Look up and Dash

Back at it again with the groping news, but what the heck is quasi sexual assault? Listen to this podcast and you still won’t find out.

Some scams, and Japan trying to open up again just like the rest of the world. Most importantly, don’t believe the rumors on the internet. 

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NNJ 121 Extra Curricular Activities

Japan does not jump to conclusions, nor does it educate it’s kids on how to protect themselves from themselves. 

Hostess clubs try to adjust to a post-corona world, cosmetic companies got hurt and a dude just has to show off his pee pee.

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NNJ 120 Tosatsu Hunter

The crime wave of threatening people with the corona you don’t have contiues, along with some more sexy statistics.

Then some other information about other stories, which puts us square back at people taking advantage of people taking upskirt shots.

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