Incel Mafia

(upbeat music)

  • The Toyota Hi-Locks, it’s a pickup truck.

Big cars, pickup trucks and
whatnot are not very popular

in Japan because honestly,
there’s no place to park them.

Pick up trucks and stuff, you
get these like micro pickup trucks

which look really weird at first, but then
you realize they’re incredibly efficient.

You can park them, they don’t
have super powerful engines.

It is sort of an opposite
philosophy of the North

American biggest, most
powerful vehicle is better.

It’s almost like they want
something that’s more reasonable.

My attitude has certainly changed.

When I was young, before I lived in Japan,

I was probably more into
muscle car type things.

I like muscle cars.

Now, I never had enough money to buy
a muscle car or to maintain a muscle car.

What I had, my first car, was awesome.

It was a 1974 Volkswagen Beetle.

and people would make fun of
it, but man, I’ll tell you one thing.

Girls love that car.

I think it’s because it
was not overcomitating.

It was cute and girls sort
of felt safe with a guy who

was willing to drive around
in a Volkswagen Beetle.

The fact that I just made myself sound
creepy, if you have to say girls felt safe,

that means there’s an element of you

that it almost feels like duplicitous,

but we’re not trying to
make me look bad today.

So there was an ad that
was banned in the UK

for the Toyota Highlox, because it showed,
like every pickup truck ad ever shows it

driving through the dirt and
fields and splashing through a river.

That was that splashing
through a river part

was actually the bit that caused trouble.

The driving through a
river promotes a disregard

for their impact on nature
and the environment.

Toyota responded to this by
saying no reasonable viewer

would understand the ads
as encouraging irresponsible

driving or promotion of
environmental damage.

The thing is, there’s only two
kinds of people who would buy

a big pickup truck in modern society.

And that is people who are unreasonable,

who have no regard for
the environmental impact.

Because if you’re buying a pickup truck,

I would say you care less
about the environment.

One of the things I was looking for
when I bought a new car quite recently

was I wanted at least a hybrid.

I would have preferred electric,
but I wanted at least a hybrid.

Now I understand there are differences
in the impact on the environment,

but the overall, I thought
hybrid was at least a good way

to go, use less gas,
use a little bit of

electricity, you know
all that kind of stuff.

It made sense.

People who are buying big pickup trucks,

now because I last time I
went to visit family in Canada,

there were tons of pickup
trucks everywhere I went.

And they were all in immaculate condition,
which meant they were not off-roading.

They were not, yeah, these were not people

who were using pickup trucks
for any pickup truck stuff.

They weren’t picking
up anything, they weren’t

putting stuff in the back,
they weren’t off-roading.

So you could say in that way
they do care about the environment

’cause they’re not doing the
off-roading, driving through a river,

and we’re showing disregard
for the environmental impact.

But at the same time,

they don’t care about the environment

’cause they’re buying this
giant gas guzzling pickup truck.

So there’s a confused message there.

If you’re producing a pickup
truck, I actually think it’s

difficult for you to say you
care about the environment.

Pick up trucks have a place in the world.

I don’t know why I’m so torn.

The pickup truck has
now become like a really,

you know, a hot point issue for me.

because pickup trucks serve a purpose.

You put stuff in the back, you haul
things, you move things, pick up trucks.

I think they’re really good.

But I think the problem
I have is most people

don’t use pickup
trucks for pickup trucks.

They just drive around
and they’re just big-ass cars.

They’re convenient in a way
that you can put stuff in the back.

I think, I think if you
drive a pickup truck and

like for a business or
something, I’m okay with it.

I think if you drive a pickup
truck is just your daily driver,

I think in that case,
you’re kind of a bad person.

I don’t want to disparage people too much.

But I saw a lot of pickup trucks that
looked like they had never hauled anything

and then I was like, what’s the point?

You’re paying way more
for that giant engine in

the gas and you’re not
getting anything out of it.

Maybe that’s it.

You’re not getting anything
out of all that extra money

you’ve paid in all the extra gas you use.

That’s my issue with pickup trucks.

Okay, good.

I’ve come to a resolution.

If you use a pickup truck for work, okay.

If you use a pickup truck for your
daily driver, you’re kind of a douche.

But the irresponsible environmental damage,

only unreasonable people
who don’t use pickup trucks

for pickup truck purposes
would buy a truck.

or they would never go off road anyways.

So then they do carry out the environment.

You can see there’s a dichotomy
here that doesn’t make any sense.

This is an interesting
thing about advertising.

In his news pen, in the past,

I think it’s a couple of years ago now,

we covered the story of the gulp
sound in beer commercials was banned.

So when I came to Japan, a beer commercial
was, guy does athletics of some sort,

meets friend sweats profusely,
both pour out an icy, icy cold beer.

And then they chugged
the beer as hard as they can.

And they would make what in
Japan, Japanese is called Gukun.

They would do that as they chugged
the beer as hard as they could.

In Japan, they said that is
encouraging, sort of binge drinking.

It’s not healthy.

So they banned gulping beer.

So if you come to Japan
now, you see a beer commercial.

You will see people pour it out.

Maybe admire it, look at it, look
at the head of the beer for a bit.

They will, then take a sip.

They will not gulp it down.

And that’s because of sort
of a health and safety thing.

Is that good or bad?

Ah yeah, I mean, I come from Canada

where I don’t think they really,

I think alcohol and tobacco commercials

are basically illegal now.

So, I mean, I don’t think
you need to advertise beer.

I think people just buy beer anyways.

There was a guy sent
me a message somewhere.

And he said he likes
the, he likes the podcast,

but the transition sound is
too loud and it’s too often.

And it’s just in between every story.

The irony being, I once
took out the transition

sound and then
immediately got messages

to put the transition sound back in.

So the transition sound is in there.

Too loud was interesting.

And just yesterday or last
week an Apple review came up

and he said, I like it,
transition sound is too loud.

I have it set.

My desktop is minus 30 decibels

compared to my actual microphone.

So if it’s too loud, I
actually, I was making fun

of that, but I apologize
if it’s too loud for you.

I’ll play with it in editing, but
at the same time, come on man.

Yeah, it’s quieter than my voice.

I think maybe it’s just ’cause
it’s a shock to the system.

Anyways, undeclared
income of wealthy people.

Mm, rich people have become
a more common news issue.

And this is bad for them because it means

people are starting to pay more
and more attention to rich people.

The undeclared income of
the wealthy hit a record high

of 98 billion yen in
Japan, which is up 16%.

That is about $657 million in undeclared
taxes should be going to the government.

Japanese taxes, very high, not gonna lie.

It can be tough, but
again, hospitals, services,

all these things are
paid for, so that’s good.

So that’s where your money goes.

Rich people need to do
better because what they

actually need more than
anything else is less scrutiny.

They need less people
noticing that their rich

and have lots of money
and are abusing the system.

So you should pay your taxes.

I’m not even saying from a moral
standpoint, you should pay your taxes.

I’m saying you should pay your
taxes so that you get less scrutiny.

‘Cause now the government’s looking at
you going, you haven’t paid 98 billion yen.

That’s my 98 billion yen.

I think maybe it’s time to
pay up you’re 98 billion yen.

And then if you pay late, there’s
penalties and fees and stuff.

So you actually end up paying more.

So I actually believe rich people should
pay, it’s one of the things they should do.

Pay your taxes.

This has mainly been
boosted by overseas profits.

So these are like capital
gains because of the weekend.

So basically, if you have
investments overseas

and they’re paying
out in American dollars,

those American dollars
compared to the Japanese yen,

much more valuable right
now than in other times.

So you’re getting more money
from your investments overseas.

There have been 637,800 cases,
which makes me feel really bad

’cause that means there are
637,800 rich people and me.

And I’m not one of those rich people.

And if I was rich, I can honestly
say, I would pay my taxes.

I can’t say I would do it right.

I’d buy I’d hire to kill them.

I wouldn’t be opposed to paying taxes.

I think paying taxes is a good thing

because in Japan, you do get your services.

I think in other countries
where you pay taxes

and don’t really get anything
back for it, that’s a separate issue.

But like I spent time in the
hospital, I’d use medicine.

I got my money’s worth
already out of the taxes I paid.

An average of 33.67 million yen

is undeclared in these 637,800 cases.

Now, I’ve said before,

the average salary in
Japan is about 4 million yen.

So this, they are annually not declaring

10 times the annual
salary of a person in Japan.

That’s how much they’re
hoarding these rich people.

Total back taxes and penalties.

136.8 billion yen.

What’s ironic?

If we’re gonna talk about
free markets and capitalism,

late stage capitalism again
is become its own issue.

I think a lot of people don’t realize

what they use their
taxes, like what taxes go to.

So if all these rich people
have paid their taxes,

all that would be like
society would be better.

I don’t think rich people understand that
making society better is better for them

because their members of society.

I think I did a Seamick Beyond this
where the real problem with rich people

is they think they’re
separate from society.

And they don’t realize that it is society

that’s essentially propping them up.

And so if society collapses,
they collapse with it.

Maybe more slowly, but
overall they collapse with it.

But yes, Japanese government is looking out

for the rich people as
in their coming for you.

Four people age 16 to 22.

So I don’t know, it was 16, 17, 18, 22.

I don’t know.

Why did that get stuck in my head?

This is a problem with doing a
news program is, again, not scripted.

I forget what company
came up with a teleprompter

that you can stick over your webcam.

I actually thought that was really cool,
but then I was like, I don’t script my show.

But it’s because I don’t
know if it’s good or bad.

Mid-sentence, I’ll have a thought.

And I don’t know if that
makes the show better or worse.

I think a lot of people enjoy the tangents,

but sometimes the
tangents are so nonsensical.

Four people were arrested between 16 and
22 and I’m suddenly, what are their ages?

Yes, the late teens, 16, 17, 18, 22.

You can see my brain
didn’t even go 16, 18, 20, 22,

which would have been a nice even spread.

I did the first ones and
then jumped to the end.

There is a psychological
study that could be done.

Take this podcast, all
freaking eight million episodes,

take seeming be all
100,000 episodes of that.

Stick them all together,
put it in an AI or something.

It will come out with
a psychological profile

that will predict all the
dumb shit I’m gonna say

and how my stupid brain works.

I think I might brain now, I have so much
content from this and streaming and stuff.

Stick that all in a
computer and it’ll be like,

oh, we can not only predict
what Peter’s gonna do,

we can actually tell you about
every step of his life from no one.

There are enough data points,

that’s what I might actually say.

Unless I get hit in the head, see, here’s
the tangent, we’re on the tangent now.

So you have behaviors, I have behaviors,

those are all basically
governed by the chemicals

in your brain, it is
predictable to a degree.

So here we go, you take all the information

from all the news, news,
Japan, all the seeming

bees, all the streams,
stick them in a computer,

it could do a predictive
algorithm of who I am as a person

and what I’m gonna say.

Then you crank me in the
head ones and it’s all thrown off.

Maybe that’s free will.

Free will is the ability to
alter the chemical balance

in your brain, artificially or physically.

And then like a computer couldn’t
predict what you would do anymore.

I guess we need a whole
new set of data points,

I guess, but then we get back into
determinism if you understood the injury.

So again, I’m just taking a conch
to the head as the basic one.

If you understood the injury, you
could make a new set of predictions.

I’ve just gone in a circle.

Determinism always kind
of wins out in that argument

because you can always
come up with more data points

to be more predictive in the future.

That’s not the story we’re talking about.

It’s kind of the opposite for young youths,

have been arrested.

They were arrested for
selling cough medicine.

The problem with the
prediction is radical thoughts,

new data, resulting in new methods
of thought, life events, et cetera.

  • Yeah, it’s data points,
    I think it’s actually,

because there are events
outside of my control

that impact me, or maybe I impacted them,

I impact the world at large,
but that’s just more data.

I think this is basically the
argument for determinism

is with all the data, then
everything gets plotted out

anyways, but then any data set you have is
incomplete because we’re not capable yet.

It would be so boring though.

I like to believe in
free will because just

determinism is boring because
determinant takes away,

like I can just do whatever I
want because it doesn’t matter.

Free will implies that things matter.

I think it’s why people stick to
and hold on to free will so much.

Anyways, these
youths, their free will has

been impacted by the
Japanese legal system.

They were arrested for selling cough
medicine over the counter cough medicine.

There’s a current trend of young people
overdosing on over the counter drugs.

I just, that’s weird to me.

I don’t know if you guys
heard the last one from

last week where the guy
came in, someone dropped in,

it was like a rando dropped in and said stop
yapping and then I gave him a few shots.

I was giving everyone
like two or three chances

to like change tack, but
yeah, no, it didn’t work out.

Of course, once they start getting
on a path, people just stick to the path.

It’s predetermined, it’s
almost predetermined.

No, I knew that they were not going
to change their thinking in their path,

but I let them continue down that
path knowing they would get banned.

It’s determinism.

Anyways, kids are, I assume
shoplifting over the counter drugs.

They had 40 pills that
normally sell for 2,400 yen.

They were selling them
at 1,000 yen, so again, being

a profit that implies that
those are probably stolen.

And these kids are overdosing.

They basically just like take
so many cough medicine drugs.

They go like comatose in the street.

And that’s like a thing.

I mean, I have never done drugs illegally.

I’ve never overdosed on cough medicine.

I may have come closer
overdosing on allergy medicine.

I had a rough morning.

That’s why I started the
podcast so late ’cause I needed to

make sure I could breathe
before I could actually do this.

I took everything in my drawer,

but I didn’t overdose.

Bootain was big when I was a teen.

When I was a teen, it was Lysol.

They spray Lysol, which is an oven cleaner

into a bag and then they
would huff it out of the bag.

I don’t know if that still
happens, but man, oven cleaner.

As soon as you say oven cleaner,

I’m like, well, that can’t be good for you.

Young people in drugs, I don’t know.

Maybe I’m an old man.

I’m like, don’t do them.

Don’t do drugs.

It’s that a strong statement to make.

I know young people listen to me.

So that’s why I don’t really
wanna give a strong opinion

on the drug situation,
but I mean, they’re better.

Anyways, I don’t think
any kids are listening

to this podcast and
then paying attention

to my opinion on drugs,
but I honestly feel like.

you could do better than cough medicine.

I distinctly remember stupid
people holding their breath

and doing chest
compressions to hallucinate.

So there was a trend for a while,

and it was kids would
cut off the carotid

arteries, which is how
we choke people in judo.

You cut off the carotid
arteries and make themselves

go unconscious, and they’d say
there was a high, but I’ve been

choked unconscious and I did
not feel a high when it happened.

I do remember the tunnel vision, and then
everything kind of goes black and white

and turns into tunnel vision
and then you just go to sleep.

I once was choked
unconscious in a practice,

and I woke up, and
my waking thought was,

monster trucks were cool.

And then I started to get
more oxygen into my brain,

and then I went, no, they’re not,

which makes me feel that
people who like monster trucks

are not getting enough
oxygen to their brain.

Okayama is bringing back
the naked man festival.

It’s for the first time in four
years, so COVID happened,

they have these, this festival every
year, naked dudes come together.

It’s hard to just gloss
over the naked dude part,

but Okayama has one, there’s
actually one out, I live close to Nagoya.

There is one in Konomia, Konomia temple.

They have a naked man festival.

I used to live out there, so the parade
of the naked men would go near my house.

Now they aren’t naked naked, they are
wearing the traditional Japanese underwear.

I think it’s Fundoshi, I
think I got that word wrong.

Anyways, I haven’t studied my
Japanese words for underwear.

I’ve been to the, yes,
like I said, I lived out there.

If you are into naked men,
it’s great, but these are

not sexy naked men, they’re
just regular naked men.

So I’m a regular man,
so if I take off my

clothes, you would not
be particularly impressed.

You would be like, wow, he’s white.

If the lights all go out, follow
that bright ghost over there.

So the naked man festival in
Konomia is they have a lucky man.

He only eats pickles for a week,
he shaves his entire body of all hair,

and then his goal is to get
from the temple to another spot.

The crowd’s goal is to touch him.

So they actually have like other
people like distract the crowd.

They’s like, oh, the
lucky man’s over there.

Like they’ll have like strategies
to try to get him there safely.

People have died doing this in the past.

The one in Okayama, I got a
little bit of information on it.

The main event is the
battle for the sacred stick,

which makes me think, clearly
this was invented by men.

Literally on Reddit yesterday,

I saw a post of a man saying,
look at this stick I found.

It’s to be a weirdly man
thing to be into sticks,

because I grew up with
this stick as a sword

and playing with sticks, and
then playing sticks with my dogs,

and sticks actually were
very seminal in my life.

So yeah, coming up with a sacred ceremony,
yes, it’s the battle for the sacred stick.

The man who gets the sacred
stick is the lucky man for the year.

So it sounds like what
they do is they have

the crowd, they just
drop the stick into it,

and those guys literally
go to battle over the stick.

They’re all drunk, they’re
spraying water and sake on them.

They’re just making it insane as possible.

These are something I would
watch and I would never participate in.

I have never participated
in the naked man thing.

Out by my place, when I lived close
to the Konomia one, we did watch it.

If you like tattoos, a lot
of like lower level, yeah,

kuza groups, they will come out, and
you get to see some really nice tattoos.

So I actually was more into it for the
tattoos than the actual naked men stuff.

I’ll be really honest, I’m
just not in naked men

as much as I used to, man, they are
always fights, because they’re all drunk.

I’m not into other naked men.

I’m into myself being
naked, I do enjoy being naked.

There is a group called natural,

and it’s a scouting group that
approaches women on the street

to join essentially the sex industry.

They start you out with
like, come and work at

this bar and then they
try to get you into dead

or get you into trouble or
get you addicted to drugs

and then they try to get you
into porn and stuff like that.

But with a thousand plus members,

so you’ll see guys doing this,
you’ll see guys like recruiting

for bars and stuff on the street
at big stations and all around Japan.

They are gross guys and most
people just run away from them.

I don’t, I guess it’s statistically.

They’re just trying, they’re
just every single person

who walks by, they’re like,
oh, you know, you’re beautiful.

You can make a lot of money
doing this, but I don’t know.

I’ve always thought it was really gross.

But natural has a thousand plus members

and therefore their activities,
which are often illegal.

So getting people like into debt,
get pushing them into, pressuring them

into the sex industry, sex
trade and such, is illegal.

Their activities are
handled by the anti-cram,

anti-organized crime
division of the police.

So it’s not like a Yakuza organization,
but the organization is so big.

It’s treated like a mafia family.

So what happened is a member of natural,

broke internal rules, don’t
know what the rules were.

They didn’t get into those
details, which is too bad.

And he was confined into a room.

And so this is kidnapping.

You are allowed to leave
a room any time you want.

This was an interesting
thing where it was a company

and the company was like, you have to sign
this note that says you did a bad thing

and you can’t leave this room until you do.

Whereas if you say I can’t leave a room,
if you physically try to, so maybe I get up

and try to walk out and they stand in front
of the door, that’s kidnapping in Japan.

I probably most places.

You should be allowed to leave
where you are at any point at any time.

If you don’t feel safe, that’s
even in the higher level.

I’m a big dude.

I know I could walk out of room if I want,

but if I commit violence on
someone else now, I’m the bad guy.

So if I was in that situation really,
I should just call the police and say,

look, they’re essentially
saying I can’t leave, can I leave?

Probably when you start
calling the cops to let you go.

But these guys are essentially
a criminal organization.

It works differently.

So this guy broke in some internal rule.

Two other members, some other
members held this guy in a room.

He wasn’t happy about it.

He was kicked out of
the group where he quit

the group, but then
he went to the police.

Then later, because these guys are geniuses,
he quit the group and he sued them.

Two members called to pressure him to
accept a settlement, which is also illegal.

It’s the form of intimidation.

This is something I actually think a
criminal organization should take note of.

I don’t think you should
learn how to run a criminal

empire based off what
you’ve seen on television.

You know on TV, when they have the
big bad guy, and there’s all his minions,

and they wanna show how bad
the bad guy has any shoots a

guy for talking back to him,
or something like really petty.

If I was in that group, I’d be like,

okay, he just killed
that guy for no reason.

I’m gonna get out of here.

So next opportunity I get
to leave, I’m gonna leave.

And they’d be like, oh no,
you’re too scared to leave.

No, I’m not too scared to leave.

I would just be out.

I would be like, okay, well,
I’m gonna take a company car

and a company gun, ’cause
that’s the kind of stuff you get

when you work for an evil
organization, and I’m out.

So these guys, I think
criminal organizations

weirdly need to take better
care of their employees.

Because locking him in a room
is going to make him angry at you.

If he’s angry at you, he’s
more likely to get revenge.

He’s gonna get revenge
by doing a legal process,

which puts the police
on his side, a bigger gang.

Now you’re in more trouble, ’cause
now you’re dealing with him and the police,

instead of just dealing with
him, whereas if you sat down and

said you broke a rule, let’s
have a reasonable conversation.

Let’s try to deal with this like adults.

Problem solved.

But now they gotta do
like the TV and movie stuff,

where it’s like, I’m a
big tough guy, I’m gonna

scare you, but, they’re
all big tough guys.

And this guy’s like, no, you know what?

I quit, and I’m gonna go to the cops,
and you’re gonna try and intimidate me.

I’m gonna get you for that too.

So I’m actually hoping
natural gets in trouble,

and it has a lot of
problems because of this,

because I don’t like
what they do anyways.

So a 23 year old police officer,

and I always enjoy the 23 year old,

the young police officers,
’cause they had training,

which makes me think
they should do better.

He was arrested for climbing onto
the balcony of a private residence.

So already like all the
levels of creeper right there.

A woman saw him on her balcony,

she had a friend with her,
and so the friend restrained him.

The cop was off duty,
and he seems to have found

a vacant apartment, gone into the
apartment, climbed out on the balcony,

climbed onto the
woman’s balcony, and then

they were arrested in
him and they said, why?

Now, this is the last story of the day.

So you think, oh, creepy,
he’s gonna steal underwear,

he’s voyeur or something
like that, he claims.

Now, I’m assuming one
of those is actually true,

but in his defense, what
he said was pretty amazing.

It was, I dropped parts of a plastic model

and entered the place
to try and pick them up.

So he’s gone so far the other
way, it’s almost weird and freaky.

Like he’s gone so far, like, oh no, no, no,

I’m not a creepy dude as
in I’m stealing underwear.

I’m like such an otaku that I dropped,

I broke into apartment to play with my
plastic toys, dropped someone to her balcony,

so I had to climb down and get them because
they’re so important and valuable to me.

I found that to be just one of
the weirdest stories of the week.

(upbeat music)

Dave’s just wrecked down here.

I love how he sleeps
with one paw on the desk.

I don’t know why.

So this is how I do the podcast.

I actually have thought I tried once,

but then he moved to do
the podcast with Dave Cam,

’cause that is way more
attractive than my face.

Oh, I’m getting a little twitch of his eye,

and then you get my notes on the desk.

You can see how professional I am,
pen in hand, oh, I’ve done that story, ooh.

But we can just sit here and
watch Dave leano sleep and twitch.

Now it’s really hard for me to get up
though, ’cause he’s sleeping quite peacefully

and always takes him
a while to settle down.

He’s actually got, this
paw is in front of his face,

and this one’s up on the table,
and it’s kind of covering his eye.

Yeah, he’s warm now, ’cause
he’s got the bed all around him.

I feel a really bad waking him up,

but I mean, he does sleep 80% of
his life, so I’m sure he’ll catch up.

But it’s just nice for me,
’cause he’s all quiet and settled.


I’ve just sit here in silence,
probably get like eight million viewers.

Everyone, everyone loves Dave
Cam more than anything else.


Arrested Citizen

(upbeat music)

It’s a company called Hollow
Live and they produce VTubers.

So VTubers, I mean if I watch
some, it’s people play video games

and they have, instead
of putting like my ugly mug

on the screen, they
put on a cute anime girl.

I actually had the idea, I don’t
think it was particularly original,

of using a cute anime
VTuber girl, instead of my face.

And then just, but not
altering my voice or anything.

So it’s like clearly 50 year
old man’s voice, cute anime girl.

Oh, the discrepancy between
my feelings of what I’m hearing

and what I’m seeing, the emotional
discord is too much for me.

Didn’t do it ’cause
didn’t have the software

to make the hollow thing
and the skills and the talent,

which is usually the problem I
run into is lacking skills and talent.

But Hollow Live the company
had record profits this year.

Then income of 2.3 billion
yen, which is a 162% increase,

which makes it very clear
that I should have done the idea.

I’ve had a lot of ideas
and I don’t do them.

And I think like, it’s
’cause it’s a dumb idea.

And then I realize the dumb ideas

are how people make money.

I mean, a lot of people
are making a lot of money

doing often things that I wouldn’t
do because I consider it stupid.

I’m not against VTubers.

I’m actually thinking more like other,

like prank videos and stuff.

VTubers are fine.

I never wanted to put my face on screen.

That actually is why I wanted to do
a, I was tempted to do a VTuber thing.

They had 1.65 billion yen in
profit, which is 154% increase.

1.65 billion reasons why I
should have done the thing

I was thinking in the first place.

I guess I’m not being
produced by Hollow Live.

They get advertising
and promotion and stuff

and they cross promote.

Still, maybe they would have
picked me up if I had done a good job.

They have 51.23 million subscribers.

That’s up 16.7%.

I have three more than the
last time I made a podcast.

304 million views per… No, no.

304 million yen per VTubers.

That’s, I guess, I’m an average.

It’s not like every VTubers
making the same amount of money.

They’re gonna have the most popular
ones and then the least popular ones.

That’s the end I would be in.

Still, 51.23 million subs in Japan,

28.12 million subs from
English-speaking countries.

They just grouped them up because
it’s gonna be like the UK and I mean,

it’s interesting to know
that a huge percentage

of their following or
actually English speakers

’cause most of the
Hollow Live, not all,

but most of the Hollow
Live VTubers are Japanese.

So they’re speaking in Japanese,

but some of them are actually
hired as English speakers.

9.3 million subs in Indonesia.

So basically, if I could get this podcast

to be popular in Indonesia
by being cuter, I could get 9.

3 million subs and then I
actually quit my day job.

So let’s just be clear that in Indonesia,

Japan will be shifting to a
VTuber format from now on.

Audio only listeners, you might like,
“Well, I won’t notice the difference

’cause I don’t see your
dumb face anyways.

” Well, I have a natural
ability to do a very cute voice.

It’s kind of like stitched
from Zililo or instead,

and you might think I’m
using a voice changer,

“I’m not, I can just
do this naturally.

” And I can do it for the entire podcast,
which I’m pretty sure you would hate

with every fiber of your
being, but the enjoyable part is I

can use this voice, and I can
say horrible, horrible things.

And because it doesn’t
strain my throat at

all, I can just keep
going so I can talk about

pushing their head down and
choking the life out of them

and watching the life
drain from their eyes.

The satisfaction I’ll get
isn’t the last moment of their

existence when they realize
they aren’t coming back.

So that’s something to look forward to.

So this is a first in Japan.

It’s a first arrest.

I’m actually one of the things I enjoy
the most about doing this podcast

and talking about the
news is being aware of firsts.

Firsts are really important.

This is the first arrest in Japan

for installing malicious
code into a shopping website.

So this is light skimming, so you
know when they take a machine

and they put it on a bang machine, so
you put in your ATM, you put in the card,

it’ll skim your card, and then when you
put in your pen, it keeps trying the pen.

So they can get all your information.

This is called web skimming.

They go into a legitimate shopping site.

So Amazon, in Japan,
Maricari, something like that,

you skim the information so it’ll
take off your credit card information

and anything you put in there.

This is a violation of the installment sales
act, which is a lie I’d never heard of.

Don’t actually even know what it, I could
have looked it up, but I didn’t bother.

Basically, they hacked into
a ticket sales site in 2022,

so like a ticket master,
that kind of thing.

They hacked into the site,
they put in their malicious

code and they were
pulling credit card numbers

off that site for an
entire year, basically.

Police found credit
card info on the dark web.

This is another interesting
thing that you learn

is that the police are
monitoring the dark web.

So they’re basically on the
dark web, looking for credit

card information, looking
for all this other stuff.

And there you go.

It’s pretty impressive.

I think that’s it, ’cause
I almost thought like,

maybe I got some malicious
things on my credit card.

I reported to the police

and then the police open investigation.

This is the police in Japan
being active about trying

to track down credit cards
and things on the dark web.

Well, I found that very interesting.

The most dangerous aspect of this is
that you are going to a legitimate site.

So you’re going to an Amazon,
you’re going to ticket master,

you’re going to some site
that you know is a real website,

you went to the website,
there’s no fishing involved.

Usually scams on the Internet is like,

hey, I’ll send you an email, come to this
website and then put in your information.

This is you saying, I’m gonna type in
the actual name of the website I know.

Go to that website, I go to that website

and then I put in my
information and it gets stolen.

So that’s a bit scary.

Websites are going to
have to figure this out.

The police then open an investigation
and a man has been arrested

and this is the first arrest
for web skimming in Japan.

I don’t know about other countries.

This is one of the hard parts is because
I focus exclusively on Japanese news.

I don’t get like, it’s the first in Japan.

Is it common elsewhere?

How many court cases has been?

I’d like to look into it
as just time limits me

to focusing on one thing
and that one thing is Japan.

But here’s another first for Japan.

So last week we had a citizens
arrest YouTuber get arrested.

So again, this was another
thing I’d learned about.

I didn’t know that citizens
arrest YouTubers were a thing.

We had the Johnny Somalis in the all foreign
people coming here and causing trouble.

That was pretty common.

I understood that as a concept.

Citizens arrest YouTubers
are people who go and try to

find people doing bad things
and then do a citizens arrest.

A lawyer has come out and talked about
it and said the accusation is defamation.

So if you make an accusation, so
you accuse me of committing a crime,

that is defamation if I haven’t
actually committed that crime.

If there’s no crime, if there’s no proof.

Showing my face on camera
and I haven’t committed a crime

is also against the launch of
panic, but against privacy laws.

The lawyer clarified when a
citizen’s arrest is appropriate.

So this was part of the inner thing.

I found interesting.

‘Cause when can you
actually do a citizen’s arrest?

We have all this idea.

Like you just walk up
to someone and you go,

citizens arrest and that’s
supposed to mean something.

Well, of course it doesn’t really.

In Japan, so again, this
is the rules for Japan.

You’re in a different country.

The rules will be
different in your country.

If you actually ever
want to do a citizen’s

arrest, this is something
you should look into.

‘Cause if you cross a line,
you are now committing a crime.

And that’s something
important to think about.

The lawyer has clarified when
a citizen’s arrest is appropriate.

So the crime has to be in progress.

So this guy who was making accusations.

So last week, the citizens
arrest YouTuber said,

this girl in the street,
she’s scalping tickets.

She’s reselling tickets.

She wasn’t reselling tickets.

So the crime wasn’t in progress.

So he actually wouldn’t have been able
to make a citizen’s arrest there already.

You must immediately hand
the person over to the police.

So this citizen’s arrest guy, he’s like,

ah, I’m gonna video it
and put it on my YouTube

and get a sensationalized
video out of it.

He’s actually breaking the law by
not immediately going to the police.

So take the person,
take them to the police.

You could still be liable
for assault if it goes too far.

So let’s say they try to run away and you
grab them and they fall down and get hurt.

You could be liable
for assault in that case.

If they do not resist and you
like push them, that is also assault.

So physical interaction in
a citizen’s arrest in Japan

is problematic because they basically have
to fight you and you have to fight back.

Being a foreigner who lives in Japan,

I actually have an extra
set of rules I have to live by.

I essentially cannot fight back.

If a Japanese citizen attacks me, I
cannot defend myself, I can only run away.

If I fight back, I am
actually breaking the law.

I will probably get my visa revoked.

Realistically speaking, if someone was
attacking me and I just pushed them away,

like didn’t actually fight them or hurt
them, I probably would be okay with that.

I like the police wouldn’t
give me a hard time for that.

But if I fought back and
actually hurt another person

in a Japanese citizen, I actually probably
would get in trouble for that as well.

They would get in trouble, but I would
also get in trouble for defending myself.

So that’s, again, it’s the
kind of thing you need to know

is when is it acceptable
to defend yourself?

Because the most extreme cases
are Florida’s standard ground laws.

And if I am standing still and someone
walks towards me, I’m allowed to shoot them.

That’s a pretty extreme rule,
but you have to know that.

So if you turn around and walk away,
is that okay, is it still threatening?

These are all things you need to know.

We’ve seen the court cases that doesn’t
always work out the way it’s supposed to.

Posting the video online
afterwards is also defamation.

Because the person has not gone to court,

because they haven’t
been convicted of a crime,

because they’re not technically guilty
until they have been convicted of a crime.

They are in that case, in
a sense until proven guilty,

which means if you put
the video on the Internet

before it’s proven guilty,
you are slandering them.

You are committing a crime.

The mayor of Togo, Togo
is a small city in Japan.

During his meetings, he said to his staff,

I’ll kill you guys or die,
which, as the leader of a group,

I think that’s not really the
appropriate way to speak to people.

So maybe that’s just
a clear one right there.

During meetings, he
said, I’ll kill you guys or die.

And then he came back later
after a whole bunch of people

complained, he said, I was
making the comments as a joke.

I was in a temp to light in the mood.

Now, here’s an interesting thing.

An attempt to lighten the mood.

Now, I understand jokes.

I actually work with other people.

We make jokes, we make fun of each other.

It has to be pretty light.

If I went into the office
tomorrow and I went to my team

and I went, hey, you
guys, I want you all to die.

That would not lighten the mood.

Even if it wasn’t joke, it
would not lighten the mood.

It would be a pretty heavy joke.

So there’s two possibilities.

One, the mayor of Togo
doesn’t know what a joke is.

Or number two, which
is the more likely one.

He was angry and he
didn’t actually mean it.

He actually meant to say
like a die, not maybe literally,

but he was like really angry and
saying, you guys should go die.

And he wasn’t making
a joke, which I think is

the more likely one of
him being really honest.

He also hugged a female staff member
who was wearing sort of a mascot costume.

And that is a form of sexual harassment
because he did not accept the hug.

His response to that accusation
was it could have been a guy.

So since I didn’t know if it
was a guy or a girl in the suit,

it couldn’t have been sexual harassment
because men cannot be sexually harassed.

This is the very classic
heteronormative thing.

If I hug a girl, that could
be sexual harassment

because I’m sexually
attracted to her.

If I hug a man, it can’t be
because I’m not attracted to him.

It’s actually interesting.

This is again, a mindset.

What you think as the
harasser doesn’t matter.

It’s actually the harassee,
how they feel is what matters.

So if you walk up to me and
just hug me and I don’t like it,

that is sexual harassment.

The mayor got in
trouble, had to get up on

TV, had to do a very
classic Japanese thing.

He had to apologize.

He didn’t really take any responsibility.

Normally in these cases,
you would step down.

He is saying he’s not going to step down.

He’s going to continue.

He’s apologizes for the words.

He apologizes for the thing he said.

He’s going to do a better job.

I don’t believe it.

I think two weeks from now, he’s
going to be back telling his staff to die.

And then he’s actually
going to get in trouble again.

And then probably get fired.

A company executive was
arrested for dumping 50 kilograms

of P in bottles, which I don’t–
OK, yeah, this is what I don’t get.

So he had 37 plastic bottles.

And I was trying to work out
how many plastic bottles do

you need to make
50 kilos? So it’s 37.

So are they 500 millimeter
bottles or 750 milliliters?

One liter bottles?

I didn’t take the time to find out, because
we don’t know if they were all full.

So he said he used to dump
them in a park in the bushes

in a park for several years.

So for several years, he
was peeing into bottles,

carrying to a park, and then
throwing them in the bushes.


So someone else had to be
picking these up and throwing away.

Otherwise, there’d be this giant
mountain of P bottles in the park.

He recently decided that that was too
much trouble going all the way to the park.

So he started dumping them
around his own apartment.

This is, of course, the
poor criminals methodology.

If you’re going to commit a
crime, don’t be lazy about him.

Like, is there a crime?

Yes, littering, just the plastic bottles.

But I’m sure human excrement being included
in that he is also some other crime.

The thing is, he was in his
apartment, peeing in a bottle,

then carrying the bottle
outside and dumping the bottle,

carrying the bottle to the
park and dumping it in a bush.

That to me seems like more work
than getting up and going to the toilet.

So this was his statement.

I found it troublesome to go to the
bathroom at night, so I used bottles.

When I flushed the bottles
down, another pee down my toilet,

it gave off a bad smell, so
then I threw them away outside.

So what he’s saying is,
instead of getting up and walking

to the toilet to pee,
he would get up at

night, pee into a bottle,
put it on the ground.

Then, take the bottle to
the toilet and pour it in.

And he’s like, oh, that
smells bad, probably from the

bottle because of the
remaining pee in the bottle.

I don’t like that.

So instead of actually
dumping it in the toilet,

I’m going to take it
outside and throw it away.

He seems to escape the step
where he could have actually

still gotten up and gone
to the toilet and just

peed in the toilet, and
then slashes the toilet.

There would be no smell.

Like he seems to say that
the reason he was doing this

was because of the smell,
but if he wasn’t peeing

in the bottles in the
first, it’s just the logic.

The logic in his mind,
this makes perfect sense.

In my mind, I cannot
conceive of how this is easier

than just getting up
and going to the toilet.

Like, is he just not
even getting out of bed?

Is he rolling off to the side
and then peeing sort of half

and there will bottle and then
close it up and go to bed again?

I just don’t see how this system is easier.

Like, I get getting up at
night, going to the toilet sucks.

As you get older, maybe
you have to do it more often.

That also sucks.

Pying in a bottle, disposing of the
bottle just seems like more work to me.

That’s it.

If someone could explain
to me, I’d love to hear it.

This guy, he’s given his explanation.

His explanation does make any sense to me.

I think it would be easier to
just get up and go to the toilet.

So Takafumi Hoteiye.

He’s the founder of LiveDoor.

It was a big website in Japan for a while.

Then he lost it because
of securities fraud.

He decided to take a stand.

So this is obviously a very
famous business manager.

Pan, famous business men get listened
to because they’re very important.

They made a lot of money.

If you have a lot of money,
you’re very important.

That’s an important thing.

He decided to take a stand about
Japan using mosaics and porn.

And it’s like, at this point,
is that worth taking a stand?

Oh, Dave’s going to bed.

He’s going to take a pause
and let Dave go to bed.

There you go, buddy. Good stuff.

Mainly, I understand his logic.

So the last guy I didn’t get the logic.

Hoteiye, at least in this case,
I understand what he’s saying.

He’s saying, because the
Internet is basically open

to the world, it lets you
visit non-Japanese sites.

So if I’m in Japan, it’s very tight.

If I go to a non-Japanese
pornographic website

and look at the uncensored
pornography, that’s a crime.

I’m not supposed to do that.

But since I have the ability to
do that, as does everyone else.

And we’re not really being
monitored that closely.

Basically, anyone can go see
uncensored porn even if you live in Japan.

So he’s saying, for the
sake of Japan’s economy,

because all these people
are visiting overseas sites

and not Japanese pornographic
sites, all the taxes those companies pay.

Because they’re doing
advertising and doing

some kind of revenue
to keep those sites going.

They are paying taxes.

Of course, we all know corporations.

This is stuff we’re not honest.

Hoteiye certainly knows that
because he committed securities fraud.

But they are paying a
certain amount of taxes.

He’s saying those taxes are going to
other countries, and not our country.

And we have superior porn.

If you go back to an old
episode of Seamig Bee,

where we talked about the
porn hub breakdown of the year,

what we were talking about
was the most popular categories.

Japanese was always in the top three.

So he’s like, people love Japanese porn.

We’re not getting the
taxes from Japanese porn.

This is damaging the Japanese economy.

His statement was the
national wealth is bleeding.

Tax money is being drained away.

I’m being serious.

It’s always a problem when
you have to say I’m being serious.

If I’m being serious, you
should know I’m being serious.

I shouldn’t have to tell you.

If I had to tell you what
I’m being or feeling in

any moment, I’m probably
not doing a very good job.

But I guess it’s because he’s talking
about something that’s kind of ludicrous.

It’s a silly, funny topic.

The porn in Japan is covered in mosaics.

We shouldn’t do that for tax
purposes and make more money.

But he is actually serious.

Japan could be making
more money off their

pornographic output if
they took away the mosaics.

I’m being serious.

I mean, we’re all watching videos without
the mosaic anyways with the mosaic removed.

So he’s saying like everyone is watching,
even Japanese pornography, but they’re

watching it on other websites, international
websites, where there is no mosaic.

So why don’t we just take away
the mosaic and get that money?

Which I kind of understand.

Like I mean, logically
speaking, he is making sense.

Japan’s putting itself– it
is producing pornography.

It is very popular.

They are not making the
money they could be making off it.

Why not make the money off it?

Because that money would
stimulate part of the economy in Japan.


Whenever you get to
talk about pornography

and get to use the word stimulate in a
non-related way, it’s always very satisfying.


First arrest in Japan.

I do enjoy first arrest.

It’s actually like–
this is to me, weirdly.

One of the things I
take great pleasure in is

knowing when a first
has happened in Japan.

Because I followed the news very closely.

This first arrest in Japan was from installing
malicious code into shopping websites.

So it’s a kind of skimming.

So you know like on machines,
you put a bank machine,

and then people will try
to put a skimmer on it.

So when you put your
card in, it reads the card,

and then it keeps track
of your pin or whatever.

This is the same theory.

It’s web skimming.

So what they did is found a legitimate
shopping site installed code on the site.

Stop yapping.

I think you’re missing the
whole point of a podcast.

if you really want me to stop yapping.

I mean, quite legitimately, I think
you’ve come to the wrong place.

This is literally a news podcast.

What is wrong with you?

A podcast is just yapping.

Yeah, but then your first
message was stop yapping.

So why would I stop?

I think you’re, I think I’m doing the right
thing and you’re doing the wrong thing.

I think you’re in the wrong place.

If I’m being really, really honest,

I think maybe you’re confused
as to what’s going on here.

What’s not stopping me from
sending stop yapping message?

What’s not stopping me?

What’s not stopping me from not
sending a stop yapping message?

Well, nothing’s stopping you.

I mean, honestly, nothing.

You can send that message.

It just seems pointless because then
you’re just interrupting the podcast.

I mean, is that what you want?


Yeah, I’m from America, boy.

I have the rights to give my America
and I have the right to give my opinion.

I am also from North America.

I’m Kenna and I have the right
to block you, which I just did.

Oh my God.

Look at that.

Look at how successful that was.

You came in, you tried to be disruptive.

I blocked you.

I could have banned you.

Now you don’t, I don’t want to ban you.

I want you now and I have the knowledge
that you can still see this stream.

But you can’t send stupid messages anymore.

How does that feel?

So I’m going to go back
and I’m going to actually

start this story again
without the interruption.

So transition sound
and then we’re back to it.


Independent Exploitation

Let’s start again.

Sugar baby in Iita.

So she was essentially
arrested twice and I had

said I wanted to get her
book and read her book,

but it was very hard to find her book
because essentially her book is illegal.

It’s one of the reasons she’s been
arrested was producing this book.

There is a YouTube
channel called Japanalysis.

Japan plus analysis put together.

It’s very, very good and he, so this is it.

And it’s an engineer’s
Japan is week to week.

So often as things are
developing, I can talk

about them, but I don’t get the
conclusion because I’ve moved on.

Japanalysis is a very,
very good channel on

YouTube where the guy
talks about the whole topic.

So I’ll have to finish first.

It might mean you
have to wait till the topic

is finished months and
months and months later,

but he went in through
the arrests and the

story and he actually
came up and must have read

the book or found the
book or found something

about the book because he actually
came up with read each on system.

So I just want to get
that out there because

I was interested in
how is this so successful

because I wouldn’t have
given her that much money,

but then it turns out
that I’m not the target.

So the very first part
of her system is choosing

the right target and
she said, choose men

essentially who have no life,
which makes a lot of sense.

She said, choose a man who has no
family who just works, who has no hobbies.

I have a lot of hobbies.

I have a very rich outside life.

So I am not going to succumb to D.D. Chan’s
charms very easily, whereas if your life

is relatively empty
and that’s what she’s

saying, find a guy who
was a very empty life.

And then you can fill
up that life with hope

and then strip him down
and take all his money.

So the right target was important.

No life, no family, no hobbies.

You text him every day.

So this is, again, if
you’ve chosen the right

person, they’ve had
no life outside of work.

You are now the most exciting,
most interesting aspect of his life.

And he wants to keep that
going as much as possible.

You have to send him a text message
every morning and every evening.

So you want to say, good morning.

I just woke up.

I hope you have a great day and good night.

Texting you is the best part of my day.

I’m just back and forth,
just keep that going.

And she said for months,
because you want to

build that relationship and make
him essentially fall in love with you.

Step two is stop sending a
message is for two weeks.

And then he will start to panic.

He’ll start to like panic.

Are you okay?

Are you hurt?

Are you in trouble?

Then you just give him
very cryptic messages back.

I’m in trouble.

I don’t want to talk about it.

I’m sorry.

And then he wants to white night you.

This is actually what she was going for is
to find a man who’s desperate enough to

want to save someone
else and feel like a hero.

And I get this so manipulative.

I mean, that is what scamming all
is all about is manipulating people.

But it’s really, really rough.

Then you want to give him some vague.

So he’s going to push you for information.

How are you in trouble?

What’s going on?

And then you give him
some vague information.

You go like, you know, I
had trouble with money.

And you don’t say what
the actual trouble is.

And then he’ll push you.

If he offers you a solution, can’t
you get money for your parents?

Like, I’m too embarrassed.

I’m too shy.

I can’t do this.

anything I don’t know
what to do. Then he will

ask probably how much
do you need? You say,

you know, 300,000 yen.
600,000 yen. A million

yen, something like
that. He will offer you

the money and you
have to refuse. Then he’ll

offer again and again and
again. Because he wants

to save you. He is at
this point in love with

you as a person and
you accept his offer. And

then you, you know,
all you’ve saved my life,

you’ve saved me from
getting pushed into

prostitution. You’ve
saved me from being beat

up by the yakuza or
something. You’ve saved

me from some vague
threat that doesn’t exist in

the first place. Then
repeat. You’re basically

manipulating him so
that he will sacrifice

himself for you. But
because again, you’ve chosen

someone who you’ve now
become the most important

thing in his life, he
doesn’t want to lose that.

So it’s pretty effective.
That’s actually the

saddest part. I have
to say, like, as far as

a system goes, choosing
your target, how to play

the target, how to keep
it going for as long as

humanly possible. He
did a pretty good job.

Unfortunately, it was some
of the other girls who followed

her system who didn’t
follow the system correctly.

And this is to me the
most interesting part.

One of the other people
who used her system

instead of like saying
thank you and then keeping

the system going, would
say get the money and then

go like, oh, I’ve been
kidnapped and then just stop.

So that if you say
something that is dramatic

as that, the guy’s
going to go to the police,

he goes to the police.
And then maybe he realizes

he’s been scammed
or the police are like,

no, she hasn’t been
kidnapped. But that’s when

it became obvious.
There’s a system at play.

So we have to then
disavow people of that. You’ve

been scammed. Let’s
go try to get your money

back. Let’s get this
person arrested. And those

women, when they’re like,
how did you do this figure

out the system? They
immediately wanted to shift

blame to did he, so I
bought this book online and I

followed her system.
That’s where all the trouble

came from. So that’s
the system. It sounds like

the best way to defend
yourself is to get a hobby.

Don’t be a victim by
being so lonely, which is a

pretty tough thing to say
in modern society. If I’m

being really honest,
that could be really tough.

And I don’t want to shame
the people who’ve fallen

for this because all they
did was have hope and that

is the saddest thing to try to take
away from them. So no jokes there.

The government, so if you remember for the
DD John story from the couple weeks ago,

she got arrested and she
actually took down some

hosts with her because
the hosts were actually

getting the money. She
would steal money from these

guys, go to host clubs
and then use that money

for the hosts. The hosts
knew it was coming from

a shady source, which
meant they should have

actually been refusing
the money, but they

weren’t. They were taking
it and then one even like

sent a message is
like, oh, if DD John goes

down, I’m going down
with her. Ha ha, yeah, dude,

that’s exactly what
happened. But this is

actually spurred the
government to taking steps to

pay more attention to
host club business practices

because they have been
exploiting young women,

creating debt and
it causes trouble. It’s

interesting because this
is the flip side. You had

DD John exploiting these
men and then they go

and say, yeah, the
problem is also she’s giving

her money to these host
club guys who are also

exploiting women,
technically probably exploiting

the DD John because
the sum total of money she

had collected was over
a million dollars. If she

had been sensible, just
put that money away. I

know she’s not paying
taxes on it or anything.

But if she put that money
away, she could have

lived a very comfortable
life for the rest of

her life and not done
any work ever again. But

instead, she was giving her
money over to these hosts

who were just keeping
the money. I don’t know

what’s going on there.
But realistically speaking,

they were exploiting the
DD John who was exploiting

these lonely men. It
was a very parasitic

system in place. So what
we found out though is

the hosts, so the host
club is not responsible for

what the hosts do. They’re
essentially independent

contractors working in the
host club. This independent

contractor thing has
come up a couple times over

the last couple weeks
because I was introduced to

it via the anime system
where these very low

paid anime artists have
to go independent and

they’re going to have
to pay their own taxes

and file taxes and it
takes up all this time and

they’re actually going
to get paid less overall.

Last week, there’s an
English teaching company

called Gabba that they
released a statement that

if you miss a class, like
you have to cancel an

English class, you the
teacher have to pay 6,000

yen. Now, you might
have five, six classes a day.

So if you miss a day,
that could be essentially

in total, you could end up
owing the company money

for missing a couple of
days of work, which seems

illegal, but it’s because
they’re not teachers,

they’re not employees.
They’re independent

contractors. So these this
gig work in the independent

contractor system in Japan
seems to have gotten way,

way worse. I think the
intent was for the government

to force companies into
hiring people as full-time

employees, whereas
now they’re looking at

loopholes in way to
exploit independent workers

who are just, I mean,
that company looks like

it’s about to fall
apart, if I’m being really

honest. Host clubs have
worked this way independently

fine because they’re
there to exploit people.

That’s clearly the whole
purpose of the host club

system, but the individual
hosts are responsible for

the women’s spending. When
a woman goes into a host

club and spends money,
the host will collect the

money. So if they say
like, we’re going to take it

on as a debt, that’s when
they start forcing women

to go into also that
is terrible. Yes, I mean,

when we do need news
Japan, we do a lot of

terrible stories. It’s all
about exploitation and

terrible stuff because
let’s face it, that’s

entertainment, but if
we’re going to be honest,

if you know about these
kind of things, if you know

about these scams, you
won’t, you’re less likely

to fall for them. So I’m
not saying I’m doing a

public service because I
am doing this primarily for.

entertainment, but I
five, six years ago, I got

some of my cryptocurrency
scammed because I fell

into like a Ponzi scheme
kind of thing. So I lost

a little bit of money.
It wasn’t obviously like

life ruining for me,
but if I’d known about

the scam or if I’d known
more about the things,

I wouldn’t have fallen
for the scam. So that’s my

actual hope because I
put out an episode of an old

podcast about that
scam, hoping that if anyone

else heard the same
thing, they wouldn’t get

scammed. This is really
fun scam, the sugar, baby

scam. If you know about
it, you’re less likely to

fall about it. If a woman
goes to a host club and

you know they’re purposely
trying to manipulate you

to spend too much money to go into
debt, you’re less likely to fall for it.

Like I think host clubs
in hostist clubs are fine.

If you want to go and
pay for an evening to have

someone talk to you.
Oh no, not the host clubs.

Well, it’s not the host
clubs themselves. It’s the

hosts. So this is what
I’m talking about, the

independent contractor
thing. That separates the

business from the
independent contractor. The

independent contractor is
the one who’s going to try to

abuse you to get to you
to spend as much money

as humanly possible.
They probably pay a fee to

the host club to work
there. So they probably, I

don’t like, they’re not
getting a salary or anything.

So the more they abuse
you for money, the more they

can make. And that’s a
big deal. Because it puts

them in a position where
if they can force you

into debt, they’ll do it.
And then how do you pay

off that debt? The next
step is to some sort of

sex work. They’re forcing
to prostitution or doing

pornography or something
like that. That is not

the end goal, but their
hope is that they can then

make money off you as a
passive income. So you need

to pay off this debt.
You need to do this stuff.

You need to make up for it. And I’m going
to get I have contacts in the underworld.

in shady sex practices
that I can get you

to do. And I’ll make
money off that as well.

Yeah, host clubs are
gross. If you come to

Japan, again, if you
know what you’re in for,

you could control your
spending and know what

you’re in for. If you
understand that system,

you’d be fine. On top
of the overpriced alcohol.

Yes. I mean, that is again
where they make their

money. So they’re trying
to get you to buy the

50,000 yen bottle of champagne
champagne service. And

then like, oh, yeah, let’s
buy it for everybody in

the club. So that’s like
six, seven bottles. And

now you’re like a million
yen in debt for that

one evening. I mean,
just going out, alcohol’s

expensive. I’ve now
gotten to the point in my life

where it’s like, hey, do
you want to go out for

drinks? I’d be like,
I’d rather buy a bottle

of alcohol and stay
home. If we’re going to

drink, we should do it at
home. And we could even

do it like online. We’ll
just drink together online,

which is, I mean, that’s the new
parasocial relationships that people have.

Most of my close friends
are now Internet friends

that I don’t see very
often in person, but.

realistically speaking,
we talk all the time.

Drinking out sound
scary in Japan, it’s not. If

I’m being really, really
honest, most of the time,

you’re going to go to
a regular is a guy host

clubs. I would say yes,
host clubs would be scary,

host is clubs would be
scary. I’ve never gone into

one because I’ve never
felt like I need to pay

someone to talk to
me. That’s the issue that

we’re actually talking
about, where if you pay

someone to talk to you,
they’re going to be into

you. And then you get that
sort of positive dopamine

feeling while you’re
drinking. I’ve never needed

that because I know how
to talk to people. I have.

the ability to have
conversations. When I first

came to Japan, I go to
Isakaya, which is just like a

normal place where
you have food and drinks.

You have to pay for
their drink too. Yes, yes,

you have to pay for
everything. And I bet

they’re not even drinking.
There is a very common

trick where what they do
is they get you drunk. So

like, oh, I’ll have a gin
and tonic and it’s just,

it’s just water. So they’re
not drinking as much as

you are to get you drunkers
that you’ll spend more.

money and you know,
less inhibitions and whatnot.

It’s all scam again. I think
if you know it’s a scam,

you could go even go in
and enjoy that experience

safely. But you’d also
know that they’re cheating

you. They’re lying to
you. If you know all that,

it’s fine. Again, I just
think the awareness is the

issue more than anything
else. NHK, I have a very

sour relationship with
NHK, and it’s because I

don’t believe they
provide a service. This is

the government run
broadcasting system in Japan.

And very technically,
if you have a television

or anything that
can receive a signal,

like a TV signal, you’re
supposed to pay these

guys money. But I’ve
always felt their programming

is crap. So I’ve never
entered into that contract.

Now, legally speaking,
if you don’t enter into

the contract, they can’t
make you pay, but there

is also this like loop
round around where it’s

like, if you have
something that should that

can receive a signal,
you should enter into that

contract and then pay if you’re a good
citizen. But if you don’t make that contract,

there is no punishment.
Well, they’ve been trying

to change that for
years. And they get into

harassment tactics.
They like show up at your

house all the time.
Okay. So, Rho said, yes,

is it mandatory? Very
technically, yes, but

there’s no punishment
for not entering into the

contract. The problem
is if they can prove that

you have a device
that receives the signal,

they can force you
into the contract. Now,

lots of people will not
pay for NHK. One of the

old scandals was they
found out that the sort of

top level executives at NHK
were spending the money

on parties and stuff.
They’re like, why am I

paying money so that this
guy can go to a party or

hold a party? And then,
you know, misuse of funds

was a pretty common
problem. My actual complaint is

you’re saying you want
me to pay, let’s say, 2000

yen a month every month
for television that I do not

watch. I would rather
have the option that I don’t

get to see NHK. But
because it’s not paying for

NHK, it’s paying for
the receiver signals, kind

of like what they do in
England. If your TV can

receive the BBC, you have
to pay the BBC. They’ve

created a new system
this year. I didn’t get

a lot of details about
that, which is too bad.

But after multiple calls
and notices and writing

and visits to your
house, they will sue you.

So, they’re right now
suing three households,

which isn’t very many,
but what they’re trying

to do is set a precedent
that is possible.

Going forward, we will
continue to do what is

necessary toward achieving
further contributions.

Oh, fair contributions.
So I wrote fair

incorrectly. That’s why
I was getting confused.

Now, they’re saying
fair contributions, but I

think opting out is
fair. And that’s the bit

they’re sort of missing. They’re saying
everyone has to pay to keep NHK afloat.

I do hope they fail
with their… Well, this is,

I don’t think they
will fail with their case.

Because if they can
prove that the person has a

TV that can receive the
signal, then the person

technically mandatory
has to join. I want to find

a way, because I have
two monitors I’m looking at

right now, my smartphone,
my wife has a smartphone.

We have a TV downstairs.
We actually have

like multiple devices that
technically can receive

the NHK. I have just
never entered into the

contract. But if they
came after me like this,

yeah, I’d have to pay
for a thing I don’t want.

And that’s the bit I
don’t like being forced to

pay for something I
actually never wanted in the.

first place. An SDF, so
the self-defense force. This

is the Japanese military
suspended in exercise after a

member flipped off the
media. So they had an

incident where a guy kind
of lost it on the shooting

range and actually shot
his teacher, gun violence

being very unusual in
Japan. This was a massive

story. But this is the
next day. So the media is

all outside the shooting
range. And so this guy,

he’s like on the truck on
the way and he just flips

him in the bird. And
then that’s not me flipping

you the bird to the audience.
I’m just demonstrating

what flipping the bird
looks like. So if you

don’t know what it means,
now you know what I mean

when I say flip bird.
Anyways, so he’s just like,

I don’t want this media
attention. I don’t think

this is, you know,
cool. He flips them off.

Then he goes to the
shooting range. It does

obviously his drills or his
exercises. And then when

he’s leaving, he flipped
them off again, which

is kind of, I actually
find that the funny part.

So then they bring him
in. This is now televised.

His like CEO or
whatever brings him into a

room and like shows in
the video and goes, did you

flip him off? And he
goes, yeah, he admitted to

doing it, which I actually
thought was really funny

because it would have been
amazing if he had denied.

Like, no, that wasn’t
me. I didn’t flip him off.

That’s a deep fake, which
we’re going to be talking

about later. So on the
other side of the exact same

coin, there was a 97 year
old man who hit a truck

and then people called
the police. And the police

arrive and they’re like,
hey, you know, pull over,

get out of the car. What
the old man does is he

accelerates and he hits
a building. And then the

police go up to the window
and like, hey, you know,

you’ve hit a truck.
You’ve now hit a building,

get out of the car.
And then what does he

say to them? He goes,
I wasn’t driving a car.

I love it. I love that you
can literally be sitting

in a car that has just
hit a truck in a building,

look a police officer
dead in the face and go, I

didn’t do it. That takes
just balls. I wouldn’t

have the balls to do
that. But I guess 97, maybe

he just forgot. I do now,
Japan being an aging

society, I do have
lots of opinions on older

people. I actually now
think like there should be an

upper limit for how long,
like you should certain

age, you should get
your license revoked or

have to pass a test
every year or something. I

know that my skills at
driving have already dropped

and I’m not even that
old yet. I think he thinks

he can get away with
it. I absolutely agree

he thinks he can get
away with it if he just

does denial denial denial.
But too many people

saw him and I bet there were
cameras that saw the thing as well.

Basically the rest of the
show is AI and YouTube.

Police arrested man
in his 20s for posting

lewd images of a track
and field athlete. So he’d

be like, wow, this guy
got this track and field.

athlete to take off or
close. He took pictures

and they posted online.
That’s revenge porn,

maybe, which is illegal
in Japan. That’s actually

not what he did. How
did he get the image? He

took pictures of the
athlete and then had AI

replace her top with just
bare breasts. What do you

actually get in trouble
for? Because he didn’t

take pictures of this
woman illegally. Actually,

he did. They did have
a story like a year ago

or something where they
wanted to get, you know,

basically track and field
events. They seem to

attract a lot of like gross
dudes who take pictures.

So I think what they want
to do was stop photography

at sporting events.
That seemed like it was

like a thing that was
going through. So this guy

still managed to get some
pictures of some athletes.

He ran him through the
computer and then he

posted them online. He’s
being held on defamation

charges. So that’s an
interesting thing. It’s

not like illegal photography
or, yeah, I guess

defamation would be it.
So you’re disparaging the

image of this person by
posting what seems to be.

nude photos, perhaps
sexual things that the

person is not agreed
to has not done. So yeah,

you’re defaming them as a person. There is
a possibility they haven’t proven it yet,

but of course, I think
it’s already true. He’s

posted 100 images of up
to 70 different individuals.

And I noticed what I get AI ads. This
has been happening so much in the West.

It’s happening everywhere.
Any country that has

access to computers
has kind of stopped having.

It’s just happening
everywhere. Yeah. And like I

said, that’s the rest of
the show today is just all

these kind of stories.
The prime minister last

week, a deep fake came
out of the prime minister

and they changed his
mouth and had an AI do his

voice. So this guy had
an AI learn the prime

minister’s voice. Then
he could type in what he

wanted them to say and
then he had another AI

deep fake his face so
that his mouth moved with

the words. And he had
the prime minister tell.

some dirty jokes. This of
course went newsworthy

because he’s like, Oh,
look at how dangerous

AI is. Look at how
dangerous deep fake is. We’re

not going to be able to
trust anything anymore.

It is a very serious
question. The thing is, the

guy said this only took
him an hour to make it.

So to have the prime
minister change his face,

make him say some
dirty things, have the AI

replicate his voice, took
about an hour in total,

which that is the scary
part because the one

they’re talking about, the video they’re
talking about is pretty obviously fake,

but that’s because the
guy didn’t put that much

effort into it. He only
was like playing around with

these programs for an
hour. He said it was just a

joke. I didn’t think it
would cause such a stir,

but it actually brought
a lot of media attention

to AI and deep fakes.
And now that the in the

prime minister has to
like actually come out and

say like, no, I didn’t
say those dirty jokes.

The prime minister we
have right now, because she

is quite boring. He wouldn’t
have said those jokes.

anyways. If he did, I’d
actually be way more interested

in him as a person, but
realistically speaking,

he didn’t make those
jokes. And he actually had

to come out and deny
it. And then they had to

like prove that it was
deep fake. If you watch

the video, it’s pretty
clearly not real, but two,

three hours of work, that
would change everything all

in one moment. It might
actually look really good.

A 25 year old YouTuber
was arrested for defamation.

Deformation has come
up a couple times. It

seems like with these AI
programs and posting things

online, defamation is
the charge you’re going to.

get in Japan. That’s Rose
made a good point. Old

people wouldn’t be
able to tell a difference.

Yes, because they’re
not going to be paying that

much attention. They
don’t realize that AI is

capable of doing these things. They don’t
realize that maybe AI can copy a voice.

It would be really
easy for AI to copy my

voice because all
they’d have to do is grab.

I think we’re at 280
episodes of Ninja News Japan.

I got Seamick B probably
there’s like 80 episodes

of that. I got Montana
L.D. Ablo. There’s like 160

episodes of that. Plug
all that into an AI. They

be able to replicate like
my voice, my Cadence,

my the word choices I
make easily because there’s

just so much data for
the AI to you. So it’d be

really easy to do that.
Deep faking my face because

I got this stupid beard.
I guess that actually, I

don’t know if that would
make it harder or easier.

But I bet because the
beard obscures part

of my face would
actually be easier overall.

Not that I’m worried about it. No one’s
going to come after me anytime soon.

Anyways, this 25-year-old
YouTuber was a rest of

her defamation. He claimed
a 15-year-old girl in a

21-year-old male were
plotting to kill him. The

father of these two youths
saw this online and went

to the police and said
like, “Dude, he’s just out

there saying that my kids
are going to plan to kill.

him. There’s got to be
something we can do about

that.” The YouTuber
was arrested and he said,

“He did not deny
that the plot or that he

had made it, but he
said, I did not intend to

defame anyone, which
I think is probably not

true. I think if you’re
going around saying,

these people want to murder me. You are
defaming their character.” And this is the

interesting thing, all this
Internet stuff. There’s

no laws in place that
are Internet specific.

And this is a big problem
that’s going to be in

all the countries all
around the world as this

becomes more and more
common as issues. What is the

actual charge we’re going
to make? I think we’re going

to have to come up with
some new laws and some new

terminology for defamation
is fine because it’s

lying on the Internet.
But what punishments go

along with defamation
would be the interesting part

of what’s coming up
next? Because that’s going

to be the next thing
is as countries decide.

what is the punishment
for defaming people

on the Internet? What
is the punishment for.

deep faking someone’s
face without their permission?

What is the punishment
for making it look like a

girl is in a pornography
once she actually isn’t?

These are all different
levels of defamation,

which are very, very
interesting to me.

Should it be the same
like liable or slander?

I mean, those are all
fall under the defamation

umbrella. So I’m thinking, no, I’m thinking
like deep faking needs its own law, like

manipulating someone’s
face to make it look like they

did something is a step
above defamation. That’s

not just slander. You’re
trying to recreate a lie.

You’re trying to, it’s a
former fraud. So maybe

it’s a Internet fraud scheme
of some sort like that.

I’m just saying like
we’re going to need some

new laws in place that
take into account what you

can do on the Internet. So
if someone came out with

a fake episode in
Engineers, Japan where I just

said like racist stuff the
whole time, that’s defaming

my character, but also
you’re manipulating the viewer,

you’re manipulating my
face without my permission.

So all of those need
to be taken into account

in some way. So
that’s why I’m saying I

think there should be
some new laws in place.

But last story of the
day, I think nothing will

happen until a very high
profile popular person

gets defaked. But I think
that’s actually the two

stories ago, the guy deep
faked the prime minister,

because of course it’s
going to be easy to grab

video of the prime
minister. So the more that

happens, the more likely
you are to get laws. I

think again, like like I
said, no one’s coming after

me anytime soon. I mean
deep faked well enough.

But yeah, also my point,
if you’d put instead of

just doing it for an hour,
sort of clearly the kid

was just messing around.
But if you put in like

a week’s worth of work,
it would look perfect. If

this kid was capable of
doing one simply in an hour,

imagine if you’d put
like a week’s worth of

work to make it like
really, really perfect.

It would be convincing to
me as someone who doesn’t

actually like have a deep
deep understanding of.

AI and stuff. But this is
something I didn’t know

about. There’s a whole
subsection of YouTube in

Japan called the Citizens
Arrest YouTuber. There

was one story I didn’t
really get into it because

there wasn’t much about
it. There was like this

train otaku nerd guy
taking pictures of trains. And

then this girl came up
and started accusing him of

being problematic because
he had a camera. And he

actually was like, I
am just going to stand

where the security can
camera can see me so that

there is video evidence
that I haven’t interfered

with anyone. But the
kid was inspired by a

Citizens Arrest YouTuber,
which apparently is

a whole thing in Japan
I didn’t know about.

A Citizens Arrest YouTuber
has had his account

banned for harassment.
The ban is permanent.

And so this guy actually
had quite a big audience.

He’s losing 1.5 to 2
million yen a month.

To make that very
clear, the average annual

salary in Japan is 4
million yen. So this guy was

making a year’s worth
of salary in two or three

months every month
from his YouTube channel.

That hurts me a little
bit if I’m being honest. He

then said, okay, you’ve
banned my channel. He started

complaining about that.
It’s permanent. I can’t

get my channel back.
It’s really unfair. YouTube’s

unfair. Everything’s
unfair. So he said, I’m

going to join a YouTube
group called Kento,

a Kenzo. The leader of Kenzo then
turned around really quickly and went,

nah, you’re not. And he
made him delete the post

on Twitter. So now the
guy says, I’m going to

try to get a job as a host
because again, he’s clearly

tapped into the manipulative
aspect of society.

He’s like, I can abuse
people and video it and

then people will watch
my YouTube videos and I’ll

make money. He’s like,
well, what’s the next step

down from that? I’ll
be a host started out at

the beginning of the
episode talking about how

manipulative hosts are.
He said, look, I am the least

liked YouTuber in Japan
club owners. Please get

into contact with me. I
will continue my influencing

practices and that will
bring people into your

club. I did like that he
didn’t feel like he should

reach out to the clubs.
He actually thought like,

ah, I’ll just sit here and
the clubs will come to

me. I’ll just have to
mention that I’m open to

this, whereas I actually
don’t think clubs want

that kind of attention
from that kind of person

because they’re already
in trouble with these

other laws being put
into place. Then, very hot.

Yeah. This is another one
of those guys who seems

to think like because
he’s been successful on

YouTube, he deserves
stuff. He doesn’t actually,

he shouldn’t actually
have to work for it. Then,

this was just this
morning. So the same guy

took a video of a girl
near the Imperial Theater

theater and then called
her a scalper, said she

was reselling tickets. The
problem is Western people,

Canada and America, if
you’re in a public space,

it is okay to film other
people in Japan. It’s

actually not. If I videoed
in public and I post it

online, if I haven’t gotten
permission from those

people, I should actually
blur out their faces.

The privacy laws in Japan are much
stricter than they are in North America.

So he took a video of
this girl. He accused her

of being a scalper. He
had no proof of it. So

not he’s broken privacy
laws and he didn’t blur

out her face. So he,
oh, and then he accused

her being a scalper. So
that’s also defamation.

So defamation is
coming into it again.

He posted the video online without blurring
her face, without being able to prove the

accusation of being a
scalper. He was arrested for

defamation this morning.
So this guy who’s like,

“Hey, host club places,
come hang out with me and

give me money or give
me a situation where I can

make money.” Got arrested the next day
for doing the thing he was already doing.


The Batman of Old Dirty Men

Okay, last week, there was
no episode, ’cause I was sick.

It’s not too bad, I caught a cold,

but you can probably still
hear my voice is a little rough.

That means this is maybe
going to be more of an NPR style

version of the podcast as
I gently speak into the mic.

Like say, thank you to Malcolm M.

Let’s go, good looking out brother.

It was a really nice thing you did,

and it really helped
me get back in the chair

today to actually do
some actual podcasting.

(upbeat music)

So the week I get sick, I
thought it was gonna be Halloween,

so it was gonna be all
Halloween news and crazy events.

and it turns out they’re shutting
down, should be actually worked.

So there wasn’t any sort of like big event,

they moved to other
areas, but those other areas,

it just wasn’t the same vibe.

They didn’t tear up the streets, so
we just didn’t get any exciting news.

It was not terrible.

There is lately we’ve been getting
like one gross, dirty old man story,

and the last two weeks have had
a multitude of dirty old man story.

So I guess this is my alibi,
because people like one,

like oh, a dirty old man did
stuff, Peter, you’re a dirty old man,

and I’m like no, no, no, no, I
was in bed sick, I have an alibi.

I just didn’t have the energy to be dirty.

This is not very good.


So sugar baby would eat each other.

I thought we were done with her.

She didn’t go down by herself.

Mm, sex jokes come to mind
really quick, quite easy stuff like that.

She pulled down two hosts with her.


Oh, she pulled down two hosts.

Basically, it turns out this chick
had made like a million dollars.

And instead of keeping that
million dollars who she could

just basically live for the
rest of her life without working,

she went to host clubs and
spent all her money on hosts.

I don’t expect criminals to be responsible,

but some semblance of
planning should be put into play.

Like she clearly just thought
she was gonna be scamming men

forever, and my whole deal with the sugar
baby thing is it’s based on the baby part.

Your capitalizing on your youth.

So you got a plan for when that runs
out because it’s not gonna last very long.

The main claim is they know the money she
was using at the host club came from fraud.

So therefore they are complicit
in the fraud because they

were accepting money that
had been received via the fraud.

One of the hosts even sent
a message to the DD-chan

saying, I’m also in a
complacent of DD-chan.

If she gets caught, I’ll go down too,
which is kind of romantic in a way

except then it absolutely
happened that way.

So she got caught and you are going down to

the police raided the host
bar to check the accounting

the books and see where
the cash flow is coming from.

But the fact is these two guys are getting
nailed for fraud ’cause you know what?

And they probably
weren’t nailing the DD-chan.

If we’re being really honest
because that’s the whole

point of a host ’cause just
like the sugar baby thing

is you keep stringing
them along for as long

as possible so they
keep giving you money.

She was ripping off these old
men to get money from them.

She was then turning
around and giving that money

to guys who were stringing her along and
probably not giving her what she wanted.

And I guess the cycle continues.

(upbeat music)

Over one million nuisance calls

have been made to the Jupyter
Japanese embassy in Beijing.

So they’ve released the first batch.

of Fukushima water from the plants.

It had been determined that
this was the safest way to do it

to release it in small
batches into the ocean.

China, Russia, both said no, don’t do that.

The plan they came up with was
dispersant into the atmosphere which,

okay, I don’t know the science
behind it but it doesn’t seem better.

I’m not saying it’s worse.

I don’t know.

But I don’t think dispersing
it one way over another.

If you’re dispersing it, that’s bad.

So if you’re gonna be angry, just
be angry that’s been dispersed.

Because Japan didn’t follow the plan

that was put forward by
Beijing and why would they?

Again, the incredibly
contentious relationship

these two countries have
had over a bunch of years.

I mean, there’s no way they’re gonna be
working together on something like this.

So I guess the Chinese people wanted to
express their discontent with the situation.

So there were 40,000 calls made on August
25th and that is 15,000 a day recently.

And so a Japanese person
who works at the embassy,

maybe even a Chinese person who works
for the embassy, answers to the phone.

And what they will either get is
criticism, silence, or a bomb threat.

(upbeat music)

I think I’m hitting the
transition button too fast.

I actually was gonna talk about how
that’s not how you change anyone’s mind.

I think we all know that though.

I’m worried that I say the
same things over and over again.

And so that’s, I’m trying to
decide, should I say everything

that’s in my head, which may be very
repetitive, or do I just like stop and move on?

‘Cause I guess I could
see this is the problem

with getting over an illness and trying to
do a podcast is your brain doesn’t work.

The R-Chax.

So I have had a theory
that Japan is in the process

of building its own mega,
mega, anime, robot, giant thing.

They have not perfected, but
they have created a rail gun,

a real functional rail gun, which to
me seems like a very mech technology.

Now there’s a company.

You can buy your own, it’s 4.5 meters tall,

so it’s not giant yet, but
you know, it’s a big, big boy.

3.5 metric tons, so not imperial tons.

They say that the
controls are gentle enough

that you can pick up
an empty plastic bottle

without crushing it, but
then also you can crush it

because it has the crushing power.

It costs, so if you want this
thing, it costs 400 million yet,

which is $2.67 million American.

It does include training and a
one year maintenance guarantee.

So that sounds cool,
like, okay, you get your

mech, you get trained
on how to use the mech,

and now you get to go
around and play with your mech.

No, you’re not allowed to put
on the road, it’s not road safe.

It has a three degree tilt warning,
so if it tilts more than three degrees,

the warning will go off, and
actually at five degrees, it will stop.

So because roads tilt more
than five degrees quite regularly,

it won’t be able to go on the road.

So it has to go on only completely flat
services, the money, this is not a prototype,

but it is not a war machine
designed for use in the field yet.

This is sort of how you make your money,
’cause what they want to do is first,

we’re gonna create mechs
for personal entertainment,

so rich people can drive around,
they’ll be getting more money.

Then we’re gonna make
more serious machines,

and they’re saying for disaster
recovery and space development,

but I think we all know what that really
means is we’re gonna build a giant mech.

And then recently, I
think it was in Kagoshima,

they took the giant
spear from an anime,

from Neon Evangel,

Evo Genesis mode, fuck.

I didn’t write this one down,
’cause I wasn’t gonna talk about it,

but they stuck that in the ground, so
you have these guys making a mech,

you have a railgun under
construction by the military,

and you have the
actual fictional spear from

an anime coming to
life, Evangel, what is it?

Neon Genesis Evangel, I think.

And they took the spear
from that, the model of it,

and then this steel company actually
made the steel and stuck it in the ground.

So now you have three of the elements

that I think you need to create
not just an anime, but the real life.

You have the machine
and the technology exists.

You have the railgun, so it actually
can shoot like hypersonic things,

and you have the spear to make
it look so it can do the poses.

Inside, this was a bit, I
actually found interesting,

there’s no window, so once you get
in, it’s just got screams in the cockpit.

So that is, hmm, I don’t know, it’s a
little claustrophobic for me, maybe.

I would like a windscreen, I
would like to be able to see outside.

It’s one of the things like
in spaceships and stuff,

but it actually doesn’t make
sense to have windscreen,

so you can actually see, you would want
displays, but at the same time, we’re humans,

and if we are in spaces with
no windows, we cater freak out.

(upbeat music)

It’s the creator of Super Smash Brothers.

It was Masahiro Sakudai.

I have to write that down
to make sure you’re right,

I’m not a Super Smash
Brothers fan, but I’m not.

I’m not against it, if you wanna
play it, and have a good time.

I hope you enjoy your life.

He was playing Streets of Rage 2 on a video,
celebrating 40 years of Sega hardware,

and I was stopped from a
little bit of Sega hardware.

So I guess this is historically speaking,

’cause I don’t think there’s
any Sega hardware anymore.

They still make games.

I still play all the Yakuza and
like a dragon games, and stuff.

So I’m still giving money to
the Sega company, but hardware

seems to stand out to me as a
weird element of that sentence.

So I think they were
celebrating like 40 years ago,

and I think that’s the same
as Sega used to have hardware,

not 40 years of being
in the hardware business.

So he did a move, so you can see up
the skirt of the female character Blaze.

In the Western version,
you don’t see anything.

You can’t do this move
and then see up her skirt,

and he said, “I think
Japan, I think Japanese,

“have a higher tolerance for itchy stuff.”

Which is probably true,
especially in modern society,

the West has moved along
where a lot of this stuff

would get criticized quite heavily, whereas
in Japan it’s just like, “Ooh, panties.”

And a lot of people,
they wouldn’t be angry

about it to be like,
“Of course, panties.”

‘Cause I mean, my first thought was like,

of course, the creator of
a game knows how to do

a move where you can
look up with girls’ pants,

but then they put in these games
where one of my favorite things.

in Lollipop Chainsaw and near
Automata, Automata, “Ooh, the Littlera.”.

Was, if you could get the camera
down under where her skirt was,

the character would pull her skirt so
you couldn’t look up at her underwear.

But, if you did enough,
you got an achievement.

So when I found out, I did
try spending massive amounts

of time trying to look
up these girls’ skirts,

not because I wanted
to see up their skirts

because a digital underwear
doesn’t do it for me,

but I wanted the achievement, the
creepy, creepy achievement, essentially.

This is not the first time
the tolerance for violence

in the West and the tolerance for
weird porn stuff in the East has come up.

There was a conversation
between two developers

and that’s what they
were talking about.

They were saying like, Japanese
people just have a higher tolerance

for sexuality, whereas Western
people have a higher tolerance

for violence and saying like, people say
that one is bad and the other’s acceptable.

It’s the same problem you have on TV where
a show will be rated for, let’s say, teens

and I’ll have a massive amount of
violence, but you can’t show any boobies.

But boobies, I would actually
say they’re less damaging.

than hours and hours of Gore and violence.

Who knows?

Again, our rating system is
a different way of thinking.

I think boobies and butts and P&I are less
damaging than people might think they are.

I don’t think we should
be showing hardcore porn

in films to kids.

I think that’s fair, but
I think the human body

just in its natural state
is not such a big deal

and I think we shouldn’t
make it a big deal.

I mean, certainly mine’s not a big deal.

I’m sad now.

Used to be a big deal.

Used to be quite an attractive young man.

Now I’m still getting over being safe.

See, I think this is another thing.

Getting over being sick, you feel weak

and that is my most vulnerable state

where I’m just like, oh,
my whole life is gone wrong.

As opposed to like, I’m getting better.

I’m like, ah, if I was
younger and stronger,

this never would have
happened in the first place.

So I’ve played all the Yakuza games.

They always have like
weird dating sims and stuff

and they always have
some of the Yakuza games

had this like telephone
thing where you call the girls

if you got friendly enough with the girl,

you would get like a
bikini rolling around video

and it was, I loved it
because it felt so wrong.

Like that was literally the reason, seeing
a girl in a bikini, that’s not enough

to do anything for
me because I have the

Internet and I have
hardcore penguin pornography

if I wanna look at it.

Everything you want is already
available to you on the Internet.

So this kind of stuff
seems actually relatively

innocent to me but I did
always enjoy getting those.

I watched one and the
thing is my wife walked

in the room while I was
watching one of those.

I would have been more embarrassed.

than if I’d been watching pornography.

Caesarea has had three incidences of frogs

turning up in their salads
between October 18th and 21st.

They have a lettuce
processing plant in kind of gawa

and they think maybe
some frogs got in there

and it just got mixed up
and then it got shipped out.

So they’ve implemented,
okay, Caesarea is shit.

There’s a lot of people who
defend it and those people are wrong.

Let’s just put that out there right now.

I’ve been to Caesarea twice.

It’s very cheap.

That’s fine, I’m not
being critical of cheap

but I ordered a thing
that was supposed to be

half chicken and half
beef and then I ate it

and I couldn’t tell which bits were
chicken and which bits would be.

And at that point I
was like, this is not food.

This is just garbage trash
that they put in front of you.

The frogs in the salad
probably would have increased

the value of the salad to
me ’cause it’d be more protein.

It would probably be more,

and at least it shows you that
the salad actually came from nature.

It wasn’t constructed in a laboratory
to be made of runoff from a river,

which is what I would actually think
Caesarea would do to keep their prices down.

So from now on,
there’s a process they’re

gonna implement which
I do not believe at all.

They’re saying they’re going
to take the head of lettuce

and then peel it back and inspect both
sides of each leaf before it’s processed,

which means the salad at
Caesarea is either going to be.

like 15,000 yen for a plate of salad
because you have to have it hand inspected

or they’re gonna do it for
like 10 minutes and then when

the inspector goes away, go
back to just doing whatever

and hope that frogs don’t get in there.

(chill music)

And now we’re onto the creepy news.

It’s very quick at this time.

Like it’s that’s very fast because
there was a lot of creepy news.

When I got sick, all day, oh, this is it.

Ninja’s Japan regularly
each week, tries to

report on some creepy
news and I put it out there.

I put the world down on check.

Old Dirty Men, ’cause it’s almost
always old dirty men, I’m watching you.

I’m the Batman of Old Dirty Men.

And I was gone last week and I was sick and
all the dirty men, all the old dirty men,

and I ain’t a man, Ninja
Ninja’s Japan isn’t on, maybe.

It’s our time to shine.

We could go out and be
dirty and not get caught well.

Tricks on you, my friend.

No, you’re gonna get arrested,
it’s actually the answer.

There was a man sitting on a motorcycle

and he rolls up and he grabs women’s
butt and he says, “How are you?”

And then he takes off.

That, I don’t know why.

To me, grabbing someone’s butt
and how are you is incagruent.

It’s not, those don’t match.

You gotta say something dirty
or sexual or don’t grab a butt.

Like if you’re old up on motors,
I only looked over at a nice lady.

They say, “Hey, nice lady, how are you?”

She might actually take
that as a compliment.

She might just keep walking,
but you haven’t committed a crime.

Maybe that’s it.

I’m always thinking of a way to be creepy

without actually breaking
the law or committing a crime.

Am I? No, that’s not true.

That sounds bad.

That’s not, let’s just erase
that little bit from history.

I’m trying to be nice
and happy and friendly.

I’m not trying to be creepy at all.

I think maybe we all
have our creepy instincts.

I’ve totally lost the thread
because I started talking

about myself instead of
focusing on the creepy dude.

‘Cause I try to equate
myself to the creepy dudes.

‘Cause what I’m actually thinking is,

if I was in a similar
situation, a monomotor cycle,

I roll up, I see a
woman, I find attractive.

What would I do?

My first instinct would
not be to grab her ass.

That’s fair.

I might say, how are you?

I might say, hey, do you wanna
take a little motorcycle ride?

I think the average person
would find that quite exciting.

I have to have a second helmet,
but worst case scenario, they say no,

and you haven’t committed
a crime, you don’t go to jail.

This has, the same complaint has
made five times since last November.

So we’re going to go ahead and assume,

which is not good
detective work, by the way.

It’s the same guy rolling up to corners,

grabbing ladies’ butts
and saying, how are you?

Because he has an MO, a modus, a parenae.

So his MO is consistent,
so we’re going to assume

it’s the same guy for
now, until we find out

there’s a gang of
high, how are you guys?

Who are going around terrorizing
women at the, I guess, red lights.

A man paid a middle school girl to
come into his car and step on him.

So technically, because of her age, she’s
like middle school, that’s kidnapping.

So not only has he done a creepy crime,

he’s taken it to a new level
because he got this high school

girl into his car, middle
school girl, into his car.

He’s now guilty of probably
sexual assault of some sort.

He wasn’t recipient, he
didn’t actually do anything

to the girl, it seems.

Again, I’m going on a very
thin bit of information right now.

So we’re going to, let’s put
up sexual assault of some sort,

solicitation at least,
but then he absolutely.

is also when kidnappings
like just a step up from that.

So that’s the kind of thing that just
like, the other stuff kind of goes away.

If you, if you’re creepy with adults,
it can actually go away pretty easily.

If you’re creepy with kids,
kidnapping, man, that doesn’t go away.

Anyways, they met on Instagram.

The girl had been introduced to stepping.

This was in quotes, my friends.

I didn’t know it was a term for this.

I assume like, hey, crush
my face with your foot.

I mean, do you need a term for that?

Step on my face.

So I guess stepping is appropriate.

I guess if you’re going
to give it a nickname,

I’d want to give it a
different nickname.

Some kind of like creepy BDSM stuff.

He paid her several
thousand yen, which actually

is not that much because a
thousand yen is like 10 bucks.

Paid her several thousand yen
to take off her shoes and socks,

step on his face, and
he could lick her foot.

So like I said, that solicitation, her
stepping on him, he’s paying for that.

So that’s a paid sex
service, licking her foot.

That would be sexual assault.

And then doing it in his car is kidnapping.

This dude is in big trouble.

He was caught and admitted
to all the charges right away.

He probably didn’t think
he was doing anything

wrong because it was
all technically consensual.

But again, kids can’t consent.

That’s something you got to remember.


A Tokyo Happening Bar was rated.

And this was interesting, because
this comes up every now and then.

And the real question is,
what is a happening bar?

So happening is a Japanese have
adopted this English word, happening.

And they use it for a unique
event or situation or story.

So they will do like train happening,

and it’s like things that
commonly happen on trains.

A happening bar is essentially
a place where patrons

or customers can engage
in sexual acts publicly.

And I assume safely with each other, like
they’re all there, sort of, consensually.

There were 20 men and women in the bar.

And the bar was rated and
for facilitating public indecency.

So this is an interesting question.

Is it public indecency?

So if I had 20 people over to my house
and did stuff, that’s not public indecency.

If I had 20 people over to my house
and made them pay, that is illegal.

If I had 20 people, I
guess a bar being a

place of business, that
becomes a public place.

So it’s public indecency.

OK, I’m just trying to
work out how it works out.

By allowing the customers
to walk around naked

in front of others, they have
been facilitating public indecency.

The staff told the customers,
you know, fight club rules.

We don’t talk about what
happens in the happening bar.

And of course, someone did.

This bar was going on for three
years and made 137 million yen.

Yeah, you got to trust your clientele.

And that’s going to be the
first part where this breaks down.

Because there’s also the
thing, if I go to the happening bar,

and nothing happens to me, maybe after
a few times, I get a little disgruntled.

And then I decide I’m
going to shut down the bar.

If I’m not having fun, then
maybe no one else can have fun.

So you have to make
sure one of the things about

business is making sure
your customers are happy.

And if it’s your secret business,
you have to make sure your

customers are extra happy so
they don’t like rat out the secret.

Yeah, I can see that one
falling apart pretty quickly.

If I wonder how they–
I’m actually more interested.

Let’s interest in what they did.

You know, of course, you want to know

like what sex acts happened
in the happening bar.

To a degree, I don’t
need that many details.

But what I’m most interested
in is how did the police find out?

Like, they clearly weren’t advertising.

They were trying to keep it a
small tight knit group, tight knit.

Yeah, how does that get out?

I’d be interested in that
part more than anything else.

But I don’t think we’re
going to get that information.


This is a creepy story,
final story of the day.

And it’s a slightly different
mood from the rest.

which I’m happy about.

On October 30, the woman
went out of her apartment

and she left the door open,
which is not a great idea.

She left the door unlocked.

And when she returned, her underwear.

had been washed and hung out to dry.

So we do a lot of underwear theft stories.

And I actually stopped.

I put a little sort of
like nicks on underwear

theft stories because
they were getting repetitive.

You had to do something new and different
for me to actually end up talking about it

because we’ve talked
about so many in the past.

And really it was just a case of volume.

Who if you managed
to break some kind of

record, maybe I would
mention it, but actually

stealing underwear now is no longer
a viable story for an engineer’s Japan.

Going into the someone’s
house, washing their underwear.

Now, I’m going to go
ahead and assume not dirty.

Like, he got the underwear,
washed it, and then hung it out to dry.

The culprit was caught by
someone else who lived in the

same building and then
brought to the police station.

He also lives in that building.

Brought to the police.

He admitted to the charges right away.

So my assumption, there’s
a lot of assuming going

on, but it’s because
you don’t get the details.

We don’t get to talk to these criminals.

If someone can put me into contact with some
of these criminals, I would like to have

a sincere conversation about
what do they get out of this.

So I get like the idea that
someone has been wearing

underwear that you have
that’s been in contact with

them, there is sort of
like a layer of intimacy.

And then there’s the
guys are going to be like,

“Ooh, the smell or the touch
or something or the thrill.”

Some people are in
it for the thrill of theft.

This case, it doesn’t seem like
he actually took any underwear.

So the thrill for him,
he didn’t hand wash it.

He put it in a washing machine, had to
be violating someone else’s personal space,

doing something he wasn’t supposed to do,
and in a weird way, maybe doing something.

There could be the
other side of it where he

thought, “Oh, this
lady’s left her door open,

I’ll do something nice
for her and wash her

underwear, and she’ll
be really appreciative.”

This is showing that in mentally he lives

in a completely different
world than everyone else.

But I would be very interested
in the actual sincerely dude,

what do you actually get out of this at
the end of the day and see what he says?

But we may never know.

So I guess the only
answer is for me to then.

break into someone’s house and wash,
“I’m not doing that, I’m not watching.”

Thinking of all the dangerous
risky things I did as a teenager.

and did a lot of stupid things,
but it wasn’t for creepy reasons,

it was just thrills of doing
something you’re not supposed to do,

which that’s why I
think this might be that.

I think this might be more,
he’s not as sexually creepy

as we might think because
he washed her underwear.

I think he’s just violating
her space was exciting.

More than anything else.

So don’t do that, someone leaves
the door open, you know what you do?

Just walk on by.

(upbeat music)

I’m not sick anymore,
but I got that like

post-sick lack of energy
and it’s not coming back.

I don’t know what to do.

I ate some adult fawns
thinking maybe the sugar

and fat would help.

It just made me sleepy again.

Everything seems to just
make me sleepy right now.

I bet I need to exercise, but because
I can’t use my knee for another week,

Dr. Senator on that exercise.



It’s a baby Chewbacca.


It’s your ass I’m offered today.

The baby Chewbacca
channel, channel, channel.


Rental Boyfriend News

(upbeat music)

We don’t really have
anything we can say about

Johnny Smolley anymore,
because he’s been detained.

He’s gonna get arrested.

He’ll probably just get deported.

He’s probably gone.

He won’t be coming back
to Japan anytime soon.

So of course, YouTube hates a vacuum.

YouTube streamers hate a vacuum.

There’s a power vacuum there.

There’s one less puckered
asshole in the world.

So of course, someone else has to step in.

This YouTuber had a plan
to travel from Nagasaki.

all the way to Al-Mori
without spending any money.

So the way he did this
was riding on the bus

without paying the fare,
which is a crime, it’s illegal.

He snuck onto the shink on send somehow

and he hidden the bathroom when the
guy came around and checked the tickets.

When they caught him,
he pretended to be sick.

He asked other people to pay for him,

like just harassing
people who are sitting

on the shink on send
trying to go somewhere.

He asked them to pay.

And then he also hid in hotels and
stole from their breakfast buffets.

The thing that I don’t think these streamers
realize is they’re filming their crimes.

I’ve, in a new Japan now
has become a foundation

for giving criminals advice and these
guys should probably check something.

I don’t know.

They should realize filming
your crimes make it very easy

for the police to just wait till
you’ve committed enough crimes.

Something I had realized,
something I learned about

a little while ago, was that
stores with self checkouts,

like they’ll let you steal
until you get past $1,000

so it’s a felony crime now because you’ve
stolen more than $1,000 worth of goods.

And then arrest you so
that it’s more impactful.

And this is maybe what the
Japanese police are doing.

Like they’re aware because of social media,
they’re aware of these crimes taking place

and they just wait for
you to build up enough

so that they can do what
they’ve done to Johnny Smully,

they can arrest you, hold
you, and then release you

and re-arrest you and hold you and re-arrest
you and hold you and then send you away.

Sneaking onto the
shinkansen, not paying for your

ticket, not paying for
your ticket for the bus,

these would not be probably
big crimes in America in Japan.

They are obstruction of business.

I can’t ding for that one because he
hasn’t actually been charged with it yet.

But these are obstruction of business,

which is the rule they
use to lay everyone out.

Like everyone gets screwed by this.

And it’s just a matter of time.

I’m assuming he’s either
gonna leave or get arrested

before he leaves, but
these guys get popular

and they can’t let go of
that fame, that popularity.

And then they end up just
going too far, getting arrested

and ending up like Johnny Smully,
which is great ’cause then they’re gone.

I’m wondering how many
times this has to happen

before people actually start to move
on to another country or the thing is,

they move on to another
country, maybe they’ll end up with

harsher rules like Thailand,
Singapore, and stuff, man.

If I was gonna go to a prison,
Japanese prisons are not nice.

I mean, I actually don’t know of anyplace,

I guess I’ve heard about Iceland and
Finland and stuff having nicer prisons,

but I don’t think
there’s any prison in Asia

that you would want to
go to over another one.

I think they all suck pretty bad.

Asia still has very much that prison
is punishment, kind of mentality.

So Japanese prisons I know are not
heated or not cooled in the summer.

So you’re really
uncomfortable all the time.

Which actually takes us to,

I guess very smoothly to our next story.

This wasn’t the order I had
them in, but hey, here we go.

China has stopped
imports of Japanese seafood

because of the release
of the Fukushima water.

It’s radioactive, they
release it into the ocean.

They’re saying if you’re doing that,
we’re not gonna buy any of your seafood.

They used to catch the fish and seafood.

I’m saying seafood because it’s
gonna be mostly about shellfish.

They used to catch the seafood
and then send it to China directly.

And then it would get processed.

But now that processing
element isn’t happening.

So they have to figure out something else.

The cheapest labor
they could find, prisoners.

So prisoners are now going to
be spending significant amounts

of their time, peeling shellfish
or deshucking, shocking.

Is it, you suck shellfish, you suck clams.

And then I guess you peel shrimp and stuff.

Anyways, they’re gonna
spend a lot of time doing that.

There are, in 2022, there were 512,000 tons
of shellfish that needed to be processed.

That was all done primarily in China.

And that’s now gonna
be done primarily in Japan.

I am hoping this is gross in selfish

because I just would like
the world to be a good place.

But I’m kind of hoping that
the price of fish and stuff

just drops and that can become
sort of a more sustainable

food supply for me.

A woman scammed her rental
boyfriend out of a million yen.

So maybe we’ve got to get into
the concept of a rental boyfriend.

This is a out service you call.

You say, hey, I want this
guy to hang out with me.

I will pay you 90,000 yen.

I’ll pay the guy 90,000 yen.

I’m sure the company takes a cut of that.

And he hangs out with you is
my understanding of the concept.

I don’t know how much
of a sex thing this is,

which is kind of what I
wondered more than anything else.

So the initial cost for her was 90,000
yen to get the boyfriend to come out.

She never paid that.

Then she borrowed 300,000
yen from the rental boyfriend

to entertain what was
called a rich Chinese boss.

Then she started living with the man and
had him pay for accommodation in meals,

which added up to 700,000 yen,
which is how you get a million yen.

I’m a little confused and shocked
as to why the rental boyfriend

would give her anything.

Like I guess the idea is to keep her
around so that she keeps paying you.

But if she hasn’t paid her initial fee,

if she hasn’t paid the
initial rental of your time,

again, I’m not sure how
intertwined these two people become

by the end of it, but she
ended up living in his place.

If I was a rental boyfriend, you would be
paying me up front to come into my house.

And I doubt I’d have you
come into my house and have

you rent an apartment and
we would stay there together.

So essentially you’d be putting me up.

I think the rental boyfriend may not
have been the smartest guy in the world

because I have a lot of
sympathy for scammers.

I got scammed once myself in the past.

I know it can happen,
but if your job is to

spend time with someone
then they have to pay you

and they start borrowing money from you,

you shouldn’t be spending
any time with them.

(upbeat music)

So Shibuya has started a campaign.

We actually mentioned that
the mayor of Shibuya said,

like we don’t want people
coming here for Halloween.

The last couple of years, the
Halloween parties got out of hand.

They were vandalism, they
tipped over some cars and stuff.

It’s anarchy.

It’s basically just a ton of drunk people

doing dressing up slutty
and doing drunk people stuff.

There’s a lot of drinking,
there’s a lot of vandalism.

It’s been escalating every year.

So they decided to go to social
media and do a tweet, a little video.

(upbeat music)

On Halloween night, everyone
should stay away from Shibuya.

Some people live in Shibuya.

Violence, drinking on the
street, smoking on the street,

traffic violation, you can’t choose
how your action will affect others.

You can’t choose to be
a victim or a assailant.

No smoking on the street,

no drinking on the street.

This is all prohibited in this area.

From an until when, it’s prohibited
from October 27th to October 31st

during the times of 6pm
to 5am of the following day.

While they did something
really weird there,

they actually had, for those
people who weren’t watching

the video, it went 18
o’clock, which is 6 o’clock,

to 29 o’clock, which is 5am in the morning.

They have manipulated the 24 hour clock,

so it doesn’t work right.

That is, that weirdly to
me is the most recommend.

So you’re not allowed to drink,
you’re not allowed to smoke.

That’s fine.

They’ll have cops around to enforce that.

I doubt it’ll be successful, because if
you have a million people in 100 cops,

the people decide what is legal
and what is not legal at that point.

They used an AI voice,
they didn’t get a voice actor.

This is the demise of the voice
actor for the foreign person in Japan,

if they just start using AI for everything.

And that’s, man, there
was a lot of stuff about that.

That was really weird to me.

The 2900 hours was the
one that got me the most.

‘Cause if you’re using a 24
hour clock, and you get to

24 and you don’t flip over,
does it just keep going?

Like 29, what’s 30 hour, 6am?

Well, then we just keep going.

And then the time never ends,

but the reality is the time never ends.

I’d watched the first part of the video.

I hadn’t watched the whole thing, so I
hadn’t seen that 29 o’clock until just now.

My mind is just racing
with the implications

of 2900 hours, 5am in the morning.

When did they switch over if
they’re gonna use that timeframe?

That doesn’t make any sense.

They’re trying to stop.

I don’t think a social media campaign

telling you to stop is
actually gonna stop anybody.

That’s actually one of the big issues.

Shibuya gets advertised as like,
this is the place to party on Halloween.

I will be interested to
see if it’s less people,

if it’s no people, if nothing happens,
if they move to another area,

because what they
might actually end up doing

is just moving the
party to another area,

the problem being right
now that Shibuya is so

famous for partying, it
would make perfect sense

for every club, every
person who likes to party

to go there to continue
the thing they’ve been doing,

the whole time they’ve
been in Japan probably.

(upbeat music)

Since the AI voice was in
that, we have the first in Japan.

I don’t know, I was kinda looking
around to see if this had been done.

I know this has been done elsewhere.

I know it’s been done
on the Internet a bunch,

but this is the first AI
celebrity ad created in Japan.

So it was an ad that ran on television
and they didn’t have an actress.

They actually had an AI
model instead of an actress.

And she was promoting green tea.

It’s the first ad in Japan
to use an AI performer.

So a lot of people were
like, oh, she’s very pretty.

I’m gonna look up who she is and then
they found out she’s not a real person.

The drink is green tea and it’s
in the theme is a healthy future.

Sounds good.

The packaging was also created with AI.

So clearly the company
that was making this was like,

let’s integrate AI, be future
conscious, create a healthy future.

I think is how many people
didn’t get to do any work,

which is not a very
healthy future for them.

If this is how it goes.

I don’t know, I’m a little torn on AI.

Creating the packaging
with AI is said what they said

was they were able to look at like 300
different designs instead of maybe one or two.

So they were able to look at a
lot more like packaging designs,

which is fine, but that’s putting
a lot of artists out of work.

The people who like actress and stuff,

I don’t know how much
sympathy I have for them

doing commercials in
Japan is incredibly lucrative.

So as someone who puts
out a video every week

and gets no money for
it, my sympathy is mixed.

I want people to get
paid for their work though,

but I guess before that I
want people to get work.

So that’s maybe one of the issues
I have here is you’re taking junk,

but then there’s computer
guys and they are getting work.

This is sort of the horse
transition to the car,

where everyone’s like,
oh, you’re putting all these

horse people out of work, but then
the car industry came up in its place.

We’re putting all these like
actors and things out of work,

but then there’s all these computer
things are going to come up in its place.

It would be a new industry
creating and modifying.

and looking at AI jobs.

I don’t know.

I’m at the tail end of this, life-wise.

So I’m 50.

AI is going to take over
the next couple of years.

I’m going to see stuff
happen, but I’m not–

I wonder how quickly the industry changes.

is an interesting question.

So do we get more and more AI stuff?

Do we get more pushback
as the big strike in America

right now is about
using AI to write scripts,

and all the scriptwriters
are like, we can’t do this.

And then it’s using
your face and perpetuity.

Like if you’re a background
actor and you get famous,

they can actually in
the contract use your

face and other things
because they’ve basically

licensed your face because
of when you were basically

a student intern and you
did a background scene.

So it’s companies getting greedy for sure.

It’s one of those things
like if the companies would

treat people fairly, no one
would mind the use of AI

because it would be supplementing work, not
supplanting it, I guess, is the problem.

I don’t know.

It’s not a very exciting
commercial, if I’m being really honest.


Everything’s being videoed.

I guess this is a positive.

I don’t know.

This again, technology
is changing everything.

Everything’s being videoed.

That’s why we can see
so much stuff, though.

Like we can see things happen to people

where see people do things because
everything’s being videoed all the time.

A dash cam showed a man
run up behind a stationary car

and do what they
were calling a flying kick.

He dented the car.

The car was only one week old.

So the owner of that
car, man, that’s painful.

He called the police.

The guy was arrested.

He then admitted to doing it.

But they didn’t give a reason.

And I was like, oh, why?

Why did you see the car
and just think, like this is my

opportunity to run up and
just kick a car as hard as I can?

That’s a bit insane.

I’m betting he goes
with stress of some sort.

The same week, there was a man
sitting on the train with a box cutter.

So like a razor blade cutter thing.

And he was just cutting
the seats on the train.

And he was arrested for that.

And they were like, why did you do it?

And he said, I was trying
to relieve stress from work.

I kind of understand that sentiment,
but I don’t see how these crimes,

so like vandalizing seats on
the train or kicking a parked car.

How does that really relieve your stress?

Because you still have to go back to work.

The core, this is it.

It’s looking at what is
the stressor in your life.

And if the stress in your life is work,

cutting up the seats
on a train, kicking a

parked car, isn’t going
to relieve your stress.

So you’re not dealing with the source.

You’re kind of dealing with a symptom.

Like I feel stressed, I’m
going to get that stress out.

But then I have to go back
to work, build up more stress.

I got to cut more seats
on my way home tonight.

Like it doesn’t make any sense.

This is because this is
such a common statement.

I did this bad thing, A,
because of stress from work.

Japan’s youth are going to
have to start dealing with it.

We’ve had this conversation a million times

that the work culture in
Japan needs to be adjusted

or changed or fixed or
something in the next generation.

Otherwise, everything’s just going
to get worse and worse and worse.

But things might have to get
worse before they get better.

I don’t know.

I don’t know how I feel about that.

A little torn.

I feel bad for the guy
who’s like weak old car,

got a big dent in it just because
some guy was probably stressed out.

The nugoia mayor, I’m just giving a speech.

We’ve done a couple of
politicians giving speeches

and not thinking
through their statements.

This is interesting because
this is a guy who made

a statement, thought
it through was like shit.

I should not have said that
and tried to backtrack it.

Usually it’s say something.

People point out it was wrong because, of
course, a lot of these old politician guys,

they don’t think they
ever can do anything wrong.

People point out it was wrong.

And then they do a false apology.

The nugoia mayor was giving a speech.

And they were talking
about documents and stuff.

And they’re like government
buildings are open less

than business hours, how are people supposed
to come and get important documents?

And the nugoia mayor said
that wives certainly have

the time to pick up official
documents on weekdays.

So we don’t need to be
open late into the night.

We don’t need to be open on
weekends because wives have this time.

The actual question was, shouldn’t we

be able to print important
documents at a convenience store?

In Japan, they have that kind of thing.

Is, to just put in, is this the same nugoia
mayor from a few years ago, he sucks?

I do believe it is.

I actually didn’t check carefully enough.

So I have to be really honest.

I’m not 100% sure.

I think it is the same guy.

This is the same guy who
some medalists came in.

And he took the medal and he bid it.

And then if you want
to give him some credit,

when everyone called
him out for a biting the

medal, they’re like,
dude, it’s coronavirus.

This is terrible.

Don’t do that.

He paid to have a new one made.

But at the same– and he was
saying, like I was overwhelmed.

The follow up, he says wives can
go and pick up official documents.

He’s showing this very
sort of traditional idea

of what the family unit
is and what people do.

And he’s not taking into consideration
the changes in the world around us.

So the reporter says, what about
single mothers who don’t have time off?

And he said, that’s the
national government’s fault.

So somehow he’s blaming single– the
single mother’s not having enough time

to go to an official building,
like a government building

during work hours, as the
government at largest fault.

That they should figure
that out when really being

able to print off your documents
that a convenience store

actually is a very good, very cheap, very
good solution for this kind of problem.

He should have actually said, OK, so
I’m going to put myself in that position.

I’m going to go in there.

And he’s very against tying
documentation to the my number card.

So this is actually, I think, the
core issue of what’s going on here.

And someone says to me,
like, why can’t you do that?

You go, oh, you know,
that’s an interesting idea.

I’ll take that under consideration.

And then you don’t answer the question.

I’m not saying I’m going to do it.

I’m saying I’m going to think about it.

And then you don’t answer
the question you move on.

No controversy.

No me getting in trouble
for being part of the

patriarchy or misogynistic
or any old fashioned

or any of the things that
politicians get in trouble for.

All you have to do is not give your opinion

and say I’ll think about
it and then move on.

And people would figure
out really quickly like that.

You ask him any question
that he disagrees with.

He’ll just say he thinks about it.

And then either they’d stop
asking me tough questions

or they’d try to nail me down to
be interesting little rodeo there.

Later in the same conference in the
same speech, he started backtracking.

And he goes, you might
be able to take my words.

I want to take my words back because
it could cause a misunderstanding.

And I think the problem is no
one ever misunderstands the words.

He said it could be construed as a
miscommunication or not what he meant.

But halfway through,
imagine you’ve done a meeting.

You’ve made a statement.

You’re very confident in your statement.

You move on a little
bit and then you’re like,

oh wait, they’re going
to get me on that.

And then you try to roll it back.

That is not going to work out for you.

So he’s been called out on this.

He’s an old man.

This is it.

We got to just get old
people out of government.

I think this is the same
problem America has right now.

Imagine failing how to talk like
a politician and someone on one.

It’s weird.

My belief is that all the
problem with all these guys

is that they’re too old.

And I need to retire.

And the retirement age for public
officials should be the retirement age.

So if the public officials retirement age,

they’ve said it at 65, that
should be the end of their career.

So let’s say I get elected at 65.

That would be my last
term of whatever I’m doing.

So if I become president in 65, I can
go until I was at four years in America.

So 69.

And then I finish.

And you can make jokes
about being 69 when you finish.

But these guys who were in their 70s
and 80s like in Japan and the president

actually, like all the
presidential candidates,

all this year, these ones,
they’re all in their 80s.

These guys shouldn’t be running government.

What was the guy who froze up?

Mitch McConnell.

He’s frozen up like two, three
times, just stood there blankly.

I had that happen to me for the first time.

See, Jade gets it.

I’m frequently 69 when I finish.

That is the joke I’m saying that
we could put out there in the world.

We could build jokes into our government
and then everyone would be happier.

But, now I’ve lost my train of thought ’cause
I’m now thinking about Jade doing a 69.

I’m sure I had a really salient cogent point
and it’s gone now because of a 69 joke.

Which is kind of how the joke should go.

But yeah, if there’s a retirement
age, I think politicians should be held

to the retirement age ’cause
they set the retirement age.

And they said it at 65 or whatever.

I mean, if they decide to up at the 70,

then it’s hard to argue with
the retirement age being 70.

(upbeat music)

The last story, creepy guy’s story.

It’s not as bad as the other creepy
guy’s stories but it is still pretty bad.

67 year old junior high school coach.

All right, there you go.

I have to finish the story.

65 year old, 67 year
old, junior high school.

You just put those in the same sentence
and you know it’s already bad and gross.

He’s the coaching track and field.

And he said to you, this is, it’s
the context I’m having trouble with.

Junior high school coach
track and field already grows.

So the context for this is difficult.

’cause he said there’s a male student
and he says to the male student,

if you get a really good score in your
exam, I will be so happy, I will hug her.

So there’s a female student
on the track and field team

that he has threatened,
has promised to hug.

So I think what’s happened is
he’s like, there’s an attractive girl.

This is now me doing some assumptions.

There’s an attractive
girl on the track team.

And he’s talking to a
boy and he’s making a joke

and he’s saying, if you do
really good, I’ll be so happy.

I will hug her.

That could be played off as a joke.

Like, ha ha ha, because
she’s so attractive

and everyone loves
her, I will be so happy.

I will get out of my comfort zone
and actually sexually assault this child.

Which you know, again,
in some context as a

joke, I could actually
see that coming off.

But in this situation
where he’s talking to a group

of high school kids who
don’t have the same level

of authority or social power, he’s
now threatening this little girl basically.

So he was reported, some of
the other students reported him.

He was questioned and he said, I
meant I wanted him to get a good grade.

I was just joking.

But the students said it was disgusting
and they were very put off by it.

And they should have been.

And this is it.

There’s a difference
between, like if I made

that joke in my social
group, it might be okay.

If I play it off, if I know
my friends and I know the

people I’m talking to, I
could play that off as a joke.

If I’m a teacher in and among students
that does not play off, that does not work.

So that’s maybe where this
67 year old man fell apart.

He did the right thing.

He was told he was gonna be
suspended and he’s like, I’ll just quit.

I mean, I’m obviously not gonna be
able to rebuild this relationship now.

So that, because he
kind of did the right thing

after, like look, I’ve
ruined this relationship.

I’m gonna stop.

He makes me think
he really was just joking.

He just wasn’t very good at jokes,
which is another problem with older people.

Because I can make jokes.

And I know my younger
coworkers won’t find them funny.

Because I’m using jokes sort of
from my mindset from my age group.

My jokes may be being outdated or more
sexist than is acceptable in modern times

or more offensive than is
acceptable in modern times.

So knowing your audience is the
biggest part of making a good joke.

I recently had to do a speech
at work and I did a fairly good job.

I made some good jokes,
but I had to be very conscious

of what I was saying
and who I was saying it to.

‘Cause I’m really speaking to the
most sensitive person in my company.

And if I can not offend
them, I’m doing a good job.

Whereas I’m out drinking with like my three

or four closest friends, I
can basically say whatever

I want and they all know
what I actually mean.

Even if I don’t express myself very well.

(upbeat music)

(chill electronic music).

Nickname Problems

(upbeat music)

Johnny Smiley is right at the top.

I didn’t wanna talk about
him when he was trending

for being an asshole and
I don’t really wanna talk

about him now, but
he’s fallen into the trap

with the Japanese police that
the sort of draconian nature

of Japanese laws most
of the time I find terrifying,

but the benefit of the
draconian system is when

it is applied the right
way is quite entertaining.

So Japan has a system they can hold
you for 23 days without charging you.

They can do that for each crime.

So what they do often is they catch
you, hold you for 23 days, they let you go.

As you walk out the
door, they catch you again

and hold you for another
23 days on another charge.

Johnny Smiley, he was
arrested for trespassing.

He was held for 23 days
and just recently was released

and as he was released,
they re-arrested him

for obstruction of business,
which is a classic obstruction

of business for recording video inside
a restaurant and playing loud music.

So in Japan, in America, if you’re in
public, you’re allowed to record people.

In Japan, that’s not the case.

You actually need to get every single
person’s permission to record them.

If it’s in a business, it’s
doubly worse because you need

the business’s permission
and the people in the place.

So it becomes a very difficult thing

to actually get permission
to video in any space,

really, if you’re gonna do it and put it on
the Internet and stuff, you can get sued.

That’s basically what it comes down to.

The playing loud music is
an obstruction of business.

I’m sure the business told him to stop
and he didn’t because he’s Johnny Smiley.

So they arrested him for that.

He was re-arrested and then pulled back
in, he’s gonna be held for another 23 days.

His visa is probably very close
to expired if it hasn’t already.

And it’s just a question
now of once they deport

him, ’cause that’s really
all they’re gonna do.

They’re not really gonna
charge him with any of this stuff.

They’re gonna hold
him until his visa expires.

Probably put him on a blacklist
so he can’t come back to Japan.

But I’m wondering if they’re just
like, I do wonder about his mindset.

Like, have they made this
experience so negative to him?

That he won’t come back.

Like, he won’t be able to come back.

But if he could, would he come back?

Is it really interesting question to me?

I’d be interested in sort
of one or two interviews,

maybe after he gets back
home to wherever he’s from.

Or not, ’cause he just seems like a prick.

And that is sort of the core
issue, is that he’s just a prick.

And I’m happy he’s been arrested
and I’m happy he’s being held.

I’m happy he’s going
through all the nightmares

that the Japanese legal
system can create for someone.

It’s just usually when it does it,
it’s not really fair to the person.

But in this case, he did it to himself.

(upbeat music)

So the conveyor belt Sushi terrorism.

There was a couple of instances
of this, but one was a guy.

It turned out later that he was arrested

on a separate charge for
underage sex trafficking.

So he’s pretty gross.

But the real question was, how
much trouble are you going to get into

for taking the publicly shared
soy sauce and linking it?

‘Cause that’s what he was arrested for.

That’s a public nuisance
obstruction of business.

The issue being, how much of
a threat is it to other people?

How much of a health
hazard is it to other people?

And what is the punishment
that should go along with that?

That was the bid I was interested in.

Well, he has been sentenced and
he’s going to do three years in prison.

He’s, so basically, being a jerk
in a high-ten Sushi restaurant

has led him to now spend the
next three years of his life in prison.

That’s separate from the
other charge, the other like

sex charge, the other charge
that he had given to him

that everyone only found
out about after the fact.

Before warned, if you’re
a Johnny Somali type,

and you come to Japan,
actually the thing is, yeah.

So this shows the difference.

They can get rid of Johnny Somali
without actually doing anything.

They just hold him till his visa expires,

get him out of the country,
and then he’s blacklisted.

This guy, because he’s Japanese,
they can’t just get rid of him.

So three years in prison.

Now that seems extreme,
but also they’re absolutely

making sure he’s
never gonna do it again.

(upbeat music)

Japan versus hay fever.

This is something I go through every year.

I am a big hay fever
sufferer now, which sucks.

Areas around major cities, they’re
going to start culling the trees.

Right now they are currently cutting
down about 50,000 hectares a year.

They’re going to increase
that to 70,000 hectares.

They have submitted a new budget.

The new budget includes more tree murder
machines to murder trees more efficiently.

And then a guaranteed supply of
allergy drugs for up to 500,000 people.

That’s double what it was previously.

40% of the population of Japan
suffers from allergy seasonal allergies.

And it’s, they’re actually seeing it now
as a point because it’s so many people.

It is problematic
because it actually will

affect productivity
overall on a national level.

So we’re gonna get rid of these trees.

They’re gonna plant low
pollen trees in place of them.

I’m hoping I’m interested now in this.

Actually, I thought about
this in the last second.

If the trees are non-native
species, will people

form allergies to them in
like the next generation?

A lot of allergy sufferers, they
develop the allergy over time.

So that’s a big question.

Will they just start
having allergies right away?

If you plant some new
trees, will there be less

allergies overall and
that will be generational?

Or will future generations develop more
and severe allergies to these new trees?

This is reminding me of a story I read.

I think it was a couple of years ago.

It was a guy he was doing research on
those monkeys that sit in hot Springs.

Those seem like a nice thing, but
that’s just poop soup at that point.

And he noticed that one of
the monkeys had a triallurgy

and he said he felt really sorry for it
’cause it’s not like he could go over it.

You’re not supposed to,
as a nature documentarian,

you’re not supposed to interfere
with nature, but at the same time.

And you can’t really give a
monkey drugs, but he was like, man,

I really wanted to give that
monkey an antihistamine.

And I’m totally on board.

I was like, that monkey’s life sucks.

And there’s anything you could have done.

I would have felt the exact same way.

It’s irrelevant, but there’s empathy for
you in the world, which is a nice thing.

(upbeat music)

For the first time in a
decade, a survey was done.

No, but the first time in the
decade a survey was done.

No, a survey was done.

As it is done every year.

And the first time in a
decade, Japanese people are

generally trending towards
more positive than negative

in their impression of
South Korea, which is great.

‘Cause I want South Korea and
Japan to become fast friends.

I understand that the complicated
history between the two countries,

I understand all the terrible
things that have happened

in the past, but I’m
thinking about the future.

And the future is these
two powerhouses working

together become a
dominant force in the world.

37.4% of people think South Korea is good.

32.8% I think South Korea is bad.

And I’m guessing the other
leftover percentages are neutral,

but that trend to the positive is
something I wanna see more in the world.

Not just in South Korea, but I just
want people to be nice and friendly.

I’m not in a jovial mood.

I messed up my knee and I went to the doctor
and they’re like, well, let’s just wait.

And honestly, the last thing you
want from the doctor is just wait.

You actually just wanted
to do something and fix it.

You want it fixed so you can go
back and be a normal human being.

So I may be a little more low key today.

I hope I am still providing you the
standard of entertainment you expect,

which I’m assuming at
this point is quite low

if you’ve come back to Ninja
Ninja Japan for any amount of time.

So, you know, we’re in good shape.

Let’s just keep it there and move on.

(upbeat music)

So the Prime Minister of Japan,
Kishida was giving a speech.

And he has been now
referred to in the media

as tax increase mega
nay, mega nay is classes.

So they are calling him
essentially tax increase classes.

Or I guess if you’re gonna turn it into
slang, it would be tax increase four eyes.

This heckler was at his speech.

So he’s been called down the media

and apparently this
nickname really, really bugs

him, which honestly
is already pretty funny.

A heckler while he was giving his
speech, shouted out tax increase mega nay.

And so the Prime Minister’s like
clearly he’s been resting on his mind.

So he had like a wicked comeback.

He goes, should I get LASIC?

Which I think is not addressing the
insulting part of the moniker as it were.

It’s the tax increase part.

People are upset about not your glasses.

Did not land as strongly
as maybe he had hoped.

This is one of the
problems with politicians.

They don’t tend to be like funny.

This is one of the
reasons people liked Trump

as he said dumb shit, but he
wasn’t funny in a smart way.

He was funny in a double way.

And then he always, he crossed lines,
which is where the entertainment ended.

Prime Minister’s heads of state, whatnot.

They should try to stay
out of the comedy realm,

unless that’s where they
started and how they got into it.

The irony now, because of his
statement, should I get LASIC?

A bunch of people on the Internet
were like, yes, yes, you should.

And they’re saying like you are more
handsome without glasses than with glasses.

So you should get the
LASIC that you were jokingly

suggesting as a counter
to this nickname you

have, I don’t think he’s
done himself any favors.

I don’t know.

I don’t know what to
do with that one at all.

Tax increase for eyes is
a pretty harmless name.

I don’t think that would get to me.

I guess I’m not the
prime minister of a country

where tax increases have become
like my reputational standard.

I’m trying to think of what
people, I got, because my hair is red.

It was redder when I was young.

I got carrot top, my name’s Peter.

So I got Peter Cottontail
and Peter Pumpkin Eater.

And at no point did any of
those actually bother me?

Like I remember being a kid and a kid
walking on to a guru, Peter, Peter, Peter,

Pumpkin Eater, I was like, and,
like, is that really the best you got?

There’s no personal insult there.

You’ve just taken a child’s nursery rhyme
that has my name in it and then said that.

That’s not very good.

That kid actually,
I think it kind of

humiliated him because
my reaction was so blase.

I did get called Peter
Cottontail a few times

and I was like, again, and
a very lovable character.

Everyone, everyone thinks
Peter Cottontail is cute.

So, I mean, you’re not really
hurting my feelings at that point.

I have nowhere to go with this.

It’s just, nicknames only have
power if you give them power.

So I was thinking, maybe
it would have been in

’cause she does best
interest to ignore the nickname

and the heck, throw the
heckler out for being disruptive.

But the response, should I get LASIC?

Probably he thought was
like a drop the mic, slam dunk

and it really came out fairly
lame and, I mean, let’s be honest,

it was, and now people are
saying, yes, you should get LASIC.

You would look better with LASIC.

(electronic music)

A 75-year-old man.

All right, this isn’t creepy
news, this is just violent.

A 75-year-old man
was arrested for pulling

a woman’s hair at an
ATM for being too slow.

That’s it.

It seems like a very weird reaction and
then again, thinking that it’s acceptable.

Like, so honestly, I’ve
been at ATMs in Japan

and people do seem
to write their life story

into the touch pad
when they’re doing stuff.

But they’re doing their finances.

Their personal finances, it takes time.

Is frustrating it is for me?

I sit there and wait, that’s
what I do, it’s what you should do.

I’ve never instinctively thought
maybe I should assault them

in some way and it will
make them wrap up quicker.

It will make them wrap up
quicker or not ’cause if they

have to get stuff out, still
has to wait, I don’t know.

He claims he did nothing
wrong, not understanding

that you aren’t allowed
to go around grabbing

people’s hair and pulling
on it all Willy nilly alike.

So at 75, he’s clearly not gonna be
changing his way of thinking, at 75.

It’ll be interesting to see if
he gets like assault charges.

It is assault.

Is he gonna get jail time?

I doubt it, he’ll probably get a fine.

I bet he has to pay the girls some
money, which is, I think appropriate.

Putting your hands on someone’s
not okay, I need a lawyer friend.

I think that’s maybe it.

I need a Japanese scholar
expert lawyer type person

and I can give them these scenarios
and we can kind of talk through

what the actual appropriate
punishment would be.

‘Cause I would like to hear that.

I would like to know what the actual
punishment should be for these things.

And then maybe compare them
to what it actually comes out as

and then, you know, talk
through the difference.

So if you’re a Japanese
lawyer who speaks English,

that’s a pretty tall order
for an engineer’s Japan.

Although, once again, rated the
number two podcast on Japanese news.

Again, right behind the national newspaper.

So I realized though, I saw,
of course, being number two

it kind of bugs you if you’re
number two a couple of times.

So I went and checked
and they release an

episode every day and I
think that’s the problem.

Because if they release an episode
every day and it gets downloaded every day,

their numbers are always
going to be higher than mine.

So I’m never going to be able to catch
up because I can’t do it every single day.

But think, I became the number two podcast

for Japanese news with
very little investment.

Wow, shit.

Now I just thought of how much money
you’ve spent on fucking podcasting stuff.

The mic, arm, the microphone, the camera.

I should not have gone down this path.

The mayor of Nakama was a guest speaker

and he decided to try to be
charming and smart and witty,

which is what you should do
when you’re giving speeches.

There’s a very fine line and you
have to know your audience and stuff.

And so that’s where
this all sort of falls apart.

He decided to say speeches
and skirts should be short.

Now while I agree with
his sentiment, I do think

speeches should be short
and I am a heterosexual male.

So I do enjoy a short skirt.

I know that as a public official
that is not an appropriate statement

to make during any sort
of speech, as a guest

speaker, you’re actually
making the speaker look bad.

So that’s also problematic.

But he got in trouble, he apologized.

I think as far as some
of the grow statements

that have been made, like all the races and
stuff, that one is sort of more innocent.

So I think he thought this
was like a good joke term thing.

And he sort of spoke out a term
as come back to bite him in his butt.

And I was about to make some
jokes and I’ve decided not to,

which is exactly what the
mayor of Nacama didn’t do.

(upbeat music)

The creator of Gantz is
a manga and it turned into

an anime and then they
made a live action film.

Hiroya Oku.

Claims to be the first person
to have drawn giant breasts.

Now I personally believe
that giant breasts have been

drawn well, well before
he started making comics.

Now I think what he
means is like an official

capacity of some sort that
he has made giant breasts

a common thing and
that he’s the inspiration

for other manga artists
to draw giant breasts.

So he feels that he has
inspired other manga artists

to draw their female
characters with giant breasts

instead of just like normal
anatomically appropriate breasts.

I guess he feels like he’s
left his Mark on the world.

I’m wondering if that’s the
legacy I would have chosen

for myself, if I was gonna
choose my own legacy,

I don’t know if that’s the
one I would have gone for.

Having to tell everyone about it means

that not everyone knows
it or feels the same way.

So there’s an interesting secondary
question there of do they disagree.

I do know that giant breasts
were drawn before him,

but at the same time
perhaps not an official capacity,

he claimed that other manga artists sort of
copied him and that he made this a trend.

That of course the anime
otaku audience cares for deeply.

Okay, a guy was arrested for spilling
bodily fluids on a skirt on a train.

And he said in his defense,
so he’s on a train, it’s crowded,

and then this woman goes, hey, young lady,
there’s stuff on your skirt, she checks,

and there’s like that
stuff, it’s man stuff,

it’s stuff, we kinda
all know what it is.

The man was somehow
found out fairly quickly and

arrested, and he said
he didn’t do it on purpose.

He said, I believe the
bodily fluids may have spilled

because I couldn’t get tissues
or a handkerchief out in time,

but I wasn’t thinking about
splashing the girl with it.

Please keep in mind in his defense
that he was still on a public train,

he was still taking care
of personal business

and the fact that he couldn’t get to his
tissues in time isn’t the issue at hand.

I have long said that Japanese trains,

because of all this stuff,
should have cameras,

there’s actually no cameras
on Japanese public transport.

This is gonna change, security cameras
are going to be installed on any new train

on a line with more than 100,000 people
a day, which is honestly, most of them,

except the most sort of
countryside areas in the country.

So even though I live in
sort of a backwater city,

and I travel to Nagoya,
because I travel to a big city

to go to work, I know on my train
line, there’s 100,000 people a day easily.

So from that, any new car put on that line,
and of course the cars are being retired

and replaced all the time, that
means there will be cameras

on the train shooter later, which
I actually think is a good thing.

Just take care of it and private, man.

(upbeat music)

A last creepy dude story, a peeping Tom.

Now, when I think of peeping Tom’s,

I have the sort of cartoonish
image of a guy in a bush,

pushing the bush aside and looking in
through a window, may be climbing a tree.

This guy took it to the next level.

He says he’s like, I wanna
see in this woman’s apartment,

I wanna see what she’s doing,
I wanna peeping Tom, her.

I feel a little bad for everyone named Tom,

this association, I
guess it’s that kid’s

thing, where the names
that were thrown at me,

like Peter Cottontail,
didn’t hurt my feelings,

but peeping Tom, that
actually hurt your feelings.

That’s like a connection
that reflects badly on you.

He decided that there was a seven story
building, he decided the best way to do this

to go look into this woman’s room, would
be to repel down the side of the building.

Now, I have never repelled
anything, but I know the first thing,

if I was gonna repel down a building,
like let’s just say for some reason,

I have the instinct, I’m going to
repel down the side of this building.

I want the rope that
I will be using to repel

with, to be firmly
attached to something.

This guy tied it to a ladder.

Now, ladders don’t tend to
be connected to anything solid.

Therefore, the ladder
slipped and he fell seven story.

They didn’t actually say
how many stories, he survived.

So maybe he didn’t fall all seven stories.

He was arrested, he
was taken to the hospital,

and then when he was released for
hospital, he was immediately arrested.

I was weirdly more
focused on the repelling

aspect of this story than
the actual peeping Tom.

Peeping Tom’s are just
like every gross, needing to

do a new Japan story,
relatively common to be honest.

I like the stories where
they take it to an extreme.

It’s weird when you take it to an extreme,
but you’re also too dumb to do it right.

So it’s the stories where
people take something

to an extreme and they’re kind of like
leveling up versus this guy where he’s like,

I’m gonna do something, I’m not smart
enough to think it all the way through.

I have no intention personally
of doing this kind of thing,

and I already know, I
need to look into repelling

a little bit more before I
start trying to repel anything.

So kids, don’t repel down buildings.

I mean, that’s it.

Just, again, I’m not gonna give
you advice on how to peep or Tom.

I just don’t want you
to repel down buildings.

It’s dangerous, don’t do it.

(upbeat music)

(upbeat music)


(wind whooshing).

Sorry kids, no

(electronic music)

Nagasaki cops can now wear sunglasses.

It did, okay, growing up.

You don’t realize
things until they tell you.

So I would have
thought that cops are just

allowed to wear sunglasses
in the West in Canada

when I grew up, you
know, cops wear sunglasses.

I remember as a kid watching the TV show,
chips, California, highway patrol, sexies,

sexy boys, I don’t know.

I don’t remember what the S stands, patrol,

sexy. It’s the only word that comes to mind

when you see those two
hunks of hunks of men.

The scene, I don’t remember the show.

I do remember, fuck,
this is now a brain’s gone.

I’m gonna talk about chips for a second,
only because if you talk about cops,

one of my first images is
them riding up on motorcycles,

wearing sunglasses, probably
taking the sunglasses off.

That’s it.

It was a show about California Highway
Patrol officers who were very sexy.

All crime had to be highway related,

which already makes it a
very complicated story to write.

There’s several issues there.

The, I do remember one episode
where it was a kid on a skateboard,

grabbed onto the bumper
of a car, and then I guess

went on the highway, and
so they had to save them.

That’s the only thing I
remember from chips.

I’m not gonna go back and visit it.

Anyways, so my thought from when I
was a child is the cops wear sunglasses,

and then we have the
very, very famous CSI Miami

where he takes off his
sunglasses and goes, “W.

“So, I had never thought that you
weren’t allowed to wear sunglasses,

“and it’s not that you weren’t
allowed to wear sunglasses,

“they weren’t banned outright,

“but it wasn’t, they
weren’t worn, “but it was just

something you just didn’t
do, “please in Japan.”

And they didn’t want, because they didn’t
want to seem intimidating to local people,

because you want the
local people to work with you,

and you can’t be seen as
a scary person to approach

if people with sunglasses,
sunglasses in Japan,

they’re very, very connected
to the Yakuza lifestyle.

I do remember a friend
of mine went to a wedding,

and he said, “There’s the bride’s side of
the wedding “on one side of the church,

“and the groom’s side of the wedding,
“and the other side of the church.”

And the bride’s side, all the guys were
wearing sunglasses, in the church, inside.

So clearly they were trying to send a message
that they were like, “Tuff Yakuza do.”.

“Anyway, the officers
were kind of complaining

“when they were on
patrol, it’s very sunny in the

summertime, “and it’s
hard, they’re worried about A,

“having an accident because being blinded
by the sun, “or B, damaging the ride.”.

So to prevent accidents and
reduce damage to eye health,

also so that they can whip them off
and do a really cool CSI Miami thing,

and let’s face it, sunglasses are
sexy, so you could be more chips-like.

So you could put the S in chips.

Oh, look at that’s the title theme.

Okay, got it, got it on the second try.

This is a story that has
come back irregularly,

and I’m fascinated
by it because it is part

of the modernization of Japan as a culture,
demonstrates the resistance Japan has

to moving forward and integrating people
who are not initially natively Japanese.

Now the thing is, the kids in
these stories were born in Japan.

They might have mixed heritage, but they
were born in Japan, so the Japanese kids.

But they are not, you
can see that the country

has not come to accept
them as Japanese kids yet.

37,000 signatures have been
collected calling for an end

to hair discrimination.

We’ve done the story of
the girl who had naturally

brown hair, who was
told to dye her hair black,

who then damaged her scalp and
ended up suing the Osaka school board.

We did the story, the young boy who decided
to wear corn Rose to his graduation,

and then was excluded
from his own high school

graduation because his
hairstyle was not approved.

The thing is that we haven’t
seen that kind of hair before.

Therefore, you’re not allowed to wear it,

such a bullshit reason, but I
mean, that is what they said.

The petition is calling for a
revision to problematic school rules.

And basically, these are
exclusionary school rules and they’re

saying the problem is, these
school rules encourage bullying.

So it’s basically state
sanctioned or, in this case,

board sanctioned bullying
by teachers or other students

to students who have not
naturally black-straight hair.

So if you have, there’s
a story that came out

of it, someone who
had naturally curly hair,

they had to get a certificate
to show to the school board

that this was naturally curly hair

and that they hadn’t been perming it,

but there’s the brown hair.

They had to prove that
they weren’t dying their hair.

The school rule needs to be changed.

So way back.

And this is because I
ended up talking about

it, people tried to come
at me on the Internet.

But there was a rule
that you had as part of the

school uniform you had
to wear white underwear.

And I saw the immediate problem with that

sooner or later it means
someone has to check

if you’re wearing the
right color underwear.

Gross teacher stories are pretty common.

I actually cut out, I think, to this week,
it was a teacher taking up skirt photos

and the teacher doing
something else creepy.

There are a lot of creepy
people in a lot of places.

So you don’t want teachers
checking your child’s underwear.

That was it.

I was like, just straight up, this is
not something you want teachers to do.

So they needed to change the rule.

to the underwear just shouldn’t be visible.

‘Cause I was actually thinking,
the girls tend to wear a white shirt,

so if they wore a colored bra or
something, it would show through.

That would be enough to say, you
have to wear a white or a neutral color,

but basically make the rule,
we can’t see your underwear.

If we can’t see your underwear, no problem.

I don’t actually say what color it is.

That’s the saving point.

This is the same.

You have to change the rule.

So right now the rules,
you have to have black,

straight hair and it
might be to your shoulder

or something very
specific about the cuts.

What they want to stop
students doing is dying,

permitting or changing
their hair in such a way.

So what they need to actually do is
just say, your hair needs to be natural.

Instead of saying, straight black,

it needs to be natural and
that will solve this problem.

But it also means you’re gonna
have to accept that some kids

with mixed heritage are going
to have different kind of hair.

I think that might be where it falls apart.

(upbeat music)

Speaking of high school,
international relations I guess,

the relationship between China and Japan.

is a difficult one.

This certainly is not gonna out.

So this popped up on the Internet.

It was a Chinese high school.

They’re having like a sports day or
some sort of festival or something.

And they decided it
would be a really good idea.

Which, the thing to me, this means this
had teacher/parent approval to go forward.

Now if I was a teacher, I
would have said, oh, this is

import taste, not because
of international politics,

but because of the
content of what we’re doing.

So this Chinese high school, they say,

what we’ll do is let’s reenact
the assassination of Shinzo Abba.

Here I go.

Abba was giving a speech.

He was standing on this platform,

giving a speech for some
political person coming up.

A guy with a homemade
shotgun walks up and shoots them.

It was, I don’t wanna get too into it.

We’ve actually talked about this a
bunch of times on the international Japan.

Anyways, former prime minister
Shinzo Abba last year was assassinated.

They had a kid standing
on a chair, this other kid

runs up and like fake
shoots him with a shotgun.

And then they unfurled as
very big, produced banner.

Again, because this had to
be approved by some adult.

who was like, yes,

you kids should reenact
an assassination of someone.

That’s a great idea.

The banner said, two
gunshots left dead bodies,

contaminated water
leaves a legacy of suffering.

And then everyone in the audience was like,

oh, excellent, wonderful
play, wonderful message.

So what they’re talking
about is China’s very unhappy

about the release of some
of the contaminated water

from the Fukushima
power plant into the ocean.

Now, studies were done.

I’m just going off the news.

So studies were done.

They have international people come in
like third bodies come in and they said,

the amount of radiation
it’s releasing to the

water is less than if
they did it another way.

So they’re doing this, what they
consider the safest way possible.

China’s saying, no, I don’t care.

You didn’t consult us.

You didn’t do it the way we wanted it done.

So you’re doing it wrong is a very
Chinese anti-Japanese stance to take.

They banned all fish
imports from Japan to China,

a pretty serious reaction.

Japan was actually talking about suing
them in the world trade organization.

So there’s all this other stuff happening.

The message of the Chinese government

as that the Fukushima
release of the water is bad.


That’s an opinion.

I don’t know enough about it.

It seems like from what I’ve read, but
of course I read maybe biased material.

I don’t know.

That this is the best way.

Russia and China were at
one point saying, you should

put it up into the air
and it will disperse more.

So there’ll be less in
one place at one time.

I don’t know.

I just don’t know.

I mean, that’s just leave it at the facts.

I don’t want to say something
that ends up being not true.

I’m fairly ignorant on this issue, but it
seems like they’ve taken steps to make sure

that they’re doing it the safest
way, possible at the moment.

I’ve used from now, we might
find out that was 100% incorrect.

That wouldn’t a surprise me either.

The little play these
Chinese kids put on though.

Shinzo Abe, former Prime Minister of Japan

being assassinated has
nothing to do with Fukushima.

He wasn’t Prime Minister.

He didn’t have anything to do
with the release of the wastewater.

He was already dead by that time.

They seem to have just decided,

let’s take a dramatic moment
in recent Japanese history,

reenact that and connect
it to something we don’t like.

So the undertone of the violence
and the threat is maybe what I don’t like.

‘Cause if I was teaching my kids,
even if there was countries I don’t like,

I was about to think
of if there’s a country

that I don’t like, but
every country I’ve been

to, I’ve liked and I’ve
liked the people I’ve met.

I can talk as a teacher.

As a teacher, if my
students came to me and

said, we would like to
reenact the assassination

from another country,
another country that we,

traditionally or have been
conditioned to not like.

The hatred towards other countries in Asia

is very much, I believe,
nurture, not nature.

It’s a taught thing, but even as a teacher,

I guess if I was a Chinese
teacher, I would think differently.

I’m now struggling because
what I’m trying to say

is that I as a teacher would
not think that reenacting the

assassination of anybody is a
good thing for students to do.

And political criticism, I think is fair,

but again, I’d like it to be more unbiased.

Maybe use the word I’m looking for.

The assassination
element puts a tone of

violence into this
protest that is unnerving,

primarily because it’s an undertone of
violence is constant and that’s the issue.

I would like them to start looking at
politics, international politics as not.

The prelude to war,
the prelude to violence.

Is that seems like where a
lot of these countries are going

and that’s what they’re
teaching their youth

and the youth grow
up and then they don’t

have an opportunity
to change their thinking.

I’m trying to solve world
of violence and racism.

Maybe a 30 minute news oriented,

Japanese oriented podcast
isn’t the best format for that.

I’m just like my brains now going
in circles, like what would I do?

I would absolutely tell my students
you cannot reenact in assassination.

You want to make a political statement
about releasing the Fukushima water?

We could find a way to do that.

I don’t think it’s a good idea.

Okay, let’s get some
statistics up there or something.


Let’s talk about alternatives.


Let’s reenact in assassination.

Sorry, kids, no.

Dustreal espionage.

Not something we’ve talked about a lot

and it is one of those things
I find incredibly interesting

because it’s two companies
and they’re stealing secrets

and selling secrets and it’s
espionage, but it’s not like spies.

It’s like normal people
could do this kind

of espionage, which
I think is really cool.

So a man was fired in 2022.

Let’s get back to the
whole history of this thing.

He was fired for stealing
suspicion of stealing data.

from a glass bottle manufacturer.

So what they do is in Japan,

this Japanese company they
create ultra light glass bottles,

glass being easier to
recycle and it was ultra

light, you can make more
bottles from less glass.

This could be valuable
because you could see things like

plastic bottles being made more
illegal in the future or difficult.

So a very light glass could
be the next stage in sort

of the environmental gains
that they’re making in them.

We sold this to a Chinese competitor.

He joined the Japanese company 2003.

In 2013 to 2017, he was
part of the overseas team

as an interpreter and they
suspect he stole the information

from the company in 2016 as
he was working for an interpreter

in China and then would have
had sort of deeper connections

with some of the Chinese
employees that he was working with.

Maybe they would have
convinced him to do it.

He was fired because of his suspicious
connections to the Chinese in 2022

and around the same time, 189.6
million yen was sent to his wife’s company

where she is on the board of director
and they didn’t really explain why.

So what they think this
guy working for this company,

this glass company, stole the information,
gave it to the Chinese company.

The Chinese company
paid the wife so they didn’t

go directly to him in
the hopes of hiding it.

But that 189 million
yen is pretty noticeable.

They was caught pretty quickly.

So I want to see how this plays out.

And I actually, again,
very, very interested in

what is the punishment
for corporate espionage.

No one is physically hurt by them.

The secondary issue is
that the secrets already

out there, that Chinese
company has a secret.

So they could put this Japanese
company out of business, possibly,

if they utilize that information
for the best of their abilities.

I’m going to be watching this story.

I’m hoping we get more
information where it comes out

in the future, because
this is really interesting.

Johnny and Associates, we’ve hit this
one in the last three weeks in a row now.

They had a press conference.

And in the press conference, they’re
going to deal with some of the issues

that have been coming up like, OK,
what are we doing with our company?

We’re going to change
it to smile, up, company,

and they’re going to deal with restitution
for the victims of the sexual assault

that have happened
over the last 20, 30 years.

They need to have a press
conference and answer some questions.

So turns out they made a
blacklist of outlets and reporters.

They will not talk to, because nothing shows
how much you want to repair a situation

that might be like, oh, yeah, we
want to be open and transparent,

but we’re not talking to you
or you or you or this company.

We want to redress
past issues, but if we’re

not going to talk about
specific past issues,

the list, so this company called FTI,
they put together the press conference.

They are sort of the promotion company,
the organization that’s putting this

press conference together.

They say that Johnny’s didn’t
have a part in making the list,

which I think is almost impossible, because
how would they know which companies

or which reporters to
not allow to ask questions?

Unless there’s just like, oh, this
guy from the industry of Japan

has a reputation for
asking the hard questions.

Let’s just put him on a blacklist.

But you know, Johnny’s
must have had some input as

to who would and would
not ask the worst questions.

They claim that the list was made so that
the press conference would run smoothly

with the limited time the venue was
available, which I think is absolute bullshit.

I mean, it’s all bullshit, of course.

They’re just trying to get
out, dig themselves out of

this hole, but of course
you do this kind of stuff.

What you’re doing is showing
is how deep the hole is.

The press conference had a
one question per company rule.

So if you had three
reporters from one company,

all three of them could
only ask one question

didn’t matter how
many people were there.

Some reporters started shouting
out because they weren’t being picked.

So these were probably
the reporters on the blacklist.

So they accidentally showed some
guy a reporter that there was a blacklist.

And he, of course, then went and reported
it and now it’s caused a big problem.

Maybe Johnny and Associates needs to
just change the whole attack from, okay,

we not only were we were sexually
abusing people and trying to cover it up,

maybe we should just
stop trying to cover

stuff and try to deal with it
and try to make the world better.

Now, now let’s just
keep going down the path

you went down before
because it works so well.

Two Portuguese people
tried to get into Japan.

They had 1.8 kilograms
of cocaine wrapped in

plastic wrap in small
balls inside their body.

They didn’t say, oh, no, they did.

They did.

They swallowed them.

So what they did is they took
the 1.8 kilograms of cocaine.

They wrapped it into 15 gram balls
wrapped in, so ran wrap or plastic wrap.

I have an issue with that.

Like I could swallow a lot of stuff.

I didn’t know how it does say.

They were 4.5
centimeters long and 2

centimeters wide, so
you could swallow that.

That’s pretty big.

It’s a big pill.

This thing like a big, big pill.

The plastic wrap I feel like would stick.

That’s all.

And plastic wrap isn’t sealed.

That’s the other issue.

I got a couple issues with this.

I know the condoms, if
a condom break, if you

fill a condom with
cocaine and you swallow it

or put it in your body
and it explodes, you die.

I guess they’re hoping that
not many of these will explode.

What I really wanted to know was how many
pills or tiny balls of cocaine that is.

So at 1.8 kilograms
divided into 15 gram balls,

that’s 120 balls total
between two people.

So that’s about 60 balls each.

They got caught in the
dumbest way possible.

So I’m not a great drug mule.

I’ve never done it before.

I could call myself inexperienced.

I was going to become
a drug mule and you’re

like, “Okay, Peter, I want you to
swallow 60 pill-sized balls of cocaine.”


We’re going to fly you
into another country.

When you get to the customs, you’re
going to say you’re here for tourism.

All right, I’m ready.

Let’s go.

Then the customs guy got suspicious.

And he got suspicious because
they said, “We’re here for tourism.”

And the customs guy was like,
“Where are you going to visit?”

And they didn’t know any tourist places.

And I’m thinking, Japan is a
very famous tourist destination.

Like you don’t need to
have learned much about

Japan to know some of
the tourist destinations.

Like I want to go to,
and then he’s just one of

the first things that
comes to my Mount Fuji.

I want to go to Shibuya.

I want to go to where the
Yakuza games take place.

Because like all this nerd
stuff is completely valid.

What is it?


I want to go to, yeah,
I want to go to Osaka.

I want to go to, it’s very
easy to start naming stuff off.

I didn’t do any research.

I didn’t think about it.

Standing in front of a
customs officer, you know

they ask, “Oh, a tourist,
what are you going to do?”

You say a couple of
places and they’re like,

“Fine, I want to go to a
traditional Japanese hot spring.”.

The amount of research
you would have had to

do to get that question
right is non-existent.

If you’ve heard of Japan, you
could just say a place in Japan.

I want to go to, go
to, to look at a temple.

And you’re home free.

You’ve now taken your 60 balls of cocaine.

You poop them out.

You pick them out of the toilet.

It’s not a funny evening.

But street value of
43.77 million yen, it

was worth doing a
little bit of homework for.

You have lost that much money
and you’re probably going to jail.


Because you wouldn’t do
your eight minutes of homework.

This is maybe revealing
your personal issue I’m having.

It’s not right now.

It would not be an episode in Engineers
Japan without some creepy stuff.

I mean, this was actually one
of the creepier ones this week.

I did, again, I cut out
some of the ones with

some creepy teachers and stuff
because they just weren’t pretty valuable.

They weren’t interesting.

You 63 year old man was arrested
for giving a teen girl a note on a bus.

I could stop there.

You know it gets grosser, but I could
be like, I leave it up to your imagination.

Let your imagination run wild
and see how your brain ends up.

Okay, the note said, Oji-San
will teach you sex education.

It says more than that.

Oji-San for those of you
who don’t speak Japanese

would be like old man or
uncle, that kind of thing.

The Oji-San will teach you sex education.

So this, to me, indicates I was interested
in the note itself in the contents because

it shows what kind of brain space
he was in when he was writing it.

He knew that he was going to be
targeting young to underage girls.

Let’s grow with 17.

He’s 63.

That’s a pretty big age gap.

So he used Oji-San on
purpose because he knew

he as an older man was going
to be talking to younger women.

So he had a target in
mind when he wrote this.

No, which again, pre-gross.

He hasn’t even done the gross thing yet and
he’s already like in the gross mentality.

The note continues.

I used to direct adult videos.

I used to be an actor.

Now it doesn’t say an
actor in adult videos,

but I’m going to connect to those
two and assume that’s what he meant.

He is trying to, I
guess, show that he is

physically capable,
adept, skilled at these acts

in the hopes of enticing the
young woman to untact him.

He did include his contact
information in the note.

So I do have one question.

Was this note typed out?

They sit down on the
computer and type it up

and then print out
multiple so you could just

hand them out a random
or did he write it out

and then just plan
to give one girl a thing.

A statistical odds thing here, right?

If he gives it to a thousand girls,
maybe one will answer in a positive way.

But if he just had one,
he had to like pick the girl.

So there’s a different feeling there.

Both gross, but a difference in sort
of what his, his, his tack was in this.

Including his contact
information may have been his

downfall because the young
girl on the bus took the note.

She went to the police and said,
this gross old man gave me this letter.

This is his phone number or
his other like his email or so.

Please track him down
and have him arrested.

And that is exactly what the police did.

So do I need to give advice on this one?

Don’t include your contact information, but
now the guys like sitting there going like,

but if I don’t get my
contact information, how

is she going to contact me
for all the crazy weird sex?

So you have created
a dilemma for yourself

in that you should have grown
up and realized this was a bad idea.


Erotic Google Drive

(upbeat music)

Update on the Johnny’s
and Associates scandal.

Oh, just to update what the story is,
Johnny Keetagawa founded an agency

that does little pop idol bands, mostly
boys, and he was diddling a bunch of them.

Then he died and then people found out,

which actually, this is maybe
the bit that pisses me off

is that he doesn’t, they’re
actually not blaming him.

Seems somehow wrong.

Like it’s almost like
he died and lived his life

in the horrible way he wanted
to live, but he got away with it.

Whereas the people
now, I don’t know how

guilt, I mean, a bunch
of them are complicit.

So they should at least
be fired, probably arrested,

other things like that, but
it’s not gonna happen either.

Johnny’s and Associates is
going to rebrand into smile up.

So if you were abused by Johnny Keetagawa,
just smile up and everything will be fine.

The new company, smile up, is going
to focus on compensating the victims,

which I assume, I mean, that is
probably one of the better outcomes.

At least they’re doing something
they’re obligated to do something.

But it’s okay.

So the next bit is that there’s a new
talent management company will be created.

So Johnny’s and Associates
was a talent management company.

They’re saying we’re taking that
company and making it into smile up,

which is going to compensate
the victims of Johnny Keetagawa.

Then we’re going to make a
new talent management company.

So they’re not, they’re
making a new company in the

hopes of distancing themselves
from Johnny Keetagawa.

They’re saying the company
we have, we’re going to rename.

And that company is going to focus on.

the recompense.

Yeah, a little torn.

I feel like this company
should not be allowed to exist.

But it’s only because I
don’t know who’s in charge.

Like if they got rid of everyone
and swapped everyone out

and like, okay, we’re
going to make a company

to fix the things and make a new company
that manages pop idol bands with oversight.

Maybe that’s okay.

There are still young men who
want to grow up and be pop idols.

So they shouldn’t have
their dreams crushed,

but they also shouldn’t be diddled
by old men like Johnny Keetagawa.

And that’s the bit that needs to
be said more than anything else.

Johnny Keetagawa was diddling little boys.

He was an abuser.

He was taking advantage of his position.

He was a horrible, horrible man
and deserved to be shamed in life.

He deserved to feel his whole
world come down around him.

And that did not happen.

So that to me is the core injustice

that is not being addressed
because we can’t because he died.

So it’s bugging me
that he got away with it.

So all these new companies and
stuff, they don’t mean anything to me.

So the new talent management company,
they’re like, we got to get a name.

And then the guy who’s
president is like, well, we

should be one of like,
maintain the founders element.

Like he’s like, maybe he
wants to put Johnny in

it, which I’m like, dude,
you should be saying.

Johnny Keetagawa was
a disgusting human being

who did old little boys
who wanted to be famous.

And he’s like, no, no, we want to do that.

And then the statement, this
actually statement piss me off.

What is important is that
it represents the energy

and pride that the
performers have cultivated.

But, again, what you’re
saying is like saying this

guy who abused his
position, who abused people,

that’s not as important as these performers
cultivating all their energy and stuff.

It’s like they’re trying
to pass, okay, this is it.

They’re trying to pass by the issue.

They’re trying to just like pretend,

oh, Johnny Keetagawa’s dead, so
I guess it doesn’t matter anymore.

He wasn’t the only one.

I mean, there are more than one victim.

If you want to know exactly,

there were 478 victims, 325
are seeking some kind of redress.

Ah, man, I don’t know.

If they would stand up and say, Johnny
Keetagawa is gross, horrible, awful.

I think I would be more okay
with what they’re doing now.

But the fact that they
are not addressing the

core issue, they’re
letting the core issue go.

It’s really not sitting right with me.

So like your new company, I
don’t know, what does it represent?

Does it represent what
Johnny Keetagawa represented?

We don’t know because you’re not
denouncing what has already happened.

You’re not taking responsibility for it.

I don’t know what I actually expect.

It’s an entertainment company
and they’re inherently abusive.

But when you have kids, people
try to ask you challenging questions.

They’re usually really stupid.

And my daughter wanted
to, for a little while,

she wanted to do like
not like an idol thing.

She wanted to do like modeling
in like magazines and I said,

no, and it’s not that the modeling
in magazines is inherently abusive,

but the people who are attracted
to that are abusive people.

It’s like the argument like video
games make people violence.

I have played video games my entire life.

It has not made me violent.

I think violent people
will be attracted to

video games because
there is violence there in.

Just like a girl wanting
to be in a magazine and

model and stuff, isn’t
inherently manipulative,

but manipulative people are going
to be attracted to that industry.

So that was my concern.

If the industry had integrity, I wouldn’t
have problem with it, but this is it.

The Johnny Kitagawa scandal
shows that the industry,

because everyone was
complicit, doesn’t have integrity,

which is why I wouldn’t
want my kids or anyone

kids to actually go
into it on their terms.

If there’s another way
you could do it on your

terms, then I actually
think it would be fine.

(phone ringing)

This is a little more
uplifting, which is nice.



Ah, Q-Shoo.

On September 28th, so it’s been a very
hot month, that’s not actually important.

Solar power exceeded the need of the
area and some places got free electricity,

and it may continue into
October and November afternoon.

So, Q-Shoo, very bright place, very sunny.

So the perfect kind of
environment for solar panels,

where I live, I don’t know if
it’s good or not, but not Q-Shoo.

Q-Shoo is a very, very sunny place.

Supply and demand have to be balanced.

This is something I didn’t know.

If supply is higher, and
they have to shut down

the machines, that actually
damages the equipment.

So the ideal for solar
panel is that the supply

and demand are equal
as equal as they can be.

There’s also the issue of the inability

to really store the electricity
generated for long term.

So this is maybe to me,
the issue with solar power

at the moment is solar panels
are great, but we need a solar

panel battery so that the
light, the energy it collects

can be stored for use
when it isn’t as sunny.

It’s actually the reason that in Q-Shoo,

they also use nuclear
power plants, the supplant.

So they’re like flip back
and forth, depending on need.

Houses have smart meters,
and they help with distribution.

It’s really important that the smart meter

can tell you how much
they’ve used in the

past, so they can
actually kind of calculate

how much you’re probably
gonna use today, tomorrow.

If they can do that for the whole city,

they can make sure that everything
is in balance and maintain this stuff.

But it is nice to see something
like solar power being successful.

I think it was in Scotland.

I forget what, there
was a different story,

’cause it wasn’t an
English-used pen story.

Didn’t write it down.

I’m pretty sure it was Scotland.

One of their wind farms created
an excess of electricity as well.

So these green power solutions,
as they improve over time,

are becoming more efficient, are becoming
more, I mean, they’re filling the needs,

and they’re not doing it by
destroying the environment as much.

Again, there’s always some to create

all the facilities, the
wind I’ve been in the past,

very serious about the
difference between a windmill.

And it was solar and
in a wind power turbine.

There you go, my words were gone.

In a wind turbine, I’ve
actually been very technical

on that because of an
activity we do at work.

And suddenly wind turbine
was gone from my head,

so I guess I can’t be
as judgmental in the

future, but I’m gonna
be because that’s my job.

As nice to see these technologies moving
forward, supplying enough energy for areas,

and that plus other energy
sources is gonna be amazing.

Hopefully it will fix some of the problems.

Japan just had the hottest
September on record.

It was up an average of 2.6 degrees,

and that I know people are still
trying to argue climate change.

I guess the argument has changed.

It used to be climate change is real.

Now they’re saying, well,
the climate change is all

the time, and there’s
nothing we can do about it.

And there absolutely is
something we can do about it.

(upbeat music)

Nagoya City in Japan.

So we talked about this before.

They’ve tried to encourage
people not to walk up and down

escalators while they’re in motion, ’cause
they’re worried about people falling down.

They get off balance and stuff, so
what they want is you to stand on it,

hold onto the rail, go up to
the top, everyone’s happy.

Nagoya has begun a city-wide ordinance,

making you are not allowed
to walk in the escalator.

They have done a very Japanese
thing, so they’ve made a rule,

but if you break the rule,
there is no punishment.

So if you come to Nagoya
and you walk up the escalator,

maybe an official will come to
you and go, no, no, don’t do that.

Maybe someone will look at you in a dirty
way, but you won’t actually be penalized.

Maybe that maybe a cop
would talk to you and say,

do you know it’s a rule
that you can’t do that?

And you just say no, and they’ll be
like, well, it is, so don’t do it again.

It is the first city in Japan
to make it an actual ordinance.

They do have many rules in
Japan that come with no punishment,

which makes it very hard in
my mind to enforce the rule.

It’s not like I think it should have a
heavy punishment or anything like that,

but if you have no punishment, then people
are not going to really respect the rule.

(upbeat music)

The Japan government is seeking to
dissolve the unification church in Japan.

It’s primarily because
of a probe into donations

that ruin families,
and they had a story

about trading kids and
other questionable practices.

But the one, so the trading kids
one is actually very hard to prove,

because the parents who raised the
kid are gonna just say, that’s my kid,

and you can’t force DNA
tests in their free society.

I was about to say,
unfortunately, but I guess it’s

fortunate I don’t want people,
I don’t know what I want.

I live in this weird, I live in this weird

in between world, where when
you know it’s bad and they’re

doing bad things, I want you
to go and be able to prove it,

but then also I want them to follow
rule of law and not break the law.

So I guess if I had to have
the debate in the argument,

I would actually fall
on the side of the law,

prove the things you can
actually prove, we should

not be like, er, civil
rights and stuff at all.


Anyways, this all stems from Prime Minister,
former Prime Minister Abe being shot,

and the guy who shot him
was angry about the unification

church, his mother had
given massive donations

to the church and ruined
his family financially.

He didn’t actually intend
to attack the Prime Minister.

He thought there was going
to be a unification church leader

at the speech where the Prime
Minister was and there it wasn’t

one, so he decided, well,
here’s my opportunity, he does it.

So this is the scary part,
this is actually the scary part.

It actually started a
probe into the church.

His story came out and then people started
looking at the church and looking at this.

And then people started
coming forward and saying,

“Yes, the church does abuse donations,
“they do pressure you, they do all.

“these things, they do manipulate people

“into taking all their
money, they do ruin families.”

And now the government’s acting on it,
so in a weird way, and I actually feel like

you shouldn’t say this
out loud, he was successful.

As he got the government
to look at the church

and now the government
is looking at the church

and they’re talking about
dissolving the church.

What this means is that
the church is dissolved,

it means it will
lose its tax benefits.

So it just becomes a corporation, but
it has to pay taxes, and for a religion,

the free money, the non-taxable
money, is how they survive.

It’s why these churches
are so focused on money

’cause they can get as much
as they can, they can hoard as

much as they can, and they
can create programs and whatnot

to actually expand their
church and get more money.

So that’s what it’s all about.

I don’t let people tell you otherwise.

Historically speaking, the
reason the Japanese government

can dissolve a religious
group is it’s clearly found,

it has clearly been found to do
harm to public welfare substantially.

So you could do a little public
harm and you wouldn’t get in trouble,

but if you do a lot of public
harm, substantial public harm,

they can dissolve you,
you lose your tax benefits.

Historically speaking, only two
cults have been dissolved so far.

The most famous one was the Alm Cult, AUM,

back in 1995, they did
the Sarin Gas Attack.

It was a Dunes Day Cult,
so they released this gas

onto a subway and it
killed a bunch of people

who made a bunch of
other people really sick.

I read a book on it, it’s pretty horrible.

The people who survived, so the Sarin Gas.

The problem is they suffer from

essentially like pain and
headaches and stuff all the time.

And initially everyone
was very sympathetic.

This was maybe the weirdest
part of the book for me.

Everyone was very sympathetic at first.

Then two years later when you’re like,

I have a headache because of the Sarin
Gas Attack that happened two years ago.

People have lost their sympathy.

They’re like, well, I was two years
ago, you must be over it by now.

But it is a chronic result
of inhaling the Sarin Gas.

Nothing can do about it.

And then so these people are like, my life,
in a weird way has been ruined because

there’s no physical,
you can’t look at me and

say, yes, he was attacked,
something happened.

I can feel internal pain
from now until the day I die.

And that is terrifying to me.

And then the people around
you, they were sympathetic.

But first, oh my God, you
were part of this horrible thing.

And then a couple years later, like,
could you just shut up and aches?

And I understand both sides.

It is, that is an absolute nightmare.

The Prime Day is a big
important Amazon day.

I think we’ve all partaken.


We have all partook in
Prime Day in the past.

I’m not a homers know sure.


You have partaken, I
guess, would be the problem.

Partook is quite fun to say.

33 workers have decided to halt deliveries

because of non-payment
of Prime Day incentives.

Of course, Prime Day means
there are more packages.

Usually in this area, they average
about 90 packages a day back in 2021.

It kind of went up during the pandemic

because people were
ordering more stuff online.

On the busy days, like, Prime Day,
they can get 200 packages a day.

So more than double
the regular amount of work

they have to do, they have to bust out
in the day to make sure people are happy.

They were supposed to get benefits.

So you incentives to work this day.

And then there was non-payment
from, this is a subcontractor.

So you can’t blame Amazon directly,

but also, I mean, because
Amazon’s been in the news,

because there are people
who want to strike and there are

people who want to unionize
and is being problem clearly.

Things connected to Amazon.

This is what I’m noticing.

So the Johnny Keetigawa
story from the beginning

of the story in this
story, it’s these big

companies and just
the tendrils that go out.

They infect other companies.

And these other companies like, oh,
well, I’ll take the incentive for Amazon.

I won’t pay the subcontractor workers.

They’ll just get the regular
pay and I get to keep that extra.

There’s a complicit nature in these
other companies to profit and benefit.

And they don’t want
to take care of a worker.

We live in a shit world.

I’ve done a couple of CMEBs on
capitalism and not anti capitalism,

but I don’t think the
capitalism we live in right now

is real capitalism, because real
capitalism needs to be controlled.

And that’s actually the problem.

It’s not.

These people talk about free capitalism,
but free capitalism leads to monopolies.

And these monopolies,
the FEC, I don’t know.

F’s, federal trade
commission, FTC in America,

they’re actually accusing Amazon of
being a monopoly on the online space now,

because there’s no company
that come up and take its place.

So they might break them up
or talk about breaking them up.

And that is the natural state.

Companies, they try to gain as much power

and push other companies
out and create a monopoly.

But that’s when it’s not capitalism
anymore, because there is no competition.

Capitalism, the fundamental
aspect of it is competition.

So the government actually
needs to step in and regulate,

essentially how big
these companies can get,

but they’re not doing that because
of our capitalist society and whatnot.

And then these companies
are now paying the politicians.

You know, the deal.

I don’t know if I really
have to explain this again.

But I think what we’re living in at
the moment is not real capitalism.

And that’s maybe the issue.

Because real capitalism, I
guess there’s no real things.

Like true communism, true capitalism,
those things don’t really happen.

We always get some bastardization of it.

But you can’t have true
capitalism without a significant

amount of regulation,
which seems antithetical,

but it’s necessary to make sure
that you don’t get monopolies.

Oh, we’re getting into creepy news,
which is super fun for everybody.

Japan users have begun reporting
that their Google Drive accounts

are getting banned, restoring
erotic anime and adult content.

I didn’t even think about it.

Like I have a Google, I
have a Google Gmail account.

You can send a message to

It will come to me.

It comes with a Google Drive.

So you get whatever the 2, 3, 15 gigs.

I forget how many gigs it is.

It’s just free.

So of course you’re going to use it.

And if you want to like,
I don’t want to keep this

dirty, dirty stuff,
that’s essentially illegal.

Because you got to remember like
uncensored stuff is illegal in Japan.

The erotic anime probably is uncensored.

And that’s illegal in Japan.

So I don’t want to keep
that on my computer.

So I’ll keep it in my Google
Drive where no one can look at it.

But Google probably has spiders and
bots and things searching through it.

So I bet a person– maybe
the bot would report back like a

suspicious thing and then a
person goes in and looks at it.

You agree to that in
your terms and services.

This is just stuff I hadn’t thought of.

So this was very interesting to me.

Because if I was going to keep erotic
material somewhere, it wouldn’t be on my PC.

It would be in the cloud
what I would imagine

to be secure that other
people couldn’t access.

And then I realized, oh shit,
there’s the company could access it.

And they don’t want to get
in trouble for storing child porn

or adult content that’s illegal
like in Japan uncensored porn.

That’s a bad place to keep it.

There was a helpful user on Twitter.

I should start switching over to X.

There’s a company in Florida
called X that is suing Twitter.

And so it’s going to
depend how that rules out

whether or not we end
up calling it X or not.

So this user on X decided to like, just
make sure everyone knows what’s up.

So Google do not use it for storing
your erotic anime and adult content.

Drop box.

Not safe for work material is OK.

It’s a long established company.

So it seems like the good choice.

There is a storage site called
Mega, not safe for work materials OK.

But how long will the company last?

It’s one of those considerations.

Like it’s not a long founded company,

which doesn’t mean it’s
going to last for a long time.

P Cloud is expensive,
but it lasts a long time.

So essentially you buy space on P Cloud.

You can keep it forever.

It’s not safe for work.

He put questionable so their
policy isn’t super clear about

whether you can store not safe
for work material on their servers.

There’s a company called Box.

It’s expensive and you
cannot store not safe for work.

So this was interesting.

So this guy actually did the work.

He’s like, oh, I’m going
to find all the services

where you could
store stuff on the cloud.

And then can you store erotic anime there?

And you have to pay how
long is the service going to last?

How respectable is the service?

And then he said, just a helpful tip.

A helpful tip for our
porn friends out there.

Don’t forget to zip and password
protect your data, which is good advice.

I mean, I’m being really honest.

And again, this is someone who
cares a great deal about their data.

And in a weird way cares about your data.

So of course, zip– he actually
said, double zip and password protect.

And I was like, wow, that is a lot of work.

Because I probably at this stage
wouldn’t be storing stuff online.

I would just find it online.

And then it’s not as
directly connected to me.

Now I’m thinking about how to do it.

You get a VPN so it
doesn’t keep your location.

And you just go on to Reddit or Twitter.

And I mean, let’s face it, the foundation
of those websites is pornography.

You probably don’t think about it.

Like, if you don’t go to Reddit for porn,

you probably don’t realize 50%,
60% of that website is pornography.

And Twitter is the same.

You probably, if you don’t go there
for porn, you don’t see any porn.

But if you start looking
for porn, there’s tons of it.

I would say that’s actually half.

Not a kind of one.

How much of Reddit is pornographic?

Safe for work– Oh, stop it.

Safe for work is 78%
not safe for work is 22%.

So that– OK, that’s a
lot less than I expected.

But it is showing you a significant portion
of that website is actually pornography.

13% of Twitter is pornography.

13% of all tweets–

they can’t monetize those tweets
or a sell or put ads or whatever.

That’s what I mean.

I actually thought those numbers would
be higher, but it’s still significant.

If you creep you creep you person and you
want to keep your creepy, creepy images,

you have to be really
careful about doing

it with, I assume, a
creepy, creepy company.

The new Johnny’s an associate’s
company might be the right place for you.

OK, our last two stories.

They’re kind of– the
stories themselves are

just, again, gross
people doing gross things.

But it was the reasoning that I enjoyed.

Because, again, an
unexpected theme popped up

when I started looking at
the dirty stories this week.

The police knew the tenant.

It was decided on a bus and
he was sitting there so late.

And he brushed his arm past
her and he touched her booby.

And then he’s like, hmm, I’m going to
keep my hand here on this lady’s booby.

And the lady was like,
well, that’s not cool.

So she gets off the bus and
that even he calls the police.

She’s like, this guy touched my booby.

They went on to the bus.

The bus had a camera on
it and they found his face.

They found his train pass.

I see card thing and they could
trace where he was figure out who was.

Lieutenant in the police.

They arrested him, brought him in.

He was requested to resign.

So he was given the initial punishment

of a one-tenth pay cut for three
months, which is fucking nothing.

They didn’t want to fire him.

They requested he resign.

He did resign.

But when he was
arrested, he said, I felt

happy when my arm
touched the woman’s breast.

So I maintained that position.

It’s the– maybe the warped idea
of, well, this is making me happy.

Therefore, it’s OK.

Or this is making me happy.

Therefore, I assume it’s
making her happy because

I’m the most important
person in the world.

I don’t– I would like–
there’s something I want

to drill down into the
minutiae of that mentality.

Of this makes me happy.

Therefore, it’s acceptable.

Or this makes me happy.

Therefore, it’s not a bad thing.

Or this makes me happy.

I like it.

Therefore, they should be OK
with it, even if they don’t like it.

Something like that.

I’m a little torn on what.

I would like a little more explanation.

But I found that to be the weakest
excuse or reason for doing something

because, yeah, there’s lots of
things that would make me feel good.

Make me happy.

But if it doesn’t make the other
person happy, that’s why it’s illegal.

You think a police lieutenant
may understand that.

All right.

So 4am.

It’s 4 o’clock in the morning.

What are you doing?

I’m– I’m never up at 4am.

This is another reason
I’m not going to ever

be like the master
criminal I aspire to be.

Because I think to really
do good crime, you got

to be like a 3, 4, 5am
person, which I’m not.

I would have to like
re-organize my life in a

completely different way
to be a really good criminal.

4am, this guy’s like, what I want
to break into a high school gym.

We did.

Now, the alarm went off the
police arrived and he was arrested.

Turns out this is the
third time he’s been

arrested for breaking
into high school gyms.

The other two times, he stole
some high school girl shoes.

There have been other break-ins
and gyms where shoes have been stolen.

Police are connecting these.

Pretty logically, again,
good detective work.

And they’re trying to see if he’s
done this more than three times.

There’s three times he’s been caught.

But they’re thinking maybe
it’s been more than three times.

He was arrested and they were like,
hey, you’ve been punished for this twice.

Why do you break into high
school gymnasiums and steel shoes?

And he said, because
I like high school girls.

And honestly, I can’t
really argue with his logic.

Have you covered this guy before?

Have you covered this guy before?

It is very possible.

Is this the school desk guy?

No, the school desk guy is different.

This guy, so the school
desk guy, what he wanted

to do was recreate a high
school classroom in his home.

And then he didn’t just buy stuff online.

He wanted authentic high school stuff.

OK, now we all know this
is creepy, creepy stuff.

This is creepy dudes being creepy.

I thought the thing
to did, the high school

recreation in his home, which is
like serial killer level psycho stuff.

He’s in there alone.

So he’s not doing
something in the classroom.

So to me, the terrifying
part of the guy who

wanted to seal the
desk, get them into his

room to create a high
school room is that he

then would have needed
a next step to finalize

whatever his fantasy and his
mind was, which is terrifying.

This guy stealing shoes exclusively.

So I’m going to assume
that he’s taking them

home and satisfying
himself with, again,

I’m going to go ahead and assume the smell
of the shoe is kind of what he’s into.

I may be the touch of the feel.

I don’t know.

I don’t want to get into it.

Ignat’s put into the chat, washing them.

He gets, he just goes
in, watches the shoe,

breaks into the gym
again and puts them back.


That is a criminal I can get
behind somebody who comes

in and just cleans up for
you and then gets away.

His statement, so we
have the police lieutenant

before who said, basically, I was touching
her boob and I liked touching her boob.

Therefore it’s okay.

This guy’s like, I like high school girls.

Why wouldn’t I break into a
gymnasium and steal their shit?

Which is, there’s sort of a mental bit to
this that I think needs to be dealt with.

The fact that the
first guy is a police

lieutenant made that a
little more shocking that

he didn’t understand
sort of the why of the law.

It’s not really about
how he feels about how

the other people feel, but then I
could see like you see this excuse.

It’s when these excuses
come up in tandem that this

guy who you just go straight
up, he’s stealing shoes.

He’s a psycho.

He’s using the exact same reasoning as this
is Luke Tenant, this police lieutenant.

I want to conclusion.

It’s like I want to wrap
up like a sitcom and

have like a lesson
we’ve learned at the end.

Maybe I have to organize it that way.

So we have to learn a lesson.

The lesson we learn
from these two, maybe

creepy guys, is because
I like it or I want it.

That’s not enough to make it okay.


I’m kind of like little
chime to help you

know you realized
you’ve learned a lesson or

maybe the audience goes, “Ugh,
we’ve all learned a lesson together.”


(keyboard clicking).

Sugar Baby Somali

(electronic music)

Public Service Announcement.

We’re gonna start with a public,

a little bit of a little bit
of a little bit of a little bit.

We’re gonna start with a public service
announcement with this very, very important.

On September 23rd,
so two days ago as of

recording of this pod,
you know, city called Koga.

Twenty men at two o’clock in the afternoon,
were seen running around the city,

10 were nude and 10
were wearing garter belts.

The police have warned
people to remain vigilant.

I mean, I just, (groans)

20 dudes running around naked and
10 of them are wearing garter belts.

So they’re nude, they’re
completely nude, 100% nude.

I think we’re gonna have
to say the word nude a

couple more times, just
to emphasize 20 naked men.

So nude, nude, nude, nude, nude, nude.

Garter belt, garter belt, garter belt.

I’m gonna start again.

(upbeat music)

A public service announcement
in a city called Koga in Japan.

The police have issued a warning that
20 men at two o’clock in the afternoon,

were seen running around
the city, kind of them

were nude, and 10 were
just wearing garter belts.

The police are saying remain vigilant.

I think you should always remain vigilant

against 20 naked men running
around streaking in the streets in public,

but there is a secondary
issue, and it’s more,

the engine of Japan loves the
psychology of the criminal mind.

I was going to do one of the SVU shows.

It would be the guy,
the criminal mind’s one,

whether you get into
the mind of the criminal

and you kind of like embody
the criminal for a while.

So I was like, well, okay, I’ve tried to
have five people come over to my house

for a barbecue,
and it was difficult.

It was difficult to organize.

It was difficult to organize, because
organizing groups of people is difficult.

They have different schedules.

They have different things.

They have different things.

Organizing 20 guys to get
together is already difficult.

Let’s just be honest, ’cause
everyone has scheduling-wise.

I’m wondering if the pool
of people, the organizer,

’cause there had to be
like a leader in organizing.

The pool of people he was organizing from

would be willing to get naked
at two o’clock in the afternoon

on a specific day and run
around the city, was larger than 20.

That is my literal first thought.

How big was the pool of
people he was drawing from?

To get 20.

To me, it seems like it would
actually have to be very large.

Anyways, it’s got a core
group of 20 hardcore people.

Ten of them were wearing guardbells.

Now, is that a signifier of any sort?

Is that an important detail?

Were they two groups who
independently decided to run around

naked in the city of Koga at
two o’clock in the afternoon?

One completely naked, another
group was the guardbell group.

And then they just happened.

The universe coalesced in such
a way that they came together

and were like, lost souls
who had found a community.

So they were like, oh yeah,
yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

You’re naked.

And they’re like, oh, you’re naked too.

We are wearing guardbells,
but you know, essentially naked.

Let’s do this together.

And then they get up and they
run around the city together.

Like what?

It’s the morning.

It’s always the morning of is a bit.

I always run through my head,
but we talk about any sort of crime.

I build a little background
story of that morning

because this clearly had
to be planned in advance.

Whether we’re email,
texts, chains, whatever.

There was conversations, there was schedules,
there was calendars set up for this.

There was there was
meeting places and times.

Where are we going to ditch our clothes?

Who’s driving?

Are we taking public transport?

All these things had to be workout.

People I’m assuming got
there independently met

at a certain place,
stripped down their clothes.

So there’s a pile of clothes somewhere.

I would also assume hidden.

And then they just start
running their little hearts out.

Do you wake up in the morning?

Pick up your phone most of you.

I’m guessing you do.

Pick up your phone and
see if you have any messages.

Today’s the day.

Your calendar, your
Google calendar sends you

a message to go, day
is guard or belt day.

Like, it’s right.

I ordered my special
harder belts for today.

And you put them on and you
feel, none of that thrill of preparation.

I used to do judo competitions.

And just getting your
stuff together in the morning

and you arrive at the place and
putting on your judo and stuff like that.

There was a moment
there where it felt like, okay,

this is doing something that
not everyone in the world does.

So there’s a thrill and organized.

Part of the organization
is actually the anticipation,

the preparation for the actual
act you’re going to be doing.

This is going to be thrilling.

And there’s going to be adrenaline.

It’ll be amazing.

And then you’re on
the train, you’re in your

car, and you’re on
the way to the destiny.

All that is important.

All that’s part of the experience.

Then, the 20 men, I’m going to
just assume it’s not two groups of 10.

20 men get together.

They’re all standing around.

Some of them are wearing their guard.

10 of them are wearing their guard belts.

But while you’re all
dressed, they don’t know.

So they’re all just standing around.

They’re talking, you know, a good morning.

It was very hot today.

Oh, yeah, but the
weather is kind of broken.

It’s not as hot as it
was last couple weeks.

Oh, it’s been a brutal summer.

Oh, yeah.

It’s a good time for
us 20 men to get naked.

That is what they’re saying.

So the 20 men, then, the leader– I want to
know who the ring leader is and what kind

of style of leadership is
he’s a supportive leader?

He’s sort of a more
authoritarian dictatorial type.

Boys, I’m going to get naked.

So they all stripped down.

And you can see who’s wearing a
guard belt, who’s not wearing a guard belt.

It’s a 50/50 split.

So if you’d laid bets
before, you’d actually,

you know, Blackjack
always been on black.

That’s a classic.

So then these 20 guys, 10 wearing
guard belts, and 10 completely naked.

Like, OK, we’re going to run.

Did they plan a route?

Or did they just have the leader in front?

And it was like a gaggle of geese.

And they just followed the leader.

Yes, I want to know the motivation.

I do always, every crime thing we hear

that’s really weird in strange is
the motivation is the important part.

How do you organize 20 men to
run through a city naked successfully?

I don’t think I could do that.

Like, I started at the
beginning of this little PSA.

I tried to have like 10
people come over to

my house for a barbecue
and I didn’t work out.

And I’m giving them free food.

What is the motivation for these
guys to organize themselves so well?

Or is it this is it?

This is their one
chance, 20 of us together.

We’re going to run through
the city of Koga naked.


This is a dream come true.

So they’re not going to miss this chance.

The police are right.

You should be vigilant.

Always be vigilant that
there are 20 men in the world,

10 wearing guard belts, and 10 completely
naked, preparing to run through the city.

Because apparently that’s
the thing that happens.

And that’s happened.

And let’s just hope– I
don’t know what I hope.

I hope they get caught.

Because I don’t personally–
I don’t care if people

run around the city naked,
from being really honest.

There, I understand why it’s illegal.

I do.

And I wouldn’t take the
position of arguing against making

it illegal to have 10 men
run through a city naked.

But the motivation– I do
want to know the motivation.

Why did they do this?

The problem is, now
having done an engineer’s

Japan for several years, there are several
stock answers that I would be expecting.

It’s not going to be the true
dig down inside and find out

what was driving these
men, and wearing guard belts,

and 10 not wearing guard belts, that
actually runs through the city naked.

Ignance is just in the chat.

I’m very proud 10 men
running through the city naked.

10 naked, 10 more.

So 20 in total, 10 more
wearing only guard or belt.

So there’s an interesting
question then, the US viewer,

which is either more pleasing
or more disturbing to you,

a naked man running
through the city just naked,

or a naked man running through
the city with just guard or belts?

Because to me, somehow, the just
guard or belts makes it little weirder.

Getting naked and running through the
city, again, I don’t have that instinct.

I don’t have that urge.

I don’t have that desire.

But the extra equipment, the little strap

that they throw on the guard or belt,
that changes it somehow, makes it weirder.

Is it anything where you
start including equipment

makes it a little more complicated,
and that little extra step of complication

adds that sort of psychological layer
to it, like why did this become part of it?

Why was this necessary?

A guard or belt added
an uncomfortable element.

Now, say, I read that, and
I’m like, for them or for you.

Guard or belt?

I never wore a guard or belt.

Are they uncomfortable for me?

Are they uncomfortable for you?

Because I think it’s
uncomfortable for everyone.

But discomfort to a
degree is part of the thing.

So anyways, public service
announcement, if you live in the city of

Koga, be aware that 20
men have thought it was

perfectly susceptible to
run through the city naked.

Ten of them felt not
totally naked was the answer.

We’re going to strap up and
throw on some guard or belt.


We have a series of updates.

This is primarily from last week’s episode.

So if you haven’t listened in the last
week’s episode, you’re missing three jokes.

It’s not a big deal.

The iguana, there was
a two meter long iguana.

And there’s a very cool
60-year-old woman had this

iguana as her companion
running free in her house.

That escaped the house.

It was found in a tree two
kilometers from her house.

The police and some very brave
civilians joined the attempt to

recapture the iguana
the two meter long iguana.

Again, a lot of sort of Americans
may not know what two meters is.

I am six feet tall.

I am 184 centimeters.

I am shorter than the
entire length of this iguana.

This is a very big iguana.

The iguana resisted being taken
in, which I support the iguana.

The iguana wants the freedom.

It loves the freedom.

It wants to be in the tree.

I think the iguana doesn’t understand
that winter is coming in Japan.

And this is not his natural habitat.

The tree saw it probably felt really nice.

It was nice to be out in a tree.

It was hot during that
period when it escaped.

That was all probably pretty cool.

There’s lots of bugs around.

I bet it’s a pretty happy iguana.

I don’t think you realize
like if you don’t get

back to your home, things
are about to go real bad.

The Johnny’s sex scandal.

I wasn’t talking about the
sex scandal specifically.

I was talking actually more
about the financial side last time.

I’m talking about
companies that had dropped

Johnny’s because the
scandals had become public.

I actually think those companies
were partially complicit in the scandal.

So they’re distancing themselves
from the thing they helped support.

I don’t believe that those
companies didn’t know that this kind

of stuff was going on, but my
personal opinion is not proof.

Though we’re going to drop it there.

65 companies.

32 of them have now cut ties completely.

So I almost half the companies
that were using Johnny’s talent

in their advertising or whatnot
have now dropped the company.

The company is considering
changing the name because

Johnny’s and Associates
is named after Johnny

to Gawa who is the
founder of Johnny’s who was

one of the, uh, didlers
or no sexual abusers.

He was an abuser.

And now they’re saying like
the name is now connected

to that and shouldn’t be connected to
the artist and there’s new management.

So we’re going to change the name.

The problem is the name
has so much history in Japan.

The problem is all that history is
now connected to, connected to SA.

I don’t know what you want.

I mean, I actually think the
problem here is that your company

was doing horrible things
for the last 30, 40, 50 years.

And now you’re like,
well, how do we fix this?

I don’t think you do.

I don’t think you fix this.

I think you now suffer through the
pain of having your whole world fall apart.

The, the real issue is
that Johnny, the actual

worst person in this, he
died a couple of years ago.

So he’s off scot-free.

He lived his life.

I haven’t been talking
about Gassy recently.

He’s been in, in holding.

He’s been taking him to court.

The accusation was that he was harassing
famous people’s celebrities online.

He was released the other
day on 30 million yen bail.

He is admitted to the charges.

He is apologized.

The charges, again,
harassing people primarily.

He apologized for causing huge
psychological pain and economic damage.

Weirdly, he was right.


So the thing about Gassy, I haven’t
talked about Gassy in a long time.

So people might not remember.

Gassy was, he did scandals
on YouTube in Japan.

So famous people, their
scandals, he talked about them.

He made accusations.

Apparently he was like getting
videos and like, lack mailing people.

He got a lot of, got a lot of heat.

He started, he went and lived in Dubai.

Somehow decided that that wasn’t enough.

Living in Dubai, making money
off YouTube wasn’t enough for him.

So he decided to run for government.

He wanted to be like a minister
in Japan, a part of the diet.

Did it from Dubai, he tried
to do it remotely from Dubai.

Then they’re like, well,
if you don’t actually show

up to any of the sessions,
you can’t vote remotely.

You actually like to show up.

He’s like, well, if I show up,
the police are going to arrest

me because of all these things
that have happened in the past.

He tried to make it seem
like it could spare us a

theory because he was so
powerful and knowledgeable.

Turns out he was right.

As soon as he showed up in
Japan, he was arrested, but it wasn’t

because he was so like knowledgeable
and powerful and it was conspiracy.

It’s because he was
being a dick the whole time.

So I guess the lesson
there is don’t be a dick.

Last update.

This is the most interesting
one because we have

sugar baby Liri Cha
or itadaki Joshi Liri Cha.

We talked about her.

She wrote a book on how to scam
lonely men and take all their money.

I don’t know.

Scamming people’s not good.

Abusing whatever.

She’s been given some fresh charges.

She took a man for 27
million yen using a dating app.

She was on the dating app
and the story she was giving him

is that she had borrowed money
from an associate to open a…

It says an apparel business.

I don’t know if that’s
making clothes or selling

clothes or opening your
clothing store or something.

A apparel business was a bit vague.

I actually want to know.

Because I want to know
the details of the scam.

A, so that as everyone says
it to me, I was like, “Whoa, you

can try to scam me or like how
much detail go into these scams.”

I bet keeping it vague is important.

When you get scam emails,
apparently they’re always

like misspellings and some
weird sentence structures.

Apparently that is on purpose to filter out
the people who are knowledgeable or aware.

So you are so naive
and hopeful that you read

this thing full of spelling
and grammar mistakes.

And it says send us money that you’re willing
to overlook that because you’re naive.

Whereas someone who’s a bit more like
critical will be like, “Well, this is supposed

to be sent to me from the government
or a Nigerian prince is the classic one.”

It’s full of spelling mistakes.
I don’t believe it.

So that’s not the person
you want to target anyways.

You want to target the naive
people who would go for it.

So I’m actually wondering if
she was giving specifics or not.

Her story was, a borrowed money from
an associate to open an apparel business.

If I can’t pay it back, I’ll have
to sell my body in a brothel.

The hint there is that she’s
willing to sell her body for money.

So the guy on the dating app, if he sends
her enough money, she will sleep with him.

So I think that is sort of
the loop he tries to create.

The hope that if you spend enough
money on me, I will have sex with you.

And then keep that going
and go like, “But you don’t

know how much money it is
and I need x amount of money.

I need 10 million, 20
million, 30 million yen.”

And then it just keeps going in
a loop and then she gets more

and more money until the guy
that runs out of money or gives up.

Or she’s decided she has
enough and finds like a better Mark.

She’s done this dozens of times so much,
so successfully she wrote a book on it.

She has dozens of
victims with a total of, and

this was a bit
mind-blowing, 160 million yen.

That is 1.08 million dollars
he has taken from her scams.

So criminals, we are now in
Ninja Ninja Pan criminal advice.

When you make enough money
to live for an extended period,

what you actually have to do
is stop and let the heat cool off.

This is not what most
criminals do. They’re like, “I’m on

a hot streak. This is like
gambling. I’m on a hot streak.

I’m going to keep going. I keep going.
I keep going. I start losing.

Well, if I just keep going,
I’ll start winning again.”

I’m like, “It goes in and
you lose everything.”

She, once she hit the
million dollar Mark, could

have lived four years,
there is a secondary issue.

I just thought of.
And that she’s selling her youth.

She’s banking on her
attractiveness and in Japan

a lot of attractiveness
is connected to you.

So maybe she’s actually being smart
and thinking, “I have a finite amount

of time to make X amount of
money to live for the rest of my life.”

But then they talked about her spending
habits. What was she spending this money on?

And she used the money
for travel and host clubs.

So she wasn’t keeping her
saving the money for a future plan.

I guess scammers in general
aren’t long-term planners.

So this is, again, the
reason I’m not a criminal is

because I would be like,
“Well, I have to be conservative.

I have to plan for the
future. I have to plan

for a point where I’m
actually going to stop,

or I’m going to make so much
money in the next little while,

and then stop, let the heat
cool off and then do it again.”

Probably in a different location.

In an attempt to keep it going long-term.
These are the issues you’re running into.

Because that’s also why I’m not a criminal.

If you’re going to do it
my way, you might as well

just get a regular job,
which is exactly what I have.

I have a regular job
that I go to where I —

there is no risk of me
getting arrested that.

I’m not going to be doing
something shady that I don’t

know about, and they
might end up pinning it on me.

Now I know what I’m doing when I
go in to work tomorrow is making sure

that I do not get tagged for some
crime that my company is committing.

Go through computers
and just check everything.

But, re-reach on, being each
on, is never really going to be

successful because she was
always going to push the limit,

or scam more and more men to the point where sooner
or later someone was get the police involved, sooner

or later she’s going to pass this point where it’s
like, “How does this girl have this much money?”

Then get caught, which
is exactly what happened.

“Drive News, interesting
crime news, fun crime news.”

This guy, I have a house.

And then I was like, “Oh, it’s time to
renovate part of my house. I’m going to

hire a contractor who’s going to come in.
They come in and they see your house.”

Then they might see like your collectibles.

Now, I don’t have very expensive
collectibles, but you might be

the kind of guy who collects
common writer transformation belts.

I have to explain what a common
writer is and a transformation belt for the

people who have never lived in Japan or
never watched common writer kids’ shows.

I’m going to use Sailor Moon as the base.
She has a transformation scene. She goes

from young girl to spins, lights, things,
close change, changes into Sailor Moon.

This happens very regularly in a
lot of superhero things in Japan.

There’s common writer. He generally
has a motorcycle. Often bug-themed in his

mask and whatnot, but the transformation
is unique in that he is wearing a belt.

He will do something with the belt.
Every season they change common

writers, so every season they
update the belt and what he has to do.

I remember one, it was a ring. He took off his
ring, put it in the belt and spun something.

There was a razor blade and he spun the razor
blade in the belt. They always make a sound.

There was one, it was like starting like
a chainsaw, so he pulled it out the back.

And then the transformation
happens and he’s in

his power armor or
whatever you want to call it.

They do this every year so
that a collector or a fan or a

new crock of kids buys the
new product every single year.

My son had two common
writer belts when he’s youth. This

show has been going on for
decades and decades and decades.

They’re designed for kids, poised
to sell to kids. Now, the thing is,

there are a lot of adults who
grew up with this and still like it.

They make electors edition
adult belts. These are more

expensive, they’re more
detailed, they’re more valuable.

This contractor came
in and he saw that this

man had white a lot
of belts on display.

That must immediately imply that
these belts are valuable. What’s he

going to do? He’s going to take seven
of them that were worth 130,000 yet.

The problem is, again,
my problem with stealing

certain objects is almost
any object is how to resell.

If you take the two upon shop
or something, oh, yeah, I don’t

know how much you’re going
to get for it. That’s the issue.

I have likened the theft of Pokémon
cards to a new form of art theft where

you need to be a fan, a collector, to
know the value of what you’re stealing.

If you put me in a room
with a bunch of plastic belts,

I wouldn’t know which one
was the most valuable one.

I might steal a couple. It would be at
random. It’s almost like a lottery. Do

I get the good one or not? Who knows?
Except the guy I tried to sell it to.

He might realize really quickly, I don’t
know the value of this thing. He undercuts

me. I’ve actually risked jail time or a theft
and still not gotten my money out of it.

That’s one of the problems with stealing
collectible items. The guy is like, I’m a nerd.

I’m at home. People don’t come over to my
house very much. No one’s seen my collection.

I had this contractor over. He and
then it disappeared. The contractor didn’t

show up again. It didn’t take a particularly
good detective to figure this out.

Since I mentioned Pokemon Fest, there has been a new type. For a
while, it was breaking into the store. Just take all the valuable

ones and run away pretty basic. Then there were some cat thieves
who were sneaking into the store, taking all the valuable ones.

Again, they knew which one the valuable ones were. They knew which cards
to steal. The latest scam. Actually, I thought this was pretty good.

This shows the creativity of these people if it was applied in a
different field, it could actually be very successful in a different one.

I would like to see this Pokemon
card. It is worth 798,000. He says,

distracts the person who says, can
you show me this? Can you show me this?

As they look away, he puts
a new price sticker on it.

Then walks out. Customer
B comes in 20 minutes later.

The store clerk has been very careful.
All the cards I’ve shown him are still

here. I showed him 5 cards. All 5
cards are still here. I’ll put them away.

Customer B comes in 20 minutes
later. I would also say, also, because

I’m a completely new customer.
I’m not in cahoots with anybody.

I would like to see this
Pokemon card. The price on this

Pokemon card. The price on
this Pokemon card is now 498,000.

They’ve committed, so he buys
the card for that price, essentially

having committed a 300,000 yen
theft without anyone being anybody.

That is a good scale. I have to give some credit
to them. That’s a good piece of work on their part.

They had to pay 500,000 yen, but they are going
to be able to sell it for a 300,000 yen profit.

That’s a pretty solid day’s work. I
have to give some kudos to them.

They are probably going to get
caught because there is CCTV in it.

Johnny Somali is a YouTuber.
He’s actually on,

which is the competitor
to Twitch at the moment.

I didn’t talk about him in
the past. He basically just

did some really offensive
stuff. He got on the train.

The first viral video he
did, he got on the train, and

he was like, “Hiroshima
Nagasaki will do it again.”

He’s saying it to Japanese people.
In English, they understood the

city names, but I think if you put
those, you pair those two together.

People kind of know what
you’re doing. He was clearly being

a dick. Other people, English
speakers approached him.

They were like, “This isn’t cool. Don’t do
it.” He got popular off that viral video.

I didn’t talk about it
because there wasn’t much

to talk about. Guy comes
with Japan being a jerk.

There’s a second guy,
I don’t know his name

yet, but I’m pretty
sure I will in the future.

He was deeply offended that
there were women’s only cars on

trains, and then he walked
through the train going, “Yup.

I’m a woman inspector.
I’m checking for women.”

Yep, they’re all
women. It wasn’t funny.

But of course, that went
viral because everyone

hates on them, but that’s
how they get attention.

They wasn’t purposely avoiding them.
There just wasn’t much to say.

He’s like a tension seeker live
streamer people being shitty and awful.

Isn’t something I want
to spend a lot of time

on because there’s
not much to say about it.

Hey, look, this guy who’s getting
attention for being shitty and

awful is being shitty and awful,
and I’m giving him more attention.

Not much to say.
Why am I talking about Johnny Somali then?

He harassed some women, he got
punched in the face, he took it too far,

so I’m Japanese youtubers came,
showed up and threatened to beat him up.

He apologized and left Japan. I guess
he felt like he wasn’t getting enough

attention wherever he was because
he kind of fell off the map for a bit.

Decided that the best way to revive his
career would be to come back to Japan.

I’m assuming if he did
the same stuff in America,

he would get really beat
up regularly and or killed.

So this is one of the things Japan
attracts a certain person who wants to push

the boundaries because there’s a certain
safety level of doing an independent.

You’re less likely to get beat up,
you’re less likely to get shot and killed.

The police aren’t going
to destroy your life or

are they? Maybe that’s
where the story is going.

He came to back to Japan. He decided
his thing was going to be trespassing.

He went into construction sites, he went
into some hotels and stuff where he wasn’t.

He went into the areas
he wasn’t supposed to go in.

He had a guy follow him.

Thing is in Japan, the rules
are really different than America.

I’m actually betting
he didn’t take the time.

If you’re going to be a harassment streamer,
you should look up the laws around public

activity and harassment to make sure you
are pushing the line, but not crossing it.

Of course, trespassing is it
breaking the law. He crossed the line.

He was followed by cops.

He noticed that the cops
are following him, so he starts

messing with the cops, obviously
again how his brand works.

But this isn’t a good idea because
the cops are just waiting for him.

What they were actually
doing was making sure

they had the right guy
following him for a bit.

Then he comes out of convenience
store and there’s like three, four cops.

They’re holding him, they give us
your phone, he’s saying, “Hey, it’s okay.

Die job, who died job, who
doesn’t speak any Japanese?”

He’s actually trying
to be friendly with them

and make jokes, but
they’re not taking it.

They’re like, “Just give us your stuff.”

Then they’re like, “Stop talking.”

Two detectives show up.

So now he’s got like eight,
nine cops at this point.

They get a woman on the phone to translate
and then they tell him he’s being arrested.

Then you can hear a
change in his voice where

he’s like, “Hey, call the
embassy, call a lawyer.”

So I’m not free sure.

I’m not so aware.

Can I speak for the embassy?

Somebody call the embassy, “All
right, call the embassy, call the embassy.”

Call an embassy, call a lawyer.

He knows he’s now in trouble.

So he’s being charged with
trespassing that has a hundred

thousand yen fine and/or
up to three years in prison.

They, as you’ve listened
to Ninja Juice Pen

for many episodes, you’ve heard me
talk about how they can hold you on.

So he has the trespassing charge.

That’s one.

He has the obstruction
of police duties charged.

That’s two.

He, I’m assuming
interfering with a business,

so obstruction of business,
that’s going to be thrown in there.

They’re going to hold him
until he overstays his visa.

So that’s 23 days, 23 days, 23 days.

They can hold him so that they
can hold him for 60 some days.

He has a visa.

So they can actually hold him until he
overstays his visa and then charge him with

overstaying his visa, which
is a really shitty thing to do.

Normally, I would be very
opposed to this, but in this

case, because I just don’t
like the guy, I think it’s funny.

This is the problem with these
draconian rules is applied to most people.

It’s wrong, implied in certain instances.

It’s quite funny.

So the base charge, he’s
looking at three years in prison.

Now, are they going to put him in prison?

Probably not.

They’ll probably make
him overstays his visa,

send him home and
then never allow him back

in the country, which
means Johnny Somali

might have to find either
another country to go to.

My bet is okay.

So again, I don’t know, but my bet is
that they just wait till his visa expires,

deport him and then just you
can’t get back in the country.

He would then go to Korea and start again.

This ports are an interesting thing is I’m
pretty sure they share that information.

Have you ever been arrested?

They’ll actually arrest
him so they can ensure

that he’s not allowed
back in the country.

That goes on sort of his passport record.

What countries would and would not allow
you in after that will be interesting?

I’m sure he’s going to
pop up again in a very

small instance and
then disappear forever,

because he’s going
to do something stupid,

like go to Thailand or
Singapore, mess around,

they don’t care in the same
way that Japan or Korea would.

Japan and Korea, I think
would just send you back.

Thailand and Singapore, they
would love to throw you in prison.

And I don’t think there’s much you
could do to convince them otherwise.

So the embassy is going to be
like, fire man, Singapore’s really strict.

You shouldn’t have done that.

You actually already had
learned your lesson technically.

So we’re going to back off
this and I can see Johnny Somali

ending in prison for a good,
in a country other than Japan.

So let’s lay the bets on that.

You can bet completely nude.

He’s not ever going to get in
trouble again or you can bet on

guard or belt that he is actually
going to get in trouble again.

If you are right, I don’t know.

I should have thought.

I didn’t, this is a
problem with thinking of

things in the
moment, doing like an

improv-oriented news
podcast, which is not a thing.

I have thoughts in the moment that I
don’t have time to organize the thoughts.

But there is a game there.

We could bet, Carter or nude.


Is he going to get arrested again?

I think he’s going to
get arrested again in

different country and
actually do prison time.

I think Japan is going to send him away.

So there could be two bets there.

That was a bit messy
at the end, but we’re all

happy that this guy
is not on the Internet.


A Complete Lack of Humanity


Alright, so a lot of people, they
want to come to, okay, nerds.

I should just start with nerds and
just any kind of new story, just nerds.

But, nerd stuff and
Japan stuff go together.

I think that’s pretty fair.

Anime voice acting is a
dream for a lot of super nerds.

It’s the kind of thing they want to do.

It would be like a dream
job for a lot of people.

The anime industry is tough.

It is incredibly tough and
is incredibly tough because

the margins are razor thin,
they have to produce so much.

It’s not the dream job
most people think it is.

It’s a lot like drug
dealing where there’s a

very small minority at
the top of the pyramid

that is making a ton of money and then
you have everyone else who’s making below.

McDonald’s sort of
staff wages in the hopes

that one day they’ll be part of that
incredibly small upper percentage.

The government has
introduced a new invoice system.

It goes into effect in October.

969 voice actors were surveyed.

77% of those said this
new invoice system is

going to become an
income decrease for them

and 27% said they may actually
have to quit voice acting altogether.

So this system is clearly incredibly
detrimental to the voice actor.

It’s being introduced to simplify taxes
for the companies and to prevent fraud.

Now those are good things.

You want to simplify taxes
for companies because

companies pay a lot of
taxes if they do a good job.

You want to reduce fraud,
reducing fraud is a good thing, but

it seems like it pushes all the
burden onto these voice actors

independent artists
essentially because a lot

of them are not employed,
salaried employees.

In some cases it pushes the
corporate rate to the actor

or artist because they are
not technically employees

or the tax will increase for the
companies reducing work for some artists.

So basically let’s say
you employ me as a voice

artist and I don’t do
this tax invoice thing.

The tax will increase
for the company so they

can employ me or they
can go with someone else.

But if they go with me and then I have to
provide that invoice, my tax rate goes up.

Most voice actors actually supplant
their income already and so all of these

taxes that they were going to have to
pay were going to come out of pocket.

Which means voice acting as
a career is a less viable option.

So if I issue the invoice and
pay the tax I have less income, if I

don’t do the invoice I’m going to
get less work from the companies.

Also the other side part that
they didn’t actually mention

very much is this is also
going to be more paperwork.

So that paperwork is going to have
to be done for done by the artist.

If it’s done by the artist
they actually spend that time.

Then you might think
oh it’s just taxes, it’s a

little invoice you have
to fill it out for every job.

And a voice actor might be
doing X amount of shows for one

company, X amount of shows
for a different company, different.

So they would spend a
significant amount of time if

they’re actually a busy
voice actor that is unpaid time.

I work for a company.

My company essentially does all my taxes.

I have to fill out basically
one or two forms a year.

It’s really just making
sure I sign a piece of

paper that says I still
work for this company.

My salary hasn’t changed
or it has changed whatever.

And the company takes care of it.

I basically do almost nothing
for taxies which is amazing.

That’s not going to be the case
for these independent voice actors.

And it seems like it’s going to be very
detrimental to the voice acting industry.


Maybe I should just
start every story like that.

I could do that.

It could be the thematic beginning.

It could be nerds and then perverts.

I wonder which one I’m going
to end up yelling more often.

Let’s try to get that.

So it’s nice on Dave is the star show.


So there was a sex scandal.

Perverts and nerds.

Oh my God.

Johnny and Associates.

Johnny and Associates is a talent agency.

They have made some of the biggest band.

Biggest band boys.

The biggest boy bands.

You can see how deep I am into this world
when I can’t even get like the words right.

Johnny and Associates
has a sex scandal going on.

Where the executive
class of the company was

sexually abusing
members of the boy bands.

And of course you had to succumb
to this in order to get into the

band and be famous and get your
job and honestly fulfill your dreams.

So that’s awful because this is abusive.

Now the abuse in the idol
industry is sort of an open secret.

I think it’s one of those things
that everyone knew it was going on.

But now it has come to the light.

Some whistleblower has come forward.

Dave said this is what’s happening.

This has been happening
for years and years and years.

Johnny’s is in trouble.

McDonald’s will not renew its contracts.

It used to use a guy named Kim Taku.

Kim Taku is probably one of
the most famous people in Japan.

He was part of SMAP, which was
one of the biggest boy bands in Japan.

It’s weird to call it a boy band because
they’re all in their 40s and 50s now.

At least 50s and 60s at this point.

Kim Taku is one of the
richest dudes in the country.


I don’t know how much money he makes.

The way I actually know him and would have
any sort of affection for him as a person,

although everything I’ve read
makes him seem like pretty awful.

He is the star of the judgment
or judge eyes video game series.

So if you play that
game, you’re probably like,

oh, they just made
this guy look like this.

That’s not the case.

They took one of the most
famous dudes in Japan and

they put him in his own,
Yaku is a style video game.

Kim Taku, from what I’ve read, he’s
basically the reason his boy band broke up.

So he went to the executives at
Johnny and Associates and like,

Ratted out the other guys
were going to go independent or

something or were looking at
other contracts or something.

I broke up the band so
that he could stay famous.

I never watched, they
all had like TV shows.

So they’re like four of those five members.

I think they all had TV shows.

There was a period where
you would flip channels

and there was a TV show
with one of the members from

SMAP on almost every
channel, which was disturbing

if you think about how
much they were making.

When they broke up, the thing
is, every show has a production

crew, that production crew, you
know, massive amount of people.

We’re not talking about one show, we’re
talking about like 5678 shows overall.

All those production
crews ended up losing

their jobs, millions,
not millions of people,

but thousands of people,
millions and millions

of yen were lost when
this group broke up.

Kim Taku seems kind
of like a piece of shit.

He seems like he sucks the corporate teet as much as humanly
possible, although I’m complicit in my guilt in that I will still play

those video games because I really love Yakuza video games and
that style of video game and I love how weird and stupid they are.

Nerd, I get a self nerd on that one.

So other companies now, now that the sex scandal
is public, I’ve decided to start dropping

Johnny and Associates, which is an interesting
thing because I think they knew it was going on.

But now that it’s public, they
have to act like they are outraged.

And that’s the bit
finding it a bit hypocritical.

Like you can’t be outraged by
something you inadvertently supported.

Which again, should I play judgement?

I’ve already paid for
the game, so I guess I

mean my complicit
nature in this is already set.

I can’t undo that.

I guess I can’t return the game.

I bought it digitally.

So I’m going to play
that game and then am

I going to play other
ones if they come out?


I’m a hypocrite.

You’re probably hypocrite too.


So we got nerd, pervert, and hypocrite.

I can call them out in succession.

And I can do self callouts.

I can see where I’m being a
piece of shit just like everyone else.

But at least I’m not abusing
young boys who want to be famous.

I mean, I can take a step
back from that at least.

This is the Howard who runs 100 feet.

Shouts at the the coward.

All’s the the coward who runs 101.

Eat a coward.

I don’t there’s a saying there.

I don’t remember what it is right now.

I’m a bit lost to my own
words at the moment.

Other companies that are
dropping Johnny Associates.

These are masters.

McDonald’s was one of the first ones.

Asihi group, which makes Asihi super dry.

They are a drink company and
alcohol company and beer company.

They’re dropping the other companies.

They are a drink company and
alcohol company and beer company.

They’re dropping them.

Suntory is demanding improved governance.

So this was the other side of the issue.

Well, let’s get through the drops first.

Japan Airlines is dropping them.

Nippon life insurance is dropping them.

Suntory is demanding
improved governance, which

actually implies that
what they’re saying is.

If you get rid of all your executives who
are doing all this abuse, we’ll keep them.

Because I am thinking about
the young up-and-coming stars.

Currently, who may be remiss
treated, but do they deserve

to be punished because the
executives were pieces of shit?

I actually think it’s fair for
the big stars to get in trouble.

They lose their contracts
because they were complicit

in that they didn’t speak
up in defense of anyone else.

This whole thing broke when a couple of
them were like, “I can’t let this continue.

I can’t let this happen to other people.”.

I have a great deal of respect for that.

They went through it, they
came up, they got famous, and

I’m like, “I can’t let someone
else suffer the same way.”

The media also remained silent on
these issues when these stories came up.

They remained silent on it because
they had to maintain access to the

stars because this is where all
their entertainment news comes from.

This group is so big and so powerful.

If they block off your access
to the stars of their group,

you’re going to lose out on
news stories, which is problematic.

I don’t want to see
these young guys who are

just trying to break
in get punished for it.

I do think it’s fair that the guys
who sort of profited off it get punished.

The guys who called it out are
actually the most noble people in this.

They suffered, they
went through it, and yet

they tried to make it
better for other people.

They’re better than me and my
desire to play the “Eckusa” video game.

“Eckusa” video game.

More nerd, more idle news.

This is a more entertaining one.

It doesn’t involve the… it involves
abuse but in a more entertaining way.


An agoya-based, idle underground idle group,
which I don’t really know what that is.

I guess underground idle group
just means not popular yet.

“Pulsar, LUMACS.”.

“Bired one of the members.”

The member is called “Riri and
Osono” or her complete lack of humanity.

This is on the other side.

It’s not the management of
using the teams, the members.

The members abusing fans.

It’s hard to tell.

“Riri took some time off for stress.”

She’s feeling tough, tough life.

I Grant that it is a very tough thing
to have to keep doing all the time.

She needed a couple weeks off.

She took a couple weeks off.

Management’s very kindly, very
sensibly came in to check on her.

When they came to
check on her, she appeared

with two men carrying
her on their backs.

So I really want an
explanation of what that means.

Like is it she on both shoulders?

It says on their backs, are they bent over?

And she’s riding them like
some kind of weird horse?

Are they piggybacking her?

But in the middle, I can’t
tell what it actually means.

Anyways, they asked quite sensibly,
“What the fuck are you doing?”

And she replied, “It’s bothersome to walk.

It’s too bothersome to walk.”

So basically, I’m assuming these are fans.

She got these fans
because they are such big

fans, they’re willing to
do anything she wants.

She said, “I don’t want to walk.
I want you to carry me.”.

Management was so deeply offended by this,
they’re like, “I’m sorry, you’re fired.”

Turns out she was also lying to fans
about the other members of the group.

So she’s not even like smart enough
to not abuse the other members.

This is a thing.

She’s underground.

So she’s not that popular.

But I think in her head,
she’s so popular she can do

whatever she wants because
he has these core fans,

probably like a bunch,
will do anything she asks.

Now, if she’s no longer
part of the band is that going

to continue, does she have
enough clout to go solo?

I doubt it. Is she talented enough?

These idle groups don’t tend to hire people
based on talent by being really honest.

So she was fired.

She was fired for her
complete lack of humanity,

which is a great
reason to fire someone.

And now they are looking
for a new fourth member.

And I think I know someone who
has no musical talent, who’s a big

white dude, who would really bring
a new demographic to your market.

Who’s really old and doesn’t fit the mold.

But this is it.
It’s time to break the mold.

I’m not going to make two
people carry me on my back.

I would actually
probably try to carry two

people on my back because
that would be funnier.

And then break my knees.

And I would be a member, the first
50-year-old, foreign member in a wheelchair.

of an idle group ever.

And think about the records
you would be breaking.

I immediately think like, the fans.

Fans are so gross.

So she’s an awful person.
She was doing awful things to people.

And she was punished for it, which seems
like the way that story is supposed to go.


So nerd.

Over hypocrite.


A few weeks ago we did a story on OSO18.

Also 18.

This giant bear who is killing
and partially eating cows.

And they were very worried
about it attacking people.

And they actually had
to put them down, which I

was really sad about
because giant bears are cool.

Even if…

Yeah, it doesn’t matter, man.

Giant bears are cool.

That’s just what they are.

But the bear community
is decided to get revenge.

They’re actually on the brink of a war
between humanity and bears in Japan.

There have been 54 bear-inflicted
injuries since the end of July.

And this is the most, the
highest since 2007, which

makes me go, “What the
fuck happened in 2007?”

That there was some
sort of peak in bear attacks.

So I was thinking, “Yeah, the bears,
their leader, also 18, was taken down.”

And they’re like, “No,
we gotta get revenge on

these humans for hurting
our master and lord.

The biggest bear who ever went.”

Because you know bears are
going to do it based on size.

That is just going to be how it is.

It’s not talent or charm.

It’s just going to be
like, “Biggest bear wins.”.

Well, it turns out it’s not
because of revenge for OSO18.

It turns out there was a really
bad beach nut crop, which is one of

the main sources of nutrients,
main sources of food, for these bears.

So back in 2007, there was also a really
bad crop of beach nuts, which means the

bears are now coming down into sort of
human settled areas, trying to find food.

Trying to find food means
they encounter more people.

They freak out and they attack the
people, which is perfectly understandable.

This is all again, a secondary
result of climate change,

which means the human
bear war will occur very soon.

Maybe I should just switch to animal news.

I don’t know.

A two meter long iguana
is loose and cute shoe.

It escaped from a woman’s house.

This woman, in her 60s, kept a
two meter long iguana, and she

just let it loosen her home,
which honestly is cool as hell.

I don’t think I would do that.

I don’t think I have two.

I am 1.84 centimeters.

I’m almost too, not, no, I’m
20 centimeters off two meters.

We’re going to round off.

I’m also old, so I’m probably shrinking.

I think I went from
184 to 183, but we don’t

need to report that
small piece of news.

But there’s women in her 60s.

She’s like, “Oh man, I
gotta have a companion.

I’m gonna have a giant
iguana to be my companion.”

That’s amazing.

It escaped.

So now there’s a manhunt
for the two meter long iguana.

The iguana is said to be very timid
and gentle, which sounds very nice.

But I think maybe it’s a
co-conspirator with the bears that

is decided to rise up, and
if it can become big enough,

because again, size is what
matters in the bear world.

If it can become big enough,
it can lead the bears, and we

can get some kind of
iguana bear hybrid animal

that will decimate
the human population.

Thus, we won’t be producing as much.

Climate change will correct itself.

This iguana bear hybrid is going
to be what fixes climate change.

The Mayor of Shibuya Ward says,
“Don’t come to Shibuya for Halloween.”

We did a report on Shibuya last week,
and they started eating a little bit of a

issue in more complaints,
more tickets and whatnot.

There increased police presence.

Because people are getting out of hand.

They were getting 200 complaints a day.

He said something similar last year.

Now last year was deep in the pandemic.

Now, technically the pandemic’s not finished,
but we are acting as though it were.

The pandemic is not a
thing anymore as far as

people and governments
and whatnot is concerned.

You do have to be careful though.

My son’s school was shut down
for three days because of COVID.

I think my son got it
and got over it in a day.

But him being young and very
healthy, it didn’t impact him very much.

He also was vaccinated.

So I think all that helped.

I didn’t catch it or I caught
it and spread it around

and just never noticed,
which is very possible.

They are very worried about the
accident that happened in Seoul last year.

So in Seoul Korea last year during
Halloween, there’s an area called E-Tae-Won.

Thousands of people went to E-Tae-Won.

They thought there was a famous person.

There was this huge rush and a
whole bunch of people got killed.

They were just crushed to
death or trampled and stuff.

They are really, really worried about
something similar happening in Shibuya.

Traditionally, that’s not what happens.

They, people get drunk, they
get out there, they’re all walking

around, then they start flipping
over cars or smashing stuff.

It just becomes sort of a little riot.

They need more police.

What they’ve decided to do
was hire 100 security guards.

They will be deployed and they
will probably be absolutely useless.

Security guards don’t have
the authority to do that much

other than turn around
and go like, “Hey, stop it.”.

And then a drone person
when you say, “Hey, stop it.”

It really just encourages them to do more.

You have police currently in Shibuya issuing
citations and it hasn’t really curved

the amount of negative behavior they’re
talking about that they’re trying to stop.

I think what’s going to
happen is people are going

to go to Shibuya for
Halloween just like the year.

They’re going to be drunk
just like every year and

they’re probably going to
set cars on fire and stuff.

Smash them up just like
they do every other year so far.


Maybe in-in-nep to governance.

In-in-effective police.

Maybe I could just do that.

I’m going to have to sit down
and actually work out my call-outs.

Just like the last story, I found
that the parallel between is very funny.

So the mayor of Shibuya is saying,
“Don’t come to Shibuya on Halloween.

My prediction is a whole bunch of
people go to Shibuya for Halloween.”.

The police last week, when
the Huncheon Tigers, which

is based on Osaka, when
or if the baseball team wins,

what they’re saying is, “Please don’t jump
in the river that goes downtown, Osaka.”

So this is something that
happens whenever they win.

It’s sort of good
locker, it’s your addition.

You jump off the bridge into the river.

In 2003, there had been an 18-year
sort of losing streak for the team.

They broke that in one in 2003.

5,300 people jumped into the river.

They’ve put signs up on Bridges.

They have a larger police presence.

And then yesterday, it went into effect.

The Huncheon Tiger… oh wait, 2005.

That doesn’t matter.

And then yesterday
there was a baseball game.

September 15th, this Tigers fans jumped
into the river to celebrate their victory.

They did try to arrest
as many as they could.

So they had police presence on the bridge.

You couldn’t jump off the
bridge, but there’s still the canal.

People were jumping
off the side into the canal.

They arrested some escape,
but again, the police saying,

“Please don’t do this thing
you’ve been doing for years.”

That’s not going to work.

I don’t know.

I honestly, as an interested side party,
don’t know how you would fix this problem,

it is an interesting problem for police
to fix because you have this tradition.

It’s a bit dangerous.

People have died in the past.

What, how do we stop it?

Do we corn it off?

Do we have enough police?

You can’t put… We don’t have enough
police to like line the entire canal.

You can arrest people.

How many do you arrest?

When do you go too far?

When do you cross that line?

I have no answers for this.

I would have to honestly sit down
and see how many police they have.

How many people show up?

Is there… What kind of like
resources or finance do they have?

So they could actually put it to
implement some sort of defense.

I bet they just sheer
volume of people who

are idiots overwhelmed
the police every time.


A 50-year-old man, Neat.

What is Neat stand for?

Yeah, let me actually just look that
up really quick before we continue.

Not in employment, education, or training.

So this is basically just another.

Neat is a phrase for unemployed people.

They’re not even training or
going to school or anything.

They are just not doing anything,
so they’re staying at home.

These aren’t shutters.

He-Komori is a different thing.

He-Komori is…

You have some sort of trauma.

You have an issue with society.

You stay shut in your room all the time.

These are these people who don’t work.

This dude is 50 years old.

He’s clearly being fully supported by
his father, who lives in the same house.

He was arrested for setting fire.

He was father’s clothing
and the building they

live in, which seems
like a really bad idea.

If you live in a building, it’s not a
good idea to burn down the building.

You live in if you can’t afford to
pay for living in a different building.

He started with the laundry.

And then the laundry fire that
he set expanded to the house.

He started spreading a
lot faster than he expected.

He panicked and then he put it out himself.

But then of course by that time, the police
had arrived, the fire trucks had arrived.

They arrested him and they
said, “Why did you set the fire?

You weirdo moron.”

He said he wasn’t happy with
the dinner his father had made.

So basically his father had made bad food.

He had been supporting
him in this completely

individual lifestyle where
he doesn’t have to work.

The food wasn’t good.

So he decided that the appropriate response
would be to set fire to the laundry.

Jesus Christ, dude.

You clearly don’t
understand your situation.

Weirdo perverts.

Weirdo perverts is the final
story of every new student.

I actually noticed I’m doing a
lot less weirdo pervert news.

And I realized it’s
because it’s repetitive.

Weirdo perverts don’t
tend to be that creative.

I have realized I’m doing
less and less news because

now it has to either
the interesting or

surprising so that I have
something to comment on.

Now we’ve done the same
like stole panties from a balcony,

stole a thousand pairs of
underwear, stole something.

I guess volume would still
get me interested, but at

the end of the day most
of the weirdo pervert news.

We’ve hit a saturation point
where most of it’s not interesting.

This one was kind of interesting though.

So it made the list.

I’m now very discerning in my
choice of weirdo pervert news.

A phone was found in a gutter.

It was face-stuffed and recording.

And this was a woman
who steps across the gutter.

There would be a few frames of film.

I guess we don’t call it film anymore.

I guess it’s still the phrase.

It’s the verb, two film.

A few frames of film would
catch an up-skirt photo.

Seems like not the best way to do that.

But I’m not going to give advice on people
on how to take better up-skirt photos.

A woman saw the device.

She called the police.

The police dug it out.

They weren’t able to unlock the phone.

So they started searching the area.

And they found a man in a ditch.

And they’re like, “Hmm, using
my incredible detective skills.”

I think we have found
a link because we have

a phone in a gutter
and a man in a ditch.

There, while correlation is
not causation, it does seem

like there is a unnatural
link between these two cases.

And we should investigate that further.

This is good police work.

I think maybe I should start
narrating the way police think.

So they found a man in a ditch.

And they started to use some really,
really powerful investigative skills.

They walked up to the man and
they said, “What are you doing?”

The man in the ditch looked up at them and
said, “I was trying to look up her skirt.”.

Here, my incredible detective skills.

Find a secondary link.

One, in the interest in
ditches and low-dug places.

Second, in the desire to look up skirts.

So then they arrested the man
and they said, “Is this your phone?”

And I went, “It is.”

So my investigative instinct.

Now, why was not making assumptions?

Let’s be very clear.

Man, he really gave that up quick.

Yes, he gave that up so fast.

This was actually one of the bits that I
found most interesting about this story.

The police are like, “What are you doing?”

And he goes, “I’m committing a crime.”.

And it’s a crime immediately
linked to a previous crime.

So that’s actually two crimes he’s
been committing sort of at the same time.

You’ve got to give the man
some credit for efficiency.

He has doubled his crime
capacity and creepiness all in one go.

So I’m assuming he was
going to go back retrieve the

phone and then go home
and try to extract still images.

I don’t know how to campy good video.

I weirdly have realized that the
quality of the film is important to me.

So this wouldn’t do it for me as a pervert.

I need a higher quality perversions
to satisfy my perverted inclinations.

Anyways, he was arrested.

They were able to unlock the phone.

I was assuming they just took his, they
said, “Hey, can you unlock this phone?”

And he just stuck out his finger or
they were like, “Is this your phone?”

And he just went, “Yup.”

Because he is.

As Jade said, “Giving it up real quick.”.

Turns out he has a record he was arrested
for the exact same thing 10 years ago.

Not being in a ditch,
literally getting into the gutter

laying down so his face was
sticking up out of the gutter

so that when a woman walked
over he could look at her upper skirt.

I left 90s Aerosmott
quality behind the 90s.


I’m wearing 4K now.

If it’s known 4K, I don’t want to see it.