Independent Exploitation

Let’s start again.

Sugar baby in Iita.

So she was essentially
arrested twice and I had

said I wanted to get her
book and read her book,

but it was very hard to find her book
because essentially her book is illegal.

It’s one of the reasons she’s been
arrested was producing this book.

There is a YouTube
channel called Japanalysis.

Japan plus analysis put together.

It’s very, very good and he, so this is it.

And it’s an engineer’s
Japan is week to week.

So often as things are
developing, I can talk

about them, but I don’t get the
conclusion because I’ve moved on.

Japanalysis is a very,
very good channel on

YouTube where the guy
talks about the whole topic.

So I’ll have to finish first.

It might mean you
have to wait till the topic

is finished months and
months and months later,

but he went in through
the arrests and the

story and he actually
came up and must have read

the book or found the
book or found something

about the book because he actually
came up with read each on system.

So I just want to get
that out there because

I was interested in
how is this so successful

because I wouldn’t have
given her that much money,

but then it turns out
that I’m not the target.

So the very first part
of her system is choosing

the right target and
she said, choose men

essentially who have no life,
which makes a lot of sense.

She said, choose a man who has no
family who just works, who has no hobbies.

I have a lot of hobbies.

I have a very rich outside life.

So I am not going to succumb to D.D. Chan’s
charms very easily, whereas if your life

is relatively empty
and that’s what she’s

saying, find a guy who
was a very empty life.

And then you can fill
up that life with hope

and then strip him down
and take all his money.

So the right target was important.

No life, no family, no hobbies.

You text him every day.

So this is, again, if
you’ve chosen the right

person, they’ve had
no life outside of work.

You are now the most exciting,
most interesting aspect of his life.

And he wants to keep that
going as much as possible.

You have to send him a text message
every morning and every evening.

So you want to say, good morning.

I just woke up.

I hope you have a great day and good night.

Texting you is the best part of my day.

I’m just back and forth,
just keep that going.

And she said for months,
because you want to

build that relationship and make
him essentially fall in love with you.

Step two is stop sending a
message is for two weeks.

And then he will start to panic.

He’ll start to like panic.

Are you okay?

Are you hurt?

Are you in trouble?

Then you just give him
very cryptic messages back.

I’m in trouble.

I don’t want to talk about it.

I’m sorry.

And then he wants to white night you.

This is actually what she was going for is
to find a man who’s desperate enough to

want to save someone
else and feel like a hero.

And I get this so manipulative.

I mean, that is what scamming all
is all about is manipulating people.

But it’s really, really rough.

Then you want to give him some vague.

So he’s going to push you for information.

How are you in trouble?

What’s going on?

And then you give him
some vague information.

You go like, you know, I
had trouble with money.

And you don’t say what
the actual trouble is.

And then he’ll push you.

If he offers you a solution, can’t
you get money for your parents?

Like, I’m too embarrassed.

I’m too shy.

I can’t do this.

anything I don’t know
what to do. Then he will

ask probably how much
do you need? You say,

you know, 300,000 yen.
600,000 yen. A million

yen, something like
that. He will offer you

the money and you
have to refuse. Then he’ll

offer again and again and
again. Because he wants

to save you. He is at
this point in love with

you as a person and
you accept his offer. And

then you, you know,
all you’ve saved my life,

you’ve saved me from
getting pushed into

prostitution. You’ve
saved me from being beat

up by the yakuza or
something. You’ve saved

me from some vague
threat that doesn’t exist in

the first place. Then
repeat. You’re basically

manipulating him so
that he will sacrifice

himself for you. But
because again, you’ve chosen

someone who you’ve now
become the most important

thing in his life, he
doesn’t want to lose that.

So it’s pretty effective.
That’s actually the

saddest part. I have
to say, like, as far as

a system goes, choosing
your target, how to play

the target, how to keep
it going for as long as

humanly possible. He
did a pretty good job.

Unfortunately, it was some
of the other girls who followed

her system who didn’t
follow the system correctly.

And this is to me the
most interesting part.

One of the other people
who used her system

instead of like saying
thank you and then keeping

the system going, would
say get the money and then

go like, oh, I’ve been
kidnapped and then just stop.

So that if you say
something that is dramatic

as that, the guy’s
going to go to the police,

he goes to the police.
And then maybe he realizes

he’s been scammed
or the police are like,

no, she hasn’t been
kidnapped. But that’s when

it became obvious.
There’s a system at play.

So we have to then
disavow people of that. You’ve

been scammed. Let’s
go try to get your money

back. Let’s get this
person arrested. And those

women, when they’re like,
how did you do this figure

out the system? They
immediately wanted to shift

blame to did he, so I
bought this book online and I

followed her system.
That’s where all the trouble

came from. So that’s
the system. It sounds like

the best way to defend
yourself is to get a hobby.

Don’t be a victim by
being so lonely, which is a

pretty tough thing to say
in modern society. If I’m

being really honest,
that could be really tough.

And I don’t want to shame
the people who’ve fallen

for this because all they
did was have hope and that

is the saddest thing to try to take
away from them. So no jokes there.

The government, so if you remember for the
DD John story from the couple weeks ago,

she got arrested and she
actually took down some

hosts with her because
the hosts were actually

getting the money. She
would steal money from these

guys, go to host clubs
and then use that money

for the hosts. The hosts
knew it was coming from

a shady source, which
meant they should have

actually been refusing
the money, but they

weren’t. They were taking
it and then one even like

sent a message is
like, oh, if DD John goes

down, I’m going down
with her. Ha ha, yeah, dude,

that’s exactly what
happened. But this is

actually spurred the
government to taking steps to

pay more attention to
host club business practices

because they have been
exploiting young women,

creating debt and
it causes trouble. It’s

interesting because this
is the flip side. You had

DD John exploiting these
men and then they go

and say, yeah, the
problem is also she’s giving

her money to these host
club guys who are also

exploiting women,
technically probably exploiting

the DD John because
the sum total of money she

had collected was over
a million dollars. If she

had been sensible, just
put that money away. I

know she’s not paying
taxes on it or anything.

But if she put that money
away, she could have

lived a very comfortable
life for the rest of

her life and not done
any work ever again. But

instead, she was giving her
money over to these hosts

who were just keeping
the money. I don’t know

what’s going on there.
But realistically speaking,

they were exploiting the
DD John who was exploiting

these lonely men. It
was a very parasitic

system in place. So what
we found out though is

the hosts, so the host
club is not responsible for

what the hosts do. They’re
essentially independent

contractors working in the
host club. This independent

contractor thing has
come up a couple times over

the last couple weeks
because I was introduced to

it via the anime system
where these very low

paid anime artists have
to go independent and

they’re going to have
to pay their own taxes

and file taxes and it
takes up all this time and

they’re actually going
to get paid less overall.

Last week, there’s an
English teaching company

called Gabba that they
released a statement that

if you miss a class, like
you have to cancel an

English class, you the
teacher have to pay 6,000

yen. Now, you might
have five, six classes a day.

So if you miss a day,
that could be essentially

in total, you could end up
owing the company money

for missing a couple of
days of work, which seems

illegal, but it’s because
they’re not teachers,

they’re not employees.
They’re independent

contractors. So these this
gig work in the independent

contractor system in Japan
seems to have gotten way,

way worse. I think the
intent was for the government

to force companies into
hiring people as full-time

employees, whereas
now they’re looking at

loopholes in way to
exploit independent workers

who are just, I mean,
that company looks like

it’s about to fall
apart, if I’m being really

honest. Host clubs have
worked this way independently

fine because they’re
there to exploit people.

That’s clearly the whole
purpose of the host club

system, but the individual
hosts are responsible for

the women’s spending. When
a woman goes into a host

club and spends money,
the host will collect the

money. So if they say
like, we’re going to take it

on as a debt, that’s when
they start forcing women

to go into also that
is terrible. Yes, I mean,

when we do need news
Japan, we do a lot of

terrible stories. It’s all
about exploitation and

terrible stuff because
let’s face it, that’s

entertainment, but if
we’re going to be honest,

if you know about these
kind of things, if you know

about these scams, you
won’t, you’re less likely

to fall for them. So I’m
not saying I’m doing a

public service because I
am doing this primarily for.

entertainment, but I
five, six years ago, I got

some of my cryptocurrency
scammed because I fell

into like a Ponzi scheme
kind of thing. So I lost

a little bit of money.
It wasn’t obviously like

life ruining for me,
but if I’d known about

the scam or if I’d known
more about the things,

I wouldn’t have fallen
for the scam. So that’s my

actual hope because I
put out an episode of an old

podcast about that
scam, hoping that if anyone

else heard the same
thing, they wouldn’t get

scammed. This is really
fun scam, the sugar, baby

scam. If you know about
it, you’re less likely to

fall about it. If a woman
goes to a host club and

you know they’re purposely
trying to manipulate you

to spend too much money to go into
debt, you’re less likely to fall for it.

Like I think host clubs
in hostist clubs are fine.

If you want to go and
pay for an evening to have

someone talk to you.
Oh no, not the host clubs.

Well, it’s not the host
clubs themselves. It’s the

hosts. So this is what
I’m talking about, the

independent contractor
thing. That separates the

business from the
independent contractor. The

independent contractor is
the one who’s going to try to

abuse you to get to you
to spend as much money

as humanly possible.
They probably pay a fee to

the host club to work
there. So they probably, I

don’t like, they’re not
getting a salary or anything.

So the more they abuse
you for money, the more they

can make. And that’s a
big deal. Because it puts

them in a position where
if they can force you

into debt, they’ll do it.
And then how do you pay

off that debt? The next
step is to some sort of

sex work. They’re forcing
to prostitution or doing

pornography or something
like that. That is not

the end goal, but their
hope is that they can then

make money off you as a
passive income. So you need

to pay off this debt.
You need to do this stuff.

You need to make up for it. And I’m going
to get I have contacts in the underworld.

in shady sex practices
that I can get you

to do. And I’ll make
money off that as well.

Yeah, host clubs are
gross. If you come to

Japan, again, if you
know what you’re in for,

you could control your
spending and know what

you’re in for. If you
understand that system,

you’d be fine. On top
of the overpriced alcohol.

Yes. I mean, that is again
where they make their

money. So they’re trying
to get you to buy the

50,000 yen bottle of champagne
champagne service. And

then like, oh, yeah, let’s
buy it for everybody in

the club. So that’s like
six, seven bottles. And

now you’re like a million
yen in debt for that

one evening. I mean,
just going out, alcohol’s

expensive. I’ve now
gotten to the point in my life

where it’s like, hey, do
you want to go out for

drinks? I’d be like,
I’d rather buy a bottle

of alcohol and stay
home. If we’re going to

drink, we should do it at
home. And we could even

do it like online. We’ll
just drink together online,

which is, I mean, that’s the new
parasocial relationships that people have.

Most of my close friends
are now Internet friends

that I don’t see very
often in person, but.

realistically speaking,
we talk all the time.

Drinking out sound
scary in Japan, it’s not. If

I’m being really, really
honest, most of the time,

you’re going to go to
a regular is a guy host

clubs. I would say yes,
host clubs would be scary,

host is clubs would be
scary. I’ve never gone into

one because I’ve never
felt like I need to pay

someone to talk to
me. That’s the issue that

we’re actually talking
about, where if you pay

someone to talk to you,
they’re going to be into

you. And then you get that
sort of positive dopamine

feeling while you’re
drinking. I’ve never needed

that because I know how
to talk to people. I have.

the ability to have
conversations. When I first

came to Japan, I go to
Isakaya, which is just like a

normal place where
you have food and drinks.

You have to pay for
their drink too. Yes, yes,

you have to pay for
everything. And I bet

they’re not even drinking.
There is a very common

trick where what they do
is they get you drunk. So

like, oh, I’ll have a gin
and tonic and it’s just,

it’s just water. So they’re
not drinking as much as

you are to get you drunkers
that you’ll spend more.

money and you know,
less inhibitions and whatnot.

It’s all scam again. I think
if you know it’s a scam,

you could go even go in
and enjoy that experience

safely. But you’d also
know that they’re cheating

you. They’re lying to
you. If you know all that,

it’s fine. Again, I just
think the awareness is the

issue more than anything
else. NHK, I have a very

sour relationship with
NHK, and it’s because I

don’t believe they
provide a service. This is

the government run
broadcasting system in Japan.

And very technically,
if you have a television

or anything that
can receive a signal,

like a TV signal, you’re
supposed to pay these

guys money. But I’ve
always felt their programming

is crap. So I’ve never
entered into that contract.

Now, legally speaking,
if you don’t enter into

the contract, they can’t
make you pay, but there

is also this like loop
round around where it’s

like, if you have
something that should that

can receive a signal,
you should enter into that

contract and then pay if you’re a good
citizen. But if you don’t make that contract,

there is no punishment.
Well, they’ve been trying

to change that for
years. And they get into

harassment tactics.
They like show up at your

house all the time.
Okay. So, Rho said, yes,

is it mandatory? Very
technically, yes, but

there’s no punishment
for not entering into the

contract. The problem
is if they can prove that

you have a device
that receives the signal,

they can force you
into the contract. Now,

lots of people will not
pay for NHK. One of the

old scandals was they
found out that the sort of

top level executives at NHK
were spending the money

on parties and stuff.
They’re like, why am I

paying money so that this
guy can go to a party or

hold a party? And then,
you know, misuse of funds

was a pretty common
problem. My actual complaint is

you’re saying you want
me to pay, let’s say, 2000

yen a month every month
for television that I do not

watch. I would rather
have the option that I don’t

get to see NHK. But
because it’s not paying for

NHK, it’s paying for
the receiver signals, kind

of like what they do in
England. If your TV can

receive the BBC, you have
to pay the BBC. They’ve

created a new system
this year. I didn’t get

a lot of details about
that, which is too bad.

But after multiple calls
and notices and writing

and visits to your
house, they will sue you.

So, they’re right now
suing three households,

which isn’t very many,
but what they’re trying

to do is set a precedent
that is possible.

Going forward, we will
continue to do what is

necessary toward achieving
further contributions.

Oh, fair contributions.
So I wrote fair

incorrectly. That’s why
I was getting confused.

Now, they’re saying
fair contributions, but I

think opting out is
fair. And that’s the bit

they’re sort of missing. They’re saying
everyone has to pay to keep NHK afloat.

I do hope they fail
with their… Well, this is,

I don’t think they
will fail with their case.

Because if they can
prove that the person has a

TV that can receive the
signal, then the person

technically mandatory
has to join. I want to find

a way, because I have
two monitors I’m looking at

right now, my smartphone,
my wife has a smartphone.

We have a TV downstairs.
We actually have

like multiple devices that
technically can receive

the NHK. I have just
never entered into the

contract. But if they
came after me like this,

yeah, I’d have to pay
for a thing I don’t want.

And that’s the bit I
don’t like being forced to

pay for something I
actually never wanted in the.

first place. An SDF, so
the self-defense force. This

is the Japanese military
suspended in exercise after a

member flipped off the
media. So they had an

incident where a guy kind
of lost it on the shooting

range and actually shot
his teacher, gun violence

being very unusual in
Japan. This was a massive

story. But this is the
next day. So the media is

all outside the shooting
range. And so this guy,

he’s like on the truck on
the way and he just flips

him in the bird. And
then that’s not me flipping

you the bird to the audience.
I’m just demonstrating

what flipping the bird
looks like. So if you

don’t know what it means,
now you know what I mean

when I say flip bird.
Anyways, so he’s just like,

I don’t want this media
attention. I don’t think

this is, you know,
cool. He flips them off.

Then he goes to the
shooting range. It does

obviously his drills or his
exercises. And then when

he’s leaving, he flipped
them off again, which

is kind of, I actually
find that the funny part.

So then they bring him
in. This is now televised.

His like CEO or
whatever brings him into a

room and like shows in
the video and goes, did you

flip him off? And he
goes, yeah, he admitted to

doing it, which I actually
thought was really funny

because it would have been
amazing if he had denied.

Like, no, that wasn’t
me. I didn’t flip him off.

That’s a deep fake, which
we’re going to be talking

about later. So on the
other side of the exact same

coin, there was a 97 year
old man who hit a truck

and then people called
the police. And the police

arrive and they’re like,
hey, you know, pull over,

get out of the car. What
the old man does is he

accelerates and he hits
a building. And then the

police go up to the window
and like, hey, you know,

you’ve hit a truck.
You’ve now hit a building,

get out of the car.
And then what does he

say to them? He goes,
I wasn’t driving a car.

I love it. I love that you
can literally be sitting

in a car that has just
hit a truck in a building,

look a police officer
dead in the face and go, I

didn’t do it. That takes
just balls. I wouldn’t

have the balls to do
that. But I guess 97, maybe

he just forgot. I do now,
Japan being an aging

society, I do have
lots of opinions on older

people. I actually now
think like there should be an

upper limit for how long,
like you should certain

age, you should get
your license revoked or

have to pass a test
every year or something. I

know that my skills at
driving have already dropped

and I’m not even that
old yet. I think he thinks

he can get away with
it. I absolutely agree

he thinks he can get
away with it if he just

does denial denial denial.
But too many people

saw him and I bet there were
cameras that saw the thing as well.

Basically the rest of the
show is AI and YouTube.

Police arrested man
in his 20s for posting

lewd images of a track
and field athlete. So he’d

be like, wow, this guy
got this track and field.

athlete to take off or
close. He took pictures

and they posted online.
That’s revenge porn,

maybe, which is illegal
in Japan. That’s actually

not what he did. How
did he get the image? He

took pictures of the
athlete and then had AI

replace her top with just
bare breasts. What do you

actually get in trouble
for? Because he didn’t

take pictures of this
woman illegally. Actually,

he did. They did have
a story like a year ago

or something where they
wanted to get, you know,

basically track and field
events. They seem to

attract a lot of like gross
dudes who take pictures.

So I think what they want
to do was stop photography

at sporting events.
That seemed like it was

like a thing that was
going through. So this guy

still managed to get some
pictures of some athletes.

He ran him through the
computer and then he

posted them online. He’s
being held on defamation

charges. So that’s an
interesting thing. It’s

not like illegal photography
or, yeah, I guess

defamation would be it.
So you’re disparaging the

image of this person by
posting what seems to be.

nude photos, perhaps
sexual things that the

person is not agreed
to has not done. So yeah,

you’re defaming them as a person. There is
a possibility they haven’t proven it yet,

but of course, I think
it’s already true. He’s

posted 100 images of up
to 70 different individuals.

And I noticed what I get AI ads. This
has been happening so much in the West.

It’s happening everywhere.
Any country that has

access to computers
has kind of stopped having.

It’s just happening
everywhere. Yeah. And like I

said, that’s the rest of
the show today is just all

these kind of stories.
The prime minister last

week, a deep fake came
out of the prime minister

and they changed his
mouth and had an AI do his

voice. So this guy had
an AI learn the prime

minister’s voice. Then
he could type in what he

wanted them to say and
then he had another AI

deep fake his face so
that his mouth moved with

the words. And he had
the prime minister tell.

some dirty jokes. This of
course went newsworthy

because he’s like, Oh,
look at how dangerous

AI is. Look at how
dangerous deep fake is. We’re

not going to be able to
trust anything anymore.

It is a very serious
question. The thing is, the

guy said this only took
him an hour to make it.

So to have the prime
minister change his face,

make him say some
dirty things, have the AI

replicate his voice, took
about an hour in total,

which that is the scary
part because the one

they’re talking about, the video they’re
talking about is pretty obviously fake,

but that’s because the
guy didn’t put that much

effort into it. He only
was like playing around with

these programs for an
hour. He said it was just a

joke. I didn’t think it
would cause such a stir,

but it actually brought
a lot of media attention

to AI and deep fakes.
And now that the in the

prime minister has to
like actually come out and

say like, no, I didn’t
say those dirty jokes.

The prime minister we
have right now, because she

is quite boring. He wouldn’t
have said those jokes.

anyways. If he did, I’d
actually be way more interested

in him as a person, but
realistically speaking,

he didn’t make those
jokes. And he actually had

to come out and deny
it. And then they had to

like prove that it was
deep fake. If you watch

the video, it’s pretty
clearly not real, but two,

three hours of work, that
would change everything all

in one moment. It might
actually look really good.

A 25 year old YouTuber
was arrested for defamation.

Deformation has come
up a couple times. It

seems like with these AI
programs and posting things

online, defamation is
the charge you’re going to.

get in Japan. That’s Rose
made a good point. Old

people wouldn’t be
able to tell a difference.

Yes, because they’re
not going to be paying that

much attention. They
don’t realize that AI is

capable of doing these things. They don’t
realize that maybe AI can copy a voice.

It would be really
easy for AI to copy my

voice because all
they’d have to do is grab.

I think we’re at 280
episodes of Ninja News Japan.

I got Seamick B probably
there’s like 80 episodes

of that. I got Montana
L.D. Ablo. There’s like 160

episodes of that. Plug
all that into an AI. They

be able to replicate like
my voice, my Cadence,

my the word choices I
make easily because there’s

just so much data for
the AI to you. So it’d be

really easy to do that.
Deep faking my face because

I got this stupid beard.
I guess that actually, I

don’t know if that would
make it harder or easier.

But I bet because the
beard obscures part

of my face would
actually be easier overall.

Not that I’m worried about it. No one’s
going to come after me anytime soon.

Anyways, this 25-year-old
YouTuber was a rest of

her defamation. He claimed
a 15-year-old girl in a

21-year-old male were
plotting to kill him. The

father of these two youths
saw this online and went

to the police and said
like, “Dude, he’s just out

there saying that my kids
are going to plan to kill.

him. There’s got to be
something we can do about

that.” The YouTuber
was arrested and he said,

“He did not deny
that the plot or that he

had made it, but he
said, I did not intend to

defame anyone, which
I think is probably not

true. I think if you’re
going around saying,

these people want to murder me. You are
defaming their character.” And this is the

interesting thing, all this
Internet stuff. There’s

no laws in place that
are Internet specific.

And this is a big problem
that’s going to be in

all the countries all
around the world as this

becomes more and more
common as issues. What is the

actual charge we’re going
to make? I think we’re going

to have to come up with
some new laws and some new

terminology for defamation
is fine because it’s

lying on the Internet.
But what punishments go

along with defamation
would be the interesting part

of what’s coming up
next? Because that’s going

to be the next thing
is as countries decide.

what is the punishment
for defaming people

on the Internet? What
is the punishment for.

deep faking someone’s
face without their permission?

What is the punishment
for making it look like a

girl is in a pornography
once she actually isn’t?

These are all different
levels of defamation,

which are very, very
interesting to me.

Should it be the same
like liable or slander?

I mean, those are all
fall under the defamation

umbrella. So I’m thinking, no, I’m thinking
like deep faking needs its own law, like

manipulating someone’s
face to make it look like they

did something is a step
above defamation. That’s

not just slander. You’re
trying to recreate a lie.

You’re trying to, it’s a
former fraud. So maybe

it’s a Internet fraud scheme
of some sort like that.

I’m just saying like
we’re going to need some

new laws in place that
take into account what you

can do on the Internet. So
if someone came out with

a fake episode in
Engineers, Japan where I just

said like racist stuff the
whole time, that’s defaming

my character, but also
you’re manipulating the viewer,

you’re manipulating my
face without my permission.

So all of those need
to be taken into account

in some way. So
that’s why I’m saying I

think there should be
some new laws in place.

But last story of the
day, I think nothing will

happen until a very high
profile popular person

gets defaked. But I think
that’s actually the two

stories ago, the guy deep
faked the prime minister,

because of course it’s
going to be easy to grab

video of the prime
minister. So the more that

happens, the more likely
you are to get laws. I

think again, like like I
said, no one’s coming after

me anytime soon. I mean
deep faked well enough.

But yeah, also my point,
if you’d put instead of

just doing it for an hour,
sort of clearly the kid

was just messing around.
But if you put in like

a week’s worth of work,
it would look perfect. If

this kid was capable of
doing one simply in an hour,

imagine if you’d put
like a week’s worth of

work to make it like
really, really perfect.

It would be convincing to
me as someone who doesn’t

actually like have a deep
deep understanding of.

AI and stuff. But this is
something I didn’t know

about. There’s a whole
subsection of YouTube in

Japan called the Citizens
Arrest YouTuber. There

was one story I didn’t
really get into it because

there wasn’t much about
it. There was like this

train otaku nerd guy
taking pictures of trains. And

then this girl came up
and started accusing him of

being problematic because
he had a camera. And he

actually was like, I
am just going to stand

where the security can
camera can see me so that

there is video evidence
that I haven’t interfered

with anyone. But the
kid was inspired by a

Citizens Arrest YouTuber,
which apparently is

a whole thing in Japan
I didn’t know about.

A Citizens Arrest YouTuber
has had his account

banned for harassment.
The ban is permanent.

And so this guy actually
had quite a big audience.

He’s losing 1.5 to 2
million yen a month.

To make that very
clear, the average annual

salary in Japan is 4
million yen. So this guy was

making a year’s worth
of salary in two or three

months every month
from his YouTube channel.

That hurts me a little
bit if I’m being honest. He

then said, okay, you’ve
banned my channel. He started

complaining about that.
It’s permanent. I can’t

get my channel back.
It’s really unfair. YouTube’s

unfair. Everything’s
unfair. So he said, I’m

going to join a YouTube
group called Kento,

a Kenzo. The leader of Kenzo then
turned around really quickly and went,

nah, you’re not. And he
made him delete the post

on Twitter. So now the
guy says, I’m going to

try to get a job as a host
because again, he’s clearly

tapped into the manipulative
aspect of society.

He’s like, I can abuse
people and video it and

then people will watch
my YouTube videos and I’ll

make money. He’s like,
well, what’s the next step

down from that? I’ll
be a host started out at

the beginning of the
episode talking about how

manipulative hosts are.
He said, look, I am the least

liked YouTuber in Japan
club owners. Please get

into contact with me. I
will continue my influencing

practices and that will
bring people into your

club. I did like that he
didn’t feel like he should

reach out to the clubs.
He actually thought like,

ah, I’ll just sit here and
the clubs will come to

me. I’ll just have to
mention that I’m open to

this, whereas I actually
don’t think clubs want

that kind of attention
from that kind of person

because they’re already
in trouble with these

other laws being put
into place. Then, very hot.

Yeah. This is another one
of those guys who seems

to think like because
he’s been successful on

YouTube, he deserves
stuff. He doesn’t actually,

he shouldn’t actually
have to work for it. Then,

this was just this
morning. So the same guy

took a video of a girl
near the Imperial Theater

theater and then called
her a scalper, said she

was reselling tickets. The
problem is Western people,

Canada and America, if
you’re in a public space,

it is okay to film other
people in Japan. It’s

actually not. If I videoed
in public and I post it

online, if I haven’t gotten
permission from those

people, I should actually
blur out their faces.

The privacy laws in Japan are much
stricter than they are in North America.

So he took a video of
this girl. He accused her

of being a scalper. He
had no proof of it. So

not he’s broken privacy
laws and he didn’t blur

out her face. So he,
oh, and then he accused

her being a scalper. So
that’s also defamation.

So defamation is
coming into it again.

He posted the video online without blurring
her face, without being able to prove the

accusation of being a
scalper. He was arrested for

defamation this morning.
So this guy who’s like,

“Hey, host club places,
come hang out with me and

give me money or give
me a situation where I can

make money.” Got arrested the next day
for doing the thing he was already doing.