Arrested Citizen

(upbeat music)

It’s a company called Hollow
Live and they produce VTubers.

So VTubers, I mean if I watch
some, it’s people play video games

and they have, instead
of putting like my ugly mug

on the screen, they
put on a cute anime girl.

I actually had the idea, I don’t
think it was particularly original,

of using a cute anime
VTuber girl, instead of my face.

And then just, but not
altering my voice or anything.

So it’s like clearly 50 year
old man’s voice, cute anime girl.

Oh, the discrepancy between
my feelings of what I’m hearing

and what I’m seeing, the emotional
discord is too much for me.

Didn’t do it ’cause
didn’t have the software

to make the hollow thing
and the skills and the talent,

which is usually the problem I
run into is lacking skills and talent.

But Hollow Live the company
had record profits this year.

Then income of 2.3 billion
yen, which is a 162% increase,

which makes it very clear
that I should have done the idea.

I’ve had a lot of ideas
and I don’t do them.

And I think like, it’s
’cause it’s a dumb idea.

And then I realize the dumb ideas

are how people make money.

I mean, a lot of people
are making a lot of money

doing often things that I wouldn’t
do because I consider it stupid.

I’m not against VTubers.

I’m actually thinking more like other,

like prank videos and stuff.

VTubers are fine.

I never wanted to put my face on screen.

That actually is why I wanted to do
a, I was tempted to do a VTuber thing.

They had 1.65 billion yen in
profit, which is 154% increase.

1.65 billion reasons why I
should have done the thing

I was thinking in the first place.

I guess I’m not being
produced by Hollow Live.

They get advertising
and promotion and stuff

and they cross promote.

Still, maybe they would have
picked me up if I had done a good job.

They have 51.23 million subscribers.

That’s up 16.7%.

I have three more than the
last time I made a podcast.

304 million views per… No, no.

304 million yen per VTubers.

That’s, I guess, I’m an average.

It’s not like every VTubers
making the same amount of money.

They’re gonna have the most popular
ones and then the least popular ones.

That’s the end I would be in.

Still, 51.23 million subs in Japan,

28.12 million subs from
English-speaking countries.

They just grouped them up because
it’s gonna be like the UK and I mean,

it’s interesting to know
that a huge percentage

of their following or
actually English speakers

’cause most of the
Hollow Live, not all,

but most of the Hollow
Live VTubers are Japanese.

So they’re speaking in Japanese,

but some of them are actually
hired as English speakers.

9.3 million subs in Indonesia.

So basically, if I could get this podcast

to be popular in Indonesia
by being cuter, I could get 9.

3 million subs and then I
actually quit my day job.

So let’s just be clear that in Indonesia,

Japan will be shifting to a
VTuber format from now on.

Audio only listeners, you might like,
“Well, I won’t notice the difference

’cause I don’t see your
dumb face anyways.

” Well, I have a natural
ability to do a very cute voice.

It’s kind of like stitched
from Zililo or instead,

and you might think I’m
using a voice changer,

“I’m not, I can just
do this naturally.

” And I can do it for the entire podcast,
which I’m pretty sure you would hate

with every fiber of your
being, but the enjoyable part is I

can use this voice, and I can
say horrible, horrible things.

And because it doesn’t
strain my throat at

all, I can just keep
going so I can talk about

pushing their head down and
choking the life out of them

and watching the life
drain from their eyes.

The satisfaction I’ll get
isn’t the last moment of their

existence when they realize
they aren’t coming back.

So that’s something to look forward to.

So this is a first in Japan.

It’s a first arrest.

I’m actually one of the things I enjoy
the most about doing this podcast

and talking about the
news is being aware of firsts.

Firsts are really important.

This is the first arrest in Japan

for installing malicious
code into a shopping website.

So this is light skimming, so you
know when they take a machine

and they put it on a bang machine, so
you put in your ATM, you put in the card,

it’ll skim your card, and then when you
put in your pen, it keeps trying the pen.

So they can get all your information.

This is called web skimming.

They go into a legitimate shopping site.

So Amazon, in Japan,
Maricari, something like that,

you skim the information so it’ll
take off your credit card information

and anything you put in there.

This is a violation of the installment sales
act, which is a lie I’d never heard of.

Don’t actually even know what it, I could
have looked it up, but I didn’t bother.

Basically, they hacked into
a ticket sales site in 2022,

so like a ticket master,
that kind of thing.

They hacked into the site,
they put in their malicious

code and they were
pulling credit card numbers

off that site for an
entire year, basically.

Police found credit
card info on the dark web.

This is another interesting
thing that you learn

is that the police are
monitoring the dark web.

So they’re basically on the
dark web, looking for credit

card information, looking
for all this other stuff.

And there you go.

It’s pretty impressive.

I think that’s it, ’cause
I almost thought like,

maybe I got some malicious
things on my credit card.

I reported to the police

and then the police open investigation.

This is the police in Japan
being active about trying

to track down credit cards
and things on the dark web.

Well, I found that very interesting.

The most dangerous aspect of this is
that you are going to a legitimate site.

So you’re going to an Amazon,
you’re going to ticket master,

you’re going to some site
that you know is a real website,

you went to the website,
there’s no fishing involved.

Usually scams on the Internet is like,

hey, I’ll send you an email, come to this
website and then put in your information.

This is you saying, I’m gonna type in
the actual name of the website I know.

Go to that website, I go to that website

and then I put in my
information and it gets stolen.

So that’s a bit scary.

Websites are going to
have to figure this out.

The police then open an investigation
and a man has been arrested

and this is the first arrest
for web skimming in Japan.

I don’t know about other countries.

This is one of the hard parts is because
I focus exclusively on Japanese news.

I don’t get like, it’s the first in Japan.

Is it common elsewhere?

How many court cases has been?

I’d like to look into it
as just time limits me

to focusing on one thing
and that one thing is Japan.

But here’s another first for Japan.

So last week we had a citizens
arrest YouTuber get arrested.

So again, this was another
thing I’d learned about.

I didn’t know that citizens
arrest YouTubers were a thing.

We had the Johnny Somalis in the all foreign
people coming here and causing trouble.

That was pretty common.

I understood that as a concept.

Citizens arrest YouTubers
are people who go and try to

find people doing bad things
and then do a citizens arrest.

A lawyer has come out and talked about
it and said the accusation is defamation.

So if you make an accusation, so
you accuse me of committing a crime,

that is defamation if I haven’t
actually committed that crime.

If there’s no crime, if there’s no proof.

Showing my face on camera
and I haven’t committed a crime

is also against the launch of
panic, but against privacy laws.

The lawyer clarified when a
citizen’s arrest is appropriate.

So this was part of the inner thing.

I found interesting.

‘Cause when can you
actually do a citizen’s arrest?

We have all this idea.

Like you just walk up
to someone and you go,

citizens arrest and that’s
supposed to mean something.

Well, of course it doesn’t really.

In Japan, so again, this
is the rules for Japan.

You’re in a different country.

The rules will be
different in your country.

If you actually ever
want to do a citizen’s

arrest, this is something
you should look into.

‘Cause if you cross a line,
you are now committing a crime.

And that’s something
important to think about.

The lawyer has clarified when
a citizen’s arrest is appropriate.

So the crime has to be in progress.

So this guy who was making accusations.

So last week, the citizens
arrest YouTuber said,

this girl in the street,
she’s scalping tickets.

She’s reselling tickets.

She wasn’t reselling tickets.

So the crime wasn’t in progress.

So he actually wouldn’t have been able
to make a citizen’s arrest there already.

You must immediately hand
the person over to the police.

So this citizen’s arrest guy, he’s like,

ah, I’m gonna video it
and put it on my YouTube

and get a sensationalized
video out of it.

He’s actually breaking the law by
not immediately going to the police.

So take the person,
take them to the police.

You could still be liable
for assault if it goes too far.

So let’s say they try to run away and you
grab them and they fall down and get hurt.

You could be liable
for assault in that case.

If they do not resist and you
like push them, that is also assault.

So physical interaction in
a citizen’s arrest in Japan

is problematic because they basically have
to fight you and you have to fight back.

Being a foreigner who lives in Japan,

I actually have an extra
set of rules I have to live by.

I essentially cannot fight back.

If a Japanese citizen attacks me, I
cannot defend myself, I can only run away.

If I fight back, I am
actually breaking the law.

I will probably get my visa revoked.

Realistically speaking, if someone was
attacking me and I just pushed them away,

like didn’t actually fight them or hurt
them, I probably would be okay with that.

I like the police wouldn’t
give me a hard time for that.

But if I fought back and
actually hurt another person

in a Japanese citizen, I actually probably
would get in trouble for that as well.

They would get in trouble, but I would
also get in trouble for defending myself.

So that’s, again, it’s the
kind of thing you need to know

is when is it acceptable
to defend yourself?

Because the most extreme cases
are Florida’s standard ground laws.

And if I am standing still and someone
walks towards me, I’m allowed to shoot them.

That’s a pretty extreme rule,
but you have to know that.

So if you turn around and walk away,
is that okay, is it still threatening?

These are all things you need to know.

We’ve seen the court cases that doesn’t
always work out the way it’s supposed to.

Posting the video online
afterwards is also defamation.

Because the person has not gone to court,

because they haven’t
been convicted of a crime,

because they’re not technically guilty
until they have been convicted of a crime.

They are in that case, in
a sense until proven guilty,

which means if you put
the video on the Internet

before it’s proven guilty,
you are slandering them.

You are committing a crime.

The mayor of Togo, Togo
is a small city in Japan.

During his meetings, he said to his staff,

I’ll kill you guys or die,
which, as the leader of a group,

I think that’s not really the
appropriate way to speak to people.

So maybe that’s just
a clear one right there.

During meetings, he
said, I’ll kill you guys or die.

And then he came back later
after a whole bunch of people

complained, he said, I was
making the comments as a joke.

I was in a temp to light in the mood.

Now, here’s an interesting thing.

An attempt to lighten the mood.

Now, I understand jokes.

I actually work with other people.

We make jokes, we make fun of each other.

It has to be pretty light.

If I went into the office
tomorrow and I went to my team

and I went, hey, you
guys, I want you all to die.

That would not lighten the mood.

Even if it wasn’t joke, it
would not lighten the mood.

It would be a pretty heavy joke.

So there’s two possibilities.

One, the mayor of Togo
doesn’t know what a joke is.

Or number two, which
is the more likely one.

He was angry and he
didn’t actually mean it.

He actually meant to say
like a die, not maybe literally,

but he was like really angry and
saying, you guys should go die.

And he wasn’t making
a joke, which I think is

the more likely one of
him being really honest.

He also hugged a female staff member
who was wearing sort of a mascot costume.

And that is a form of sexual harassment
because he did not accept the hug.

His response to that accusation
was it could have been a guy.

So since I didn’t know if it
was a guy or a girl in the suit,

it couldn’t have been sexual harassment
because men cannot be sexually harassed.

This is the very classic
heteronormative thing.

If I hug a girl, that could
be sexual harassment

because I’m sexually
attracted to her.

If I hug a man, it can’t be
because I’m not attracted to him.

It’s actually interesting.

This is again, a mindset.

What you think as the
harasser doesn’t matter.

It’s actually the harassee,
how they feel is what matters.

So if you walk up to me and
just hug me and I don’t like it,

that is sexual harassment.

The mayor got in
trouble, had to get up on

TV, had to do a very
classic Japanese thing.

He had to apologize.

He didn’t really take any responsibility.

Normally in these cases,
you would step down.

He is saying he’s not going to step down.

He’s going to continue.

He’s apologizes for the words.

He apologizes for the thing he said.

He’s going to do a better job.

I don’t believe it.

I think two weeks from now, he’s
going to be back telling his staff to die.

And then he’s actually
going to get in trouble again.

And then probably get fired.

A company executive was
arrested for dumping 50 kilograms

of P in bottles, which I don’t–
OK, yeah, this is what I don’t get.

So he had 37 plastic bottles.

And I was trying to work out
how many plastic bottles do

you need to make
50 kilos? So it’s 37.

So are they 500 millimeter
bottles or 750 milliliters?

One liter bottles?

I didn’t take the time to find out, because
we don’t know if they were all full.

So he said he used to dump
them in a park in the bushes

in a park for several years.

So for several years, he
was peeing into bottles,

carrying to a park, and then
throwing them in the bushes.


So someone else had to be
picking these up and throwing away.

Otherwise, there’d be this giant
mountain of P bottles in the park.

He recently decided that that was too
much trouble going all the way to the park.

So he started dumping them
around his own apartment.

This is, of course, the
poor criminals methodology.

If you’re going to commit a
crime, don’t be lazy about him.

Like, is there a crime?

Yes, littering, just the plastic bottles.

But I’m sure human excrement being included
in that he is also some other crime.

The thing is, he was in his
apartment, peeing in a bottle,

then carrying the bottle
outside and dumping the bottle,

carrying the bottle to the
park and dumping it in a bush.

That to me seems like more work
than getting up and going to the toilet.

So this was his statement.

I found it troublesome to go to the
bathroom at night, so I used bottles.

When I flushed the bottles
down, another pee down my toilet,

it gave off a bad smell, so
then I threw them away outside.

So what he’s saying is,
instead of getting up and walking

to the toilet to pee,
he would get up at

night, pee into a bottle,
put it on the ground.

Then, take the bottle to
the toilet and pour it in.

And he’s like, oh, that
smells bad, probably from the

bottle because of the
remaining pee in the bottle.

I don’t like that.

So instead of actually
dumping it in the toilet,

I’m going to take it
outside and throw it away.

He seems to escape the step
where he could have actually

still gotten up and gone
to the toilet and just

peed in the toilet, and
then slashes the toilet.

There would be no smell.

Like he seems to say that
the reason he was doing this

was because of the smell,
but if he wasn’t peeing

in the bottles in the
first, it’s just the logic.

The logic in his mind,
this makes perfect sense.

In my mind, I cannot
conceive of how this is easier

than just getting up
and going to the toilet.

Like, is he just not
even getting out of bed?

Is he rolling off to the side
and then peeing sort of half

and there will bottle and then
close it up and go to bed again?

I just don’t see how this system is easier.

Like, I get getting up at
night, going to the toilet sucks.

As you get older, maybe
you have to do it more often.

That also sucks.

Pying in a bottle, disposing of the
bottle just seems like more work to me.

That’s it.

If someone could explain
to me, I’d love to hear it.

This guy, he’s given his explanation.

His explanation does make any sense to me.

I think it would be easier to
just get up and go to the toilet.

So Takafumi Hoteiye.

He’s the founder of LiveDoor.

It was a big website in Japan for a while.

Then he lost it because
of securities fraud.

He decided to take a stand.

So this is obviously a very
famous business manager.

Pan, famous business men get listened
to because they’re very important.

They made a lot of money.

If you have a lot of money,
you’re very important.

That’s an important thing.

He decided to take a stand about
Japan using mosaics and porn.

And it’s like, at this point,
is that worth taking a stand?

Oh, Dave’s going to bed.

He’s going to take a pause
and let Dave go to bed.

There you go, buddy. Good stuff.

Mainly, I understand his logic.

So the last guy I didn’t get the logic.

Hoteiye, at least in this case,
I understand what he’s saying.

He’s saying, because the
Internet is basically open

to the world, it lets you
visit non-Japanese sites.

So if I’m in Japan, it’s very tight.

If I go to a non-Japanese
pornographic website

and look at the uncensored
pornography, that’s a crime.

I’m not supposed to do that.

But since I have the ability to
do that, as does everyone else.

And we’re not really being
monitored that closely.

Basically, anyone can go see
uncensored porn even if you live in Japan.

So he’s saying, for the
sake of Japan’s economy,

because all these people
are visiting overseas sites

and not Japanese pornographic
sites, all the taxes those companies pay.

Because they’re doing
advertising and doing

some kind of revenue
to keep those sites going.

They are paying taxes.

Of course, we all know corporations.

This is stuff we’re not honest.

Hoteiye certainly knows that
because he committed securities fraud.

But they are paying a
certain amount of taxes.

He’s saying those taxes are going to
other countries, and not our country.

And we have superior porn.

If you go back to an old
episode of Seamig Bee,

where we talked about the
porn hub breakdown of the year,

what we were talking about
was the most popular categories.

Japanese was always in the top three.

So he’s like, people love Japanese porn.

We’re not getting the
taxes from Japanese porn.

This is damaging the Japanese economy.

His statement was the
national wealth is bleeding.

Tax money is being drained away.

I’m being serious.

It’s always a problem when
you have to say I’m being serious.

If I’m being serious, you
should know I’m being serious.

I shouldn’t have to tell you.

If I had to tell you what
I’m being or feeling in

any moment, I’m probably
not doing a very good job.

But I guess it’s because he’s talking
about something that’s kind of ludicrous.

It’s a silly, funny topic.

The porn in Japan is covered in mosaics.

We shouldn’t do that for tax
purposes and make more money.

But he is actually serious.

Japan could be making
more money off their

pornographic output if
they took away the mosaics.

I’m being serious.

I mean, we’re all watching videos without
the mosaic anyways with the mosaic removed.

So he’s saying like everyone is watching,
even Japanese pornography, but they’re

watching it on other websites, international
websites, where there is no mosaic.

So why don’t we just take away
the mosaic and get that money?

Which I kind of understand.

Like I mean, logically
speaking, he is making sense.

Japan’s putting itself– it
is producing pornography.

It is very popular.

They are not making the
money they could be making off it.

Why not make the money off it?

Because that money would
stimulate part of the economy in Japan.


Whenever you get to
talk about pornography

and get to use the word stimulate in a
non-related way, it’s always very satisfying.


First arrest in Japan.

I do enjoy first arrest.

It’s actually like–
this is to me, weirdly.

One of the things I
take great pleasure in is

knowing when a first
has happened in Japan.

Because I followed the news very closely.

This first arrest in Japan was from installing
malicious code into shopping websites.

So it’s a kind of skimming.

So you know like on machines,
you put a bank machine,

and then people will try
to put a skimmer on it.

So when you put your
card in, it reads the card,

and then it keeps track
of your pin or whatever.

This is the same theory.

It’s web skimming.

So what they did is found a legitimate
shopping site installed code on the site.

Stop yapping.

I think you’re missing the
whole point of a podcast.

if you really want me to stop yapping.

I mean, quite legitimately, I think
you’ve come to the wrong place.

This is literally a news podcast.

What is wrong with you?

A podcast is just yapping.

Yeah, but then your first
message was stop yapping.

So why would I stop?

I think you’re, I think I’m doing the right
thing and you’re doing the wrong thing.

I think you’re in the wrong place.

If I’m being really, really honest,

I think maybe you’re confused
as to what’s going on here.

What’s not stopping me from
sending stop yapping message?

What’s not stopping me?

What’s not stopping me from not
sending a stop yapping message?

Well, nothing’s stopping you.

I mean, honestly, nothing.

You can send that message.

It just seems pointless because then
you’re just interrupting the podcast.

I mean, is that what you want?


Yeah, I’m from America, boy.

I have the rights to give my America
and I have the right to give my opinion.

I am also from North America.

I’m Kenna and I have the right
to block you, which I just did.

Oh my God.

Look at that.

Look at how successful that was.

You came in, you tried to be disruptive.

I blocked you.

I could have banned you.

Now you don’t, I don’t want to ban you.

I want you now and I have the knowledge
that you can still see this stream.

But you can’t send stupid messages anymore.

How does that feel?

So I’m going to go back
and I’m going to actually

start this story again
without the interruption.

So transition sound
and then we’re back to it.


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It’s got a lot of updates.

Before I actually do that, we
have just started my summer break.

The kids around summer
break for like a month.

My work is me two weeks off.

So next week, this is the first day.

So I was able to record today
because basically nothing’s happened yet.

We haven’t organized anything yet.

But next week, I don’t
know if I’m going to get

an episode out or I
might get one out later.

I’m going to try.

I don’t know.

It’s a holiday and I don’t
feel obligated to entertain you.

That’s just the straight-up truth.

Now if I can entertain
you, I would love to do that.

The reality is, am I not?

Anyways, two weeks from now,
there will be a regular episode.

It will be back on.

It will be all awesome.

I’ve actually just inadvertently
implied that the holiday episode

I record will not be awesome,
but I’m sure it will be fine.

So let’s get to some updates.

I’m just letting you
know that maybe your

free entertainment may
not be available next week.

It may be.

Maybe if you pray
hard enough to the right

God, I will have enough
time to do the thing.

And then record it for you.

Now I don’t want to start.

I want to berate you in a
weird way to the point where

you now feel obligated
to pray to some annoying…

You’ve been playing Assassin’s
Creed Valhalla, so I think Odin.

Odin might be the guy before.

I’ve always been a big fan of Thor, both
the original version and the MCU version.

God, Chris Hemsworth’s body.

I know it’s all fake
because he’s he’s Jack

downstairs, but I’m damn
with that man takes his shirt off.

I respond and I’m a heterosexual male.

Still kind of respond to that in a
positive way if you know what I’m saying.

Alright, so I actually do the podcast now.

That wasn’t too much of a distraction.

I got to put on updates,
which I’m pretty happy about.

Last week, I talked about barbinheimer.

So that was the hashtag
that they came out

because Barbie and the
Oppenheimer movie are

coming out the same day and everyone’s
like, “Oh, we’ll make a double feature.

It’s so quirky and
ironic because one’s

super light comedy fun movie, the
other one’s very heavy and serious.”

I created the barbinheimer hashtag.

Now, Barbie is coming out in Japan.

Oppenheimer currently is not
slated to be released in Japan.

The Warner Brothers Japanese account issued
an apology for the barbinheimer hashtag as

it being relatively, you know, instant, not
instant seer, insensitive to, you know, the

historical reality of
what’s happened in Japan.

The Internet being the Internet, Internet
citizens were not super happy about that.

Internet people are always classy.

Let’s put it that way.

I spent a lot of time on the Internet,
stream, video games, do podcasts.

I spent a lot of time on
the Internet just for fun.

Yeah, I’ve run across some of
the joyous aspects of the Internet.

Always classy, always fair, always honest.

So in retaliation to
the lack of apology from

the American Barbie account, that’s
very specific is what they’re doing.

Because the Japanese account apologized
and they said, “That’s not good enough.

The American Barbie account is still
not acknowledging that this is insensitive.

It’s still not acknowledging
how gross this is.”

So because what they
were doing, if you go

in search barbinheimer,
you will find Barbie.

The one I found the first one,
which I did actually think was

pretty solid, was Barbie with
her hair as a mushroom cloud.

Okay, and it’s all pink.

The Internet was like, “Japanese” and
it was like, “We could play this game too.”

So they started shopping?

I guess shipping might
not be the right word.

I was about to say photo
shopping, which is the right word.

But then I thought maybe they’re
shipping to use some younger parlance.

9/11 images in Barbie
pink or with Barbie

overlaid or things like that, creating
their own memes in retaliation.

I don’t know how I feel about that.

I didn’t care about
barbinheimer because, sure,

whatever, people are putting
two disparate things together.


I didn’t take it too seriously,
but again, I’m not Japanese.

I mean, people are also like,
“You gotta be able to talk about it.”

But again, I guess it
is for them, it’s serious.

My feelings on it, I’m
torn, is what I’m saying.

I find the 9/11 memes they’ve made in
portace, but at the same time I find the whole

barbinheimer thing in
sort of in portace as well.

I do understand the marketing of it.

Those people jumping on, like,
“Hey, this memes happened.

It’s promoting both our films.

Let’s get on that.”.

I get why that happened.

I guess I just live in a real
world where gross things happen

and you kind of just let it go so
you can move on, move past it.

Not so for Japanese people in this case.

Not, I don’t want these people to
say that this is Japanese people.

They don’t represent all of Japan.

Most people in Japan
probably don’t even

know this is going on because
it is very much an Internet thing.

I talked previously about a YouTuber who
was playing essentially a visual novel, a

Stein’s Gate visual
novel and he spoiled the

ending and they sued
him because they’re saying

that this is giving away
the ending of a story.

Therefore people are
going to be less likely

to pay for that story
in the future if you

spoiled the ending
because people the whole

point of doing one of these
things is to get to the ending.

He wants two years in prison plus
like a million years or something.

And they said that
he must be punished

severely to prevent the
decline of the content industry.

The verdict came out yesterday,
but hasn’t been announced yet.

I was looking for it this morning.

It being August 8th as I recorded this.

So the verdict was supposed
to be brought down August 7th.

I don’t think he’s going
to get two years in prison.

But I could see a hefty fine.

Prosecutors being
prosecutors, they always ask

for massive, massive punishments
and they’re going to get less than that.

I think that’s kind of the strategy.

But yeah, it is
interesting that this visual

novel has had such an impact because to
me visual novels are really small things.

But again, it’s a whole industry in Japan.

People pay a lot of money for these things.

So ruining it for other people,
you’re ruining it for the company.

They’re going to take you to
court and I think they’re going to win.

So this was a very interesting development.

Over the last, it’s probably
like five, six months.

Sushi terrorism has been an ongoing theme.

There was the kid and he drank
from the soy sauce bottle directly.

So he licked it and stuff.

Then you put it back.

Other people use that
disgusting that went viral.

His friend recorded it
put it on the Internet.

Now these were just kids.

They were doing dumb stuff and recording
it and putting it on the Internet.

There was some other
kids who were licking and

touching the Sushi that was
going by on the conveyor belt.

Sushi, the conveyor
belt Sushi company is

saying like we had to change
our entire system because of this.

Our stocks dropped billions of yen.

This has cost us so much money.

We’re suing the kid.

They wanted they were suing
the family because he’s underage.

So they actually have to
sue the mom for 67 million yen.

I can guarantee that this person does not
have 67 million yen just in liquid assets,

they were able to spend on the fact
that his son licked a soy sauce container.

They have reached a settlement but
released no details, which is killing me.

Because I think what’s
happened is the company,

Sushi, they wanted
to make a lot of noise.

They wanted to make
sure everyone knows that

if you do this and we
catch you, we’re going

to come after you and they
took it all the way to the limit.

Then they said, look,
we don’t actually want

to ruin this lady’s
life for the fact that

her son, a teenager,
is just a bit of an idiot.

Every teenager is,
I was, might still be

sometimes, but I absolutely
was a bit of a dick and

an asshole in a dummy when
I was like 16, 17 years old.

The boy admitted
responsibility and they

have reached a reasonable
agreement, is what they’ve said.

I do want to know what the
reasonable agreement is, but because

he’s underage, I bet no
details are going to be released.

But I’m betting they got
to pace enough money

that it hurts the family, but
doesn’t ruin them completely.

Or there’s a payment
plan or something like that.

They’re not going to
take all 67 million yet.

This was just a show to stop other
people from doing the same thing.

I think.

And I think that’s
actually a fair thing to do

because Sushi does, they
got lawyers on retainer.

They can do this forever.

They can try, if she tried to
fight back, they could ruin her life.

Not being reasonable, normal human beings.

They decided not to
go that far, but they

still want to get the
message out there that

if this happens again,
we will go that far.

Try to think is a very
fair thing to be able to do.

It’s got to add on.

I’m actually quite happy
Sushi Rho didn’t fuck him.

They could have.

And you think of corporate people.

I think this is again a
Western image of corporate

people just being like absolute
bastards, ruining people’s lives were fun.

In Japan, yeah, they’ll go far,
but I think the level is different.

The attitude is different
and people are people still.

Like I’m sure there are
massive corporate assholes.

We actually have some other stories
going on that I didn’t actually write down.

There’s a car company
and they killed all the

trees outside of their
car dealership because

they were basically the trees were
obstructing your ability to see the cars.

Of course, all that’s illegal.

And then they got pulled up on getting in
trouble for scamming and lying and stuff.

That’s pretty standard
car dealership stuff.

It’s a bit shady as far
as an industry goes.

It has a reputation for a reason.

But I would say the
average executive maybe

is dumb in the way executives
are, but is not a complete asshole.

From what I’ve seen on the
Internet, I don’t know these people.

I don’t run in those circles.

I know that the president of JAL for the
last like 10 years has not taken a salary.

He literally said, I’ve made enough money.

I can survive for the rest of my life.

I will not take a salary.

I just want to make this business
the best business it can be.

You’ll support the workers and stuff.

So all the money he
would have made went

back into the company
into the employees and stuff.

And I thought, man, that’s awesome.

That is a completely
different form of corporate

thinking, which I can
get on board with.

And I guess maybe that’s also not
called, I don’t know which is more common.

Although Sushi Do in
this case didn’t go out

of their way to destroy a family just
because a kid was being a fucking idiot.

They did want to get a message
out, which I think they did successfully.

I’m going to have to
run my transition sound

again because I have
to get to the next story.

World Heritage Sites being
vandalized, is that like an Internet trend?

So we had the guy
vandalized the call of CO.

And then we had a kid named
Justin vandalized a temple in Japan.

And now I’ve read about two
more instances at the call of CO.

And the call of CO once, you
can get five years in prison for that.

Well, one of the most
famous temples, super

famous because I know
the name of the temple.

That’s how famous it is.

Not like I’m like a temple fan.

Toadaiji Temple was
vandalized with a picture

of a fairly poorly rendered cat, believed
to be scratched into a door by a finger.

Now, this is wood that is
literally thousands of years old.

So pushing your finger into
it is going to leave a Mark.

You don’t even have to use a nail.

Justin that little shit before, he actually
used his nail to scratch his name in.

Now I do want to give us some
credit to the vandal this time.

They didn’t write their name.

Actually, one of the
previous episodes I

was like, what you
should do is you’re going

to vandalize something
is don’t write your name.

Someone else’s name and then they’ll
be like, hey, Chuck, the beef chest.

Did you vandalize this?

I’m like, well, no, that says Brad Pitt.

So Brad Pitt must have been
here vandalizing it, not me.

So they drew a cat.

So unless a cat did
it, no, here’s the thing.

The height of the cat had like where
they did it was about 180 centimeters.

So I’m going to say,
let’s say someone who’s

slightly under six foot lifted
their arm up and drew a cat.

That’s how they got to 180 centimeters.

So the best we could say is this is someone
who is approximately six feet or so.

Because either they’re
six feet and they were

drawing at eye level
or they were less than

six feet and they were
drawing a little bit of

bum or they were like seven
feet and drawing but elite them.


So we could have a seven
foot vandal on our hands.

They’re not doing the
CSI stuff where they’re

taking footprints and
then calculating by

the impression of the footprint and
how heavy the person isn’t stuff like that.

But it seems like
because of those initial

reports, it’s now in the
mindset of people visiting

these places and it’s
being, it’s like a thing.

But the fines for this are hardcore.

So like again, the ones
in Italy, five years in

prison, a couple million
dollars or whatever.

I actually think it was like
a few hundred thousand

dollars, but a few
hundred thousand dollars.

I don’t have that.

I can’t pay that.

No one’s in the Japan.

It’s the same.

It’s like millions of yen
and possible jail time.

Absolutely not worth doing.

Like again, I want, if
I’m going to do a crime,

I want them to be a benefit
for me and my legacy is not it.

Like I want money.

If I’m going to commit a
crime, it’s going to be for money.

It’s not going to be so
that I become famous

because that kind of
fame isn’t what I need.

I need money.

I should have started
dropping in like ways

you could donate money
to you right after that.

I need money and then do the donation.

That actually would make sense.

Still not doing it.

I’m not going to come out here and beg.

Look, okay.

So you want to support the
engineers Japan, tell other

people to listen to it, get
other people to download it.

The rate review thing that actually
helps with algorithms and stuff.

I would love that.

I’m not even going to ask for that.

All I want is people who
are interested in it to listen.

And if you really, really want to make
me happy, send me questions and stuff.

So I have more things
to I can gain Gauge with.

So I can follow up on
stories or answer questions

about being in Japan or
my opinions or whatnot.

Your questions and
comments are easily the most

motivating factor to doing an
engineer’s Japan and see me.

So if you want to support the
podcast, don’t send me money.

I mean, send me money, but don’t
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That would be all right.

Because then you get
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But send me stuff that I can talk about
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That to me is the peak.

You can go to speak
and leave a voicemail, which I can

then drop into the episode
and then use as a segment.

So now that I’ve said that,
we’re going to move on.

This is maybe my pre
holiday begging for interaction.

Just a bit sad, isn’t it?

I’m so lonely.

16, 99% of people in their
30s and 40s never watch

Vtubers, which to me is
a surprisingly low number.

I actually would have thought hardly
anyone in their 30s and 40s never

watches Vtubers just because
Vtubers became a thing fairly recently.

So I would assume older
people aren’t aware of them.

It’s not like they hate them or something.

I consider doing this podcast as a
VTuber, but I just didn’t have anything

set up and by the time I started doing
video on Twitch and stuff, there was no

point and going through
another process to set it up.

Although I still think a
VTuber, a super cute anime girl

and me not changing my voice
at all would have been funny.

And then every time I say
that, people get this like shitty.

I had to lose been done before.

You want a list of things
that have been done before?

It’s fucking everything, man.

The only thing I can claim to be completely
original was Montana, L.D.A.B.L.O.

The audio podcast
choose your own adventure.

And the only thing, the only reason I think
that was original is because I may have

just been the first person to
organize it and put it together.

And it was a huge pain in the ass.

I have tentatively started working on
a second one, which hopefully would be

better, but sitting down and just writing
for hours and hours and hours is pretty.

Pretty hard to find that time in my life.

But that is probably, and then
even then, people will like, you know,

choose your own adventures
have been done before.

Adult ones that are supposed to
be funny have been done before.

It’s like, if you actually went by
things that have been done before,

there would be no reason to do anything.

And let’s face it, Montana, L.D.A.B.L.O.

It’s fucking better than
all the other ones anyways.

All right.

No, no, I’m not going to, I was going to
do this sound again and restart the story.

I’m not going to do that.

I’m just going to keep going.

I’m going to power through.

Okay, so people in their 30s
and 40s, one to two times a week,

13% watch V2 or three to four times
a week, four percent, every day, 14%.

It’s more men than women.

I think that’s just
generally on the Internet,

you tend to find more
men doing dumb shit.

watching V2 versus isn’t dumb.

It’s fine.

V2 versus are great.

That’s it.

I just, I actually
thought 69% they’re like,

whoa, it’s, it’s,
that’s not a surprise.

I thought it would have
been the 80s or 90s.

Because again, just older
people, not that in tune

with what’s going on on
the Internet and the stuff.

A 14 year old Turkish boy was arrested for

throwing a smoke bomb at security guards.

And what he said was, uh,
okay, so let’s give it a story.

He claims that he had been scolded before
with his friend, oh, but not his friend.

So his friends and him were
sitting outside this building.

They were playing loud
music and smoking cigarettes.

He’s 14 years old.

So he’s not supposed to be doing that.

Uh, and then he came and then a security
guy came out and scolded him specifically,

but not his friends, but
he claimed was discriminate.


So he said, don’t
discriminate against foreigners.

I’ll blow you up and then
through a smoke bomb.

And if I can give you a list of things
you should not do, smoking is number one,

uh, being playing loud
music in public is not great.

But I guess I’d give a pass on that
because there’s no law against it.

Claiming discrimination is possible, but
you’re not going to improve your case.

by throwing a smoke bomb at someone right
after saying don’t discriminate against me.

I’ll blow you up.

I’ll blow you up is a threat of
violence, which again is illegal.

So he’s committed multiple crimes.

Now he’s 14 again.

He’s underage.

He’s not going to be
going to jail or anything.

But he was arrested for our favorite
crime, forcible obstruction of business.

All right.

This is, I don’t know if
this is Saturn at 10 years

in a row, the demand for
rice has dropped in Japan.

It is 100,000 tons down to 6.81 million
tons of rice needed or wanted this year.

It’s the lowest since they
started keeping track in 1996.

It’s weird that they only
started keeping track in 1996.

I don’t know why that was one of
the bits to suck out on me in this story.

In 1996, they started keeping
track of how much rice they eat.

I think that would
have been like ancient

times, how many barrels
or bushels or whatever.

I don’t know how rice is measured.

Grains of rice, I guess just wait.

Tons of rice.

People eat.

Like it’s sort of one of those things.

It’s a staple of the country.

The Ministry of Agriculture
is encouraging farmers

to switch to other crops like soybeans or
wheat because they are more in demand.

So I’m wondering this is partially because
of the population of decline in Japan.

So it’s representative of
there being less people overall.

It is also partially demonstrating a
change in dietary wants or needs.

So people generally are eating less rice.

I would like to see a breakdown.

This didn’t give me enough information.

I would be really interested in
what the breakdown of that is.

Is it because there
are just less people and

therefore less people
eating rice or is it because

there are more people eating other
diets than just a rice-based diet.

Like is keto taken off in Japan?

I kind of looked at that a
little bit but didn’t find anything.

particularly demonstrable of what’s
actually happening with the diets in Japan.

But it’s a weird thing to see.

You think of Japan, you
think of Asia, you think of rice.

And Japan is a country
just eating less rice overall.

It’s very interesting.

That’s it.

I’m going to go eat some rice now.

I don’t know.
I’ll try to pop up the country.

I, again, just at the end, I want
to make sure everyone knows.

It’s summer holiday.

I’m going to try to get an episode
out next week if I have time.

It might be late.

It might not happen at all.

So I’ll see you in two
weeks worst-case scenario.