The Batman of Old Dirty Men

Okay, last week, there was
no episode, ’cause I was sick.

It’s not too bad, I caught a cold,

but you can probably still
hear my voice is a little rough.

That means this is maybe
going to be more of an NPR style

version of the podcast as
I gently speak into the mic.

Like say, thank you to Malcolm M.

Let’s go, good looking out brother.

It was a really nice thing you did,

and it really helped
me get back in the chair

today to actually do
some actual podcasting.

(upbeat music)

So the week I get sick, I
thought it was gonna be Halloween,

so it was gonna be all
Halloween news and crazy events.

and it turns out they’re shutting
down, should be actually worked.

So there wasn’t any sort of like big event,

they moved to other
areas, but those other areas,

it just wasn’t the same vibe.

They didn’t tear up the streets, so
we just didn’t get any exciting news.

It was not terrible.

There is lately we’ve been getting
like one gross, dirty old man story,

and the last two weeks have had
a multitude of dirty old man story.

So I guess this is my alibi,
because people like one,

like oh, a dirty old man did
stuff, Peter, you’re a dirty old man,

and I’m like no, no, no, no, I
was in bed sick, I have an alibi.

I just didn’t have the energy to be dirty.

This is not very good.


So sugar baby would eat each other.

I thought we were done with her.

She didn’t go down by herself.

Mm, sex jokes come to mind
really quick, quite easy stuff like that.

She pulled down two hosts with her.


Oh, she pulled down two hosts.

Basically, it turns out this chick
had made like a million dollars.

And instead of keeping that
million dollars who she could

just basically live for the
rest of her life without working,

she went to host clubs and
spent all her money on hosts.

I don’t expect criminals to be responsible,

but some semblance of
planning should be put into play.

Like she clearly just thought
she was gonna be scamming men

forever, and my whole deal with the sugar
baby thing is it’s based on the baby part.

Your capitalizing on your youth.

So you got a plan for when that runs
out because it’s not gonna last very long.

The main claim is they know the money she
was using at the host club came from fraud.

So therefore they are complicit
in the fraud because they

were accepting money that
had been received via the fraud.

One of the hosts even sent
a message to the DD-chan

saying, I’m also in a
complacent of DD-chan.

If she gets caught, I’ll go down too,
which is kind of romantic in a way

except then it absolutely
happened that way.

So she got caught and you are going down to

the police raided the host
bar to check the accounting

the books and see where
the cash flow is coming from.

But the fact is these two guys are getting
nailed for fraud ’cause you know what?

And they probably
weren’t nailing the DD-chan.

If we’re being really honest
because that’s the whole

point of a host ’cause just
like the sugar baby thing

is you keep stringing
them along for as long

as possible so they
keep giving you money.

She was ripping off these old
men to get money from them.

She was then turning
around and giving that money

to guys who were stringing her along and
probably not giving her what she wanted.

And I guess the cycle continues.

(upbeat music)

Over one million nuisance calls

have been made to the Jupyter
Japanese embassy in Beijing.

So they’ve released the first batch.

of Fukushima water from the plants.

It had been determined that
this was the safest way to do it

to release it in small
batches into the ocean.

China, Russia, both said no, don’t do that.

The plan they came up with was
dispersant into the atmosphere which,

okay, I don’t know the science
behind it but it doesn’t seem better.

I’m not saying it’s worse.

I don’t know.

But I don’t think dispersing
it one way over another.

If you’re dispersing it, that’s bad.

So if you’re gonna be angry, just
be angry that’s been dispersed.

Because Japan didn’t follow the plan

that was put forward by
Beijing and why would they?

Again, the incredibly
contentious relationship

these two countries have
had over a bunch of years.

I mean, there’s no way they’re gonna be
working together on something like this.

So I guess the Chinese people wanted to
express their discontent with the situation.

So there were 40,000 calls made on August
25th and that is 15,000 a day recently.

And so a Japanese person
who works at the embassy,

maybe even a Chinese person who works
for the embassy, answers to the phone.

And what they will either get is
criticism, silence, or a bomb threat.

(upbeat music)

I think I’m hitting the
transition button too fast.

I actually was gonna talk about how
that’s not how you change anyone’s mind.

I think we all know that though.

I’m worried that I say the
same things over and over again.

And so that’s, I’m trying to
decide, should I say everything

that’s in my head, which may be very
repetitive, or do I just like stop and move on?

‘Cause I guess I could
see this is the problem

with getting over an illness and trying to
do a podcast is your brain doesn’t work.

The R-Chax.

So I have had a theory
that Japan is in the process

of building its own mega,
mega, anime, robot, giant thing.

They have not perfected, but
they have created a rail gun,

a real functional rail gun, which to
me seems like a very mech technology.

Now there’s a company.

You can buy your own, it’s 4.5 meters tall,

so it’s not giant yet, but
you know, it’s a big, big boy.

3.5 metric tons, so not imperial tons.

They say that the
controls are gentle enough

that you can pick up
an empty plastic bottle

without crushing it, but
then also you can crush it

because it has the crushing power.

It costs, so if you want this
thing, it costs 400 million yet,

which is $2.67 million American.

It does include training and a
one year maintenance guarantee.

So that sounds cool,
like, okay, you get your

mech, you get trained
on how to use the mech,

and now you get to go
around and play with your mech.

No, you’re not allowed to put
on the road, it’s not road safe.

It has a three degree tilt warning,
so if it tilts more than three degrees,

the warning will go off, and
actually at five degrees, it will stop.

So because roads tilt more
than five degrees quite regularly,

it won’t be able to go on the road.

So it has to go on only completely flat
services, the money, this is not a prototype,

but it is not a war machine
designed for use in the field yet.

This is sort of how you make your money,
’cause what they want to do is first,

we’re gonna create mechs
for personal entertainment,

so rich people can drive around,
they’ll be getting more money.

Then we’re gonna make
more serious machines,

and they’re saying for disaster
recovery and space development,

but I think we all know what that really
means is we’re gonna build a giant mech.

And then recently, I
think it was in Kagoshima,

they took the giant
spear from an anime,

from Neon Evangel,

Evo Genesis mode, fuck.

I didn’t write this one down,
’cause I wasn’t gonna talk about it,

but they stuck that in the ground, so
you have these guys making a mech,

you have a railgun under
construction by the military,

and you have the
actual fictional spear from

an anime coming to
life, Evangel, what is it?

Neon Genesis Evangel, I think.

And they took the spear
from that, the model of it,

and then this steel company actually
made the steel and stuck it in the ground.

So now you have three of the elements

that I think you need to create
not just an anime, but the real life.

You have the machine
and the technology exists.

You have the railgun, so it actually
can shoot like hypersonic things,

and you have the spear to make
it look so it can do the poses.

Inside, this was a bit, I
actually found interesting,

there’s no window, so once you get
in, it’s just got screams in the cockpit.

So that is, hmm, I don’t know, it’s a
little claustrophobic for me, maybe.

I would like a windscreen, I
would like to be able to see outside.

It’s one of the things like
in spaceships and stuff,

but it actually doesn’t make
sense to have windscreen,

so you can actually see, you would want
displays, but at the same time, we’re humans,

and if we are in spaces with
no windows, we cater freak out.

(upbeat music)

It’s the creator of Super Smash Brothers.

It was Masahiro Sakudai.

I have to write that down
to make sure you’re right,

I’m not a Super Smash
Brothers fan, but I’m not.

I’m not against it, if you wanna
play it, and have a good time.

I hope you enjoy your life.

He was playing Streets of Rage 2 on a video,
celebrating 40 years of Sega hardware,

and I was stopped from a
little bit of Sega hardware.

So I guess this is historically speaking,

’cause I don’t think there’s
any Sega hardware anymore.

They still make games.

I still play all the Yakuza and
like a dragon games, and stuff.

So I’m still giving money to
the Sega company, but hardware

seems to stand out to me as a
weird element of that sentence.

So I think they were
celebrating like 40 years ago,

and I think that’s the same
as Sega used to have hardware,

not 40 years of being
in the hardware business.

So he did a move, so you can see up
the skirt of the female character Blaze.

In the Western version,
you don’t see anything.

You can’t do this move
and then see up her skirt,

and he said, “I think
Japan, I think Japanese,

“have a higher tolerance for itchy stuff.”

Which is probably true,
especially in modern society,

the West has moved along
where a lot of this stuff

would get criticized quite heavily, whereas
in Japan it’s just like, “Ooh, panties.”

And a lot of people,
they wouldn’t be angry

about it to be like,
“Of course, panties.”

‘Cause I mean, my first thought was like,

of course, the creator of
a game knows how to do

a move where you can
look up with girls’ pants,

but then they put in these games
where one of my favorite things.

in Lollipop Chainsaw and near
Automata, Automata, “Ooh, the Littlera.”.

Was, if you could get the camera
down under where her skirt was,

the character would pull her skirt so
you couldn’t look up at her underwear.

But, if you did enough,
you got an achievement.

So when I found out, I did
try spending massive amounts

of time trying to look
up these girls’ skirts,

not because I wanted
to see up their skirts

because a digital underwear
doesn’t do it for me,

but I wanted the achievement, the
creepy, creepy achievement, essentially.

This is not the first time
the tolerance for violence

in the West and the tolerance for
weird porn stuff in the East has come up.

There was a conversation
between two developers

and that’s what they
were talking about.

They were saying like, Japanese
people just have a higher tolerance

for sexuality, whereas Western
people have a higher tolerance

for violence and saying like, people say
that one is bad and the other’s acceptable.

It’s the same problem you have on TV where
a show will be rated for, let’s say, teens

and I’ll have a massive amount of
violence, but you can’t show any boobies.

But boobies, I would actually
say they’re less damaging.

than hours and hours of Gore and violence.

Who knows?

Again, our rating system is
a different way of thinking.

I think boobies and butts and P&I are less
damaging than people might think they are.

I don’t think we should
be showing hardcore porn

in films to kids.

I think that’s fair, but
I think the human body

just in its natural state
is not such a big deal

and I think we shouldn’t
make it a big deal.

I mean, certainly mine’s not a big deal.

I’m sad now.

Used to be a big deal.

Used to be quite an attractive young man.

Now I’m still getting over being safe.

See, I think this is another thing.

Getting over being sick, you feel weak

and that is my most vulnerable state

where I’m just like, oh,
my whole life is gone wrong.

As opposed to like, I’m getting better.

I’m like, ah, if I was
younger and stronger,

this never would have
happened in the first place.

So I’ve played all the Yakuza games.

They always have like
weird dating sims and stuff

and they always have
some of the Yakuza games

had this like telephone
thing where you call the girls

if you got friendly enough with the girl,

you would get like a
bikini rolling around video

and it was, I loved it
because it felt so wrong.

Like that was literally the reason, seeing
a girl in a bikini, that’s not enough

to do anything for
me because I have the

Internet and I have
hardcore penguin pornography

if I wanna look at it.

Everything you want is already
available to you on the Internet.

So this kind of stuff
seems actually relatively

innocent to me but I did
always enjoy getting those.

I watched one and the
thing is my wife walked

in the room while I was
watching one of those.

I would have been more embarrassed.

than if I’d been watching pornography.

Caesarea has had three incidences of frogs

turning up in their salads
between October 18th and 21st.

They have a lettuce
processing plant in kind of gawa

and they think maybe
some frogs got in there

and it just got mixed up
and then it got shipped out.

So they’ve implemented,
okay, Caesarea is shit.

There’s a lot of people who
defend it and those people are wrong.

Let’s just put that out there right now.

I’ve been to Caesarea twice.

It’s very cheap.

That’s fine, I’m not
being critical of cheap

but I ordered a thing
that was supposed to be

half chicken and half
beef and then I ate it

and I couldn’t tell which bits were
chicken and which bits would be.

And at that point I
was like, this is not food.

This is just garbage trash
that they put in front of you.

The frogs in the salad
probably would have increased

the value of the salad to
me ’cause it’d be more protein.

It would probably be more,

and at least it shows you that
the salad actually came from nature.

It wasn’t constructed in a laboratory
to be made of runoff from a river,

which is what I would actually think
Caesarea would do to keep their prices down.

So from now on,
there’s a process they’re

gonna implement which
I do not believe at all.

They’re saying they’re going
to take the head of lettuce

and then peel it back and inspect both
sides of each leaf before it’s processed,

which means the salad at
Caesarea is either going to be.

like 15,000 yen for a plate of salad
because you have to have it hand inspected

or they’re gonna do it for
like 10 minutes and then when

the inspector goes away, go
back to just doing whatever

and hope that frogs don’t get in there.

(chill music)

And now we’re onto the creepy news.

It’s very quick at this time.

Like it’s that’s very fast because
there was a lot of creepy news.

When I got sick, all day, oh, this is it.

Ninja’s Japan regularly
each week, tries to

report on some creepy
news and I put it out there.

I put the world down on check.

Old Dirty Men, ’cause it’s almost
always old dirty men, I’m watching you.

I’m the Batman of Old Dirty Men.

And I was gone last week and I was sick and
all the dirty men, all the old dirty men,

and I ain’t a man, Ninja
Ninja’s Japan isn’t on, maybe.

It’s our time to shine.

We could go out and be
dirty and not get caught well.

Tricks on you, my friend.

No, you’re gonna get arrested,
it’s actually the answer.

There was a man sitting on a motorcycle

and he rolls up and he grabs women’s
butt and he says, “How are you?”

And then he takes off.

That, I don’t know why.

To me, grabbing someone’s butt
and how are you is incagruent.

It’s not, those don’t match.

You gotta say something dirty
or sexual or don’t grab a butt.

Like if you’re old up on motors,
I only looked over at a nice lady.

They say, “Hey, nice lady, how are you?”

She might actually take
that as a compliment.

She might just keep walking,
but you haven’t committed a crime.

Maybe that’s it.

I’m always thinking of a way to be creepy

without actually breaking
the law or committing a crime.

Am I? No, that’s not true.

That sounds bad.

That’s not, let’s just erase
that little bit from history.

I’m trying to be nice
and happy and friendly.

I’m not trying to be creepy at all.

I think maybe we all
have our creepy instincts.

I’ve totally lost the thread
because I started talking

about myself instead of
focusing on the creepy dude.

‘Cause I try to equate
myself to the creepy dudes.

‘Cause what I’m actually thinking is,

if I was in a similar
situation, a monomotor cycle,

I roll up, I see a
woman, I find attractive.

What would I do?

My first instinct would
not be to grab her ass.

That’s fair.

I might say, how are you?

I might say, hey, do you wanna
take a little motorcycle ride?

I think the average person
would find that quite exciting.

I have to have a second helmet,
but worst case scenario, they say no,

and you haven’t committed
a crime, you don’t go to jail.

This has, the same complaint has
made five times since last November.

So we’re going to go ahead and assume,

which is not good
detective work, by the way.

It’s the same guy rolling up to corners,

grabbing ladies’ butts
and saying, how are you?

Because he has an MO, a modus, a parenae.

So his MO is consistent,
so we’re going to assume

it’s the same guy for
now, until we find out

there’s a gang of
high, how are you guys?

Who are going around terrorizing
women at the, I guess, red lights.

A man paid a middle school girl to
come into his car and step on him.

So technically, because of her age, she’s
like middle school, that’s kidnapping.

So not only has he done a creepy crime,

he’s taken it to a new level
because he got this high school

girl into his car, middle
school girl, into his car.

He’s now guilty of probably
sexual assault of some sort.

He wasn’t recipient, he
didn’t actually do anything

to the girl, it seems.

Again, I’m going on a very
thin bit of information right now.

So we’re going to, let’s put
up sexual assault of some sort,

solicitation at least,
but then he absolutely.

is also when kidnappings
like just a step up from that.

So that’s the kind of thing that just
like, the other stuff kind of goes away.

If you, if you’re creepy with adults,
it can actually go away pretty easily.

If you’re creepy with kids,
kidnapping, man, that doesn’t go away.

Anyways, they met on Instagram.

The girl had been introduced to stepping.

This was in quotes, my friends.

I didn’t know it was a term for this.

I assume like, hey, crush
my face with your foot.

I mean, do you need a term for that?

Step on my face.

So I guess stepping is appropriate.

I guess if you’re going
to give it a nickname,

I’d want to give it a
different nickname.

Some kind of like creepy BDSM stuff.

He paid her several
thousand yen, which actually

is not that much because a
thousand yen is like 10 bucks.

Paid her several thousand yen
to take off her shoes and socks,

step on his face, and
he could lick her foot.

So like I said, that solicitation, her
stepping on him, he’s paying for that.

So that’s a paid sex
service, licking her foot.

That would be sexual assault.

And then doing it in his car is kidnapping.

This dude is in big trouble.

He was caught and admitted
to all the charges right away.

He probably didn’t think
he was doing anything

wrong because it was
all technically consensual.

But again, kids can’t consent.

That’s something you got to remember.


A Tokyo Happening Bar was rated.

And this was interesting, because
this comes up every now and then.

And the real question is,
what is a happening bar?

So happening is a Japanese have
adopted this English word, happening.

And they use it for a unique
event or situation or story.

So they will do like train happening,

and it’s like things that
commonly happen on trains.

A happening bar is essentially
a place where patrons

or customers can engage
in sexual acts publicly.

And I assume safely with each other, like
they’re all there, sort of, consensually.

There were 20 men and women in the bar.

And the bar was rated and
for facilitating public indecency.

So this is an interesting question.

Is it public indecency?

So if I had 20 people over to my house
and did stuff, that’s not public indecency.

If I had 20 people over to my house
and made them pay, that is illegal.

If I had 20 people, I
guess a bar being a

place of business, that
becomes a public place.

So it’s public indecency.

OK, I’m just trying to
work out how it works out.

By allowing the customers
to walk around naked

in front of others, they have
been facilitating public indecency.

The staff told the customers,
you know, fight club rules.

We don’t talk about what
happens in the happening bar.

And of course, someone did.

This bar was going on for three
years and made 137 million yen.

Yeah, you got to trust your clientele.

And that’s going to be the
first part where this breaks down.

Because there’s also the
thing, if I go to the happening bar,

and nothing happens to me, maybe after
a few times, I get a little disgruntled.

And then I decide I’m
going to shut down the bar.

If I’m not having fun, then
maybe no one else can have fun.

So you have to make
sure one of the things about

business is making sure
your customers are happy.

And if it’s your secret business,
you have to make sure your

customers are extra happy so
they don’t like rat out the secret.

Yeah, I can see that one
falling apart pretty quickly.

If I wonder how they–
I’m actually more interested.

Let’s interest in what they did.

You know, of course, you want to know

like what sex acts happened
in the happening bar.

To a degree, I don’t
need that many details.

But what I’m most interested
in is how did the police find out?

Like, they clearly weren’t advertising.

They were trying to keep it a
small tight knit group, tight knit.

Yeah, how does that get out?

I’d be interested in that
part more than anything else.

But I don’t think we’re
going to get that information.


This is a creepy story,
final story of the day.

And it’s a slightly different
mood from the rest.

which I’m happy about.

On October 30, the woman
went out of her apartment

and she left the door open,
which is not a great idea.

She left the door unlocked.

And when she returned, her underwear.

had been washed and hung out to dry.

So we do a lot of underwear theft stories.

And I actually stopped.

I put a little sort of
like nicks on underwear

theft stories because
they were getting repetitive.

You had to do something new and different
for me to actually end up talking about it

because we’ve talked
about so many in the past.

And really it was just a case of volume.

Who if you managed
to break some kind of

record, maybe I would
mention it, but actually

stealing underwear now is no longer
a viable story for an engineer’s Japan.

Going into the someone’s
house, washing their underwear.

Now, I’m going to go
ahead and assume not dirty.

Like, he got the underwear,
washed it, and then hung it out to dry.

The culprit was caught by
someone else who lived in the

same building and then
brought to the police station.

He also lives in that building.

Brought to the police.

He admitted to the charges right away.

So my assumption, there’s
a lot of assuming going

on, but it’s because
you don’t get the details.

We don’t get to talk to these criminals.

If someone can put me into contact with some
of these criminals, I would like to have

a sincere conversation about
what do they get out of this.

So I get like the idea that
someone has been wearing

underwear that you have
that’s been in contact with

them, there is sort of
like a layer of intimacy.

And then there’s the
guys are going to be like,

“Ooh, the smell or the touch
or something or the thrill.”

Some people are in
it for the thrill of theft.

This case, it doesn’t seem like
he actually took any underwear.

So the thrill for him,
he didn’t hand wash it.

He put it in a washing machine, had to
be violating someone else’s personal space,

doing something he wasn’t supposed to do,
and in a weird way, maybe doing something.

There could be the
other side of it where he

thought, “Oh, this
lady’s left her door open,

I’ll do something nice
for her and wash her

underwear, and she’ll
be really appreciative.”

This is showing that in mentally he lives

in a completely different
world than everyone else.

But I would be very interested
in the actual sincerely dude,

what do you actually get out of this at
the end of the day and see what he says?

But we may never know.

So I guess the only
answer is for me to then.

break into someone’s house and wash,
“I’m not doing that, I’m not watching.”

Thinking of all the dangerous
risky things I did as a teenager.

and did a lot of stupid things,
but it wasn’t for creepy reasons,

it was just thrills of doing
something you’re not supposed to do,

which that’s why I
think this might be that.

I think this might be more,
he’s not as sexually creepy

as we might think because
he washed her underwear.

I think he’s just violating
her space was exciting.

More than anything else.

So don’t do that, someone leaves
the door open, you know what you do?

Just walk on by.

(upbeat music)

I’m not sick anymore,
but I got that like

post-sick lack of energy
and it’s not coming back.

I don’t know what to do.

I ate some adult fawns
thinking maybe the sugar

and fat would help.

It just made me sleepy again.

Everything seems to just
make me sleepy right now.

I bet I need to exercise, but because
I can’t use my knee for another week,

Dr. Senator on that exercise.



It’s a baby Chewbacca.


It’s your ass I’m offered today.

The baby Chewbacca
channel, channel, channel.


Sorry kids, no

(electronic music)

Nagasaki cops can now wear sunglasses.

It did, okay, growing up.

You don’t realize
things until they tell you.

So I would have
thought that cops are just

allowed to wear sunglasses
in the West in Canada

when I grew up, you
know, cops wear sunglasses.

I remember as a kid watching the TV show,
chips, California, highway patrol, sexies,

sexy boys, I don’t know.

I don’t remember what the S stands, patrol,

sexy. It’s the only word that comes to mind

when you see those two
hunks of hunks of men.

The scene, I don’t remember the show.

I do remember, fuck,
this is now a brain’s gone.

I’m gonna talk about chips for a second,
only because if you talk about cops,

one of my first images is
them riding up on motorcycles,

wearing sunglasses, probably
taking the sunglasses off.

That’s it.

It was a show about California Highway
Patrol officers who were very sexy.

All crime had to be highway related,

which already makes it a
very complicated story to write.

There’s several issues there.

The, I do remember one episode
where it was a kid on a skateboard,

grabbed onto the bumper
of a car, and then I guess

went on the highway, and
so they had to save them.

That’s the only thing I
remember from chips.

I’m not gonna go back and visit it.

Anyways, so my thought from when I
was a child is the cops wear sunglasses,

and then we have the
very, very famous CSI Miami

where he takes off his
sunglasses and goes, “W.

“So, I had never thought that you
weren’t allowed to wear sunglasses,

“and it’s not that you weren’t
allowed to wear sunglasses,

“they weren’t banned outright,

“but it wasn’t, they
weren’t worn, “but it was just

something you just didn’t
do, “please in Japan.”

And they didn’t want, because they didn’t
want to seem intimidating to local people,

because you want the
local people to work with you,

and you can’t be seen as
a scary person to approach

if people with sunglasses,
sunglasses in Japan,

they’re very, very connected
to the Yakuza lifestyle.

I do remember a friend
of mine went to a wedding,

and he said, “There’s the bride’s side of
the wedding “on one side of the church,

“and the groom’s side of the wedding,
“and the other side of the church.”

And the bride’s side, all the guys were
wearing sunglasses, in the church, inside.

So clearly they were trying to send a message
that they were like, “Tuff Yakuza do.”.

“Anyway, the officers
were kind of complaining

“when they were on
patrol, it’s very sunny in the

summertime, “and it’s
hard, they’re worried about A,

“having an accident because being blinded
by the sun, “or B, damaging the ride.”.

So to prevent accidents and
reduce damage to eye health,

also so that they can whip them off
and do a really cool CSI Miami thing,

and let’s face it, sunglasses are
sexy, so you could be more chips-like.

So you could put the S in chips.

Oh, look at that’s the title theme.

Okay, got it, got it on the second try.

This is a story that has
come back irregularly,

and I’m fascinated
by it because it is part

of the modernization of Japan as a culture,
demonstrates the resistance Japan has

to moving forward and integrating people
who are not initially natively Japanese.

Now the thing is, the kids in
these stories were born in Japan.

They might have mixed heritage, but they
were born in Japan, so the Japanese kids.

But they are not, you
can see that the country

has not come to accept
them as Japanese kids yet.

37,000 signatures have been
collected calling for an end

to hair discrimination.

We’ve done the story of
the girl who had naturally

brown hair, who was
told to dye her hair black,

who then damaged her scalp and
ended up suing the Osaka school board.

We did the story, the young boy who decided
to wear corn Rose to his graduation,

and then was excluded
from his own high school

graduation because his
hairstyle was not approved.

The thing is that we haven’t
seen that kind of hair before.

Therefore, you’re not allowed to wear it,

such a bullshit reason, but I
mean, that is what they said.

The petition is calling for a
revision to problematic school rules.

And basically, these are
exclusionary school rules and they’re

saying the problem is, these
school rules encourage bullying.

So it’s basically state
sanctioned or, in this case,

board sanctioned bullying
by teachers or other students

to students who have not
naturally black-straight hair.

So if you have, there’s
a story that came out

of it, someone who
had naturally curly hair,

they had to get a certificate
to show to the school board

that this was naturally curly hair

and that they hadn’t been perming it,

but there’s the brown hair.

They had to prove that
they weren’t dying their hair.

The school rule needs to be changed.

So way back.

And this is because I
ended up talking about

it, people tried to come
at me on the Internet.

But there was a rule
that you had as part of the

school uniform you had
to wear white underwear.

And I saw the immediate problem with that

sooner or later it means
someone has to check

if you’re wearing the
right color underwear.

Gross teacher stories are pretty common.

I actually cut out, I think, to this week,
it was a teacher taking up skirt photos

and the teacher doing
something else creepy.

There are a lot of creepy
people in a lot of places.

So you don’t want teachers
checking your child’s underwear.

That was it.

I was like, just straight up, this is
not something you want teachers to do.

So they needed to change the rule.

to the underwear just shouldn’t be visible.

‘Cause I was actually thinking,
the girls tend to wear a white shirt,

so if they wore a colored bra or
something, it would show through.

That would be enough to say, you
have to wear a white or a neutral color,

but basically make the rule,
we can’t see your underwear.

If we can’t see your underwear, no problem.

I don’t actually say what color it is.

That’s the saving point.

This is the same.

You have to change the rule.

So right now the rules,
you have to have black,

straight hair and it
might be to your shoulder

or something very
specific about the cuts.

What they want to stop
students doing is dying,

permitting or changing
their hair in such a way.

So what they need to actually do is
just say, your hair needs to be natural.

Instead of saying, straight black,

it needs to be natural and
that will solve this problem.

But it also means you’re gonna
have to accept that some kids

with mixed heritage are going
to have different kind of hair.

I think that might be where it falls apart.

(upbeat music)

Speaking of high school,
international relations I guess,

the relationship between China and Japan.

is a difficult one.

This certainly is not gonna out.

So this popped up on the Internet.

It was a Chinese high school.

They’re having like a sports day or
some sort of festival or something.

And they decided it
would be a really good idea.

Which, the thing to me, this means this
had teacher/parent approval to go forward.

Now if I was a teacher, I
would have said, oh, this is

import taste, not because
of international politics,

but because of the
content of what we’re doing.

So this Chinese high school, they say,

what we’ll do is let’s reenact
the assassination of Shinzo Abba.

Here I go.

Abba was giving a speech.

He was standing on this platform,

giving a speech for some
political person coming up.

A guy with a homemade
shotgun walks up and shoots them.

It was, I don’t wanna get too into it.

We’ve actually talked about this a
bunch of times on the international Japan.

Anyways, former prime minister
Shinzo Abba last year was assassinated.

They had a kid standing
on a chair, this other kid

runs up and like fake
shoots him with a shotgun.

And then they unfurled as
very big, produced banner.

Again, because this had to
be approved by some adult.

who was like, yes,

you kids should reenact
an assassination of someone.

That’s a great idea.

The banner said, two
gunshots left dead bodies,

contaminated water
leaves a legacy of suffering.

And then everyone in the audience was like,

oh, excellent, wonderful
play, wonderful message.

So what they’re talking
about is China’s very unhappy

about the release of some
of the contaminated water

from the Fukushima
power plant into the ocean.

Now, studies were done.

I’m just going off the news.

So studies were done.

They have international people come in
like third bodies come in and they said,

the amount of radiation
it’s releasing to the

water is less than if
they did it another way.

So they’re doing this, what they
consider the safest way possible.

China’s saying, no, I don’t care.

You didn’t consult us.

You didn’t do it the way we wanted it done.

So you’re doing it wrong is a very
Chinese anti-Japanese stance to take.

They banned all fish
imports from Japan to China,

a pretty serious reaction.

Japan was actually talking about suing
them in the world trade organization.

So there’s all this other stuff happening.

The message of the Chinese government

as that the Fukushima
release of the water is bad.


That’s an opinion.

I don’t know enough about it.

It seems like from what I’ve read, but
of course I read maybe biased material.

I don’t know.

That this is the best way.

Russia and China were at
one point saying, you should

put it up into the air
and it will disperse more.

So there’ll be less in
one place at one time.

I don’t know.

I just don’t know.

I mean, that’s just leave it at the facts.

I don’t want to say something
that ends up being not true.

I’m fairly ignorant on this issue, but it
seems like they’ve taken steps to make sure

that they’re doing it the safest
way, possible at the moment.

I’ve used from now, we might
find out that was 100% incorrect.

That wouldn’t a surprise me either.

The little play these
Chinese kids put on though.

Shinzo Abe, former Prime Minister of Japan

being assassinated has
nothing to do with Fukushima.

He wasn’t Prime Minister.

He didn’t have anything to do
with the release of the wastewater.

He was already dead by that time.

They seem to have just decided,

let’s take a dramatic moment
in recent Japanese history,

reenact that and connect
it to something we don’t like.

So the undertone of the violence
and the threat is maybe what I don’t like.

‘Cause if I was teaching my kids,
even if there was countries I don’t like,

I was about to think
of if there’s a country

that I don’t like, but
every country I’ve been

to, I’ve liked and I’ve
liked the people I’ve met.

I can talk as a teacher.

As a teacher, if my
students came to me and

said, we would like to
reenact the assassination

from another country,
another country that we,

traditionally or have been
conditioned to not like.

The hatred towards other countries in Asia

is very much, I believe,
nurture, not nature.

It’s a taught thing, but even as a teacher,

I guess if I was a Chinese
teacher, I would think differently.

I’m now struggling because
what I’m trying to say

is that I as a teacher would
not think that reenacting the

assassination of anybody is a
good thing for students to do.

And political criticism, I think is fair,

but again, I’d like it to be more unbiased.

Maybe use the word I’m looking for.

The assassination
element puts a tone of

violence into this
protest that is unnerving,

primarily because it’s an undertone of
violence is constant and that’s the issue.

I would like them to start looking at
politics, international politics as not.

The prelude to war,
the prelude to violence.

Is that seems like where a
lot of these countries are going

and that’s what they’re
teaching their youth

and the youth grow
up and then they don’t

have an opportunity
to change their thinking.

I’m trying to solve world
of violence and racism.

Maybe a 30 minute news oriented,

Japanese oriented podcast
isn’t the best format for that.

I’m just like my brains now going
in circles, like what would I do?

I would absolutely tell my students
you cannot reenact in assassination.

You want to make a political statement
about releasing the Fukushima water?

We could find a way to do that.

I don’t think it’s a good idea.

Okay, let’s get some
statistics up there or something.


Let’s talk about alternatives.


Let’s reenact in assassination.

Sorry, kids, no.

Dustreal espionage.

Not something we’ve talked about a lot

and it is one of those things
I find incredibly interesting

because it’s two companies
and they’re stealing secrets

and selling secrets and it’s
espionage, but it’s not like spies.

It’s like normal people
could do this kind

of espionage, which
I think is really cool.

So a man was fired in 2022.

Let’s get back to the
whole history of this thing.

He was fired for stealing
suspicion of stealing data.

from a glass bottle manufacturer.

So what they do is in Japan,

this Japanese company they
create ultra light glass bottles,

glass being easier to
recycle and it was ultra

light, you can make more
bottles from less glass.

This could be valuable
because you could see things like

plastic bottles being made more
illegal in the future or difficult.

So a very light glass could
be the next stage in sort

of the environmental gains
that they’re making in them.

We sold this to a Chinese competitor.

He joined the Japanese company 2003.

In 2013 to 2017, he was
part of the overseas team

as an interpreter and they
suspect he stole the information

from the company in 2016 as
he was working for an interpreter

in China and then would have
had sort of deeper connections

with some of the Chinese
employees that he was working with.

Maybe they would have
convinced him to do it.

He was fired because of his suspicious
connections to the Chinese in 2022

and around the same time, 189.6
million yen was sent to his wife’s company

where she is on the board of director
and they didn’t really explain why.

So what they think this
guy working for this company,

this glass company, stole the information,
gave it to the Chinese company.

The Chinese company
paid the wife so they didn’t

go directly to him in
the hopes of hiding it.

But that 189 million
yen is pretty noticeable.

They was caught pretty quickly.

So I want to see how this plays out.

And I actually, again,
very, very interested in

what is the punishment
for corporate espionage.

No one is physically hurt by them.

The secondary issue is
that the secrets already

out there, that Chinese
company has a secret.

So they could put this Japanese
company out of business, possibly,

if they utilize that information
for the best of their abilities.

I’m going to be watching this story.

I’m hoping we get more
information where it comes out

in the future, because
this is really interesting.

Johnny and Associates, we’ve hit this
one in the last three weeks in a row now.

They had a press conference.

And in the press conference, they’re
going to deal with some of the issues

that have been coming up like, OK,
what are we doing with our company?

We’re going to change
it to smile, up, company,

and they’re going to deal with restitution
for the victims of the sexual assault

that have happened
over the last 20, 30 years.

They need to have a press
conference and answer some questions.

So turns out they made a
blacklist of outlets and reporters.

They will not talk to, because nothing shows
how much you want to repair a situation

that might be like, oh, yeah, we
want to be open and transparent,

but we’re not talking to you
or you or you or this company.

We want to redress
past issues, but if we’re

not going to talk about
specific past issues,

the list, so this company called FTI,
they put together the press conference.

They are sort of the promotion company,
the organization that’s putting this

press conference together.

They say that Johnny’s didn’t
have a part in making the list,

which I think is almost impossible, because
how would they know which companies

or which reporters to
not allow to ask questions?

Unless there’s just like, oh, this
guy from the industry of Japan

has a reputation for
asking the hard questions.

Let’s just put him on a blacklist.

But you know, Johnny’s
must have had some input as

to who would and would
not ask the worst questions.

They claim that the list was made so that
the press conference would run smoothly

with the limited time the venue was
available, which I think is absolute bullshit.

I mean, it’s all bullshit, of course.

They’re just trying to get
out, dig themselves out of

this hole, but of course
you do this kind of stuff.

What you’re doing is showing
is how deep the hole is.

The press conference had a
one question per company rule.

So if you had three
reporters from one company,

all three of them could
only ask one question

didn’t matter how
many people were there.

Some reporters started shouting
out because they weren’t being picked.

So these were probably
the reporters on the blacklist.

So they accidentally showed some
guy a reporter that there was a blacklist.

And he, of course, then went and reported
it and now it’s caused a big problem.

Maybe Johnny and Associates needs to
just change the whole attack from, okay,

we not only were we were sexually
abusing people and trying to cover it up,

maybe we should just
stop trying to cover

stuff and try to deal with it
and try to make the world better.

Now, now let’s just
keep going down the path

you went down before
because it works so well.

Two Portuguese people
tried to get into Japan.

They had 1.8 kilograms
of cocaine wrapped in

plastic wrap in small
balls inside their body.

They didn’t say, oh, no, they did.

They did.

They swallowed them.

So what they did is they took
the 1.8 kilograms of cocaine.

They wrapped it into 15 gram balls
wrapped in, so ran wrap or plastic wrap.

I have an issue with that.

Like I could swallow a lot of stuff.

I didn’t know how it does say.

They were 4.5
centimeters long and 2

centimeters wide, so
you could swallow that.

That’s pretty big.

It’s a big pill.

This thing like a big, big pill.

The plastic wrap I feel like would stick.

That’s all.

And plastic wrap isn’t sealed.

That’s the other issue.

I got a couple issues with this.

I know the condoms, if
a condom break, if you

fill a condom with
cocaine and you swallow it

or put it in your body
and it explodes, you die.

I guess they’re hoping that
not many of these will explode.

What I really wanted to know was how many
pills or tiny balls of cocaine that is.

So at 1.8 kilograms
divided into 15 gram balls,

that’s 120 balls total
between two people.

So that’s about 60 balls each.

They got caught in the
dumbest way possible.

So I’m not a great drug mule.

I’ve never done it before.

I could call myself inexperienced.

I was going to become
a drug mule and you’re

like, “Okay, Peter, I want you to
swallow 60 pill-sized balls of cocaine.”


We’re going to fly you
into another country.

When you get to the customs, you’re
going to say you’re here for tourism.

All right, I’m ready.

Let’s go.

Then the customs guy got suspicious.

And he got suspicious because
they said, “We’re here for tourism.”

And the customs guy was like,
“Where are you going to visit?”

And they didn’t know any tourist places.

And I’m thinking, Japan is a
very famous tourist destination.

Like you don’t need to
have learned much about

Japan to know some of
the tourist destinations.

Like I want to go to,
and then he’s just one of

the first things that
comes to my Mount Fuji.

I want to go to Shibuya.

I want to go to where the
Yakuza games take place.

Because like all this nerd
stuff is completely valid.

What is it?


I want to go to, yeah,
I want to go to Osaka.

I want to go to, it’s very
easy to start naming stuff off.

I didn’t do any research.

I didn’t think about it.

Standing in front of a
customs officer, you know

they ask, “Oh, a tourist,
what are you going to do?”

You say a couple of
places and they’re like,

“Fine, I want to go to a
traditional Japanese hot spring.”.

The amount of research
you would have had to

do to get that question
right is non-existent.

If you’ve heard of Japan, you
could just say a place in Japan.

I want to go to, go
to, to look at a temple.

And you’re home free.

You’ve now taken your 60 balls of cocaine.

You poop them out.

You pick them out of the toilet.

It’s not a funny evening.

But street value of
43.77 million yen, it

was worth doing a
little bit of homework for.

You have lost that much money
and you’re probably going to jail.


Because you wouldn’t do
your eight minutes of homework.

This is maybe revealing
your personal issue I’m having.

It’s not right now.

It would not be an episode in Engineers
Japan without some creepy stuff.

I mean, this was actually one
of the creepier ones this week.

I did, again, I cut out
some of the ones with

some creepy teachers and stuff
because they just weren’t pretty valuable.

They weren’t interesting.

You 63 year old man was arrested
for giving a teen girl a note on a bus.

I could stop there.

You know it gets grosser, but I could
be like, I leave it up to your imagination.

Let your imagination run wild
and see how your brain ends up.

Okay, the note said, Oji-San
will teach you sex education.

It says more than that.

Oji-San for those of you
who don’t speak Japanese

would be like old man or
uncle, that kind of thing.

The Oji-San will teach you sex education.

So this, to me, indicates I was interested
in the note itself in the contents because

it shows what kind of brain space
he was in when he was writing it.

He knew that he was going to be
targeting young to underage girls.

Let’s grow with 17.

He’s 63.

That’s a pretty big age gap.

So he used Oji-San on
purpose because he knew

he as an older man was going
to be talking to younger women.

So he had a target in
mind when he wrote this.

No, which again, pre-gross.

He hasn’t even done the gross thing yet and
he’s already like in the gross mentality.

The note continues.

I used to direct adult videos.

I used to be an actor.

Now it doesn’t say an
actor in adult videos,

but I’m going to connect to those
two and assume that’s what he meant.

He is trying to, I
guess, show that he is

physically capable,
adept, skilled at these acts

in the hopes of enticing the
young woman to untact him.

He did include his contact
information in the note.

So I do have one question.

Was this note typed out?

They sit down on the
computer and type it up

and then print out
multiple so you could just

hand them out a random
or did he write it out

and then just plan
to give one girl a thing.

A statistical odds thing here, right?

If he gives it to a thousand girls,
maybe one will answer in a positive way.

But if he just had one,
he had to like pick the girl.

So there’s a different feeling there.

Both gross, but a difference in sort
of what his, his, his tack was in this.

Including his contact
information may have been his

downfall because the young
girl on the bus took the note.

She went to the police and said,
this gross old man gave me this letter.

This is his phone number or
his other like his email or so.

Please track him down
and have him arrested.

And that is exactly what the police did.

So do I need to give advice on this one?

Don’t include your contact information, but
now the guys like sitting there going like,

but if I don’t get my
contact information, how

is she going to contact me
for all the crazy weird sex?

So you have created
a dilemma for yourself

in that you should have grown
up and realized this was a bad idea.


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Okay, so any HK is something
I’ve talked about many times.

Any HK is a TV channel.

It’s the National Broadcasting Channel.

That’s fine.

You are obligated to pay for it
if you enter into the contract.

So it gets a lot of heat because a lot
of people don’t want to pay or don’t pay

and then they come after
them and it’s shit like that.

So it’s sort of an antiquated idea, especially
in the age of streaming and whatnot.

And they don’t do a lot to compete.

So I don’t have a lot of love for NHK.

And then I found out that the president of
NHK, I decided to switch the company from

a seniority-based system to a merit-based
system, which is something I really

appreciate because it means one of my
biggest complaints about Japan’s society,

primarily politics, but this
works as in corporations as well.

As a seniority is overvalued.

You have people who are
put in a position because

they’re old or they’ve
been there forever.

They haven’t innovated
or learned anything new.

So the company or in this case, politics
or whatnot does not innovate along with it.

And that’s how you
end up with antiquated

ideas being pushed
through and the minister of

technology not knowing
anything about technology.

That’s all based on seniority.

So he did a lot of things.

So the former NHK
president who retired the

January introduced a number
of new measures such as

eliminating the seniority system
and professional sectionalism.

However, the movement a strong
backlash from within the broadcaster,

including a claim that a
strong of employees have

left due to the abrupt
changes in the system.

The current NHK leadership
has therefore decided

to amend the personnel policy
to replace the system entirely.

Basically what they’re
saying is that you had

all these people in senior positions
and this good dude comes in.

He’s like, you don’t deserve your
senior positions or maybe you do.

Let’s find out.

Let’s create a meritocracy
and you can keep your position.

But anyone coming up,
they’re not going to come

up because they’re your
flunky or because of their age.

They’re going to come up
because they actually have skills.

And all the people who
are probably, now I assume,

not particularly skilled
or didn’t really deserve

their position, they’re
all like, no, that system

sucks because I might
not get to keep my job.

So then as soon as this
guy retires really quickly

right afterwards, they’re
like, we’re going to

bail on that system created and go back to
the old system where I get to keep my job.

And that’s one of the
problems with the senior

people being in charge
and the people in power

being in charge because
what they have to do is

consolidate power to make
sure they can keep their power.

So another quote from
the article during his

tenure made a laid out
policy to cut back on the

ratio of managerial posts
from the 30% range to 20% rate.

So he’s wants to cut 10% of the
managers and put them down or retire them.

He introduced exams for
appointed managerial staffs.

So you couldn’t just be
like, I’ve been here 10 years.

I deserve to be a manager.

You’re like, now you
have to pass a test with

the aim of scrapping
the seniority system by

promoting junior and mid
level career employees.

He also offered an early
retirement plan for those

in their 50s and supported
their reemployment.

He also introduced the
system to relieve staff

from managerial posts after
they have reached a certain age.

This is all stuff that I said
should happen in politics in Japan.

I think it should be universal.

I think there should be an upper
limit of the age of politicians.

A lot of the politicians
when they hit their

70s, they’re not in the right space
to be running countries anymore.

Just like these guys probably aren’t in the
right space to be running new amendments.

Like the guys in their
50s, myself included,

they’re not really the ones we’re
going to be innovating a system.

Maybe they can take a system
and make it work with system.

They already know, but they’re not going
to be innovating and making new things.

They’re not going to be
jumping onto the Internet.

They’re going to not
going to be creating a new

system for NHK to move
forward into the future.

And if they don’t know
the technology, if they

don’t know what’s going
on, if they can’t pass

these tests, they certainly
don’t deserve the position.

So that was very interesting to me.

These are all steps that I think
companies and governments should take.

Sure, the thing that I
actually was most interested

in was it was mid-level
career people with

skills could then surpass
senior level people.

And so you would have the best
people in position to actually do a job.

And that is incredibly
antithetical to the way

Japanese work, culture,
and political culture works.

So I really, really was
excited that this happened.

But of course, I didn’t
learn about it until

that system would have been
scrapped, which is complete bullshit.

According to multiple
individuals close to

NHK, NHK board members
of the executive body

held a meeting in early July to discuss
the personnel system introduced by Meida.

So these are all the people, most at risk.

These are the oldest
people, these are the people

who achieve their
position through seniority.

They’re not necessarily the most skilled
people, but they’re the people with power.

The attendees analyzed the system made
light of senior employees, which it should,

and reported it gave a rise
to promotions in assignments

that didn’t match
personnel evaluations on site.

So what they’re saying
is people are getting

promoted, and they’re not getting
promoted in the way I got promoted.

I got promoted because
I put my time in there,

my time in, and the
time’s what matters.

But the reality is in a business
time is not what mattered.

It’s skill.

So I’ve met many people
who have worked the same

job for many years,
and they will talk to you

about how they have so much experience
at their job at the thing they do.

They fail to take into account.

They’ve never had a good evaluation.

They’ve never done a good job.

So I’ve been working at the same company.

I’ve had the same job for 20 years.

That sounds like a good thing.

But if you haven’t done a good
day in 20 years, that’s problematic.

That’s something to be aware of.

So this guy, Maeda, the
former NHK president,

sounds like the kind
of guy I want in charge,

because he’s like, let’s make changes,
and let’s make the people who come up,

be the best people to
drive NHK into the future.

I want to do the same thing in politics.

Let’s have the people come up, be the
innovators who actually understand technology

and the problems that
society is going to face

into the future, and have
them drive Japan into the future.

But of course, as soon as he stepped
aside a little bit, everyone’s like, well,

you’re into that crap that might make me
lose my job in my bonus and make me retire,

because I don’t do much
work, but I get to sit at my desk.

I don’t know why my senior Japanese
executives have sort of Western exe.

I want a little cowboy there.

But let’s face it, it’s
that cowboy attitude

that’s going to get
you through the day.

Okay, this is weird Japanese politics.

The director of women’s
affairs division has

agreed to step down because of literally
the most Japanese photo I’ve ever seen.

So she went to Paris
on a fact-finding mission

and to do research
into women’s issues and

stuff and to look at
how other countries are

handling it and there’s sort of a conference
and important women leaders are there.

There’s a previous
one I actually didn’t talk

about where it was like G7 countries all
sent a representative for women’s issues.

Japan sent a man.

So they have this
picture and it’s like six, I

assume very powerful women in politics from
their countries and this Japanese dude.

I mean, because of
course, who’s going to speak

on behalf of Japanese women, but at
Japanese man, that only makes sense.

This is the way it’s done.

Found that funny, but I think
they’ve maybe swapped out.

So anyways, this lady
went to Paris and she’s

doing the work she’s
supposed to be doing

and she’s out in front
of the Eiffel Tower and

she’s with two other
ladies and she’s like,

oh, let’s take a picture in
front of the Eiffel Tower.

So they do a very Japanese thing.

They do a goofy picture.

So it’s her and her
two friends and they

steeple their hands above
their heads and stand

in front of the Eiffel Tower mimicking
the Eiffel Tower that is behind them.

It is a very innocent,
quite frankly, very sweet

picture of a woman who’s probably
very excited to be in France.

I mean, I’m going to go
ahead and just guess for the

first time because she
looks very happy to be there.

She posted this on her Twitter
and Japanese media went, Abe shit.

So much so that they’re like,
this is inappropriate behavior.

You shouldn’t be
having, they’re essentially

saying you have
shouldn’t be having fun.

But you go out to a
conference in another country.

That doesn’t mean you can’t also have fun
and you’re not working 100% of the time.

They did this with the
Prime Minister’s son.

The Prime Minister’s son
actually also had to step down.

Now he seemed to have
a little bit more going

on, but they were making
a big deal of him taking

pictures while he was in France
and I’m like, he’s driving around.

He’s picking people up.

He’s doing diplomat stuff, let’s say.

He’s essentially the Prime Minister’s aid.

Let him take some pictures.

This depends really weird about that.

Like you’re there to work.

You should only work,
but you’re still in human

being and you’re not
working 24 hours a day.

So taking a picture
in front of the Eiffel

Tower, it’s not like she was doing anything
dirty or offensive or anything like that.

She’s just doing a very innocent picture.

So I really feel like this one was unfair.

And so after the public backlash of
her being a really normal Japanese lady,

that’s the bit I can’t get over.

I’ve seen so many Japanese
pictures where this is, I was be like,

if you were, if she didn’t do that,
yeah, I can’t say anything more.

It was a nice picture.

And I’m really sorry.

I bet she’s a nice lady
who’s doing a good job.

And I can public out.

I think they’re just looking for shit.

It’s almost like Japan’s
so got so few problems.

It’s not that they don’t.

We like, I mean, that’s what I talk about
every week is all the problems Japan has.

Focus on those.

When people go overseas to take pictures,
I’m going to take a fucking picture.

He has.

That’s just free.

Okay, so Japan has done
something that is terrifying.

The Fukushima nuclear
reactor problem almost blew

up, didn’t blow up, but
cause problems shut down.

And now there’s a ton of
liquid that’s been radiated.

And they’re like, we got to get rid of it.

We’ve been sitting there for years.

They came over the plan.

What we’re going to do is
slowly release it into the ocean.

Sounds very, very scary.

And they did.

They started working sort of last Thursday.

Everyone who wants to freak
out, that was your chance to freak.

Now, other countries have reacted to
this in a neck, which it was expected.

Thing is, two countries in
particular had very strong reactions.

Both Russia and China
said they didn’t want

Japan to release the
wastewater into the ocean.

They both said we would
prefer if you would vaporize it.

So basically create steam and
have it go up into the atmosphere.

And they’re saying that
it would have less sort

of effect or impact on
neighboring countries.

I’m pretty sure the neighboring countries
they were talking about China and Russia.

The issue, and this is one
of the problems between

sort of international
politics is if you’ve

listened to an engineer’s
Japan over the last little while.

Russia and China have been taking a very
particular stance with Japan as a country.

In that particular stance,
I would go so far as

to say is intimidation or bullying
or trying to be the big dog.

The somewhere I come from, it
would be he’s trying to big dog them.

And it hasn’t worked.

So Japan hasn’t really backed down.

In fact, Japan is pushed back, which
is made China freak out once or twice.

North Korea certainly is
freaked out once or twice.

We did have that group
with saying like Japan’s

military, we’re following
the Constitution.

The Constitution says
we can only defend

ourselves, but let’s
redefine defend ourselves as

be able to shoot rockets
and missiles into other

countries and hit things
that are attacking us.

So you can see there is an element of Japan
that is saying like if you keep pushing us,

we’re not going to push
back, but we’re going to make

sure you can’t push
anymore, which is terrifying.

So with that cultural point
that Japan, Russia, China

have a contentious relationship
when Japan or when China

and Russia make a request,
a legitimate request, we

think doing research that this is a better
way to do this, you should listen to us.

Japan’s going to be
like, dude, you just spent,

you just like sent
warships into my ocean,

you shot missiles into my
exclusive economic zone.

We’re not going to listen to you,
we’re going to do what we want.

They actually got approval
from other countries.

And to sort of put
everyone more at ease,

the amount of radiation measured in the
ocean has not changed in any significant way.

So you hear like people hear the
word radiation and they should freak out.

I think that’s fair.

People again sort of forget
that bananas are radioactive.

So as long as there’s
like a little bit, not very

much, it actually has no
negative impact on you.

I mean, we’re all thinking
radioactive fish and stuff.

Who knows, because this is
going to be constant continual

release of the radiated
wastewater into the ocean.

Yeah, it could lead to mutations.

It could lead to lizards
who grow up bigger than

before and have, you
know, maybe extra curricular

Um, yes, it could lead to Godzilla, but

as we’ve seen historically
in the films that, that

knows how to handle that,
and they take the brunt of it.

So I’m trying to in Russia might want
to just sit back and let Godzilla happen.

That might be the thing.

Some other actual, I almost
said it, and fall out from this.

China has banned import on all
marine products is primarily seafood.

From Japan.

Japan, China is the largest export
destination for Japanese seafood though.

So this is going to have a really
big impact on Japanese business.

But a good thing for me and
anyone who’s actually living in Japan,

there might be an
excess of fish that does

not get exported, which
means fish prices in

Japan may go down, which you’re
like me, you need a lot of fish.

That’s pretty good thing.

It also set off some.


Any sort of situation like this is going
to have people over react in China,

they started hoarding
salt because they were

thinking that there’s not
going to be an assault available.

All the salt that might
comes out of the ocean

might be irradiated,
something like that.

So they’re all been hoarding salt.

The governments like
don’t do that and they got

really weirdly racist in its own way
by saying like, we are not Koreans.

This is not how we behave.

So apparently China doesn’t just look
down on Japan, it also looks down on Korea.

Not a big surprise.

I’m being honest.

I hate saying China because
it’s not Chinese people.

It’s the Chinese government, which
has to follow a very strict party line.

So I think every now and then I have
to reiterate that as I take digs at China,

it’s not the Chinese
people because honestly,

pretty much every Chinese
person I’ve met has been very nice.

It’s the Chinese government,
which is borderline

dictatorial and the
Communist party is pretty

rough and let’s face it
at the end of the day,

I wouldn’t want to live
there and it’s because

the government and
the racism isn’t exclusive.

It goes back and forth
and China, China, to Korea,

Korea, to Japan and you
can make any combinations

of those and yeah,
it’s pretty accurate.

Structured of business for calling the
police 1,996 times over three months.

Initially this man called
for a legitimate case

and wanted to get
information but then wanted to

speak further the police declined
to chit chat or speak further.

This is what this is the bit
that I would like to know about.

When they say he wanted to speak
further, did he just want to talk to them?

Did he have something
specific to say? Did he

have more information
or was just rambling on?

The police thought they got other
stuff to do than just talk to you all day.

So they hung up.

So the guy started calling
back and saying things

like, “Screw you idiot”
and then hanging up.

He got two warnings to stop
and this is one of those things.

When you get a warning
from the police, you’ve

got to realize you’re
dealing directly with

the people who are going
to arrest you. You’re not

dealing with like, let’s
say I have an argument

with my neighbor and
they warned me to stop. I

can keep going, they can’t arrest me
unless they perhaps be a police officer.

But if you are dealing directly with the
police and the police give you a warning,

stop doing what you’re doing
or we’re going to arrest you.

They know they can do
it. So then they gave him

a second warning, they’re
like, “Stop calling us

or going to arrest you.”
And then they kept doing

it and then they arrested
him because it’s like

they don’t know who
he is. He keeps calling

them. He’s got the name.
They have a open case,

so they have his
name on file. They know

his address. They know
everything about him.

This is very poor criminality. When
he was arrested, he denied the charges.

He denied saying he’d done anything
wrong and he said, “I have my.”

Which is a pretty dark scary thing
to say, which I honestly just wake up.

Cool, but the guy’s clearly an idiot
because he called the police 2,000 times.

Two men were arrested for sending a bomb
threat. We actually went over this once.

when it actually happened. So the two guys
have been found and they’ve been arrested.

They’re suspected to be the
people who sent over 300,000

faxes to schools, firms, and local
governments. Now, most of them just ignored it,

but a music school took
it really seriously. The

fax said there are 334
bombs in and around the

school. You have to pay
us 300,000 yen ransom or

we’re going to blow up
the school. This was the

Tokyo College of Music.
They evacuated the

school. They called the
police. They did all the

things they started
searching, didn’t find any

bombs. 300,000 yen is
not enough money for this.

A monthly salary in Japan would be
between 250 and 400. This is the mid-range

of an average monthly
salary in Japan. For me,

again, I’ve talked to the
last few episodes about

risk versus reward when
it comes to your crimes.

One month’s salary
isn’t enough to risk the

jail term that is coming
your way or making bomb

threats. I am interested
to see what kind of

punishment this gets
sent out with because they

just made the threat,
but it’s obstruction of

business. We know that’s
the catch-all where they

do whatever they want
with it, which is actually

one of the scarier laws in
Japan. These guys turned

out to be part of
Kuchinkyo, which is a group

that is known for harassing people online.
They’re part of a group specifically that

harassed a lawyer. That’s
what their most famous

for, but they’re a group.
They think harassing people

is a form of entertainment.
One of the guys was

arrested, said, “I thought
it would be fun if this

became a big deal.” It’s going to be
a big deal for you as you are arrested.

A woman was arrested.
This was interesting because

it does give a sense of
what you can and can’t

do in Japan and take
responsibility for. A

woman was arrested for
creating a how-to guide

called “How to swindle
your sugar daddy.” It’s not

just how to get a sugar
daddy, someone who will give

you money to hang
out with you and be with

you and just take all
his money. It’s how to

find one of those, get
him, and then get him to

give you as much money
as possible, whereas it goes,

that goes a step beyond the paid relationship
to fraud. There’s a 20-year-old girl.

My mind was like 20 years
old and she’s written a

book and she’s made a
book that apparently works,

that she took 10.65 million yen from two
men in Ichi. This is why she was arrested.

The connection, this is a different. I
have to be clear. I’ve got to start again.

A woman used the book
to scam two men out of

10.65 million yen. The
scam led to her arrest,

a 20-year-old woman. That created, they
were like, “How did you do this? How did you

get to like, how did you
figure out how to scam

these guys?” You said,
“I found this book online,

I bought the book.”
That’s where the book was

revealed to the police.
The police went online.

The book was being
sold from between 10 to

30,000 yen, but if you
could make 10-point size.

That’s a pretty good return on investment.
They went and found the author of the book.

She also has been
arrested because she’s

propagating fraud. I
assume she’s already done it.

She was interviewed on
YouTube. She had her face

covered in stuff, talking
about her success.

I know what’s going
to mean Japanese and

Mike. My Japanese
reading abilities and good,

I really actually want
to get that book and read

it now because I want to
see where there are any

steps that I couldn’t
figure out on how to scam

your sugar daddy because
I think just having a

sugar daddy is part of
the initial scam. She’s

taking it to a next
level where it’s like,

“How to squeeze your
sugar daddy for everything

he’s worth.” More
because she’s multiple

sugar daddy’s and get
your 10.65 million yen.

There’s one more story
and this is the growth story.

Weak. 65 year old man
was arrested for a sexually

assaulting a woman by
tricking her into thinking

that her womb was full
of bad energy and that only

he could fix it by
filling it with positivity.

So I think you know what all that means.
I don’t need to get into the specifics.

It’s interesting because
they’re calling it sexual

assault, which I agree
it is, but in the moment

the woman was actually
eager, not eager, willing,

agreeable, trying to
find the right word.

The woman was agreeable
to this process because she

actually believed what
he was saying. So what he

was doing initially was
committing fraud that

led to sexual assault.
So if she had had all the

facts, she could have
made a real decision,

but because he was lying
to her, she made a bad

decision, which is why it’s sexual assault,
which I think that is a pretty fair charge.

The woman was introduced
to the man last November

by Anna Queens, who
told her that her life

changed for the better
after paying the man for a

change of life. We don’t
know what the change of

life was. It may be the
same thing where he lied

to her in such a way,
created some sort of mystical

situation and then
sexually assaulted her. The

guy, oh no, is believed to
have committed the crime

by telling the woman
that she had bad energy in

her womb and telling her
you need to put a positive

energy in her in there, only I could
give it to you as one connected to God.

When it was investigated,
Ono denied the charges

saying she didn’t do
anything against her will,

but the Metropolitan Police
Department is investigating

the other woman who
suffered similar damage

in full detail, meaning
that because you have

managed to have sex with
her and she agreed to have

sex with you because
you lied to her to get her

to have sex with you
means you committed fraud,

which means what you
did with sexual assault,

which means now, hopefully he’s
going to get punished in a very real way.

Confessions of Vandalism

(upbeat music)

It’s pretty common that old
people struggle with new technology.

And people like to make
fun of that, but you have

to think in the days to
come, you will get old.

And in the days when you get old, are
you going to struggle with technology?

And the answer is yes.

I try to keep up with technology, but
I’ve also already seen that in some ways,

I’ve fallen off like there’s
some things I know about.

And then there are huge swaths of
technology that I don’t understand at all.

I used to think of myself
as fairly tech savvy.

Now I’m functional.

So I’m assuming in the next decade
or two, I’m going to be struggling.

I mean, you have to imagine when
I talk to my grandkids and I’m like,

why in my eyes does my
neural link show that it’s the

time in Greenwich Meridian,
instead of local time.

And my grandkids are like, oh my God,
grandpa, you’re so dumb, you’re so useless.

You don’t even know how to reset
your neural link with the extra net,

because the Internet
is not a thing anymore.

It’s all external.

That we’re all connected to all the time.

And I had my USB in my
neck installed backwards,

making it always very awkward
to put the USB in my neck.

And that’s what’s coming.

And so I’m just trying
to stay abreast of

technology so that I can
not be a complete idiot.

Now because I enjoy technology,
I’m hoping it lasts longer.

Like I play the video games, I make
the podcast, I like to learn things.

If I can just keep that spirit
alive, all at least no stuff.

I maybe I don’t, not proficient,
but I will understand things.

And that’s kind of the most important part.

A lot of older people in Japan, and
that’s most people, for being honest,

they don’t want to apply
for the My Number Card.

My Number Card is basically
a social security card of sorts.

It’s not because you already have
one of those if you’re Japanese.

It’s a different card.

The government wants
to unify its information.

So your health card.

So if I go to the
hospital or I go to a clinic,

I have to bring my
national health card.

I use that to get my national rates.

I’m like, I don’t want to
pay full price for medicine.

I want to get my whatever
percentage I’m supposed to get.

So socialized medicine in Japan, very good.

I can get medicine at reasonable rates.

It’s cheaper to go to the
doctor and get medicine,

and then go to like the proper pharmacist
than it is to buy over the counter drugs.

So if I buy allergy medicine,
something I buy every year,

I can get 30, 40 days worth of
allergy medicine for about 1,000 yen.

If I buy over the counter,
it’s going to be like

10, 15 days for more
than that, probably 1,500.

The reason older people don’t
want to apply for the My Number

Card is they find it difficult
to remember the password.

And so this is it when you create this
card, you have to create a password.

And if you forget it, that could
cause you problems down the line.

So you know what, I
just don’t want to do it.

I just don’t want to create
the card in the first place.

I’m not obligated to.

The government really wants
everyone to have a My Number Card.

From November, you can
choose not to set a password.

Now, as I said, I’m not
a technological expert,

but I do have a base proficiency with
technology, and I do follow the news a lot.

I can see absolutely
no problems with having

a password unprotected
information connected to your knife.

I have to, how do I, how do you phrase it?

I can see no problem with having
your national health insurance

and other personal information
non-password protected.

Now, they’re saying that if there’s no
password, you won’t be able to do stuff.

You won’t be able to use the stuff online,

which these old people
wouldn’t be doing anyways.

But a lot of that in the
news, Japan is scams.

And those scams prey upon old people.

And so if we know the old people have cards

that are unprotected, there’s got
to be a way to abuse that system.

And that is going to be, I
was literally my first thought,

not that I was coming up
with a scheme to abuse them,

but my first thought was
someone’s going to find cards

without passwords and
then try to find a way

to abuse the system to either
get medicine they could resell

or get medicine at such
a discount or something.

It’s scams, that’s what they do.

I’m waiting for this to
go through in November

and then January, the
story start coming out

of old people losing
a bunch of money or

something via the my
number card with no password.

Recently, one of the
problems is the people in charge

of my number were
investigated as some of the cards

were registered with
other people’s personal

information like
they’re addressing stuff.

So that with the password
is already showing, there’s

already problems and mistakes
with the my number card system.

Then a lot of stories recently
about the Pokémon thefts.

And Pokémon cards have become
a common target for thieves.

Stories get broken into
last week, we did the

guy who got scammed,
but like reseller, website.

And the guy who resoled
the stuff had filled real boxes

with juice boxes and I
made like a very extended

joke about just using
the word box too much.

It’s very well done considering
it’s not scripted, very well done.

I think she’ll go back
and listen to that one.

A company executive
sold five fake Pokémon

cards at a second hand
store for 283,000 yen.

They were specifically from
a Tokyo Art Museum event,

which actually shows the
level of Pokémon in Japan that

you, they have Pokémon
events with national museums.

Like that’s, I guess they
would have other events,

but it’s just, it shows the
level of Pokémon in society

when they have like
art exhibits for Pokémon.

It like not just a
museum, like a local one.

Oh, that’s neat.

This is like Tokyo Art Museum.

That’s a big deal.

The owner said these seemed
off, maybe the quality of the paper,

they were little grainy,
something like that.

So he called the police
and he got the police.

The police got the Pokémon
company to send out someone to

appraise the cards, which is a
whole world I was unaware of.

There are people who work
for Pokémon, who’s, I don’t know

about singular job, but
probably primary job is to be able

to appraise the reality
and value of Pokémon cards.

Because of the rarity of
the cards, some of these

cards are selling for 100,000
yen, maybe even upwards.

So you can make a lot of money if
you can get the rare, rare, rare cards.

The suspect was then contacted because
the appraiser for the Pokémon company,

said these were not real,
these were counterfeit cards.

He claims he didn’t know
they were counterfeit

and the police are
still investigating.

I’m interested where this ends up,

because either he
committed a crime and got

caught, or he legitimately
bought these cards,

thinking they were real,
and he got screwed over.

So Japan, Korea, the United States, there,

working together, they’re
trying to work together more.

I’m very happy about South Korea
and Japan working together more,

because I really think these two countries,
I know they have a very hard history,

but I think together they would
be a force to be reckoned with.

And values-wise, they
actually both countries

have very, what I
consider positive values.

And the United States,
sort of that backing of the

United States is making them
more stable in the economy.

We will get better in this.

I just think it’s a good stuff.

A lot of this actually comes down to China,

keeps trying to exert pressure
and create tension in Asia.

So Japan, South Korea
and the United States,

we’re talking to like, hey,
China’s all very up-body.

Maybe we added together
and take care of stuff.

We share information and stuff like that.

And everyone’s like, yeah, this is great.

Except China’s like, hey, that’s not cool.

So recently there was
a summit of some sort.

I actually stopped carrying so many
summers, the G7 summit, all these summers.

I don’t really care anymore.

This Chinese ambassador
guy comes out and he goes,

no matter how blonde you die your
hair, how sharp you shape your nose.

You can never become
a European or American.

You can never be a Westerner.

You must know where your roots lie.

So he’s, oh, I mean, further.

Japan and South Korea
should work with China

to prosper together and revitalize East
Asia, revitalize Asia and benefit the world.

Weirdly, none of them
have taken this seriously.

South Korea and Japan have not
taken this call to their roots seriously.

And it might be because China
keeps more exclusionary attitude.

When it comes to every other instance,

they have flown airplanes
over Japanese airspace.

They have taken like aircraft carriers
and sailed them really close to Japan,

like just right out of
legal limits and stuff.

They’re always banging
heads with everyone in Asia

and then here they
are saying like, hey,

man, why don’t you guys
want to work with us?

And it’s like, dude, you keep
kind of kind of the blow is up.

There have been stories
in Indonesia, Japan of

Chinese diplomats and
high level politicians,

basically threatening
to wipe everyone else

in Asia off the map on
more than one occasion.

They aren’t taking it
primarily this seriously

because of the nature
of China towards Taiwan.

Taiwan is an independent
nation, it’s part of China.

Nobody knows.

Taiwanese people, they think they’re
independent and they want to keep it that way.

That’s not working out for them.

North Korea, very supported by China.

Japan and South Korea may all sort
of have their issues in North Korea.

North Korea keeps shooting missiles
over Japan if you want to be specific.

And there’s the abduction issues.

There was a bunch of
people, this is sort of history.

North Korea abducted a
bunch of Japanese nationals

and South Korean nationals and
brought them back to North Korea

and they haven’t returned
them and no one knows

if they’re alive or dead
and it’s a big problem.

China in its conflict, oh,
China Russia in its conflict

of Ukraine, China’s
kind of on Russia’s side.

And so basically the fundamental
philosophical differences

Japan and South Korea are
diametrically opposed to China.

So this call to remember your roots.

I don’t see how that’s
really going to work out.

I don’t see how you can say, hey,
look, you and I, we disagree on everything.

But we come, it’s actually
like maybe my sister and I.

So if you met me and
then you met my sister,

you would see two people
who are very different.

We are, we just, we have different values.

Now she’s not a bad person.

I hope I’m not a bad person.

I don’t want to talk about it.

And unless I got to get some
like someone to back me up.

But our fundamental philosophies about
life and how you should live life differ.

And I essentially, we just
stay away from each other.

And it works out fine.

Because she doesn’t try to impose
her lifestyle on me and vice versa.

I don’t tell her how to her live her life.

China on the other hand
is telling other Asian nations

how to live their lives and that they
should sort of succumb to China’s power.

But it would be like
going to me and saying,

you, despite the fact
you agree with everything

your sister thinks,
should align yourself

with your sister because
you come from the same family

because you come from the
same house, that kind of thing.

And that’s just not how it works out.

China then went on to declare
that the US is exaggerating

ideological differences to
so confrontation and division.

Now Japan and America have had
a very positive relationship overall.

There’s issues, of course,
there’s always going

to be issues between
two different countries.

But overall, they have a
very positive relationship.

And this sowing ideological differences

in confrontation, again, if you
go back through the vast library

of Ninja Ninja Japan stories
and just go through everyone

where China has
mentioned, I think you’re going

to see a lot of stories of
China almost purposefully

sowing confrontation and division
when they don’t even have to.

So while Baffy did a story
about a kid who had cornrows.

So one of his parents
was black, one of his

parents is Japanese,
he has kind of puffy hair.

And he was going to go to
his high school graduation.

So he said to his daddy,
he’s going to look neat.

What’s a good hairstyle?

He goes to cornrows, sort of
traditional hairstyle for our people.

So let’s do that.

So he went to a salon, got cornrows.

I have never had cornrows.

I think it’s illegal for a man of
my complexion to get cornrows.

But he went to a salon.

I do know it takes a long time.

So he put a lot of effort
into making his hair look good.

He shows up at graduation.

The teachers are like, no,
man, I don’t like that haircut.

So you don’t get to graduate today.

So when they put them
in a different room upstairs,

so when they call your name, you
don’t come downstairs, and he just left.

And then they tried to like,
well, he decided to leave.

Well, he decided to leave
because you guys stuck him

in a room and told him he wasn’t
going to be allowed to graduate.

I really like the follow up
to this story just recently.

A group of volunteers for Juneteenth
decided to have their own ceremony.

And it was better with way cooler hair.

I could get into the details.

You don’t really need–
they basically got up.

They had a graduation.

They had a whole thing going on.

And they’re like, hey, we’d
like to celebrate this kid.

He graduated from high school.

He came to the front.

He said, thank you.

I feel special.

I feel more accepted in his story.

He’s kind of made it clear that,
again, Japan is a country is changing.

You got more and more mixed kids.

Japan is a society’s less homogenous.

And progress is going
to have these hiccups,

but it is going to happen, especially
with supportive people out in the world.

So I think that is a very
nice palette cleanser,

a very nice little story about
people saying, that kid’s important.

Since we’re talking about
schools, the city of Yuruma

doesn’t want to standardize school
uniforms as abolishing schools traditions.

And let me start the whole thing again.

City of Aruma doesn’t want
to standardize school uniforms

as abolishing schools traditional uniforms
would have a negative effect on students.

But I was like, what negative effect?

Because I know school
uniforms in Japan high

school to high school
are technically different.

But for the boys, it’s a blazer.

They might be slightly different colors.

The girls do talk about
the skirts and stuff.

But if you standardize them all, there’s

not really anything you
can play about anymore.

You just need, again, like a symbol or
something to show what high school you go to.

If that’s important, the fact
that you go to high schools

enough, again, this like
tiered system of this high

school is better than
that high school and stuff.

I don’t see any value in that.

So I was like, what are
the negative effects?

And then someone else
actually quite smartly asked

the same question said, it would be
diminishing pride and their sense of belonging.

But again, they could belong to the high
school group, the high school demographic.

The reason they started talking about this

is they were talking about the differences
in price in different school uniforms.

So in 2023, there was
a 16,000 yen difference

between the highest and
lowest priced school uniform.

For boys, the expense of
the cheap end was $50,930.

Yeah, not always.

And the high end was $66,700.

So depending on what uniform you
get or what school you go to, you’re

going to spending more or less
money, these things are expensive.

And so what this is actually about
is if we can standardize the price,

we could buy and bulk, we can
make more, we can make the cheaper.

And that would help out
mid to lower income families.

Not spend a ton of money.

They have another thing
in Japan where all the kids

have to get this backpack,
this leather backpack.

It’s called land sale.

I don’t know where that name come from.

I should actually look into
that because it is interesting.

But now my kids are too old.

They don’t use them anymore.

They’re stupid.

They’re like 50, 60,000 yen.

They’re ridiculous.

Now they do use them for a long time.

So they got to be sturdy,
but– man, give me 20,000 yen.

I’ll get you a backpack
that’s going to last five years.

Girls, the low end is 70,543 yen.

And the high end is 84,838.

So if you are a boy and you get the
cheapest uniform, you get 50,000 yen.

If you’re a girl and you get the
cheapest uniform, it’s 20,000 yen more.

If you are a girl and you get the
most expensive uniform, it’s 84,000 yen.

This was justified
because they all wear vests.

They vests come with the female uniform.

And justified because of the
fabric, the high end uniform.

In another prefecture, they
standardized the uniforms,

and it brought the price
down to 6 to 8,000 yen cheaper.

So the low end, 50,000
yen uniform, you could

drop that by 6,000, even
time for like 45,000 yen.

So, again, these uniforms,
they’re important in one way,

but it’s so stupid because the importance
is constructed, and I don’t believe it.

But I went to a high school or I
wore t-shirts and jeans every day.

So maybe that was my uniform.

I don’t know.

I just don’t put value in this.

I understand.

I actually am okay with the uniform system.

I think the uniform system
should be designed to be affordable.

I like when the school
has decided to go unisex.

So everyone just got
pants in a shirt and a jacket.

And if the girls wanted skirts, that
was extra, but that was a choice.

I liked when they made them from uni-glow,
so they were like 10,000, 20,000 yen.

Because, yes, we paid
for it, but it was expensive.

And it’s soft.

OK, so the story, big international
story, is that a guy vandalized the policy.

And he put his name– I think
him and his girlfriend’s name on it.

I did like when I read
that story that his excuse

was he didn’t know the call of
see him was of historical importance.

That’s what his lawyer said.

So he did it, and he got in trouble.

He’s looking like five years in prison,

and he’s crying, going like, no,
please don’t try and make the prison.

I don’t want to go to prison.

Well, dumb shit.

Not only did you vandalize it,
you put your stupid name on it.

Well, this thing happens
all over the place.

And in Japan, pretty much every
building is a historical site of some sort.

A 17-year-old boy violated the
cultural properties protection law.

So that’s the law of, if it’s
historically important, don’t touch it.

So this is kind of like, keep
your hands to your self law.

He carved letters using his fingernails.

So he was at a temple.

And temples are made of
wood, so if you have a strong

fingernail I was looking
at mine, I couldn’t do that.

But I cut my fingernails
all the way down for

judo, so a different
story, and you don’t care.

So he was used to,
maybe at a long fingernail

or a strong fingernail, and
he started carving his name.

He carved a big J, and then he wrote Julian,
making it incredibly clear who it is.

Now, here’s an idea.

What if you’d written someone else’s name?

So you get the thrill of vandalizing
and making your Mark in a historical site.

OK, so this is something I did.

I, my first year of university,
I fucked up housing.

I didn’t get an apartment.

I thought I was going
to get campus housing,

and then it was full, and I didn’t get
it, and ended up in a lottery system.

It didn’t look like I was going to get it.

My university has a frat
system, the Greek system.

So they had frat houses.

Now, I had no intention of joining
a frat, but they had empty rooms.

And it’s better for them to
have people in those rooms

paying a little rent
than it is to have those

rooms empty and not
making any money at all.

So I ended up for my
first year of university

living in a frat house where I was not a
member of the frat, which is a really weird.

But when I say the whole sentence out loud,

I just think that is one of the
weirdest things that’s ever happened.

They did spend the entirety of the
year trying to get me to join the frat.

I was not interested at all.

And it was a very–
I mean, as far as I yet

to live with another
guy, but it was fair.

I think they pressured my
roommate to get me to join.

So it’s like, hey, Peter likes judo.

You should join the judo
club and be really close

friends with Peter, and
then he’ll join the frat.

And then we’ll get $365 a year.

Because he got to pay a dollar a
day for these guys to be your friends.

That was back when I went to university.

So it’s probably a lot more now.

So this guy joined judo.

But he– I don’t know if he
had any real interest in judo.

And so basically, he
also has a weird attitude.

And I’m now gotten into judo stories.

I explained, don’t do this
step or you’ll get thrown.

And he was looking at me like, ha, ha.

I’m going to do this step.

And then he did this step in my through.

I said, this is just going to get worse.

The more you do this one,
move, the harder the counter gets.

And he was like, ha, I got you now.

And then he did it really big.

And he did it three, four, five times.

And I got really frustrated.

Because I was trying to help him.

And so then I just threw
him super, super hard

and just ran him into the floor
and he lost his breath for a minute.

But he didn’t get hurt.

But he was shaken and put it that way.

He didn’t last very long in judo.

Again, because I don’t think he
wanted to be in there in the first place.

Anyways, I was living this frat house.

Overall, not the worst experience.

Not as bad as I certainly
thought it was going to be.

Because I thought I would live
there and look for another place to live.

And then I ended up just
riding it out for the entire year.

The guys were fine.

They didn’t have any–
it wasn’t like the movies.

Like the Greek system in
American comedy movies.

But I was on– they had a little balcony.

It was wood.

It was really cheap.

And I was standing there.

And I started very much
like this kid just scraping.

I think I had a fork or an knife.

I just took scraping into it.

I was like, oh, I should vandalize this.

Because I don’t really like
the Greek system or whatever.

And someone in the house had pissed me off.

I was like, but if I write my
name, they can track it back to me.

Because it’s my name.

If I write Chuck Me Veest on something,
I’m like, hey, I think I know who did that.

So I wrote Fuzzy
Zellwager, which is a golfer.

I don’t know anything about golf.

I’ve played golf with my uncle once.

And I’ve gone to driving rain.

I’ve gone to driving ranges a few times.

But I don’t really follow golf.

So I don’t know why this golfer’s
name was in my head at that moment.

Maybe it just seemed to connect to
the frat system for me or something.

So I vandalized their house
with the name of a famous golfer

who never had been there, figuring
that if they were like, who wrote this?

And then you can just look at it and go,
well, apparently, Fuzzy Zellwager wrote it.

And that’s my vandalization story.

And I never got in trouble or went to jail.

Because I’m smarter than the two
fucking idiots who did it elsewhere.

Dave just moved in the background.

He was in his little bed.

And it’s hot.

So he goes in the bed.

And then he goes and he
stretches out next to that big pillow.

Sometimes he lies on top of the
pillow, but he stretches out his lines.

He’s a very long dog for how small he is.

He’s got very long sexy legs.

My Mind is an Island

(upbeat music)

We have a lot of updates to old stories, which is cool.

The last couple of weeks we’ve had the Kai-ten terrorism Sushi.

It says Sushi terrorism, I think is what they were calling it.

So it’s the Kai-ten Sushi restaurants.

We had some kids act like Dix.

They lost a Sushi dough, one of the biggest Kai-ten Sushi chains in Japan.

A ton of money, ’cause their market share went down.

Another market share, their stock went down like 5%.

Caught some 12 billion yen in value.

So they’re having a reaction, they’re trying to like, we gotta step it up.

My family actually went to Sushi dough last week.

My father-in-law gave my wife money.

and just so that we could go out for dinner.

So went to Sushi dough, ’cause kids eat a lot now.

You could not, there was nothing on the,

so is the rotating conveyor belt.

There was nothing on it.

There was little placards with things you could order.

Basically it was just rolling advertisements.

Then we would order on the touch pad,

which is basically like a tablet.

And the Sushi would arrive on the conveyor belt.

We didn’t have any, there was no borders or anything,

but you could see like people were kinda checking.

I didn’t expect anything to happen, because again, this is a national story

that essentially involves three team boys.

So you gotta take that into like context.

Okay, anyways, the other companies are like,

again, this is risking their whole livelihood, the existence of the company.

So they wanna put up sort of guard barriers.

Only orders will come through,

that’s exactly the experience I just had.

There’s a company called Kura Sushi,

and they wanna put up cameras that use AI to scan for suspicious behavior.

So they’re getting super high tech.

The weird thing was the AI, if it sees something suspicious,

like I put my hand in and out of the

conveyor belt, let’s say too many times,

the AI will notify the head office.

The head office is then going to contact.

the individual restaurant where the suspicious behavior has happened.

Which I found to be a bit convoluted,

because you could cut out the middleman.

It sounds like you have a head office where

there’s a giant bank of television screens

that are being AI monitored, forces, suspicious behavior.

And then like a red light goes up over here in some city,

and then some guy gets on the phone and goes,

you gotta touch her!

Something like that.

I’m not sure what they would say.

They would probably come up, Sushi tetto, and something like that.

It seems like the AI could just notify the restaurant itself though.

So the staff could like walk around and check on stuff.

I don’t see the need for the head office,

or maybe they’re making a judgment call,

like they’re gonna review the video

and then call if they feel it’s necessary.

I don’t know about that.

I was just sitting there going like, just notify the restaurant,

cut out the person in the middle.

There may be a reason for it.

They didn’t explain it very well.

Like beyond that, so yeah, I can’t say that much.

(upbeat music)

We also have a former pro gamer and streamer

who has not been around for the last year,

because it’s actually more complicated than the story made it out to be.

Basically she said, she went on stream and she said,

men under 170 centimeters have no human rights.

And what had actually happened?

So I don’t agree with, you know, shitting on people like that,

although I should on people all the time.

So maybe I should.

I think if you pointed out my behavior or something, I would be like, sorry.

I don’t know, or not.

I mean, often I think like apologies make it worse.

I’m just going around in this circle.

A guy delivered food to her apartment, like

a door dash or a Uber eats or something.

And the guy recognized her and immediately started hitting on her.

She took negatively to that, went back to her stream

and basically started insulting the guy.

I bet as like a pro gamer, streamer girl,

she gets hit on by guys all the time and she doesn’t like it.

But at the same time in Japan, especially

you’re using that sort of like sexuality,

the attractiveness to gain your audience in the first place.

So the idea that they wouldn’t hit on you is almost unreasonable.

I don’t know, I don’t know where I land on that one.

If you use sex to get a primarily male audience

and then the male audience takes the initiative

and tries to talk to you, should you be offended?

She was.

So she said a couple of really shitty things about the guy

and he was maybe not that tall.

She likes tall guys.

So she started insulting him and then her gamer base got really upset.

I keep falling into these things where I’m like,

I flip flop back and forth like she’s getting hit on.

She doesn’t want to get hit on.

It’s annoying.

She just ordered some food, leave me alone.

That guy’s not being professional.

He’s delivering food and he sees someone.

He shouldn’t be hitting on them.

But then she shouldn’t go in like rip on him on stream.

It’s a very tough situation.

I think maybe everyone’s a little bit at fault

but she probably got the worst fallout.

She disappeared for years.

She was fired from her pro team

and she hasn’t streamed in the last year.

She tried to make a return to streaming.

She did come on and say it was my fault

for making discriminatory, discriminatory remarks.

We just fare.

So she’s saying, like I said some stuff,

I do think the context changes it a bit.

I think the guy showing up at her house

and then immediately hitting on her is also

wrong and he’s not getting any fallout.

So if there was fallout on both sides, maybe I’d be okay with it.

I’m sitting here wondering like,

is it okay to shoot your shot?

But I think I know the difference.

If I was the Uber Eats guy and I showed up your door

and you showed interest in me,

you still shooting shoot your shot.

No, as soon as I get to that point, it’s like,

I kind of want to start this whole story again.

He should not have hit on her.

That’s basically the idea.

I was trying to think back to when I

was a young man and I would hit on girls.

And if I ever like cross the line, I’m sure I did.

I’m sure every young man,

’cause you don’t understand boundaries yet.

And you learn the boundaries as you get older

and then by the time you’re old enough and mature enough

to not break those boundaries, you’re probably done.

Shooting your shots at girls like you either have

a long-term relationship or you know what you want

or you know how to get what you want or something like that.

And it’s not a big thing anymore.

I’m very torn.

I maybe need some input from other people.

I didn’t think this was gonna be such a gray moral zone.

I am falling firmly on the guy should not have hit

on her at the door.

That’s actually vaguely threatening.

She’s in her home.

So that’s really, really bad.

Should she have gone on stream and shit on ’em?

I actually I’m kind of okay with that.

Only because of the negativity of the way I view.

that initial experience.

Maybe she shouldn’t have said men under 170 centimeters.

Maybe she just said this guy and just kept it specific.

Like this guy just hit on me.

It was really gross.

It was really unappealing.

I think maybe I’d be okay with that.

As long as she didn’t like get him in trouble or docks him or something.

I don’t know.

I looked up a lot of it.

She said a lot of dumb shit.

So this is clearly how she talks.

I think maybe this guy set her off,

but she took it too far.

I don’t think she need to.

Again, these companies, they gotta fire people

if they’re gonna say dumb shit like that.

Once you become a professional and you represent a team,

you just can’t say things.

You can think ’em, you can feel ’em.

You can’t say it out loud.

That’s something that famous people gotta think about.

(phone ringing).

There’s irony abounding.

There’s irony abounding.

Dozens of people who were taking a digital literacy course

had their private information exposed to the Internet.

Why not exposed to the other people in the course?

Via LACS security, which I assume would have

been less than one is make sure you have

sort of network security.

So one of the students found that using this like procedure,

they could look at the text file with all the other students’ information.

And being able to do that,

they then had access to their email accounts and stuff.

So they pointed it out.

They got the names and emails of everyone else who was taking the course.

They pointed out, “That student passes the course.

“Digital literacy, they’ve got it, they’re doing it,

“they’ve got it right, they win.”.

The company on the other hand, unless this was the test,

this could have been one of those sort of meta tests.

We’re gonna expose your information, the students who find it,

who find out what we did and try to stop it.

They’re the ones who pass,

“I get the odd feeling that’s not what they were doing.”

And it’s just one of those really crap,

digital literacy courses that doesn’t mean anything.

(clock ticking)

We have two island oriented stories, which I found.

It’s always a weird convergence.

‘Cause if you said, “Hey, find two story news stories

“that are relevant and current about islands on any week.”

I probably couldn’t do it.

But here then they just two of them flopped into my lap.

There’s a company we talked about, I think last week or the week before,

and they were taking investments for.

a non-existent company that promised a

4% return every month on your investment.

Eight people were arrested for this fraud.

And the problem is, what they wanted to do was take the money

and buy a private island and create a resort on the island.

So it wasn’t even like they were just gonna buy a private island

for themselves and then just stay there.

They were actually gonna use it to try to make a business.

They wanted to buy a private island and a cruise ship

and then build a resort and then like,

they would drop people out to the resort.

It would be private, very exclusive, very expensive.

And then, but I was like,

“Wait, they got people to invest in their fake company.

“Couldn’t they just get the same people “to invest in their actual plan

“to buy a private island and cruise ship?”

‘Cause clearly the people investing in the fake company

where the fraud was committed are investing, they’re looking for things.

This as a business plan, we’re gonna buy a private island

to make an exclusive resort.

It’s actually not a bad plan.

The interesting thing to me, finding an uninhabited island,

so it just would be down around Okinawa.

There’s a bunch of little islands.

You can buy an island for 80 million yet.

That’s $610,000.

My image of buying a private island was in the millions,

just inherently.

You had to have millions and millions and millions of dollars.

I think that’s how Nicholas Cage ended up

getting into trouble with the tax and stuff

as he bought islands and he was just spending too much money.

That’s why he makes like 20 movies a year now

to try to pay off the taxes and stuff.

I don’t know if he still has a private island.

$610,000 seems achievable.

Like, if I didn’t have kids,

I would have not that much money, but I’d have a lot of money,

and if I invested that money properly, it looks like I as an individual.

might be able to buy a private island.

I would still have to build a house on it and stuff,

but if I had to have my own island.

Can you imagine this podcast if I was

literally in the middle of a deserted island?

Like doing it outside.

So I’d have to get like satellite Internet or something.

It’d be awesome.

So like I sit in my little room actually,

I would build a house that’s about the size of this room

plus a kitchen in like a shower area.

That would be the size of my, the scope of

my mansion would be like three tiny rooms.

I’ve realized I don’t need much more than that.

My mind is such an expanse that physical limitations mean nothing anymore.

I’ve gone off on private island man thinking,

which is the island is a relevant item on the island in myself.

Anyways, the eight people were arrested for the fraud.

They didn’t get the private island.

I still think that the issue was don’t try to cheat people

to get them into investing a company that doesn’t exist

so that you can take that money and transfer it to another business scheme,

introduce them to the original business scheme.

Maybe that’s it.

Maybe people are like,

why would I invest in a private island cruise ship combo

when I could just invest in this company

that’s promising 4% return every month.

That 4% return every month is a lot

because you think that rules over every month.

It’s cumulative interest that kind of thing.

So that’s maybe they were over promising

it’s sort of a Ponzi scheme then

because they’re gonna take your money and invest it elsewhere.

And then maybe if they make enough money, they’ll pay you back probably not.

Anyways, I found out the price of a private island.

I was shocked at how cheap they were.

I know I don’t have enough money to buy a private island

but I was shocked at how cheap a private island was.

Second island oriented story.

So there was a woman went on social media, a Chinese lady.

And she was on an island.

And she said, hey, everyone look at this island that I now own.

Now there’s a couple of issues there.

Chinese people in China are not allowed to own land.

All land in China is actually owned by the government.

So land ownership is a very big deal.

So she was like getting Max cloud for this post.

So what has actually happened?

She didn’t buy an island.

There’s a very difficult for foreign people to buy land in Japan.

I own the land that my house sits on but

because I’m married to a Japanese person

and have two Japanese kids,

clearly when I die, that land is going to still be part of Japan.

I’m not gonna like try to take it away

or do something with it that was nefarious.

Japan is very worried about Chinese companies

buying Japanese land because they’re worried about like,

if they buy X amount of property, is that now part of China?

That’s kind of the underlying thinking.

I don’t know if that’s how it works but that is the underlying thinking.

So she went on social media said she bought an island in Okinawa.

It’s actually a company that was run by a relative bought the island.

This was very unusual.

So the beaches are owned by the government.

That consists of about 50% of the island.

The core island itself was owned by a holding company.

That holding company sold it to another

company that sold it to another company

that eventually sold it to a Chinese company.

So this is how the Chinese company got in

and was able to actually buy an island in Japan

which they’re probably not supposed to be able to do

is that it passed through so many hands.

I don’t know if this was quicker not but

because it passed through so many entities,

maybe the government lost track of it or maybe they’re just like,

well, this is just being passed around as an investment

and they weren’t paying as close enough attention.

So this woman is technically correct.

The core of the island is her.

The government maintains ownership over the beaches

which is going to be the most attractive part of the island.

It is a question of what are they gonna do with the core island?

Is she just gonna live there by herself

which would mean no one comes to the island

to play on the beaches, which means she has essentially private beaches

even if they are owned by the Japanese government?

Or is the Japanese government going to take the island away

from the holding company, the media company.

that has bought the island that is allowed her to use it?

That is a very interesting question.

I am very interested in this story because is this low-key racism

or is this Japan protecting itself from foreign investors?

Because foreign investors can be very dangerous

if you have a small country with not much land and they buy up all the lands

so the Japanese people can’t buy it.

So I’m interested in where this ends up

because it’s caused a stir in China because this woman now owns an island

which is a very attractive thing.

It’s caused a stir in Japan because

whoa, it’s China subtly trying to buy up all the islands

and all the bits of Japan that they can so that they can actually own Japan.

That is honestly a real concern for the Japanese government.

(upbeat music).

Balloon news.

I guess this was inevitable.

So over the last week, there was the balloon

that was floating around America, the Chinese spy balloon

and it was shot down.

And then it came out that over the last few years,

there’s been a whole bunch of Chinese spy balloons floating around America.

And then a couple days ago, America

shot down a Chinese spy balloon over Canada

and the Canadian military was going

out to try to find the bits of the balloon.

And China’s like, “Hey, give us our stuff back.”

And everyone’s like, “Fluid over our country.”

It’s not your stuff anymore.

So there’s a little bit of a tip there.

Japan came out admitted, “Yes, there have been balloons.

floating around Japan in the same way.”.

Primarily around the islands, just like we’re talking,

“This is technically a third island story.”.

But that’s where the military bases are.

So America has military bases in Japan.

China has been flying the spy balloons around them.

Now, legally speaking, because of Japanese

laws in airspace, they say that they can

shoot the balloons out of the sky.

But then came up to the practical issue.

of could they shoot the balloons out of the sky?

‘Cause this was interesting, ’cause the defense minister

said the first problem is you have to get permission.

So the self-defense force in Japan,

it’s gonna be really long and difficult for them

to get to the point where you can use weapons.

Because the whole point of the self-defense force,

the constitution that was written after World War II

is that Japan cannot have a military.

So the whole point is that they’re not

supposed to really do aggressive stuff.

Shooting stuff out of the sky is seen as really aggressive.

This is also part of the controversy over the last few weeks

where the Japanese government’s like,

self-defense lets expand the meaning,

which means we can shoot stuff in other

countries, as long as we don’t leave Japan.

That’s a really, really interpretive view of what self-defense means.

But what the practicality is, because the self-defense force does not enact

a lot of these things, the self-defense force

may not have the skills to actually shoot a balloon

out of the sky, which I didn’t think about.

‘Cause I saw the video of the American airplane

shooting it out, ’cause you just see the balloon pop.

You don’t even see like bolts or anything,

’cause of course this is like hypersonic stuff.

They’re saying that maybe Japanese pilots,

maybe Japanese weaponry doesn’t have the same skill level,

so they might actually not be able to do it.

Whether or not they want to or not becomes a secondary issue.

So I was thinking they should get the AI cameras.

from the Sushi restaurants and aim them

up with the sky, and if they see something,

they can actually notify the head office

of the Sushi restaurant, and then the Sushi restaurant,

the cough ruined my joke.

Well, sad now.

Since this is not scripted, I didn’t actually

know where that joke was gonna end up,

but I’m sure it was gonna be better if I didn’t cough,

so I’m just gonna abandon that joke now.

Just like Japan’s abandoned shooting down Chinese spy balloons.

(clock ticking)

A gibbon is a kind of monkey.

I’m not gonna get too deep into the details of what a gibbon is,

but anyways, there was a gibbon in an isolated enclosure,

and in February last year, 2021,

Momo, a 12 year old gibbon, got pregnant.

She was in the enclosure alone.

How does that happen?

Is this like one of those Jurassic Park things.

where life finds a way?

We have to figure out what happens, ’cause we wanna make sure,

I mean, it’s great that the gibbon got pregnant, to be honest,

because this is being kept in enclosure because of endangerment.

I just totally forgot that word for a second.

Turns out that at the time of pregnancy,

there was a male gibbon, Ito, was in the next enclosure.

Turns out there was a nine millimeter hole between the two enclosures.

They did a DNA test of the baby, so they

know that the baby is actually Ito’s child.

So Momo and Ito got up towards this nine millimeter hole

between the two enclosures and managed to do it.

Now, not particularly complimentary,

since we’re gonna do some penis shaming,

to Ito there on his member, but Momo was up for it.

Let’s just be factual.

Momo was up for it, backed up to the glory hole, they both got the job done.

There’s no way that didn’t happen without cooperation.

So this was a case of completely consensual sexual intercourse,

resulting in a child that is going to be loved

because the zoo is very happy that his baby’s out there.

It is problematic because you have an absent father.

And I think the reason of that is that Momo

was 12 years old, Ito was 34 years old.

So that age gap is significant.

So maybe we have a lot of different issues.

going on here at the same time.

There’s the age gap, the absent father.

The fact that this was conceived through a glory hole essentially.

What kind of environment is this baby being raised in?

Is really the question, but still people seem happy.

And if you wanna rip on a given,

I was, I mean, the instinct is to make a joke about a nine millimeter hole

and getting your penis through there, but at the same time,

man, he probably had sex more than I did that year.

There was a guy in Japan, I didn’t write down his name.

He designed a Ferrari.

So he was one of the primary designers of this style of Ferrari.

He owns the Ferrari that he designed.


Guess what he was arrested for?

It was not obstruction of his.

He was speeding.

He was arrested for speeding.

He was given an eight,

oh, I think it was, he was given eight months or four months

in jail time, but a suspended sentence.

So basically if he doesn’t get in trouble again, he’ll be fine.

He was doing 128 kilometers an hour,

going 88 kilometers over the speed limit.

The speed limit’s probably only 80.

So he was like easily doubling what the speed limit should have been.

And he goes to court and I was like, this guy,

clearly he designs fast cars, he loves fast cars,

he’s out in the open, he’s driving around in the car he designed,

he wants to open it up, lay it flat, see what happens.

I totally understand what really happened here.

As does the judge, but you don’t want to go into court

and go like, dude, I designed this car to go as fast as humanly possible.

I wanted to see how fast it would go.

You got to give him a story.

So the story he gives through his lawyer is he wanted to expose

the engine to fast moving air to cool it down,

which is a very technical engine oriented thing to say

and sounds almost plausible until you take into account.

or you could just slow down and the car would cool off.

It’s Valentine’s Day.

It is Valentine’s Day this day, the day of recording.

It is Valentine’s Day February 14th, 2023.

They have a practice in Japan called Gidey Chocol.

So basically you work in an office

and every woman in the office is obliged to give a tiny chocolate

to every man in the office.

Just says like, say, face, it’s just like a show.

So whether you like ’em or not, you kind of have to do it.

And then next month there’s White Day, the

men are supposed to reciprocate, but again,

because it’s obligatory chocolate, they probably don’t.

I always thought this was stupid.

Like if you like someone, not like in a sexual way

or a lover kind of way, you just like someone as a person,

I thought that would be cool, give ’em some chocolate,

and then next month they give you some cookies.

It’s just a friendship thing.

I was cool with that.

But the pandemic has had a lot of people work from home.

They sort of like, you know,

they don’t have as much contact as they did.

So it’s changed some of the mores and values

and it’s actually exposed some of the

cracks in the Japanese traditional systems.

A obligatory chocolate has fallen to the wayside over the last few years.

And 83% of women do not want to give gidi gidi choco this Valentine’s Day,

which I 100% am up and I’m bored with.

I don’t want chocolate that people don’t actually.

want to give to me, which is, again, also a weird thing they’re saying.

When people in Japan go on holiday, they

buy like boxes of chocolates or cookies

or some kind of souvenir from the place they went to,

and they give one to everyone in the office.

And I often don’t want them.

Like if someone goes to America and comes

back with like a peanut buttercup, 100%,

I will be eating that.

But a lot of this stuff, I’m just like,

I don’t want your dry fish cake from somewhere in Japan.

You can just keep that yourself.

But yeah, the tradition of obligatory

chocolate seems to be going to the wayside.

Maybe they’re not gonna be doing it as much anymore.

8.2% of women will give the gidi chocolate this year.

So that’s guaranteed.

That’s only 8% out of all the people they surveyed.

74.5% in the low 20s age group.

said they don’t want to.

As they got a little older, so in their late to 20s or early 30s and up,

it went to 80 to 90% said no.

70 year olds, so basically the older women get,

the less they wanna give gidi gidi chocolate, which I totally understand.

61.4% of men are not happy to get it anyways.

So you have more than half of the men are like me

and don’t want your gidi gidi chocolate.

You have a mass majority of women don’t wanna give it.

This seems ripe for, let’s just get rid of this practice.

This seems really silly that we’re still doing it at all.

(upbeat music).

It’s almost like it wouldn’t be in Indonesia, Japan, without a creepy story,

but this one had a lot of elements.

So I have honestly not stopped, but a less

creepy guy’s story is because most of them

are not giving me anything interesting to talk about.

We’ve actually hit, you have to do something really weird

now for me to actually notice.

Once we got to the 50 year old men section

for it was like six months or something,

it was 50 year old men doing something creepy,

we had the guy get down on his hands and knees and lick a girl’s shoe,

just like apropos of nothing.

That’s now my new barrier.

If you can’t be weirder than that, you don’t get on the show anymore.

So someone, some 50 year old man out there

is really like, well, what can I do to get really weird

to get on the Indonesia, Japan?

A polyamorous 74 year old man,

he has eight ex wives in total who all live together.

So I assume in the same house.

Didn’t kidnap a girl, they attempted to brainwash a girl.

There was a bit vague on the age.

So that makes me feel like she’s probably under 18.

This was in order to commit sexual assault at a later date.

So they convinced this girl that they were psychics.

and they said, come to our house to consult a fortune teller.

They lured her into the house and showed her images of aliens

and told her that she would be abducted by aliens.

if she didn’t comply.

The girl believed them said, I will come back at an undisclosed later date.

Talk to her family about this experience she had

and how worried she was probably about getting abducted by aliens

and she had to go back and bang this 74 year old man

to make sure the aliens don’t abduct her.

Family and friends are like, maybe that’s not true.

You should call the police.

She did and then the police showed up.

I don’t know enough about brainwashing to know how this works.

I think luring the woman in to consult a fortune teller

already demonstrates a certain mindset of believability

because if you said Peter, come get your fortune told.

I might do it for entertainment but I would not believe it.

Whereas this sounds like this young woman actually believes

in fortune telling which means she’s equally likely to believe

in other fantastical things like aliens.

in which case she maybe is more susceptible to being brainwashing.

But this didn’t even sound like brainwashing.

It sounded like they’re like weird threats,

weird vague threats and if you don’t come back.

And again, I would like to know my first question would be like,

how does banging you the 74 year old man

stop the aliens from coming to abduct me?

Just explain the relationship there.

Is something you do to me make me make the aliens averse

to abducting me in the first place?

Do you imbue me with a chemical or some kind of super power shield

that stops the aliens from abducting me?

It seems like banging a 74 year old man isn’t going to stop aliens

from abducting me at all.

It seems like these two things might not be related.

I’m glad that she didn’t get abused.

I mean, they were already pushing it just getting her in the house

was already really risky and stuff.

But I think the sentence polyamorous 74 year old man

who lives with 8X wives and his current wife, 9 women in total,

I don’t want to take a look at him.

Is he stylish?

Is he cool?

Because a lot of times these like cult

leaders, this is one step away from cult.

These cult leader dudes, they’re all shaggy and weird looking.

But they must be convincing.

They must be charming somehow.

Oh, have you seen the picture?

I guess it’s 74 year old.

Just not pulling like you used to.

I guess if you hit the point where you have to brainwash people.

Mr. Warman’s just putting the chat, he’s fat bald and ugly.

I mean, you just described me.

It is the charisma element.

I’m always interested in that part of these stories.

Because what is it about them that makes them attractive?

The 8X wives are still hanging around.

That is already too weird to me.

That you would have 8 women who all finds you attractive enough

just to stay in your presence.

Because normally there would be tension between the women.

I don’t know if they’re as or not.

I don’t know what his household is like.

And yet here he is having these women

help him bring in more women to the fold.

So I’m interested in what that.

I said about it being like a cult to my wife too.

Yeah, it has to be.

I kind of want to know what the cult leaders do.

Because this story is so fantastical that it’s inconceivable to me

that someone would believe it.

But here we have a clear example of someone who did believe it.

And I think yeah, the opening the door is if you believe in fortune telling,

you’re going to believe a lot of stuff.

So then we can see how far we can push it

and see how easily you can be manipulated.

In the future, basically what I would like to say is aliens are real.

A fortune telling is not real.

So if someone tries to lure you with that, I just say no.


This podcast sparks joy

(electronic music)

Let’s figure out a start
with some light, light news.

Marie Kondo, you may remember Marie Kondo,

she wrote a book and kind
of took the world by storm.

And the reason she took the world by storm

is because she was
like, does this spark joy?

So here’s my pen.

Should I keep my pen?

And she would say, well,
you hold it, does it spark joy?

Now, I had an issue with this
sort of philosophical practice

because there is
literally no physical object

that I hold that sparks
joy because I’m an old man.

So I understood what
you were saying though.

Like if it would need to be
rephrased for me, is this a necessity?

Do you consider this a necessity?

And that word, the
definition could be expanded

to be like, like
when I hold up my

video game controller,
is this a necessity?

Well, no, it isn’t, but it is deeply
connected to my entertainment time.

And I consider that important.

So yes, I should keep that.

Is there anything on my
desk that I don’t need?

Ah, my wedding ring,
’cause I’m not wearing it.

But, no, but this is it.

I think I’ve actually kind of
followed the Marie Kondo philosophy

because there’s everything in my
desk that I’m looking at has a use.

So the idea is minimize
how much stuff you have.

I could throw out some old clothes.

There’s clothes I don’t wear.

There’s clothes that don’t fit right.

So that’s probably where I
would make the first real effort

just throw out a bunch of clothes.

It’s just, it’s so hard for me to find
clothes that fit properly in Japan.

If I find something, I keep it.

Even if I don’t really like
it, I might wear it later.

So that’s again, a necessity.

But her whole thing was, everything
you have in your possession

should spark joy and
create a positive feeling

or you feel like you
have like warms around it.

She did an interview and
she said she’s sort of given up

on keeping everything clean and organized.

Which is kind of cool and
interesting, ’cause it’s like,

what drove someone who’s
built a career, a tiny, tiny empire?

She’s been on like Western TV.

I know she was on Stephen Colbert’s show.

What would drive
her to the point where

she’s almost given up
on her own philosophy?

She said, “My home is messy.

The way I’m spending
my time is the

right way for me at
this stage in my life.

What is important is enjoying
spending time with my children.”

And then you find out
she’s had her third kid.

So this is why her house is
messy, because three kids,

and I assume all pretty small still.

‘Cause one’s a baby,
’cause you got two other kids,

they’re a little older, but
then that means they’re like

toddler, so they’re just running
around, just making a mess.

That’s what kids do, and they have toys.

And the kids, if you say,
“Does this spark joy?”

They’re gonna go, “Yeah!”

‘Cause everything sparks
joy when you’re a little kid.

This is something I was kind of sad about.

I saw a kid who a train
went by and got so excited

that he did a little
like tippy-tappy dance.

I was like, I don’t know if
I’ve ever been that happy.

I don’t know if I’ve ever
been that at a point in my life

where I was did a little tippy-tappy dance.

I must have, and then at
some point that joy went away.

And it’s sad.

It’s sad that I don’t get excited
about things like that anymore.

So I’m gonna try to
find something that

would make me do a
little tippy-tappy dance.

And that’s gonna be like,
this could be the chunk

of beef chest philosophy of tippy-taps.

‘Cause when you
get to a certain point

in your life, you don’t
tippy-tap anymore.

Can we find the thing in our
life that makes us tippy-tap?

And if we can, then that gives
us a sense of what brings us joy.

And that’s maybe what I’ve lost
in my life, a certain amount of joy.

I wanna bring that back.

And then I was thinking, my
recondo’s version of messy

is probably still way
cleaner than everyone else.

So I keep my head, again,
if you’ve watched the video,

you can see there’s very little in my room.

Behind me there is the bed.

There’s the chin-up bar.

Down here in the corner,
there’s a little heater.

It’s a space heater.

Electricity doubled for me, last,
between last December and this December,

went from 15,000 yen to
heat my house to 30,000 yen.

That’s a big bite.

So we, the small rooms,
so my room’s quite small.

We got a little kerosene space heater.

We’re using that.

That’s basically all there is in my room.

There’s the two desks
with my computer

set up and another
desk with just nothing

so that I can do other stuff there.

I have a minimalist philosophy.

So I think overall,
my room is probably

less messy than
other people’s rooms,

because I only use things
that I consider necessary.

Maricondo’s whole spark joy thing.

She probably doesn’t have that much
stuff in her house in the first place.

She doesn’t have that much
stuff in her house in her first place.

Her version of messy is probably way better

than other people’s
version of messy anyways.

So I’m betting Maricondo’s state of
decay that she may be in right now.

It’s still 10 times better than
almost everyone else’s state of decay.

So you know, she’s got three kids.

She’s got a life.

I mean, I don’t, I hope she’s happy.

She says she’s happy.

She wants to spend
time with her kids and

then that actually
brings in a secondary.

This has nothing to do with
news anymore, I just realized.

She’s brought in a secondary
aspect of the philosophy

is that her philosophy has changed.

She went from everything
should be sparking

joy and clean in an
order and minimalist.

To I wanna spend time with my
kids and you know, enjoy that time

and enjoying that time with
kids, that’s gonna be messy.

You’re gonna have a lot of stuff.

You’re gonna have
toys all over the floor

sometimes, but that’s
actually pretty fun.

I remember, you know, just
toys everywhere for my kids.

It was pretty cool.

You know, I don’t have that in my
house ’cause my kids are like teens.


They have basically a phone or a
device and that’s all they pay attention to

and I’m not criticizing that
’cause like, what do I do?

I play video games, I
make podcasts, and I

stream on Twitch
and stuff, and that’s it.

That’s my version is just a
bigger device at this point.

So I can’t be critical of
them, but I kinda miss Lego.

(phone ringing)

A very quick update.

So I think last week I did talk about China

and China denying visas to people
in Japan, being very hypocritical.

China has resumed issuing
visas for Japanese people.

That’s it.

I mean, there’s actually no,
because we talked about it last week

and the hypocrisy in there, and I
didn’t think it was gonna last very long.

I thought it was gonna go
longer than just a couple weeks

I talked about it because
China’s the kind of country

that sort of makes
a decision, stands

by it, even if it’s
the wrong decision,

but tourism is money.

Everyone wants tourists to keep
tourisming, and they want the money.

So Japanese people, you
may hate them historically,

but they’re gonna spend a lot of
money if they come to your country,

so you want them to
come visit your country.

(phone ringing)

There’s been a series of robberies.

They’re pretty awful, actually.

The interesting part is
that they were masterminded

by a man who’s being
held in a detention

center in the
Philippines, in vanilla.

So basically he had
a smartphone, and

he was directing
people how to break in,

how to basically do home invasions almost.

What they would do
is they come up to

your house and they
do a fake delivery,

and then they would force
their way into your house.

They beat up some
people, they accidentally,

they beat up a
90-year-old person,

and they died as a result of the injuries.

One of the home invasions used
seven people, so these are big things.

They talked about how much money they took,

but again, it’s how much
money you keep in the house.

I don’t keep any money in the house.

But Japanese people, older generations,

still tend to keep money,
physical money in the house.

Which, because they
don’t trust banks, and

then the banks,
interest rates are so low

that keeping money in
bank almost means nothing.

Sometimes you pay more in fees
than you would get an interest,

so there’s no benefit
to keeping you to bank.

I think it was interesting
that this guy had a smartphone.

He was arrested in
2021 being held in Manila.

He gave instructions via smartphone
how to set up the fake deliveries,

how to go to the houses,
how to pick the houses,

and he organized groups of people
in Japan to do these robberies.

He called him, they kept
referring to him as Luffy.

Luffy is a famous
criminal character in

Japan, from a manga
in anime and stuff.

And Luffy is the pirate.

I was thinking of someone else.

Yeah, Luffy is the pirate.


And I was like,
don’t give, police

should not be giving
criminals cool names.

And it turns out
that he called himself

that, which makes
him actually way lamer,

giving yourself a nickname of a cool
anime character that you probably like.

And then like, I guess making
other people call it, you that?

That’s, I don’t know.

It’d be like someone going, getting a
stupid name like Chunker Beef Chess

and trying to get
everyone to call him that.

I actually don’t want
people to call me that.

I have never insisted any of my friends

or people I’ve talked to actually
call me Chunker Beef Chess.

It is just a nickname.

I guess at this point, it’s sort
of a production company name

because I have a series of podcasts
and stuff all under the same pseudonym.

So maybe if I write stuff, if I
might use that as my pet name, but…

Anyways, this guy, it looks
like he’s going to be deported

in the second week of
February back to Japan.

So deported from the
Philippines back to Japan.

And when that happens, I do want
to see like what he’s charged with.

I’m betting these charges
are going to be pretty big

because there is at
least one death involved

and multiple, multiple
people have been injured.

What I want to know is what is the scope

of the organization he was
able to do while in detention?

Because you think the guards maybe
would have noticed he was using a phone,

but he was being detained, not in jail.

Like there’s a lot of
sort of like shady areas.

Why did he have a smartphone and
why do you have so much access to it

if he was being detained
for a full year at least?

More than that’s really
weird and interesting.

So I’m looking at sort of
the back sides of this story.

So you’re going to get all the, oh,
this is how much money was stolen

and there’s people who were hurt and stuff.

But I’m like, how did he get
this organization into place

from a detention center with a smartphone?

That’s the bit I’m more interested in.

The criminal proceedings,
I mean, it’s going to be big.

We’ll see what happens.

I will do updates on
this as they come along.

(phone ringing)

I’ve got like three or four stories
of, it’s all 40, 50 year old men.

There’s a 44 year old
man who is arrested

for producing
counterfeit, huggy pillows.

So you know those big pillows, body
pillows, and it has an anime girl on it.

He was arrested, he had 72 items of
12 characters from 10 different shows.

Now what he was doing
was taking these pillows

and modifying them so
they were showing more skin.

So you have the,
I know it was like

one of the characters
from Dead or Alive,

video game, sexy lady.

She’s lying on the
pillow, let’s say, like this.

  • Oh.
  • For people who are listening,
    I just did a very sexy gesture.

I don’t know if he
was painting it, or

he was doing some
kind of modification

to make it look like she
was exposing more skin.

So it sounds like
what he did was took

an original licensed
picture, modified it

so it showed more skin and
then produced these huggy pillows.

And since they’re sexier
than the official ones,

the companies are like, this isn’t
cool when the police arrested him.

They found 600 more in his house.

Prosecutors are seeking heavy punishment

between 2018 to last
summer, he made 12 million yen.

So that’s towards like 18, 19, 20, 21.

So that’s four years 12 million.

He was making 3 million yen
a year off these huggy pillows

that is a lot of money, but also
it’s less than the average salary.

Now when I’m gonna
commit my big crime,

because it’s coming,
I like this age group

has made it very clear
that I am ripe for crime.

When I commit my crime, I wanna
make it so I don’t have to work anymore.

So it’s gotta be a big score.

This is why I will never
commit a crime though,

’cause I’m never
gonna hit a score big

enough where I wouldn’t
have to work anymore,

or it would be enough money
that I could just keep my job

and then just supplement my income.

Yeah, I guess I’m already
not a career criminal

’cause I’m smart enough
to know that like if I have

to keep committing crimes
over three, four years,

even if it’s just the exact same crime,

it’s the sheer volume
is going to make it

easier from the catch
you sooner or later.

It might be years, this
guy’s like three, four years.

There’s another story,
I actually didn’t do it.

There was a guy riding
a motorcycle and he

was riding his motorcycle
close to the car

in front of him so that
when there was a toll gate

to get onto the highway,
he would go through.

And they were like, he
didn’t pay not very much

like three, four, five,
hundred dollars worth of tolls,

but then he got arrested
because he’s been doing it

and they’re like sooner
or later gonna catch him.

He flipped up his license plate.

There’s a thing in Japan
where they take the license plate

and they bend it upwards
so you can actually see it

if you’re behind the motorcycle and stuff.

It’s a Yankee kind of thing to do.

It had a name, oh, I
forget what the name was.

But anyways, the volume of crime
increases the likelihood of getting caught.

So you want to commit one
crime and not have to do it again

or a few crimes in your life
very distant from each other.

So like once a decade
you commit a crime,

you’d have less
chance of getting caught

’cause there’s less for
them to put together

and figure out if you have
to commit a crime every week

or every day, the police are like, well,

we’re gonna find a pattern,
we’re gonna figure something out.

We’re gonna have all these
guys are getting caught

by a surveillance video if
we’re being really honest.

You’re gonna get surveyed
and then they’re gonna see

what you’re doing and then catch you.

They’ll probably just follow you home.

I don’t think I wrote this one down.

There was lots of crime stories this week.

There were actually too many,
but now they’re all in my head.

So I’m like, this is all interesting.

The links between them.

It was like two 14
year old kids like

smashed, did a smash
and grab basically

of jewelry store and the
police once they figured out

which way they left the
building just got on video

from different buildings
and just followed them

basically back to where
they live and arrested them.

But let’s get on to other old men
committing more crimes often poorly.

So we had a story a couple weeks ago

about a guy who was
just really exhausted

from work and I kinda
know how he feels.

He’s like, I don’t wanna
go to work anymore.

So he took a knife
and he put it up against

the wall and stabbed
himself in the back.

And then claimed he’d been,
there was an attempted murder

that he’d been attacked and then
he wouldn’t have to go to work.

And then they got the
surveillance video and found

that there was no other person
around and he just stabbed himself.

But seems that this
is not a unique incident.

There was a teacher who
said work was too tiring.

And I relate, like sometimes
you just get burnt out,

you’re tired, you don’t
wanna do this anymore.

What’s the solution?

My solution is usually,
if I can take a day off

and maybe the Japanese
solution is to drink

a lot and just burn
it out with alcohol.

Now this guy’s like, I’m
gonna call the school.

at 8 AM, so this is
before classes on the 25th.

This was the 25th, so
this is like last week.

And tell them, there
might be explosives

on the first and third
floor of the school

and in the gymnasium, if
classes don’t end by the morning,

you could be in danger, that is all.

This was not handled how I
thought it would be handled.

The school staff then searched
the schools and the gymnasium

and they concluded there was
no bomb and classes continued.

I would have called the police
because it’s a bomb threat.

And even if you know it’s fake,
you have to take it seriously

because there’s the off chance it is.

There was a package,
I think I’ve told

this like two, three
times on the podcast,

but how often does
this happen in your life?

There was a package in the
parking lot near my house.

And from my balcony, I could see it.

So I went out with my balcony and watched

as the police showed up
and it was pretty noticeable.

And the police were like,
this package had a note on it

and the note was vaguely threatening.

So they’re like, we don’t
know if this bomb or not.

And I watched them like, get the shield out

and the guy all armoured
up and he walked

up to it and like
poked it and stuff.

I couldn’t see very
well, was it night time?

But I could see kind
of like them approach

it and then back up
and then approach it.

Eventually a detective came to our house

and it’s like, look, we’re gonna
basically try to open this thing.

We don’t know what it is or what’s in it.

We could be a bomb, we don’t
think it is, but we wanna be safe.

So could you guys evacuate?

And we’re like, I can’t wanna watch.

But then of course
me standing on my

balcony and Shrapnel
hits me in the face

is one of the worst ways to die.

So I’m just like, okay, let’s
not like the way you die,

but the stories people
tell like this dumbass

was standing on his
balcony watching a bomb.

So we evacuated my family
like 20, 30 minutes later.

They’re like, it was just a
bag with some garbage in it.

And then again, the
note was just like some,

some person just put a note
on it to make it threatening

and has wasted
police resources so

they were gonna go
try to find that person.

Yada, yada, yada.

But they took it seriously.

This school did not.

The school’s like, hey, teachers
completely inexperienced

with actual bombs and
what they look like and stuff.

Let’s go take a look around
and see what happens.

And I guess don’t touch anything.

I don’t think that’s right.

The guy who called in the bomb threat,

he’d gone to a pay phone
relatively close to the school.

The police could figure out what
phone made the phone call, of course.

So they basically traced it back.

They got some security camera
found the guy making the phone call

and then him immediately
going to work afterwards.

He still had to go to work
and then he got arrested.

So his bomb threat didn’t
even give him a day off.

So not only is this a dumb
crime, it’s also poorly executed.

I am so judgmental of criminals
’cause if you’re gonna do this,

have a good plan and execute it properly.

I this might be why I’m
so fascinated with the guy

who was in Manila because
he’s organized a criminal empire

with a cell phone while in detention.

I don’t wanna show
any sort of respect for

him, but he clearly
knew what he was doing

and he kinda was doing it the right way.

I’m glad he got caught
and there got stopped

’cause I also, I
would like my crimes.

When I commit my crime, I want it
to be one where no one gets hurt.

I don’t wanna hurt another
person that commit a crime.

This might be another
thing that’s holding me back.

I’m not as cold-hearted as I need to be.

I would not want to
hurt someone else

physically for sure
to commit my crime.

I’m okay with threatening violence.

I’m okay with the threat of violence.

I don’t actually wanna hurt anybody.

You know what, this
isn’t about me and

that’s maybe why I
should just move on.

(upbeat music)

Okay, there was another
set of bomb threats.

So 300 schools and universities
received bomb threats

last week between Monday and Wednesday.

It kinda came through in waves.


And that to me was the
only bit that I was like,

what, they facts the
schools of bomb threat?

They said it had a unique font.

Which I don’t know what that means.

I’m assuming they had to just put in a font

from some kind of plug
in on their computer, right?

‘Cause you’re not even, you’re not
getting, maybe they did print it out

and maybe they did the classic
like Pasting Magazine bits together.


It was facts to schools
from a number in Tokyo.

It demanded a ransom between
300,000 yen to 3 million yen.

I actually think maybe they
made a mistake on the first one,

’cause why would you
go with the low number?

They didn’t say how the person
was supposed to collect the money.

I think this was just a very
poorly thought out scheme.

And they hadn’t
thought through how to

actually, like should
they be successful?

I think this was more of a prank
than an actual attempt to get money.

I think they just wanted to be disruptive
because there was no plan in place

that we could see
or hear about where

the person actually
would end up collecting

if a school was going to give in
and actually give them the money.

So, man.

(phone ringing).

More threats?

Let’s just keep going.

It’s a theme.

This guy had a game on his phone.

It’s called “Majong Seoul.”

And he kept losing.

So he decided, you know, the way
to deal with when you’re losing it,

probably a very random game
that’s designed to make you lose.

A lot.

You should go to the
publisher’s homepage,

the computer game
publisher’s homepage.

And start sending
death threats, which

is a forcible
obstruction of business.

(phone ringing)

Hopefully you guys
watching on Twitch,

nothing happened,
but when I edit this,

I’m gonna put in a counter up there

in a little ding that says
obstruction of business.

‘Cause we’ve decided to
start keeping track of that crime

because it happens almost so much.

He confessed to actually
doing the death threats

because of his constant losses at the game.

I don’t know, man, you can’t invest.

I lost a lot of college duty.

You know what I did?

I stopped playing college duty.

‘Cause I’m mediocre at best.

I’m certainly not good.

I wasn’t gonna get any better
’cause I wanna put the time in.

So you stopped playing that game.

You’ll get some other game
that’s easier and more fun.

(phone ringing)

Okay, talking about angry people,

there’s a high school teacher
and he’s been suspended.

He’s been suspended for abusing
the handball team members.

And that’s terrible.

I don’t know why I find it funny.

I think it’s ’cause it’s handball.

And it’s not like I don’t
have any respect for handball,

but let’s face it, if you’re
gonna invest your life

into something and
get like abusive over it.

Choose a better sport.

It’s even saying that sounds shitty.

Handball is something you play for fun.

I assume there are professional
handball leagues and players,

but there’s a reason I’ve never
heard of them or thought about them.

Like there’s professionals
in almost every sport.

Not every sport gets
the same level of respect.

Okay, so there’s a handball team.

And this teacher has been assigned
the task of coaching the handball team.

He decides that the students
are making too many mistakes.

So he starts slapping
the students and

telling them to die
and calling the media,

it’s enthrowing the handball at their head.

Now, if you’re a really
good handball player,

you should either catch
or deflect that handball.

So that last one, I should not,

I don’t believe you should be
considered part of the abuse.

That should be just training.

Someone made an
anonymous call to the school

and the principal,
instead of actually,

dealing with this, decided
to give the teacher guidance.

And I think what that means
is they tried to cover it up.

This all came to light
very recently when

all six members of the
senior handball team

quit at the same day.

And then the teacher was called out.

And there’s been a press
conference and the teacher had to say,

I became frustrated by
the repeated mistakes.

And my first thought
was, dude, it’s handball.

Just let them have a good time.

This is a different philosophy.

It’s maybe cultural.

My daughter was doing
gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics.

And she was having a good time.

She was a little kid.

Troll the Baton.

I actually liked really playing
with the ribbon on a thing.

You could wave it around.

I really enjoyed that.

So I would do that at home a lot.

She really liked it.

And it was really good for her.

And she was flexible.

And she was having a good time.

And it was athletic.

And then she got, I
think, I forget what year,

but it was like 10
years older or something.

They’re like, great.

If you want to go to the next
level, you have to come every day.

Now, we couldn’t
bring her every day

because we’re working
parents and stuff.

And we have jobs and lives.

And she also has other things to do.

We didn’t want her to dedicate
her whole life to rhythmic gymnastics.

We wanted her to go a couple of
times a week to do this healthy exercise.

That was fun.

So literally, they gave us an ultimatum

of it’s all rhythmic gymnastics
all the time or nothing.

So there was no sort of
class where you would go

for kids to actually just enjoy themselves.

You had to be dedicated to this to
become a professional rhythmic gymnast.

Which I assume is, I don’t know
if that’s the same level as him,

but I don’t know if there
even are professionals.

So we did the actually
only thing we could do.

We were putting an impossible situation.

We pulled her out.

So that gym makes slightly less money.

And I assume this happens regularly.

Like every time girls hit this
age, they’re giving this ultimatum.

And a significant
proportion of them, it’s

not that they even
don’t want to do it.

The parents can’t commit
the level of that amount of time.

‘Cause okay, I go to judo,

means I can’t take my kid to
rhythmic gymnastics that night.

Which means I have a
choice if I give up my hobby

’cause I’m not a professional judoka.

I don’t do judo all day every day.

But it’s the thing I do
for my health and fitness.

I’m supposed to give
that up and just sit

in a gym and watch
her every single night.

Even if I swap off with
my wife, it doesn’t work.

It just doesn’t work for most people
to do one thing every single day.

But that’s like in Japan,
they have this thing

where you either have to do
it super seriously or not at all.

And I see, again, like I
just mentioned, I do judo.

And you can see the
kids with the parents

who aren’t there
to have a good time

or learn a martial art or enjoy themselves.

They’re just like, they want
their kids to be world champions.

And I can tell you, these kids
are not gonna be world champions

’cause they’re
hating every minute

of it ’cause they’re
being forced into it.

They make like judo,
they don’t like it every day.

And they certainly don’t like their
parents shouting at them from the sides.

And this is sort of the same
thing, rhythmic gymnastics.

To me in my mind is a
fun version of gymnastics

that’s incorporating
dance to have a good time.

They didn’t see it that way.

This was a lifestyle
choice you had to make.

And it was going
to make your life or

break your life and
it broke our lives.

And my daughter doesn’t do rhythmic
gymnastics anymore, which kinda sucks.

Very light last story.

It all had the abuse of
tendencies kinda sucks, huh?

The Prime Minister’s son is his secretary.

So the Prime Minister
was out in another country.

I think he went to America, he went
to, oh no, they went around Europe,

a couple places in Europe.

And while they were there,
they have an official car.

So he used the official
car to go and do things.

Now a news story came out, a
magazine came out, this is a scandal.

He said he used the
government car for sightseeing.

And the government then
turned around and denied it.

He said he used the car
to take publicity photos.

So he was going to like the Eiffel Tower.

And he took a picture of the Eiffel Tower

to put on the official
Prime Minister’s Instagram,

and I’d say I don’t know
what they actually were doing.

Maybe it was for
publishing materials or

something, but I’ll just
give you an example.

And then you could put
it on that and go look,

the Prime Minister is here in
Paris doing this important thing.

He went to buy souvenirs,
which is in Japan,

a very important
thing to do for work.

So you buy souvenirs for your coworkers.

He’s gonna buy souvenirs
to give to people politically.

So it’s part of his job.

He claims he did no shopping for
himself, didn’t use any tourist facilities.

And I was like, I got Japan’s,
this takes everything a step further.

I’d be like, well, if he was at a
tourist place, officially taking photos,

what would be the
problem with him buying

a snack or doing
something like that?

And that’s again, it’s
very different in Japan.

That would not be acceptable.

I did the story, forget when now.

It was like maybe a
couple months ago,

where it was cops in
Japan are allowed to go

to convenience stores to buy a drink.

Like that’s how it, that’s
before they weren’t.

It was like they couldn’t in uniform go in

and just buy a drink
because they were thirsty.

You had to go and change so that
you didn’t look like you were slacking off.

So they take that really seriously here.

It’s a different, I got
a different mentality.

And that mentality maybe needs to
be adjusted for a new modern lifestyle.

So that kids can do
rhythmic gymnastics for fun

or play handball and not get
smacked in the back of the head.

Or if you’re in a very exciting new country

and doing some work and
then take a little side step

and they’re like, oh, I’d like
to take a picture for myself.

Don’t have everyone freak out.

I did take a moment and think, imagine
the level of scrutiny a US politician

would be comfortable with.

They could never
survive in Japan because

the level of scrutiny
he’s gone through.

So again, I think he was
probably taking pictures

and then maybe took
a couple pictures for

himself, which I
would not judge at all.

I don’t think any Western person would.

He probably went and bought souvenirs.

And yeah, if you’re buying souvenirs

and then you buy one extra
with your own money for yourself,

I would not say that was a bad thing.

Oh, I’m gonna buy five boxes
of these Parisian chocolates

for my father, who’s the prime
minister for his some of his coworkers

or other politicians he’s gonna meet.

I’ll slide one in there and I’ll pay
for it myself separately for myself.

It’s 10 seconds more.

I wouldn’t, as long as he’s not
using government money for it,

I have no problem with that at all.

I would like to see that level of scrutiny

in other countries
would be really interesting

’cause imagine the stuff they
would be judging Donald Trump for it.

‘Cause he’s basically been
caught committing crimes

and stuff and it’s just nothing happens.

I am waiting to see, the
most interesting thing

about America right now
is will they bring charges

and if they do, ’cause we
all know he’s actually guilty,

would they actually put him in prison?

I know it would be
a cushy prison, but I

would love to see
Donald Trump go to prison

and they keep hinting
at that they’re gonna

do it and they keep
pushing towards it.

If they put his kids in prison, I
think that would be pretty good

’cause then he would
have to reconcile that.

And probably distance himself?

Yeah, that’d be funny.

That literally just to me would be funny.

So, do we have a positive note?

Because of my start
with Mary Condo and

our philosophies must
have just over time

to suit our circumstances, but
we still must find joy where we are.

My joy, that my tippy-tappy dance
is going to be Donald Trump in prison.

(upbeat music)

(upbeat music)


Cover your Orifii

(Electronic music)

Now let’s talk about the economy.


If you’re here for the news, you know
you like to talk about the economy.

I’m gonna take it down a notch after that.

I was gonna start with a
song, but then it sounded racist.

Because I was gonna do a reggae style song

like a certain unmentionable
man had done in the past.

But I guess it was probably racist
when he did it, so me copying him

would make me racist,
so I’m not gonna do that.

We’re just gonna talk about the economy.

Prices in Japan are up
4% compared to last year.

And I have noticed that.

I actually have noticed
I’m spending more money

on just like the things I
used to buy used to buy.

Every Tuesday, so today is
Tuesday, I wanna record this.

I’m at home, kids are at
school, boy there’s a work.

I make dinner, so I would
go and buy stuff for dinner.

I’ve noticed that it is more expensive
just to buy basic items for dinner,

which has made me more conservative.

And that’s not a unique
thing to have happen.

Household spending
overall in Japan is down 1.2%.

If everything’s 4% more expensive, but that
means people are buying 1.2% less stuff.

This is problematic.

Because private spending
is nearly half of Japan’s gdp.

So basically Japan’s economy, if
Japanese people aren’t spending money,

then the gdp inherently goes down.

So this increase in
inflation is a bigger

problem than just things
are more expensive.

It means people are spending less money.

If people are spending less money,
the gdp of the country is decreasing.

Now this is led to government calls.

I believe we’ve actually
talked about this before.

Government calls for increases in salaries.

I thought this might
be like an endless cycle.

Inflation goes up, salaries go up,
but then that doesn’t mean anything.

It almost cancels each other out.

And then you can just do that infinitely,

but then you get into a
situation where like 1,000 yen,

which is sort of again, the really
quick equivalent would be $10.

You gotta use 10,000 yen equivalent to $10.

Inflation goes up, prices
go up, salaries go up.

It means nothing.

So part of my brain goes, why
don’t you just not do the inflation?

And then you don’t have
to give the salary increases.

Because if we do a pricing,

inflation of 4% and then a salary increase
of 4%, let’s say, it’s equivalency.

Just don’t do that in the first place.

I know economics is not that simple,
but economists often make it seem like

infinite growth is possible when it isn’t.

This is a problem with
the video game industry

and they think that
they basically are saying,

everything has to be more
successful than the previous thing

to count as successful, the problem being,
there’s only actually a finite of people

who play video games.

So you can only extract
so much money from them.

Therefore, there is not an infinite
well of money you can pool from.

So you have to actually start looking
at as what’s our upper limit, not infinite.

Anyways, they’re
calling companies are

being called to look
at their pay structures

as social responsibility.

Because if the workers don’t have
money, they’re not gonna spend money

’cause they need to save.

If they need to save, then the gdp
of Japan as a country goes down.

That’s the infinite loop
that we’re in right now.

This is being called new
capitalism by some corners, growth,

and it’s a growth and
redistribution policy.

Companies should monitor prices
and improve momentum of wage raises

so that people can continue spending.

The problem is this
isn’t how companies work.

Companies don’t tend to
work on social responsibility

or worry about the gdp,
they worry about themselves.

Companies in a capitalist
society are inherently selfish.

So if the government wants this
to happen, they have to force it,

but if they force it, they’re gonna
be overstepping their balance.

That is sort of the core
issues we’re dealing with

with this problem of
inflation versus wages.


It’s actually a weirdly positive company.

So they come up as an example a lot.

Uniglo is looking to raise their
annual salaries by up to 40%.

Now that up to is very
important as a lot of heavy lifting.

Whenever something says up to, what
you actually have to read is less than,

I once had a juice that
had up to, it was like a drink,

and it had up to 10% real fruit
juice, but up to 10% could mean zero.

So when I looked at it, I was immediately
like, there may be no actual juice in this

because that is up to 10%.

It was a very interesting
way of wording it.

So that may be concerned.

So university grads, if
you get a job at uni-glow,

right now your base salary will be 255,000
yet, which is pretty close to average.

They’re gonna raise that to 300,000.

That is 16%.

So that’s probably most of their workers.

University graduates
get maybe a little bump,

but you can see what they’re doing is like,
okay, we’re gonna give the average worker

15 to 20% raise.

Store managers currently making
290,000 yen, they’re gonna get 390,000 yen.

That is 100,000 yen increase.

That is significant.

So uni-glow has taken on this sort of,

I don’t think they did it
because of the government,

but they realize like if we
want our workers to flourish,

they have to have money to flourish with.

There is an interesting, it
was spun very positively.

Ntt, the biggest mobile
communications network in Japan.

I said they’re going to move
from a seniority-based system.

So Japan is still very
much like the longer you stay

at a company, the more money
you make at that company,

even if you’re not very good at your job.

But that’s irrelevant because
if I’ve been here for 50 years,

maybe I’ve like absorbed
knowledge in it, something like that.

I don’t know.

They’re gonna change
to a merit-based system,

and I was like, “oh,
that sounds really good.”

And I thought about it more.

What does that actually mean?

Because what’s happening right now is
companies have this base salary system,

depending on how you’re working.

And if it’s going to be impacted by
inflation, so if inflation goes up 4%,

and the company I work for has to
raise my wages by 4% to match inflation,

that’s just less to say,
that’s the new standard.

And that’s not actually
what’s gonna happen.

My company’s not giving me a raise forever.

But let’s say that is what happens.

That’s going to affect your raises
and what not, based on inflation.

You don’t wanna have to react to inflation.

So if you make your raises and
payment system merit-based,

you can ignore the greater economy.

You can say, look, you’re getting paid
this much because of your performance.

If you’re a high performer,
yeah, you do deserve money.

That’s great.

But the average worker
probably will get nothing

because we don’t wanna reward averageness.

So I think, they’re framing
this as a very positive thing.

We’re doing away with the old system.

We’re going to a merit-based system
and everybody loves merit-based systems.

And then I was like, I think
this might be a way of them

to say, we aren’t going
to react to inflation.

We’re going to just
change our pay structures

so that we can
do it all internally

and then turn around and say,
no one has performed well enough

because of inflation, all
our profits have been down.

So that means no one’s
performed well enough.

Therefore, nobody gets a pay raise.

And that seems like the very sad state
of the economy in Japan at the moment.

(Phone ringing)

So you think that’s fun?

Now we’re gonna do international politics.

I gotta come up with
little theme songs now.

I realize that.

I need an economy song.

It gone me, the economy.

And then I need an
international no politics.

I seem to have a very scaw-based
sound for my theme intro, jingles.

I gotta take a little drink of
hot water before I move on.


If you’re watching live, this is the
content that gets cut out everywhere else.

This is the stuff on twitch
that you come here for.

It’s the real raw look at
what a podcast construction is.


Hot water.

Go smooth down the throat.

Get those sweet sounds out.

I think in about five minutes that
sun’s gonna come through my window.

So I’m gonna take care of that early.

This is the pump-a-do
section of the

podcast where you
get a look in behind like,

how does this magically come?

What does he do to block out the like?

He takes a work shirt and
he hangs it over the window

’cause the window above
my computer has no curtains.

So gotta make sure there’s a
sleeve, not in front of the camera.

All right, so we’re back.

We’re talking about international politics.

The work shirt as blinds, okay, I,
Jade, you’re one of my favorite people,

but you have to, okay, so you can see
in the back there’s blinds on the window.

I’m gonna give you a
little tour of my room.

Before I go on to the sorry,
since I’m like halfway out.

There’s blinds, there’s a big window there.

It’s really nice has curtains.

Little tiny window right
above the computer, nothing.

So what am I supposed to do?

And then the sun around
10 o’clock is 10 o’clock,

comes over that and then just
look at how bleached my face is.

So if I move over here, oh, this is sweet.

Look at that.

Like the camera can’t adjust for
this much washed out whiteness.

I am so white.

This is it.

This isn’t what nightmares are made of.

You can see the uv cut in my glasses.

The blue light cut is the yellow.

And then you can see how
much I need to fix my teeth.


Uh, I am.


I am of the, oh, no, no, no, no.

I, not, white does not
even describe what I am.

I am the archetype of where
white people came from.

The gene pool, if the gene
pool was like one of those,

you know, on computers when they have like,
like, like, programs for like Photoshop

and they have that thing
is it’s white in this corner

and then like probably like a red in this
corner and then down here would be gray.

Here’s like, I’m up there.

I’m up in the corner that is just white.

I’m almost translucent.

I think you could make a lighthouse
by reflecting light off my face.

Okay, but I’m gonna go back to the podcast.

Ugh, that’s hot in my room.

It’s, we’re in this weird,
it’s like it’s cold outside.

But if I turn on the
heater, it’s too hot inside.

I’m pure as the dripper.

Snow is not pure.

Let’s be really clear about that.

White is the driven snow.

Yes, pure, not a word I would use.

Okay, international politics.

That’s the edit point.

For continuity, I shouldn’t have a sweater

that suddenly appear
’cause all this will get cut out.

I actually know on
YouTube I’ll leave this in.

It’s the audio part that’ll be cut out.

Then no one’s gonna see anything so.

International politics.

I have been framing international politics
throughout the entirety of this podcast

as high school drama, which
has been pretty descriptive.

And it’s because we’re dealing with
boisterous nations like north Korea.

Now this one isn’t north Korea as
China, but China does take a stance.

It seems like communist parties and these
sort of dictatorship-oriented countries

really feel free about
condemning other countries

about stuff they clearly do themselves.

China has gone through a big wave of covid.

In Japan, they just finished
their seventh or eighth wave.

I stopped counting.

It’s not really waves anymore.

It seems very random.

When I check the Tokyo
numbers, it is like 500,000, five.

Like they’ll do, they’ll like
fluctuate that much in a day.

So Japan said, look, China’s going
through a really big covid wave.

We’re going to have people who
want to go from China to Japan.

The covid test, have a negative
covid test before you leave.

Probably, when I went
to Canada and came back,

it had to be two days before I returned.

I needed a negative covid test.

China said that this is a discriminatory,

China said until discriminatory entry
restrictions against China are lifted,

China will stop giving
visa to Japanese

travelers, which is a
bit of an overreaction

because Japan’s not saying you
can’t come from China to Japan.

Japan’s saying, if you come,
you need to take a covid test,

which to me seems very
reasonable because I had to do it.

I came from Canada, which you would
consider a very friendly country to Japan.

Now, it was more short.

I guess it was, it wasn’t peak pandemic.

It was this summer, last summer break.

But I didn’t feel like that
was an unreasonable request.

I didn’t enjoy it.

I didn’t want to do it.

I didn’t want to spend the
$250, which turned into $500.

I had to do one for me and my daughter.

But I was like, yeah, you
don’t want to bring covid.

The whole problem is people traveled around

and that’s how covid got
around in the first place.

So my new Zealand did a fairly good job
because they were locking down the border,

so I didn’t want to end.

I said to do that at the
beginning, but Japan didn’t listen.

The government of Japan
doesn’t listen to this podcast

and that, I think, might be
one of the bigger problems

we have because I have solutions.

So the Japanese foreign minister,
he’s opposed to the Chinese restrictions.

The problem is the China, you being unhappy

with another country’s
decision is irrelevant,

but they always get, this is a
phrase that comes up all the time

and I’ve realized it’s just like a
standard phrase, extremely regrettable.

The Japanese foreign minister
finds the decision of China

to remove the possibility of visas

for Chinese people going to
China as extremely regrettable

and it seems like the harshest
language diplomats can take.

So really this is just a Chinese Japanese
foreign minister going like, fuck you guys.

And then north Korea uses
extremely regrettable for everything.

And the second thought is
they should actually lower the,

so extremely regrettable is
their strong version of language.

They should pull it back and I’m a
father and I’ve realized that’s a father.

So if I get really
rambunctious or voiceiferous

or I make a lot
of noise and stuff,

the kids don’t take me seriously.

But if I get quiet and sorry,
I go, not happy about that.

That has a big impact
and there was a story I read

and it was about world war ii and
they dropped f-bombs constantly.

So it was like, get your fucking gun,

get your fucking kit, get
your fuck fuck fuck fuck.

So fuck was a normal
part of an everyday order.

But when someone came to
the room and said, get your gun,

that had impact because dropping the f-bom

out of the sentence
meant that this was serious.

So on a normal day, a
normal order, you’d say fuck.

But then when it got
serious, you dropped it.

So I was like, oh, what
depends, what they need to do.

It’s actually drop back the lame.

So it’s not extremely
regrettable, you go, that’s too bad.

And sound disappointed, but then
they’ll be like, oh, what does that mean?

I think that actually
might have some impact.

It’d be interesting to see what happens.

(Phone ringing)

Still on international politics.

The ex president of Russia, the
Japan, the prime minister, kishita,

he said, I’m gonna go to america, we’re
gonna have a little meeting with biden.

You gotta, you know, work shit out.

‘Cause we’re gonna solve problems.

And they said, man, if Russia
nukes Ukraine, that’s bad.

Okay, that is the depth of
this statement they made.

If Russia nukes Japan, that’s bad.

That’s, I mean, I think they
said it in a more political way.

But the ex president of Russia, of Russia,

was like, this statement
is completely unacceptable.

You can’t tell US what to do.

You can’t tell US not to use your weapons.

You’re having a meeting with a country that
has just suspended nuclear weapons as US.

What do you get in all of
the up in our faces about?

So the Russian ex president says, the
Japanese prime minister should commit

a ritual suicide at the next
cabinet meeting in Japan.

That’s the only way he
could wash away the shame

of the statement,
the statement being,

please don’t use nuclear
weapons in Ukraine.

I was like, this is what I’m saying.

Like the level, is it hyperbole?

The level of theater these
guys use in their language.

Gets to the point where it’s nonsensical?

Like, nukes are bad.

You should kill yourself for that.

Apparently that’s what, but then,

so the Japanese do supposed
to commit ritual suicide, sipaku.

But you need to say
anything about the biden?

So the president, he’s like,
well, I guess they don’t have that,

I guess you have that in your
culture, so it’s a fair thing to say.

Like, so here’s a question
that I would love to have

someone ask him, do you
think he’s really gonna do it?

I mean, they don’t do that anymore.

It’s not a thing anymore, but
did you think he was gonna be like,

oh man, the ex-president
Roger said, I should go kill myself.

All right, at the next cabinet meeting,

I guess I’m gonna go kill myself
in the next cabinet meeting.

And then if you did it,
like, would you be like,

yeah, Japan’s washed away their shame.

I don’t know what this was supposed to do.

It just didn’t, it’s again, it’s, it
doesn’t make any sense to me.

That’s, I think that’s where
we are, international politics.

When we get to this level,
there’s so much theater involved.

I don’t actually know what
people are saying anymore.

I don’t know what people mean anymore.

That might be why I actually said it,

or recently, like, they
should bring it down a notch

so that it can actually
start to make sense again.

(Phone ringing)

We have talked about the
emergency services video function

that was added to
Japan’s emergency services,

services recently, it was
in October and November.

In October and November,
they read 622 calls,

and they weren’t calls,
they were video calls.

And the reason really for
doing this is young people,

generally, that’s how, if they’re going
to make a call, they make a video call.

So that’s how, what they know how to do.

So they’re like, we have to adapt.

And this is an interesting thing,

’cause you have two very
big sort of stradas in Japan.

You have old people who don’t
know how to use any technology.

And you have young people who kind
of only know how to use technology.

There was an interesting story.

It was in america, and
it was a guy got arrested,

and he didn’t know how to use a phone book,
’cause he’d only ever use the Internet.

So it became a legal right
that they had to have access.

So he’s like, you can
make your one phone call.

Here’s a phone book.

He’s like, I don’t know
how to use, what is this?

I’ve never seen this thing before.

This giant book you’ve
just put in front of me.

So the police were like, okay, well,
we have to let them access the Internet

to be able to contact someone.

So that’s when a phone
call became a broader thing.

It was like, you have to
be able to contact someone

so you can send an email or something.

I don’t know exactly
what the specifics were,

but they did broaden the scope
of what your one phone call

actually entailed and how
you can access the phone,

because they found
that it’s not really fair

if young people don’t know how to use a
phone book that you give them a phone book.

So this was about like since young people

know how to make video calls and
they want you helpful, let’s give it a try.

So they got 622 calls, which is awesome,

but they actually caught
some fleeing suspects

because while they were
on the emergency call,

the guy was like, well, pointed at
the car so I can see their license plate

and they got like a
screenshot of the license plate.

So they were able to catch
some people who did hit and runs.

The one I found most interesting, they
had a hiker who got stranded on a mountain

and they used the video
call to help identify the area

so the people could find them more quickly.

So it was really good, first of all,

that they had cell service,
that was the important part.

But the fact that they had cell service,
they were like, okay, take your camera,

I’m like, look around and then, oh,
someone’s gonna recognize that mountain

so you’re looking at
that mountain, so you’re

this way and then,
oh, look over there,

they could kind of
triangulate where they

were because they
could see the surroundings

and they helped save someone’s
life, which I thought was really nice.

But this did lead US to a couple
of other stats which are interesting.

There were 1.63 million calls to
the non-emergency number in Japan.

It was mostly drunk people asking for taxis

or people complaining
about traffic tickets.

1.6 million.

So I would not want to be the
person on the other end of that phone.

Let’s just make that statement out there.

When I’m looking for my job career change,

it’s not going to be the person
on the non-emergency line.

(Phone ringing)

Japan’s a very gun-safe country and I like
to illustrate that by the kind of stories

that make the news in Japan.

So a 56 year old cop accidentally,
okay, let’s actually just do the story.

Somebody has been bugging me,
his new story is lead with the bit

so you don’t have to read the article or
as I actually want to go through the steps

and then get to the bit.

So 56 year old cop is at the
Tokyo airport police station

and they’re, oh, it’s time to
take the bulls out of my gun.

So they go to take it out of
the hole so it holds your stiff.

So they yank it out really hard.

It bangs the table and goes off.

Now I was a little confused by that.

My understanding is that
guns are inherently designed.

So in the movies you drop a
gun and it goes off and kills a guy.

That actually happens quite a lot.

My understanding is that
in real life guns are designed

to not, if you bang though, just go off.

So I was thinking, was the gun cocked
and the table hit the hammer of the gun

and then it went off?

Or did the person pulling the gun from the
holster have their finger on the trigger

and then when he hit the
table pulled the trigger?

They didn’t explain any of that.

Well, the explanation
was the holster was stiff.

So I, when I pulled the gun out,
pulled it full force and hit the table.

But that makes me
think they had their finger

on the trigger as they
pulled out their gun.

So no one was hurt, nothing happened.

That’s it.

So like in other countries,
you’d be talking about

like a shooting in the airport,
how many people died in Japan.

Basically nothing happened.

And because a gun was
discharged, it became a news story.

And that is, honestly, one of
the reasons why I think gun control

works because that’s
the news story of the day.

[Music playing]

Ok, we’re getting to
local sort of smaller news.

But shogi players– now you would imagine
shogi’s a kind of chess, Asian chess.

I don’t know if it’s just Japanese.

I think it is, but I
don’t want to say that.

I don’t want to actually make a mistake.

Shogi players, chess players–
if you think about the chess

player personality, you would
think of a relatively pedantic person.

I think that is a fair thing to say.

Shogi players are no different.

They are very pedantic.

So this was a high level tournament.

They had like 6, 10, 7, 10.

I didn’t know what any of that meant.

But it’s the high level.

And then one guy goes, look, that
dude’s not wearing his mask properly.

He’s actually got a mask on, but
it’s covering his mouth, not his nose.

Now, anyone who’s wearing a mask properly
knows that it has to cover all the orify.

I do like pluralizing with the
eye more than anything else.

It has to cover all the
orifices on your face,

as in your mouth, and both your nostrils.

Not your ears or your nose or your eyes.

So he said, like, dude, please put
your mask on properly, cover your nose.

The guy ignored him.

So he did set it a couple more times.

The guy ignored him.

He calls a ref.

He’s like, ref.

Dude’s not wearing his mask properly.

And then the ref says,
dude, you got to wear a mask.

He says, I’m wearing a mask.

There is no rule that
bands exposing your nose.

So the rule is you have to
wear a mask, which would literally

mean interpretation wise.

I could put a mask on the
top of my head, cover nothing

on my face, and that
would follow the rules.

So again, these guys are being pedantic.

The ref being a little more
spirit of the rule rather than

letter of the law,
said, you’re disqualified.

Now, the guy left the venue
and he said, I understand.

I will follow a lawsuit.

If your behavior gets you
to a point where you feel you

need to sue people
for doing things like this,

there may be a moment in your life
where you have to stop and say, am I right?

So the actual– I did
look up the law, the rule.

And the rule is players must wear masks
during matches, except for brief moments.

And what they mean is, I’m wearing a mask.

We’ve been here for
two hours playing chess.

I can take off my mask and take a
drink, and then I put my mask back on.

So that’s the brief exception
where you do not wear a mask.

But this guy decided he
doesn’t want to wear a mask.

This is actually the second time.

It seems like showy
players are not anti-maskers,

but they– I guess they want
to have sort of their nose open

so they can breathe so
they can get more oxygen

or their brain so they
can be more effective.

Drink through the mask.

You could filter out all the bad stuff.

You put the mask on and
just open your mouth inside.

You’ll get some.

But it was just one of those
things that’s just ridiculous.

So I enjoyed that story, because I
just enjoyed the idea of showy players

being super pedantic about everything.

Traditionally, the last story in
ninja ninja Japan is creepy guy time.

It’s not even creepy
gender-neutral person time.

It’s a creepy guy time.

It’s always a dude.

I have put a kibosh on panty theft stories,

and a couple other things like
that that just show up too often,

only because they’ve become too repetitive.

But this creepy dudes– they always find
a new and interesting way to gross me out.

So I’m glad I can look at
that for the rest of my life

and know that I will never be surprised
by how creepy and gross guys can be.

Jr is Japan rail.

So it’s a train station staff.

And he was asked to guide
a visually impaired woman

to the platform, maybe back to the exit.

So just be a good person and help out
someone who struggles every now and then.

The woman then accused
him of sexual harassment.


How is the even possible men
have never sexually harassed anyone

in the entirety of human history?

He claims that because he
had helped her several times

that they were just being friendly.

Now, I don’t want to judge, although
you know clearly I already have.

I don’t want to judge that
the man is overestimating

what is appropriate in
a friendly relationship.

I deal with people all the time.

And yes, I deal with people multiple times.

I sometimes make a racy joke, perhaps.

I don’t actually, because I get in trouble.

So I was like, ok, we got
to find out what he said.

What did he say?

Did he cross the line?

So was he being friendly?

Or was he sexually harassing?

So the first thing he said is, what
time are you coming home today?

Now that, I was like, oh, it
could be interpreted both way.

Like, oh, I’ll be around
when you come home.

So I will help you again.

Very nice thing to say.

Or it could be I’m a stalker and
I’m trying to find out your schedule.

Ok, he accidentally
didn’t say just that though.

He said, let’s go to a
new ramen restaurant.

That’s not ok.

So I think we’ve already crossed the line.

Like, he’s asking her to go with him.

Now, if you want to be generous, we don’t
have to be, because he ruins it later.

If you want to be generous, you could
say he is just recommending a restaurant.

And as a friend, he’s
saying, because they’ve

become very friendly,
let’s go to a ramen together.

I think we both all know that
that’s not what’s happening.

But I’m trying to give him
the benefit of the doubt

just so that his last line kills it harder.

She says, I’d like to go to the elevator.

And he said, oh, if we take the
stairs, I can give you a piggyback.

Piggybacks in Japan.

Now, you might be thinking
that that is weird thing to say.

You could interpret
that as kind of innocent.

Maybe a weird joke.

In Japan, piggybacks are sexual.

In anime and stuff, what you see
are usually girls who love a guy.

And then the guy– they
hurt their foot or something.

There is some mechanic in which they
have to– they have struggled to walk.

And the guy gives him a piggyback.

And then she’s laying sort of her head
on the back of his head or on his shoulder.

And it’s the closeness.

And in Japan, that is not sexual, but
it’s a precursor to a sexual relationship,

if I could put it that way.

I think the thing in itself is not sexual,

but it shows where
this relationship is going.

So there is a sexual undertone to it.

There’s a lot of things like that.

On in Japan, several times I’ve
explained the long distance kiss.

And it’s the idea that I
have my cup of hot water

to keep my voice smooth and romantic.

I take a drink.

And my lips have touched it.

And then I share the
drink with someone else.

And their lips touch the same thing.

So in a very metaphysical way, our
lips have touched in a long distance.

They call that the long distance kiss.

So you can see we’re not kissing,

but there is a sexual
undertone to these other things.

So not the indirect kiss.

That may be the case.

I heard it.

So the way it was explained
to me was long distance.

I just really like that term as well.

So indirect kiss– it means the same thing.

It means you’re not actually kissing,
but your lips are touching the same thing.

So I think we’re on the same page.

But at long distance, I
think I really enjoyed that.

So he said, like I’ll give you a piggyback.


Again, has an already crossed a line.

But then the last line, he said,
was, isn’t your chest heavy?

I can carry it for you.

So as generous as we might want to
be, like let’s say we’re in a court of law.

And the guy says, oh, I
was just being friendly.

You could try to interpret
those first two examples

as just friendly and
maybe get away with it.

But isn’t your chest heavy?

I can carry it for you.

I think is not something that
friends would say to each other,

even if it wasn’t an on-set.

Like I’m sorry, I just did.

Again, like I said, he has
sabotaged his own defense.

If his defense was, I
was just being friendly.

His statements would have
had to remain relatively neutral.

And perhaps that’s why the
guy is gross and hitting on people

is because he doesn’t
know how to hit on people.

He doesn’t know how to formulate
that relationship in the first place.

Jadus put in, look,
he’s just being a homie.

Big boobs are heavy.

Back pain is real.

I actually do have some friends who’ve
told me that, yes, the back pain is real.

And yet, I never offered to
carry their boobs for them.

So I think with that beautiful sonata
playing around in the back of your head,

we’re going to end
today’s ninja ninja Japan.

[Music playing]

[Music playing].

Aggressive Self Defense

(Electronic music)

We have some education updates.


The government has asked boards of
education to make revisions to their rules.

Now they have a thing in Japan
called black rules and black companies.

Black companies, basically a black company,
this is where it sort of originated,

the terminology it came from, is a
company that you know abuses its staff

and tries to cheat you out of money.

And it does all the bad things.

It’s a bad company.

So they’ve employed that
terminology for other things

and so they have the black rules.

Now we’ve done several stories.

There was the rule that
some high schools had

that part of the
uniforms that you had to

wear, white underwear,
which brought up the,

basically human rights issue or
privacy issue of, how do you check?

There was a school a little while ago who
basically got sued because when this girl

was in high school, the school said, you’re
not allowed to date, she started dating,

and instead of sort of dealing with
that, the court said like you have a right

as a board of education
to say kids can’t date,

but instead of sort of dealing with it, you
forced the kid to stop coming to school,

that sort of beyond
your educational purview.

Then there was the girl
with naturally brown hair

and the school rule is that
you have to have black hair

so it made her dye her hair black

and it actually did damage
to her hair and her scalp.

She sued the school board.

The government has said, please review your
school rules so you’re not being dicks.

Now they phrased it slightly differently,
but that is basically what they’re saying.

Please review your school rules.

84% of education boards are
reviewing the rules on white underwear.

The government asks boards
to make revisions themselves,

but that means the government
isn’t making them make revisions

and they’re not putting up national
standards of what appropriate rules are,

which leaves a percentage
of schools that are not.

So that’s actually, so
84% are specifically looking

at the white underwear
rule, how it’s been enforced,

hasn’t been enforced, maybe
we should just get rid of that rule.

I actually suggested when
I first talked about this,

very simple change to the
rule would be, don’t check.

So basically you make
the rule if I as a teacher

can see your underwear somehow
through your uniform, it’s inappropriate.

So therefore if I can’t
see it, it’s not a problem,

which is actually how underwear works.

And that solves the problem because
basically I can say as a teacher,

look, I could see the students underwear,
maybe I could see it through the uniform

or I could see like bits were sticking
up or something, I could see it, it’s bad.

But if I can’t see it, I
don’t know what color it is,

I assume therefore it’s
a hearing to all the rules.

That still leaves a percentage
of schools that are not,

because the government has
not made this anyway enforceable,

it’s just a recommendation.

This has meant there are
certain percentage of schools

that are not going to
check or revise the rules,

which means in a weird way,
good for an English-nus Japan,

’cause year from now we’re
gonna get another story

about some kids sitting at school for
something that is honestly quite stupid.

But that’s just what keeps me going.

That’s terrible, I don’t wanna, I
actually, in a weird way, like news.

So this is all, it’s not news parody show,
but it’s like I do light news for fun.

It would be really nice if I
could struggle to find the news,

and then I would have to shut down the show

because the world is
so perfect, but of course,

as never gonna happen, people
are always gonna be weird.

(Upbeat music)

Speaking of weird, you
might remember the guy,

he was a teacher, this is
sort of education related

which why stuck these two together.

It’s also an update.

You might remember the
guy who was a teacher,

he went into a convenience
store, he had a bought a condom.

I don’t know why it’s weird
buying them individuals weird.

He said to the staff, I
would certainly enjoy

a touch of masturbation
right now, sort of in the mood.

Can I use your toilet?

Staff said no, apparently this
wasn’t the first time he did it.

But what is the fallout from that?

So he was basically
booted out of the

store, they called the
police and were like,

you can’t come in here
and ask to masturbate,

there’s something
wrong about that.

He was fired.

So there was nothing
really to arrest him for

because all he did was make a
request and that request was refused.

So he therefore had to leave.

But this attitude, this pervasive attitude,
this sort of way of living your life,

didn’t mesh with the
education board in Japan

and the school board found
out because it was national news.

Guy lost his job.

I mean, yes, I think it’s okay.

I don’t think this is the kind of person
who should be working with kids anyways.

Although at the same time, I don’t want,

god, should I be, should I
be like defending this guy?

No, absolutely not.

He wasn’t abusive.

He just asked a question and
then was told no and that was it.

You could argue that that’s not so bad.

Asking and then having someone refuse and
then you actually accepting the refusal,

in a weird way is how
it’s supposed to work.

But I feel dirty saying that.

Like I actually feel dirty saying that,

’cause it’s not, in this case,
I guess it’s not okay to ask.

That’s the problem.

The asking is the problem.

‘Cause I think maybe the
asking has an implication within it

and then you also as the staff member
know what’s going on in the bathroom.

So maybe that’s it.

It took me a moment to get there, sorry.

Yes, okay, I think the problem isn’t

that he asked and was refused
and then it sort of behaved

appropriately by leaving and not doing it.

The problem is the asking in itself
has an inherent implication, which is not.

It’s don’t do that.

Okay, yeah, I think we’re
on the same page now.

I don’t know why it took
me that long to get there.

I think it was hard for me to.

To lose a date to express
coherently why this was wrong.

But it’s because it’s not just asking.

It’s asking and putting an imposition on
another person and that’s why it was fired.

(Phone ringing)

So Japan has come up with its
new sort of self-defense thing.

It talks about that last time.

Sorry, everything on my desk has changed.

I’m moving everything around.

So I’m trying to find a
place to put my notes

so they’re still in front of me
without hitting the microphone

’cause that’s been a problem lately.

We had the conversation a little while ago,

Japan is talking about
increasing self-defense

and this is basically
we wanna have missiles

that can shoot other
stuff out of the sky

if it comes into Japanese airspace.

But then if someone shoots a missile,
someone shoots a missile towards Japan,

we should be able to not
only shoot up down that missile

but also the place it came from,
that still counts as self-defense.

And a lot of people are like, whoa,
that is very aggressive self-defense

you have going on there.

And we all know exactly
who we’re talking about.

The way they wanna pay
for this is through corporation,

taxation and taxes on cigarettes.

It’s going to double military spending.

Apple Japan was just hit
with 14 billion yen in back taxes

which is essentially
now 100% military funding.

I wouldn’t do it if anyone
was ’cause I edit all this, okay?

So all this like dumb shit i’m
doing right now, I get to edit it out.

And I’m wondering if people
like who watch the YouTube

which is still only like four people.

People watch the YouTube if they’re like,

the editing must be insane
’cause it’s me sitting talking

and then just big cuts and
then me sitting with a dog

on my lap, oh he’s very warm though.

It’s quite nice.

You’re gonna try to
keep him here for a bit.

It means I have to look down at my
desk so I can’t hold my notes anymore.

No dude, just stay still.

Okay, where are we?

That 14 billion yen in back taxes,
I gotta set this up somewhere.

This is the next step is
to put my notes somewhere

like where they’re standing
up so I can just look at them.

Newsreaders put it like
it’s sitting under the camera

so when they read does that,
mm-hmm, mm-hmm, like that.

That’s actually what I need to do.

I was looking at teleprompter
programs like just go to the studio note

but then I just think put it in a
point form and just do it that way.

I still might try that.

But I read all my notes.

That’s all just written out by hands.


I kinda wanna start again but
we’ve already done 12 minutes

and the editing is gonna be a nightmare.

Actually maybe that’s
why I should just start again.

Nah, let me keep going.

I like the power through.

The 14 billion yen in back taxes is
based on the improper duty free sales

of iPhones to foreign tourists.

So basically tourists were coming to Japan.

They were buying an iPhone
but they were not paying taxes

on it because foreign
people don’t have to pay taxes

but this is not, maybe
the way they were selling it

wasn’t appropriate so it wasn’t
supposed to be sold that way.

So they have to pay that back
taxes, they have to pay the back taxes.

The back taxes then
now will go to self-defense.

The self-defense being
the ability to attack facilities

in other countries which is really scary.

But then of course everyone
knows, including north Korea,

knows who we’re talking
about as north Korea.

North Korea of course could not let
this stand and had to make statements.

Now one of my favorite things is the
way north Korea phrases statements.

I don’t know how good, the
translations must be good.

I don’t know how good they
are but they’re always awesome.

So this is the North Korean government

government foreign
ministry made this statement.

Japan’s foolish attempt to
satiate its black-hearted greed,

the building up of its
military invasion capability

under the pretext of
north Korea’s legitimate

exercise of the
right to self-defense

cannot be justified and tolerated.

I love that because, okay,
Japan is getting all antsy

because north Korea keeps shooting
its missiles over and around Japan.

And so if they would stop, Japan actually
probably wouldn’t be doing this military

strike capability thing.

North Korea is using
the exact same argument.

We’re not attacking anyone.

We’re exercising our right to self-defense.

Whereas Japan’s saying
the exact same thing.

We’re exercising our right to self-defense.

But it’s one of these things,
these dictatorships and stuff.

They say literally the
opposite of what we’re doing.

Missiles shooting over
countries is not self-defense.

And I actually think that
missiles being able to hit places

that shoot missiles isn’t
really self-defense either.

It’s a pretty extreme
version of the definition.

North Korea continues.

Our country will continue
to take actions to show

how much we are concerned and displeased
with Japan’s unjust greedy attempt

to realize its wild ambitions.

Even just the way they say it,
it’s very poetic, I quite like that.

The other threat at the moment, I mean,
sorry, Dave’s making little happy noises.

China had to weigh in as well.

And the Chinese foreign
ministry spokesperson said,

“the hyping up of the
so-called China threat,

China has been flying
airplanes into Japanese airspace,

bringing boats in around the islands up
north, doing all the things you would do

if you’re going to
threaten another country.”

Hyping up the so-called China threat

to find an excuse for Japan’s
military buildup is doomed to fail.

So really, yes, I’m not
happy about any of this.

I’m not happy about this
because I don’t like to see

military buildup because military buildup

does mean that eventually
someone wants to pull a trigger

and that’s not cool, but
the saber rattling statements

from countries and the disingenuous nature

of all those statements
is always entertaining.

We talked about a politician.

He was a youtuber and he
left Japan to go to live in Dubai

where he could still YouTube.

And what he does is he
exposes celebrity scandals.

He says if he comes back to
Japan, he’s going to be arrested.

So he’s not coming back to Japan,

but he decided to run for
government from Dubai on the Internet.

And he won.

So officially, this guy named
gassi is a Japanese politician,

but he does not live in Japan.

Gassi has been asked to come
back for voluntary question,

sorry, gassi has been
asked to come back to Japan

for voluntary questioning for
inflammatory posts, which is also slander.

A slander is illegal in Japan.

So basically they’re saying you come back

for voluntary questioning
and deal with these sort of like

things you’ve been posting on the Internet.

Whereas he’s saying if I come back,
they’re absolutely going to arrest me.

So it’s not in my best
interest to come back.

Since he’s been elected
to the government,

some celebrities have
submitted complaints,

claiming slurs and extortion.

So there’s actually the
secondary complaint that maybe

he’s been like blackmailing people.

If you pay me money, I won’t
publish this YouTube video.

But it seems like gassi is on the edge
of not being in the government anymore,

because sooner or later he’s
either going to have to come back

and deal with this stuff, or
they’re just going to boot him out.

(Phone ringing)

All right, we got some
work related issues in Japan.

Get my notes, I’m holding a dog
and trying to get my notes together.

There was a man who was, he
said he was exhausted from work

and he didn’t want to
come into work anymore.

So at 1.20 A.M., he called the police.

He’s been stabbed and he’s like, oh
god, I’ve been stabbed in the back.

I can’t go to work anymore.

When the police checked video
cameras that were in the area,

what they saw was, there
was no one else around him.

He had just been magically stabbed.

He was really stabbed, magically
stabbed in the back by himself.

And what he did was he
put a knife up against a wall

and walked back into it really
hard to stab himself in the back.

And he did this because he
didn’t want to go to work anymore.

He said he was exhausted from work.

So he stabbed himself in the back.

Now honestly, the
extremity of what he’s doing,

I would say yes, he really
shouldn’t have to go back

to work anymore because
he’s clearly actually exhausted.

They didn’t say what he does.

I really want to know what job
has made this man so exhausted

that he actually thought
faking his own attempted murder

was the best solution to the problem.

But the result is that he’s actually been
charged with interfering with police duties

because he’s basically filed a false
report and had taken up the police’s time

for a murder that never actually existed.

But he should take some
lessons from the next two guys

we’re gonna talk about
who found ways to

sort of alleviate the
stress of work at work.

And nagoya civil servant has been suspended

for surfing adult sites
while earning overtime.

So he claims he did it for relief.

Which if we’re being honest, is the number
one reason why you would surf adult sites?

You do it for relief.

He apparently spent, so computers and
government agencies are well monitored.

He spent 114 hours of
non-work related sites.

Now that’s not all porn.

58 of those hours were on adult sites
and eight hours of those were overtime.

So basically he was staying late at work

and looking at porn on the
work computer in his office.

And seemed to, so it’s bad to
look at non-work related sites.

But I think everyone does it.

I certainly do a lot of reading to keep
myself sort of aware of what’s going on.

I do a lot of news and stuff.

I probably could get away
with saying it was work related

but then I would have to stop.

These are going to be working for
the government, very different thing.

So non-work related sites would be pretty
obvious if you work for the government.

But then the porn sites
are going to be obvious.

The eight hours of overtime though,

like staying late in the office
when everyone else leaves

and then looking at porn
on your office computer,

that is being monitors
because they all are.

Like let’s just be really clear.

Government computers
are all monitored all the time.

It’s actually amazing.

I guess it’s not because they weren’t
really looking for him specifically.

So once he got past the hundred
hour Mark of just surfing the Internet,

yeah, then it would be problematic
and it maybe would show up.

‘Cause you could also claim, like I could
walk away from my computer and leave it on

and claim that someone
else was looking at stuff

from my computer, so
maybe they would need also

to collect enough evidence
to make sure it was me.

So something to be aware of.

But you know, he was getting relief at work

so he didn’t try to fake his own
attempted murder so he’d get out of work.

But then we have our final guy.

A Yokohama government
employee has been disciplined

for spending 275 hours playing
games at work on a work computer.

So this is a 50 year old section chief
and he said, when he got in trouble,

he said, “I started
playing games to freshen

up as I thought it
would be okay to do so

for a little bit as it
didn’t affect my work.”

Between December 2021 and
August 2022, he played for 150 days.

Now that’s not 150 actual days.

There were 150 days he played.

But he played for 30
minutes to three hours a day.

And what actually, so it was
like, how did you get caught?

So like was this a, was this monitored?

Again, like the other guy
was the computer monitored.

This is important to keep
your coworkers happy.

So you may think like, I hate my coworkers,

I hate them all, I don’t
wanna like make anyone happy.

It’s important to keep
them happy to a degree

because another employee
actually reported this section chief.

I had heard the clicking sound too
many times, which I thought was unnatural.

When I observed him, he was playing games.

I’m betting he was playing sort of
the standard like solitaire mind sweeper.

The games that are already installed on
pretty much every computer by default.

So this man, he was caught playing games.

What is the punishment?

So he’s not actually getting fired.

What he’s gonna get is a
10% pay cut for five months.

Now I would like to work
out how much was he paid

for the 30 minutes to three
hours a day for 150 days

that he was actually playing
games instead of working?

Does that work out to
an equivalency of the 10%

pay cut for five months?

I bet it’s pretty close.

So basically the government is just saying,
okay, you’re gonna work exactly the same.

I assume you’re not
gonna play games anymore.

Therefore we make our money back and
you’ve learned not to play games anymore.

Which I think is a pretty fair punishment.

I mean, I think Japan
for whatever fault it has

as a culture, most of the
punishments are pretty fair.

It tends to be a lot
softer than other countries.

But again, should you lose your
job for playing games at work?

Probably not.

Honestly, he was ticking
around ’cause he’s 50.

I’m 50.

He’s ticking around ’cause he
probably doesn’t want to work anymore.

Like that other guy, man,
he’s just exhausted from work.

He just needs a break.

But yeah, three hours a day is a lot.

So what we have learned though
is if you’re gonna get a job in Japan,

especially working for the government,

just remember, government
computers tend to be monitored

almost more than anything else.

So just be careful with your
non-work related porn viewing.

Certainly don’t do it as overtime.

Your non-work related web searches
and your non-work related game play.

(Upbeat music)

(Upbeat music).