Dueling Mt Fuji

(upbeat music)

  • It’s a copyright law.

Last week I talked about frivolous case.

What I saw is a frivolous
case, I’m not a judge.

So maybe it does have
merit, but I don’t think it did.

Because it was a lady who took images

and put them on the internet
and she’d altered them a bit.

I don’t think, they were claiming it caused
distress, which I don’t think is real.

Mainly it was personally
used to run onto the internet.

Now this case this week is a bit different.

This week there was a
flyer for a mayor mayoral

candidate which sort
of changes the context.

So like I’m an individual
and I’m a fan of a thing

and I do some stuff and
I put it on the internet.

That could be copyright infringement,

but at my point was if they
don’t go after everybody,

then they shouldn’t be going
after just the singular person.

A mayor using promotional materials

is a different setting, it’s a different
set of criteria for the work they’re doing.

‘Cause this is public, this is about
trying to get elected to office no less.

There have been multiple singers who’ve
asked politicians to not use their music.

So like I’m a very liberal
artist and Trump uses my music.

I ask Trump to stop using my music because
my values don’t align with your values.

I’m sure it’s happened
for Democrats as well.

It’s just that’s kind of thing.

They’re trying to pick theme
songs, those theme songs.

The artists might have a say as
to whether or not they actually

agree with the person
using their theme song.

The poster that was made was
five men in basketball uniforms.

Now what they did was they
took the poster as basically

slam dunk and they tick the faces off and
they put on the faces of some politicians

and then they kind of
softened up their bodies

so they looked a little more
like physically appropriate.

They didn’t really look
like basketball players.

It’s imagine you took
some slam dunk characters

and made them out of
wax and then put them

in a hot room so they
sort of melted a bit.

That’s what the poster
actually ended up looking like.

But the uniforms, the
positioning and whatnot,

was a very iconic poster from slam
dunk and they did the same thing.

This I actually think is a very good idea.

It’s very cool, but of course, being a
politician, you have to get permission first.

You have to contact the artist,
you have to contact the company.

We can we do this?
We are changing the thing,

but of course there is a lot
of overlap between the two.

Is this acceptable to you?

Maybe we have to throw
you some money, something.

I actually bet if they’d asked the
company would have been okay

with it, even if they had
to throw them just like,

you know, let’s pretend you
actually bought the rights.

Also, mayors seem like they’re
supposed to uphold the law.

So they’re in this position
where they have to make laws.

They should actually be upholding
those laws that they make.

This poster went out, they got in trouble

and they did, of course,
the most reasonable thing,

took full responsibility,
apologized for it,

took down the poster
and then changed it up.

No, of course they didn’t.

They tried to leave the poster
up and blame a young member

of their staff saying that they
did it and we didn’t know about this.

And it totally wasn’t
our fault, even though,

of course they had to approve
the poster before it went out.

(upbeat music)

Found this story very interesting
because I didn’t know this was the thing.

I didn’t know this law that
they’re talking about was the thing.

There were five teen boys.

They were all about 17, 18 years old.

They were all arrested and
they were arrested for doing.

I didn’t think doing was a thing.

Like I know, actually until very
recently, doing was like in laws.

There are laws because
doing used to be a thing.

And it used to be legal.

And then they’re like,
well, we can’t have people

going around shooting each
other with pistols anymore.

So we have to make it illegal.

So if you look up like
the last time there was

a duel it was actually
surprisingly recent.

There are states in America where if you,

two parties do agree to fight and
they agree to sort of rules, you can fight.

I believe Washington stays
actually allows you to duel

as long as you don’t use
weapons or something like that.

But in Japan, again, having
all the samurai culture

and people whipping out
swords and cutting each other

in half and stuff, dueling
was off the books as soon as

they got into this sort of
more modern, peaceful era.

dueling is illegal in Japan under 1889 law.

So since 1889, you are not
allowed to duel in Japan anymore.

All members of a gang who
were fighting over a helmet,

which was decorated with a phrase,
beat Nagasaki prefectural police.

That’s not a phrase
that rolls off the tongue.

It looks quite cool.

It’s a white helmet with gold stripe in
the middle and it has some stars on it.

And it actually says
in Kanji, in Chinese

characters, beat
Nagasaki prefectural police.

And they both groups wanted this helmet.

And it actually seemed
to be one against four.

They said all of them
were in gang’s plural,

but it sounds like four members
of a gang met one member

of a different gang and
they fought over this helmet.

They fought in a multi-story parking lot,

which is very highlander and
there could be only one, I guess.

You’re not allowed to cut
off anyone’s head in Japan.

There’s lots of places
where you’re not allowed

to cut off anybody’s head, but
Japan’s very serious about it.

They do have the firearm and sword laws.

So having swords, very
much equates to cutting off

people’s heads, they’re
very against that in Japan.

The multi-story parking lot is also
clearly the traditional dueling location.

Police were alerted when
someone called and reported.

There’s a man who ran away after
a fight wearing only his underwear.

So it seems like four against one.

So it seems like they fought.

They were fighting over this helmet.

The four guys beat up
the one guy, of course.

They took off his clothes
and then he ran away,

which is again, it’s very
teenage attitude towards a fight.

I don’t know, I feel about this because
don’t duel in the street, don’t duel.

I’m actually okay with that.

The reason this fell under the duel laws
is because they’d arranged it in advance.

They’re like, we want the
helmet, I want the helmet.

Meet me here at this time and we’ll fight.

That is arranging a duel.

That’s why it fell under this law.

I think if you just met and
didn’t arrange it in advance

that you were going to
fight, it would have been fine.

But the thing is, it’s also really unfair.

Four guys show up against one.

That’s not, you know,
that’s not how you do a duel.

So I think those four guys
should get more troubled

than the one guy, if they’re actually
gonna fall under the dueling laws.

What they should have
done, again, here we get into

the Denise used pen,
giving advice to criminals.

I practice judo.

I go to judo two, three times a week.

Like I do it very regularly.

I fight people all the time.

I am, in essence, able
to challenge someone to a

fight, go to the judo
place, we have insurance,

we’ve all signed forms and
stuff, and then we could fight.

They need to do it at a dojo and it doesn’t
fall under the dueling rules anymore.

It falls under practice of a martial
art, which you’re perfectly allowed to do,

proves that these kids
are just not as smart as me.

(clock ticking)

So welcome to the quiz.

  • Yeah.
  • Okay, good response.

So let me give you the background,
a little bit of story, and then the quiz.

So the mayor of a town was diagnosed with
cancer, and he starts recuperating at home.

Now he’s missed some of the
current meetings and sessions

and stuff, and an assembly
member said one of the following.

So there are four choices.


  • Okay.
  • A, if only he had got cancer at a more convenient time, B.
  • Oh, that’s messed up.
  • The mayor is a cancer on this session.

C, I want to pray that he dies
soon, or D, I hope he gets well.


So back, do you wanna hear it again?


Okay, so we have four options, A,

if only he had gotten cancer
at a more convenient time.

B, the mayor is a cancer on this session.

C, I want to pray that he dies
soon, or D, I hope he gets well.

  • One of those is not like the others.
  • Yeah.

Okay, so I have questions.

  • We can talk about it, yes, yeah.

This is not like a hard quiz thing.

This is, we can talk about it a little bit.

So this might be a bit of telling about me.

What’s it a man or a woman who
made this hopefully nice remark?

  • It was, the mayor was a man,
    and the assembly member was a man.

So both were men.

And there was some tension that the
mayor was trying to run stuff from home.

So he was at home
recuperating, but he’s like, you can

still have meetings, all
send instructions and stuff.

So I think that’s maybe where
the frustration came from,

is they weren’t letting
someone take over the

role in the intermediate
time, in the interim.

  • Okay, okay, okay, oh, God.
  • Merska, how long has
    this person been mayor?
  • Oh, I don’t know that.

It’s been a while, he’s old, and apparently
he’s been like reelected multiple times.

But I mean, all the politicians we
talk about, they’re all in their 70s.

This is actually, again,
I’ve said a billion times.

I want a moratorium on old politicians.

And I think government
decides the age of retirement

and politicians have to retire at that
age, would make a prison medicine.

They make the rule, they have to
follow, the rule would make a lot of sense.

  • So much good sense there.
  • It would work on,
    this is the whole problem

America’s having is you
got these guys in their 70s

and 80s now, running for
president, and it’s like, dude, why?

Why are they even allowed?

  • Because I have a
    vision, I will leave a legacy.

You know, I know things that can
shape the world because I’m old, as shit.

  • But they should mentor the
    person who’s going to take over.
  • They might do it wrong then.
  • Okay.
  • Just like, I actually
    think what you’re actually

saying is I’m greedy
and I don’t want to let go.

  • Yeah, same thing.
  • Yeah.
  • Yeah, my legacy.

Okay, you got to pick ABCD.

  • Oh, okay, so I’m just going to go
    ahead and I’m re-checked, D, D, D is D.
  • D is D, right.
  • Yeah, the D is the way,
    obviously, the joke answer.

Of course, he said something horrible,
otherwise it wouldn’t be a new story.

  • Yeah.

All right, one more time, A.

  • There’s a cancer on this, okay.
  • Okay, so I think a
    cancer work can be time.

The mayor’s cancer this session.

I wrote them down.

  • Oh, good.
  • Wow.
  • So the mayor’s a cancer on this session,

that’s hard to spin that number of
positive lights when we reject that one.

  • Okay, so you’ve rejected B.
  • Yes.
  • And A sounds too reasonable.

Nope, I want to pray that
he dies soon, I feel sick.

  • 100% correct on the first try.

That is amazing.

I think I actually didn’t, I
haven’t been keeping track

of if people have been getting
them right or not, but I think

you might be the first, you
just got it right on the first go.

  • Hey, you know, I’ll just, you have to
    know how messy people can be in that.
  • All right, so there’s a second part.
  • Did he double down when
    the leader of the session

asked if he wanted to
correct his statement?

  • Of course he double down, he’s
    like, I said, I said, I said, I’m missing.
  • Okay, what do you think he said?

What do you think he said?

So you got to think of his phrase, heology
too, I want to pray that he dies soon.

  • Well, he probably tried to rephrase
    it by saying that what I meant was,

I hope that he gets to leave from his cancer
soon, – Oh no, that’s not doubling down,

that is trying to reframe
it, he doubles down.

  • Oh.
  • Like he’s like, not only did
    I say what I said, I meant it.
  • All right, well.
  • What do you think he said?

What do you think he said the second time?

So the leader of the session is like,
dude, you’ve way crossed the line,

I’m going to give you
an opportunity to retract

or say something, again, like you
just did, try to reframe it a little bit

so that you’re not going to get in trouble
because you’re going to get in trouble

if you stand by this, and
he’s like, you know what?

I said what I said, and here we go.

  • I hope it spreads
    the rest out of the way.
  • Don’t tell, he says, I don’t tell
    lies, why is he clinging to his position?

So he’s one of the, he was frustrated

because the guy is trying
to run the city government

from home, you know, saying
like, why is he doing that?

It would be better if he just died.

Then the next day,
there was a bigger meeting

and he did apologize
because I’m betting someone

and his group was like,
dude, what are you doing?

Wishing the mayor was dead.

  • Right, like someone just played back
    his words, like, did you really mean that?
  • I guess short.
  • I didn’t get the
    retraction or anything yet,

so I’m waiting for there to
be maybe another session

where he actually
formally has to apologize.

I’m assuming he’s going
to retract his statement

so it never existed,
which is of course,

my favorite political
move, that didn’t happen.

  • He’s not the retraction self from office.
  • He’s gotta go, I mean, you can’t wish
    somebody dead and then double down on it.
  • They don’t do that here though.

They just like, I retract my statement
or you misunderstood what I meant.

‘Cause the last one we
did, she like claimed that,

like, can you call yourself a woman if
you don’t have a baby and she was like,

oh, I meant like women
birthed me into my job.

It’s like, that is not
what those words mean.

  • That is not what you said.
  • That is not even close to what you said.
  • Oh, I love that.
  • Oh, I love that.

Oh, God.

  • I mean, I wish people had died
    before, but you know, I wish they weren’t.
  • Quietly to yourself.

I mean, I think everyone
has wished someone dead,

at some point, but part of your
brain’s going, I don’t really mean it.

I’m not going to say it out loud.

And if you set it out loud, it was in anger

and you’re like, okay, look, I didn’t
actually mean that I was just angry.

  • You know, I’ve actually, I’ve never,

so I’ve followed myself,
I’ve said it to myself, I’ve

never been so upset with
anyone that I wish that on them.

Even like, you know,
some people are like, you

know, it’s my life, I
don’t, I can’t say that.

I don’t like it, it just, that disturbs me.

  • I don’t think I’ve said it, but
    I’ve said really hard stuff before.

Like, I have a mouth.

So, you’ve talked to me before.

So, I may have said
something like, but not meant it.

So if they said, do you want
to change your statement

and be like, okay, I don’t really
want him to die, I’m just very angry.

I can see that for sure, but this dude,

this dude’s like, yeah,
why is he still doing his job?

This is, I hope he dies.

A record 3,568 people were
stranded on mountains in 2023.

So they keep track of this.

So, Mount Fuji has come in the news lately

because they’re going to start charging
people if you want to climb out Mount Fuji.

It’s like one of the most
classic touristy things to do,

Japanese, I think every
Japanese person does

it at some point in
their life, they walk up.

There’s one where you
started like three, four

o’clock in the morning
and you walk six hours up

and then you get to see
the sunrise at Mount Fuji.

I have never walked up Mount Fuji.

I’ve lived in Japan for 20 years.

I’ve never gone up Mount
Fuji and people ask me, why?

And it’s ’cause Mount Fuji,
the mountain looks amazing.

The view from Mount Fuji is a bunch of towns
and cities, which is not very exciting.

And if it’s cloud cover,
you don’t see anything.

So, for me, the appeal of
being on top of the mountain

is maybe if I could see
other mountains and vistas

and stuff, but looking at a bunch
of city, man, not very exciting.

So, I would rather go
to the area and look at

the mountain itself
than actually climb up it.

That is the logic I use.

I, therefore, will never
get stranded on a mountain.

This is the highest, so 3,568
people is the highest number

since they started keeping
track of this stat back in 1961.

So pre-pandemic, not this many
people got stranded on mountains

during the pandemic, of course, people
weren’t traveling, so that didn’t happen.

But they started keeping track in 1961.

We’ve had a huge tourism
boom over the last year.

It’s actually caused a lot of
trouble over the last three,

four weeks of stories, have
been tourist behaving badly.

People trying to stop
tourists from crossing the line

of what’s considered
proper decorum in Japan.

It’s pretty reasonable.

Like it’s pretty sensible stuff.

People in Japan don’t follow
Japanese rules because they’re

not Japanese and they end
up offending locals and stuff.

But of course, how
many foreigners got stuck?


So 3,400 or so of the 3,500
people got stuck with Japanese.

So at least they can’t turn around and say,

this is all foreigners getting
stuck on the mountains,

and we have to pay taxes
to pull them down and stuff.

It is 99% Japanese people.

That is 1.4 times more than
the last peak, which was in 2019.

790 of the people were in their 70s,

and people over 60s
accounted for more than half.

So it actually seems like
older people are thinking,

oh, I love the idea of going up a
mountain, hiking up a mountain,

and they go up and then they’re just like,
I can’t make it back and they get stranded.

They have to have someone come
up and get them and carry them down.

I’m weirdly glad that it’s
Japanese people and not foreigners.

We’ve had so many bad news
stories about foreigners lately

that I’m actually worried
that this can be too much,

and it’ll actually get, again, tarnished
the image of foreigners in Japan.

But now it’s just old
people, in Japan, go and

go mountains, not being
able to get back down.

That makes perfect sense.

Since we’re talking a little stats,

I do love my stats, and in
New Japan loves its stats.

In 2023, there were a record 80,400
and 4 complaints about social media scams.

We do talk a lot about scams.

There’s a lot of scams in Japan.

There’s not as much violence
and stuff, but people everywhere,

every country, are always
trying to steal your money.

That’s something you should be aware of.

Peace loving Japan,
they still want your money,

and they’re willing
to lie to you to get it.

So this number, 80,000,
is up 20,000 from 2022.

We don’t get the 2024 numbers, of course,

until the year is finished, and then
they have to calculate it in one month.

This is mostly from people 50 plus.

So there are older people spending
time on the internet using social media.

There are not as aware of… Well,
maybe they’re just more trusting.

They think someone’s
saying something to me.

I’m going to believe what they say.

I’m going to trust them, and
they get involved in the scam.

And that’s a bit annoying.

I would think maybe, yeah, is
there some like maybe internet

awareness course that could
be offered to older people?

Like, how do you recognize the scam?

Basically, if it’s too good
to be true, it’s a scam.

I did get scammed
out of a little bit of

cryptocurrency one, so
I’m not above this issue.

I think I’ve talked about that scam
in a different podcast, but it is…

It sucks, because you’re embarrassed
so you don’t want to tell anybody.

So I go out of my way to
talk about it so that people

understand, look, they
lied to you and believe them.

That’s not actually a terrible thing.

So, what you need to do is actually
make yourself and other people more aware.

So I hopefully use my experience,
let other people know what happened,

so that you can actually
be aware of possible scams.

There’s a lot of subscriptions,
service complaints.

So, in 2022, there were
20,000, so this is like you…

You subscribe to something,
and then you decide

you don’t want the
subscription service anymore.

And it’s really hard to
quit the subscription.

They like try to like lock you in.

A lot of gyms are famous for this.

You join a gym, and
then you try to quit the

gym, and they won’t
give your money back,

and then they roll it over,
roll it over, roll it over.

This is up 20,000 to 90,001
subscription service complaints.

The biggest scams in
social media in Japan

right now are foreign
exchange market trading.

So, this is very similar to the one
where they stole my cryptocurrency,

where I put my cryptocurrency
into a plan, and then I got my returns,

so I put more cryptocurrency
into the plan, and

then suddenly I couldn’t
pull it out and again.

So, by giving me
that first return, I was

now very confident
that this was not a scam.

So, the first time, of
course, I did a little test.

I put in a little bit of
money I wasn’t worried

about losing because it wasn’t that
much, and then it actually worked.

So, I’m like, “Okay,
this is a real service,”

and then when it
was a bigger number,

still, again, didn’t ruin
my life for anything.

I don’t have enough money to actually give
enough money to anyone to ruin my life.

Then suddenly, “Oh, there’s
been an error in the system.

We can’t withdraw your money.

You have to do this.

You have to do this.

” And they kept starting saying,
“You’ve got to top up your funds.

You’ve got to do
this to get it to reset.

” And then it was
very clearly a scam.

Luckily, I didn’t do all those
things to lose even more money,

which, of course, since you
become desperate, is very possible.

So, you put your money
into the foreign exchange

market trading, and then
you can’t withdraw the money.

Luxury bags off fake websites.

So, this either could be a
fake bag or a fake website

where they don’t send you anything
at all after you send them some money.

Couldn’t cancel subscriptions?

The kind of subscriptions
they’re talking about?


So, you pay for skin cream,
and it comes every month.

And then you say, “Well, I
have enough skin and cream,

or the skin cream isn’t
doing what they promised.

It didn’t make me look younger
or healthier or more awesome.

” So, I want to cancel the
skin cream, and then you can’t.

You can’t find a way to cancel it.

There’s no unsubscribe button.

You can’t cancel anything.

They just keep charging your
credit card again and again.

Or health food.

So, it’s actually interesting to me.

These things that are essentially
maybe praying upon insecurities.

I want to be healthier.

I want to be younger.

I want to look better.

Those are the places
where they start scams.

I guess there are just a lot of
subscription services for those.

Overall, it went from 33,000 to
900,000 spam email complaints.

Suspicious phone calls, mostly
real estate and construction.

There were 8.8 trillion yen in
damage to consumers in 2023.

So, we do need safety courses or
information or PSA’s to go out there.

An engineer’s Japan is
absolutely trying to do its part.

Don’t get scammed.

If you have a really weird suspicious
thing going on, send me a message.

I will tell you if it’s
real or not because,

again, I’ve had the experience
and it is one of those things.

If it’s too good to be true, it’s
probably too good to be true.

And if there’s a subscription service,
make sure you’re able to unsubscribe.

You know what I did, actually.

I had a credit card
that was going to expire

and I subscribed to
all these things that

I wanted and then I knew they were
going to be difficult to unsubscribe to.

And then when my credit card renewed,
I just didn’t renew the information.

And that’s it.

I got out of it.

So it would be great
if the credit card

companies would create
like a one-year credit card.

So it works.

And then you can
roll it over, but it’ll be a

new credit card, not the
old one just continued.

And that way, if you put all the subscriptions
and stuff on that, then you can just

quit a whole bunch of stuff by having your
credit card expire and not renewing it.

Okay, this is the last story of the day.

A Japanese pianist
was arrested for, I should

have done a quiz on this one,
stealing cabin attendants aprons.

So when he was on
the airplane, he has the

cabin attendants, the
stewardess is the stuff.

And they wear aprons
when they’re cooking or

making stuff in the
back and maybe I assume

they take them off and hang them up
because they have to be in their uniform.

He had a thing for him,
had a thing for uniforms.

That’s actually a pretty
big fetish in Japan.

He went into the back
and he stole one of those.

He apparently got caught and got arrested.

He said, “While being
arrested, collecting women’s

uniforms is my hobby, I
smelled it and wore it myself.

” And we get, “I don’t
really do the underwear

theft stories anymore
because there’s nothing

interesting that underwear thieves
do that adds anything to the story.

I would do volume and
stuff for a while, but

basically we’ve heard
the underwear theft

story enough times that new iterations
of it aren’t in that interesting.

” But they never say
what they do with it.

They’ll say something vague like, “I use it
to satisfy my sexual desires or something.”

In this case, he’s very specific.

“I smelled it and I wore it myself.”

So he took the stewardess’s apron and put
it on and you wore it around the house and

then he tried to smell, I assume,
the person who had worn it before.

While they were away
from the galley area, he

went back to the galley
installer from there.

Police went to several locations, so
again, he’s a pianist, he travels around.

These found nurses uniforms and
aprons at his home and other places.

So he hadn’t just done this for
stewardai, he had done this for nurses.

He had gone to
hospitals or I guess maybe

even like clinics and
stuff, they would have it.

He went to these places
and stole the uniform,

I guess, packed it in a bag and just
got out of there as quick as he could.

I do understand a lot of fetishes.

I may not have them, I may not
share them, but I understand them.

But then there’s this whole category
of fetishes that I just don’t understand.

And I wonder how they come about.

We did this, we just touched on this, when
university we touched on this in psych 101

that I did and I really
enjoyed psychology

because we got to talk about this
stuff, but how do you develop a fetish?

Is it already inherent or is it developed
over time because it may experience?

And that is, this guy is a pianist, he’s
actually fairly well renowned, he travels

around, he goes to, he’s international,
so he’s playing piano, he’s making money.

He’s living the dream
of a lot of musicians,

he’s getting paid to
play piano and he messed

it up because he just
could not resist his fetish.

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