NNJ 79: Compensated Dating

People need to listen to this podcast if they are going to come to Japan just so they don’t get arrested. Seriously, if you have a friend coming to Japan sit them down and make them listen to every episode of this podcast 2 times. Download it twice, that’s good for my numbers. A bad cop, a bad guy, some bad vapers and some useful Japanese.

Guy Who Lays Things Out

An interesting episode for the guy who lays things out as this time it is not drug paraphernalia or a mass of women’s unmentionables, this time it is the technology taken from illicit live cam streaming.

Choosing to go from Largest piece of equipment to smaller while laying out various cameras in front gives us a sense of scale and as if we are about to start a game of high technology chess.

Also, great care has been put into covering the screen of the mac, for should the accused be found innocent they want to return the property unscathed. A fine print job rounds out the tableaux with clear fine lines declaring where the items have come from. Well done guy who lays things out, well done. #guywholaysthingsout

Guy Who Lays Things Out

I have made jokes about the guy who lays things out before. He is a mythical hero. Then the myth becomes reality because I don’t need to make jokes about the following display, I can honestly appreciate the effort.

There has been so many underwear thief stories that I have avoided them on ninjanewsjapan.com but then something happens, something magical.

Someone comes along and just puts in that extra effort, as in the following display of pilfered underwear where The Guy Who Lays Things Out went through the effort of not just laying out the underwear by category, but by laying them out in a gradient. Please, take a moment out of your day and think, did I put this much effort into my work today?