Depressing topics to cheer you up

Corona, climate change, misogeny, we got it all, baby. It was probably sexist for me to add “baby” to the end of that, but I need to be me.

Oh, and there is some more of me complaining about old people, despite being old myself.


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Mori and the ladies

Ninja News returns. This is just a quick update to get me back in the mode of making podcasts, then another new episode tomorrow to make sure that the news isn’t stale.

You get the whole Mori and the Olympics scandal and what may be some seasonal crimes. More research is needed.


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Go to just stay home

I make one of the few corrections I will ever make in this episode. Not because I don’t make mistakes, but because I refuse to admit I made mistakes, but since I found my own mistake, damn it is hard to argue with myself.

The Japanese government pushes forward with a series of bad ideas and starts pretending everything is going to be fine. Some people got scammed and someone needed to be a little quieter about their mary jane operation.

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NNJ 126 Caillous Jerk Shack

So much news, the justice system explained, cheating explained and real ninjas in this one.

Also, the pain of contact tracing apps, for the people who want to help you. The fastest computer in the world. A touch of fraud and NHK may just get what it deserves. 

To be blocked from the world. 

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NNJ 124 Bangin in Toilets

NHK takes on BLM and doesn’t do it very well, a man really wants to bang in a toilet and it doesn’t work out for him. 

The remaining scraps of corona virus news and the dream that we end up with a corona free episode.

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