Rental Boyfriend News

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We don’t really have
anything we can say about

Johnny Smolley anymore,
because he’s been detained.

He’s gonna get arrested.

He’ll probably just get deported.

He’s probably gone.

He won’t be coming back
to Japan anytime soon.

So of course, YouTube hates a vacuum.

YouTube streamers hate a vacuum.

There’s a power vacuum there.

There’s one less puckered
asshole in the world.

So of course, someone else has to step in.

This YouTuber had a plan
to travel from Nagasaki.

all the way to Al-Mori
without spending any money.

So the way he did this
was riding on the bus

without paying the fare,
which is a crime, it’s illegal.

He snuck onto the shink on send somehow

and he hidden the bathroom when the
guy came around and checked the tickets.

When they caught him,
he pretended to be sick.

He asked other people to pay for him,

like just harassing
people who are sitting

on the shink on send
trying to go somewhere.

He asked them to pay.

And then he also hid in hotels and
stole from their breakfast buffets.

The thing that I don’t think these streamers
realize is they’re filming their crimes.

I’ve, in a new Japan now
has become a foundation

for giving criminals advice and these
guys should probably check something.

I don’t know.

They should realize filming
your crimes make it very easy

for the police to just wait till
you’ve committed enough crimes.

Something I had realized,
something I learned about

a little while ago, was that
stores with self checkouts,

like they’ll let you steal
until you get past $1,000

so it’s a felony crime now because you’ve
stolen more than $1,000 worth of goods.

And then arrest you so
that it’s more impactful.

And this is maybe what the
Japanese police are doing.

Like they’re aware because of social media,
they’re aware of these crimes taking place

and they just wait for
you to build up enough

so that they can do what
they’ve done to Johnny Smully,

they can arrest you, hold
you, and then release you

and re-arrest you and hold you and re-arrest
you and hold you and then send you away.

Sneaking onto the
shinkansen, not paying for your

ticket, not paying for
your ticket for the bus,

these would not be probably
big crimes in America in Japan.

They are obstruction of business.

I can’t ding for that one because he
hasn’t actually been charged with it yet.

But these are obstruction of business,

which is the rule they
use to lay everyone out.

Like everyone gets screwed by this.

And it’s just a matter of time.

I’m assuming he’s either
gonna leave or get arrested

before he leaves, but
these guys get popular

and they can’t let go of
that fame, that popularity.

And then they end up just
going too far, getting arrested

and ending up like Johnny Smully,
which is great ’cause then they’re gone.

I’m wondering how many
times this has to happen

before people actually start to move
on to another country or the thing is,

they move on to another
country, maybe they’ll end up with

harsher rules like Thailand,
Singapore, and stuff, man.

If I was gonna go to a prison,
Japanese prisons are not nice.

I mean, I actually don’t know of anyplace,

I guess I’ve heard about Iceland and
Finland and stuff having nicer prisons,

but I don’t think
there’s any prison in Asia

that you would want to
go to over another one.

I think they all suck pretty bad.

Asia still has very much that prison
is punishment, kind of mentality.

So Japanese prisons I know are not
heated or not cooled in the summer.

So you’re really
uncomfortable all the time.

Which actually takes us to,

I guess very smoothly to our next story.

This wasn’t the order I had
them in, but hey, here we go.

China has stopped
imports of Japanese seafood

because of the release
of the Fukushima water.

It’s radioactive, they
release it into the ocean.

They’re saying if you’re doing that,
we’re not gonna buy any of your seafood.

They used to catch the fish and seafood.

I’m saying seafood because it’s
gonna be mostly about shellfish.

They used to catch the seafood
and then send it to China directly.

And then it would get processed.

But now that processing
element isn’t happening.

So they have to figure out something else.

The cheapest labor
they could find, prisoners.

So prisoners are now going to
be spending significant amounts

of their time, peeling shellfish
or deshucking, shocking.

Is it, you suck shellfish, you suck clams.

And then I guess you peel shrimp and stuff.

Anyways, they’re gonna
spend a lot of time doing that.

There are, in 2022, there were 512,000 tons
of shellfish that needed to be processed.

That was all done primarily in China.

And that’s now gonna
be done primarily in Japan.

I am hoping this is gross in selfish

because I just would like
the world to be a good place.

But I’m kind of hoping that
the price of fish and stuff

just drops and that can become
sort of a more sustainable

food supply for me.

A woman scammed her rental
boyfriend out of a million yen.

So maybe we’ve got to get into
the concept of a rental boyfriend.

This is a out service you call.

You say, hey, I want this
guy to hang out with me.

I will pay you 90,000 yen.

I’ll pay the guy 90,000 yen.

I’m sure the company takes a cut of that.

And he hangs out with you is
my understanding of the concept.

I don’t know how much
of a sex thing this is,

which is kind of what I
wondered more than anything else.

So the initial cost for her was 90,000
yen to get the boyfriend to come out.

She never paid that.

Then she borrowed 300,000
yen from the rental boyfriend

to entertain what was
called a rich Chinese boss.

Then she started living with the man and
had him pay for accommodation in meals,

which added up to 700,000 yen,
which is how you get a million yen.

I’m a little confused and shocked
as to why the rental boyfriend

would give her anything.

Like I guess the idea is to keep her
around so that she keeps paying you.

But if she hasn’t paid her initial fee,

if she hasn’t paid the
initial rental of your time,

again, I’m not sure how
intertwined these two people become

by the end of it, but she
ended up living in his place.

If I was a rental boyfriend, you would be
paying me up front to come into my house.

And I doubt I’d have you
come into my house and have

you rent an apartment and
we would stay there together.

So essentially you’d be putting me up.

I think the rental boyfriend may not
have been the smartest guy in the world

because I have a lot of
sympathy for scammers.

I got scammed once myself in the past.

I know it can happen,
but if your job is to

spend time with someone
then they have to pay you

and they start borrowing money from you,

you shouldn’t be spending
any time with them.

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So Shibuya has started a campaign.

We actually mentioned that
the mayor of Shibuya said,

like we don’t want people
coming here for Halloween.

The last couple of years, the
Halloween parties got out of hand.

They were vandalism, they
tipped over some cars and stuff.

It’s anarchy.

It’s basically just a ton of drunk people

doing dressing up slutty
and doing drunk people stuff.

There’s a lot of drinking,
there’s a lot of vandalism.

It’s been escalating every year.

So they decided to go to social
media and do a tweet, a little video.

(upbeat music)

On Halloween night, everyone
should stay away from Shibuya.

Some people live in Shibuya.

Violence, drinking on the
street, smoking on the street,

traffic violation, you can’t choose
how your action will affect others.

You can’t choose to be
a victim or a assailant.

No smoking on the street,

no drinking on the street.

This is all prohibited in this area.

From an until when, it’s prohibited
from October 27th to October 31st

during the times of 6pm
to 5am of the following day.

While they did something
really weird there,

they actually had, for those
people who weren’t watching

the video, it went 18
o’clock, which is 6 o’clock,

to 29 o’clock, which is 5am in the morning.

They have manipulated the 24 hour clock,

so it doesn’t work right.

That is, that weirdly to
me is the most recommend.

So you’re not allowed to drink,
you’re not allowed to smoke.

That’s fine.

They’ll have cops around to enforce that.

I doubt it’ll be successful, because if
you have a million people in 100 cops,

the people decide what is legal
and what is not legal at that point.

They used an AI voice,
they didn’t get a voice actor.

This is the demise of the voice
actor for the foreign person in Japan,

if they just start using AI for everything.

And that’s, man, there
was a lot of stuff about that.

That was really weird to me.

The 2900 hours was the
one that got me the most.

‘Cause if you’re using a 24
hour clock, and you get to

24 and you don’t flip over,
does it just keep going?

Like 29, what’s 30 hour, 6am?

Well, then we just keep going.

And then the time never ends,

but the reality is the time never ends.

I’d watched the first part of the video.

I hadn’t watched the whole thing, so I
hadn’t seen that 29 o’clock until just now.

My mind is just racing
with the implications

of 2900 hours, 5am in the morning.

When did they switch over if
they’re gonna use that timeframe?

That doesn’t make any sense.

They’re trying to stop.

I don’t think a social media campaign

telling you to stop is
actually gonna stop anybody.

That’s actually one of the big issues.

Shibuya gets advertised as like,
this is the place to party on Halloween.

I will be interested to
see if it’s less people,

if it’s no people, if nothing happens,
if they move to another area,

because what they
might actually end up doing

is just moving the
party to another area,

the problem being right
now that Shibuya is so

famous for partying, it
would make perfect sense

for every club, every
person who likes to party

to go there to continue
the thing they’ve been doing,

the whole time they’ve
been in Japan probably.

(upbeat music)

Since the AI voice was in
that, we have the first in Japan.

I don’t know, I was kinda looking
around to see if this had been done.

I know this has been done elsewhere.

I know it’s been done
on the Internet a bunch,

but this is the first AI
celebrity ad created in Japan.

So it was an ad that ran on television
and they didn’t have an actress.

They actually had an AI
model instead of an actress.

And she was promoting green tea.

It’s the first ad in Japan
to use an AI performer.

So a lot of people were
like, oh, she’s very pretty.

I’m gonna look up who she is and then
they found out she’s not a real person.

The drink is green tea and it’s
in the theme is a healthy future.

Sounds good.

The packaging was also created with AI.

So clearly the company
that was making this was like,

let’s integrate AI, be future
conscious, create a healthy future.

I think is how many people
didn’t get to do any work,

which is not a very
healthy future for them.

If this is how it goes.

I don’t know, I’m a little torn on AI.

Creating the packaging
with AI is said what they said

was they were able to look at like 300
different designs instead of maybe one or two.

So they were able to look at a
lot more like packaging designs,

which is fine, but that’s putting
a lot of artists out of work.

The people who like actress and stuff,

I don’t know how much
sympathy I have for them

doing commercials in
Japan is incredibly lucrative.

So as someone who puts
out a video every week

and gets no money for
it, my sympathy is mixed.

I want people to get
paid for their work though,

but I guess before that I
want people to get work.

So that’s maybe one of the issues
I have here is you’re taking junk,

but then there’s computer
guys and they are getting work.

This is sort of the horse
transition to the car,

where everyone’s like,
oh, you’re putting all these

horse people out of work, but then
the car industry came up in its place.

We’re putting all these like
actors and things out of work,

but then there’s all these computer
things are going to come up in its place.

It would be a new industry
creating and modifying.

and looking at AI jobs.

I don’t know.

I’m at the tail end of this, life-wise.

So I’m 50.

AI is going to take over
the next couple of years.

I’m going to see stuff
happen, but I’m not–

I wonder how quickly the industry changes.

is an interesting question.

So do we get more and more AI stuff?

Do we get more pushback
as the big strike in America

right now is about
using AI to write scripts,

and all the scriptwriters
are like, we can’t do this.

And then it’s using
your face and perpetuity.

Like if you’re a background
actor and you get famous,

they can actually in
the contract use your

face and other things
because they’ve basically

licensed your face because
of when you were basically

a student intern and you
did a background scene.

So it’s companies getting greedy for sure.

It’s one of those things
like if the companies would

treat people fairly, no one
would mind the use of AI

because it would be supplementing work, not
supplanting it, I guess, is the problem.

I don’t know.

It’s not a very exciting
commercial, if I’m being really honest.


Everything’s being videoed.

I guess this is a positive.

I don’t know.

This again, technology
is changing everything.

Everything’s being videoed.

That’s why we can see
so much stuff, though.

Like we can see things happen to people

where see people do things because
everything’s being videoed all the time.

A dash cam showed a man
run up behind a stationary car

and do what they
were calling a flying kick.

He dented the car.

The car was only one week old.

So the owner of that
car, man, that’s painful.

He called the police.

The guy was arrested.

He then admitted to doing it.

But they didn’t give a reason.

And I was like, oh, why?

Why did you see the car
and just think, like this is my

opportunity to run up and
just kick a car as hard as I can?

That’s a bit insane.

I’m betting he goes
with stress of some sort.

The same week, there was a man
sitting on the train with a box cutter.

So like a razor blade cutter thing.

And he was just cutting
the seats on the train.

And he was arrested for that.

And they were like, why did you do it?

And he said, I was trying
to relieve stress from work.

I kind of understand that sentiment,
but I don’t see how these crimes,

so like vandalizing seats on
the train or kicking a parked car.

How does that really relieve your stress?

Because you still have to go back to work.

The core, this is it.

It’s looking at what is
the stressor in your life.

And if the stress in your life is work,

cutting up the seats
on a train, kicking a

parked car, isn’t going
to relieve your stress.

So you’re not dealing with the source.

You’re kind of dealing with a symptom.

Like I feel stressed, I’m
going to get that stress out.

But then I have to go back
to work, build up more stress.

I got to cut more seats
on my way home tonight.

Like it doesn’t make any sense.

This is because this is
such a common statement.

I did this bad thing, A,
because of stress from work.

Japan’s youth are going to
have to start dealing with it.

We’ve had this conversation a million times

that the work culture in
Japan needs to be adjusted

or changed or fixed or
something in the next generation.

Otherwise, everything’s just going
to get worse and worse and worse.

But things might have to get
worse before they get better.

I don’t know.

I don’t know how I feel about that.

A little torn.

I feel bad for the guy
who’s like weak old car,

got a big dent in it just because
some guy was probably stressed out.

The nugoia mayor, I’m just giving a speech.

We’ve done a couple of
politicians giving speeches

and not thinking
through their statements.

This is interesting because
this is a guy who made

a statement, thought
it through was like shit.

I should not have said that
and tried to backtrack it.

Usually it’s say something.

People point out it was wrong because, of
course, a lot of these old politician guys,

they don’t think they
ever can do anything wrong.

People point out it was wrong.

And then they do a false apology.

The nugoia mayor was giving a speech.

And they were talking
about documents and stuff.

And they’re like government
buildings are open less

than business hours, how are people supposed
to come and get important documents?

And the nugoia mayor said
that wives certainly have

the time to pick up official
documents on weekdays.

So we don’t need to be
open late into the night.

We don’t need to be open on
weekends because wives have this time.

The actual question was, shouldn’t we

be able to print important
documents at a convenience store?

In Japan, they have that kind of thing.

Is, to just put in, is this the same nugoia
mayor from a few years ago, he sucks?

I do believe it is.

I actually didn’t check carefully enough.

So I have to be really honest.

I’m not 100% sure.

I think it is the same guy.

This is the same guy who
some medalists came in.

And he took the medal and he bid it.

And then if you want
to give him some credit,

when everyone called
him out for a biting the

medal, they’re like,
dude, it’s coronavirus.

This is terrible.

Don’t do that.

He paid to have a new one made.

But at the same– and he was
saying, like I was overwhelmed.

The follow up, he says wives can
go and pick up official documents.

He’s showing this very
sort of traditional idea

of what the family unit
is and what people do.

And he’s not taking into consideration
the changes in the world around us.

So the reporter says, what about
single mothers who don’t have time off?

And he said, that’s the
national government’s fault.

So somehow he’s blaming single– the
single mother’s not having enough time

to go to an official building,
like a government building

during work hours, as the
government at largest fault.

That they should figure
that out when really being

able to print off your documents
that a convenience store

actually is a very good, very cheap, very
good solution for this kind of problem.

He should have actually said, OK, so
I’m going to put myself in that position.

I’m going to go in there.

And he’s very against tying
documentation to the my number card.

So this is actually, I think, the
core issue of what’s going on here.

And someone says to me,
like, why can’t you do that?

You go, oh, you know,
that’s an interesting idea.

I’ll take that under consideration.

And then you don’t answer the question.

I’m not saying I’m going to do it.

I’m saying I’m going to think about it.

And then you don’t answer
the question you move on.

No controversy.

No me getting in trouble
for being part of the

patriarchy or misogynistic
or any old fashioned

or any of the things that
politicians get in trouble for.

All you have to do is not give your opinion

and say I’ll think about
it and then move on.

And people would figure
out really quickly like that.

You ask him any question
that he disagrees with.

He’ll just say he thinks about it.

And then either they’d stop
asking me tough questions

or they’d try to nail me down to
be interesting little rodeo there.

Later in the same conference in the
same speech, he started backtracking.

And he goes, you might
be able to take my words.

I want to take my words back because
it could cause a misunderstanding.

And I think the problem is no
one ever misunderstands the words.

He said it could be construed as a
miscommunication or not what he meant.

But halfway through,
imagine you’ve done a meeting.

You’ve made a statement.

You’re very confident in your statement.

You move on a little
bit and then you’re like,

oh wait, they’re going
to get me on that.

And then you try to roll it back.

That is not going to work out for you.

So he’s been called out on this.

He’s an old man.

This is it.

We got to just get old
people out of government.

I think this is the same
problem America has right now.

Imagine failing how to talk like
a politician and someone on one.

It’s weird.

My belief is that all the
problem with all these guys

is that they’re too old.

And I need to retire.

And the retirement age for public
officials should be the retirement age.

So if the public officials retirement age,

they’ve said it at 65, that
should be the end of their career.

So let’s say I get elected at 65.

That would be my last
term of whatever I’m doing.

So if I become president in 65, I can
go until I was at four years in America.

So 69.

And then I finish.

And you can make jokes
about being 69 when you finish.

But these guys who were in their 70s
and 80s like in Japan and the president

actually, like all the
presidential candidates,

all this year, these ones,
they’re all in their 80s.

These guys shouldn’t be running government.

What was the guy who froze up?

Mitch McConnell.

He’s frozen up like two, three
times, just stood there blankly.

I had that happen to me for the first time.

See, Jade gets it.

I’m frequently 69 when I finish.

That is the joke I’m saying that
we could put out there in the world.

We could build jokes into our government
and then everyone would be happier.

But, now I’ve lost my train of thought ’cause
I’m now thinking about Jade doing a 69.

I’m sure I had a really salient cogent point
and it’s gone now because of a 69 joke.

Which is kind of how the joke should go.

But yeah, if there’s a retirement
age, I think politicians should be held

to the retirement age ’cause
they set the retirement age.

And they said it at 65 or whatever.

I mean, if they decide to up at the 70,

then it’s hard to argue with
the retirement age being 70.

(upbeat music)

The last story, creepy guy’s story.

It’s not as bad as the other creepy
guy’s stories but it is still pretty bad.

67 year old junior high school coach.

All right, there you go.

I have to finish the story.

65 year old, 67 year
old, junior high school.

You just put those in the same sentence
and you know it’s already bad and gross.

He’s the coaching track and field.

And he said to you, this is, it’s
the context I’m having trouble with.

Junior high school coach
track and field already grows.

So the context for this is difficult.

’cause he said there’s a male student
and he says to the male student,

if you get a really good score in your
exam, I will be so happy, I will hug her.

So there’s a female student
on the track and field team

that he has threatened,
has promised to hug.

So I think what’s happened is
he’s like, there’s an attractive girl.

This is now me doing some assumptions.

There’s an attractive
girl on the track team.

And he’s talking to a
boy and he’s making a joke

and he’s saying, if you do
really good, I’ll be so happy.

I will hug her.

That could be played off as a joke.

Like, ha ha ha, because
she’s so attractive

and everyone loves
her, I will be so happy.

I will get out of my comfort zone
and actually sexually assault this child.

Which you know, again,
in some context as a

joke, I could actually
see that coming off.

But in this situation
where he’s talking to a group

of high school kids who
don’t have the same level

of authority or social power, he’s
now threatening this little girl basically.

So he was reported, some of
the other students reported him.

He was questioned and he said, I
meant I wanted him to get a good grade.

I was just joking.

But the students said it was disgusting
and they were very put off by it.

And they should have been.

And this is it.

There’s a difference
between, like if I made

that joke in my social
group, it might be okay.

If I play it off, if I know
my friends and I know the

people I’m talking to, I
could play that off as a joke.

If I’m a teacher in and among students
that does not play off, that does not work.

So that’s maybe where this
67 year old man fell apart.

He did the right thing.

He was told he was gonna be
suspended and he’s like, I’ll just quit.

I mean, I’m obviously not gonna be
able to rebuild this relationship now.

So that, because he
kind of did the right thing

after, like look, I’ve
ruined this relationship.

I’m gonna stop.

He makes me think
he really was just joking.

He just wasn’t very good at jokes,
which is another problem with older people.

Because I can make jokes.

And I know my younger
coworkers won’t find them funny.

Because I’m using jokes sort of
from my mindset from my age group.

My jokes may be being outdated or more
sexist than is acceptable in modern times

or more offensive than is
acceptable in modern times.

So knowing your audience is the
biggest part of making a good joke.

I recently had to do a speech
at work and I did a fairly good job.

I made some good jokes,
but I had to be very conscious

of what I was saying
and who I was saying it to.

‘Cause I’m really speaking to the
most sensitive person in my company.

And if I can not offend
them, I’m doing a good job.

Whereas I’m out drinking with like my three

or four closest friends, I
can basically say whatever

I want and they all know
what I actually mean.

Even if I don’t express myself very well.

(upbeat music)

(chill electronic music).