The NNJ Social Battery

(upbeat music)

So every year, Japan
chooses the kanji of the year.

Kanji is the Chinese
characters that they use

when they write in Japanese.

And they choose a word to symbolize
the mood in the state of the nation,

which sounds very nice.

So you would want, you know, happy words.

Words that positivity and
growth and going forward.

This year, to represent the
state of Japan, they chose tax.

So the actual word is they, but
it’s the kanji for tax, or I guess tax is.

There’s a ceremony.

So no one knows what the word’s gonna be.

There’s a ceremony where
there’s a giant sheet of paper

and there’s monk walks
onto it with a giant brush

and he writes the word really dramatically.

And it’s a big reveal.

We’d actually let me do the thing that
the guy, the monk, this isn’t gonna do it.

I guess that’s why they choose monks
and stuff ’cause they tend to be honest.

I guess also they would
know if you changed it.

But my thought was like
the monk could walk out

and at the last minute
just go, you know what?

And I’m not really big fan of tax.

I’m not gonna write tax
and you just write some

other kanji, make some
other word for the year.

And because it’s on TV, probably live,

there’s nothing they could do about it.

They would just have to
accept it, which would be kind

of awesome to take control
of the spirit of a nation

that way would be
actually pretty cool to me.

But he didn’t do it, of course.

There’s a survey.

There were 147,878 responses,

which is actually a lot of responses
to vote for the kanji of the year.

I don’t know if it’s just a general thing.

I actually was gonna look into it
because last week tonight with John Oliver,

they are known for hijacking
online things this year.

They did the one where they had New
Zealand had the bird of the centurion.

They just basically jacked the whole contest
so that the bird they chose would win,

which is pretty cool actually.

If they could do that
for the kanji of the year,

they could choose another more
interesting more amusing kanji.

I’d assume, I’m wondering,
again, I wonder how their rules are.

Like do they give you a list of
kanji and you have to choose from it?

Or do you just choose a kanji

and enough people write in
with the same kanji and they win?

But 147,878 responses,
only 5,976 said tax.

If you said “chung with beef chest,”
choose a word that would sum up the year.

I don’t think I would choose tax.

It’s not like I would choose a super
positive one, but I wouldn’t choose tax.

So anyways, they got 5,976 votes.

Hot, so at sea, got 5,571 votes.

War got 5,011 votes, which
was actually the winner in 2022.

Tiger got 4,674 votes.

They think this is
because the Hunshin Tigers,

the baseball team
won the championship.

And victory got 4,653 votes.

So victory fell behind
tax, hot, and war and tiger.

So apparently there’s 4,600
baseball fans who seem to vote.

I guess if you would have baseball fans,

they would vote for the same
team, their team, every single year.

So you’d actually get
the same amount of votes.

You could actually see that.

If that became a pattern,
you could actually see that.

So the monk said,

“I sense that Japan is
a very tough situation.

“I moved to brush while feeling

“that the Japanese
people are watching taxes.

” I mean, it is true.

This is just, it’s kind
of a dismal message.

And this is the last
sort of one of these

messages you send off
at the end of the year.

Sending things off at the end of the year,

you kind of want to be more
optimistic, more hopeful maybe.

I might actually manipulate
this message a little bit

so that people can
get a little more out of it

and get a little more
happiness and follow it.

I just, I think we’re all a little done.

We had Coronavirus pandemic,
we got a war in Ukraine.

There’s a lot of international tensions.

I think everyone just
needs to take a minute,

calm down, chill out,
inflation in taxes and stuff.

That shouldn’t be something we’re thinking.

We should be thinking about
progress and improvement

in life getting better.

And unfortunately,
that’s just not the case.

And it’s a really sad
way to start a podcast.

Never mind the next fucking new year.

I don’t want to start my podcast like this.

So I need happier stories.

I need people to send me happy stories

that I can start my podcast with
so I can start with a good mood.

With inflation, I mean,
this is it as much as I

want to get away from
the negativity and stuff.

One of the problems
with the news is the news.

It tends to be very attracted to you.

All the problems of the world.

So you end up talking about them a lot.

With inflation, any drop in
prices becomes attractive.

That’s actually something
that’s pretty sensible.

Retailers have globbed onto this.

There’s a big sort of
supermarket company called Eon.

Eon has dropped
the prices on 24 items

between three and 26% and
they’re just kind of selling them

in bulk and that’s where
they make their profit.

Sales have increased since the last
price drop, which was also 31 items.

So basically they’re like, hey,
inflation’s killing everybody.

Let’s drop the prices on some things
and people will come and buy those things.

Maybe then they’ll come and
buy our other inflated items as well.

Yeah, now I just have to comment
that it’s sad that we have to be like, hey,

you dropped a price by
3%, that’s like the best

thing that’s ever happened
in my life right now.

This, I found this incredibly, oh my God,
this is gonna be the worst podcast ever.

This is gonna be the
most depressing podcast

I’ve ever produced because every
one of these stories I’m not happy about.

Since we’re talking about
money and pricing and

stuff, Coca Cola has
decided to do run a test

and have vending machines
with dynamic pricing.

So the prices are going to
change according to demand.

So this is like Uber does this.

So they have like peak periods.

So you have to pay more to
get an Uber during peak periods.

They’re thinking, hey, peak periods.

Let’s charge people more for a
Coke or any other drink in the machine.

And then if it’s off periods, then
we’ll put it down to I guess normal price.

It’s not gonna get cheaper.

They’re gonna have a baseline
and they go up from there.

I bet they don’t go down
when demand is very low.

They’re gonna use several
thousand machines as a test at first.

They currently run 700,000
vending machines in Japan.

Their plan is primarily to have it
high during the day and low at night.

So if you want to get
a Coke from a machine,

you should actually wait until
the evening and go get your

Coke then, even if you’re
gonna drink it the next day.

Or you could do, I guess you go to Ion

and hopefully they put a
three to 26% price drop on Coke.

I don’t know, it just seems,

this manipulative pricing is
part of the greed structure.

It’s not like I should expect
anything more from Coca Cola.

Coca Cola is not a nice company.

that’s doing nice things for the world.

Any nice thing they’ve ever done has been
either for media attention or a tax break.

There’s one very good story about Coca Cola

and it’s how they got malaria.

They have this like
infrastructure to get Coke

everywhere in the world.

So in Africa, it’s very hard to like
get things to certain places in Africa.

So what they did is they
put malaria medicine up inside

the cap of Coke and then they
shipped it all around the country.

So then you could just
get malaria medicine out of

your Coke, which sounded
amazing and I was like,

ah, there has to be some kind
of like dark kickback for that.

Or they were just like
sensible enough to go like,

if people have malaria,

they’re not drinking sugar drinks.

So we need to keep people
healthy enough to buy our products.

This was always my problem
with the umbrella corporation,

creating a zombie virus
in the resident evil games.

If you turn the majority of
the population into zombies,

they’re not going to spend a great
deal of time buying your beauty products.

Like their whole idea
is like, oh, we’re going

to have like a certain,
it’s a class system.

So we’re going to have some people
and they get superpowers and live forever.

And then everyone else will
just be a peon underneath them.

That’s the plan and it sort and went wrong.

But then they kept going.

Like every game is
they’ve gone a little further

with the experimentation
in the virus and stuff.

Anyways, I don’t think umbrella
corporation has a good plan

and Coke with this kind of
stuff actually could be the thing

that would push me to stop drinking Coke.

Since the end of the year, lots of stats.

You’re actually going to notice
the very stat heavy episode today.

60% of work being adults don’t
want to go to a New Year’s party.

So your company often will have a
bonan guy, which is the end of your party.

And then there’s another
one in the New Year where

you forget the previous
year and all this other stuff.

It’s just excuses to go drinking, drinking
cultures a very big thing in Japan.

Coronavirus stopped
people from drinking parties.

And a lot of people in Japan
were like, Hey, I kind of like

not going to drinking parties
like my coworkers are fine.

That doesn’t mean I want to spend
every evening with them getting drunk.

Maybe I don’t even like drinking that much.

I don’t like getting ripped and then
having to go back to work the next day.

Yeah, most people are like went to
like four different Christmas parties.

It was a bit matter.

I went to four different
company Christmas parties.

It was a bit much.

So I work for one company, which is fine.

I go to that Christmas party.

They actually have a Christmas lunch.

The Christmas lunch is a really good idea
because it means you go in the afternoon.

You have a relatively nice lunch.

It was like at a hotel and then
we had drinks with our friends.

And then you could decide I’m going
to go off and party with my friends.

I actually decided to go back home and
I went to bed at like five o’clock in the

afternoon because I had drunk too much,
but I felt fine the next day, which was

a really big thing because I actually
had to go to work the next day.

There is also the judo bonen guy.

So it’s a club.

So you have bonen guys for work, bonen
guys for social activities, bonen guys for

basically any group you might be
involved in could have a bonen guy.

The judo bonen guy is a frickin nightmare
because of course, this is all manly

men getting together and they want to
outman each other and they want to err.

I can drink more than you.

You can grow.

And then unfortunately, I am just
as competitive with everyone else.

Like I like to think of myself as, you
know, I’m more slightly like I’m above

that because I’m old and
I’ve passed all this stuff.

Like I don’t need to prove myself, but
then you put me in that room with those

guys and I’m like, well, I
can’t let you out drink me.

I can’t let you out.

Do me.

I guess we’re going to get the Atsuka, the
hot sache and we’re going to see who falls

first and they always do because
I just grew up drinking too hard.

I’m not proud of it.

I actually don’t think it’s a good thing.

But at the same time, I do like winning.

So anyways, bonen guy.

57.4% of the 559 people surveyed
and you don’t need to survey

a bunch of people to actually
know whether this is true or not.

I know just from the general sentiment
of the people I know in my life that most

people actually don’t
enjoy going to work events.

They don’t like to want to, they don’t
want to go to work bonen guys, especially

if it’s just like we’re going to
go and get drunk and go home.

A lot of people don’t want to do that.

42.6% definitely would like to
participate or somewhat participate.

So it’s a 60/40 split
is what they’re saying.

So there’s 40% of the
people really want to do this.

They really enjoy the bonen
guy whereas most people don’t.

I don’t have a problem with those other
people going is just the expectation that

everyone has to go or you’re being a
bummer and you’re not having a good time.

I don’t think that’s fair.

I’m not a outgoing social light.

This what I do here on the podcast
is probably the most social thing I do.

Like I am in my environment
with my dog on my

lap, reading the news,
saying some dumb shit.

That’s my elements.

I don’t want to leave my room like the
door over there stays closed for a reason.

And I’ll play video games in the afternoon.

And that personality type, I was reading
a thing about work and extraverts and

introverts like work culture is not
designed to have an introvert succeed.

And this is problematic
because there are a lot of

introverts who are actually
very good at working.

Like you sit them down
at a computer and you

give them privacy and
they’ll do amazing work.

Whereas they’re talking about like work
should be social and you should teamwork.

And teamwork isn’t always
the best solution to a problem.

Maybe stick that computer
nerd in a room and let them do

his thing and you’ll actually
get a really good solution.

But work culture isn’t designed to
accept or promote that as an idea.

That only works when the nerds
introverts make their own companies.

And even then, once the
company gets big enough, it grows

into where you need to be an
extravert to survive or succeed.

And it was the reasons people
don’t want to go to the bone and.

Kai a bunch of people said there’s no need.

Again, Coronavirus made it very
clear that a lot of these social things,

a lot of these social
expectations are unnecessary.

We did just fine staying
at home at our computers.

I thrived sitting at home
in front of my computer.

I was in my space.

I was where I needed to be.

They’re tired of the social interactions.

So again, in less extroverted people, more
like injured, again, it’s a sliding scale.

I am certainly extroverted at
times and introverted at times.

It’ll go back and forth.

A friend of mine, I’m pretty
sure that a lot of people use it.

Your social battery.

So my social battery is very powerful
for a very short amount of time.

And then I’m done,
I would get tired of a

lengthy party or a
lengthy gathering where I

have to be social with other
people for a lengthy amount of time.

Give me a couple hours.

I’m probably really, really good.

And I’m like, hey, guys,
it’s been two hours.

I’m going to go home now, get back in front
of my computer, play some video games.

A lot of people wanted to prioritize their
private life, which I thought was great.

So like, you know what, work, life balance.

I think Ninja News Japan has had an ongoing
theme that work, life balance in Japan is

just broken and they need
to reevaluate and do it.

And these people were like, I didn’t go out
drinking every night with my co-workers.

I didn’t go to the
Bonankai and it was great.

And I actually spent time with my family or
my girlfriend or my boyfriend or whoever.

People I actually like in my social
life, who I want to spend my time with.

And that was good.

The final reason listed for not
wanting to do Bonankai is the cost.

Often you have to pay.

Not every company is
just paying for everything.

So the my company paid for the launch.

We had to pay a couple thousand
yen, but it goes into a charity fund.

So I didn’t feel too bad about it.

I actually think our company is
using that money for an actual charity.

So I’m not going to complain
about giving 2000 yen to

a charity and drinking
for free for a couple hours.

I guess I could.

Traveling for work kills my battery
spending a week where every waking

moment and every meal happens
with a co-worker is so draining.

That sentence exhausted
me a bit just because I agree.

Like traveling is tough.

I actually am not a great traveler.

It takes me a long time to like readjust
whenever I go visit family back in Canada.

It takes me like an entire week
to really get myself a climatized.

And then it’s basically
prepping to go back again.

But doing that with co-workers
would be extra exhausting.

I honestly could not imagine.

I would not be successful
at a job like that.

I don’t think or I’d be forcing
myself to do it all the time.

I probably burn out really
fast if I’m being honest.

So credit to you.

You’re able to do something
that I am not able to do.

But this is one of the few benefits
of the coronavirus pandemic is it has

proven or shown or demonstrated to
people that maybe the way the world was

before isn’t the way it
needs to be going forward.

We can make changes.

We can re-prioritize
things and it has allowed

a lot of people to
re-prioritize their lives.

There was a romance and marriage survey.

The end of the year has a lot of surveys.

I am a little big statistics for you.

End of year, they do a lot of surveys.

So this is a stat heavy
episode and I love it.

I know not everyone loves it.

But every that’s once a year,
let’s indulge me for a minute.

Like that’s never happened before.

Every two years, they do a
romance and marriage survey.

And this time it was 1,200 people and
they found that 29.7% have a boyfriend or

girlfriend and 34.1% have never
had a boyfriend or girlfriend.

The highest since the survey started in
2011, 2011, they started doing the survey.

Basically, are you in a relationship?

They found that number
is really up and down.

It’s actually down.

More people are not
getting into relationships.

It’s kind of for the same stuff we were
talking about before with the bonan guy.

Work, balance, work, life balance
does not happen in Japan enough.

They’re you to have enough
free time to have relationships.

But this is the highest number of
people who’ve never had a relationship.

We’re not talking about like kids.

We’re talking people in
their 20s, 30s and 40s.

The highest number of people who’ve never
had in an often cases have given up on

starting a relationship in their life
because it’s just too much work now.

I just don’t care.

I’ve gotten I’ve settled into a lifestyle
of being by myself, which I’m not

necessarily judging, but in Japan, it’s
a concern because the low birth rate.

So if people aren’t having relationships,
if we could find out why they’re not

having relationships,
maybe we can encourage

them to have
relationships, I’ve said it.

I don’t know how many times I kind
of feel like I shouldn’t say it anymore.

Like I’ve said it enough, but
people who work till 10, 11

o’clock at night aren’t going
on dates and on their time off.

They’re just going to sleep like all day.

They’re not fucking and if they’re
not fucking, they’re not making babies.

So you need people to get out there and get
fucking, you need people to get out there

and get fucking a lot so that they actually
feel like weirdly obligated to stay

with each other, make babies
back, sit in or on purpose.

I don’t know, but they got to be
fucking and people who are exhausted.

Do not fuck t-shirt.

I should get to make a t-shirt.

People who are exhausted do not fuck.

I actually kind of want to make
that t-shirt now work life balances.


And now I see now
immediately now I’m running

a paragraph instead
of just a catchphrase.

Yeah, people who are
exhausted do not fuck 46% of

men in their 20s have
never had a relationship.

29.8% of women in their 20s
have never had a relationship.

Jokes on you.

Some people are into that.

Some people are into being exhausted.

I don’t know what the
delay is on me chatting.

I tried to turn it down
to as little as possible.

So I actually am not a
represent shirt, which

part you’re actually
saying the jokes on me.

People are into exhausted
people, people are into being alone.

I’m going to give a second for
Jade to clarify because I actually

do really, really want to know
what you were what you mean.

Before I move on to the next
part, oh, fucking while exhausted, I.

Oh, man, we’re going
to get in some weird

personal stuff before
we start talking about this.

I have.

Does anyone want to
know I this is the problem

we’re doing a podcast as
soon as a threat is pulled.

I just want to like yank it.


Exhausted, no, but I have had post judo
tournaments where I physically exhausted.

My testosterone was so high.

I really, really wanted to get down.

I do remember that.

That’s quite funny.

One of the things I found funny
is there’s this is really old movie.

It’s Joe and Chen and Rick Grouwer.

And it’s their post
apocalyptic future gladiators.

And I forget the name of the movie,
but I remember it was those two.

And in that movie, they try to have
sex, but it’s after a gladiatorial battle.

And they’re both too
injured to actually do it.

So every time they touch each
other, they’re like, oh, don’t touch that.

Don’t do that.

And it was really, really funny.

And but it was because I could relate
because I had done judo tournaments.

And then my girlfriends like, ooh, you’re
all like testosteroney and hot right now.

Let’s do some stuff.

And I’d be like, yeah, let’s do it, baby.

And then I would try my
best and sometimes it worked.

Sometimes it didn’t when it worked.

Again, testosterone being off the charts.

It worked really well.

But there was the odd occasion where I’d be
like, yes, I’m not going to happen today.

As a voice of like 25 year
old me who’s just been

beaten to death over
the course of a few hours.

But yeah, you don’t face it,
I’m not fighting testosterone.

If it says we’re going to
do it, we’re going to do it.

I had sex with a fever once.

I don’t think this is the kind of stuff
I should be putting out in the world.

It was around late end
of high school, maybe.

And I must have had a cold and
yet I still really wanted to do it.

And my girlfriend and I, we did it.

And she goes, she was touching
me my back or something.

And she goes, you’re hot and I’m
like, I interpreted the wrong way.

It wasn’t until way later.

I was like, oh, she didn’t
mean like you’re sexy hot.

She meant you’re like, taught to the touch.

I’ve had that problem a few times.

I went and got a massage
and they put electricity on my

shoulders and they run the
electricity and they do that.

It’s supposed to, I guess, loosen
up the shoulders or something.

And the doctor or the, the
masseuse comes in and he goes,

wow, because you do judo,
your number is really high.

Like you can take a lot of
electricity and immediately

I was like, yeah, because
I’m tough and manly.

Like a couple hours
later, I was like, he didn’t

say taking a lot of
electricity was a good thing.

He just said I took a lot of electricity.

I interpret it as a good thing.

So the problem was
like, maybe it’s really bad.

Maybe all my muscles
and nerves and stuff are

dead, which is why I can
take a lot of electricity.

I’ve had stuff like that happen a few
times where I thought it was good at first,

but then when I
thought about it later, I

was like, he didn’t
say it was a good thing.

He just said it was a thing survey of
1,000 people aged 18 to 25 who joined

companies between 2020 and 2023,
which essentially the pandemic period.

So all these young people who got jobs
during the pandemic, how do you feel?

And the main question was
really, do you want to quit? And 20.

4% said literally I have always
wanted to quit from day one.

I wanted to quit my job.

30.6% said sometimes I want to quit.

So you are now already at 50% of 18
to 25 year olds who got a job during the

pandemic do not want
to continue with their job.

59.8% of those people said
it was primarily from stress.

34.8% said the stress comes
from their boss and co-workers.

All makes perfect sense.

They were talking about
how we need to open the

lines of communication
that were not open before.

So the pandemic has changed
sort of how everything works.

Corona has made
interpersonal relationships worse.

And the company that did survey recommended
a consultation system and open communication.

Now I work in a Japanese
company and I can tell you that

open communication isn’t
how they generally do work.

So this would be a big paradigm
shift in how companies were going to

depend if they’re suddenly talking to
brand new employees as if they were.

people, which is a weird way to
say it, but that’s actually the case.

Without a certain level,
you don’t get any respect.

You just do as you’re
told, you just do as you’re

told is a very common
sentiment in a Japanese company.

You do the best of your
abilities and you shut up and

you go do your thing,
especially when you’re brand new.

But young people now
are coming into companies

and we’re like, well,
why would I live like that?

I don’t really see it that way.

I think maybe working from home also would
benefit this because it’s like you don’t

have those stressful
coworkers or bosses around.

And then when they
have to go into the offices

like this sucks, I
don’t want to do this.

I don’t like this.

I would like my life to be better
than this on December 16th.

So a few days ago when this is being released,
the police, I wouldn’t call it a raid.

They went and checked on a bunch
of host clubs on mass from 7 P.M.

They actually checked
in one day, 350 clubs.

This is how the Japanese
police do a lot of stuff.

They’ll do like a mass thing.

So you can’t like, we’ll
check a couple and then they’ll

let all their host clubs
know that they’re checking.

We’re going to look for illegal
gambling dens and then they’ll like, hey,

shut down all the illegal gambling
dens that didn’t get caught yet.

The Japanese police organized it.

They did 350 clubs in
one afternoon, about 7 P.M.

So one evening, they’re trying to make sure
that they follow the rules and laws in place.

No minors are in the club.

They’re starting a real crackdown on
host clubs and their predatory practices.

Because we talked about host clubs, I
mean, the last like six, seven episodes,

which is the last six,
seven, seven weeks in a row.

We had sugar, baby, would eat each
other and she set this off in a weird way

because she was giving
all her money to a host club.

And then it turned out there was a
whole bunch of stories came out of other

people who were going to host clubs and
they were giving a ton of money to the host.

clubs and getting ripped off and
being put into massive amounts of debt.

And then what the host do is there’s
like, oh, well, if you do this like porn or

if you work at this brothel, you can
then work off the debt you owe me.

And the girls, they’ve been
tricked into essentially thinking

they love these hosts who
are doing this to multiple women.

I mean, no joke.

They then end up in this weird
situation where they’re still trying to get

the affection of this man who doesn’t
love them just wants to exploit them for.

And so this system has to be broken down.

And so that’s what the police are doing.

host clubs have promised to stop the
credit system from, I think it was April.

So basically very soon, but it’s like,
why do they have a credit system at all?

Because what they want to do is actually
have the people come by everything on credit.

So it’s way too much money.

So they can’t pay it back.

So they can push them into these like
sex work things where they get a kickback

from the business and the
woman is trying to pay off her debt.

I actually kind of hope this works.

host clubs, host is clubs. It’s a
very alien thing to me as a Westerner.

Like the idea of paying someone to talk
to you and then them manipulating you.

Like if you sit there and think about it
for a minute, you know they’re manipulating

you. Like you have to know
it, but then you still like it.

I guess again, this is comes
from being an introvert.

I would never pay for someone
to talk to me in the first place.

I would pay you to go away.

I had the last story and I
again starting out with so

much negativity and all these
stats are kind of negative.

I thought it was and off instead
of a creepy, creepy old man story,

I thought it’d be more appropriate to
start with a to finish with a sort of happy

story, pain someone to
go away is super harsh.

I have on many of occasion had
people talking to me and I would think,

if I give you a thousand yen
right now, would you just leave?

Like if I paid you to leave, would you
leave because I would rather not do this.

I get my social battery.

It’s very tuned to very specific things.

Conversations I don’t want to have.

I find exhausting like exhausting.

Like I actually will go take
a nap if people talk to me to

for too long about stuff
that I don’t want to talk about.

And I don’t blame them.

Like I don’t think it’s there fall.

I understand this is a me thing.

So often I’ll just sit there.

I can often my brain just shuts
off and goes somewhere else.

You can pay me to stop chatting.

Don’t bother me.

No, I actually again in this
context, I love the chatting.

I love the interaction because.

Oh, no, I just had a realization.

I’m in full control.

I’m dictating what we talk about.

I’ve chosen the stories.

I’m guiding the conversation.

You’re responding to me.

Therefore, I’m fine with it.

But what I just said, if you put
it in that context, if someone’s.

I hit my mouse, if you put
it in that context, what they

have done is introduce the
topic I don’t want to talk about.

And I immediately shut off, I’m
some kind of weird fucking narcissist.

You can only talk about
what I want to talk about.

Oh, shit, I’m a bad person.

I’m a host.

Oh, fuck.

The host of this show, but at no point in
this show, am I going to try to drive you

into drip debt?

I’m going to end off in a positive
story because this actually made me

really happy and I don’t know why, but
I figured we can drop the tree creepy,

creepy old man story because they all
the ones this week were exactly the same

as all the previous ones
we’ve done weeks past.

And we’ve had a lot of
negativity in this episode.

So I wanted to end that anonymous
donations to a city in Saitama of about

100,000 yen each have been dropped
into an opinion box four times so far.

So there’s a box where you like, I want
to give my opinion to the government,

the local sort of municipal
government, the mayor, whatever.

Like clean up the roads, a brighter
lights at night, something like that.

And someone’s just taking 100,000 yen,
putting an envelope and putting it in that

with little note on the
outside of the envelope.

There’s a from section.

And this person is putting from
various demon slayer characters.

So the characters in demon slayer are
giving this city in Saitama 100,000 yen,

each time from a different character
of the anime, which I find quite funny.

There is a note inside
that says, please use the

money to build a community
where children can smile.

And then the city said it
plans to collect the money

into a fund to help build a
better community for kids.

And I was like that.

They’re taking the money.

The guy said, please
use it to make kids happy.

And they’re like, you know
what we’re going to do?

We’re going to take this
money, put it in a little fun.

And we’re going to try to
find a way to make kids happy.

And that is what life should be.