NNJ 26: Puro Creepy Guy Bull

What’s happening in PuroLand next month, and why.

The creepy dude report, in a serious way, and then in a not so serious way.

A quit follow up on some stories that refuse to die.

Then a big change in cow rights.

NNJ 26



The images promised in today’s episode:

Some Hello Kitty scary food you can get next month, should you survive.

Seriously, this is Hello Kitty

Our public fetish friend who you can follow on twitter.

and his friend who you can’t.


Anime Girlfriend

Tired of Pokemon Go?

Wish that technology was put to better use?


Yeah, Japan has you covered.

Pokemon Go tech to get weirdos to come closer to jerking it in public.

Summer clarification

For those of you who don’t know what Summer Lesson is from the previous post. It is a VR game where you tutor a high school girl.

This is how I assume every game goes:

X Summer Lesson

I love game crossovers, mainly because I like dumb things.

Best board meeting ever:

President Tekken Industries “We need to liven up Tekken. What we do?”

Distracted employee “I never managed to look up the skirt of the girl from Summer Lesson…”

President Tekken Industries  “Perfect.”

Distracted employee “What?”


Instructional Video

The terms you need to know for today’s Japanese lesson:

JK = High School Girl

PK = Underwear riding up yer butt

あるある (aru aru)= Something that happens. This is a form of comedic short story telling about things that happen to everybody.

歩き (aruki) = walking

かぎ (kagi) = key

探る (saguru) = search for

直す (naosu) = fix

That’ll get you through most of the video, enjoy figuring out the rest from the video itself.


I knew a long time ago that technology would allow me to replace human relationships, but i never thought they would actually be warmer and more caring than the ones I have now.

Thank you, nerdy Japanese science, for finding the most expensive way to feed me candy.