Officially Ignore Them

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  • So, Adeela, talked about her last week,

she got sentenced to prison,
she’s gonna go to prison.

But of course, anywhere this girl goes,

there’s fallout, there’s
destruction and terror and mayhem.

In previous stories, we
actually mentioned the reason

she didn’t have all the
money she had stolen,

fraudulently from men, scammed
out of men, is because she

was going to host clubs and
giving the money to hosts.

But, there’s a secondary crime there.

I didn’t really think about it much
at the time, but it does make sense.

One of the hosts she gave money to,

pled guilty today, of the crime
of receiving 25 million yen.

Now, giving someone 25
million yen in itself is not a crime.

But if you know that that
money is ill gotten gained,

so if you know that
the money you’re getting

is a result of a crime,
receiving it is also a crime.

So he knew, and we actually have the text
messages from some of the earlier stories.

He knew that she was getting
the money from scamming men.

They even said, like, as
long as you make money,

I make money, ha ha ha, that’s a
terrible joke, don’t ever make that joke.

But because he knew that
the 25 million yen he’d gotten

was the result of fraud, that he is now
not implicated, words are gone already.

Just dead, my brain’s
dead, I’m already gone.

It’s not complicit.

So the punishment is yet to be determined.

So this host, basically sat
around, was given a bunch of money

from Lizzie-Cha and because
he took that money and kept it.

He’s now, I don’t know if you’ll get prison
time, he’ll probably just get big fine.

I’m sure he’ll have to give the money back
or return it to the court or something.

I’m interested again
what the punishments are.

So Lizzie-Cha got
eight years in prison and I

think it was $12 million,
12 million yen fine.

But this will be a lower level crime.

It’ll be interesting to see what
kind of punishment he gets for it.

So again, last week,
we’re just having stories,

they kind of repeat
over and over again.

We get these trends of stories.

I actually don’t do this on purpose,
but you would think that, oh, maybe I look

for this kind of story,
this kind of story happens

and then I see it more
often and I pay attention to it.

That’s not the case.

But it seems like there are certain stories

that just happen in
trends or seasons almost.

Like the underwear
stealing ones always happen

in the summertime, but that’s
because that’s when people have,

you know, they can climb
on balconies and stuff.

We actually haven’t done one
of those stories in a long time.

There was one this
week, but it wasn’t very

interesting, just old guy
stole some underwear.

Who cares?

But we have the mayor who committed
99 acts of sexual harassment had to quit.

That is set off like a flurry of
other people who’ve had to resign.

So we have two mayors
in Iichi, Iichi’s a prefecture

in Japan, who had to resign on the same
day over sexual harassment accusations.

So we have the mayor
of IKEADA, he had to

quit because of sexual
harassment allegations.

But he didn’t say anything
particularly interesting.

He just kind of quit.

The mayor of Togo City,
man, I love when they talk

’cause it’s always like it
gives you a little bit of insight,

a little bit of insight into
what’s going on in their head.

So he said an independent study is found
that he was guilty of power harassment

and sexual harassment since
2018 against multiple employees.

He said things like, you should die.

And to a female employee, he
said, when will you get big boobs?

So then he, they say
like all your guilty of

this, this is a crime,
okay, you got to quit.

So he quits, he resigns.

He says, I want to apologize.

I’m ashamed that I was ignorant.

Now the dude is 57 years old.

He should have known better by
now, like if I had committed that crime,

I don’t think I would be
like ashamed I was ignorant

because it’s like, dude, I knew
I was doing something wrong.

I just thought I would get away with it.

And that’s kind of my thing.

Do these guys really think
they’re gonna get away with it?

Like what is going on in their heads where
it’s like I’m gonna keep abusing people

to the point where it
actually becomes an issue.

He’s not sorry, let’s just be honest.

He’s not sorry, he’s not ashamed.

He wants to apologize
’cause he lost his job.

That’s actually the only
thing that’s happening.

Because later on he said, in the same
apology, this is his apology speech he says,

strong guidance is
different from harassment.

So he’s not actually so
sorry as he claims to be.

He’s not actually taking responsibility
for the fact that he was ignorant.

He’s basically saying like, look,
maybe I said some strong stuff.

But what I was really doing
was guiding my employees.

So let’s take a look.

We have a couple of examples
of the statements he made.

You should die.

That would be very strong guidance
on how to deal with yourself, I guess.

I’m just trying to decide what other
information could I extract from that?

That would actually make it seem like
he didn’t actually mean you should die.

When will you get big boobs?

Now, if you were going to
claim that was strong guidance

and not some form of sexual harassment,
you would have to explain to me

how that statement translates
into a better work performance.

Now, the thing is, again, this old dude,

you know what he’s actually
thinking is like, yeah, if you

have bigger boobs, you know,
people around you perform better.

It’s like, he’s thinking something grows.

I don’t know.

I think if you are making the apologists,

you’ve had to quit your
job, you make the apology.

I think this is not the time to go and try

to defend your actions or give an explanation
as to why it’s not really what it was.

So the dude who committed
99 cases of sexual harassment,

he tried to say like, man, I
don’t know what you guys

are also upset about,
which I think is true.

I think if you’re actually
taking like what he’s saying

at face value, I think
that is actually true.

He didn’t know what the problem was.

That’s why he thought it was okay
to sexually harass people all the time.

This guy’s in the same thing.

He thinks that you should die
and when will you get big boobs?

He doesn’t actually see that as
sexual harassment or power harassment.

He sees that as strong guidance
and how to make your life better

by appeasing him and doesn’t
understand how the world works

and really doesn’t understand why he’s
being fired in this case, yes, to resign.

He doesn’t understand
how this like third party

organization looked into
this and found him guilty.

And in his apology,
he’s standing there going

like, yeah, but you guys,
you don’t understand.

And I’m just like, I’m a direct speaker.

I tell people to truth.

Something I’ve actually always enjoyed is
when people claim they don’t filter things.

You know, like I’m a straight shooter and
I just, I call it like I see it, you know.

You, whenever those people are
talking and whenever they make that,

that’s their excuse, basically they’re
saying I say shitty things to people.

It’s always very interesting technique
is once they do that a couple of times

and you go like that was
a really awful thing to say,

well, you know, I just, I tell people
to direct truth and unfiltered truth.

I tell people what I think and what I
see, and I’m honest and you go, okay.

So let’s have some hard truths about
yourself and then see what they say.

Because people are very easy,
like that kind of personality type

always gives hard
truths about other people.

They’re never willing to give
hard truths about themselves,

which actually shows that
they’re incredibly hypocritical

because, you know, if
they call it like they see it,

they could see themselves being
jerks and then call themselves out on it.

They’re like, yeah, I was a jerk

and I apologize and I should
take responsibility for that.

Just like this guy didn’t.

Japan is having an issue.

We have the yen has
dropped significantly in value

and that is actually really good for
tourists ’cause tourists come over here,

they can spend lots more money and get
more value for the money when they convert.

This has a letter problem of over tourism.

And so that’s something
Japan is a country’s dealing with.

Tourist numbers are now back
to what they were pre-pandemic.

And in some cases,
they’re actually exceeding

what they were pre-pandemic
because the yen is so cheap.

People are like, oh, it was
a great time to go to Japan.

I can spend a lot of money
and get my money’s worth.

It’ll be really great.

This has caused problems because tourists
are not behaving like Japanese people,

which makes sense,
they’re not Japanese people.

So they don’t abide by the same rules
or they don’t see things the same way.

So one of the first things is garbage.

Now there are no garbage
cans in Japan readily available

in most places because they expect
you to take your garbage with you.

Mount Fuji, people are taking stuff.

They buy drinks and snacks and
stuff and they just throw it on the trail.

Well, Mount Fuji’s
been like, that’s terrible.

You’re gonna make Mount
Fuji all covered in garbage.

Someone has to clean it up.

So instead of just like ignoring
it or putting garbage cans,

which would overflow, what
they’ve decided to do is like,

well, we’re gonna have to
employ people to pick up garbage,

which means we will now charge 2,000
yen for you to walk up the mountain.

We did a story a month, maybe two months
ago, in Guillaume where the geisha are.

And they have these like
alleys that lead to their homes

and the places where
they train and stuff like that.

Those are private and
people were going in

there and being rude and
one of the worst things

was so they would like
grab geisha and yank

them over and like
take selfies with them.

The problem being that
these are not there for,

these are people, they’re
not there for your amusement.

So just grabbing an individual,
actually a crime in Japan.

But these alleyways and
stuff that lead to these private

residences, they’re
actually private property.

People are going down,
they’re being disrespectful.

So they block them off.

They’re basically saying like, if you
come down here, now they’re fine.

The latest one, there is this,
what is considered to be iconic

picture of Mount Fuji and
there’s a Lawson in front of it.

Lawson is a convenience store in Japan.

And you can take this picture.

This has become a very popular spot.

Tons of people are coming
here to take this picture

and people, local people are like, it’s
too much because they’re blocking traffic

because they’re not paying
attention to traffic rules

so they’re walking out to the road ’cause
they want to get them at the best picture.

There, there have been a
couple of stories of people

like across the road
climbing up onto the

adjacent building so
they can get a picture.

And they want to get pictures
without crowds in it and stuff like that.

So this city has decided
what we’re going to do

to solve this problem is
put up a giant black curtain

and block out the Lawson so you
can’t take a picture of it anymore.

So they’re like, you’ve
gone so far as to bother

the locals and cause
problems for the police

and whatnot, what we’re
going to do is you can block out

the whole thing so you can’t
take your stupid picture anymore.

How do you like that?

And I actually, I’m a little like torn
’cause it’s a very reasonable response.

I’m like, how harsh do you go on tourism?

So these people come here and
they want to have a good time.

They are going to push the
boundaries of what’s acceptable.

Is it acceptable to arrest
them when they break the rules

because they are breaking laws
and stuff again, traffic laws are laws.

But also it seems like a bit harsh but is
it also the right answer to just take away

the thing everyone wants this
picture to take away this picture.

It’s kind of the
Instagramification of tourism

where you’re not actually
going to have an experience

you’re going to get these pictures
so you can take the picture.

Maybe have a picture of you
standing in front of the community

in the store in front of
Mount Fuji, that kind of thing.

But the towns had enough and they
are doing, they’re gonna block it off.

I was actually my first
thought was like a man.

What if they did like a giant green screen?

And then you got a Mount Fuji and this
big green screen you put other stuff there.

Which would again
attract more people to do

more nonsense but maybe
you do it once a year.

Have like a little
celebration, a little festival

and come see the giant green
screen in front of Mount Fuji.

But yeah, because people
were just going buck wild,

they’re not going to be able
to take their picture anymore.

Japan still has a royal family and I
do not have a great deal of regard

for royalty, I think that’s
a pretty fair thing to say.

I don’t have a great
deal of regard for

royalty ’cause I don’t
think they do anything.

Like I actually am not
against having royalty.

I think again for tourism
and things like that

it actually could be
beneficial for relations

between countries,
it could be beneficial.

But overall what I see is a bunch of people

living off taxpayer money
contributing very little to nothing.

So I’m not a big royalist in any way.

So the empire, the royal family in Japan,

the emperor and stuff, I
don’t actually care about them.

90% of people, oh, one of
the problems before you

get into the actual story,
there’s not enough boys.

Population decline, issues like that.

But in this family, there just aren’t
enough direct descendants who are male

and the emperor has to
come from the paternal

side, not the maternal
side of the family.

So because they don’t have
a male heir, the end of the

empire, the emperor’s
family could be on the horizon.

And so they did a survey and they found that
90% of people support having an empress,

which I’m 100% on board with
because I don’t care about the empress.

So why would I care if it was an empress?

I actually think an empress
might be pretty cool for a while.

You know, again, try to change
some of the traditional views of Japan.

But of course, there’s a 10%
that are very, very against it.

72% of the people surveyed
said they have a sense of crisis

regarding the issue, which I
actually find hard to believe.

Because again, I don’t think
the royal family does anything.

So if the royal family doesn’t do anything,
how can you have a sense of crisis?

Like if the royal family
in Japan went away today,

I don’t think there would be any significant
change to Japanese culture or society.

Like there would be another
person you don’t talk about

who isn’t doing that much ’cause
again, they do charity working stuff.

I do, again, this is where the
benefit of royalty would come in.

If they do charity work
to help other people,

if they do work to support
the country or something.

I don’t know.

I don’t actually know ’cause I don’t
know what they do ’cause I don’t care.

So I found that number interesting.

But then I realized if
they’re doing a survey

and people are answering a
survey about the royal family,

they’re probably people who
care about the royal family.

If you gave me a survey
about the royal family,

it would be 50/50 if I
even bothered to fill it out.

I care that little.

So I bet a lot of people just didn’t
fill it out or didn’t care about it.

For the few people who
disagreed that we should only have

male heirs, what they’re
actually saying inadvertently,

they don’t realize this, is that we will
actually kill off the royal family in Japan.

‘Cause if you have no heir at all,

then the family line ends,
from the family line ends.

There’s no one to take over.

But they say that this goes
against Japanese culture.

‘Cause Japanese culture traditionally,
the heir is male, the male takes over.

That is Japanese culture.

And I agree, that is technically true.

The issue for me is, again,
they serve no purpose.

Going beyond, they serve no purpose.

We’re talking about a thing
that needs to evolve with time.

Now, if we’re talking about
traditional Japanese culture,

well, traditionally the emperor did a
bunch of stuff and was a ruler and things.

They’re not that anymore.

They need to change with the times.

And so changing with
the times, in this case,

could include, like, let’s
open it up to, essentially,

whoever’s available, they could be
the next emperor, slash emperors.

You want to talk about evolution?

The royal family recently
started an Instagram account.

I did not bother to check it out, because,
again, I do not care what they do at all.

Japan rail east.

So there’s Japan rail
east, Japan rail west,

in Meitetsu and there’s a
couple other railroad companies.

But Japan rail east, I
found it’s very interesting.

They’re like, they have the problem of
Karens and Kevin’s people who overreact.

That’s not like an American thing.

It’s universal.

There are people who
overreact wherever they go.

I’m not talking about tourists.

I’m talking about just like,
there’s Japanese people.

They behave this way to get what they want.

They freak out.

They think if they put enough
pressure on people, if they harass people,

they’re just going to give
in and get what they want.

And they’ve been doing
this their entire lives.

That’s how this sort of
Karen mentality became to the

forefront of culture, was more
and more people were doing this.

This is how they were sort
of getting what they want.

This is how they’re surviving.

Now that we recognize it, people
are starting to actually deal with it.

Well, JREs has had people,
they make unreasonable demands.

They get physical.

They demand that the staff get
down on their hands and knees

and bow apologized to them
and all this other garbage.

Stuff that reasonable people
would never ask you to do.

They did quite nicely
rephrase it as unruly customers.

They’ve come up with an official policy,

and the official policy is, if you get out
of hand, they’re just going to ignore you.

Which I love as an official policy.

So they’ll talk to you, they’ll try to
help you, they’ll try to do their best.

I’ve actually 99% of my
experiences on Japanese railways

have been positive where I’m
like, dude, I don’t know where I’m

going, I need help, and they
will do their best to help you.

I’ve only had one guy in 20
years put me on the wrong train.

I don’t necessarily think
he did it on purpose.

Either my Japanese wasn’t good enough
or he just wasn’t really paying attention.

I asked him a question and
he just pointed to the train

and I jumped on the train
and it was the wrong train.

So that I’m not chalking that
up to him, not doing a good job.

Maybe he was busy, maybe he was distracted,
maybe my Japanese was really poor.

So I’m not even saying like the one
percent that I am saying did not go well,

I’m not putting that on
the railway employee yet.

I would have to go back
and do research and stuff.

He seemed very dismissive, which is
why I put that margin of error in there.

The my experience overall
has been very positive

where I ask for help and
people do their best to help me.

So it seems like if you’re a reasonable
person, you’re gonna get the help you need.

So now, if I get out of hands,
I get on the train station,

I just start shouting at people, and I
maybe like shove people around a little bit,

start throwing my
weight, come to a big boy.

They’re just going to be like, “We’re
going to ignore you until you go away.

” And if you don’t go away,
they’re just going to call the cops.

And that’s it.

That’s their official policy.

And somehow I really enjoy
that as an official policy.

The official policy is like, if
they go too far, ignore them,

if they keep going, ’cause
that is going to set them off.

This type of person, the thing that
steps them off the most, is being ignored.

So it’s going to set them off.

They’re going to go,
“Ah, I can’t handle.

You’re not, you know,
bowing to my every whim.

Ignore them.

They’ll get out of hand, call
the cops, and get them arrested.

” So I expect an influx
of people getting arrested,

because it’s train station at JRE, is ignoring
those stories over the next few weeks.

And then it’ll start to sink in.

You’re not going to be able
to do this and get away with it.

And then they’ll kind of stop.

At JRE, they’re going to try JRE West.

They’re going to try, it may
test you the other train lines.

And then it’s going to
just filter out over there.

This is how we handle this problem.

And a lot of people are going to
get like, taken away by the police.

I don’t think you’re going to get jail time
or anything, but they’re going to like,

if you have a train to catch,
you are not catching that train.

If you have something you’ve got
to do, you’re not doing it that day.

And I think more companies adopting this

as an official policy would
not be the worst thing ever.

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