Put some D’s in some V’s


Anyone who’s watching the video
may notice there’s a new addition, a small

space heater in my room.

And that’s
because my electricity bill has doubled.

It seems like this is actually
having to do a lot of people.

We know prices have
gone up, but doubled is a bit of a shock.

Last year in December, for
my house, I spent 15,000 yen.

It’s like 150 bucks.

Okay, it’s a house.

So it’s going to use a lot of
energy and there’s going to be a lot of

leakage and stuff.

And it’s not going to be super-energy
efficient because we have windows.

So that was fine.

We used less electricity this
December and paid 30,000 yen,

which is a shock when that bill comes.

So that cut into all that, of course, this
month came out of my entertainment budget.

We basically have to re-jigger our
finances to make sure we can pay all our

bills and stuff.

We’re not in any trouble or anything.

It’s a big shock because
everything’s gone up by 4%.

I’ve noticed that
electricity doubling is a lot.

So now we have caracene heaters, which is
a very common way to heat a room in Japan.

So caracene is cheaper than electricity.

My associate Dave, he usually
sits in the corner of the bed in his bed.

That has been vacated.

His little bed has been put on
the ground so he can sit right in front of

the heater because Dave absorbs heat.

But at 4 o’clock in the morning,
he usually wakes up and gets really close

to my chest when we’re sleeping.

It’s very cute.

He generates a ton
of heat and it’s super nice.

But we’re not here for that.
I’m also in pain.

You’re not here to hear about this either.

I just have to
get all the personal stuff out of the way.

You’ll notice I’m sort of sitting like in
my arm is in a sling even though it isn’t.

Maybe I’m pledging allegiance to something.

I’m not, I have no allegiances.

I hurt my shoulder and judo yesterday.

I woke up
with a hangover but it’s not a hangover.

Hangover is really just a dehydration from
alcohol over consumption.

I was dehydrated from judo.
I drank water, ton of water last night.

Usually I would wake up in the middle
of the night and drink some more water

because I have a headache.

I would just walk up with a headache.
It’s basically a hangover headache.

It’s basically gone already.

I spent the
entirety of this morning drinking water.

I have some with me here
to keep my voice from being too gross.

I have to work today.

I thought I’ll get up, I’ll record
right away and edit right away and maybe

I can still get this up today.

I don’t
know if I have an enemy to be honest.

I’m pushing through. This is very
much a concerted effort on my part to get

this week’s ninja news Japan out.

I was just
going to skip and wait until next week.

Consider I’m just read or play
video games or something but you know what?

People really want to know
what’s going on with tropicana.

Tropicana in Japan last year in September.

I actually did this on ninja news Japan.

They had a melon drink and on the
label it said 100% whole fruit melon taste.

Written if I remember correctly in English.

Now that was a slightly deceptive
practice because it wasn’t.

When you see 100% on a
fruit drink you think fruit juice.

You don’t actually check the thing.

It actually had 2% melon juice.

98% was apple banana and grape juice.

So it’s still all juice.

There was a lot of juice in there.
It just wasn’t melon juice.

Melons are incredibly expensive in Japan.

So a 100%
melon juice drink would be like $5-10.

It’d be like going to Starbucks.

Oh god, sorry, just move
my fucking shoulder.

This might happen several times throughout
the podcast where I move and make

a small pain sound.

Oh fuck me.

Oh Jesus, I’m pushing it. It’s a bad idea.


Don’t, when you injure
yourself, don’t push on it.

And you’re probably going Peter, why?

Why did you push on it?

It’s kind of like I’m a
deep massage technique.

It hurts but that
feels better when you stop.

I guess any pain if you inflict on yourself
when you stop technically feels better.

But back to tropicana.

This is going to be the podcast.

It’s going to be me talking about
the pain I’m experiencing in the moment

and the news story flipping back and forth.

I will not be doing a lot of editing again
because I’m going to try to get

this out today.

The company then had to
redesign the package.

They were told by the
consumer affairs like this is deceptive.

They had a melon on it.

It was blocking out.

You could still see the apple banana and

It was basically blocking out.

So they were basically lying to
consumers trying to imply that it was 100%

melon juice.

So the company had to redesign the package.

And then the
Japan consumer affairs apply to fine of.

And this is why it’s
recent because just recent this week.

19,150,000 yen in violation
of the act against unjustifiable premiums.

That’s not what they’re in violation of.

And misleading representation which is
what they’re in violation of.

They calculate this.

This was maybe to
me the more interesting part.

This punishment was a calculation
of 3% of sales of whatever product has

violated this rule.

So basically if I make a product
and I put that product out and that product

violates this rule.

The way this is calculated is 3% of sales
of whatever the like the bogus product is.

So they’ve calculated all the sales.

The product.

I don’t know if it’s the profits.

It gets just sales.

So their profits aren’t going to be 100%.

So they’re taking 3% of sales
which is going to really read their profit

margin might be small.

It might be 5%, 10%.

I know it’s not.

Most products probably is 25% to 50%.

Profit margin.

Maybe that’s the stores.

I don’t know.

But I know 3% is a proper hit.

I mean that’s actually them doing
some real damage to the company in the

hopes that they can force them.

Cause them enough pain
so they don’t do it again.

I kind of liked this story.

So you know in america there’s
if you go on Twitter or something like that

and you look at like people who work at
convenience stores or sandwich shops

and stuff.

And they’re like, here’s
what we threw out today.

I went to my manager and said
can we donate this to a homeless shelter?

And they’re like no
corporate policy is that we throw it away.

And it was like Walmart or costco
or one of these big companies actually had

a guard by the garbage.

So that people wouldn’t steal
their garbage so that they could you know

sustain themselves off the stuff
that they were going to throw away and fill

up a landfill with.

Lawson is a convenience
store chain in Japan.

And they’re I don’t know if
you call famous but they have a lot of deep

fried chicken available.

American gas stations have
rolling hot dogs that I would never eat.

But apparently they’re not that bad.

There’s a couple people for some
reason I was reading on the Internet the

other day on Reddit or something.

A couple people liked them is because
they worked there and they knew how

fresh they actually were and
how long they actually put them out for.

Lawson donates chicken to children’s food
charity that are past the cell by date.

Now that sounds bad.

Now we know cell by
dates tend to be generous.

You throw it out before it really goes bad.

But this is something that has to be
deep fried and cooked so what do they do?

They deep fry it they put it on the shelf.

If it doesn’t get sold by the
cell by date they freeze it send it to the

children’s charity where it can
be defrosted and then sort of re-fried kind

of quickly.

And so and be pretty good.

So it really just comes down
to what is that cell by date?

How long does it sit out for?
The cell by date for the chicken at Lawson.

The carage specifically so carage is
like a ball of chicken that they deep fry.

And they’re quite good.
It’s a very common food item in Japan.

The carage cell by date is six hours.

So that’s when you realize the cell
because we think of cell by date as days

or weeks or whatever.

This is done in hour. So they deep fry
it they put it on that little shelf.

If it doesn’t sell in six hours they take
it off the shelf and they flash freeze it.

And then at the end of the
day that frozen chicken is going to go to a

children’s cafeteria so the
children can have something.

I mean not the most nutritious
food in the world but I can tell you the

chicken is good.

Being deep fried isn’t the worst
but I can tell you it’s better than some of

the alternatives of garbage food
that you might get in the same situation.

So I again I like the idea that food isn’t
being wasted.

I’ve always thought like I’m not
going to stop buying it so that I can go

stand by your garbage.

And I certainly wouldn’t be
angry about the idea of you taking food and

giving it to children who need food.

So good on your Lawson.
I’m very happy for you.

I’m very happy with you.
I’m very happy with you. I’m happy.

Except for my shoulder fuck.

We have an ongoing debate between
Japan and China. It’s really just China

debating a very one-sided thing.

So there’s been a recent outbreak. They
stopped with their zero covid policies.

What they were doing
was like one case of covid in a factory.

We’re going to lock everyone in
that factory until they all die or they all

get past it.

There was one it was like an
Ikea and it was like this flood of people

trying to get out of
the Ikea before they locked the doors.

And so it’s pretty scary.

They’ve stopped that
policy which is actually meant

that people are intermixing,
people are walking around.

So now they’re having their
first massive wave of covid.

South Korea and Japan are like oh shit.

So what we should do is have anyone
traveling from China to south Korea or

south Japan.

Do a covid test.

Last week was talking about I had
to do a covid test to come back to Japan

from Canada.

So this didn’t seem unreasonable to me.
The Chinese government on the other

hand saw this as being racist
and discriminatory and very, very unfair.

China recently said we’re
going to open China to tour groups from 20

countries from February 6th.

So we’re going to try to re-encourage
tourism to reinvigorate that industry.

They gave sort of a
side-eyed Japan and went but not you.

And not you south Korea. Screw
you if you’re testing people so they don’t

have covid and bring it into your country.

Which I actually thought is
this is very short-sighted.

Japanese and South Korean tourists
spend a lot of money when they go on

holiday, when they go places.

You’re just screwing yourself.

So I don’t consider the you have
to take a covid test 48 hours before you

travel to be offensive.

You could say it’s discriminatory because
it’s being applied to China

but it’s being applied to China
because they’ve had an outbreak of covid.

This takes US to the
second part of this story.

China also imposed
on Japan, america, south Korea, travelers.

Because you can still go there.
You can get like other visas and stuff. You

can still go there.

You have to take a nucleic acid test.
Now I didn’t look into it.

I wanted to look into it. Again,
because I have to work today. I didn’t

really have much time
to do any extra research.

Is it more
invasive or more difficult or whatever?

It’s a more severe test than
just your standard covid test. I assume.

And they said we’re going to continue
forcing Japanese, American and south

Koreans to take this nucleic acid test
until their discriminatory practices cease.

So basically they’re saying you’ve
discriminated against US. So we’re going

to discriminate against
you and until you stop your

discriminatory practices,
we’re going to discriminate.

They see no hypocrisy in what they’re
saying. This is just tit for test stuff.

But the statement they came out,
they said, you should base your rules on

science, not politics.

But science would tell you if a
country is having an outbreak of covid, you

should test the people from that
country before you allow them into your

country as tourists.

That would actually be pretty
solid science.

often involves testing things.

China is saying that these countries, so
Japan and south Korea and stuff,

they’re making political responses to the
situation, not scientific ones.

I would disagree. And the
thing is their response to all this is not

scientific. It’s incredibly political
based. It’s very emotional almost.

And I think maybe my
respect for the China, how do I say it?

The Chinese government, because
it’s the same thing all the time. This has

been my thing with dictatorships
in the Chinese communist party and stuff.

They make a statement and then they
do the exact opposite of the thing they’re

saying other people should do.
And that they don’t understand the problem


And they’ll tell you what to do
and then they’ll do the opposite of that.

So this is, I guess it’s just the
hypocrisy. And it’s hard to formulate into

words that sound like anything
other than stop being hypocritical.

But yeah, saying you should base
your decisions on science, which I think

they, I mean, it’s not scientific, but you
find out this country has lots of covid.

We should test those people. I wouldn’t
call that scientific, but it’s sensible.

But if you want to talk to scientists and
say, hey, we have people coming

from other countries into our country.

And this set of countries has covid.
What should we do? The scientists are

going to say you should test those people.

Because if they don’t have
covid, it’s fine. If they do have covid, we

should quarantine them. Maybe
they don’t understand what science is.

Again, it’s not, it has nothing
to do with reality. That maybe is what i’m

trying to struggle with.

North Korea and China, a lot of
times they make statements and it doesn’t

have anything to do with the real world.

It seems to me like a very emotional
response. And I guess that’s what you

can get away with when you
have a basic dictatorship.

Last week I talked about wage increases.
Everything’s gone up 4% inflation

and it’s going to go up again a
little more or more products in the future.

So basically, everyone in Japan
has just lost 4% of their salary if their

salary does not increase.

So the government’s like, hey,
companies, please increase your salaries. A

bunch of big companies have said,
yep, we’ll do what the government says.

But then this week it came out 70% of
small to mid-sized firms have no plan

to raise wages.

And I would bet it’s not because
they’re malicious. I bet it’s because they

can’t. We’ve all
gone through this pandemic together.

Company profits are not going to be high.
Where is this money coming from to

pay these people if you don’t
pass on increased prices?

But if you do increase prices,
which most companies are, then that money

should go to the worker.

I guess this is again my very socialist
idea of an increase inflation should

not line the coffers of the rich leaders.

It should support the working class
so that they can compete with inflation.

Whereas companies don’t think that way.

Companies think in profits. I actually read
an article and it was an American thing.

And the guy said he’s been waiting for
a big jump in inflation so he can

raise prices and he’ll make tons of money.

implies I have no intent to even

consider the idea of
paying my workers more.

So 70% of small to mid-sized
firms have no plan to raise wages.

Small to mid-sized firms make up 99%
of the companies in Japan.

So yes, these big companies like
Toyota, they will probably raise wages of

their main companies.

But a lot of the stuff they actually
do is working with Toyota subsidiaries.

They are going to be
small to mid-sized firms.

Those companies are not raising their
wages. And again, I think because they

can’t right now.

They might be able to maybe one sort
of the economy settles and they’ve got

this new price structure.

They could then, but the problem is by
that time they’re like, well, i’m

making more money.

Why would I raise the wages
of the worker and lose money in my pocket?

And this is kind of like a working class,
ruling class kind of problem.

But one of the, a couple of
things I’ve learned about economics is the

strongest countries economically.

All the money is in the middle class.
And it’s because if you have all the

money focused in a small group
of billionaires, which is sort of what’s

happening in america.

When the economy has a problem when
it changes, they actually, because it’s

a small group, cannot spend
enough to fix the economy.

Like if I’m a billionaire and I
buy stuff, I’m really buying like even if I

buy like a supercars and yachts,
that doesn’t impact the economy the way it

would be if millions
of people started spending more on food.

So like if I have enough money, I
might buy higher quality food, I might buy

more food, I sort of
buy a lot more chocolate.

So it’s the flexibility the economy
depends on the middle class being strong.

So you actually want to get your poverty
group up into the lower middle class.

So they have money to spend so that
they start spending money because a

small group at the top who has all the
money actually can’t spend fast enough.

That’s the problem. Like that’s the
issue with the economy and having like a

small group of billionaires have all the
money because it means when there’s

like a downturn, there is no middle
class to support the economy anymore.

And you rich can’t spend enough or enough
variation to actually fix it.

So really we shouldn’t have billionaires
because billionaires it’s not that

they don’t want to they can’t
fix the economy. They don’t see a problem

because they’re going to be fine.

But when the world
collapses around them, I guess they move.

Ah fuck, I just want to get my drink.
My shoulder is ridiculous.

It’s probably going to be fine by tomorrow.
I accept I’m old. It’s probably

never going to be fine again.

God, I’m a sold hot water. It tastes great.


Anyways, that’s chocolate beef
tests, little Ted talk about the economy.

It’s very socialist sounding but
it’s actually because socialists, republics

and whatnot tend to
do better during economic downturns.

So the government is going to have a
debate going to they’ve actually been

talking about this for a long time.

They’re going to have a proper
debate about the low birth rate in Japan.

My guess is it’s
going to be a bunch of old

Japanese men in a
room talking about work.

And they have some good ideas but okay so
really they’re going to have a good time.

So you have to have
like koshita, the prime minister of Japan.

He has his son stand up and say, okay,
how do we get some d’s and some v’s?

You know what I’m saying?

Everyone else is like,
yeah, yeah, we know what you’re saying.

They start talking about economic support
for houses with children. Money is good.

But that’s after you have the kid.

So support is important because it helps
people with kids support their children.

It might make having children
more attractive to families and whatnot.

But that doesn’t get people
fucking, which is the core issue here.

How do we get more people to fuck
and have a baby and then like have that

baby come out and they take care of it?

And so that’s their issue is
always they actually tend to focus on the

economic aspects of it.

And I’m not saying that’s not important.
That’s actually incredibly important.

They should do as much as possible
to support women especially because it

has to be women who want
to work and have a family.

So like flexible work hours, work
times maybe like half shifts for jobs and

you have two higher two women to do it.

So one in the morning, one
in the afternoon so they can like swap off.

All that kind of thing flex
hours are really important.

But that doesn’t get a d in a v.

So where does the d come from?

And it’s the work, man.

Where do Japanese penises come
from is a phrase I didn’t think I was going

to be saying today.

The d is in the man. It’s not in the man.

If you don’t understand physiology,
you would know it’s not inside the man.

But well, if I had a touch pad
thing, I would draw a human male right now

and explain where the penis is but I don’t.

So you’re not going to get that.

The d is connected to the man and the
work culture in Japan has the man at

work 90% of the time.

And I’ve said fairly regularly
that this work life balance, this work

culture in Japan is the core
issue that they do not want to deal with

because that is what
sustaining the economy or so they think.

The economy in the world has changed.

And I know there’s a lot of
people who go to work, like I know a lot of

Japanese businessmen and they’re
like you can’t leave until the boss leaves.

But that means if you’re done
your work for the day, you just sit there

until the boss leaves.

You’re getting
paid, you’re probably salary.

You’re surfing the Internet,
you’re looking like you’re working.

And then the boss leaves you can leave.

That’s Japanese work culture. 408 00:22:28,000 –> 00:-22:-10,-280 and it’s very
problematic because it means my life is work, my life is not 409 00:-22:-10,-280

–> 00:-22:-4,-200 family and my life is not time with my partner, which is
how you end up with 410 00:-22:-4,-200 –> 00:22:42,000 some ds and some v’s.

So where does the d come from?

It actually comes from being available and energetic. 413 00:22:52,000 –> 00:-21:-46,-570 no time off
means you have no energy. A lot of Japanese businessmen you talk 414 00:-21:-46,-570 –> 00:22:58,000

to, let me go like what do you do on your day off? 415 00:22:58,000 –> 00:-21:-41,-950 basically I
sleep the whole day because I’m so tired from the entire work 416 00:-21:-41,-950 –> 00:23:03,000 week.

So you need energy and that requires sort of recharge time. 418 00:23:08,000 –> 00:-21:-31,-790 you need free time so you can spend time with a
partner and form an actual 419 00:-21:-31,-790 –> 00:23:14,000 connection with them. 420 00:23:14,000 –> 00:-21:-26,-290 so that the v wants

the d in it so that you want to put the d in the v 421 00:-21:-26,-290 –> 00:23:20,000 because you have an actual relationship. 422 00:23:20,000
–> 00:-21:-16,-970 so much so that you actually want to produce a new baby which may have a d 423 00:-21:-16,-970 –> 00:23:28,000 or a v.

I think maybe
I’ve stretched this premise to its limit.

So I believe that it should be wages and time off. 426 00:23:37,000 –> 00:-20:-59,-550 I think the best way to increase the birth rate would be to essentially go 427 00:-20:-59,-550 –> 00:23:46,000 to a four day work
week. 428 00:23:46,000 –> 00:-20:-55,-710 if you want to work these long hours during the day that’s fine but a four 429 00:-20:-55,-710 –> 00:-20:-51,-610 day work week with the same salary, no salary drop, which

means people would 430 00:-20:-51,-610 –> 00:23:57,000 be very happy to take that day off. 431 00:23:57,000 –> 00:-20:-42,-910 and then they’d actually spend some time with their family in a invigorated 432 00:-20:-42,-910
–> 00:24:04,000 state which is very important for the d. 433 00:24:04,000 –> 00:-20:-35,-710 now they might pay attention to their partner which is very important for 434 00:-20:-35,-710 –> 00:24:09,000 the v.

And then you might get more babies. 436 00:24:11,000
–> 00:-20:-27,-350 it’s a long term prospect

though. It’s not something that’s going to happen 437
00:-20:-27,-350 –> 00:24:17,000 quickly or over it.

But they’ve been struggling
with this for years.

The population decline in Japan has been constant.
440 00:24:22,000 –> 00:-20:-16,-790 and it’s in

the news constantly and they keep trying to figure
out what to 441 00:-20:-16,-790 –> 00:24:28,000 do.

And it’s basically they’re just like well give more money to families. 443 00:24:30,000 –> 00:-20:-11,-950 I’m
like but you’re not the problem is you’re not making the family in the 444 00:-20:-11,-950 –> 00:24:33,000 first

place. 445 00:24:33,000 –> 00:-20:-7,-600 if you’re not making the family in the first place giving those families
446 00:-20:-7,-600 –> 00:24:40,000 more money isn’t going to solve the problem of not enough d’s in not enough.

These in not enough v’s.

Last or we have no
creepy guy story this week.

I should maybe make a sad sound for that last one. It’s rare. 450 00:24:55,000 –> 00:-19:-45,-780 I think maybe the ones that happened this week I just did
not find 451 00:-19:-45,-780 –> 00:25:00,000 interesting enough. 452 00:25:00,000 –> 00:-19:-40,-330 but we are talking about covid last or they’re saying

in spring they’re 453 00:-19:-40,-330 –> 00:25:06,000 going to downgrade covid to flu status. 454 00:25:06,000 –> 00:-19:-34,-310 so right now it’s a class
two virus or sickness and it’s going to be brought 455 00:-19:-34,-310 –> 00:25:15,000 down to class five because the death rate has dropped significantly.

Which means you’re not going to have to wear masks indoors. 457 00:25:19,000 –> 00:-19:-22,-730 you already
don’t have to wear masks outdoors. So essentially you don’t have 458 00:-19:-22,-730 –> 00:25:22,000

to wear masks. 459 00:25:22,000 –> 00:-19:-18,-960 and I was talking to some of my coworkers and
stuff and I was like well are 460 00:-19:-18,-960 –> 00:25:27,000 you going to stop and I was like.

Personally I’m going to wear a mask on the train for sure. 462 00:25:30,000
–> 00:-19:-9,-470 just probably in perpetuity probably from most

of the time from now on all 463 00:-19:-9,-470 –> 00:25:40,000 wear
mask on the train unless covid just becomes a non entity after a while.

Because viruses do often tend to die out. They tend to just sort of stop. 465 00:25:47,000 –> 00:-18:-53,-170 probably if I was like downtown or something I might wear a mask when i’m 466 00:-18:-53,-170 –> 00:25:54,000 walking around in our office it’ll be on and off. 467 00:25:54,000 –> 00:-18:-46,-550 I’ll keep one with me. We do have a lot of coworkers who cough
a lot and i’m 468 00:-18:-46,-550 –> 00:26:00,000 not confident that they’re not sick. 469 00:26:00,000 –> 00:-18:-40,-780 so I would probably wear it then I’m going to wear a mask during allergy 470 00:-18:-40,-780 –> 00:26:05,000 season probably all day. 471 00:26:05,000 –> 00:-18:-36,-330 it’s just good. I’ve actually gotten to the point where now it’s good

that 472 00:-18:-36,-330 –> 00:-18:-33,-710 if we don’t have to wear a mask and I choose to wear a mask it’s not going 473 00:-18:-33,-710 –> 00:26:12,000 to like be a thing. 474 00:26:12,000 –> 00:-18:-27,-300 I think before if I wore a mask before the pandemic because it was common in 475 00:-18:-27,-300 –> 00:-18:-24,-800 Japan it’s common in Asia to wear a
mask during allergy season or when you 476 00:-18:-24,-800 –> 00:26:20,000 have a cold. 477 00:26:20,000 –> 00:-18:-21,-560 but it would have been like what’s wrong with you what’s going on to just 478 00:-18:-21,-560 –> 00:-18:-17,-300 now it’s just going to be like he’s got allergies or someone around him 479 00:-18:-17,-300 –> 00:26:28,000 maybe coughed once.

So he’s wearing a mask to be safe. 481 00:26:30,000 –> 00:-18:-9,-970 so I actually like that because it’s become now more of a choice without any 482 00:-18:-9,-970 –> 00:-18:-6,-810 stigma attached to it at all and I don’t have to explain it because I hate 483 00:-18:-6,-810 –> 00:26:40,000 explaining why I’m wearing
stuff. 484 00:26:40,000 –> 00:-17:-59,-350 I hate explaining my choices because they’re my choices just leave me alone. 485 00:-17:-59,-350 –> 00:26:47,000 that’s actually my feeling about a lot of stuff. 486 00:26:47,000 –> 00:-17:-53,-750 the problem is when you actually look at the facts we’re sort of in our 487

00:-17:-53,-750 –> 00:-17:-49,-330 eighth wave in Japan it’s it’s really up and down the numbers are really 488 00:-17:-49,-330 –> 00:26:56,000 really up and down every day. 489 00:26:56,000 –> 00:-17:-43,-450 but we are having a record number of daily deaths and that’s maybe from 490 00:-17:-43,-450 –> 00:27:03,000
actually the last wave seven. 491 00:27:03,000 –> 00:-17:-38,-620 it’s people have had covid for a long time and their bodies just giving out 492 00:-17:-38,-620 –> 00:27:07,000 might be a lot of older people. 493 00:27:07,000 –> 00:-17:-33,000 they didn’t get into the demographics or statistics but technically speaking

we are now in a record
number of deaths for covid.

What a horrible way to end a podcast.

Optimistically so I want to end on a positive note if I can. 497
00:27:24,000 –> 00:-17:-15,-440 if we don’t have to wear a mask I

plan to grow a beard again which some 498 00:-17:-15,-440 –>
00:27:33,000 members of the community have said my beard is amazing.

Some don’t like it. 500 00:27:34,000 –> 00:-17:-6,-350 the people I what I found is it’s
very divisive. People who like the beard 501 00:-17:-6,-350 –> 00:27:40,000 absolutely

adore the beard. 502 00:27:40,000 –> 00:-16:-59,-590 the thing is the best thing ever. People
who don’t like the beard absolutely 503 00:-16:-59,-590 –> 00:27:45,000 hate the beard.

But that strong positive reaction is enough for me to want to grow. 505 00:27:50,000 –> 00:-16:-50,-920 I usually before I would grow a beard every winter
and then shave it off and 506 00:-16:-50,-920 –> 00:27:55,000 then growing you another beard. 507 00:27:55,000 –> 00:-16:-45,-600 it’s been a couple of

years because the mask when I found I was wearing the 508 00:-16:-45,-600 –> 00:28:01,000 mask the beard didn’t work out so well. 509 00:28:01,000 –>
00:-16:-33,-160 so yeah the positive aspect of covid being downgraded is that your friend, 510 00:-16:-33,-160 –> 00:28:15,000 Chuck mcviv-test, may grow a beard.