Petition Your Own Games

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January last year, a whale
wandered into the Yoda River.

This is a bad thing, it’s Neurosaka.

It means that the whale was probably lost.

Japanese media immediately
sort of globbed onto

this whale and gave it
Yoda Cha is the nickname.

Excellent nickname, you
know, really create sort of

a support and feeling
for the whale, it then died.

The whale was then sunk.

And it might not to underline that

because they don’t explain
what they did to sink the whale.

How do you sink a whale like it?

Of course, I only can think of torpedoes.

Now, I’m sure there is a much more gentle,

more meticulous way
of doing the sinking of

the whale, but the whale
had to be disposed of.

It couldn’t just sit
there and rot in the river.

Contractor was hired
by the city to sink the

whale and then remove
as much as they could.

The city estimated the
cost at 20 million yen,

but at the end of the
ordeal, it cost 80 million yen.

So four times more than the projected
cost is what they ended up paying.

A civil group is very angry
about this, not about the whale.

They’re angry that no other firm was
considered, which makes the contract illegal.

So basically, the city was like,

we’re gonna contract these guys
to take care of this dead whale.

I mean, we’re gonna pay them.

We sign a contract with them.

And then the contract quadrupled
in price, and they just paid it.

And they didn’t talk to any other contractor
about whether or not they could do it.

So there’s non competition.

The government isn’t supposed to
show this kind of bias towards a company.

This could be some
sort of like nepotism,

favoritism, any other tism
you wanna put in there.

They’re suing the city
for contract rigging.

That is not a great first story.

I think I’m just gonna not
do that as the first story.

Let’s start again, starting
again is good for your health.

(upbeat music)

There’s been a petition created in Japan

to cancel the upcoming game, Assassin’s
Creed Shadows, which takes place in Japan.

Now, a lot of people who like
the Assassin’s Creed video games,

they’ve been saying like, why don’t we
have one of these video games in Japan?

‘Cause it’s a historical thing.

Japan’s really cool settings,
swords, jumping around, fighting.

It’s all perfectly sensible.

It makes a lot of sense for
this game to exist in Japan.

Well, let’s read the statement
that these guys put out.

This is from, and
it has nearly 50,000 signatures,

which is the first goal, I guess,
for someone to take it seriously.

Recently, the lack of historical
accuracy and cultural respect

has been a serious issue
regarding the upcoming game,

Assassin’s Creed Shadows,
by game developer Ubisoft.

The game is based on Japanese
samurai and ignores the fact

that samurai were a higher class of
warrior, a higher class of warrior class,

and should have been
gokini, or servants of nobles.

In fact, the first European to
receive the title of a samurai,

William Adams, which I believe
is the main character, Neo.

Served to Tokugawa, Esu,
as the 250th Koku Atamoto.

In this history,
Ubisoft continues to

misunderstand the nature
of the role of samurai.

This is a serious insult
to Japanese culture and

history, and may also
be linked to Asian racism.

We call on Ubisoft to
immediately cancel the release

of Assassin’s Creed Shadows
and show sincere research

and respect for Japanese
history and culture.

We need your signature, sign this petition,

to let Ubisoft know the importance of
cultural respect and historical accuracy.

Now, cultural respect is
something I understand.

But when they start talking about
accuracy, I got a pause for a moment.

I’ve played a lot of video games,

and a lot of video games I’ve played
are set in Japan, or would be Japanese.

Japanese companies made them, let’s see.

And currently, this is ironic
that this came out right now,

because there is a remake of a
video game called Like a Dragon Ishing.

And it is a samurai video game, set in
Japan, made by a Japanese company.

Now, I’m going to go ahead and tell you
I don’t think it’s historically accurate.

I don’t think they’re paying respect
to the samurai tradition or history.

So all the things they put in this petition
would apply to Like a Dragon Ishing.

I’ve played a lot of
Japanese like a Dragon games.

They’re the Yakuza video game series.

And I can tell you, I don’t
think they depict Yakuza

culture accurately,
because you have a Yakuza

who goes around spending
a lot of time helping people.

And he beats up people to help others.

He doesn’t do it to
sell drugs or prostitution

or any other like
trafficking or any other

things that Yakuza are
actually well known to do.

He does it to help a little orphan

that he wants to take care of,
because he cares about people.

And he talks about honor and stuff.

They took those
characters and they put them

in a traditional setting and
just made another game.

I decided I thought, what would be some of
the other sort of famous Japanese games?

Now, you do have to pick
something that would be

Japanese, set in Japan
and kind of about samurai.

And guess what?

The game I mentioned
earlier, Neo is all those things.

And you know what?

It has demons running around.

It has magic powers.

It has all these other stuff.

So I think maybe there is bias here.

But I don’t think it’s bias
towards Asia or Asian racism.

I think there might be a bias
against Western video games.

I don’t really care if your video
games are historically accurate.

There’s actually a very
easy way to do this.

Just call it alternate history.

Then you can do whatever you want.

You could just, again, in
Neo, as long as you throw

magic into it, now pretty
much everything’s on the table.

Once you’re like throwing fireballs

and you explode into fire
and cut people in half and stuff,

I don’t think historical
accuracy is really a big deal.

The most recent Assassin’s
Creed games have gotten

pretty far away from the
whole historical accuracy thing.

‘Cause you are fighting mythical creatures.

You are fighting monsters.

You are fighting things that
didn’t exist in actual history.

So I wanted to look at some of
the games that were maybe Japanese

and most popular, but then
they don’t hit all the criteria.

It’s not Japanese and
samurai and supposed to be

historically accurate
and all that other stuff.

So it really came down
to the bias in the game.

I know, how do I say that?

It really came down to what?

It really came down to do
the Japanese developers

who make these kind of
games follow the same rules.

And if they don’t, have you
made a petition against them?

Which has not happened.

The only other ones, it’s those ones
where it’s, I think they’re set in China,

but I mean, they’re certainly samurai in
there where you go around, it has a name,

the word that stuck in my head is Isekai.

‘Cause I know there’s probably a
Japanese video game where some

guy gets Isekai back into samurai
times and has to be a samurai.

There’s a harem and stuff.

But it’s not that, it’s when
you run around and you

kill hundreds of people, it’s
really super cheap games.

Dynasty Warriors is the game.

What is that game called?

It has a name.

And suddenly the word Isekai shot up
in my head and now I can’t get rid of it.

So I did look at some other video games,
but they don’t follow the same things.

Mooso, yeah, mooso is right, thank you.

A mooso game.

And they don’t follow the same rules.

In fact, I don’t think one
swipe of a sword is gonna pick a

hundred men up in the air, spin
them around and throw them away.

I changed my notes.

This is the failure on my part because I
was like looking at the most popular games

in Japan and did anyone
get upset about them.

So of course, the Mario series.

So Mario is probably the most popular
game in Japan made by a Japanese company.

It’s got like a million iterations.

I would say it has a cultural
bias towards Italian men.

If we’re gonna, if we’re gonna start making
like legitimate complaints about accuracy,

I would say the representation of the
Italian plumber in Mario is not accurate.

And it’s got a bias behind it.

And you should start a petition.

Another one I thought about was Pokemon.

Of course, everyone’s heard of Pokemon.

A game where 12 year old
kids wander around the country

on their own sucking monsters into
balls and making them fight each other.

Also, not how evolution works.

Was there a petition about that?


The only other one I was
really thinking about ones

that I have actually
played is Resident Evil.

Now it doesn’t happen in Japan.

It doesn’t happen in Samurai
times, but it is a Japanese game.

And it’s doing the same thing.

It’s representing Western
people in a Western setting.

And is it accurate?


And actually I would say
a lot of times the people

in Resident Evil behave
like Japanese people

or like the anime version’s
characters of Japanese people.

So I think if this petition, if you wanna
take it seriously, that’s absolutely fine.

But if you’re gonna take that seriously,
you have to take it seriously the other way.

So all these Japanese
people who sign this

petition need to sit
down, just take a think.

Is the other games I played?

Do they follow the same rules?

Are they as accurate?

Are they as respectful?

And I think you’re gonna find a big
problem in every single game you play

because they make a lot of
adjustments for a lot of things.

Am I excited about
Assassin’s Creed shadows?


And the reason I’m not excited about it

is because Assassin’s Creed
has become very repetitive

and I basically only play it
two years later when it’s on sale.

Will I play it?

Probably at the $10 price point, I will.

And that’s because it
is kind of dumb fun I can

have while talking to
people about other things

because you don’t have
to pay attention to it.

That’s how much I concern
myself with accuracy in that.

And let’s say you’re gonna
go learn about a culture,

I don’t think video
games is the place to go.

I think I should start a
leaderboard because I haven’t

been keeping track of
wins and losses or anything.

So I should actually start doing that.

So maybe it’s Ninja News
Japan versus the world.

So anyone who comes
on contributes to the wins,

but then people who lose,
they like Ninja News Japan wins.


So this story, I found a bit disturbing.

I’ll just start off with saying it’s a
YouTube channel and it’s a family.

So it’s a family YouTube channel

and you know those are
always got like dark underbelly’s.

Oh, what is that about that?

Because you’re willing to, I think if
you’re willing to exploit your children

for entertainment and fame,
you don’t have a lot of morals.

Like that’s just what it comes down to.

Like I will do a lot of
dumb shit on the internet.

I won’t put my kids in it.

Like if they wanted to, it’d be different.

Especially now that
they’re older, but where they

were little, absolutely not,
because they don’t know.

And then like I’m very
worried about exploitation.

My daughter was at
one point and saying like,

she wanted to do those like kids magazine
things where you do like little fast stuff.

And I was like no.

And they’re like, why not?

And I’m like, is that like a gateway to
creepy dudes hanging around with you?

So no.

You, you have spent too
much time on the internet.

No, I’m sorry.

I’m just, I was like, no, absolutely not.

Unless I am like by
her side the whole time.

It’s the only way it would work out.

And I don’t have time for that.

So, but, okay.

So the family of youtubers,
they got in trouble.

So the quiz is what do you
think they got in trouble for?

So I have multiple children.

It’s Japanese, right?

Japanese family youtubers, yes.

Yeah, okay.

So there’s four options.

A, they dressed up like a
monster to scare the kids.

B, they locked a child in a hot car.

C, they tried to sell a
child on Merkari for Western.

It’s like a eBay.

You can sell, you can sell
your old stuff on Merkari.

So C, they tried to sell
their stuff on Merkari

or D, they forced a child
to eat until they vomited.

Jesus Christ.

And I guess because
you’re actually having trouble

shows how bad family youtubers
are, it should be really obvious because,

oh, that’s the only one
normal people wouldn’t do.

So let’s go through that really quickly.

Dress up like a monster to scare the kids.

Locked to try.

It’s two mother and father.

Because mother and father,
there’s two kids in total,

but this video that they
made only involves one child.

How old are the children?

I think it was two, is the oldest one?

There’s a baby, so the baby’s, I think
that’s why the baby’s not really involved.

So the child that is in the video
we’re talking about is two years old.

It’s just like monsters.

So dress like monsters to scare the kids.

Like not like, like on a,
like full on zombie, want to

terrify the children, give
them nightmares for a week.

So they scream, Japanese
TV shows do that though.

Yeah, they don’t know if they do it
anymore, but they used to do it a lot.

Oh, they still do it.


And then like the most popular shows,

that like when they jump out
and surprise people, though,

like their chairs, like throw them back and
then they end up down a slide into some.

If it’s adults, I’m okay with it.

‘Cause they’re basically,
it’s always comedians, right?

But this is like a little kid.

Like there, I do remember a show,
it was like the bean throwing thing,

and the dad’s supposed
to dress up like a monster,

and then come in, that’s actually a
pretty normal thing in a Japanese house.

My wife is like, let’s
do that, I was like, no.

I’m not scared.

It’s like a thing of like getting
super restless to hold your children.

That’s an annual festival.

That’s not right, yeah.

That is an annual
festival they have in Japan

where they hold the
baby oven, make them cry,

and whichever kid hits the highest
decibels, I think, is the winner.

It’s just like what?

And it’s a festival.

It’s not like a one weird fit.

Like this is one weird
family doing something.

Ring their children to it.

Like yeah, my fucking lungs on it.


Okay, so you can ask
questions about each option.

‘Cause I have to.

This to me is my challenge of
the quiz is trying to cope with it.

The hot car one, just
like people just do that.

Yeah, but this was, he filmed it.

So the kid was in the
hot car, he filmed it.

The premise of the video is that
he’s left the keys in the car with the kid,

and the kid only being two years old
couldn’t figure out how to unlock the car.

  • The third one was the trying to sell you.
  • Try to sell the child a Merkari.
  • Merkari, so it’s like used
    clothes or like if I want to sell

one of my old watches,
I try to sell it a Merkari.

So they just took some
pictures of the kids,

posted on and saw what kind
of comments they would get.

But then of course they got in
trouble for attempting to human traffic.

  • And then the last one was…
  • Fourth of a child to eat so much until they
    vomited so they could video the kid throwing up.
  • Ah, it’s a weird thing about vomit in
    Japan and I think they would take that,

they have that
knowledge, people don’t like

to see stuff coming
out of bodies in Japan.

  • In vomit spit and like
    if they eat something

and they spit it out, it’s
always censored on TV.

  • Yeah, yeah, yeah, on
    TV they have like the eating

competitions and they’ll
have comedians attempt it.

And they of course always throw up
and they put a rainbow in front of it.

  • Yeah, so I feel like
    being Japanese they

would just go, “Ah, this
one won’t go very far.

” So I’m ruling that one out.

  • You are correct.

D is not correct.

  • I’m also gonna rule out the car.

I just, it’s a bit too vanilla.

  • Okay.
  • Yeah, people already die on that one.

Just day to day.

So you’re between A and C.

  • A and C.
  • Just like a monster
    or tried to sell the child.
  • See, selling the child actually
    is kind of one of the child.
  • Yeah, I think that’s
    what the thinking was.

I mean, this is kind of funny.

We’re obviously not
gonna do it, but let’s do it.

  • Yeah, okay.
  • It’s C.
  • It is incorrect.
  • Now you lose zombies.
  • It was locked the child in the car.

So it was an extremely hot day.

The father put the two-year-old in the car

and put the keys down and
then went to get the second

child prepared to put him in the
baby seat and then the door locked.

Now I’m doing finger quotes as I say that.

So then, instead of
calling emergency services

or doing something, I, my first
instinct to smash the window.

  • Smash the window.
  • I can get another window.

I maybe wouldn’t do it right away.

So the video he’s walking around the car
going, oh my God, oh my God, emergency.

Whatever the kid’s
name is locked in the car.

I actually have a kid’s name here.

  • I don’t wanna know the kid’s
    name ’cause I’ll make it worse.
  • Okay.
  • If we humanize the child.
  • Yeah, like if it becomes even more human,

because I already think
this is the most monstrous

thing that could have
all of those options.

  • This is the worst one because
    you know it was on purpose.

So then, he pretends to panic, but he
gets his camera out and starts videoing.

And then he starts trying
to tell the two-year-old,

like get the keys
and press the button,

press the button, and
of course two years old,

panicked now hot, ’cause this
is a hot summer day in Japan.

Yesterday in Shuzuoka
was the hot, hit 40 degrees,

which is a record for
this early in the year.

  • It’s crazy.
  • So the kid’s 30 minutes in the car,

then he calls the locksmith
who comes and opens it.

Very calmly.

So this is where the
panic suddenly goes away.

He’s like, “Well, I actually
gotta save my kid now.

” So then he gets on the phone with
the locksmith, shows up fairly quickly.

I don’t know if it’s suspiciously quickly,

but fairly quickly unlocks
the car and gets the kid out.

So the kid’s technically okay.

He still has to live with his family.

There was backlash.

  • Yeah.
  • Really?
  • Yes, I was shocked.

Shocked there was backlash of
attempting to murder your child.

So then they went on a break.

They did an apology video.

They went on a break, and
then they came back, and

he’s kind of saying like,
“Oh, I’m a young parent.

You know, I’ve got a lot to learn.

We’ve learned a lot from this experience.

Let’s keep going
into the future.

” So like, let’s make more fun in
videos where we torture our children.

  • We accidentally put a
    children in, very dangerous.
  • They’re going to kill a child.
  • If I was an equity accidently as of that.
  • Yeah.
  • No, that one is actually one
    of the more disturbing things.
  • I don’t like it.
  • Yeah, there’s no
    comedic end to that story.
  • There is not.
  • You think YouTube
    would just shut them down?
  • I saw a thing talking about
    how Japanese YouTube is kind

of behind the West because
they’re not already trained.

  • Well, in moderation, but also in content.

Like, the West had all of this, like,
pranking and doing dumb shit to the public.

It’s kind of died off now.

  • Yeah, overall.
  • But it’s been rising in Japan
    in the last couple of years.
  • ‘Cause I remember the clown trend.
  • Oh, yeah.
  • And I’m surprised, ’cause
    it was mostly American.

I’m like, I’m surprised
people are not getting shot.

  • Yeah.
  • Like, you go around in the city in America dressed as
    a scary clown with a hatchet or something and step out.

I’m like, dude, it’s gonna shoot you.

  • Gonna get shot.
  • You’re just gonna get shot.

I guess that’s just what’s gonna happen.

I’m surprised there were not more stories.

Maybe those stories
didn’t get told as much.

  • Yeah.
  • Because most of the people
    doing it was fucking idiots.

Dude, we did not be in a
following experience of that.

  • Maybe, yeah.

So yeah, the pranking has, it’s
not gone, but it certainly died down.

It’s the, so we did the stories on
Johnny Somali and the bad behavior.

And that seemed, that
seemed to be its own thing,

but that’s already
seems to be drifting off

because those guys just keep
getting in trouble and their lives end.

  • It’s all on kick, apparently.

All the fucking, there’s a huge
pranking, like pranking, but it’s like–

  • It’s not pranking.
  • It’s ridiculous.
  • I wanna know what, like the definition
    of prank seems to be like, I’m an asshole.

And then when you get
angry, I go, it’s just a prank.

  • It’s just a prank, it’s just a joke bro.
  • But then you just
    do it back, like you start

hitting it and go, it’s
just a prank, just a prank.

  • Man, my older brother kind of thing.
  • Yeah, ground and pound.
  • And what are you
    hitting yourself, hit yourself.
  • A 34 year old woman was
    being questioned by the police.

So that’s bad.

She was accused of dining and dashing.

This is not a huge problem in
Japan, but of course it does happen.

I think it happens everywhere.

While being questioned, the
woman appeared displeased.

Now, if I was being held in question for
anything, I think I would appear displeased.

I don’t think that’s an unfair statement.

The woman appeared displeased.

I really enjoy that sentence though, because
does anyone get arrested for something,

brought into detention,
and then get held for

questioning and they’re
like, “Mm, this is neat.

” Although I did go to court,
and once the initial stress

had gone past me, I did
quite enjoy the experience.

It’s incredibly intimidating
Japanese court,

’cause they set it up, you’re sitting on
the ground, and it’s almost like the judge,

and there’s like, it’s a
triumphant judge situation.

There’s three judges, and they’re sitting,
it feels like a full story above you.

They’re not that much higher.

They’re probably like six, seven feet,

but they’re really high compared
to where you are, and they’re

looking down at you, and
it is incredibly intimidating.

But once I got past, once I
realized like, I wasn’t really

gonna get in trouble, the
experience became very entertaining.

I really enjoyed it.

So I probably looked
displeased at the beginning, but

then later on, I was like,
“Mm, this is quite neat.

” This is an experience I hoped to never
have again, but it’s worth having once.

So she, while being displeased,
while being questioned,

grabs the tea, so of course it’s
Japanese, so they give her some tea,

and she throws the tea into
the face of the police officer.

Now if this was an action movie,
that would have been piping hot tea.

I think the cops have maybe
experienced this before,

because they do not serve anything
more than what they call lukewarm tea.

So he just got a refreshing
tea wash over his face.

It’s very hot right now in
Japan, and probably just took a

towel and wiped down, that
actually felt better afterwards.

So I’m wondering how
many times did scalding tea

get thrown in someone’s face before
the police were like, “You know what?

“We’re just gonna serve
lukewarm tea from now on.

” After that, that’s basically
a salt of a police officer.

She can get pulled up on
obstruction of official duties.

When they were talking to her
about like maybe it was a mistake,

maybe you hit it by accident, like
they’re trying to give her a way out.

She turned around
and said, “No mistake.

” And then thus taking
away any suspicion

of assault, suspicion
of obstruction of duties.

So the police officer suffered no
burns and except for the emotional one.

A bare safety poster was
deemed too cute by the city.

So there’s actually been a lot of bare
news, and I haven’t been doing much of it

because it’s bare as attacking
people, and there’s really

not much to say about that
that I could be flipping about.

And most of the things I wanna talk about,

I do wanna sort of make jokes
or be flipping about it at least.

It’s, this is a light news show.

You’re not coming here
for your hard news, I hope.

It is historically accurate.

That is the one thing I’ll be able to say.

I do speak facts.

You need a PSA.

You’re working in an
office and you’re like,

“We gotta start warring people
above bears, “be careful about bears.

” You also wanna
save some money.

So you go into the office and you’re
like, “Hey, that nerdy guy over there,

“he likes to draw, he
likes the anime and stuff.

“Let’s get him to make it.

“We won’t have to pay an artist.

” At least they
didn’t go with AI.

I don’t know, I’m kinda down.

I wasn’t part of the AI revolution,
but I didn’t really have a problem with it.

I thought of the idea
of AI supplementing stuff

would be valuable, but
now they wanna use it

instead of anything else that
has any sort of heart and soul.

Yeah, kinda not a big fan of AI anymore.

So they got a real
person to draw this poster.

This dude sits down and he
busts out some awesome posters.

They’re Japanese, so they’re cute as hell.

The bears in the posters are super cute.

They took this poster out to people
and showed it to them and they said like,

“What do you think
of this bear poster?

” And one person said, “It’s
done by an employee, it’s well done,

“because the pictures
are very well done.

” Then another person said, “The fact
that the picture is cute doesn’t matter,

“the bear warning is
the part that matters.

” So here is the
actual question.

Is if you put beware of bears,
they will eat your face on a poster.

And then you put a picture of a cute bear.

Does that take away from the message?

Or does the cute bear mean
you look at the poster and

then you see the message
and you sort of like take it in?

What is the value and the balance of each?

‘Cause you want it to be attention grabbing

and if you wanna grab people’s
attention in Japan, you do something cute.

If you wanna get a message across,
you do it with a cute thing, okay.

So where are we now?

Is it cute enough that
people will look at it?

What is it so cute that it
detracts from the message?

Is the question that’s
actually gone out there?

Another person said it doesn’t
feel dangerous, just cute.

Maybe using a cute image
to highlight the danger is okay.

So a lot of people are actually
saying like the poster itself is okay.

Some people then offered
suggestions, adding fangs.

So take the cute picture
of a bear, adds some

fangs to it and that’s
gonna make it better.

And I bet the fangs would be cute too.

A keto governor, which is where
all this happening, said it’s too cute.

If anything, the eyes do seem a bit too
cute so specifically focused on the eyes.

They’re gonna make considerations
for the next time they make a poster.

They’ve already printed
35,000 copies of these posters.

They’ve already been sent out.

So they’re not gonna be taking them back.

They’re gonna be using this time.

But they are saying we’ve
gotten some feedback.

We’ve heard the feedback.

We might have to take this feedback
into consideration as we go forward.

The Tokyo election continues to go forward.

And the Tokyo election continues
to have a lot of weird issues.

So there were 59 people
joined to become mayor of Tokyo.

And the problem is most of
those people were not serious.

So we had last week we
had the girl who was porn star

who just basically got nude on
her poster and put her poster up.

We had someone who wanted
to promote their social media.

There was a lady who was a
kick boxer and she basically

her platform was, “I’m
a really good kick boxer.

” We have the guy who
supported the porn star

who decided that since we
can’t put up dirty posters,

he said we’re going to
legalize marijuana in Japan.

We had a guy since then who just
wanted to promote how cute his dog was.

So he took pictures of
his dog, he put them up.

We had another girl
who just wanted to put

pictures of herself up
because she was lonely.

We had a woman, some of these
people then took the next step.

If you were part of the NHK party.

So the porn star, this guy
dressed up like the Joker

and this other lady, we’re
all joined the NHK party.

The NHK party is a not serious party.

So they’re the ones like
we want a D sensor porn.

We want to make drugs legal.

We want to do all this stuff.

The people don’t normally talk about.

So normally I put this up in the
corner so you can see it while I’m talking

because what they’re saying doesn’t matter
or it’s a news thing so it’s in Japanese.

But I thought it would be valuable if
you saw the actual thing and had to listen

to the thing I had to listen to, which
is, I mean outright painful at times.


(speaking in foreign language)

What happened there
for the people who are just

listening to the audio
version is a woman sat down

and started taking off her top and
she had like a tube top underneath.

But because there’s a big
sign with her name in front

of it, it kind of looks like
she doesn’t have a shirt on.

And she said, I’m not just cute,
I’m also sexy, don’t you think.

And that is essentially the
platform she’s presenting

is not, I want to be the
mayor, I want to do something.

I actually have anything to
say at all, it’s just I’m cute.

And then the irony
being, because she’s doing

that on TV, I then
become hyper-judgmental.

I’m like, nah, you’re not that cute.

(upbeat music)

(upbeat music)