99 problems and I am all of them

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  • It needs to use Japan.

We love our surveys, we love our stats.

And sometimes it makes me wonder like,

how do you come up with
an idea for your survey?

Like, where’s your brain at?

Because they did a survey on whose
poop smell are you worried about more?

So are you more worried about when you go
into the toilet and you make a poop smell?

You’re worried about
that being very stinky?

Or are you more worried about other people’s
poop smell maybe lingering in the toilet

when you go in after them or maybe even,
you know, it’s a side-by-side situation?

54.8% of people in Japan.

This is a 400% survey, 50% men, 50% women.

54.8% were concerned about their own smell

and 20 to 40 year-old
men were sort of the most,

I don’t know what
you would say, serious,

concerned, I concerned
about their own smell.

They answered that they were
always concerned with their own smell.

71.8% of people were bothered
by the smell when entering a toilet.

Now, I agree, bothered by the smell,

but also it’s in necessities,
like people are in their poop.

So if a place is gonna smell, I’ve
always had this thing about fart.

So you’re in a public toilet.

If you’re a man, you’re
in a urinal, let’s say,

and part of the process is
sometimes you have to fart.

And farts are saunarous, they are, and
they announce their presence sometimes.

So is it socially acceptable to fart loudly

in a public toilet when
someone else is there?

Because I see, okay, my feeling is,

it would be acceptable to
fart and everyone laughs.

But I’ve noticed that
when I’m in a public toilet

and someone else is in the public
toilet with me, I don’t want to fart.

I don’t want to announce to the world

that I have bodily functions.

And this is kind of what
the survey is looking into.

It’s like, these are things we
have to do, you have to poop.

I just wanna get that message out there,
you have to poop, you have no choice.

59.3% said they held the poop as long as
possible, they tried not to poop in public.

54% of women were not
comfortable pooping at all

in public if possible.

So they would try to never poop in public.

38.1% of men don’t wanna sit on
the toilet seat while they’re out.

Now my thought when I saw this survey was
like, how would you come to the conclusion?

Or how would you have the
idea to conduct this survey?

I wouldn’t be like, of
all the things we need

to survey in the world, of
all the ideas and thoughts

that exist in the world.

Which one do we wanna explore the most?

We wanna explore, are you
concerned about your poop smell?

Are you concerned about pooping?

How does poop, again, it’s a necessity.

It’s a thing, maybe this is
something we should talk about more.

But it turns out that this
is a pharmaceutical company

and they produce a pill and the pill
will reduce the smell of your poop.

Now I wouldn’t
pay money for that.

But if you are one of the 54.

8% of people who are always
concerned with the smell of your poop.

And I’m assuming in
public, ’cause I get at home,

I would turn the fan on
and not really think about it.

You could buy this product.

So it was really just like a
survey to get open the door

towards a conversation
towards a sales pitch.

Which is not disingenuous,
but it kind of puts a little bit

like, “Ah, of course,
on it at the end.

” This is a first time event.

So that’s why it’s exciting.

The actual crime and stuff
is not the particular injury.

There’s an interesting aspect to it.

Well, let’s get into the story.

China gives three people
suspended prison sentences

for one, running what is considered to be
the largest Japanese anime piracy website.

It was accessed 300
million times over two years.

We’ve shut down last year.

There’s a group called Koda.

And they basically
gathered all the information.

They brought it to the Chinese government.

They said, “These are the
people that’s prosecuted them.

” And the Chinese
government did.

There’s a lot of back and forth sort
of hate between China and Japan.

And so these stories
where they work together,

I find that kind of
inspiring ’cause it means

that yes, there is an
ability to move forward.

And then there is a lot of ripping on China

’cause, you know,
copyright law is privacy law.

These things don’t exist in China
is sort of a general stereotype.

But this shows that they will
take copyright laws seriously.

They will do things essentially
if you make it easy for them.

The Koda group brought all the
information to the Chinese prosecutors.

I don’t know who exactly.

The interesting part to
me was the punishment

was suspended sentences.

So that means there’s essentially
on probation for X amount of years.

China, in my mind, when it prosecutes,
when it finds you guilty of a crime,

is not a kind gentle
country to be prosecuted in.

Like the punishments are harsh.

So when I heard suspended
sentence, I was like,

Ha, ’cause suspended
sentence really means like,

okay, you’re on probation
for X money years.

If you don’t get in trouble for those
X money years, nothing happens.

The other point was, 37 million
yen was made in advertising

from the website.

No penalties were brought to them.

They don’t have to pay any
money back to the copyright holders.

They had to shut down the website.

They essentially are in a
position where if they don’t get

into trouble, they get to
just keep the 37 million yen.

And I was like, ah, you
know, for this to really be an

effective punishment, you gotta
take that money away from them.

So it was three people to
cite on or into other people.

They were all arrested,
they were all found guilty.

And then nothing happened.

So that sort of put me on the other side.

I was like, hey, this is great.

China’s taking Japanese copyright seriously

and stopping this piracy site.

But then suddenly it’s
like, but also they’re not.

So I was a little torn.

I don’t know where I land on that.

But it is the first time this
prosecution has actually happened.

It’s the first time code has been involved.

It’s the first time these.

Yeah, I don’t know how I feel at all.

It sounds good.

And then it seems like they did nothing.

It sounds like they
like almost lip service.

And I guess that is never
going to be satisfying.

There was a teacher
at a junior high school.

And if you know anything about
kids, especially to a certain age,

kids in junior high school, they’re
still have that youthful meanness

that little kids have that
almost sometimes they’re mean.

They don’t even intend to be.

Like they’ll point out your
physical flaws or something.

Not really intending to
hurt your feelings, but then it

really strikes home because
it really hurts your feelings.

Junior high school kids
have now gotten a certain

verbal acuity that
those little kids don’t.

So they can like fine tune the
pain they cause to other people.

I would say junior high
school is pretty hardcore.

And anywhere, I’m not talking about Japan.

I’m talking about anywhere.

And we know that kids
can be straight up mean.

Several students had been
making fun of a teacher,

mainly of his body, his physical self,

by referring to him by an
anime character’s name.

They don’t say which anime character because
that would actually increase the insult.

I should this guy’s picture ever
show up on TV or something.

So let’s just as an example say Totoro.

So that would imply that
he was large, roundish, maybe

had that kind of face, or
they called him one punch man

because he’d been losing his hair.

They made it very clear
in all the stories I read.

There were multiple stories

that this was about
his sort of physicality.

So it was about a shape.

So this might be more similar
to when people call Gigi Pang,

Winnie the Pooh.

And he doesn’t like it.

So he tries to shut that down.

It gets to him.

And that’s the problem.

Like that’s actually the problem.

If you’re gonna be a junior high school
teacher, you can’t let this stuff get to you.

So let’s give you an example.

A real life example from my own experience.

I was teaching about 12,
13 year old girls in this class.

It was like my second year in Japan.

And I had at that point
started to lose my hair.

I had what you would might
call a severe widow’s peak.

Let’s just give you a
sense of the physicality

for if you’re listening
to the audio version.

There’s a reason I wear hats all the time.

It’s ’cause I’m not proud of my hair.

So this grow walks up to the board.

It just goes, you are M.

I was like, I don’t know what that means.

And being a teacher, I was like, I
wanna understand what you’re saying.

I care about what you’re saying.

What you’re saying means something to me.

I wanna like foster the
relationship between the two of us.

So she goes up to the
whiteboard and she puts an M

on the whiteboard and she goes, you are M.

I’m like, I still don’t understand.

And then she draws a little eye underneath

under each widow’s peak
and a nose and a mouth.

She says, you are M.

Now, she thought ’cause
she was being a really mean,

13 year old girl that
she was gonna tear away

’cause like men are obviously very
self-conscious about losing their hair.

This is a very hurtful thing.

I’m doing, I’m gonna break him.

I started laughing, I
started laughing so hard

because I just came
out of left field for me.

I had no idea what she was talking about.

I was like, that was a wicked insult.

Good job young lady.

And that actually kind of broke her.

She didn’t, ’cause she didn’t
get the reaction she wanted.

I actually was like
really impressed

by the work she put into
it that she was kind of like

deflated, didn’t show
up to class very much.

After that, if I’m being honest.

So these students were referring to
this teacher by an anime character name.

So I’m gonna go with Totoro,
even though I don’t know

that’s the name, but it
just, it gives you sense,

like, hey, they’re going, hey,
Totoro Sensei, Totoro Sensei.

Ha ha ha, Totoro Sensei.

And then two years,
dudes like, had enough.

She grabs the student by the waist
and then throws him to the ground.

Now, there have been multiple
stories with varying amounts of details.

Another story I read said, grabbed
the kid by the shirt, shoved him

and punched him in the torso and head.

Now, the kid had some bruising.

And they say it took a week to heal.

He didn’t, like he wasn’t
like hospitalized or anything.

But this is an adult Totoro Sensei’s
man beating up a high school kid.

And it turns out May 2023,
he put his student in a headlock.

Now, one story said us student.

Another story I read said the same student.

So he’d actually, this is the second time,
potentially he’s attacked this student.

He apologized, he
says, look, I just lost it.

And I beat up a little kid.

And he got a one ton, no, no.

And he got a one-tenth
pay cut for three months.

I, again, this is another story, I’m torn.

You have a teacher
whose, the kid’s words got

to him so much he
physically assaulted a kid.

I feel sympathy on both sides.

I feel sympathy for the teacher
because he had to put up with this

and obviously drove
him to what is essentially

a breaking point.

But the reality is he attacked a kid.

Personally, I think when you grab a kid

and throw him through a
ground, you lose your job.

I’ve done teaching for
years and years and years.

And as per example, my
story, I’ve dealt with these kids.

You can’t let it get to you.

You have to look at it as, wow, did
the kid do a good job insulting you?

Did they do a good job?

Have they really done some creativity?

Have they created?

Have they learned how to
use their words appropriately?

This might be what you need to foster.

Jade is just put in the chat.

Kids need to learn the fuck around
and find out method sometimes.

And I agree with that
if you’re not a teacher.

So if this exact same
event had happened with

neighbors, I wouldn’t be
as upset with the neighbor.

So like they were calling
the neighbor torto, torto,

torto, torto, torto, torto,
and then the neighbor

just grabs a kid and throws him to the
ground and be like, pff, kid deserved it.

Don’t mess with adults.

But because it’s a
teacher and a teaching role.

But yeah, don’t assault your students, yes.

You are essentially
putting yourself in a position

where you’re going to be in close
contact with these kids every day.

They’re going to try
to get under your skin.

That’s the bit you, as a
teacher should know this.

And if you know they’re going to try to
get under skin, you can’t let them do it.

Because that’s what real success is,

is they come at you
again and again and again.

Like waves off of, okay, I’m not.

It’s like the thing there’s
an erosion metaphor

in there if I do that
waves on a cliff.

It doesn’t work out because
the waves always win.

Essentially, this guy probably doesn’t
have the temperament to be a teacher.

If calling you torto, torto,
torto, over and over again

is going to get you to the
point where you actually

assault children, you
shouldn’t be a teacher.

Yes, if it’s a different
situation, rec that child.

If I was in a different situation
and I was like out in a park

and some kids started harassing
me and like I, I could see it happening.

But the thing is, it did
take this man years to

break, but he did break
and that’s the problem.

So I honestly don’t believe
you should be a teacher anymore.

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Anyo’s chairman, we
did a story on the Anyo’s,

there’s chairman, CEO and president.

They have all three and
like just make sure they’re

going like, isn’t that
all this the same job?

Is the CEO not the
president, is the president,

not the chairman, are these not?

Or is it just like dudes
circle chirken each other

at the C suite of a company?

Anyo’s is an oil company
and the last tirade I went on

about Anyo’s is how
gross oil companies are.

And how gross men are,
especially old executives.

Anyo’s decides to come
through and it’s just like,

let’s just prove this
again and again and again.

The Anyo’s chairman was
fired over sexual harassment.

Last December, the president
was fired for sexual harassment.

And in 2022, the CEO was fired.

Oh, forced to step down
for sexual harassment.

My company has like five presidents.

company has like five presidents.

I understand president of
something, like president of technology.

So the CEO of technology or not CEO,
because that’s a chief executive officer.

But the CTO, the chief technology officer.

Oh, sicky horror.

The position joke was good then.

I didn’t even do that on
purpose from being honest.

There was a joke I did an
unintentional joke a couple weeks ago.

But someone actually came up and
was like, that joke was really good.

I had no idea what he was talking about.

But I just took the compliment.

I think it’s because now I’m just
talking about these things in this way.

The jokes are built
in unintentionally.

But I haven’t think I
want to script them out.

But my actual thing last time
was oil executives are gross people.

And they get away with raping the earth.

And why would this not translate into them?

It’s actually harassing people
around them and thinking it’s fine.

Anyos needs to hire a non-pervert.

And that I would turn the company around.

And they’re not going to
do it because it’s the people

hiring these guys, putting
these guys into the position.

It’s other guys like that,
putting them into the position.

That said, just wait for the next story.

Okay, the mayor of
Guinin is a city in Gifu.

And he has announced his resignation.

There was an accusation
made and the accusation was

that he was sexually harassing staff.

And an independent inquiry happened.

And the mayor, the results
came out in the mayor quit.

They found 99 instances of the
mayor sexually harassing staff.

So that’s 99 different people,
not 99 sexual harassment cases.

Because I could harass someone 99 times.

And it would be the same person.

So they would technically be one case.

He did it like napalm, carpet bombing,
the entire office, city hall, whatever.

Because he didn’t limit it to staff.

He actually sexually
harassed counselors and

other people in fairly
important positions.

And so the inquiry
recommended the mayor quit.

He did.

The 99 instances of the
mayor included touching

boobs and butts, which
could be indecent assault.

So it’s not just sexual harassment.

He flashed the whole office.

I understand.

No, it was physical.

He’s touching people.

He’s he’s he’s doing little
squeezes every now and then.

It’s what I do to Dave all
the time, but Dave likes it.

I just opened myself up to
some big problems right there.

So they did a survey of the staff
mail in female and 80% of the staff

reported being either
sexually harassed or bullied

so power harassment
by the mayor of Guinin.

So then of course he quits and then
he has to apologize because it’s Japan.

You always have to apologize.

I love this dude’s apology because
you can tell he’s not sorry, you know.

He said in his apology,
there are parts where I am not

convinced of the grounds for
the sexual harassment claims.

Like all the claims seem to
come from like just women.

I don’t know what this means.

So the funny part to me is by
saying that he’s not convinced of the

grounds for the sexual harassment claims is
he’s saying that all 99 claims are false.

Is he saying that some
are false and some are true?

Because he’s apologizing, but then
also saying, but I don’t really believe

that this was sexual harassment that
I don’t really think I did anything wrong.

So I’m quitting because you
guys are all like pussy bitches.

But you know, this is further reinforced.

He had been chided by the deputy mayor.

So the deputy mayor comes to go, hey,
mayor, maybe stop touching the boobies

and butts of all the staff, like
maybe maybe don’t do that.

And he’s when his response
was, we are of the same generation.

So I laughed it off.

So the deputy mayor is like, hey, mayor,
maybe don’t touch the staff’s boobies.

And he’s like, yeah,
yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

I get what you really saying.


And then he’s probably like, hey,
don’t say sexual things to the staff.

Don’t touch their butts.

And he’s like, yeah,
yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

They might even get said like, hey,
maybe don’t, but try to bully the staff.

But they like it.


This is an interesting thing.

Ignat’s just put into the chat,
but they like it from his perspective.

I’ve always found this very interesting.

I bet if you did a lie detector
test with this man and said,

did the staff appreciate your advances?

He would say, yes, and
it would come out as true.

I know lie detector tests are not
actually reliable, but yeah, I’m saying

conceptually that he
believes what he’s saying.

And he believes what he’s doing.

And there’s no way you
can convince them otherwise.

He had someone again
of the same generation.

So a guy similar age similar status saying
to him, Hey, what you’re doing is too much.

And he’s just like, yeah, buddy.

Yeah, we’re doing it.

That’s not how Japanese
men behave, but that is now my

mental interpretation of the
conversation is, uh, hey, Kevin.

Kevin is the mayor of Guinea. Hey, Kevin.

Maybe you could ease back on the,
the, what I see is sexual harassment.

And then Kevin here’s where
I goes, yeah, that’s my ASMR.

I’m just going to cut all those like
fake laughing clips and put them together.

Make that’s my new ASMR podcast.

It’s just the mayor of Guinea and laughing.

Um, a new podcast coming to the chunk
of view test pod network of podcasts soon.