Article 56

Old ladies, Mamachari, pokemon go and urine.

This episode has pretty much everything you would ever want to know about AND it has information about Article 56. (It actually doesn’t)

We are also now big fans of Chupa Chupa VR

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NNJ 89: Japan Slam

JAL is trying to help you avoid children…or not. It’s unclear, as is the response of the public.

Virgins in Japan make headlines as we can now reference the “sex recession”.

A stright up jerk slams once every three days to teach some lessons and the lesson is we don’t like him. 

Finally, AKB48 does some false advertising, for shame.


NNJ 58: It’s Valentines, don’t kill dogs

Some idols try to rip you off, I mean, more than normal. 

Taro Aso, from last week, didn’t get through the whole 7 days before he had to apologize. 

We learn a lot more about hair than you would think for an audio medium and it’s time to get Valentine’s day right.


Our idols in the bath:

Our idols in the bath
Idols amazed by products they have used many times before
Our dude lays out some sweet kicks