?

Well, they’re going to
put them up for sale.

And if you want one, you have to
enter a lottery to be able to bid on the

carts, they’re going to
be 50 carts and they’re

going to sell them
for 100,000 yen each.

Now, I don’t know if there’s
bidding involved in that.

I think they’re just going to sell 50.

So I think the lottery,
there are going to be 50

winners and you each get,
have to pay 100,000 yen.

You have to be able to pick it
up yourself by the end of February.

So this is all happening very quickly.

We hope quote from the
representative of the shinkansen.

We hope they will be
put to good use and not

used for some weird
sex thing in a movie.

Some of that was added on by me.

There’s someone out
there, completely innocent,

who’s building his own
inside of a shinkansen

in his house and he’s weird
and he’s got too much money.

I can’t judge that.

I have my nerd stuff in my room.

I’m not as bad primarily because I’m poor.

I think if I had a lot of money, I
would buy a lot of stupid stuff.

And I’m a fan of something different.

So it’s hard for me to judge.

But there is another segment that’s going
to be like, let’s recreate a shinkansen

and then make an adult
video and then have

the girl push it down and then have
some sort of encounter with a passenger.

I could totally see that being a
video and then they could say,

this is an authentic shinkansen cart
and somehow that’s a selling point.

Why did my brain go there first?

Because I do an engineer’s Japan and
I’ve now deep into Japan’s psychology

when they have like, let’s add a
little authenticity to something.

They will absolutely go for it.

Once you win the lottery
and you pay 100,000 yen,

they will be no cleaning or
repairs done before the sale.

So the condition they
are in on that last day

of service is the
condition you will get it in.

I think not cleaning it is
a problem again because

of the fanciful, weird
people out in the world.

I think you should just clean it up.

Repairs, yeah, let them repair themselves.

I’m sure these are the kind of people
who would really enjoy repairing it.

And as part of the contract of
winning the lottery, you cannot resell it.

So I can’t win the lottery 10 times by 10
cards and then resell them on the internet.

Then if I do that, I’m
going to get in trouble.

That blue city, they got
some youth baseball going on.

As most cities do baseballs, I
think the most popular sport in Japan.

So hey, what’s funny, probably
the most famous baseball player.

So famous, I’ve heard of him.

I don’t watch baseball.

I do not follow sports.

So he has to be super, super famous.

I think he, I don’t think I know.

He just did the like $700 billion
contract over X amount of years.

So he’s like the number one baseball
player in the world for the moment.

So that means he’s super popular.

He’s Japanese and therefore
very popular in Japan.

He has donated 60,000
baseball gloves to 20,000 schools.

What they did is the
city collects the gloves

and then they’re supposed to
distribute them to the different schools.

The mayor of Bepu city
said, you know what, more

valuable to the world
is I took these gloves

and I didn’t give them to kids.

If I put them on display
for everyone to see.

And he said this was to make
children and citizens happy.

Because as we all know, kids love
not touching or playing with things.

They love to go up to a glass
case and just look at stuff.

So that was clearly
a weird little selfish

thing that the mayor of Bepu did
immediately got pushed back on.

It’s like, Otani is
donated these gloves so

that kids will get excited
about baseball and

play baseball and maybe
grow up and be professional

baseball players or at least foster
their love of the sport that he loves.

And you probably a baseball fan
are like, I don’t want to give it to kids.

I want to keep it from itself.

So I’m going to put in a glass case.

No, I can touch it.

It’s my glove.

Some people don’t grow
up and the mayor of Bepu

seems to have been one
of those people who didn’t

realize that not giving
stuff to kids that was

intended to be given
to kids is a bad idea.

So he some other districts,
cities, did display the gloves as well.

They didn’t get in trouble
because the idea was

we’re going to hold them until
they’re ready to be shipped.

So basically, we’re not, we’re
going to put these in a box.

They’re going to get shipped.

Let’s say next month
or the beginning of the

new academic year
or something like that.

Until then, we’ll put them on display.

And yes, everyone can
look at the gloves that

have probably been
touched by Shohei Otani

himself, the magical
fingers of the man himself.

And then everyone looks
at and goes, ooh, glass case.

Look at those gloves.

And then when it was time to give them to
the kids, actually give them to the kids.


Mayor of Bepu?

Now, in my gloves, they
want to keep my gloves.

They’re not going to give my
gloves to anybody under my gloves.

Fucking child.

This is interesting.

It’s not really something I can make any.

I can’t make fun of this.

In the 1970s, there
was a series of bombings.

And this was, this was the
East Asia anti-Japan armed front.

And what they would do is targeting
companies that operated overseas.

And so they were
protesting Japan’s exploitation

of other countries
pre-World War II,

where they were like
literally enslaving other

people and stuff and
occupying other countries.

And they were seeing
that the current expansion

after World War II in the
70s and 80s, particularly,

was another form of this expansion.

So they were like, we should stop this.

We shouldn’t exploit others.

So let’s blow them up.

Always the solution.

And a man has been wanted since 1975.

What he did was he put a bomb
outside of a building and it went off,

and a little bunch of shit up.

A man entered the hospital
suffering from terminal cancer.

He has been hidden
for the last 50 years and

paying for cancer
treatments out of pocket

because if he used his
actual idea or anything,

he would link him
back to that bombing.

So he’s basically been in
hiding for 50 years and surviving.

He’s been working at a building firm.

So that’s a bit vague.

He may have been doing construction.

He may have been doing architecture
or some variety of work therein.

So he’s had a job.

He’s been working for the last 50 years.

He’s been in hiding.

He hasn’t used his health care card.

He hasn’t used any of his
official idea for anything.

So the police wouldn’t find him.

And he’s lived for the last 50 years.

He enters into hospital because his
cancer has just gotten to this stage

where he has to be in hospital.

And this is sort of hospice almost.

He’s it’s terminal.

He’s not going to survive.

That means sooner or
later they have to get his ID.

So they get his ID and they find
out and they contact the police.

The police come and talk to him.

And then the story comes out
yesterday that he dies in hospital.

So I’m a bit torn.

Is this like in a way
he hid successfully for

the entirety of his life
and escape the police.

But the police sort of caught
up with him at the very end.

I don’t know. It’s a weird story
because how do you feel about that?

Like he committed a crime.

I kind of have respect for
someone who can hide for 50 years.

So much of an engineer’s depend is someone
doing something and getting caught that day

because they videoed it
and put it on the internet.

And then he got this guy and
I would say a proper criminal.

He was a freedom fighter in his mind.

And this is always sort of one
of the dichotomies of people doing

acts for political reasons as they see
themselves differently than just criminals.

They see themselves as the rebels.

They see themselves
as the uprising, the

revolution that’s going
to change the world.

So he saw himself as a revolutionary.

So he didn’t feel like what
he was doing was a crime.

He thought he needed
to do this to change the

course of Japan and
the world in the future.

I have respect for the ideology.

I do not think you should blow shit up.

I don’t think you should blow people up.

I’m not even a big fan of blowing
stuff up unless it’s in a video game.

Love blowing stuff up in video games.

The difference there.

Yeah, you’re knowing the
difference between real

life and video games
makes a big difference.

But he found a job, worked for 50 years.

I mean, they didn’t
actually say he retired,

which makes me think
he was doing construction

because he can do construction
just up into the last days.

And then was caught.

Police came and spoke to them.

Apparently he was quite open
with them, but then he died.

And then, case closed.

Going from that guy
to this guy for Fox eight.

A boy filmed himself licking the lid
of a water pitcher at a rabbit shop.

This is not interesting anymore.

The people who are
getting caught licking stuff

or eating stuff and making
communal stuff grows.

The reason I, a rabbit
shop, a ramen, ramen shop,

a ramen, a shop where
that sells bowls of ramen,

my mouth is a little dry.

So I might not be enunciating as
well as I could or I’m talking too fast.

People tell me I talked
to slow in the office.

So that might be the
I try to speak a little

faster when I do the
news need to use to pay.

He filmed himself
licking the lid of a water

pitcher at a ramen shop
and then putting it back.

And the internet, of course,
immediately saw this and went, “Abshit.

” Now, the reason this was
interesting to me is because

the police didn’t have a
chance to get involved.

The internet took care of this.

So they found the boy’s
Twitter and Instagram.

They combed through
his Instagram and found out

he was enrolled in a
makeup school in Hokkaido.

They then contacted the
school and started talking

about like all the
gross thing this kid did.

And that he should be punished.

The school tried to hide it.

They took down as many of the
pictures as they could with this kid in it.

They said we’re doing
it to protect the other

students, basically the people
who are in the pictures with him.

But of course, what
they’re really trying to do

is just like cover up this
and hope it goes away.

It’s not going away.

The internet has decided.

The Japanese internet
has decided if you do

something publicly gross,
we’re coming for you.

So then the criticism of
the school started coming

out on the internet and the
boy was probably expelled.

So the police were never even contacted.

This kid licked something in a restaurant,

video it put it on the
internet days later, not

even like multiple,
maybe two days later he’s

been expelled from the
school he’s enrolled in.

And that shows you where
we’ve come to the Japanese

society because now
we’re at the point where

if you do something like this, it’s just
been decided it’s so morally reprehensible.

They’re just going to come after you.

The last story, trying
to mix up the last stories.

I used to do 50 year old creepy men.

Those stories have actually fallen off
recently, which speaks good for my people.

And then also maybe a little palette cleanser
at the end instead of the same stuff.

The national long bath competition
for copy bottles was held this year.

This is the 12th year in a row.

This is the first year I’ve heard about it.

I’m very interested in this.

There are five zoos
currently with copy bars.

And what they do is they choose a day, the
creepy men are more active in the spring.

Oh, they need the warm weather because
in the colder joints are sore like me.

And then they can’t do it.

They have to like, oh, I got to wait till
the spring and then I’ll get my shit to go.

Five zoos.

What they do is they monitor the copy
bottles and they choose a day and the copy

bottom that takes the
longest bath that day wins.

What do they win?

Probably nothing.

The glory.

I mean, when I did all my judo
tournaments, what did I win?

Tiny plastic trophies that I
could buy myself for like 20 bucks.

Probably not even.

They were really cheap.

I actually was talking to a guy once.

I was like, you know what you can do.

You can just go into trophy stores and
get trophies made with your neighborhood.

You don’t need to actually bother
with the competition or anything.

And then I could just
have like a rack behind

me with just hundreds
of trophies on it.

If it’s far enough away, you’re
not going to read the plaques.

That’s fine.

And then there’s other
guys like, oh, man, how

long does it take to
get a black belt in judo?

I was like, well, you
go into the store and if

you have 700 again, it
takes about eight minutes

because they have to go find the right.

They don’t check, they
don’t check if you have

a, you don’t leave me like a certificate
to buy a black belt in a martial art store.

You could go in by any color, throw it on.

There you go.

They don’t, they don’t check trophy stores
don’t check martial art stores don’t check.

You can just construct that yourself.

I don’t know why I
went on that little rant.

I was for the glory.

Truffle was a copy bar.

Local favorite to win.

Did a one hour, 50 minute
and 49 seconds soak in the bath.

But you know what?

Donut came in and said,
fuck Truffle, I am going

to make this not just a
win, but a fucking murder.

The Nagasaki Biopark
hero, donut, did a soak

of two hours, 53
minutes and 57 seconds,

blowing Truffle out of the fucking
water figuratively and literally.

This is your post credit scene if
you hang around for after the song.

You may have heard a tone of
disappointment in my voice all day today.

And the reason is last night, my
wife, my wife, she came to me and said,

“Do you have
anything in English that I

could listen to, maybe
something about news?”

I don’t know if she even
knows I do this podcast.

This was two weeks running,
two or three times ranked

the number two Japanese
news podcast in the world.

And the number one is the
actual newspaper the Manichi.

The Manichi releases a podcast every day.

So if they get
downloads, their download

numbers are going to
be way bigger than mine

because they do want every day
and people just automatically download.

I can’t compete with that.

So Ignatius just put in the chat,
did you recommend her your podcast?

No, I didn’t because
I was so hurt by the

fact that I am not 100%
sure she even knows.

I do this podcast, the number two
Japanese news podcast in English.

Hey, do you have
anything in English that I

could listen to so I
could practice my English?

Maybe it has news or current events in it.

Maybe something even
more casual than the formal

English to help me get
more natural English in there.

Do you know anything like that?

Do you know what? No, I don’t.

No, I don’t know anything like that.

I don’t even think that’s a concept of
knowing anyone’s ever done it in the world.

Exposing Yourself

(upbeat music)

Remember back in episode 287,
the foul and the furious 287 episodes.

And we’ve passed that.

It’s a lot of episodes.

Anyways, back then in the old days,
we were talking about a gentleman.

He was a taxi driver and
he saw some pigeons on

the road and he decided
the optimal thing to do

would be to speed up and
hit some of the pigeons.

He hit one, he was arrested.

The charges were dropped and prosecution
gave no reason for dropping the charges.

Probably because it was a pigeon.

I mean, if we’re gonna be really
honest, that’s probably the reason.

They’re probably like, how
much money are we gonna spend

on lawyers and stuff to
prosecute this guy for a fine?

There’s just, there’s no
pigeon justice anymore.

I played how to full boyfriend

and really found a deep
connection to pigeons after that.

And now I see things like this

and it disgusts me the way
pigeons are treated in the world.

The way the world just doesn’t
care about pigeons like they used.

I don’t know what
I’m supposed to say.

I don’t even know why I did this update.

The charges were dropped.

I guess that the charges were dropped.

That’s kind of enough.

But then I feel like I have
to say something about it.

I honestly think in this case, if
you’re gonna go through the trouble

of arresting the guy for killing
the pigeon, you should prosecute.

But then the prosecutor’s
probably, they’re not the police.

They’re like, we didn’t arrest them.

This is, he killed a pigeon.

All I know is everyone and how to
full boyfriend is really upset right now.

So in all Neepal Airway’s airplane
headed for the United States

had to make a U-turn and
head back to Heneta Airport

after a 50 year old man,
bit of flight attendant.

I don’t think I can even
do commentary anymore.

What am I supposed to say?

Don’t bite people, don’t
hit pigeons with your car.

So you can see the weird spot I’m in.

I mean, that story, if I
don’t do commentaries

incredibly short,
incredibly short, it’s fine.

Just don’t bite anybody.

Don’t bite flight attendants, yes.

This kind of goes into the next story in
that you know you’re gonna get in trouble.

I think, so in this case, I mean,
it’s a pretty well documented thing

if you assault or
attack or are particularly

difficult with flight
crew on an airplane.

They’ll either turn around
and land the airplane

and you get arrested
or they’ll fly all the

way to the destination
and you’ll get arrested.

Like, there’s an arrest waiting
at either end of that journey.

And it doesn’t take much.

Biting is, you’re done.

Like, it’s a lot less than biting that
gets you arrest and kicked off flights.

And now you’re on a no fly list.

I don’t know.

It’s the level like what
he had to be drunk, right?

Like, almost at this point,
I’m like, please be drunk.

So at least you have some sort of
chemically induced excuse for your behavior.

Although I don’t believe being drunk
is actually an excuse for bad behavior.

‘Cause I’ve been drunk very,
very drunk many, many times.

And I have not crossed those lines.

I’ve still been an inherently okay person.

I’m not gonna say like super moral
or anything, but I didn’t commit crimes.

So yeah, even then, the being I was drunk,

I don’t think that should
be accepted as an excuse.

At least it makes more sense at that point.

How about that?

Two guys were arrested for food terrorism.

So this is my point.

We had the sushi terrorism.

We had a couple other
instances in different restaurants,

but it’s like you saw the guy do
the thing for clout on the internet.

So I’m gonna do something disgusting.

I’m gonna lick the soy sauce thing.

I’m gonna eat the
ginger and spit it back in.

I’m gonna use chopsticks and stuff.

Like I’m gonna take anything
communal and dirty it up myself.

And then, but did you not see the fallout

where there was like the
lawsuit for the kid who did it?

And the company went after
him for like billions of yen.

Did you not see the
people getting arrested?

Like the cops just arrest you for this now.

So it’s like they see
the clout part and they

forget about the fallout
part, the consequence part.

Or do they think, “Ah,
I’m not gonna get caught.

” But that doesn’t work because you did
film it and then post it on the internet.

So filming your crimes,
again, I’m trying to not

give advice to criminals,
but I keep doing it.

I think it’s because
what I wanna do is like

criminal minds, I wanna delve
into the mind of the criminal.

What were they thinking?

And then what would I do
different to get away with the crime?

I wouldn’t film it.

I mean, you can talk
about any crime you want.

And my first instinct
is do not film the crime.

And that’s gonna help you go real far
in denying that you committed the crime.

‘Cause you can’t deny you the crime.

If, let’s say, your face is
on a screen doing the thing.

Maybe you could, in the future
you could say, it was deep faked,

but why would I deep fake
you eating garlic out of it?

This is a ramen restaurant.

They have minced garlic
that you can put in your ramen.

This guy scoops some
out, puts in his mouth,

goes, oh, this is disgusting
and spits it back in to the jar.

Now luckily the staff, maybe saw them
do it or saw something gross happening.

So they grabbed it through that stuff away

and disinfected the
container that it was in.

But both of them were arrested.

So you gotta know, if you’re
gonna start doing this gross

stuff for internet points,
you’re gonna get arrested.

Walking your dog.

I have a dog told many
stories about him in the past.

I have another one coming up on Seamig B.

So if you listen to that podcast,
you’ll get a great Dave story.

Dave is my dog.

Walking your dog along a river.

Dog takes a little poopy, okay?

That’s what happens, dog poopy.

You wanna be a responsible
owner, so you pick it up.

Now, it is annoying.
I do pick up my dog’s poop.

I am a responsible dog owner.

I also don’t film myself not picking it up.

See, there you go.
There’s the don’t film it.

If you’re gonna commit the crime
of not picking up your dog poop,

which is a violation, don’t
film your dog pooping and

then walk away from the
poop filming, the poop going,

ha ha, I didn’t pick it up
and post that on the internet.

Let’s say I did that this
morning, which I did not do.

See, I can deny it
because there’s no video

evidence of me doing
the thing I’m denying.

So if you’re the police, there’s
no proof one way or the other.

Although they do, in England, they
started doing DNA tests on poop they found,

which I was like, how
much does a DNA test cost?

Anyways, it is annoying to carry it around.

So I don’t like carrying
around the little baggy.

It’s winter time, so I
have to carry it in my hand

gets cold and some
switching hands back and forth,

so I can put one on my
pocket and the other one’s cold.

I don’t wanna put the
dog poop in my pocket.

I think that’s a pretty fair statement

that don’t wanna put the
dog poop in my pocket.

So it is annoying to carry it with you.

So this guy, he’s like, you know what?

I don’t wanna carry it with me.

So he takes the bag.

I don’t know if he does
a little Bolo gesture.

My first thought is
just swinging around his

head, but he starts
hucking, bagging all,

a little plastic bagging all
into other people’s yards.

And then since last September,
there have been 20 complaints.

So this is like all over
in the neighborhood,

he’s just like flicking dog
poop everywhere he goes.

An officer was on patrol,
and he witnessed the

man throwing the dog poop
into someone’s property.

He was arrested for a
waste management violation.

Not picking up your dog
poop is a very minor violation.

You probably just get a talking to you.

You might not even get a fine for that,

maybe like please be your responsible
citizen, pick up your dog poop.

You’ve been talked to by the police, be
like, whew, yeah, okay, I should do that.

But throwing it into
someone else’s yard is waste

management violation, which
is a much more serious penalty.

So he’s actually getting in more
trouble because instead of the thing is,

if he was already carrying
it, it is just as much effort to

carry it at home and is just
talking to someone else’s yard.

It’s like that guy didn’t look up the,
didn’t think I was gonna talk about this.

The guy who was peeing into bottles,
because it was too much trouble

to get up and go to the
toilet, and then he had to

carry the big bottles of pee
and dump them somewhere.

Like the, in his mind, the
secondary effort was less than

the first one, but I was
just like, I don’t think it is.

I think getting up and going to the toilet,

and just flushing the
toilet and going back to bed.

Yeah, annoying.

But way less effort than carrying
around 5, 6, 7 bottles of pee

that you didn’t have to dump
somewhere and get arrested for it.

So they’re getting arrested for it.

The consequence is not worth it.

It’s a criminals.

I’m gonna give some
advice to criminals, but not in

the normal way of how to
be successful as a criminal.

What I would like to say to criminals
today is, guys, ’cause you’re mostly guys.

Take a minute.

So if you see someone do something
that you think’s cool on the internet,

aha, that guy did a really
gross thing on the internet.

Aha, let’s do that, ’cause
it’ll be cool on the internet.

Let’s take a moment, pause.

Think, hey, will there
any fallout from that?

Maybe I should go see if he
was sued for like a billion yen.

Oh, he was, maybe I shouldn’t do it then.

Oh, maybe if we film ourselves
doing some food terrorism,

was there any fallout from
that from those other guys doing?

Oh, they all got arrested.

All of them, maybe we
shouldn’t do that then.

The poop guy probably, this doesn’t have
an example that he could have referred to.

But I’m looking at effort,
reward kind of things.

So throwing it into other people’s yard

is maybe less effort, but the
consequence there in is much more.

So it’s worth it to bring in home
and throw it and dispose of it properly.

Then it is to throw it
in someone else’s yard

and end up having to
just deal with the police.

And also, please don’t
hit pigeons with your car.

A man was robbed of 25 million yen
at a private carry-out gay box by 14s.

That sentence alone makes me
want to ask a ton of questions.

I don’t want a victim blame,

but it seems real suspicious that this
guy had 25 million yen in cash with him.

Four teens came into the carry-out gay box

where the man was waiting
for a supposed acquaintance

who was going to lend to the 25 million
yen too and sprayed him with tear gas.

Did not explain where
the tear gas came from.

I think this might have just
been something that bought online.

One of the teens was arrested.

He was 18 years old.

Now, Japan still is very
much a cash society,

but it’s also a society where
bank transfers are very, very cheap.

So if you’re going to have 25 million yen,
you’re going to transfer to someone else.

So to me, it makes it seem
like he doesn’t want anyone

to know who he’s transferring
the 25 million yen to.

And I actually wonder
if the teens set this

up so that he would
be at a place with 25.

Because how did they know he
was going to be there with money?

If you sprayed me with
tear gas and took my wallet,

I mean, maximum you’re getting
20,000 yen, probably 180 bucks.

Because that means I just went to the
bank because I’m going out for that day.

And I’m going to do stuff where I
don’t think I can use my phone to pay.

Because I use my phone to
pay for pretty much anything.

So how did they know
there’s only one time in my

life where I’ve had an
excessive amount of cash.

And that was when I
was going to put a down

payment on my house and
the down payment in cash,

we got a slight discount and
a slight discount on a house.

It’s actually still a lot of money.

So I had a stack of money.

It was the only time of my
life I ever had that much money.

I was like, I should film a very quick
rap video in our house, again, safe.

And then we took it to the place right away

and basically spent all
the money right away.

I knew I would never have that much
money in my hands again, probably.

I think it was less than 25 million yet.

I forget the department,
this is a long time ago.

So I forget how much I put
the down payment on my house.

I remember the stack
was bigger than my head.

I also remember I put it in a paper bag

so it wouldn’t look like
it was a ton of money.

Now part of me was also
thinking like 30 some years

of judo have led me to
this moment where hopefully,

I mean, I don’t actually
hope I have to fight

over because the
problem is you get attacked

and the bag rips open and
the money just everywhere,

like in the movies and now
I’ve just lost all that money.

There’s no way I’m gonna be
able to pick all that money up again.

So even with my supposed fighting prowess,

I actually didn’t want to conflict because
I didn’t want, because I can’t fight wind.

Years and years of martial arts
training, you still can’t beat the wind.

You know, that might be the episode title.

So I have so many questions

and I don’t want to blame the
victim, but it seems really suspicious.

Why do you have 25
million yen with you in cash?

Why are you in this karaoke bar?

How did those teens know you had the money

and that you were in
this specific karaoke bar?

I don’t think we’re gonna
get any of those questions,

but I see a lot of suspicious
things going on there.

And I do, I’m gonna keep looking out.

Like all these stories I talk
about, I do keep track of them.

That’s how I know the
charges for the pigeon murderer

were dropped because I do
keep track of these stories.

And it is very hard to find results.

The problem is when
they drop charges and stuff,

as we’re gonna find out
in one of the later stories,

it’s not satisfactory
because the prosecution

never tells you why
they drop the charges.

I can make start making suppositions,
usually because it’s not near tight case,

or I think the ones coming up that the
actual thing is they just paid them off.

(upbeat music)

Oh, exactly the next story.

Charges against Rengoku Koroaki.

It’s not that I can’t
pronounce the Japanese.

The problem is my handwriting is so poor,
and I write so fast when I make my notes.

The English I can read fine.

Like you’ll notice I don’t stumble over
the English book, and I hit Japanese words,

I have to like slow down, take my time
and write my Japanese words better.

Rengoku Koroaki is a
guy we talked about before.

He is a Citizens Arrest YouTuber.

I, this new year, has been a flood
of Citizens Arrest YouTuber stories,

and they’re all turning
out to be pieces of shit.

So this guy basically would arrest people,

and it turned out the
last two or three people

he Citizens Arrested hadn’t committed
the crime he was accusing them of.

He had a girl, he had accused of
scalping, and she wasn’t scalping.

Him and like three of his friends
surrounded some like 50 year old man

and kind of beat him up a little
bit, and they had the wrong guy.

He had charges against him
for detaining another man.

So initially it was illegal
confinement, which is one

step away from kidnapping,
so that’s pretty serious.

They dropped it to assault, and
then they dropped the case altogether.

So I’m wondering, ’cause
this is the whole point

of the Citizens YouTuber is
they film the Citizens Arrest,

and most of the Citizens Arrests that
we see on these, they like tackle the guy.

It’s usually a guy, they tackle the
guy, they wrestle him to the ground.

The one we saw I think last week was a guy,

and I was like, that guy clearly
does some kind of judo or B.

J.J. or something, ’cause he wrestled
the guy the ground and held onto him.

And that if the guy is innocent,
it’s just straight up assault,

but the prosecutors
initially were going for

illegal confinement, which
is basically kidnapped.

He’s also had charges of defamation
that are also being dropped,

and prosecution refused
to discuss the reasons

and my feeling is that
he just settled the case.

So he just paid off the
victims, a certain amount of

money settled the case,
and then prosecution drops it.

So they’re not gonna say that.

My concern is that the
Citizens Yes Arrest YouTubers,

so you have the food
terrorism guys on YouTube.

They’re committing the food
terrorism, they’re getting in trouble.

This is still other people are
copy-catting it, copy-catting.

There are copy-cat
YouTubers doing the same thing,

not either thinking they’re
not gonna get in trouble

or they’re not gonna
get in that much trouble.

So the sushi restaurant suing the first guy

for like a billion yen was sending a
message, like we will come after you.

We will make this your life miserable.

You do not do this in our restaurants.

My feeling is the Citizens
Arrest YouTubers as a trend,

’cause again, I didn’t
know there was this many.

This was a whole corner of
YouTube I had never experienced.

That the fact that the
charges have been dropped,

even though there’s
video evidence of them

committing the crime, may
embolden other YouTubers.

Citizens arrest YouTubers to go
like further than they already are,

and other people to maybe try their
hand at Citizens Arrest YouTubers.

Citizens arresting, I
think it’s because there’s

like this weird, like oh,
we’re catching criminals.

We’re making the world a better place.

There’s a certain nobility towards it,

and that gives you a feeling
of your doing the right thing.

You’re being a good
person, you’re being hardcore.

I don’t know what, like
you get, there’s a second,

there’s a secondary feeling
there of like, not only am I getting

internet fame, I’m also like
doing it on a noble platform.

Turns out, again, most
of these guys are shit.

There was the guy last week who turned out

he was faking an illness
to extort his girlfriend.

And then we get another one.

Our detectives, it’s two guys.

And because what was it?

It was something domination last week.

I forget the name.

It’s just these are really cheesy names.

Our detectives, and I don’t know what the
R stands for, but they do the same thing.

They try to find people who are doing
like voyeur or some taking up skirt photos,

videoing when they’re
not supposed to video.

And they have been
arrested for extortion as well.

So it seems like money is
actually the prime motivator.

So they catch a voyeur, and
then they kind of rough them up,

but then they say, “Give
us money and we’ll let you go.

” So the R detectives guys were
saying, like, “Ah, I hurt my wrist.

” So in the video, you
can actually see this.

They go, “Oh, I hurt my wrist.

” So we could take you to the
police, but you wouldn’t want that.

So how much will you pay for damages?

So you hurt my wrist when you
were resisting me assaulting you.

How much are you gonna pay for that?

If the guy refuses to pay, then
they take them to the police.

So basically they have
two sources of income.

They’re gonna catch the
guy, and if the guy pays,

I’m assuming they’re gonna like ask some
exorbitant amount of money, millions of yen.

The guy pays.

Okay, now they’ve made their money.

They don’t post the video.

Because I bet they make
less money on YouTube.

There might not be that famous.

I didn’t actually check their numbers,
which I mean I probably will after this.

Because you can calculate
from the subscribers

and how many views, how much
money they probably have made.

But I bet they actually make more money
from extortion than they would from YouTube.

But then they take me to the police

and if they don’t get any
money from the extortion,

they at least get a little
bit of money from YouTube.

So they took, they
citizens arrested some guy.

They grabbed him, they tried to extort him.

He refused, they go to the police box.

Some previous victims,
’cause these guys still might

actually be criminals and not
really victims 100% of them.

I don’t know, that’s the
problem is I don’t know.

Let’s call them victims.

Some previous victims had reported
that these guys tried to extort them.

So the police had a warrant for the rest.

So these two guys show up with
someone, they’ve just citizens arrested.

They turn them into
the police and the police

are like, “Hey, we
have to make a report.

“What’s your name?”

They go, “We are our detectives.

” And the guy’s like, “Oh yeah,
I have your name right here.

“You’re both under arrest.

” So they basically walked of
themselves into turning in a guy

and then turned
themselves in inadvertently.

Because of the spate of
citizens arrest YouTubers lately,

I’ve become very interested in
this genre of citizen journalism.

This is like the sovereign
citizen stuff in America.

I get very interested in like
where did this come from?

How did this come from?

So this trend, because there’ve
been so many news stories

over the last like three,
four weeks because of it,

I’m very interested in like
where these cases ended up

and does that encourage people
or discourage people going forward.

So we’re going to see, hopefully, again,

I wanna see these charges
do these charges get dropped

because if they’ve made enough
money out of the extortion,

they might be able to pay
these guys off the victims.

And then the prosecution drops the charges

because they actually spend a lot of
time trying to not go to trial in Japan.

They try to get these
things resolved out of court,

which is, I think in this
case, maybe even problematic

because again, they
might actually inadvertently

be encouraging more
people to do more assaults

on more innocent people in the
name of citizens arrest YouTubing.

(upbeat music)

Okay, I guess the
theme today is turning it,

getting yourself arrested
by videoing yourself?

I don’t know, it’s something like that.

The manager of an aquarium
was breeding genetically

modified fish that
glow under infrared light.

These are called better,
B-E-T-T-A, better fish.

Not, I guess I’ve heard beta fish, but I
think they’re either they’re not alpha fish

’cause you know they
like, they’re kind of cooks

or they’re the ones you
feed to other fish, I’m not sure.

These are B-E-T-T-A, better fish.

These come from Thailand
and they are in violation

of the Cartagima
Act, which I, of course,

had never heard of until I
started reading this story.

Basically, you don’t
wanna bring certain animals,

like invasive species,
you don’t wanna bring

certain animals into your
country, it’s not allowed.

This is a problem for control.

So how did these guys get caught?

So right now, they’re just
breeding these fish privately,

and maybe they’re
selling them, it’s actually,

if you know you’re selling
to people who want these

fish, you’re probably
not gonna get turned in.

So you’re actually in pretty good shape,

as long as you keep it on
the download, on the download,

is the problem, and the
download is not what happens

because they’re like, we are so proud
of our genetically modified glowing fish.

Let’s enter them into a fish competition.

Now I, again, as I said, do not
know about the Cartagima Act.

So if you had fish in front of me, I would
look at the fish and go, ooh, pretty fish.

Ooh, those fish glow in the dark.

Oh, this is neat.

I don’t know anything about fish,
so I wouldn’t know to report you.

If you go to a fish competition, I’m going
to go ahead and guess that the people,

the judges, the organizers,
also know about fish,

and they would know if your fish
are or are not allowed in the country.

So one of the organizers was
like, hey, freaky looking fish.

Maybe these fish aren’t
supposed to be here.

So the fish organizers contacted the
ministry of the environment, reported them,

and it was at least
two people got arrested.

It looks like four people are
involved and could get in trouble.

So don’t film your crimes
and put them on the internet.

It would be step number one.

Don’t enter your crimes
into a competition, please.

It would be step number two.

I don’t know how much
more advice I can actually give

to criminals, because I thought
this would have been self-evident.

Oh, and also don’t turn yourself
in if you got in a restaurant.

I maybe just don’t go
around assaulting people.

Maybe report, if you see like a pervert,

report them to the police,
report them to the station staff.

Don’t tackle him and then
try to export money from them.

That’s just not a good idea.

(upbeat music)

(upbeat music)

(gentle music)


How to make friends

I was trying to get
organized, I got, uh,

Dave has been very
problematic lately, so he’s

sitting here, um,
he’s quiet now, but I’m

expecting this to be a
problem sooner or later.

British fashion label, super dry.

And then, because I’ve been doing K-pop
bands with my daughter, uh, I keep going.

Super dry, super dry,
super dry, super dry,

super dry, which is not,
this long is super shy.

It’s about a girl who loves a boy,
it’s a pretty standard K-pop thing.

Uh, I am just getting over my sickness.

I am no longer down with the sickness,
or maybe I am down with the sickness.

I’m not down with the sickness.

I just gotta settle my mind.

That’s what’s happening.

At the beginning of the
show, I should do this

before the show starts,
but I don’t because

I start the show, and then I’m
like, “Well, let’s get into the mode.

” And the mode
should already be there.

British fashion label,
super dry, is sitting

Manchester City Soccer Club
because of a logo for a sponsor.

Now, they have their
logo, super dry, um,

and Manchester City
Soccer Club is sponsored

by a Japanese beer
called Assahiz super dry.

They are arguing that
the average consumer

could confuse the brands, and
this is copyright infringement.

The irony being, super dry,
the clothing label came second.

So Japanese beer brand, Assahiz super dry,
has been around for a very, very long time.

Super dry, the clothing brand, not as much.

Super dry, the clothing brand, because they
use a lot of Japanese style graphics, which

I’m pretty sure they’re stealing those,
they’re using bad Japanese on their shirts,

and their defense for that is that will
Japan use as bad English on their shirts.

So it’s clear that
super dry, the clothing

brand has lifted, borrowed,
been inspired a lot

by Japanese brands.

And if that is the case, that
means they’re in a Japanese culture.

If you’re in a Japanese
culture, Japanese

beer, Assahiz super dry is
probably the most famous beer.

So I think this might be a court
case that is actually in bad faith.

I think when Manchester
City got the sponsor

Assahiz super dry,
super dry, the clothing

brand went like, hey,
if we sue them, that’ll

get our name in the
news and people will

look at our clothes and will
basically be free advertising.

It won’t go anywhere.

I don’t think this is going anywhere
because I don’t think they have a case.

Is this a case of just getting in the news?

And here’s a second, interesting question.

If you sue someone,
and it’s relatively basis,

and the judgment comes
down that it’s baseless,

and then basically they
don’t have to pay you

anything, should there
be something, based

I’m saying, should there be some sort
of punishment for a frivolous lawsuit?

I don’t know this is frivolous,
but I get the odd feeling.

It is frivolous because
if I stole my entire

identity from another
culture and then that other

culture sponsor something, the thing
is the logos don’t even look similar.

As a he super dry, the logos
are not the same style of writing.

The shirts just say Assahiz
and then in quotes, they say dry.

So it doesn’t actually
say super dry in the shirts.

Now I tried to look up this year’s shirts,
and then when I looked up this news story

it had shirts in it, and none
of them actually said super dry.

So the logo
complained, the copyright

infringement they’re
talking about doesn’t seem

to exist because if the
shirts by Manchester

City don’t say super
dry, then how can that

be confused by the average consumer
for the super dry clothing brand?

It can’t, which is again
another reason why I

think this might be
just a frivolous lawsuit

to get super dry, which is a much smaller
brand than Assahiz super dry into the news.

And I like them less.

I mean I didn’t really care about
them before, but now I like them less.

So fuck you super dry, I bet
that really hurt their image.

Tiny podcast shouting
fuck you into the ether.

Go from super dry to
super dominator, that

is not actually a good
transition, but super

dominator is not the hero created by a 13
year old who’s got extra time in a class.

Super dominator is a citizens
arrest YouTuber in Japan.

I have noticed that
a lot of citizens arrest

YouTubers, YouTubers in Japan, they
use goofy superhero sounding names.

But super dominator clearly was going
for an image of being a big tough dude.

He clearly does some
jujitsu or something

because what he does,
his whole shtick on his

YouTube channel is he
hunts down people who are

taking up skirt photos or
lawyers or something like that.

And then he grabs them
and the video I saw he

wrestled the guy to the
ground and he’s trying

to make sure the guy
can’t delete his whatever

video he took on his
phone and he wrestles

the guy to the ground
and he holds him there

and then the police
show up and he turns

him over to the police and then they follow
the guy getting taken to the police and

then they take great joy in the fact
that they’ve made the world a better place.

Well, it turns out that
super dominator isn’t

as quite the hero as
he made himself out

to be if you can believe it,
which I absolutely can believe it.

I think all these like
citizens arrest YouTubers,

which was honestly not
a genre of entertainment

I had known about
before doing these stories.

It was a couple months ago we had the other
citizens arrest YouTuber who kept arresting

people who were innocent, which sort
of puts a bit of a damper on your career.

All of these guys are
turned out to not be the

noble heroes they’re
making themselves out to be.

They’re all lying and cheating.

This guy super dominator was no
better than any other rest of them.

So what he did is
he told his girlfriend

that he had adult onset stills disease,
which is a very rare inflammatory disease.

And he said he needed the 30
million yen to pay for the treatment.

I don’t know how much he
was making up his YouTube

channel, but it was a pretty
big channel when it was going.

His girlfriend gives
him 2.5 million yen, so

that’s like a half year salary
for the average Japanese person.

She gives him 2.5 million yen.

Then after a while she starts to get
suspicious because he has no symptoms.

If you have a rare inflammatory
disease, you have issues.

I get inflammation all the time.

I have to go get steroids for it.

It hurts.

You can tell when I’m not in good shape.

His girlfriend gets suspicious.

She calls the police.

I’m a police arrest him for fraud.

And when he’s being
questioned by the police,

he says I spent the
money on entertainment.

So it turns out that super
dominators, just a super piece of shit.

Johnny Somali.

Last week, I promised that because we were
doing an episode the day before his trial

ended, and the trial ended,
and we now have the results.

Now, we haven’t heard anything
from Johnny Somali himself.

I haven’t really looked out because I
don’t care about the guy very much.

He’s a nuisance streamer.

We go over his crimes against humanity.

He’s an asshole.

We’ve just got a whole
bucket of assholes today.

That seems to be what we’re dealing with.

That would be the
episode title, but I would

actually not fly well on some of the
channels where I post the podcast.

Johnny Somali, the
gentleman was handed down.

So this was for one of
the times he did his stream.

He went into a restaurant and then his chat
would do alerts or sounds or things like

that, and they would set off
his phone and say awful things.

That was primarily it.

It might be text to speech or whatever.

He claimed that because he
wasn’t setting it off himself,

that he was not responsible
for it, that was his defense.

Pretty weak defense because this was
all going through his phone that he owned.

He had set up to stream in whatever, so he
clearly had full control over the stream.

And primarily the most
important thing to me

is he had control over
the volume of his phone.

So even if he wanted
to keep his stream going,

which is still probably
illegal in Japan,

he could have turned it down so he wasn’t
harassing or bothering the other patrons.

That’s the main issue that was at hand.

The judge is like,
nah, you clearly could

have turned your
phone off you little prick.

So the judgment is to hit my
keyboard when I flicked my notes.

The judgment is 200,000 yen,
so that’s not very much money.

It’s like $1,000.

When he left, he claimed he
would not make videos in the future.

So I’ve seen a lot of people go off
on this, like, $2,000 bucks is nothing.

He probably made more
than $1,000 on that stream.

The case against him for
trespassing was dropped.

They should have taken all the filmed
evidence and thrown them together.

They didn’t have to.

Now this is the bit.

Japanese courts are weirdly not punitive.

So when people sue
each other and stuff, you

get the money, but you
don’t get like millions of dollars.

So in America when you win a lawsuit,
you get millions of millions of dollars.

In Japan, when you
want win a lawsuit, you

get probably the money you
would have lost in nothing extra.

So like the emotional pain you feel
does not get compensated in Japan.

I sometimes agree with it sometimes.

I don’t.

It depends on the case.

That’s always the
problem because it is case

by case, but Japan
airs on the side of courts

should not be used to
be punitive in a weird way.

So what’s going to happen
now is actually the issue.

So a lot of people are like,
well, they should have taken

all those cases and thrown
them in prison and stuff.

Japan doesn’t want to pay for this guy
to be in prison because it costs money.

So why would we take
the responsibility on is

the way the Japanese
government is thinking about it?

He needs to be convicted of one crime.

That’s it.

And the smallest crime
they can convict him

on is enough for the
domino effect of results.

The domino effect of results
are that he is committed

to crime in Japan, which
means he will now be deported.

Now his visa had already
expired, but because

he was being held
by the police, they’re

not going to punish him for overstaying his
visa, which was one of the things that was

kind of, so since he’s
committed a crime in

Japan, they’re going to
essentially deport him.

Probably have to pay for it himself.

But if not, they’ll just set him on
an airplane and don’t worry about it.

And then he will be tagged
as unable to reenter Japan.

So you know when you
fly into another country,

if you’ve ever done that before,
there’s a little immigration thing.

And on the immigration thing, there’s a
little box and you have to tick that box.

If you’ve ever been
convicted of a crime,

Johnny Somali now has to check that
box, which means he will hit immigration.

Let’s say he somehow
gets on an airplane

that goes to Japan and
no one realizes who he

is, he gets to Japan
and he clicks that box.

That means in
immigration, they’re going to

be like, hey, you’ve
committed a crime, give

us the details, the details where I
was convicted for public harassment.

He was actually convicted
of, last week I was

saying we didn’t have
enough of these, obstruction

of business, obstruction
of business is bad, baby.

He was convicted of obstruction of
business for being a public nuisance.

That means he’s going to be denied entry.

He probably being
Johnny Somali would be

like, ha ha, I’ll be really smart
and I won’t take that box.

That is a crime in itself.

And there’s no, there’s no way around it.

Like as soon as they
find him, they’ll be

like, hey, you immigrated, you
filled out this form incorrectly.

That is a much, much more serious crime.

Like that’s like a no
fly list, you’re going

to get your passport
taken away kind of crime,

which means he wouldn’t be
able to go to any other country.

This is a guy whose
deal is going to another

country and harassing
the locals and he picks

Japan because he
thought Japan was safe in

Japan is safe because
this punishment is quite

minor, but the gap
Japanese government in the

Japanese judicial system is just like, well,
we’re going to take that away from you.

And as far as they’re concerned,
they’re like, now you can’t do that.

That’s enough.

Go to another country,
try again, but other

countries are going to
be way more punitive.

So in a way, if he’s
smart, he will have

learned his lesson, but the first part
of that sentence was if he’s smart.

And the one thing the man has clearly
demonstrated is he’s not very smart.

He is not learned his lesson.

He’s not going to learn less.

He’s going to try to find another
way to come back to Japan.

That now should he enter reenter Japan
probably will end up being a crime in itself.

If he goes to another country, he’s
going to fuck around and find out.

I’m pretty sure other
countries are going

to be far, far worse for his
well-being than Japan was.

So I think for the
moment the saga of Johnny

Somali has ended in Japan, it
might pick up somewhere else.

If I do hear about him
somewhere else, I will

mention him, but it’s not
Japanese relevant news anymore.

So it doesn’t really
belong in the engineers,

Japan, but at the same time,
he made his name in Japan.

So he’s Japan famous.

The real question though,
is this just where his career

ends, which I actually
would put money on yes, it is.

But then again, he’s so dumb.

He’s in that category of people too
dumb to give up when they’re ahead.

I don’t make friends easily,
I just put myself out there.

Let’s open my heart.

Let’s take the little
case, the little box

off my heart and just expose
it to the world for a moment.

I don’t make friends
quickly or easily.

I can be quite off-putting, I
can be sarcastic, I have a wall up.

I think a lot of us do, I think a lot of
us, we don’t get close and we don’t share.

The true selves, our
true selves, our intimate

selves with each other and that’s
why it’s really hard to make friends.

So we don’t know how to make friends.

Maybe that’s the issues.

Again, I need to be a manly man.

I grew up in a very toxic
masculinity background.

So then I was like, okay,
well, how do you make friends?

I went on Wikihao, I wasn’t very helpful.

So what I’ve learned from a
story this week is what you do.

You put on your best
black stockings and you

go to the convenience
store in about four

or thirty in the morning
and then you walk

around for a bit and
you check out the clerk

and you go, the clerk seems like a guy.

He seems like he and I could be friends.

That seems like a pretty good deal.

Let’s do that.

Then you turn yourself so that your butt
is aiming generally in the direction of the

clerk and you bend over, you bend over and
then you start wiggling your hips and after

you wiggle your hips, it becomes sort of
revealed that there is a slit up the middle

of your stockings and
everyone being the single

clerk in the convenience
store at four thirty

in the morning can see
your butt and then the

clerk calls the police
and you get arrested.

It turns out when this
man was arrested, he said

to the police, this is
exactly what happened.

A guy put on stockings,
goes to the convenience

store at four thirty in the morning,
walks around the store for a bit.

The clerk is stuck at the front
where the register is at the counter.

He stands in front of
the counter, bends over

and starts wiggling
his butt and then a slit,

I assume was pre-cut or it was that
tight and his butt was just that powerful.

The slit started to
reveal his butt, he calls

the police, guy gets
arrested and he says

to the police, I thought we could
become friends by showing my butt.

So I gave it a shot and maybe I see I think
that last line is actually that last part.

The second part, that’s
the part we don’t do,

give it a shot, but also
maybe your instincts

are all wrong and you’re
a bad person and you

should not be showing
your butt to anybody.

This is a secondary part.

Some poor animator had to do this.

On the news report,
they decided to animate

this whole thing, like the
description wasn’t enough.

So I’m going to throw
this up in the background

of the, when I talk about it, but for
people on YouTube, you want a full version.

So here’s the guy
walking against four thirty

in the morning, this is the computer
generated convenience store.

He says he’s wearing
black stockings, he walks

to the front, he’s like,
hey, what’s this over here?

I’m going to take a look and
then zoom in, the poor register

guy, he’s like, I got damn,
look at that guy’s butt.

It’s 24 years old, does
not want to be here,

this won’t this be his life and then the
guy starts moving his butt back and forth.

Someone had to animate his butt moving
back and forth is one of my favorite things

in all over the world
and of course they can’t

show the slit of the butt so
you can actually see his butt.

I’ll tell you, not a
lot of things in life

make me happy, but that
made me pretty happy.

So let’s get on to our
last story, I just wanted

everyone to join that
and it’s full version,

I’m going to put it up here in the corner
for everyone else, but that gave me a great

deal of satisfaction.

I suppose our previous guy could have been
our gross guy, he was 48, so he doesn’t fit

my rule of like 50 plus year old
men being gross and disgusting.

But what we do have
is a very interesting

final story of a 62 year
old man in the Goya.

He was arrested for
obstruction of business,

obstruction of business
goes away, but when

it comes back, it comes
back strongly, two or three.

The day is basically just all crimes, it’s
just all crimes, there’s no other stories.

He decided it would be appropriate.

One of the things you
hear about Japanese is

that people politely
fall the rules and that’s

a good thing, following
the rules is good.

This guy calls the police and he says the
police, you know what, be okay if I killed

my wife and then they don’t
give the rest of the conversation.

I want to know if the
police tried to talk them

down or what happened,
but the police clearly

figured out where he lived, probably
they just back traced his phone call.

The police knew where he was, so the police
show up at his house and they’re like,

“Hey, remember that phone call
when you say you’re gonna kill your wife?

We’re here to make sure you don’t do that?”

So the guy’s like, “What’s
the most reasonable

response I could have
to the police showing

up in my house
telling me not to kill my

wife when I just called them and asked
if it was acceptable if I kill my wife?”

That would be, of course,
to brandish a knife at them.

He was arrested, turns
out, you’ll never guess.

He had been drinking.

60-year-old man was
drunk, I don’t know,

probably he’s got a
frustrated with his wife

and sarcastically called
the police and asked

if he could kill her
or something, but then

when they showed up, he
was like, “Actually angry.

” When he got arrested,
he said, “I got irritated,

so I brandished a
knife at the police.

” So what we’re seeing
is a lot of bad decisions.

We got Johnny Somali, all pushing his
limits until he gets arrested and deported.

We got Black stalking man who
doesn’t know how to make friends.

We have this guy who
clearly does not make

good decisions when he drinks,
and with that, I say to you, “Good day.

” Is that how I should
end the podcast?

I was actually thinking, usually I
just end off with a sarcastic thing.

I’m not going to
say, “Don’t drink.

” I’m a bit stuck
on an ending there.

Anyways, the police are
not, don’t tell on yourself.

The police, you call the police
and say, “I want to kill my wife.

” I was hoping I had
a quip or something.

I don’t have anything.

It’s just dumb.

I think this is what we’ve hit a level
of dumb, or I can’t even make fun of it.

It’s punching down so
far, I can’t reach that low.

If you call the police and ask them if it’s
acceptable to kill your wife, they’re not

going to say, “Yes,” and they’re
going to show up and arrest you.

Don’t do that.

If you want to make friends, don’t cut
a slit in your pants and show your butt.

That’s not how you make friends.

If you want to do live
streaming, don’t harass

people so much that
you get arrested and

deported and now it can’t
come back to the country.

I kind of shied away
from giving criminal

advice for a while,
but I think that was it.

I just gave a little
summary of criminal advice.

It’s kind of come back on its own.

The other thing, though,
talking about re-entry

to Japan, Paris
Hilton, because she was

convicted and went to jail, she
came to Japan on her private jet.

Obviously, she did not know the rules.

Rich people don’t check things.

She was like, “Yeah, I’m here
to promote my new perfume.

” This is back when
she was famous.

The Japanese Customs
Immigration Office was

like, “No, get on your
plane and go back because

you’ve committed crimes
and we don’t want you here.

” The other thing I found
out was Robert Downey

Jr., because he has drug
charges and stuff in the past.

They won’t let him in the country.

He, when he was
promoting Iron Man, basically

had to have a
babysitter the whole time.

He came to immigration and
immigration was really shitty to him.

He tells stories about
it, which is pretty

interesting to read
about because he’s looking

down on them, but I’m like, “In a
weird way, you’re the criminal here.

You’re the one who’s committed
crimes and trying to come to this

country, but Marvel at the
time wants to promote this movie.

They got a lot of money.

” They’re basically paying
the Japanese government.

I think it was an incredibly
limited one or two days.

He had to leave the
country by that time where

he would just be immediately
arrested and deported.

He had to have a babysitter
with him the whole time.

Japanese immigration does not fuck around.

A 2% podcast

(upbeat music)

It’s the first episode of
Ninja News Japan for 2024

and the beginning of 2024
has been rough, to say the

least, the first day, Japan
experience an earthquake.

There was a stabbing on the subway.

The next day, I’ll start again.

(upbeat music)

(upbeat music)

This is the first episode of
Ninja News Japan for 2024.

Thank you for joining us.

I, all the other podcasts are saying like,

oh thank you for staying with us for
another, it might be your first episode.

So, if you haven’t stuck with
us the whole time, screw you.


2024 has been a very rough
start for Japan as a country.

The very first day, January
1st, there was an earthquake,

there was a stabbing on the subway.

The next day, there was a huge fire,

there was a plane crash, a
plane crashed into another plane

as it was landing.

And then worst of all, I got sick.

So, there might be a very strange
energy today because, yes, I’m sick,

but I’m also like really
high on about 20 drugs.

That’s not particularly
serious, not life-threatening.

I mean, don’t care, you just
came here for entertainment.

And my health is, maybe my health
is your entertainment, I’m not sure.

It’s always a question of,

I have two podcasts, seeming
to be in Ninja News Japan,

seeming to be is where I do whatever
I want and I talk about anything.

Ninja News Japan is supposed to be
about the Japanese news, but I’m like,

these people gotta be interested
in me, are they? Maybe not.

So, maybe I just stick to the format
and we get to the actual news of the day.

I’ve already messed up my folders.

That’s the kind of
smooth transitionary

experience you can hope
for at Ninja News Japan,

while I’m sick, that I
won’t be able to find

the folder or the button
I’m supposed to push.

I have to say, no, no, I
don’t have to say anything.

I think if I didn’t do tangents,
this would be a 10 minute podcast.

I want to start all over again.

Let’s do that.

Let’s start all over again.

(upbeat music)

2024, it’s been a very dramatic
start for Japan as a country.

The very first day there was an earthquake.

There was a stabbing on a subway.

There was a big fire
in the shopping district.

These were all like one day
apart and then there was a plane

crash, airplane crashed into
another plane as it was landing.

I mean, worst of all, I’m sick.

I know, I know, that’s
the bit that probably

accepts you the most,
but what you might find

on this episode is a
very strange energy level,

because yes, I’m sick, but
I’m also on a lot of drugs.

I even make stand a couple extra ones

that I probably wasn’t
supposed to take in

combinations with the
ones I took in the first place.

But at this point, when you
get to a cocktail of like seven,

eight, nine, 10 pills, I
can’t see how throwing in

one or two more is really
gonna cause a big problem.

If I die at the end of this
podcast, you’ll know why though.

So like, this is not a murder.

This was me just going
like, I’m going to blast

my body with every drug
I have available to me.

So that I could put on the
show, the very first episode

in Engineers Japan for 2024,
you should feel good about that.


Like, I care that much to
get this episode out to you.

I’m willing to sacrifice my own health.

Is it like the third attempted start

at making a podcast today?

That’s again, the mindset,
the mental capacity, all gone.

It’s just, it’s just, I
got nothing upstairs.

So I’m going to read my notes.

I’m going to try to make commentary,

but I’m betting the commentary is
not the best part of the show today.

And that’s the kind
of smooth transitional

experience you can hope for and more
going into 2024 with Ninja Ninja Japan,

because couldn’t
find the right folder or

button to click to get
me here, but here we are.

And it’s a new year.

So you know, it’s talking
about New Year’s resolutions.

I don’t make any.

I try to improve a little bit every day.

And that sounds
facetious, but I actually do.

I subscribe to a couple of basic theories.

I do like the 2% theories,
what they call it, like,

if you have a choice of
doing nothing or something,

like 2% of something, you should do the
2%, because that’s better than nothing.

So if I’m like, oh, one of
the problems with New Year’s

resolutions is people
make these big ones like,

I’m going to go to the
gym every single day

and they go once or
twice and then they quit.

Whereas if your resolution
was, I’m going to do a push-up

until I’m comfortable enough to do two
push-ups, you probably could stick to it.

And that’s the 2% theory.

Like if you have a choice of doing
all nothing or one, you should do one.

It’s not as good as doing 100%, but
it is better than doing nothing at all.

And then you can improve
one to 2% every day.

Then overall, you will make progress.

So I actually believe more in that.

I don’t like the idea of, like, let’s
make a massive change all at once.

I like to wean myself
onto or off of things.

There is a company that makes apps on Davy.

They do a lot of lifestyle apps
and it’s like track your stuff.

Track your health, track your fitness,

track what you do in the
hopes of making small changes,

changes to your lifestyle
to improve your life.

But they have a unique insight
into what resolutions get quit,

what resolutions people
quit the most quickly.

And they were looking specifically
at people who quit after three days.

So we’re going to
go in reverse order.

We have five.

So this is the percentage
of people who quit after three

day, quit their resolution
after three days.

This is the percentage of people who
quit their resolution within three days.

There you go.

Again, the drugs are going to be
making this an entertaining podcast.

But for different reasons than
normal, people want to quit drinking.

It’s not healthy.

They’re going to do it 59.5%
quit within the first three days.

As in, they took a drink
within the first three days.

I think quitting drinking
over the holiday is a mistake.

I think you drink until
the end of the holiday.

And then you have your resolution
start at that point because you’re

going to have to do all
these social events and stuff.

So you might as well get
through those, finish that off.

And then, OK, now I’m
going to start drinking.

I made a resolution of sorts to only
drink alcohol during major holidays.

And it’s been very easy
to stick to because we

have some or vacation,
winter vacation in May.

There’s Golden Week in Japan.

So basically, I buy a bottle of something,
drink that over the course of the holiday.

And then when it’s gone, it’s gone.

And I don’t, I think that’s
actually a really nice way to do it.

Because I get to drink on
occasion when it’s convenient.

And then the rest of
the year when it’s actually

not that convenient to
drink anyways, I just don’t.

It’s nice.

A lot of people want to get healthier.

The next three in my mind
can all be lumped together.

People who say, I’m going to go running.

They probably go running
every day for the first two days.

And then their legs hurt and they
don’t go the third day and then they quit.

61.3% quit running
after three days.

I wouldn’t make it through the first run.

I’ve always hated running.

So my resolution would be to never run.

And that’s why I practice
due to my whole life.

So I never have to run.

I can stand my ground.

A dieting fasting.

I did intermittent fasting for a while.

And it was quite good.

It’s more of a mental thing.

But again, I didn’t just
jump into that either.

What I did was push my breakfast
back until it became lunchtime.

So let’s say breakfast at eight.

I would switch at eight 30
and then after a while at nine.

And then after a while at nine 30.

So my body got used to just eating later.

So I was able to do it that way.

And then I had lunch and then I did dinner.

So I had my two meals a day.

But because I had gotten used to
pushing it back, it wasn’t a big deal.

And that’s what I’m saying.

These people start dieting
or fasting immediately.

Again, during the holiday
when everyone’s like,

let’s have a snack, let’s
have some chocolate,

let’s have some this,
let’s have some that.

It didn’t work out 63%
quit within three days.

And then there’s the people who
say they’re going to go to the gym.

Just like running 65.9% give up on
going to the gym by the third day.

But the number one thing
that people have the most

trouble giving up, I guess,
smoking, which makes sense.

It’s addictive.

It’s a chemical.

It’s a lot harder to kick a chemical
than it is to start these other new habits.


Fail to give up smoking within
the first three days in the new year.

And again, I think quitting is the mistake.

You need to wean yourself, reduce how
many, so if you smoke a pack of cigarettes,

try to reduce that to 75% of a pack
for the first while, then 50, then 25.

And then maybe you get
down to a cigarette a day and

then try to do it a cigarette
every couple of days.

Weaning, I think, is
what people should be

doing, not quitting, quitting cold
turkey is something that doesn’t work.

The interesting flip
side to this is what is

the thing that people
sort of stick to the most.

So again, reverse
order, stretching 42.6%.

So people, 60% of people, if they start
stretching regularly, keep stretching.

I actually think that’s great.

Stretching is one of those
things where you can just do it.

You don’t need equipment.

You can do it at home.

You can do it at the morning.

You can do it at night.

Stretching is great.

You should stretch.

I should stretch more often.

Doing weights at home.

So not going to the gym,
doing weights at home 41.8%.

So again, about 60%
of people, if they start

doing weights at home,
they continue to do weights.

This is beyond
the three day mark.

So that doesn’t mean like
two weeks later, they don’t quit.

But forming a habit,
if you can get through

that first initial phase, you’re
more likely to keep going.

If you can, I think
it was 28 days.

If you can do something
consistently for 28

days, so if it’s once a
week for 28 weeks or

something like that,
then it becomes a habit

and you’re more likely to
just keep doing it forever.

Painting, it’s very nice, 39.5%,
and number one, yoga, 38.5%.

So most people who
start doing yoga continue

doing yoga, I assume
for longer than three days.

I would have bent
for a couple weeks.

Yoga and stretching,
though, they could basically.

I understand that yoga is a system,
but in my head, it’s just stretching.

So those should be clump together, I think.

High school marathons.

So now we’re talking about running again.

I did try to find that
sort of a tiny link

between the stories, but
after this, it gets pretty bad.

High school marathons.

Marathons in New Year’s
in Japan is a big deal.

This I think I’ve
said in previous years

when doing the new
Japan and heading towards

the end of the year,
or just starting out the

New Year, how much I
hate marathons on TV.

They have like a New
Year’s marathon and they turn

it on and they just leave
that on in the background.

I hate it so much.

I hate running first of all, but watching
running doesn’t make any sense.

I’m not really a big
fan of watching sports.

The only good thing
about the New Year really

is the compilations of the
best sports moments of the year.

I don’t watch American football
or soccer or basically any sports.

Even sports I like.

I like judo.

I don’t really want to watch judo.

I want to watch judo highlights.

I would love to watch
basketball highlights.

I would like to watch
cricket highlights a

sport I would never
watch, because the highlight

is the best thing that
happened that year.

So compilation videos
at the end of the year

of all the coolest stuff
that happened that

year, some of the best videos out
there running essentially marathon.

You don’t need to
watch two hours, you can

watch the last five
minutes and you’ve got the

most dramatic parts
where the people are getting

towards the finish
line and pushing unlike

other, yeah, whatever, running stupid.

So what happens though
is I go to my relatives house.

They put on the running,
then they ignore it

completely and start
talking to each other.

So it’s just noise in the background.

But because my
Japanese level isn’t sort of

super conversational,
once they get into topics

that are difficult for
me to talk about, I stop

talking, which means
I’m just sitting there

watching the TV, a TV
that’s been changed to

a channel where it’s just
the marathon, it’s a nightmare.

Now I basically just sit and listen to
podcasts on my phone, or read, which is good.

And they’ve, they’ve accepted
that I’m just in the room.

I’m essentially just a statue.

But high school marathons,
very, very serious in Japan.

They’re going to restrict
foreign students to

participation to just the
shortest legs of the race.

They do relay races
essentially, but relay

marathons and they’re
broken into different bits.

So there’s the three kilometer bit, the
five kilometer bit, this 10 kilometer bit.

Men had seven sections,
10 kilometers being

the longest and women had five sections
with six kilometers being the longest.

The foreign students
are only going to be

restricted to only the
three kilometer bits.

So no matter how, so
the reason is last year,

2023, they found that rankings change
significantly depending on the foreign runner.

So they’re saying that
the foreign runners are

just basically faster than
all the Japanese runners.

And if you put them
in the longest bit of

the race, you’re more
likely to win the race.

Because last year, a Kenyan student
reversed a one minute, 20 second gap.

So they went into that last,
let’s say, 10 kilometer section.

The winning team was a minute ahead.

And this Kenyan student
managed to run so

fast, they actually closed
that one minute gap.

Now that, so at first
I was like, oh, you’re

punishing foreign students for being, let’s
say, more physically capable and stuff.

But being able to close a one minute gap to
me sounds like you’re not a normal student.

It sounds like you’re a
runner first in a student

second, which would
be stacking your team.

So if they’re doing
that, I agree with this.

That is unfair.

So you might recruit
your incredibly fast

foreign runner, but they can
only run the three kilometer bit.

I’m okay if that’s
what you’re doing.

If these are foreign students who just come
to Japan in like running, then it’s unfair.

So it’s very difficult to
prove one way or the other.

So at first I was like, oh, this is racism.

Then I was like, oh,
I think they might be

stacking their team to win because
it’s such a serious thing in Japan.

So I’m not a 100% sure what’s
right and what’s wrong in this one.

I would actually need to
do a little bit of investigation.

So I come from Canada,
Canada wins the Olympic

hockey most years, or I’ve not,
they’re one of the most powerful teams.

And then I heard about
the, but you’re supposed

to be amateurs, which
we all know is not

true anymore, but the Canadian
amateur hockey team is quite good.

And then I heard about
the Russian amateur hockey

team, surprisingly all
came from the military

and then they didn’t actually
do any military training.

They only did hockey training.

So I was like, again, that’s unfair.

Those are essentially
professional hockey players.

Stacking your team is wrong,
but also being racist is wrong.

So it’s hard to see which might
be the actual truth in this situation.

Since we’re talking
about schools, the

students, we could talk
about some bad teachers.

There was a student in an English
conversation class at junior high school.

And, you know, this
is speaking a second

language, I would blame
Japanese education for

not being particularly
good in English language.

That’s why I came to Japan
and became an English teacher.

A lot of people do that.

I would say a lot of those
teachers are not very good.

And this is an example
of what I’m talking about.

I think if you take the job seriously, you
can do a very good job and actually help a

lot of people.

Or you could just be,
oh, this is an easy job.

I’ve actually found that
English teachers who look down

on English teaching are never
very good English teachers.

And it’s like this weird self.

This is not an industry.

This industry isn’t good
enough for me, which

almost explains why I’m
not good at this industry.

It might be the what
I’m trying to say.

It’s a very interesting
little phenomenon,

but if you’re going to
come to Japan just to

goof around, don’t be
an English teacher, please.

Because you make people like me who
I see, I try to be a good English teacher.

You make me look bad.

Because there’s a group of foreigners that
make all the other foreigners look bad.

But the last story
today, there’s Japanese

people who make other people
look bad anyways, whatever.

Let’s get into it.

The student was speaking
and struggling as students

do because they’re
trying to learn a new thing.

I understand this feeling because I had to
learn French and I was terrible at French.

I think my inability in
French study makes me

a better English teacher
because I understand

the frustration and difficulty students
who don’t get it are going through.

The teacher decided the most appropriate
thing to say would be that’s not English.

That’s garbage.

Also saying you speak
like an elementary

student and with your quiet
voice, you sound like a girl.

They’re saying that to
a junior high school boy.

Obviously that’s intended to be insulting.

The school tried to cover this up
by saying it was an American joke.

Now I as a Western person can
tell you that is not an American joke.

That is just them insulting a child and
honestly I feel like they should be fired.

They clearly should not be
teaching English if they think it’s

appropriate to just like slam kids
for not being good at something.

The term American joke is used as this is a
joke that you as a Japanese person may not

understand because of the
cultural context of what a joke is.

And I have been watching
a lot of foreign movies

for Seamick Bee IMDB,
just YouTube channel

that I made where I
watch so far primarily

Kung Fu movies and
every now and then I would

hit humor that I don’t
understand or I don’t find it funny.

I think primarily because
now these movies are

like 40, 50 years old and so humor has come
a long way but also there is a cultural

element where maybe I
don’t get why it’s funny.

So when they use the term American
joke that’s what they’re trying to say.

They’re like oh yeah
you don’t think this

joke is funny, it seems
like an insult but he

was making a joke you just don’t understand
that in their culture this is acceptable.

And I can tell you as an
unbiased outsider no it isn’t.

Three tax office employees all in their 20s
all ladies were suspended for work because

they were working at clubs
and doing compensated dating.

Now I read a second
story, this is another reason

to read multiple stories
on the same topic.

The second one said
they were working at soap

clubs which is very
different from just working

at a night club, soap
clubs are where the

women will wash you,
go on your favorite hub

and watch, type that in is your thing,
you’ll find some videos pretty quick.

I don’t know if
they’re that, I’ve never

been to one but it’s something
like that, how about that.

Two of them said the reason they were doing
so they were working at the tax office and

working at the tax
office means you’re not

allowed to, if you
work for a government

agency you’re not allowed
to have a second job.

So working at a soap club
is going to break that rule.

Compensated dating is
difficult because is that a job?

So I’m going on dates with men in the men
are giving me money, is that a job, does

that count, we’re going
to go ahead and say

yes in this case, the
tax office does not want

that to have an
association, they don’t want

to be associated with
compensated dating.

But two of them said they
did this to pay for host clubs.

I find it hard to believe
that soap clubs are real.

I find it hard, my feeling about soap clubs
is that soap clubs are going to be dirty.

This is crissor that can
soap be dirty argument

but that room I’m sure
is not properly sanitized

after the activities
that go on in that room.

So I would refuse to touch
any of the surfaces in that room.

I’m not going to be a good client for this
because I’d be like have you sprayed this

down with bleach
because that’s what I want

before we move on and
even then yeah, whatever.

I just couldn’t do it.

It’s another reason I
could never participate

in any sort of sex work
because I would be too

worried about diseases
and cleanliness and stuff.

Like I just couldn’t do it.

Last week I did talk
about how male prostitution

is not illegal in Japan
and I made a couple

jokes to many, many
people about I should

start my stable of jigelos and create
my new business of male prostitution.

I assume that would mean I would
have to participate at some point.

I wouldn’t be able to do it.

I just wouldn’t.

I’d be like no this is dirty.

I’m going to catch a disease and die.

Anyways, these three
ladies were relieved for

one to three months
suspension so a different

one for depending on the
seriousness of their crimes.

But all three voluntary,
but all three voluntarily

quit, which leads me to
my last question though.

Look at this to pay for host clubs, which
we’ve talked about a bunch because there’s

been crackdown on host clubs and
sugar, baby, eating child from last year.

She was the big story of the
blue at open that she made

millions of dollars and
spent it all on host clubs.

Our host clubs that good.

I need a listener who
has been to a host club

to share with me what
is so good about host

clubs because I know I’m from a
different culture a different time.

I’m an old man.

I look at the boys in the host
clubs and they got all the dyed hair.

But they all look like cheese
balls like none of those guys.

I don’t see what the appeal is
and I understand there is a segment.

I think a lot of young
people now they go

for a more feminine type man,
but these guys don’t even have that.

I understand the attraction.

It’s not maybe my type,
but I do the understand

the attraction of a
feminine yet strong

man because they’re
holding sort of a yin yang

of traits in a nice
balance is very attractive.

I get it.

It’s sort of the elf
thing like these tall

slender yet still very
fit men very attractive.

Not my type.

I want a burly burly man to out burl me.

So it has to be their
social skills, but I

can’t imagine that these
guys are really putting

on such a good show
that it’s that appealing.

I need someone who
has gone to a host club to

come back and give
me just sort of the dirt.

What is it they do?

Do they actually convince
you that they love you?

Do they actually give you
that feeling in such a real way

that you would end up going
to sex work to pay to get more?

Because that to me is sort of a drug look.

Drugs make more sense
to me than host clubs

because the drug has a
chemical addiction element.

I need more of the drugs.

I’m saying that right now
is someone who’s literally

while I’m trying to talk
about a topic thinking.

If I go downstairs right
now, I could take some

more drugs and that
would actually be really nice.

So I get, I get drugs.

I’m not saying you should do drugs.

I don’t think drugs are okay, but I
understand people who get addicted to drugs.

I can’t.

I still struggle to be
to understand how you

can get so addicted to host
clubs because what is it?

I understand it’s manipulative.

They’re trying to make you think
that you love them and they love you.

It’s reciprocal and it’s
not but consciously,

I don’t see this, I just go on a circle
now because I don’t understand this.

I need to someone
who’s going to a host club

to tell me about their experience,
to tell me if it was how positive it was.

What did they do that could be addictive to
the point where you actually want to go and

get a second job to support
your addiction to host clubs?

53 year old company executive.

I think we should get,
forget, the number of

obstruction of businesses has dropped
since I started actually keeping track.

And I think now I should
keep track of 50 year

old men doing shitty
things because as soon

as I saw 53 year old
company executive, I was

like, this guy did
something beyond the pale.

He just did something wrong.

He just went too far.

He’s grown up.

He’s a company executive.

He thinks everything he does is okay.

This is without reading this story.

He’s crossed a bunch of lines, the story.

He punched a woman
who worked for him in the

face because she didn’t get
the hairstyle that he wanted.

So I’m assuming I don’t
know about this part

that she was talking
about cutting her hair

or he told her to cut her hair, but at some
point your hairstyle currently came up.

She was like, I’m
going to get a haircut

and he says, I want you
to get this style of haircut.

She went out, got a haircut
that was not the style he said

when she came back into the
office, he decks her in the face.

Then he says, get scissors and cut it now.

And he makes her cut her
hair in the office with scissors.

So of course it looks terrible
because she’s not professional.

She can’t do it back.

I cut my own hair.

There’s a reason I wear a hat.

When the woman gets home, of course, her
family’s like, what happened to your head?

She explains, my boss
made me cut my hair, then cut

probably comes out and
he punched me in the face.

Family calls the police.

Turns out this guy regularly commits
acts of violence towards women.

So I’m hoping, they didn’t say the company.

I really wanted them to
say the company name,

so I could put the
company name out there.

But hopefully this
ends his career, his

company in total, so
that we never have to

hear about that guy
yet because that’s yep.

Okay, last story, 2024,
the introduction of

the new gross people
for 2024 are YouTubers.

We’ve actually talked about
this guy before and they call

him Rengoku, he is what I
would now call a YouTube troll.

So we had Johnny Somali
who, oh, January 10th

is when he actually
gets his trial is done.

That’s tomorrow.

We’re actually on the lookout
for what happens tomorrow.

The next week, hopefully
we can talk about what

punishment Johnny
Somali got for trespassing

and all the stuff he did.

Then there was a bunch of
other streamers, live streamers.

They were breaking
rules, breaking laws and

stuff, getting in trouble,
leaving the country.

This guy’s Japanese, so
it’s not, it’s a different set

of rules for him because
they can’t just deport him.

It’s actually harder to arrest him
and stuff for the stuff he’s doing.

We had the earthquake on January 1st
and he’s like, here’s an opportunity for me

to be a bit of a dick, so
he doesn’t buy it himself.

Now, this is a very big
YouTubers, he has lots of money.

He doesn’t do it himself.

He goes and he crowd
funds the purchase of 300,

300 Tenga eggs, a Tenga egg since
you probably don’t know what it is.

I’m going to assume.

It’s a silicone, essentially ball, it’s a
little egg thing and you put it over the

male member and you pleasure
yourself with that and it feels good.

It’s the short version.

I’m not going to get to into it.

He takes these 300 eggs
and he goes to Ishikawa,

Ishikawa, he goes to Ishikawa and he says,
I want to distribute these Tenga eggs to

people so they can
relieve their stress because

they’ve lost their houses because
they’re living in like shelters and stuff.

And he’s just an asshole.

Of course, people are like, there’s
sort of lines that you don’t cross.

You don’t go to an earthquake
hit area and don’t help.

That’s actually kind of the thing
I think is actually the problem.

If you’d done a real
thing, people might have

been more forgiving but people on the
internet are like freaking out over this guy.

The government has
actually said, don’t come

and help for clout
because there was a couple

of like ministers who
went to the affected

area and started handing
out food and started

doing stuff and they’re like,
don’t do that because you’re

doing that to increase your
reputation not to actually help out.

So it’s not against the law but
it’s clearly very frowned upon.

There are a couple of
famous comedians though

and they’re famous for
having gone to earthquake

struck areas or disaster
areas and distribute

food and buy food and just try to help out
people because they didn’t bring a camera

crew and they tried to tell people
like, oh, are you that famous comedian?

They’re like, no, no, it’s not me.

I do look like him but it’s not me.

And they were just
trying to help out because

they are successful and
have money and can do that.

This guy on the other
hand, he’s like, oh, I’m

not going to buy anything
that could actually help anyone.

I’m just going to
buy a joke thing that

people know is dirty
and sexual and I’m going

to use that to try to
get some internet fame

and actually, you
know, it’d be interesting.

They could put in like, because you know,
they have like emergency, essentially laws.

If you come into an emergency struck area
and do this kind of stuff, they could make

that illegal in that situation and I
could actually see Japan going that way.

So we have a couple of
things to look forward to.

Does this guy get in trouble?

Probably not because
he hasn’t actually crossed

the line so far they
actually hurt anybody.

It showed him renting
a truck and going to

the area and with a
big box of eggs, but then

my actual question, what are you going to
do with 300 eggs and I’m like, oh, I bet I

know what that guy’s
going to do with 300 eggs

because, yep, but
probably more interesting

than that is Johnny Somali
who actually is on trial.

His, his verdict will come down tomorrow.

So hopefully I’ll have something
more about that next week.

And I hope you have a very, very good 2024.

I hope 2024 starts out
and continues in as much

better for you than it has been for me
because I’m going to go get some more trucks.



(upbeat music)

Anyos is a giant Japanese oil company
and like all oil companies, it’s run by.

You know, just the best people, the
most noble, honorable, upright people.

Unfortunately, the president of Anyos
recently got drunk and hugged a woman.

Anyos has in place a
whistle-blowing system.

So outside lawyers investigated
the claim and the president was fired.

Last year, the then president was also
fired for sexually harassing a bar hostess.

Anyos made a statement, I assume,
as they don’t have a president right now,

so for a representative,
not the new president.

And if they’re looking for a president,

I’ve never been accused of
sexually harassing anybody.

Just let me put that out there.

Anyos, if you need a guy
who is not a sexual harasser,

who knows that sexual harassing people
will get you in trouble, I know that.

And I would be more than
happy to take on the role

of president of Anyos and
not sexually harass anyone.

I can’t say I won’t commit other crimes,

but I can promise you I will
not sexually harass anyone.

A representative of the company came forward
with an apology, pretty standard stuff,

which at this point, the apologies mean
anything, but I guess they have to do it.

Is this extremely regatta,
mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm.

It is, it is, can’t get, can’t
get the first words out.

Okay, it is extremely regrettable.

The scandals like this have happened
at our company two years in a row.

Yes, is there any way that
could have been avoided

by maybe hiring people who aren’t pieces
of shit who work in the oil industry?

I have a negative image of
people who run oil companies.

Let’s just, I’m going to put my bias out
there upfront, just so everyone knows.

I don’t think they hire the
best people to run oil companies.

We apologize for the trouble.

We have caused our stakeholders.

I found that last sentence, last word
even, very something worth noticing,

because they didn’t apologize to the
women who were sexually harassed.

They apologize to the
stakeholders in the company.

So the shareholders, people have
investments in the company, why not?

They, they didn’t say sorry, the ladies.

Now, I’m sure that these
ladies who are harassed,

they’re going to get
paid because any of us

is admitted that this
has happened is true.

These guys have lost their jobs.

So they have a civil case.

They could, they could get their money.

But yeah, you can see the person,
this kind of is going to my whole thing.

I don’t think good
people run oil companies.

I bet there was no thought
that we need to apologize

to the women who were victimized in this
situation by the president of the companies.

In fact, I don’t even know
why they’re speaking up at all.

They should have been
thankful that the president

of an oil company was
paying them attention.

I bet that is actually the thoughts
that are going through their head.

But it looks bad.

So we got to say sorry
and for all the trouble

that this has caused
the stakeholders in the

company not the actual
women who were harassed.

Now, Jaxa, the Japanese
space agency wants to develop

satellites that become sort
of an earth defense system

that are capable of crashing into asteroids
that might have like a life ending event

and extinction level
event on the planet Earth.

They’re planning to conduct an
experiment in less than three years.

So they say there’s an
asteroid coming towards Earth.

I think the idea is that
it’s not going to hit Earth.

What they want to do is shoot
some of the satellites into it.

They’ll hit it and then push it off
course, change this trajectory away.

And I was like, if I was
writing a science fiction movie

right now and I wanted
something to go wrong.

What I would do is have
the satellite course correct

the asteroid so that it
is coming into the Earth

and then the big panic is
we have to fix that problem

that we’ve created
through science ourselves.

That’s pretty standard
science fiction stuff.

So this is essentially some
kind of earth defense system.

I have a theory that all the Japanese

technological developments
are run primarily by

nerds and anime nerds
because they’re Japanese.

And so they’re all leading
towards one inevitable singular point

in the future and that is the
creation of a Gundam-like world.

They’ve created moving platforms.

They’ve created a rail gun.

They are now doing an
Earth satellite defense system.

They’re circling the Earth in asteroids.

These all sound very, very
much like Gundam to me.

And I’m concerned that once the
nerds actually have their Gundam,

they’re not going to
know how to control it.

Just like in any of
us, president doesn’t

know how to control
themselves around women.

(upbeat music) That was it.

Could call back to
the previous story.

I mean, I think I might be a 200-and-some
episodes, 200-and-like 80-some episodes.

I think this is going to be 289.

I’m starting to get good at this.

We did talk about last
time how police raided.

There was about 300 host clubs in Kabuchko.

Kabuki Cho.

I think I said it so fast, I said it wrong.

I do a lot of bad Japanese on this show.

Let’s just say you don’t want
to learn your Japanese for me.

You want to go to one
of those other websites

like Dogein or something
and learn some good Japanese.

Anyways, police raided,
they found out of 202

that they raided, 145 had
violated the law in some way.

And this includes, this
is the important thing.

It’s knowing how they
scam you in different places.

If you’re going to come visit Japan,

you want to go to a host
club, you want to see something.

How are they going to scam you if
you know what kind of scams they run?

You can prepare yourself.

Well, the main one is in selling
drinks without listing the price.

So what they do is they’re like,
hey, let’s buy a bottle of whiskey,

let’s buy a bottle of champagne,
let’s buy a bottle of something.

And you think, okay,
it’s going to be 10,000

yen, 20,000 yen,
expensive, but affordable.

And then they give you a
bill for like 15 million yen,

because apparently you
just drank the rarest whiskey

that ever existed in a bottle of champagne
where there’s only one left on the planet

that was pulled out of the
Titanic or something like that.

So that’s how they, that’s the first scam,

is they inflate the bill,
but they never list a price.

So you never actually get to say no,
because the whole point of a host club

is they’re pressuring you to drink and buy
drinks ’cause that’s how they make money.

The other one they’re doing is
operating without a liquor license.

So they’re selling liquor and
they don’t have a license to sell it.

Concept cafes, which you
would probably describe mainly

as made cafes, have
also been a foul of the law

with having underage girls
serve alcohol to customers.

So you can see there’s
two kind of things happening.

There’s the host clubs are
ripping women off monetarily

and then the anime or the made cafes are
breaking the law by having underage people,

because that’s what
appeals again to these

anime nerds who are
going to go to a made cafe.

They want to have a really young girl, you
know, do the song and the dance and stuff.

I went to one once it
was actually quite dismal.

I think I went to the wrong one.

My friends took me
to one where I think the

maids were dour might
have been the actual thing.

It’s the end of the year.

So we’re going to get a lot of stats.

Last episode is very stat heavy.

This one’s not as stat heavy,
but it is entertaining stats.

The porn hub annual breakdown has come out.

And once again, Hentai is
the most search term whereas

Japanese dropped number four,
dropped two places number four.

So the number one and
the number four search

terms on porn hub
are both Japan related.

Hentai is certainly very
much a Japanese thing.

I don’t want to question other
people’s tastes, but when I go

looking for porn, should I want
to spend my time doing that?

Animated stuff isn’t going to do it for me.

I don’t know, maybe I
also don’t like fake bodies.

So I think fake is something
that doesn’t work for me.

And so the animation
version, I’m not against it.

I still see it as being as appealing.

So I guess you must be into something
different for me, which is not a bad thing.

I mean, I’m not actually
judging you on that.

There are, I do judge
people on some things.

I judge people on stuff
that I don’t understand.

Hentai, while it doesn’t, isn’t
my thing, I do understand it.

I understand like, again,
there’s sort of this idyllic

perfection idea of
having a 2D woman that’s

been drawn, basically
created for your fantasy.

That doesn’t do it for me.

Japanese, so the fourth search term on the
list was beaten out by lesbian and milk.

So if you got a lesbian,
milk, who’s also a Japanese,

who’s been drawn, so a
Hentai Japanese, lesbian,

milk, I think some heads
are going to explode.

That’s something you
should look at in the future,

if you’re planning on getting
into the creation of porn industry.

I didn’t enjoy it, so they
do a breakdown by state.

Most of the states, it was interesting,

’cause like, oh, the racist states are
all looking at black girls or something.

California was one step away
from my just previous joke

where the search term
was Asian steppin’ mom.

So all they’re missing is
lesbian and I guess Hentai,

but they had Asian and milk, if
you’re talking about Stup-Mom.

If you drew it, it’d be, yeah,
California’s on the cutting edge

of what everyone in the world
actually wants to deep down inside.

They were looking at how long people
go to porn hub and spend per session.

Japan, number two on the list at 11
minutes and 14 seconds per session.

Number two behind the Philippines.

Now, let’s be very clear,
that 11 minutes is all illegal.

So porn hub is not censored.

Unless they’re looking at the
censored version of Asian porn

and Hentai, what they’re
actually doing is illegal.

The most viewed by men,
Japanese was number two.

Lesbian was number one.

It’s Japanese lesbians.

I mean, again, you could like
wrap up that category right there.

Men’s favorite categories.

Number one and number
two, Japanese and mature.

We’re hitting a theme.

Older Japanese ladies got to go on on.

Women was number one was
lesbian, number two was Japanese.

So again, all those terms
together, I now am at this point

where I just want to make the one
singular, perfect pornographic film.

And then just end up porn altogether because
what happens is you just watch my movie

and it’s so entrancing, no one
ever watches anything again.

So every year in Japan, you
give out New Year’s money

called Atoshi Dhamma and it
comes in a little red envelope

and it’s a tradition and
people love it except.

We’re getting in a world
that’s kind of cashless.

So pay-pay, one of the
companies that is putting out

a payment system that use on your phone,
they want to create digital Atoshi Dhamma

and they’ve done a
survey and found that 40%

of the people they surveyed
want to give it out cashless.

Now, pay-pay is probably
surveying people who use pay-pay,

which means people who
are already using digital stuff.

They’re expecting
people to give 526.

3 billion yen year-end
money to kids.

I basically teenagers to get like five
to 10,000 yen depends on your family.

Kids just get like 1,000 yen or something.

Pay-pay wants to take 150
billion yen of that 526 billion

and make that digital and
create essentially a new industry.

The thing is, for the kids to receive this,

I guess they would have
to have a phone as well.

So there’s an expectation that the kids
receiving this do have their own phone.

And one that they could
then take outside of the house

and then use in public to actually use
the funds to keep them in circulation.

There’s an interesting
sort of side step there.

My kids have phones, but
we’ve locked them down to Wi-Fi.

They don’t actually have a cell plan.

So I guess if they went in the
convenience store in the convenience

store ahead, Wi-Fi they could use
it, but that would be the only way.

There was a very interesting story,

’cause this is something I
didn’t know about Japanese law.

The police have seen
an increase in mail

prostitutes since opening
the borders from COVID.

So like more people are coming into visit.

A lot of people are a good way to make
money in Japan is to do some prostitution.

So they do that.

The anti-prostitution act only applies
to women in Japan, which I did not know.

I just thought anti-prostitution,
you wouldn’t make it gender specific.

It would just be anti-prostitution.

Well, apparently it’s only about women,

so you can’t arrest a man
for being a prostitute, which I’m

finding very confusing
because it’s just the act, isn’t it?

Like if the act of accepting
money and exchange for sex

is the thing that breaks
the law, but apparently not.

It’s only that true if you are a woman.

They still want to arrest these people,
so they would arrest them for touting,

which is standing on the street
and like trying to solicit customers,

and waiting for clients, which is
apparently also against the law.

I didn’t know that.

So that is considered a public disturbance.

It’s part of a public ordinance.

So you’re getting arrested, but again,

a much lower level crime
than actual prostitution.

So I’m interested to see if
this ends up in them changing

the rule, ’cause it would
make a lot more sense

if the rule wasn’t women do it
or men do it, if it was just doing it.

Well, soccer police have made YouTube
ads to combat marijuana usage, which,

let’s be honest, the
old people by committee

making an advertisement
or something to appeal to

the youths is never going
to really be successful.

Marijuana use has been
in the news a lot lately.

So there was a university football team,

an American football team,
and they were disbanded because

the players got in trouble
for marijuana multiple times.

In the last couple of weeks, some
gummy marijuana-laced gummies

have gone around and
made a bunch of people sick.

I don’t know if they took
too many or the actual

product was bad, we
made a bunch of people sick.

You know, soccer, 80% of
youth crime is marijuana-related.

And 80% of all marijuana arrests
are people under the age of 29.

So they’re seeing youth in marijuana.

There’s a connection there and
there’s like, we’re gonna fight it.

We’re gonna do something
that’s really effective.

We’re gonna go on YouTube and make an ad

that they’re gonna skip
as soon as they’re given

the first opportunity
’cause I literally hover

the mouse over the skip button
when I start watching a video.

I’m pretty sure kids are gonna be
way more advanced about it than I am.

I’m sure that’s where
the ad blockers come in.

YouTube’s been having a
lot of trouble with ad blockers.

The problem with the police trying to
connect to the youth is it’s not gonna work.

These old men, they’re not going to
figure out the message soon enough.

I, again, I now realize
like if I wanted to

connect to youth about
not using marijuana,

probably the best thing I
could do is get old people

to start using marijuana, then
it wouldn’t be cool anymore.

Or get young people to try to do it.

Still don’t think it
would be that effective.

I don’t have an answer for that.

They are really, really stuck on this one.

I don’t think a YouTube
ad is really gonna

have the massive
success they hope it does.

Since 2008, they started
measuring the physical strength

of students and they
have found that students’

strength at junior high
school as a record low.

So the survey started in 2008.

They did 920,000 students were surveyed.

It’s been falling since 2019.

So you know what that means.

If you wanna go bully a
junior high school student,

this would be the year to do
it because you can take ’em.

70% of workers in Japan
don’t want to be contacted

outside of work hours, which makes
me go, “Why is that number not 100%?”

‘Cause the question is, want to.

Like I might accept a call outside of work.

I might accept messages out of work.

That doesn’t mean I want
to be contacted out of work.

So the question one
should be, do you want

to question two would
be, is it acceptable?

Question three is neutral, like the
five levels would be pretty normal.

72.4% of all workers have
say they have received

messages outside of
work, which is they 8.

2% increase in previous
years and 62.2%.

And 62.2% say this causes them stress,

which I understand, and
again, it’s part of the Japanese

work culture where you have
to find a way to let them go

because, as I’ve said, a million
times now in an engineered Japan,

this is where the declining
birth rate comes from.

So our last story, this is a quick
one because it is the holiday season.

I’m actually not working.

I’m not, I just wanted
to get an episode out.

It’s already a day late,
but I just wanted to get

something out so that people, you know, I
actually noticed a lot of podcasts go dark

over the holidays, but it’s nice to have
something to listen to when you’re driving.

So you get to listen to my stupid
voice because I’m, you know what?

‘Cause I’m dedicated.

I’m dedicated to you as the lister and
who was interested in Japanese news.

And this is our last story and
it’s not a creepy creepy guy.

I’ve kind of pushed
away from that a little bit,

only because the creepy creepy guy
stories have gotten really repetitive.

They’ve not done anything
particularly creative lately.

It’s a few year old man is
at the scene of an accident.

And they didn’t say if he caused it.

That is the bit.

I actually, a bit of
information I would have liked.

A 27 year old police officer is
interviewing him about the accident.

And he says the 62 year old drunk
man says, “You headbutted me, right?”

And then headbutts the cop.

No, I’m gonna give you some advice.

If you ever come to Japan,
don’t headbutt anybody.

But absolutely don’t headbutt a cop.

Like if you’re gonna headbutt
anyone, don’t do it to a cop.

That’s actually one of
the worst people to do it to.

You should be headbutting
the junior high school girl

from the story before,
’cause she’s so weak.

She’s not gonna be able to fight back.

You’re gonna win that fight
nine times out of 10, not always.

‘Cause it wasn’t all
the kids who were weak.

And you gotta pick ’em carefully.

When he was arrested, he said,

“I had no idea the person I
had butted was a police officer.

” As if somehow that
would have made it okay.

Like if I had but someone
else, not an issue.

But headbutting a cop,
whoops, now I’m sorry,

if only he had headbutted a
president of an oil company.

Then, all would be right
with the world again.

So that’s just a very
quick episode out for today.

I don’t know if I’ll have
one available next week.

So I might be taking a
week off just because

of holidays and take
care of family and stuff.

And doing things and trying to live a life

so that I have stories
that I can then share.

I didn’t change the pain in the future.

You have hundreds of
episodes in the back catalog.

So you can go listen to Seamick Bee.

I have recently on YouTube
releasing Seamick Bee IMDB,

which is my breakdown sort of react
videos to primarily Kung Fu movies.

So if you want something to do over the
holiday, please check out Seamick Bee IMDB.

And I hope you have a really good holiday.

The NNJ Social Battery

(upbeat music)

So every year, Japan
chooses the kanji of the year.

Kanji is the Chinese
characters that they use

when they write in Japanese.

And they choose a word to symbolize
the mood in the state of the nation,

which sounds very nice.

So you would want, you know, happy words.

Words that positivity and
growth and going forward.

This year, to represent the
state of Japan, they chose tax.

So the actual word is they, but
it’s the kanji for tax, or I guess tax is.

There’s a ceremony.

So no one knows what the word’s gonna be.

There’s a ceremony where
there’s a giant sheet of paper

and there’s monk walks
onto it with a giant brush

and he writes the word really dramatically.

And it’s a big reveal.

We’d actually let me do the thing that
the guy, the monk, this isn’t gonna do it.

I guess that’s why they choose monks
and stuff ’cause they tend to be honest.

I guess also they would
know if you changed it.

But my thought was like
the monk could walk out

and at the last minute
just go, you know what?

And I’m not really big fan of tax.

I’m not gonna write tax
and you just write some

other kanji, make some
other word for the year.

And because it’s on TV, probably live,

there’s nothing they could do about it.

They would just have to
accept it, which would be kind

of awesome to take control
of the spirit of a nation

that way would be
actually pretty cool to me.

But he didn’t do it, of course.

There’s a survey.

There were 147,878 responses,

which is actually a lot of responses
to vote for the kanji of the year.

I don’t know if it’s just a general thing.

I actually was gonna look into it
because last week tonight with John Oliver,

they are known for hijacking
online things this year.

They did the one where they had New
Zealand had the bird of the centurion.

They just basically jacked the whole contest
so that the bird they chose would win,

which is pretty cool actually.

If they could do that
for the kanji of the year,

they could choose another more
interesting more amusing kanji.

I’d assume, I’m wondering,
again, I wonder how their rules are.

Like do they give you a list of
kanji and you have to choose from it?

Or do you just choose a kanji

and enough people write in
with the same kanji and they win?

But 147,878 responses,
only 5,976 said tax.

If you said “chung with beef chest,”
choose a word that would sum up the year.

I don’t think I would choose tax.

It’s not like I would choose a super
positive one, but I wouldn’t choose tax.

So anyways, they got 5,976 votes.

Hot, so at sea, got 5,571 votes.

War got 5,011 votes, which
was actually the winner in 2022.

Tiger got 4,674 votes.

They think this is
because the Hunshin Tigers,

the baseball team
won the championship.

And victory got 4,653 votes.

So victory fell behind
tax, hot, and war and tiger.

So apparently there’s 4,600
baseball fans who seem to vote.

I guess if you would have baseball fans,

they would vote for the same
team, their team, every single year.

So you’d actually get
the same amount of votes.

You could actually see that.

If that became a pattern,
you could actually see that.

So the monk said,

“I sense that Japan is
a very tough situation.

“I moved to brush while feeling

“that the Japanese
people are watching taxes.

” I mean, it is true.

This is just, it’s kind
of a dismal message.

And this is the last
sort of one of these

messages you send off
at the end of the year.

Sending things off at the end of the year,

you kind of want to be more
optimistic, more hopeful maybe.

I might actually manipulate
this message a little bit

so that people can
get a little more out of it

and get a little more
happiness and follow it.

I just, I think we’re all a little done.

We had Coronavirus pandemic,
we got a war in Ukraine.

There’s a lot of international tensions.

I think everyone just
needs to take a minute,

calm down, chill out,
inflation in taxes and stuff.

That shouldn’t be something we’re thinking.

We should be thinking about
progress and improvement

in life getting better.

And unfortunately,
that’s just not the case.

And it’s a really sad
way to start a podcast.

Never mind the next fucking new year.

I don’t want to start my podcast like this.

So I need happier stories.

I need people to send me happy stories

that I can start my podcast with
so I can start with a good mood.

With inflation, I mean,
this is it as much as I

want to get away from
the negativity and stuff.

One of the problems
with the news is the news.

It tends to be very attracted to you.

All the problems of the world.

So you end up talking about them a lot.

With inflation, any drop in
prices becomes attractive.

That’s actually something
that’s pretty sensible.

Retailers have globbed onto this.

There’s a big sort of
supermarket company called Eon.

Eon has dropped
the prices on 24 items

between three and 26% and
they’re just kind of selling them

in bulk and that’s where
they make their profit.

Sales have increased since the last
price drop, which was also 31 items.

So basically they’re like, hey,
inflation’s killing everybody.

Let’s drop the prices on some things
and people will come and buy those things.

Maybe then they’ll come and
buy our other inflated items as well.

Yeah, now I just have to comment
that it’s sad that we have to be like, hey,

you dropped a price by
3%, that’s like the best

thing that’s ever happened
in my life right now.

This, I found this incredibly, oh my God,
this is gonna be the worst podcast ever.

This is gonna be the
most depressing podcast

I’ve ever produced because every
one of these stories I’m not happy about.

Since we’re talking about
money and pricing and

stuff, Coca Cola has
decided to do run a test

and have vending machines
with dynamic pricing.

So the prices are going to
change according to demand.

So this is like Uber does this.

So they have like peak periods.

So you have to pay more to
get an Uber during peak periods.

They’re thinking, hey, peak periods.

Let’s charge people more for a
Coke or any other drink in the machine.

And then if it’s off periods, then
we’ll put it down to I guess normal price.

It’s not gonna get cheaper.

They’re gonna have a baseline
and they go up from there.

I bet they don’t go down
when demand is very low.

They’re gonna use several
thousand machines as a test at first.

They currently run 700,000
vending machines in Japan.

Their plan is primarily to have it
high during the day and low at night.

So if you want to get
a Coke from a machine,

you should actually wait until
the evening and go get your

Coke then, even if you’re
gonna drink it the next day.

Or you could do, I guess you go to Ion

and hopefully they put a
three to 26% price drop on Coke.

I don’t know, it just seems,

this manipulative pricing is
part of the greed structure.

It’s not like I should expect
anything more from Coca Cola.

Coca Cola is not a nice company.

that’s doing nice things for the world.

Any nice thing they’ve ever done has been
either for media attention or a tax break.

There’s one very good story about Coca Cola

and it’s how they got malaria.

They have this like
infrastructure to get Coke

everywhere in the world.

So in Africa, it’s very hard to like
get things to certain places in Africa.

So what they did is they
put malaria medicine up inside

the cap of Coke and then they
shipped it all around the country.

So then you could just
get malaria medicine out of

your Coke, which sounded
amazing and I was like,

ah, there has to be some kind
of like dark kickback for that.

Or they were just like
sensible enough to go like,

if people have malaria,

they’re not drinking sugar drinks.

So we need to keep people
healthy enough to buy our products.

This was always my problem
with the umbrella corporation,

creating a zombie virus
in the resident evil games.

If you turn the majority of
the population into zombies,

they’re not going to spend a great
deal of time buying your beauty products.

Like their whole idea
is like, oh, we’re going

to have like a certain,
it’s a class system.

So we’re going to have some people
and they get superpowers and live forever.

And then everyone else will
just be a peon underneath them.

That’s the plan and it sort and went wrong.

But then they kept going.

Like every game is
they’ve gone a little further

with the experimentation
in the virus and stuff.

Anyways, I don’t think umbrella
corporation has a good plan

and Coke with this kind of
stuff actually could be the thing

that would push me to stop drinking Coke.

Since the end of the year, lots of stats.

You’re actually going to notice
the very stat heavy episode today.

60% of work being adults don’t
want to go to a New Year’s party.

So your company often will have a
bonan guy, which is the end of your party.

And then there’s another
one in the New Year where

you forget the previous
year and all this other stuff.

It’s just excuses to go drinking, drinking
cultures a very big thing in Japan.

Coronavirus stopped
people from drinking parties.

And a lot of people in Japan
were like, Hey, I kind of like

not going to drinking parties
like my coworkers are fine.

That doesn’t mean I want to spend
every evening with them getting drunk.

Maybe I don’t even like drinking that much.

I don’t like getting ripped and then
having to go back to work the next day.

Yeah, most people are like went to
like four different Christmas parties.

It was a bit matter.

I went to four different
company Christmas parties.

It was a bit much.

So I work for one company, which is fine.

I go to that Christmas party.

They actually have a Christmas lunch.

The Christmas lunch is a really good idea
because it means you go in the afternoon.

You have a relatively nice lunch.

It was like at a hotel and then
we had drinks with our friends.

And then you could decide I’m going
to go off and party with my friends.

I actually decided to go back home and
I went to bed at like five o’clock in the

afternoon because I had drunk too much,
but I felt fine the next day, which was

a really big thing because I actually
had to go to work the next day.

There is also the judo bonen guy.

So it’s a club.

So you have bonen guys for work, bonen
guys for social activities, bonen guys for

basically any group you might be
involved in could have a bonen guy.

The judo bonen guy is a frickin nightmare
because of course, this is all manly

men getting together and they want to
outman each other and they want to err.

I can drink more than you.

You can grow.

And then unfortunately, I am just
as competitive with everyone else.

Like I like to think of myself as, you
know, I’m more slightly like I’m above

that because I’m old and
I’ve passed all this stuff.

Like I don’t need to prove myself, but
then you put me in that room with those

guys and I’m like, well, I
can’t let you out drink me.

I can’t let you out.

Do me.

I guess we’re going to get the Atsuka, the
hot sache and we’re going to see who falls

first and they always do because
I just grew up drinking too hard.

I’m not proud of it.

I actually don’t think it’s a good thing.

But at the same time, I do like winning.

So anyways, bonen guy.

57.4% of the 559 people surveyed
and you don’t need to survey

a bunch of people to actually
know whether this is true or not.

I know just from the general sentiment
of the people I know in my life that most

people actually don’t
enjoy going to work events.

They don’t like to want to, they don’t
want to go to work bonen guys, especially

if it’s just like we’re going to
go and get drunk and go home.

A lot of people don’t want to do that.

42.6% definitely would like to
participate or somewhat participate.

So it’s a 60/40 split
is what they’re saying.

So there’s 40% of the
people really want to do this.

They really enjoy the bonen
guy whereas most people don’t.

I don’t have a problem with those other
people going is just the expectation that

everyone has to go or you’re being a
bummer and you’re not having a good time.

I don’t think that’s fair.

I’m not a outgoing social light.

This what I do here on the podcast
is probably the most social thing I do.

Like I am in my environment
with my dog on my

lap, reading the news,
saying some dumb shit.

That’s my elements.

I don’t want to leave my room like the
door over there stays closed for a reason.

And I’ll play video games in the afternoon.

And that personality type, I was reading
a thing about work and extraverts and

introverts like work culture is not
designed to have an introvert succeed.

And this is problematic
because there are a lot of

introverts who are actually
very good at working.

Like you sit them down
at a computer and you

give them privacy and
they’ll do amazing work.

Whereas they’re talking about like work
should be social and you should teamwork.

And teamwork isn’t always
the best solution to a problem.

Maybe stick that computer
nerd in a room and let them do

his thing and you’ll actually
get a really good solution.

But work culture isn’t designed to
accept or promote that as an idea.

That only works when the nerds
introverts make their own companies.

And even then, once the
company gets big enough, it grows

into where you need to be an
extravert to survive or succeed.

And it was the reasons people
don’t want to go to the bone and.

Kai a bunch of people said there’s no need.

Again, Coronavirus made it very
clear that a lot of these social things,

a lot of these social
expectations are unnecessary.

We did just fine staying
at home at our computers.

I thrived sitting at home
in front of my computer.

I was in my space.

I was where I needed to be.

They’re tired of the social interactions.

So again, in less extroverted people, more
like injured, again, it’s a sliding scale.

I am certainly extroverted at
times and introverted at times.

It’ll go back and forth.

A friend of mine, I’m pretty
sure that a lot of people use it.

Your social battery.

So my social battery is very powerful
for a very short amount of time.

And then I’m done,
I would get tired of a

lengthy party or a
lengthy gathering where I

have to be social with other
people for a lengthy amount of time.

Give me a couple hours.

I’m probably really, really good.

And I’m like, hey, guys,
it’s been two hours.

I’m going to go home now, get back in front
of my computer, play some video games.

A lot of people wanted to prioritize their
private life, which I thought was great.

So like, you know what, work, life balance.

I think Ninja News Japan has had an ongoing
theme that work, life balance in Japan is

just broken and they need
to reevaluate and do it.

And these people were like, I didn’t go out
drinking every night with my co-workers.

I didn’t go to the
Bonankai and it was great.

And I actually spent time with my family or
my girlfriend or my boyfriend or whoever.

People I actually like in my social
life, who I want to spend my time with.

And that was good.

The final reason listed for not
wanting to do Bonankai is the cost.

Often you have to pay.

Not every company is
just paying for everything.

So the my company paid for the launch.

We had to pay a couple thousand
yen, but it goes into a charity fund.

So I didn’t feel too bad about it.

I actually think our company is
using that money for an actual charity.

So I’m not going to complain
about giving 2000 yen to

a charity and drinking
for free for a couple hours.

I guess I could.

Traveling for work kills my battery
spending a week where every waking

moment and every meal happens
with a co-worker is so draining.

That sentence exhausted
me a bit just because I agree.

Like traveling is tough.

I actually am not a great traveler.

It takes me a long time to like readjust
whenever I go visit family back in Canada.

It takes me like an entire week
to really get myself a climatized.

And then it’s basically
prepping to go back again.

But doing that with co-workers
would be extra exhausting.

I honestly could not imagine.

I would not be successful
at a job like that.

I don’t think or I’d be forcing
myself to do it all the time.

I probably burn out really
fast if I’m being honest.

So credit to you.

You’re able to do something
that I am not able to do.

But this is one of the few benefits
of the coronavirus pandemic is it has

proven or shown or demonstrated to
people that maybe the way the world was

before isn’t the way it
needs to be going forward.

We can make changes.

We can re-prioritize
things and it has allowed

a lot of people to
re-prioritize their lives.

There was a romance and marriage survey.

The end of the year has a lot of surveys.

I am a little big statistics for you.

End of year, they do a lot of surveys.

So this is a stat heavy
episode and I love it.

I know not everyone loves it.

But every that’s once a year,
let’s indulge me for a minute.

Like that’s never happened before.

Every two years, they do a
romance and marriage survey.

And this time it was 1,200 people and
they found that 29.7% have a boyfriend or

girlfriend and 34.1% have never
had a boyfriend or girlfriend.

The highest since the survey started in
2011, 2011, they started doing the survey.

Basically, are you in a relationship?

They found that number
is really up and down.

It’s actually down.

More people are not
getting into relationships.

It’s kind of for the same stuff we were
talking about before with the bonan guy.

Work, balance, work, life balance
does not happen in Japan enough.

They’re you to have enough
free time to have relationships.

But this is the highest number of
people who’ve never had a relationship.

We’re not talking about like kids.

We’re talking people in
their 20s, 30s and 40s.

The highest number of people who’ve never
had in an often cases have given up on

starting a relationship in their life
because it’s just too much work now.

I just don’t care.

I’ve gotten I’ve settled into a lifestyle
of being by myself, which I’m not

necessarily judging, but in Japan, it’s
a concern because the low birth rate.

So if people aren’t having relationships,
if we could find out why they’re not

having relationships,
maybe we can encourage

them to have
relationships, I’ve said it.

I don’t know how many times I kind
of feel like I shouldn’t say it anymore.

Like I’ve said it enough, but
people who work till 10, 11

o’clock at night aren’t going
on dates and on their time off.

They’re just going to sleep like all day.

They’re not fucking and if they’re
not fucking, they’re not making babies.

So you need people to get out there and get
fucking, you need people to get out there

and get fucking a lot so that they actually
feel like weirdly obligated to stay

with each other, make babies
back, sit in or on purpose.

I don’t know, but they got to be
fucking and people who are exhausted.

Do not fuck t-shirt.

I should get to make a t-shirt.

People who are exhausted do not fuck.

I actually kind of want to make
that t-shirt now work life balances.


And now I see now
immediately now I’m running

a paragraph instead
of just a catchphrase.

Yeah, people who are
exhausted do not fuck 46% of

men in their 20s have
never had a relationship.

29.8% of women in their 20s
have never had a relationship.

Jokes on you.

Some people are into that.

Some people are into being exhausted.

I don’t know what the
delay is on me chatting.

I tried to turn it down
to as little as possible.

So I actually am not a
represent shirt, which

part you’re actually
saying the jokes on me.

People are into exhausted
people, people are into being alone.

I’m going to give a second for
Jade to clarify because I actually

do really, really want to know
what you were what you mean.

Before I move on to the next
part, oh, fucking while exhausted, I.

Oh, man, we’re going
to get in some weird

personal stuff before
we start talking about this.

I have.

Does anyone want to
know I this is the problem

we’re doing a podcast as
soon as a threat is pulled.

I just want to like yank it.


Exhausted, no, but I have had post judo
tournaments where I physically exhausted.

My testosterone was so high.

I really, really wanted to get down.

I do remember that.

That’s quite funny.

One of the things I found funny
is there’s this is really old movie.

It’s Joe and Chen and Rick Grouwer.

And it’s their post
apocalyptic future gladiators.

And I forget the name of the movie,
but I remember it was those two.

And in that movie, they try to have
sex, but it’s after a gladiatorial battle.

And they’re both too
injured to actually do it.

So every time they touch each
other, they’re like, oh, don’t touch that.

Don’t do that.

And it was really, really funny.

And but it was because I could relate
because I had done judo tournaments.

And then my girlfriends like, ooh, you’re
all like testosteroney and hot right now.

Let’s do some stuff.

And I’d be like, yeah, let’s do it, baby.

And then I would try my
best and sometimes it worked.

Sometimes it didn’t when it worked.

Again, testosterone being off the charts.

It worked really well.

But there was the odd occasion where I’d be
like, yes, I’m not going to happen today.

As a voice of like 25 year
old me who’s just been

beaten to death over
the course of a few hours.

But yeah, you don’t face it,
I’m not fighting testosterone.

If it says we’re going to
do it, we’re going to do it.

I had sex with a fever once.

I don’t think this is the kind of stuff
I should be putting out in the world.

It was around late end
of high school, maybe.

And I must have had a cold and
yet I still really wanted to do it.

And my girlfriend and I, we did it.

And she goes, she was touching
me my back or something.

And she goes, you’re hot and I’m
like, I interpreted the wrong way.

It wasn’t until way later.

I was like, oh, she didn’t
mean like you’re sexy hot.

She meant you’re like, taught to the touch.

I’ve had that problem a few times.

I went and got a massage
and they put electricity on my

shoulders and they run the
electricity and they do that.

It’s supposed to, I guess, loosen
up the shoulders or something.

And the doctor or the, the
masseuse comes in and he goes,

wow, because you do judo,
your number is really high.

Like you can take a lot of
electricity and immediately

I was like, yeah, because
I’m tough and manly.

Like a couple hours
later, I was like, he didn’t

say taking a lot of
electricity was a good thing.

He just said I took a lot of electricity.

I interpret it as a good thing.

So the problem was
like, maybe it’s really bad.

Maybe all my muscles
and nerves and stuff are

dead, which is why I can
take a lot of electricity.

I’ve had stuff like that happen a few
times where I thought it was good at first,

but then when I
thought about it later, I

was like, he didn’t
say it was a good thing.

He just said it was a thing survey of
1,000 people aged 18 to 25 who joined

companies between 2020 and 2023,
which essentially the pandemic period.

So all these young people who got jobs
during the pandemic, how do you feel?

And the main question was
really, do you want to quit? And 20.

4% said literally I have always
wanted to quit from day one.

I wanted to quit my job.

30.6% said sometimes I want to quit.

So you are now already at 50% of 18
to 25 year olds who got a job during the

pandemic do not want
to continue with their job.

59.8% of those people said
it was primarily from stress.

34.8% said the stress comes
from their boss and co-workers.

All makes perfect sense.

They were talking about
how we need to open the

lines of communication
that were not open before.

So the pandemic has changed
sort of how everything works.

Corona has made
interpersonal relationships worse.

And the company that did survey recommended
a consultation system and open communication.

Now I work in a Japanese
company and I can tell you that

open communication isn’t
how they generally do work.

So this would be a big paradigm
shift in how companies were going to

depend if they’re suddenly talking to
brand new employees as if they were.

people, which is a weird way to
say it, but that’s actually the case.

Without a certain level,
you don’t get any respect.

You just do as you’re
told, you just do as you’re

told is a very common
sentiment in a Japanese company.

You do the best of your
abilities and you shut up and

you go do your thing,
especially when you’re brand new.

But young people now
are coming into companies

and we’re like, well,
why would I live like that?

I don’t really see it that way.

I think maybe working from home also would
benefit this because it’s like you don’t

have those stressful
coworkers or bosses around.

And then when they
have to go into the offices

like this sucks, I
don’t want to do this.

I don’t like this.

I would like my life to be better
than this on December 16th.

So a few days ago when this is being released,
the police, I wouldn’t call it a raid.

They went and checked on a bunch
of host clubs on mass from 7 P.M.

They actually checked
in one day, 350 clubs.

This is how the Japanese
police do a lot of stuff.

They’ll do like a mass thing.

So you can’t like, we’ll
check a couple and then they’ll

let all their host clubs
know that they’re checking.

We’re going to look for illegal
gambling dens and then they’ll like, hey,

shut down all the illegal gambling
dens that didn’t get caught yet.

The Japanese police organized it.

They did 350 clubs in
one afternoon, about 7 P.M.

So one evening, they’re trying to make sure
that they follow the rules and laws in place.

No minors are in the club.

They’re starting a real crackdown on
host clubs and their predatory practices.

Because we talked about host clubs, I
mean, the last like six, seven episodes,

which is the last six,
seven, seven weeks in a row.

We had sugar, baby, would eat each
other and she set this off in a weird way

because she was giving
all her money to a host club.

And then it turned out there was a
whole bunch of stories came out of other

people who were going to host clubs and
they were giving a ton of money to the host.

clubs and getting ripped off and
being put into massive amounts of debt.

And then what the host do is there’s
like, oh, well, if you do this like porn or

if you work at this brothel, you can
then work off the debt you owe me.

And the girls, they’ve been
tricked into essentially thinking

they love these hosts who
are doing this to multiple women.

I mean, no joke.

They then end up in this weird
situation where they’re still trying to get

the affection of this man who doesn’t
love them just wants to exploit them for.

And so this system has to be broken down.

And so that’s what the police are doing.

host clubs have promised to stop the
credit system from, I think it was April.

So basically very soon, but it’s like,
why do they have a credit system at all?

Because what they want to do is actually
have the people come by everything on credit.

So it’s way too much money.

So they can’t pay it back.

So they can push them into these like
sex work things where they get a kickback

from the business and the
woman is trying to pay off her debt.

I actually kind of hope this works.

host clubs, host is clubs. It’s a
very alien thing to me as a Westerner.

Like the idea of paying someone to talk
to you and then them manipulating you.

Like if you sit there and think about it
for a minute, you know they’re manipulating

you. Like you have to know
it, but then you still like it.

I guess again, this is comes
from being an introvert.

I would never pay for someone
to talk to me in the first place.

I would pay you to go away.

I had the last story and I
again starting out with so

much negativity and all these
stats are kind of negative.

I thought it was and off instead
of a creepy, creepy old man story,

I thought it’d be more appropriate to
start with a to finish with a sort of happy

story, pain someone to
go away is super harsh.

I have on many of occasion had
people talking to me and I would think,

if I give you a thousand yen
right now, would you just leave?

Like if I paid you to leave, would you
leave because I would rather not do this.

I get my social battery.

It’s very tuned to very specific things.

Conversations I don’t want to have.

I find exhausting like exhausting.

Like I actually will go take
a nap if people talk to me to

for too long about stuff
that I don’t want to talk about.

And I don’t blame them.

Like I don’t think it’s there fall.

I understand this is a me thing.

So often I’ll just sit there.

I can often my brain just shuts
off and goes somewhere else.

You can pay me to stop chatting.

Don’t bother me.

No, I actually again in this
context, I love the chatting.

I love the interaction because.

Oh, no, I just had a realization.

I’m in full control.

I’m dictating what we talk about.

I’ve chosen the stories.

I’m guiding the conversation.

You’re responding to me.

Therefore, I’m fine with it.

But what I just said, if you put
it in that context, if someone’s.

I hit my mouse, if you put
it in that context, what they

have done is introduce the
topic I don’t want to talk about.

And I immediately shut off, I’m
some kind of weird fucking narcissist.

You can only talk about
what I want to talk about.

Oh, shit, I’m a bad person.

I’m a host.

Oh, fuck.

The host of this show, but at no point in
this show, am I going to try to drive you

into drip debt?

I’m going to end off in a positive
story because this actually made me

really happy and I don’t know why, but
I figured we can drop the tree creepy,

creepy old man story because they all
the ones this week were exactly the same

as all the previous ones
we’ve done weeks past.

And we’ve had a lot of
negativity in this episode.

So I wanted to end that anonymous
donations to a city in Saitama of about

100,000 yen each have been dropped
into an opinion box four times so far.

So there’s a box where you like, I want
to give my opinion to the government,

the local sort of municipal
government, the mayor, whatever.

Like clean up the roads, a brighter
lights at night, something like that.

And someone’s just taking 100,000 yen,
putting an envelope and putting it in that

with little note on the
outside of the envelope.

There’s a from section.

And this person is putting from
various demon slayer characters.

So the characters in demon slayer are
giving this city in Saitama 100,000 yen,

each time from a different character
of the anime, which I find quite funny.

There is a note inside
that says, please use the

money to build a community
where children can smile.

And then the city said it
plans to collect the money

into a fund to help build a
better community for kids.

And I was like that.

They’re taking the money.

The guy said, please
use it to make kids happy.

And they’re like, you know
what we’re going to do?

We’re going to take this
money, put it in a little fun.

And we’re going to try to
find a way to make kids happy.

And that is what life should be.


The Fowl and the Furious

(upbeat music)

  • A man feels he’s being
    power harassed at work.

I mean, have we not all
felt that way in dignity?

At being, essentially,
slate, wage slaves

felt like the world
treats you unfairly well,

I mean, it’s pretty common.

I think that’s pretty fair.

So he’s like, I’m going to get revenge
on my power harassing boss and company.

They haven’t taken care of me.

I’m going to do the most
sensible thing I can do.

I’m not going to go make a complaint.

I’m not going to go to HR.

I’m not going to try to deal with this.

I’m going to set some
cardboard stands on fire

at a company warehouse.

He managed the fire.

The fire manages to burn
30,000 of 53,000 square meters.

In total, there were
109 employees inside

the warehouse, but
there were no casualties.

So that’s why this move, this
story can get an industry pan

because the destruction
of property is funny,

the destruction of
human life, not so much.

That wasn’t enough for him.

He tried it again at a different warehouse.

So he wasn’t going for the 30,000.

He was going for the full 60,000 square
meter point, whatever points that gets you.

The total damage was 20 billion yen.

So he’s been arrested.

He’s admitted to the charges.

I get the odd feeling.

This might not go his way, 20 billion yen.

You can convert that into dollars.

It’s still like $200 million.

This was a warehouse for Hitachi,
which makes a lot of electronics.

So I’m assuming a ton
of electronics in there.

That’s how the price got so high, so fast.

I don’t know what to say.

Not the best resolution
to the issue at hand.

I think that’s a very standard Ninja
News Japan resolution to a problem.

You’ve gone the wrong direction
in dealing with your problems.

More so, if you’re angry
about power harassment

at work, do you think
prison’s going to be better?

That might be the message I have to
these guys who are going off the rails.

Before you decide to
set fire to something that’s

going to burn down a
warehouse full of billions of yen

worth of materials, do you
think prison is going to be better?

Because you’re probably
thinking, oh, I’m not

going to get caught or something like that.

Well, you are.

Because like me, you’re
not a professional criminal.

I’m trying so hard not to
get into the criminal mindset.

Give advice to the criminals, whatnot.

It’s where my brain goes first is like,
how do you get away with this or whatever?

We’re not doing it.

I’m trying to at least cut down.

I’ll do it maybe on the more interesting
crimes, the more unique and unusual crimes.

That’s my promise to you for this new year.

2024 going forward.

I will only give advice
to unique and interesting

crimes, criminals,
crimes, criminals, both.

Japan, once again, got the fossil
award for its reliance on coal plants.

So you might think,
Japan, technologically

advanced country, doing
a lot for green energy.

Interestingly, Toyota
has 20% of its European

car sales are going to
be a mission list by 2026.

Electric, it’s a combination
of electric and fuel cell cars.

The European ban– this is because the
European ban is going into effect by 2035.

So every car in Europe has
to have no emissions by 2035.

All Lexus’s, Lexi, are going to be a
mission list by 2035, 2030 in Europe.

So they want to make sure the Lexus
can be sold in Europe, uninterrupted.

They’re clearly putting a lot of
effort into these technologies.

Toyota’s a big company.

It’s essentially a national
company at this point in Japan.

The issue– there’s two aspects to this.

Japan has won the fossil award
in 2019, 2021, 2022, and 2023.

It seems a bit much to me.

Because the fossil award
is not really an award.

It’s like an insult.

Your country is too reliant
on non-green energies.

We’re going to try to
embarrass you into doing better.

Japan, certainly
deserving of some criticism.

Japan has– because it’s not a
particular resource-rich country.

It’s an island.

They have to import a lot.

They import from other countries.

Other countries, you buy your stuff.

You’re going to buy
from the cheapest place.

And the cheapest places are going to
use cold refineries and what? This is it.

There’s still a lot of
cold refineries in Japan

to make up for the significant
loss of nuclear energy,

the Fukushima thing, really
put a damper on nuclear power.

Three-mile island.


Something I’d learned about,
which was a bit shocking to me.

Three-mile island happened, long time ago.

And it really put a damper on nuclear power

being adopted worldwide.

Apparently, if we had adopted
nuclear power at the same rate–

so let’s say, three-mile
island had not happened.

And the progress of
nuclear energy had continued.

We would not be having
a climate crisis right now.

So if we were using nuclear power,

consistently improving it,
upgrading it, that kind of stuff.

At this point, in our lives, we would not
have to worry about the climate change.

But because three-mile
island happened and

people got very skittish
about nuclear energy,

we now have a separate
crisis we have to deal with.

I just found that
it’s the unintended

consequences of a lack
of progress in one place.

I have Fukushima.

Yes, it was smashed.

Yes, it doesn’t work now.

You are talking about an
incredibly old nuclear power.

plant that was hit by an earthquake
and Tsunami and did not explode.

So great, it’s not perfect,
but this incredibly old thing–

because it was built ages
and ages ago– didn’t blow up.

And so I put a lot of faith in the
engineers who created these things.

I think if you did nuclear
power with modern engineering

practices and safety
standards, nuclear power

would be easily the
safest thing we got going.

But who listens to me?

Anyways, Japan gets the fossil world.

That’s one thing, the nuclear energy part.

The other thing is, Japan’s
now gotten it four years in a role.

And I feel like the group is
picking on a very safe target.

Because they could give it to China.

China uses a lot of coal
power, a lot more than Japan.

India– India uses a lot more than–.

I mean, it’s a lot more
dirty energy than Japan.

Why is Japan getting
it over and over again?

So there’s a thought process there.

Like, hey, we can pick
on countries that all react

negatively and maybe
actually try to do something.

I don’t know.

I don’t think China or India
would actually do anything.

They’d probably just ignore it.

If you gave the fossil world to
China, they’d be like, thanks, an award.

You give it to Japan.

They have to pretend
to be a shame like, oh, no.

We have to take this seriously.

Actually, again, Japan really
realistically is just ignoring as well.

This is not a real thing.

It was just interesting to me.

It’s like this group is like we want to
give out this award to embarrass a country.

Let’s not give it to
the ones that are scary.

Let’s give it to the safest
one we can give it to.

It’s just– it’s dumb.

It’s dumb.

This is like the streamers
who go around causing trouble.

Because we had the Johnny Somal.

We had the European dude who
did the trains for free and stuff.

Why did they do it in Japan?

Because in their view, Japan was the place

where they’re going to get
the least amount of trouble.

They’re going to get a Johnny Somal.

I don’t actually know
what’s happened to him.

I tried to find out.

I think he’s in jail.

He certainly was going
through the whole process.

I was getting clips on the Internet.

It seemed like he was out.

But then it also seemed like he was gone.

A bunch of them went to Thailand.

Thailand is not going to put up
with your shit as much as Japan is.

Japan takes the time and builds the case,

but actually gives you
enough time to get away.

So the guy from Europe
who was getting on the trains

for free, he left before
they actually arrested him.

But why do they choose Japan?

Because Japan, even if I get in trouble,

that’s a safe, nice country, and
I’m not going to eat, but you do.

No country is going to put
up with your shit that much.

It’s just got this image of the place

where you could basically
fuck around and not find out.

And it is interesting now that
people are sort of finding out.

Has nothing to do with
the actual story I was doing.

Tangent Sohoy.


Tokyo, the city, has decided to make high
school free, including lunches from 2024.

This is great.

I think free education is very important.

I think it’s great.

The interesting thing is that
this sounds like a great policy

until you realize tuition in
Tokyo was basically already free

for any home making
less than $9.1 million yen.

So the only beneficiaries
of this new policy

that sounds very generous
is actually rich people.

So you had, again, the
average salary for Japan

four to five million yen.

So we’re just going to say 4.5 million yen.

So $9 million yen is
probably a dual income.

It’s two people working full time.

So essentially, if
you didn’t have a dual

income family, high
school was already free.

Maybe you had to pay for lunches.

So the lunches free, that is nice.

So the real only beneficiary
of this new Tokyo free high

school, including lunches
policy, is rich people.

So it’s not really as good.

It is still good.

I don’t want to like crap on it.

I think education be as
free as much as possible,

educating people is always a good thing.

I did run into this question.

So we talked about free
education in one of my classes,

and I was talking to one of my students,
and a lot of my students are older.

And I said, well, do you
agree with this? Is a policy.

Do you think going forward,
people shouldn’t have to pay

for school, people shouldn’t
have to pay for this stuff?

And a lot of my students
would immediately go, no,

I had to pay for it, therefore
they have to pay for it.

I had to pay for it, therefore
they should have to pay for it.

And I said, I kind of trumped them.

I said, so you don’t believe that things
should improve for future generations.

And they were like, what?

You know, of course I
believe that, but you just

said, because you had
to pay, you had to suffer,

you had to do this, therefore the following
generation should also have to do that.

So anything I’ve had to
pay for, or any suffering

I’ve had in my life, I actually
don’t want my kids to go through.

So if I had to pay for
school, I would be super

happy if my kids didn’t
have to pay for school.

I would be super happy if their
kids didn’t have to pay for school.

That is the evolution of society.

So anyone who’s holding
onto these arguments,

like I had to do it, therefore following
generations should have to do it.

You can always hold that in the back
of your head as a counter argument.

So you don’t believe in progress,
you don’t believe in change.

And everyone goes, no, no, no, I
believe in making the world a better place.

Everyone wants to make that statement.

But if you believe in that for real,

then you should hope,
believe and push for the lives

of everyone who comes after
you to be better than your life.

And a lot of people can’t accept that.

It’s an interesting
dichotomy in the human mind.

It goes along with prisons.

Our prisons designed
to rehabilitate or punish,

because those two
things cannot go together.

If prison is to punish someone, you are
not going to make them a better person.

If prison is going to rehabilitate
them, it cannot be a terrible experience.

So putting those things
together, like the ideas,

the concepts, because
everyone who wants to put people

on their prison will say,
this is to rehabilitate them.

But then you say, well, prison is an
awful place that makes people unhappy.

It causes depression.

It does a whole bunch of horrible things.

It gives you PTSD.

You probably get attacked.

You have to probably have to
fight for your life at some point.

I am thinking, of course, about
the worst cases of prisons.

That does not rehabilitate people.

That makes better criminals.

That makes tougher,
meaner people who come

out of prison and are
more likely to reoffend.

If you want to rehabilitate people,
you have to put them into prison.

Prison has to be relatively comfortable.

It has to have counseling.

It has to have a lot of benefits
to make them better people

and realize how they could improve their
lives and make the world a better place.

The dichotomy of these
two concepts never work out.

When you actually try to
have a real conversation,

so you have to ask people what they
believe and then called them out on it.

So do you believe in prison?

Do you believe it should
be to rehabilitate or punish?

And then when they say one, you have to
hold them to it and talk about the results.

If you believe the world should improve,
then the idea that you had to do something

therefore further generation
should have to do it.

Should not stand.

I clicked the button too soon.

Because Japan
universities are going to be

free if you have three or more kids
from 2025 with no income restrictions.

Also, it just means it’s
benefiting rich people.

So I have two kids right now, literally,

if I had another baby, I wouldn’t
have to pay university for my two kids.

Would be having the third child offset
the cost enough for it to be worthwhile?

Not for me at this stage of
my life, because I’m plus 50.

Having a baby now means when my
baby is 20, I’m going to be in my 70s.

So that’s a bit much for me
to start another baby’s life.

But conceptually,
again, for the people who

come after me, this
is a really good thing.

So Japan wants to,
having trouble with the

birth rate, they are
struggling with the concept

of what the problem is
with people having babies.

University fees are not the problem.

People are not saying I don’t want to
have children because of university costs.

It is nice.

It’s a benefit, and I don’t
think we should get rid of it.

But it’s not dealing with
the core issue of people

getting down and dirty,
dropping the bottom out of it,

laying pipe, whatever romantic phrase
you want to use for sexual intercourse.

I have my personal beliefs.

My personal belief is the
problem with the declining

birth rate in Japan is the
work, life, balance, culture.

People work too much.

They have no social time.

They have no free time.

They don’t meet people outside of work.

That means if you
don’t fall in love with

someone at work,
you’re not falling in love.

You’re alone.

You get used to being alone.

And then it becomes too
much trouble when you get older.

And that’s it.

Like you’re just done.

They need to get people to
stop working at a reasonable time

and go out and do stuff and have
enough money to go out and do the stuff.

That’s the secondary part.

If people are poor, they’re
not going to have babies

because they’re spending
all their time working.

If you spend all the time
working, you’re not going

to go out and have babies
because you have no time.

So you need time and money to meet people,
have relationships, and make babies.

A student had to write a diary.

This is a pretty normal school activity.

Is you write a diary and
you hand it into your teacher.

And your teacher marks it.

Just wants to make
sure that you’re capable of

writing sentences and
having thoughts and ideas.

This student was being bullied at school

and wrote in their diary.

It’d be better if I died.

And I wish I had never existed.

The teacher put what’s
called a hanamaru on

the sheet and then
commented, you can do it.

So hanamaru, let me explain what that is.

In Japan, when you do your work, what
the teacher does is they make a circle.

That’s the motto is circle.

And then Hana is flower.

So they make a circle.

They probably do a swirl.

And then they do
blossoms around the outside.

And it’s done on sheets.

It means it’s finished.

You did a good job that kind of stuff.

So hanamaru is a pretty common thing.

Elementary school, they just
kind of do it all over the sheet.

And it makes kids happy because they

get this big colorful swirl
that means you worked hard.

And then the comments, you can do it.

You can do it as an interesting comment.

I think what was actually
happening– there’s no confirmation.

This is my extrapolation
from the concept of A,

being a teacher and B,
knowing how much attention

people put into some of
the work they do sometimes.

I think the teacher wasn’t
actually reading the diary entries.

And if the student was
doing it, and the writing

looked pretty clean and neat,
they were doing hanamaru,

doing the thing, and then just writing
a comment, pretty standard comments.

Because, you can do
it and fight in Japanese.

Fight the whole.

Fight just means you don’t give up.

Try your best.

That kind of thing.

So what ended up happening?

Again, I think this is just ignorance
or a bit of laziness on a teacher’s part.

But this shows the
importance of if you assign

something to a
student, and actually, this

is a way the student was
reaching out to the teacher.

You’ve got to take that seriously.

I know it sucks.

I know reading kids’ essays and stuffsocks.

I’ve read essays.

I’ve written essays.

They all suck.

But the reality is, every now and then,
something like this that’s important happens.

So she gets in trouble.

She claims she did this
to encourage the student.

You can do it.

Is an encouragement.

The problem is you can
do it after the statement.

It would be better if I never existed.

And I should die is not the kind
of thing you want to encourage.

So she was encouraging the student, just
not the way she probably thought she was.

She apologized.

She got in trouble.

It’s all the kid to stop coming to school.

I hope the child is OK and
goes to a different school.

Don’t get into teaching if you’re not willing
to sit down and read two hours of shit.

Because that is a big part of your life.

But it shows that it is important.

Because in that shit might
actually be a call for help.

I’m just thinking about the
essays I wrote in university.

God damn, were they stupid.

And I was just every now
and then, feeling space.

I would not want to be my own teacher.

So you’re angry at the government.

We had that guy at the beginning.

He was angry at his company.

So he decided to set a warehouse on fire.

He had no concern for the
100 people in the warehouse.

That’s actually, to me, the scariest part.

He’s just like, I’m so angry,
I’m going to burn things.

I’m wondering if you thought
the warehouse would go up.

Or if you thought he was just going to burn
this like cardboard thing he set on fire.

But then once it started,
he must know the result.

And he went off to do it again.

So that makes it like egregious for sure.

He can’t claim ignorance at that point.

So anyways, let’s say you’re a person.

You’re over 50 years old.

The consistency of the
plus 50 year olds just losing

their shit and doing
whatever they want is amazing.

It seems like there’s
a switch in your head.

And when you get to a certain age
past 50, it either flips or it doesn’t.

So if it doesn’t, you stay
like a regular normal citizen.

But if it flips, you don’t
fucking care anymore.

You just do whatever you
want, whenever you want.

Because what the hell I’m
50, the thing is the thing I was

thinking mostly is it
50 or not retired yet.

Or at least most people aren’t.

I’m certainly not going
to be retired early.

So you’re 50 years old, you’re like me.

And like, I was like, I still got
like 10, 15, 20 years of work left.

If I got that much time, I
can’t just go doing random

dumb shit and fucking
up my life because I

still have to live a
certain amount of life.

Maybe if I win the
lottery, that switch flips.

And that was going to do whatever I want.

Anyway, so this guy’s
angry at the government.

And you know 50 years
old, angry at the government.

It’s time to get crazy.

A black car smashes
into the Hitachi City Hall.

And three people are injured.

30 minutes later, 15 kilometers away,

a white car crashes into
the Tokai Village office.

So this guy drives his car
into a government building,

gets out and says, you
know what, that’s not enough.

I’m going to get in a different car.

I’m going to drive 30 kilometers, oh, 15
kilometers away, 30 kilometers an hour.

I actually was sitting
there doing the math.

This is so dumb because of a high school

where they go like one train
is traveling at 60 miles an hour.

I started working out how fast he
was driving to the second location.

But of course, traffic and stuff.

It’s probably stopping to go traffic
because it is still in a small city.

30 minutes later, a white car
crashes into the Tokai Village office.

It’s the same guy he admitted to both.

I was so angry.

I took two cars and smashed
them into two buildings.

First of all, he has too many cars.

I bet it’s actually his car in his
mom’s car or something like that.

But he has too many access to too many cars

is clearly a problem if someone
is 50 years old and angry.

When he was arrested, he said, I
have a grudge against the village.

I mean, sure, you know what?

I bet if I go through my
life, I have tons of grudges.

I have a car.

I can’t run into building.

This is one of the benefits
of not being well off.

I’m not poor by any
means, but I’m not rich.

I could not reasonably
smash my car into something

because I was angry.

This story hit my newsfeed.

So I follow multiple newsfeeds.

This hit my newsfeed eight times.

It was a huge story across the news.

I can’t– it’s unique, for sure.

Maybe it’s because the
guy was arrested for this,

but OK, anyways, taxi
drivers at a red light.

And there’s a flock of pigeons in the road.

The light turns green.

Dude floors it as hard as he
can and hits one of the pigeons.

He kills one of the pigeons.

He probably maybe hit multiple,
but he hits one of the pigeons.

And he kills it.

A woman shouts out at
him like, dude, he’s psycho.

And he shouts out the window.

Roads are for people.

It’s up to the pigeons to avoid cars.

So his justification is, I
guess the interesting part

is he seems to think
that conceptually pigeons

would understand what a
road is and that it’s for people.

So he clearly hit these pigeons on purpose.

I think the woman– it’s not really clear.

It seems like the woman
then called the police.

This is verified by video footage.

This dude purposely
hitting a flock of pigeons.

He is then arrested
for killing a single pigeon.

Now, I’m not anti-animal.

I love animals.

I had a Dave in the background.

I don’t think he should hurt animals.

Getting arrested for killing a
pigeon seems like a lot to me.

But in Japan, there is the
violation of wildlife protection laws.

So he was arrested.

Imagine– he’s not going to jail.

But imagine paying a
fine for killing a pigeon.

And imagine hating pigeons so much.

You’re like, I’m going to mess up my car.

I actually wouldn’t hit
a pigeon because I don’t

want to clean it off my car.

It’s a very self-interested
reason to preserve wildlife.

But I’ve actually found a lot of my more
noble traits are actually self-interest.

I recycle a lot because I don’t like waste.

It has nothing to do with
saving the environment.

I’m like, it’s just wasteful.

So I should recycle
because recycling is good.

It’s not waste– that’s
a personal attitude,

it’s not necessarily a generous
attitude towards the world.

This came up more and more.

And I think this– a media bias
note– I found very interesting.

The first story was
taxi driver hits pigeon.

Second story is taxi driver hits pigeon.

About a day later, it’s
taxi driver hits dove.

Which I found a very interesting
shift because the tone changes.

Pigeons– a lot of
people don’t like pigeons.

They’re street rats.

They’re rats with
wings, that kind of stuff.

You’ve heard all those statements before.

Dove, on the other hand,
conjures a very different image.

But I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a dove A

in the wild or in Japan,
the time I’ve been in Japan.

So I forget what they called it.

It was like a rock dove or something.

They were just trying their hardest

to find a word other than
pigeon to create more sympathy.

That was the author of that final article

trying to change the context in the narrative
so that people would get more outrage.

So that’s something you have to be careful.

Media bias– it’s really good to go read
multiple sources when you read the news

because you will see
stuff like that happen.

And it’s very interesting
when you become aware of it.

So you become more
aware of everything you read

and the biases that are inherent therein.

OK, this is national news.

This to me illustrates what a
peaceful country Japan actually is.

Because this would never get
news time, I think, anywhere else.

I’ve never– I haven’t read the news
from every single country in the world.

I would love to do– this
would maybe be like, again,

if I’m rich and I had free time.

I would love to do not
just need to use Japan.

I’d like to do, you know, news Korea,
news Cambodia, news India, news Mongolia.

I would love to do a different
country essentially every day.

Every week do a different
country’s weird news.

It would be super fun.

But I don’t have time.

I live in Japan.

I read Japanese news anyways.

So it made sense to
just stick to one topic.

But weird international news on
a regular basis would be awesome.

If you find some weird
international news from

another country, it
doesn’t have to be Japan.

Send it to

com, or you can send a message to

And I will do a special episode, or I
might do a scenic beer or something.

I would love to do news
stories in the same way

from other countries just
because you know, expand.

Would I do, expand my
mind, expand your mind?

But that’s not what we’re talking about.

We’re talking about how peaceful Japan is

because this was national
news multiple times.

We’ve actually had a very
similar story to this before.

A woman bought a 110 coffee.

Now, what you do in
Japan and Canadian stores,

you buy a cup, and she
say, I would like a coffee cup,

and you get the coffee
cup, you give them 110 yen.

Then you go to a self-serve machine, you
put it in the machine, press the button.

Boom, Bob’s your uncle, you’re done.

She got her cup, she went to the machine.

She pushed the 190 yen cafe latte button
instead of the 110 yen coffee button.

The staff had seen her do
this on several occasions.

They then called the authorities.

I don’t know if she was arrested.

Again, I don’t know if
this is a rest worthy thing.

Someone has been arrested
for this in the past though.

She has made national
news in Japan multiple times.

Again, multiple news
sources picked up this story.

I don’t know what the goal is.

I think she claims she just
pressed the wrong button,

but she just pressed the
wrong button multiple times.

I actually weirdly think that is possible,

because let’s say you
just push the top button

or the bottom button or something
like you don’t think about it.

I could actually see someone
pushing the same button

incorrectly, regularly,
’cause all they care about,

let’s be honest, she’s
fucking trying to rip off 80 yen

from the Canadian store.

She is.

She knew exactly what she was doing.

This is a conspiracy, and it’s not right.

It’s such a small, pointless story,

but because it hits the news,
like on the news, in Japan,

this was on the news in the evening.

This was the evening news.

But show is how safe Japan is overall.

Where they’re like,
we’ve run out of stories.

Let’s report on this woman
ripping off a Canadian store,

80 yen, maybe five, six times.

So much so, an animation
was created to illustrate

what she was doing when she
was pressing the wrong button.

If you watched the YouTube
version, it’ll be up in the corner up here.

It’s just fucking insane.

But again, how great is Japan that way

when so little newsworthy things
happen that they have to talk

about stuff like this, because
they’re making this into an issue.

(chill music)

Good last story.

So you know, this is traditionally

where an Engine News Japan goes to the
creepy, creepy, creepy, creepy man story.

So at a Prefectural Budget
Committee Q&A session,

so you know it’s about to
get sexy and dirty up in here.

You have older men speaking.

And that really, if you’ve listened to
the News Japan for any length of time,

gives you all the context you
need for the rest of the story.

Older Japanese men have not updated
their way of thinking to modern times.

So I have always said to
people who come to Japan

sort of relatively new people,

that Japan is still kind of in the 60s.

So, hey, honey, slap in the
butt as the waitress walks away.

Wouldn’t be that unusual
here for an old man to do that.

Now, it is wrong.

And you will get in trouble for it.

That’s actually, again, how we get

the Engine News Japan final
stories is they always do these things.

because their brain hasn’t
caught up with the times.

Also, these men always are so much older

that their brain isn’t going
to change at this point.

They grew up thinking that
was acceptable behavior.

Times have changed, they have not.

This is government dudes
running their mouths saying stuff.

They say whatever comes into their head
because they’ve lived their whole lives,

people listening to them
saying that they’re smart.

And so now they think they are.


Takeshi, 69 years old.

Right there, again, everything I
needed to know in the one sentence.

Takeshi, 69 years old, government official.

He was going to ask a question, but
before he asks this question, he’s like,

“You know what, I’m
gonna make some comments

“about a local tea ceremony
event that was held in the town.

“Very kind, very generous.

” You know what he’s gonna do?

He’s gonna promote
the community he lives in.

Seems like a good idea.

So, again, we’re still on
the right track here, Takeshi.

Come on, buddy, you got this.

You’re going to promote a local
event with all the other people

and just say how great it
was, how you had a good time.

It’s a traditional tea ceremony event.

It’s gonna be, you know, Japanese culture.

All perfect, okay.

It was a local tea event put
on by high school students.


69 year old politician combined
with high school students

means that the next
thing that comes out of

his mouth has to have
a creepy element to it.

Guaranteed, there’s no
other way this can go.

His statement was,

the sweets made by the
female students, okay?

Already stopped right there.

He’s specifically saying
the female students.

That’s already, you can see with
the slippery slope he’s at the top of.

It’s not creepy yet.

The sweets made by the
female students were delicious.

Stop right there, okay.

You could’ve just said the sweets
made by the students were delicious.

Enough, perfect,
beautiful, everyone’s happy.

Has to keep going.

I also thought those two girls, oh, dudes,
picking out specific girls is dangerous.

He started down the slide.

I also thought those
two girls were beautiful.

Ah, 69 year old man complimenting
what I assume to be 15 year old girls.

Shouldn’t do it.

Just don’t say that part.

I also thought those two girls were
beautiful and a perfect score of 100.

Let’s just say saying they’re beautiful

was already pushing the
boundaries of acceptability.

But I think saying that some young people

are beautiful and they’ve
done an amazing thing.

You could’ve said
they’re wearing their

traditional commandos
and it was all beautiful.

No problem.

When you put a number on them,
you are clearly objectifying them.

And this is what I’m saying.

In his mind,

splitting a statistic on a
woman is not a problem

because his brain is back in the
60s when that’s what all these old men

probably sat around doing
in their 20s was sitting

around going like, ah,
you know, 80 out of 125.

Oh, 100, they were
doing that shit all the time.

I also thought those
two girls were beautiful

and a perfect score of
100, including the taste.

So he was saying
that their beauty was

100 and the taste of
the sweets was on 100,

but of course the taste
of the sweets came second.

And there is, again,
this other creepy thing

that Japanese people do,
like a beautiful and made this

and therefore it tastes better
’cause it’s all in your brain.

Another assembly member did the
political equipment of what the fuck dude.

So he just finishes statement.

This other assembly
person stands up and says,

what the fuck just came out of your mouth?

I don’t think you should
be rating students.

I don’t think you should be rating women.

I don’t think you should be
objectifying, shut the fuck up.

You fucking weird old man.

He did.

I mean, you want to give him some credit.

He did shut the fuck up and did
not continue with his statements.

I bet he would have gone on though
about how, yeah, I don’t even want to like,

because I guess I bet I
start getting in trouble.

Takeshi then afterwards
talking to the newspaper said

that he meant the taste was 100.

So not the, he wasn’t
objectifying the women.

He was putting a score on the sweets.

at those high school
students it made, which I

don’t believe, but I think
he’s just trying to cover

having said some dumb shit
because this is what politicians do.

They say dumb shit and
then they try to walk it back.

They’re not good at the walking back part

because they’ve never
had to do that before.

Takeshi said he meant the taste was 100

and he shouldn’t have mentioned looks.

His final statement is the
only really correct one he made.

He should not have commented
on the student’s looks.

(upbeat music)

(upbeat music)


Please Citizens Arrest me

All right me and Dave rockin’ the news.


Not a the

Citizens arrest YouTuber who we
talked about last week was rearrested.

How do you get
re-arrested in a single week?

Like how do you get arrested for?

Citizens arresting people
and then like the next week

I guess like he was
arrested and released.

I don’t know if he’s actually
gone a trial or anything’s happened

But then the next week you
go out and you’re like, well.

this time I’ll do it right and.

Okay, anyways here the
story and it’s even dumber than

the last one the last one. He
basically accused a woman of

Schelping tickets

So this time there is a man in his 50s.

who’s waiting for a
friend at a train station.

He is then pushed to the ground
and surrounded by a group of people

Who claimed he was trying to escape
the police because he was a drug addict.

So they did the YouTuber
did a Citizens arrest.

He was restrained a man, which is I guess
has not kidnapping. It’s assault for sure

They pushed him to the ground.
So that’s assault like restraining

people against their will
has to be a crime in itself.

So I’m really torn on that like
what crime is that it’s not I guess.

It’s a kind of kidnapping.
I guess kidnapping.

Maybe you have
to take away people.

Because there was the thing he
talked about last week kidnapping

if you’re in like in a company in
the company like locks the doors

What refuse won’t let you
leave because you refuse to find a

If a company we’ve read about black
companies and you have to sign a form

And they won’t let you leave the room until
you sign the form if you call the police

They’ve actually kidnapped you because you’re
not allowed to leave So I guess this is

Under the same law. So if one
of them’s kidnapping this has to

be kidnapping as well. Anyways, the
Citizens arrest YouTuber With friends

Surrounded a completely
innocent man in his 50s who was

waiting for a friend
pushed him to the ground

surrounded That’s got
to be terrifying in itself.

He has no drug connections

And the dude was arrested again.
So I don’t know.

Like he’s not very good
at Citizens arresting first

of all like there’s one
thing like I want to make.

My name is a vigilante.

I need to

Vigilante properly. I need to I
need to vigilant the right tease.

I need to

Be vigilant about
who I Vigilante’s.

Try to make up new words Riz was

Quoted as being the
word of the year for I think

the Miriam Webster
dictionary or something.

But if you’re gonna do
Citizens arrest you got to like.

So to me I’ve confused
because to me this is a failure on

multiple points. He wants
to be a Citizens arrest guy.

But once everyone finds out you are not

Arresting people who’ve committed crimes.

You failed on that point

So maybe they would just come to your
channel to see you arrest the wrong people.

Like maybe that’s what
they would come for that

would be the entertainment
of that part like.

Who’s he going to falsely citizens
arrest today and then he gets in trouble?

The police have to do something
about this like this is actually

a case where it’s like he’s
obviously just going to keep going.

Until he goes too far
someone gets hurt.

I guess in a weird way if you
hurt someone and they sue him.

That actually might be the better
outcome like not that the guy gets hurt,

but then being able to sue someone
and take all his money would actually be.

The Russian embassy so
Japan and Russia, you know,

they’re having a contentious
time right now because.

Japan does not support
Russia and its efforts Russia

has pushed back on that
there has been some contention.

Because of islands north of
Japan that are still in dispute.


Russia and Japan right now do not have
the greatest relations in their embassies.

Turns out Russian embassies have
been refusing to pay their parking fines

The embassy this is actually the bid.
I liked.

The embassy claims to be making efforts.

But just just can’t find
a way to pay the fines

like we’re trying
we’re trying really hard

Just can’t we can’t figure out how to pay
the fine. I don’t know. I every time I go

I forget my wallet or I
forget the the forearms.

Oh, I don’t know what happened,
but then you find out Russia had.

59% of diplomatic parking
fines in 2022 so it’s almost like.

They’re going out of the way
the 41% of the other diplomatic

parking fines is the entirety
of all the embassies in Japan.

So Russia is doing essentially
60% of the parking fines that is.

338 cases so if you want
to do the math add another

40% of that you have all
the diplomatic parking fines

For the country in 2022.

But 60% so that’s like they’re trying like
you have two options you can park here.

Where you can park over
there illegally and then the

Russian guys are like park
illegally. Let’s get a ticket

Let’s get a ticket so we don’t
have to pay it just to cause

Japanese police a
little more trouble.

It’s a Diplomatic immunity diplomatic
community diplomatic community has always

been kind of a weird thing to
me. I’ve never really understood it.

I can commit a crime in your
country, but because I’m a diplomat.

I don’t get in trouble for it.

I mean, why would you show
respect to a country that you’re angry

at right now? That’s that’s
actually just the way it goes, I guess.

A 41-year-old company executive went to the
Japan Airlines diamond Premier lounge now

I can tell you as a normal
human being I’ve never

been in anything that is
diamond and or premier

But to combine the two
the diamond Premier lounge.

That’s just got to be the
best lounge in the world ever.

So while people were there
and they’re eating and taking naps

because they’re rich fancy people
and they do whatever they want.

This company executive so
he’s a company executive so it

the fact okay There’s a couple
things that that struck me

Company executives get paid more than me.
I get paid normal people money.

Company executives
get paid more than that.

So he’s got more than
normal people money already.

He’s going into the diamond premier
lounge which means he probably makes more

Than even rich people
money like he’s getting

into the exclusive
bits of the airport.

Not a place I would care about.
I don’t know. I bet if I went in there.

I’d be very happy about it. Actually,
no fancy places make me uncomfortable.

I’ve gone to fancy bars a
few times and I always was

like I don’t belong here,
and I don’t like it and the the

excessive staff attention
is very off-putting to me

I like going to bars and
Issacias in Japan where

they’re like hey you near
they can I’m like not buddy

We’re good and then they just like
walk off and you’re like that’s right

I’ll call you if I need you and
then you go away and then

they come over and they’re
like you need something

like yeah I do and
then they give it to you.

So I’m that class of person the
Excessive attention puts me off.

So this guy’s in this
diamond premier lounge.

And he decides it would be a great idea.

To steal a wallet worth 190,000
yen that had 300,000 yen in it.

So there’s there’s actually again
another sort of the level difference.

The wallet was worth 190,000 yen.

The average Japanese salary I
say this regularly because it keeps all

these big numbers because you
use Japanese yen in all these stories.

A lot of these big numbers are going to mean
anything to the average listener because

they’re in their country with their currency
and then the relationship doesn’t make sense.

The average person makes
four million to five million.

So let’s say four point five million yen
a year in Japan. That’s average salary.

So your monthly salary.

300 to 450,000 yen a month.
So someone’s spending a hundred

and ninety thousand yen that is
probably about half the average

salary for a month or
like two-week salary for

a normal person in
Japan and then that had.

300,000 yen in it in cash.

I Would probably carry.

20,000 yen

Maximum normally because that’s
going to be enough to like if I need food

I can get food if I need
a taxi or an emergency

That would be enough to get
me most places like I could get on

the shink on the center for
20,000 yen and get to another city.

With 20,000 yen

I don’t really need to
carry more than that like

I don’t normally I carry
like a few thousand yen

But like if I just gone to the
bank and I just like topped up.

Probably 20,000 yen

He admitted to the allegations

So he’s actually said
yes, I did it was another

side point in the story
He’s been accused of

Stealing 300,000 yen and a
hundred and a thousand yen wallet.

But then he admitted to it
and they still just say suspicion

and accused of because he
hasn’t actually gone to court

He hasn’t hasn’t he hasn’t
actually been convicted.

So it’s still not necessarily true. Which
is a very interesting little side note

If you read carefully, you can see
like the people who write these stories.

They’re very careful
about their language

because you don’t want
to make false accusations

I kind of appreciated that
on the on the writers part

I should actually put a little more effort
into figuring out who actually wrote it.

Give them credit is what I mean
he admitted to the allegations

and he said the reason he
did it was stress from work.

Now if this my all jobs
are stressful basically.

But if my job included the
ability to go to the diamond

premier lounge to decompress
every now and then.

I don’t know maybe maybe again,
maybe the stresses he feels are so high

and then the the diamond premier
lounge isn’t enough of a decompression.

I’m not trying to give
him too much sympathy

I’m just trying to imagine
what it’s like to have more

money than I’ve probably
ever had and then be like

My life is stressful.
I’m gonna steal money.

To make myself feel
good to relieve that stress

to have a little excitement
to feel alive again.

No, I’m sorry.

He should just ease
off work or I bet at 41.

Making enough money to get
into the diamond premier lounge.

I bet he could retire to again if
he was willing to live a normal life

This might be the bit that I always miss
because I was like oh if I get rich enough.

I will live the exact same life.
I live now.

And stop working as in these guys
are like no, I always need more and

more and more and more so I guess
that’s where stealing more money.

would feel good.

I wouldn’t feel good about stealing money

But I wouldn’t feel particularly
terrible about stealing

from rich people. It’s kind of a
Robinhood syndrome of being.

Again just sort of average normal person
who lives in the world. What I feel bad

I’d feel bad. I would feel really
bad about stealing from poor people.

I’d feel bad about stealing
from normal people.

I think I would feel less bad.
Maybe I would still feel some guilt

I would feel less bad about
stealing from rich people.

That’s not even to say they
don’t deserve their money.

Maybe they worked
really hard. I don’t know.

I think there is a base
assumption that most

rich people don’t deserve
the money they got.

This is his second charge

His first was stealing a credit card
from the diamond premier lounge.

So this is the second
time not only has he been

stealing it’s the second
time he’s been caught.

Kind of goes with this citizens arrest
youtuber from the previous story.

If you get caught doing it.

You have to change up what you’re doing so
you don’t get good or maybe you don’t care

Maybe you want to get caught. Maybe
this is one of those like serial killer

Please stop me from killing kind of things.
I can’t help my motivation.

Yeah, being of sound mind. I think.

If I was caught doing something and
I still wanted the benefit of that thing

I’d be like why I have to
change my methodology.

I wouldn’t go back to the
same place commit the

exact same crime and
expect to get away with it.

Because I got caught the first time

I’m gonna get caught the second
time if I don’t change my methodology.

So yeah, you got to you got to mix it
up I had an interesting discussion sort of.

Because I was thinking about like I.

Don’t know how to launder money

So the problem is let’s say I
found a suitcase full of money.

A yakuza group had thrown it out of window
because that’s actually happened in Sapporo

They actually like found a
garbage bag just full of cash.

And then they were gonna
burn it and then they had to turn

it into the police like we
don’t know what to do with this.

But let’s say the money
needs to be laundered

I can’t just like take money out
and use it. I was trying to figure

out like how would I be able to
spend that money and not get caught.

And there’s no way you
can do it without them

being able to pinpoint
you in modern society

I’d have to find some alternative
because if I spend money

Let’s just take it. I take
10,000 yen out of the time,

which is sort of a very
standard bill to use in Japan.

I go to convenience stores
and I break my 10,000 yen bill.

They would have video footage
of me spending the money

So they could just go oh,
we found one of the bills

Let’s go through all the
video of that day and just

sort of catalog all the people
who spent money that day

They might even have like a time frame
because the when that till was being used.


If I went to a different store every time

They then could be like well, it
showed up here. It showed up here

Hey, guess what this big stupid
white guy showed up at all these places

So I’m like I can’t do that.
I could give it to my friends

Was my second thought
like I’ll give my friends all

10,000 yen in exchange for
like break 10,000 yen for me

And they all spent it in different places

But then it’s all still connected.
Oh wow, all these people

seem to work at the same
company the source of the funds

Must be coming from
within this company.

They’re like all the
best way I could do it.

Which is some people say the reason Bitcoin
was invented. They do have Bitcoin ATMs now

It’s still going to take a picture
of you because it’s an ATM.

But I could wear a nondescript
hat wear sunglasses wear a mask

And then the first thing
you do as soon as you

walk away from that ATM
is you get rid of that mask

Get rid of those sunglasses get
rid of that had you to you burn them

or throw them a river or something
that once it goes to a wallet.

Is not as traceable.
They can trace it, but.

Yeah, it’s really hard for a normal
person to launder money. That’s actually

something I thought about so I’m trying to
figure out the best way to launder money.

I haven’t found a big
bag of money, so I don’t

really see this sort of a
waste of my mental energy

But it’s it’s these sort of
exercises I put myself through

should the day arrive when
I have to commit a crime

If you followed Ninja
Ninja Japan for any amount

of time you can tell I
think a lot about how to

Effectively commit crimes and not get
caught. I think about how to do things

Criminal activities the best
I can and I guess should the

opportunity come up if I’m gonna
do it. I don’t want to get caught.

Ninja News Japan is
basically spawned because

of my fascination
with committing crimes.

I haven’t commit haven’t should I
admit what crimes I have committed.

I certainly jaywalk like every day.
I’ve jaywalked in front of the police

They didn’t seem to mind

In Japan what crimes have I
committed done some speeding.

I’ve done you know
the normal ones.


Punishments in Japan can be quite severe,
but having done this podcast long enough

I know if I just keep my mouth shut long
enough. I’ll probably just get sent away.

Probably lose my job in the process, but.

I probably could get myself
myself out of prison. I think.

Do I have the mental
fortitude? Johnny Somali

seems to have done it
and that guy’s a moron, so

Next story next story. I
should I should let all my

thoughts wind down before
I do the transition music a

25-year-old police
female police officer was

arrested for involvement
in a romance fraud

It’s only interesting because the
female police officer was posing as a man.

And so this was all online

So not a hard thing to do,
but I was like oh like what would

be the benefit because you
think women could like we had.

Sugar baby beauty chan was the
story for the last few months on.

Just used to pan fascinating how
she was ripping off dudes and making

tons of money with it and then
giving it all to host fucking ridiculous


My thinking was she could
probably like scam men.

More effectively, but I bet she
didn’t want to use her face or anything

So this is why she was
in person but then I was

like ah a female would
better know the female mind.

She could better romance
another female because you know

men like myself were awkward
and clumsy and we smell bad


She probably asked to do a
better job at the romance scam

than I could because I would
never say the right things

I would never be a good host.
Let’s put it that way

So at first she was
impersonating a male Canadian

doctor and talking to her
victim who was in their 50s.

So I’m assuming pretending
to be an older doctor.

I guess doctors tend to be
quite established so an older dude

And he’s talking to an older woman
so age appropriate. That’s quite nice.

And he says I am taking
care of patients in Yemen.

My mother has been hospitalized

Airfare is 200,000 yen which I will repay
to you immediately so he’s trying to get.

The victim to send 200,000 yen so
that they can buy an airplane ticket.

Now my first thought is why can
a doctor one of the better paid.

Professions not be able to
afford 200,000 yen. Why couldn’t a

doctor go to one of his doctor
friends who also would have money

And asked them for
200,000 yen 200,000 yen

being honestly in this
case not very much money

Like if we’re talking
about like air fairs that

are last minute the last
time I went to Canada.

It was a quarter million yen or
something for me and my family to go.

Like it was ridiculous.

But it was again, we didn’t go
short notice, but it was not quick.

And so we weren’t even
paying like the premium price.

We certainly weren’t getting into the
diamond premiere lounge with our tickets.

And we were paying way more money than that

So also had posed as a mail
model requesting money for

shipping costs to send the
prize money for winning a contest

So this is a pretty common scam
where it’s like we’re going to give you.

20 million dollars.

What you have to do is send
us a few thousand dollars.

As a deposit or insurance
or something like that

And then you send the two
three thousand dollars whatever the

minimal fee to get your $20 million
which seems nothing in comparison

I spend $2,000 bucks.
I get $20 million. You get the money

For just this initial investment.
It’s a really good deal. So that’s.

Lotteries will never ask you to send
money because they have all the money.

They like they’ll we’ll just take
the $2,000 out of your $20 million.

Winnings and send it to you and we’ll
ensure and stuff makes a lot more sense.

Being a mail model. I’m sure
again. There was a certain amount

of like let’s cloud our victims
mind with lust kind of feeling.

Also trying to be very charming.

It was just again. It’s a it’s a cop a cop
committing these fraud crimes a clap who

Knows how easily it is to get
caught who knows sort of the

system getting caught makes
me feel they’re not a very good cop

And not a very good criminal and if a
citizen’s arrest YouTuber had arrested her.

Celebrations all around.

Four hosts. It’s actually thematically
lately things have been lining up

So it’s talking about really each on and
she spent all her money on hosts and then

I was talking about hosts and then the
government started like cracking down a host

And now I’m getting much of host
stories four hosts were arrested.

for illegal

Touting during the day so what they do in
Japan. It’s called touting. It’s basically.

I’ll stand close to my

Restaurant or bar or whatever
and I’ll have some of my staff.

Out on the street and they’ll be like hey

Do you want to come to a bar?

I’ll take you to a bar
and I don’t know if they

get extra money for everyone
not but you know more

Customers means more money all around for
the restaurant. Maybe you get paid better.

Aggressive touting is illegal in certain
prefecture, so it’s not everywhere.

But if these dudes on the
street are like harassing you.

problematically they.

Can get in trouble now is something you
need to be able to prove and you will see

these whole four hosts must
have been doing a really really.

Aggressive hustling for street business.

Because they were
trying to get them to the

morning host session,
which is inconceivable to me.


My image is you come around eight
nine ten o’clock would be the earliest.

So probably the party
starts around midnight.

They party till three
four five in the morning

They’re drinking they’re having a
good time and then you roll home. Okay.

Apparently there is a morning host session
between nine and ten in the morning.

So I was like are these

The remainders of the host the
host who’ve been drinking all night

Do you get to have a really
gross stinky breakfast with them

are they recovering from
their night of drinking are they

The morning crew is there like a
specific morning crew because like I?

Very very sadly. I would
not want to stay up till five

A.M. in the morning drinking
especially every night.

I would much much rather
prefer to have the ten o’clock.

morning hosting Shift

Which I’m sure is not the
most profitable one, but that

means you’re probably in my
mind getting a lower tier of host

So like the whole point is
there’s a certain glamour

a certain attractiveness to the
hosting lifestyle You go there.

They charm you.
They romance you.

It’s a weird breakfast thing

I just those don’t connect
to me hosting and breakfast.

Morning time like to me. That’s when
they be getting off working going to sleep

for sure and are they drinking? Are
you starting drinking? I’m not judging I

Not recently last couple years.
What I actually found was.

I much prefer to drink at
lunchtime and sober up by dinner

then drink at dinner time and
try to go to bed while a little.

Loose I found drinking at lunch a
much more preferable experience

So a couple hours earlier 10 o’clock. I’m
not going to get too judgmental about that.

It’s just again, it seems
like if you have people

walking on the street at
10 o’clock in the morning.

Going hey, do you want
to start drinking now?

Seems like it wouldn’t work
out to me. This just doesn’t

seem like a good plan. It
doesn’t seem like it matches.


Romantic life the romance
of the whole host thing.

To me, but I guess if they
were going to be successful

They would have to be
very aggressive to get people

into their host club at
10 o’clock in the morning

Which is why the police were
notified of them, which is how they

got arrested these four guys
and again citizens arrest youtuber.

Wrong place wrong time.
You could have been there

arresting hosts and actually
doing some good for society

But no, you just pushed
down a 50 year old man who

was waiting for his friend
because you’re dumbass.

I had to mention that this
apparently is a restaurant

that’s been around in the
goya, which is the city I work in.

since 2012


This has been around for 10 years.

It’s a nugoya restaurant
called shachujoia.

It includes slaps from
the staff for 300 n each.

And so I watched a video of like.

this Restaurant they are not
holding back. They are legit

Slapping you as
hard as they can.

It’s girls But that doesn’t
mean girls don’t hit hard

Slap across face slap
across the face Then.

They’ll hit you a bunch of times.
So if you.

There was one video
and the girl hit him like.

Like six seven eight
times times 300 yen each.

It’s that’s not one slap. That is
300 yen per impact to the face

I’m torn as to whether
or not I want to go to

this because a it would
be an amusing video

But be if someone slaps me in
the face, I might not take it very well

I’m not the kind of guy who’s
used to getting slapped around

And just sitting there, but of
course then it’s also like a little girl

So I’m not going
to hit her back.

Am I? Citizens of the youtuber citizens of
rest youtuber might want to be ready for the

Frakis that ensues should
I end up in that restaurant?

Normally we end off an engineer’s
Japan with a creepy creepy story and.

I’m it’s a tradition. I’m
happy to uphold but the

creepy creepy story has to
have something interesting

And I found something more interesting
and it’s a shitty shitty racism.


Yamato Gokoro is a

Company that sells stuff
online like clothes and stuff.

The leader of the group is Yoshiyaki
Yoshida and he’s also the founder of DHC

And he’s dipping his big
toe back into the racism pool

So back when he ran DHC.

He posted comments.
Let me get the right ones.

No, okay So I didn’t write down. I only
wrote down the most recent comments

So we’ll just do it. Let’s do it in
order and then refer back to DHC later.

So kind of reorganizing
my story on the fly.

On the Yamato Gokoro.

Website he posted
that Yamato Gokoro is

apparently the only major
general online retailer

whose head is pure Japanese now pure Japanese
In Japan is a pretty racist statement.

Because what you’re saying is
anyone who isn’t pure Japanese

They suffer from faults. There’s a lot
of like pure Japanese people don’t steal

They have more integrity.
They and this is like

really really right-wing stuff
naming a competing CEO.

He said based on the features of his face.

He is often suspected of being zainichi

But steadfastly denies this.
So judge for yourself

So they’re doing uh, well
again, what a lot of races do.

They’re saying
like facial features

You can actually like see
someone’s genetic history in it

And you can see if their pure Japanese
are not So if you have Korean features

Then you’re obviously a mixed
Korean or have like an impure heritage

And therefore you are
must be a lesser person

Zainichi, it’s a phrase you
might have just learned today,

is what they call ethnic Korean
people who grew up in Japan

So Japan invaded
Korea brought a lot of

Korean people over
back to Japan to be slaves

They were a lower cast of people.
They were treated very poorly.

They are zainichi They’re
children and their children’s children

grandchildren and
stuff grew up in Japan.

100% Japanese culture
but of course looked down

upon it’s a pretty dark
part of Japanese history

Japan has a lot of pretty
dark parts of her being honest

But this guy saying like
look at this other guy’s face

Doesn’t he sort of look korean
you shouldn’t shop for it with him.

Is you know again, that’s pretty clear what
he’s actually trying to say from the start.

To another CEO of a different company

He said according to the
compendium of zainichi common names.

He is 100% of korean descent.

So they have a list of

names that

Korean people when they came to
Japan would have changed their names to

To integrate into Japanese society.
So very standard ones, let’s say.

There’s a list of these the
compendium of zainichi common names

So these are the most common names
because he has one of these names

Ergo he must be it’s 100% factual
that he is from korean descent.

He’s not Japanese.
He’s not pure Japanese

I always do enjoy when people
say pure because in my mind.

That means nothing we’ve now hit a
point where there has been so much.

You know integration and
crossbreeding and stuff and.

How far back do you go
before something’s actually pure?

There’s no such thing as a pure
Japanese a pure Chinese a pure korean.

Pure anything because borders are made up.

And if I was born on the
border between China and India.

I’m gonna look like a little bit of both.
Maybe it’s hard very hard. Hey, whatever

It’s just again, I don’t actually see

Any of this is being in
any way legitimate because

I don’t see purity as
being actually possible

This is one of those
things where I bet if this guy.

You did his like 23 and
me DNA history thing

it would come up with
like 17% Chinese 17%.

Korean 17% Vietnamese something like
that like it’d be a mix of Asian cultures

Just because Asian cultures
throughout all of history

have mixed regardless of
whether you liked it or not

I enjoyed this part the most though

When newspapers asked
about the post the company not

the man because they
didn’t want the man out there

PR team was like we
gotta get this guy to shut up.

He’s saying the
race is shimmy done.

They said we will refrain
from answering at this stage.

So I think their hope
is that people will this

this will like just sort
of fade away a little bit

People will stop asking
questions. There won’t be

this problem in the future
if we just shut up now

Maybe we can get our
boss to not make racist

posts and things will
just like kind of calm down.

I think that might be why the
PR team was like don’t let him

answer the question because he
would probably double down not

Probably absolutely did
because he did a similar thing

at the previous company
DHC between 2020 and 2021.

When DHC was bought by oryx
They had Yoshida step down.

But he was making similar
posts that the company then

would remove so he’s sitting
in his office going like oh.

I looked at this other guy’s face.
He’s must be Korean

He’s typing away saying
racist stuff like oh look this

guy’s I don’t know what
features they would pick on it

Look at his eyes nose ears mouth.
He’s clearly Korean descent.

Obviously you should
not shop with him or

he doesn’t do a good
job because of his face

You should only shop with
me because I look at this

the the mask of purity
that I wear all day every day.

I haven’t seen a
picture of them.

I actually tried to look
at a picture of them.

Really quickly this morning. I
didn’t get one. I wanted to see what a

pure Japanese looked like so I could maybe
recognize one of the future I fully expect.

He will get in trouble.

Because it’s kind of
illegal and it’s not really a

good thing for your CEO
or president to be saying

It makes your company
look bad a lot of people in

Japan are now stepping
very far back from this stuff

We’ve had lots of stories.

In the past of old
Japanese men saying racist

stuff and getting in trouble. We had the
guy Who was in charge of the Olympics.

He got in trouble for sexism
and racism and stuff and.

We got the mayor of Osaka
way back. He used to say he said

racist stuff like every day. I
loved him because every week

He said it’s something. I had a
story I could do an international pen

and apparently that is actually
the last thing you want as a politician

To have me talk about you because that
means you have just crossed a stupid line.

God I had tried to hold
that sneeze the whole time.

I think Dave’s hair
went up my nose

Can I get it done without disturbing him?
Oh, buddy.

There he is. I’m pretty sure
me just rubbing him the whole

time is kicked up a lot of the
hair and went up in my nose

Oh, you want scratches in your belly
you got some Dave camp time, baby.

And now you think for
just just the tiniest bit of

his face on my desk. I
usually has his pod here.

It’s a little colder today.
So he’s just he’s just chilling

out. I give him a lot of
scratches and he can see his eyes.

slowly start to close.

Dave’s life is so hard.