Podcast Harassment

[music] Harassment.

The breadth and variety of
harassment I have discovered on

Engineers Japan doing all these
stories over the last few years,

has been impressive, and yet I keep finding
new ones, new ones that I didn’t think

about or didn’t know about, and as some
are justified, some are not. I mean, I’m

basically working on podcast harassment
right now, where it’s either would be a guy

who has a podcast, tells you about his
podcast all the time, or podcasts are just

annoying you. I think it would be the guy,
because it has to be a person that harasses you.

Harassment has to come from
someone and lead to something else, so it

would have to be, yeah, that guy who
has a podcast, who’s constantly telling

about his podcast, trying to take you to
check out my last podcast. I try not to be

that guy, but it happens, because sometimes
we’ll talk about something, let’s say, in

my office, and it’ll be something I did
talk about on the podcast, and I want to

either say the same thing, but I want to,
like, if you’ve already heard the podcast,

I don’t want to tell you it again,
because you know my thoughts and ideas.

But then I worry I bring it up too often,
but I think the fact that I worry that I

bring it too often, I think the fact that
I bring it up too often, which is a fact,

shows that I’m probably not bringing
it up too often. I hope that’s my goal.

My hope, my desire, is to not bring things
up too often when it comes to the process.

I don’t want to be one of
those podcast guys, when I am

absolutely definitely one
of those podcast guys.

Lots of stories this
week, thematically.

I was drawn after I did a couple
of harassment stories in my notes.

I was drawn towards
the harassment.

Pretty good. There’s
some other stories,

but harassment is our
main theme for today.

I normally, for people who
are viewing on the internet,

try to keep the notes
a bit farther away, so

it’s under the camera,
so I’m actually usually

holding it like right
here. I’m half blind now.

I don’t want to get
into my personal issues,

but if I hold my notes
too far away, not only is my

handwriting messy, I just
can’t see them anymore.

So you’re going to see
a lot of me reading the

notes whether relatively
up close to my face.

It is the sad development
of the constant degradation

of the human body, which I
am experiencing in real time.

I’m okay with it though. You know
what’s shitty though, the worst part.

So right now, my
right eye, it’s fuzzy.

And if you want the
story, I’m going to tell that

story in the Seeming
Bee, so if you want the

actual story, which has
some honestly traumatic

elements, you can listen to that episode
that’s going to come out after this one.

But I, it’s not, I’m blind.
I’m fuzzier than normal.

So my eyes are already
garbage. I’ve been wearing

glasses since I was 16,
but my left eye basically

can’t focus right now.
So what it’s doing is

my right eye can’t focus.
My left eye is now doing

all the heavy lifting.
I’m pretty sure that’s

what was happening before
anyways. But as a result,

everything’s a little
fuzzier and I actually

would be easier if I just
had a patch and couldn’t

see. Like that, I actually
would be better visually.

Like if I just had this eye closed and it
was just reading or doing normal stuff,

it’s actually clearer
than having this eye open.

But I’m pretty
sure that’s also bad.

There’s no good thing here.
There are no good things here.

Dave is here.
Dave’s a good thing.

Dave is sleeping my lap.
He’s been very annoying today.

I think I’ve started this
a half hour later than

I normally would have because Dave
would not leave me alone. Harassment.

It’s, it’s, pet harassment.
I’m going to be trying to

frame everything in
some kind of harassment.

Some of the harassment
I’ve learned about there

was a maternity harassment.
So you’re having a baby.

You want to go
on maternity leave.

So they harass you. You get
pregnant and they harass you to quit.

There’s men going
on paternity leave.

They harass you not to take the paternity
leave that you are legally obligated to.

But we’re going to get
some interesting ones today.

The first one and this
is again, this was new.

So I do enjoy new things
in direct power harassment.

And so this, what is
it? It’s actually the kind

of the first question.
What is indirect power

harassment? This is when
you’re forced to watch

verbally abusive behavior
towards a subordinate

which causes you
emotional distress.

So basically you’re in
an office. Most Japanese

offices are open concept. I
work in an open concept office.

I fucking hate it.

I understand the idea
of the concept office.

I don’t think the
reality matches the idea.

I think the idea is that we’re
supposed to be like collaborating

and working together.
But really what happens is

I’m trying to get some
work and the dude behind

me is having a conversation
on his phone and his

voice is way too loud
when he’s on the phone.

The people are in the table,
the desk across from me

are having a different
conversation and they’re

speaking in normal tones. But
that’s just now cross volume.

There’s a dude in the far corner and he’s
decided that this is the perfect time to

open an incredibly crunchy
plastic bag where he’s

going to pull out Sembe
and eat the Sembe as loud

as humanly possible,
eating with his mouth

open, filling the office
with a smell of shrimp,

this powdered shrimp, I
also hate, honestly makes

me feel sick, and then some
there’s some drama somewhere else.

That’s the reality of
the open concept office.

I think the second
part is the open

concept office means that your
boss can see everybody in one go.

So it’s not like a micro-managing thing,
but it’s kind of like if I can see you,

you can’t be fucking
around too much.

If I was going to fuck
around, I would just get up and

relieve the office and
look busy. The interesting

thing, if you’re working
on an open concept

office and you are constantly
in meeting rooms and

conference rooms and
stuff, they think you’re but

this is not advice. Although
you could take it as advice.

If you are constantly
in meeting rooms,

watching YouTube videos
or TikTok or working on your

novel, other people will
see you in that room at

a computer writing,
working. You’re a busy guy.

I’m not saying anyone
has ever done that, but

there’s if you walk around
with paper in your hand

or a notebook and you
walk with determination,

people think you’re busy.
People thinking you’re

busy is more important
than actually being busy.

As long as you get you
or all your work done,

all that extra time
that could be like filled

time, what the fuck
am I talking about?

This guy worked at a
company. It was a government

inspection agency and
he said it was painful

to feel complicit. So
he basically, he’s working

on an office, his boss is
standing behind him with

these bosses subordinate
and his boss is just reaming

this guy and he’s sitting
there in silence and he

says that complicity
caused him pain because he’s

like, I didn’t stand up
for him. I just sat there

and that caused me
emotional distress.

April 2021, he said he
witnessed daily abuse.

The boss was calling
this subordinate a rotten

human and he said he
should give his salary back

because he doesn’t
do any real work.

And then he said like you
should quit or it would be faster,

you should just go hug a
female passerby or expose

yourself below the belt
and get caught by the police.

There’s a couple
of interesting things.

These are very, these
are Japanese insults.

So Japanese insults,
they don’t tend to actually

say anything like that you
would consider directly offensive.

It’s how you talk to
people, not what you say.

So him saying
like you should give

your salary back. I mean,
that’s that’s a lot of pressure.

You’re a rotten human being.

That’s insulting, but not
terrible. But this last one is

like, let’s expedite, expedite
your removal from the company.

Just go commit sexual harassment

and then we’ll be done with
each other and get arrested.

It does lead you to his interesting point
is if you’re the guy sitting in the chair,

what do you do? Do you
stand up for the guy or

do you just like accept
it? So this guy basically

he’s saying, I just sat
there and that caused me

stress that indirect
harassment caused me enough

stress that I’m suing
this government agency.

He filled in a report in
December and by January,

the harassment stopped.
So actually, this guy

who’s making this claim,
he took action and he

didn’t like step in
because I think stepping in

just puts you in the
target. So that’s actually

probably not actually
the best way to house.

He sent in a report. There
was an investigation in

the harassment stopped.
So this boss got in trouble,

but what happens to you?
Well, his evaluation that

year, which was normally
an A, which I assume is

the best, went down to a
B and he says this was an

unfair evaluation and
it’s because he put in

this report to stop the
harassment and everyone’s

going, no, no, no,
no, that’s a fair, fair

evaluation of your work
and your efforts and stuff.

So he’s in a tough spot
and he says, look, he

was treating this indirect
harassment caused me stress.

I had to report it
and then because of

that report, I got a lower
evaluation, that lower

evaluation, of course means
less of a bonus or whatever.

I’m losing money.
So the government

court case isn’t finished
yet, but it is interesting

because I think there
are some valid points

here because it’s not
when you like scream at an

employee in an open office thing, it’s not
just the employee that has to take it on.

It’s the other people like
they get that stress, they get

that sort of reflected
stress. And what do I do

and how do I handle this?
That is all problematic.

So indirect stress, I actually
think there is a validity to it.

I don’t know, I think the problem is like
two people could have an argument, like a

legitimate argument, a
disagreement, whatever,

and then I’m in the
room, do I then claim that

that is indirect harassment because it
caused me stress because I heard them argue.

So then you could see where
it could be taken sort of out of

context, but I think this
case when you get down

to the details because
this guy filed a report

and then it came back on him
and directly everything was in direct.

That’s a very Japanese
way to handle stuff.

It was all indirect.
The boss couldn’t

harass him anymore, but he can
mark him down on his evaluation.

He says this is all unfair.

I think this might be a legitimate
case. I started, I read that title.

I was like, there’s no
way that’s a real thing.

You just got to like buck up and

stuff that happens to another people
you ought to ignore it. And I was like, no,

I work in an open concept
office. I want to murder

half the people in that
room half of the time.

It says 25% murder rate. I
guess if I was successful,

I don’t really want
to hurt anybody.

I just want silence working in the
same place for as long as I have.

I now notice the
quirks of other people

so much that the very
innocuous things set me

off. I’ve always hated
the open concept office.

I don’t think cubicles
are better because I

work with a team and I should
be able to work with my team.

I don’t necessarily think
we deserve an office.

So there is an interesting problem because
for me, the cross chatter, the noise and

stuff, I’m sensitive to it,
I guess. It really bugs me.

I find it very hard to
concentrate. And then we’re

also in a situation where
if I stick on headphones,

I’ll get in trouble. Like
if I stick on just my

noise counseling headphones,
not even listening to

music, they would probably
complain about that.

But in, I’m interested to
see where this case goes.

I’m pretty sure he’s
going to win something.

I don’t think he’s
going to get that much.

The problem is, does
he have to go back to his

office? He wasn’t his
50s. So he might be like

changing sections or retiring
soon or something like that.

I don’t know. But it’s a very tough
position to be in it. It gave me a lot to

think about because I
started out thinking like

indirect harassment. That
sounds like some just wuss stuff.

And then when I actually got the deals,
I’m like, no, because he actually felt he

had to take action and
write a report and then

was kind of punished for it. I do think
this might be legit. More harassment.

This, I think we all
know this. We’ve seen it.

It’s basically Karen’s. They’re
calling it customer harassment.

And I think we’ve
all experienced this

via the internet. So this
experience was not a surprise.

I don’t think this
is a new thing.

But this was about companies
being like, we have to

set up guidelines when
people come into our

stores as customers
and act as at like assholes.

How do we deal with
them? So a lot of them

are like, well, you get
the manager and stuff.

But these are, these are,
okay, we have to define

it. And that’s actually
was the bit to me that was

most interesting is how
do you actually go about

defining what constitutes
harassment? Because

also it’s all conceptual
and about feelings and stuff.

So that makes it a
little more difficult.

It’s essentially
customers losing their shit.

They did a survey in 2017
of 50,000 people. That’s

a pretty good sample size. These were
all people who worked in customer service.

70% said they had
experienced some form of the

following harassment,
most of it being verbal.

So it’s people just
talking, shouting, getting

super angry at some
customer service person.

And this is always bugged
me. I did customer service,

but I had a very positive
experience overall.

I’ve mentioned this before
when I was university.

I sold dog food in
a dog food store.

We didn’t keep dogs. We just sold food.
So dog food cat food, other kinds of food.

People would come in, people with pets,
people would bring in their dogs mostly,

and they were super
chill. You give their dog a

snack, a cookie, and the
owner was really happy.

Everyone who came in, 99% of the people
was super chill. I didn’t have any of these

care and experiences that
you see on the internet.

But I think the dog
food selling industry,

it’s a different customer
base. And as long as

you treat their animals well,
they’re super happy about it.

In Japan, it got to
like people throwing

money at the person and
them crying as they pick it up.

That was one of the
stories that was in there.

And there were several demands that people
get down on their knees to apologize.

Like the bowing sort of you’ve
seen in a movie, bowing to the

emperor, seza, kneeling
bow. I’m sorry, put

your head on the ground kind
of thing, which is demeaning.

It’s supposed to be
and not something

that a customer service
person should have to do.

Because as we all know
deep down in our hearts,

that minimum wage
employee has no power.

They’re doing as they
are told, they’ve been

told what they can and
cannot do and it’s mostly can’t.

And you’re angry at them and you’re
angry at them because you’re not getting

satisfaction for anything.

And you think, oh,
Japan’s very polite society,

Japan’s a very great
place. It’s got its fair

share of shitty people
and those shitty people,

it turns out are a specific demographic.
One that if you’ve watched an industry

in Japan before, you will know what
is coming next. There was a statement,

“Someone grabbed me by the
collar and threatened to kill me.

” So that’s problematic.
The 2020 survey

found that men are
75% of the offender.

So I think in the west,
because of the internet primarily,

we have an image of the
Karen. It’s an older female

who is trying to assert
her power in the world.

In Japan, I think it’s an older
Japanese man, 75% and over 40.

So it’s 40 plus where
most of the people

I think it’s different.
I think they’re trying

to hold on to the power
of they’ve gotten so

entitled because now
they are an older man and

the hierarchy of the
world has built around them

in such a way and
respect and whatnot.

So at any time, they can fly
off the handle and they think

they should just
be forgiven it for it.

They should they think they
should just be forgiven for it

because I’m an older
man and everyone should

respect me and do what I
want and make me happy.

That is the the
patriarchy in action.

90% of the people who do this
kind of behavior are over 40,

75% of total are men.
So not a surprise to me

that older Japanese men
are acting like shit when

they get pissed off.
Because yeah, they have

been raised in a society
where they get to this

point where they think
everyone should do what

they want if they
don’t do it instantly.

They think that’s a problem. I think
some people need some ass cakings.

It’s the final harassment
for today, which is very nice.

A GSDF member, so
a ground self-defense

force member, a member
of the Japanese military.

He was forced to write a 10,000 character
paper reflecting on his self as a penalty.

This was interesting. So he’s
in the military and they’re like

you’ve done something bad.
I kind of want to hold back

on what the bad bit is.
You’ve done something bad.

I want you to reflect on
that. So I’m going to make

you write an essay like
a child in high school.

That is your punishment.
He joined the military in 1986.

This incident happened in 2017.

So if he joined when
he was 20, this incident

actually happened.
He would have been 51

when the incident happened.
The commander was angry

that he had gained
weight. So this guy who was

51 years old in the
ground self-defense force.

His commander was angry at
him because he gained some weight.

I don’t know what
they didn’t say

how much weight. He might have
been a chubby guy, might not be.

This guy claims
they were trying to

get him to quit. He had a
bum leg probably because

he was in the military
and did activities and got

hurt and that hurt never
really healed properly.

I as someone who’s done
judo my whole life have

several injuries that
never really healed properly.

So he’s got a bum leg.
His room was on the

fifth floor with no
elevator. So he had to take

five flights of stairs
every single day up and

down to get to his room.
And they knew he had a

bum leg and they put
them there anyways.

And then they’re like, hey,
you got a bum leg, clearly,

you’re not going to
be able to exercise as

much as you used to
when you were 20, you 50,

one year old piece
of shit. You fat fuck.

So I’m going to make you
write an essay. They wouldn’t let

him leave until he’d
finished the essay.

So he had to work on
this for nine hours straight.

They wouldn’t let
him go to sleep.

And he’s saying like this
was all just different kinds of

harassment to try
to get him to quit.

The government argued
that this was a legitimate order

despite the fact that
like they’re just nigh him

sleeping stuff and they
know he’s got a bum leg

and they’re doing
all this other crap.

He’s suing them for 1.5 million
yen. The court has been like,

absolutely, this is
power harassment.

You know he’s got a
bum leg. He’s 51 years old.

He’s with a bum leg, which
means yes, he’s going to gain some

weight because he can’t
exercise like he used to.

He’s not a 20 year old recruit anymore.
You guys have put him on the fifth floor.

Fuck you guys.
1.5 million yen to him, please.

Shouldn’t you be able to leave the
JSTF after a set number of years?

I mean, you should be
able to leave, but I think

this guy was he probably
done X amount of years

and wanted to stay because
he wanted his pension.

I don’t know. I don’t
know this system because

it’s not the same as
the military in America or

other countries. So
he could have retired.

Yes, but I bet he was
wanted to stay and this has

been his whole life.
Like this was clearly

if he’d been there for 31
years, this was his first job.

I bet to a degree
for most of that,

he liked being in the
ground self defense force.

And he wanted to hit
where he was getting, he’s 51.

He’s like X 65 is
going to be retirement.

He’s going to hit
that retirement age.

And then he’s going
to get a bigger pension.

And then I bet these
commanders like you,

I don’t like you. You’re not like as active
as the other 20 year olds running around.

He probably hasn’t
gotten to this highest level.

Again, and my mind
keeps going back probably

because he was injured.
He couldn’t just do stuff.

So he got a desk job and
he worked as a desk job.

Maybe he was competent.
Maybe not. I don’t know.

They wanted him out.
The thing is weird to me is

the pension set by
the government it’s paid

for by taxpayer money. It doesn’t negatively
impact these the commander of the base.

It doesn’t make him look bad
if this guy hits retirement age.

That’s the weird part to
me. The only reason the

commander of the base
would have done this is

because he did not like this
guy. And that is power harassment.

That is it. Like I’m
in a position of power.

I don’t like you. So I’m going to make
your life worse. He could have quit. Yes.

At 51, though, in Japan,
you’re probably not

getting a different job.
So unless he’s ready and

financially capable
of retiring, because 1.

5 million yen, because we
use the M word, the million,

sounds like a lot. If you
put that into American

money, that’d be about
$10,000. That’s money,

but it’s not life
changing money.

It is pretty shit. I think the
more I read into it and the

more sympathetic I came
to be towards this guy.

Because I bet he was,
again, that fifth floor bit,

that’s one of those little
like just every single day.

He’s got a bad
knee list to run him

down, run him down, run
him down. And that’s years

and years and years.
He lives in that dormitory.

So I don’t know how
much money he has, but

$10,000 while it is a
significant sum of money,

it’s not going to be enough to retire for
the next, let’s say, 20 years of your life.

You’re not living
off that for 20 years.

Prime Minister Kishita, he is pissed.
So they wanted to have a party.

What is it? The LDP, the liberal democratic
party. They have all the junior members,

they’re like, “Hey guys,
welcome to the democratic party.

” You guys are
awesome. We’re all going to

get together, have a
little party. Some of those

are going to dip out,
but you have a good time.

Then, so all these
young junior members of

the LDP are having
drinks this, like I assume,

fancy hotel, curtain
goes up, what happens? A

bunch of go-go dancers
come out in their underwear,

and then the party gets started.

And they got these young
politicians putting thousand

yen notes in their
mouth and holding it out

to the dancers and the
dancers taking it from

their mouth with their
mouth. So you know what

kind of party it was. Now,
this doesn’t really have

the optics that the LDP
really wants to be putting

out in the world.
Japan is suffering from a

lot of like, “Hey, maybe
our patriarchy bullshit

isn’t cool anymore,
maybe we got to stop that,

maybe we got to be
inclusive, maybe we got to

good people, we got
to stop fucking around.

” Back to the old men
issue. We got these old men

who grew up in the
60s, 70s, and 80s who are

still running stuff and
they don’t understand

the world has changed.
And so they’re still doing

dumb shit, like, “Hey,
let’s have a party where

people can take pictures
and have go-go dancers come

out, have them party
with the junior members

where people can take
pictures.” And you know,

that’s not going to get
out and cause us any

problems because we’re
all men having a good time.

So Kishida, the prime minister, gets up and
is like, “Guys, what the fuck? Seriously?”

“What the fuck is wrong with you guys?”
So the two guys who organized the party,

they had to resign.
They were out already.

So two guys who already
lost their jobs over this,

he’s actual statement.
He didn’t stand up and say,

“What the fuck guys?” I
would be a great politician

in that I would literally
stand up and go like,

“Guys, what the fuck?
What are you doing?”

What he said in no way
is this consistent with

the diversity the cabinet
aims for. So he’s like,

we’re trying to be
inclusive. We’re trying to

show that we are
equitable, that we care about

all the people of society, that
we don’t treat people poorly.

So objectifying
women is really just

not on the docket here. You
guys got to chill this shit out.

And since these old
dudes with money,

they don’t think they’re going
to get in trouble for anything.

They don’t think they
do anything wrong.

Guys had to sit down.
They had to sit down and

have a meeting to
organize this party like,

“Hey, two, three, 70-year-old,
60-year-old Japanese

men sitting in a conference
room like we got these

young guys out here. We want to
have like a welcome party for them.

” And then these old dudes are like, “Hey,
you know be awesome for a welcome party?”

Because let’s not even
take into account that at

this time, female
politicians, junior members

might not just all be dudes.
Because back when they

started, it was only
dudes. So they’re like

not in their brain. They
can’t even comprehend

that there might be women included in this
and this might be off-putting for them.

You don’t be a great party.
Back in my day in the 80s.

We had these ladies come
out and they were wearing

like basically nothing.
It was awesome.

They did a little “no,
no, no, no, no, no” for you.

And then we put money in our mouth
and it’s good money over our mouth.

And I was incredibly sexually
frustrated for like days afterwards.

The image is bad. Again,
two guys lost their job.

I’m just to imagine that
meeting that at the end of the

meeting, they’re all like
high-fiving each other

with what this great
plan they came out with.

And then when that first
picture hit the internet,

my god, the surprise
that like, whoa, people

are unhappy about this?
This thing that we did,

the way our government
has run, the only saving

grace of this is they
didn’t use taxpayer money.

This was actually all privately funded. So
at least the taxpayers didn’t put the bill,

which has been a
problem in the past.

All right, since we’re just
sort of talking about sexy,

sexy stuff, there was a
couple of surveys done

about the sexless nature
of Japanese relationships

and so we’re talking
about the birth rate is

incredibly low in Japan.
The step before birth rate

is the sex rate and that’s
something people are

not generally comfortable
talking about, but it is known now.

A lot of young
people are just losing

interest in relationships. So a lot of
young men aren’t going after relationships.

A lot of young people are
not getting into relationships.

A lot of young people are
staying virgins later into life.

This is all problematic because it means
those relationships are not developing.

They don’t know what they’re
doing. They don’t form solid

relationships and that’s why
they don’t have marriages,

marriage rates, also dropping.
There were two surveys done.

So this is why the
numbers don’t match up.

It’s interesting. They did not give the
number of the sample size, which could skew

things very wildly one
way or the other, but 48.

3% of married couples
do it zero times a month.

That’s it. So you’re married
and you just do not have

sex. This is a 16.4%
increase in the last 20 years.

So there’s always
couples. Maybe they’re

not particularly passionate.
They don’t have sex often.

They get a little
older. They decide that

it’s not really worth it.
It’s too much mental stress,

something like that.
There is an understandable

amount of people who
just don’t have sexual

relationships with their partner.
But nearly half is an amazing.

Oh, Dave’s making very
cute sounds down on my lap.

Oh, Scruffy. Oh, USA.

Really? Sexless. Okay, whatever.
Dave, you, Scruffy is not mad, Dave.

This is Dave. He is on
my lap 90% of the time.

Oh, he’s just stretched
his sexy legs out.

Check this out. Oh, you
get a little leg action there.

Okay, young people
don’t get married, but they

have sex all the time.
Once they get married,

Yeah, that’s weird. Okay,
you ask. Because it means

when you’re young, you
are a sexually active person,

getting married
should not inhibit that.

I could understand it the
number going down, like go

ahead from every day to
once a week or something.

Sure, that’s a significant decline, but
still, you’re doing it. I find it weird.

If I’m attracted to someone
being physical with them,

increases that attraction to me.

But anyways, let’s get back
onto the surveys. This is a very

survey heavy podcast
in general. So if you like

your surveys, this is
the place to come 13.

9% do it once a month. So
you have 48.3% or never doing

it all stick on top of that 13.9%
or only doing it once a month.

So that is 50 60% of people are
doing it less than twice a month. 24.

3% of men say their partner
has no response to them.

So basically they try to
get romantic or maybe they

don’t even know how anymore
because it’s been so long.

And their partner does
not respond positively

to their advances. 12% of the
men say they lack motivation.

So they’re too tired from work.

They come home. They
see their wife and like, I don’t

even want to right now
whether she wants to or not.

It seems like in these
sexless marriages, both

parties are in the
same situation where the

the men’s like, I don’t
have the motivation.

The women’s like, well,
neither do I. So there we are.

22.6% of women say
that it is mendoxy.

So mendoxy is the japanese
for troublesome or a hassle.

It is annoying. There’s a
couple of ways you can

interpret mendoxy, but
mendoxy is always negative.

There’s no good mendoxy.
It’s troublesome, too

much work, a hassle. So
like homework is mendoxy.

I don’t want to do
it. It’s too much work.

Living your life for a company
is mendoxy. It’s troublesome.

I don’t want to do it.
So they’re saying having

sex with their partner,
22.6% of women are saying

that is mendoxy. It’s
too much of a hassle to

actually have sex with
them. 20.8% say they’re too

tired from work. So that
there is 40% of women,

20% are saying it’s just
I don’t like it anymore.

It’s just too much work
and the other 20% are

saying I’m too tired.
And my argument about

the birth rate in Japan, I many times on an
engineer’s pan have directly linked that to

the work-life balance
culture in Japan because

they don’t have energy to
do things other than work.

They put all their
energy to work.

It means you don’t have
these other relationships.

These other aspects of
your life. A different survey

was done in 2024
and found that 64.

2% of married couples were
sexless. So that’s one survey saying

48.3% about 50%. The
next one is saying 64.2%.

So that is shockingly different.
That is a shocking number

because now we’re getting
65% of people who are

married just don’t have
sex. And that is normally

considered an important
part of relationship.

But to me, there’s the
other side of it where the

cheating culture in
Japan is so almost blatant

because love hotels exist.
Love hotels they claim

are because we
live in family units.

You got young people
who live with their families.

They can’t just have
sex in their apartment.

So they go to a love
hotel with their partner.

But realistically, that would
not sustain an industry.

So it’s got to be
married people having sex

with other married
people for the most part.

It’s that’s a bit shocking.
12.9% of students

who went to universities
abroad are sexless.

Compared to 53.4% of graduates
from Japanese universities are sexless.

So there is an
exposure to foreign

cultures that actually
increases maybe your drive

or understanding or
desire to have sex.

So it seems like having
experiences outside of Japan

broadens your view, which
also includes your view

of sexuality, which is
a very interesting note

and another sort of
commentary on where Japan is

struggling because if
Japan wants to fix anything,

it’s going to have to
fix its birth rate because

otherwise Japan just
isn’t going to exist anymore.


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