Yakuza Halloween

The covid news has been lessened, which means more time talking about people committing crimes, which is great. 

Also, the Yakuza being kind, the Police not doing their job and a bunch of other stuff, like the PS% button controversy. One you may not even know about.

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Proper Criminal Planning

Let’s just be honest, if you are going to commit a crime you need to plan it out properly. This episode has a lot of crimes, and a lot of people who didn’t do their planning, so if you are going to commit a crime, just listen to this podcast.

Also, someone has the very difficult job of deciding if diddling an anime cat girl is bestiality.

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NNJ 86: It should have been Yakuza

A pair oif surveys with drastically different results that make me think I want to live in the Yakuza game world, not the real Japan. It’s the loading screens that would get me.

Also, money, Toyota, an anime fan goes off the chain and the every frustrating relationship between Japan and Korea.

NNJ 58: It’s Valentines, don’t kill dogs

Some idols try to rip you off, I mean, more than normal. 

Taro Aso, from last week, didn’t get through the whole 7 days before he had to apologize. 

We learn a lot more about hair than you would think for an audio medium and it’s time to get Valentine’s day right.


Our idols in the bath:

Our idols in the bath

Idols amazed by products they have used many times before
Our dude lays out some sweet kicks