We’re not going to talk about 24

I think we are on the corona train, or cruise, in this case, until the country just figures out that you don’t go out for drinks and get sick or make people sick. That and there seems to be a booming shoe theft underworld going on.

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Carbon Neutral…Here

Japan’s efforts to go carbon neutral run in to a snag if you share the air with Australia, which we do. Nintendo really doesn’t want you to look at Bowsers penis and I have some sympathy for a guy who wants to drink on the job.

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Yakuza Halloween

The covid news has been lessened, which means more time talking about people committing crimes, which is great. 

Also, the Yakuza being kind, the Police not doing their job and a bunch of other stuff, like the PS% button controversy. One you may not even know about.

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