Sugar Baby Somali

(electronic music)

Public Service Announcement.

We’re gonna start with a public,

a little bit of a little bit
of a little bit of a little bit.

We’re gonna start with a public service
announcement with this very, very important.

On September 23rd,
so two days ago as of

recording of this pod,
you know, city called Koga.

Twenty men at two o’clock in the afternoon,
were seen running around the city,

10 were nude and 10
were wearing garter belts.

The police have warned
people to remain vigilant.

I mean, I just, (groans)

20 dudes running around naked and
10 of them are wearing garter belts.

So they’re nude, they’re
completely nude, 100% nude.

I think we’re gonna have
to say the word nude a

couple more times, just
to emphasize 20 naked men.

So nude, nude, nude, nude, nude, nude.

Garter belt, garter belt, garter belt.

I’m gonna start again.

(upbeat music)

A public service announcement
in a city called Koga in Japan.

The police have issued a warning that
20 men at two o’clock in the afternoon,

were seen running around
the city, kind of them

were nude, and 10 were
just wearing garter belts.

The police are saying remain vigilant.

I think you should always remain vigilant

against 20 naked men running
around streaking in the streets in public,

but there is a secondary
issue, and it’s more,

the engine of Japan loves the
psychology of the criminal mind.

I was going to do one of the SVU shows.

It would be the guy,
the criminal mind’s one,

whether you get into
the mind of the criminal

and you kind of like embody
the criminal for a while.

So I was like, well, okay, I’ve tried to
have five people come over to my house

for a barbecue,
and it was difficult.

It was difficult to organize.

It was difficult to organize, because
organizing groups of people is difficult.

They have different schedules.

They have different things.

They have different things.

Organizing 20 guys to get
together is already difficult.

Let’s just be honest, ’cause
everyone has scheduling-wise.

I’m wondering if the pool
of people, the organizer,

’cause there had to be
like a leader in organizing.

The pool of people he was organizing from

would be willing to get naked
at two o’clock in the afternoon

on a specific day and run
around the city, was larger than 20.

That is my literal first thought.

How big was the pool of
people he was drawing from?

To get 20.

To me, it seems like it would
actually have to be very large.

Anyways, it’s got a core
group of 20 hardcore people.

Ten of them were wearing guardbells.

Now, is that a signifier of any sort?

Is that an important detail?

Were they two groups who
independently decided to run around

naked in the city of Koga at
two o’clock in the afternoon?

One completely naked, another
group was the guardbell group.

And then they just happened.

The universe coalesced in such
a way that they came together

and were like, lost souls
who had found a community.

So they were like, oh yeah,
yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

You’re naked.

And they’re like, oh, you’re naked too.

We are wearing guardbells,
but you know, essentially naked.

Let’s do this together.

And then they get up and they
run around the city together.

Like what?

It’s the morning.

It’s always the morning of is a bit.

I always run through my head,
but we talk about any sort of crime.

I build a little background
story of that morning

because this clearly had
to be planned in advance.

Whether we’re email,
texts, chains, whatever.

There was conversations, there was schedules,
there was calendars set up for this.

There was there was
meeting places and times.

Where are we going to ditch our clothes?

Who’s driving?

Are we taking public transport?

All these things had to be workout.

People I’m assuming got
there independently met

at a certain place,
stripped down their clothes.

So there’s a pile of clothes somewhere.

I would also assume hidden.

And then they just start
running their little hearts out.

Do you wake up in the morning?

Pick up your phone most of you.

I’m guessing you do.

Pick up your phone and
see if you have any messages.

Today’s the day.

Your calendar, your
Google calendar sends you

a message to go, day
is guard or belt day.

Like, it’s right.

I ordered my special
harder belts for today.

And you put them on and you
feel, none of that thrill of preparation.

I used to do judo competitions.

And just getting your
stuff together in the morning

and you arrive at the place and
putting on your judo and stuff like that.

There was a moment
there where it felt like, okay,

this is doing something that
not everyone in the world does.

So there’s a thrill and organized.

Part of the organization
is actually the anticipation,

the preparation for the actual
act you’re going to be doing.

This is going to be thrilling.

And there’s going to be adrenaline.

It’ll be amazing.

And then you’re on
the train, you’re in your

car, and you’re on
the way to the destiny.

All that is important.

All that’s part of the experience.

Then, the 20 men, I’m going to
just assume it’s not two groups of 10.

20 men get together.

They’re all standing around.

Some of them are wearing their guard.

10 of them are wearing their guard belts.

But while you’re all
dressed, they don’t know.

So they’re all just standing around.

They’re talking, you know, a good morning.

It was very hot today.

Oh, yeah, but the
weather is kind of broken.

It’s not as hot as it
was last couple weeks.

Oh, it’s been a brutal summer.

Oh, yeah.

It’s a good time for
us 20 men to get naked.

That is what they’re saying.

So the 20 men, then, the leader– I want to
know who the ring leader is and what kind

of style of leadership is
he’s a supportive leader?

He’s sort of a more
authoritarian dictatorial type.

Boys, I’m going to get naked.

So they all stripped down.

And you can see who’s wearing a
guard belt, who’s not wearing a guard belt.

It’s a 50/50 split.

So if you’d laid bets
before, you’d actually,

you know, Blackjack
always been on black.

That’s a classic.

So then these 20 guys, 10 wearing
guard belts, and 10 completely naked.

Like, OK, we’re going to run.

Did they plan a route?

Or did they just have the leader in front?

And it was like a gaggle of geese.

And they just followed the leader.

Yes, I want to know the motivation.

I do always, every crime thing we hear

that’s really weird in strange is
the motivation is the important part.

How do you organize 20 men to
run through a city naked successfully?

I don’t think I could do that.

Like, I started at the
beginning of this little PSA.

I tried to have like 10
people come over to

my house for a barbecue
and I didn’t work out.

And I’m giving them free food.

What is the motivation for these
guys to organize themselves so well?

Or is it this is it?

This is their one
chance, 20 of us together.

We’re going to run through
the city of Koga naked.


This is a dream come true.

So they’re not going to miss this chance.

The police are right.

You should be vigilant.

Always be vigilant that
there are 20 men in the world,

10 wearing guard belts, and 10 completely
naked, preparing to run through the city.

Because apparently that’s
the thing that happens.

And that’s happened.

And let’s just hope– I
don’t know what I hope.

I hope they get caught.

Because I don’t personally–
I don’t care if people

run around the city naked,
from being really honest.

There, I understand why it’s illegal.

I do.

And I wouldn’t take the
position of arguing against making

it illegal to have 10 men
run through a city naked.

But the motivation– I do
want to know the motivation.

Why did they do this?

The problem is, now
having done an engineer’s

Japan for several years, there are several
stock answers that I would be expecting.

It’s not going to be the true
dig down inside and find out

what was driving these
men, and wearing guard belts,

and 10 not wearing guard belts, that
actually runs through the city naked.

Ignance is just in the chat.

I’m very proud 10 men
running through the city naked.

10 naked, 10 more.

So 20 in total, 10 more
wearing only guard or belt.

So there’s an interesting
question then, the US viewer,

which is either more pleasing
or more disturbing to you,

a naked man running
through the city just naked,

or a naked man running through
the city with just guard or belts?

Because to me, somehow, the just
guard or belts makes it little weirder.

Getting naked and running through the
city, again, I don’t have that instinct.

I don’t have that urge.

I don’t have that desire.

But the extra equipment, the little strap

that they throw on the guard or belt,
that changes it somehow, makes it weirder.

Is it anything where you
start including equipment

makes it a little more complicated,
and that little extra step of complication

adds that sort of psychological layer
to it, like why did this become part of it?

Why was this necessary?

A guard or belt added
an uncomfortable element.

Now, say, I read that, and
I’m like, for them or for you.

Guard or belt?

I never wore a guard or belt.

Are they uncomfortable for me?

Are they uncomfortable for you?

Because I think it’s
uncomfortable for everyone.

But discomfort to a
degree is part of the thing.

So anyways, public service
announcement, if you live in the city of

Koga, be aware that 20
men have thought it was

perfectly susceptible to
run through the city naked.

Ten of them felt not
totally naked was the answer.

We’re going to strap up and
throw on some guard or belt.


We have a series of updates.

This is primarily from last week’s episode.

So if you haven’t listened in the last
week’s episode, you’re missing three jokes.

It’s not a big deal.

The iguana, there was
a two meter long iguana.

And there’s a very cool
60-year-old woman had this

iguana as her companion
running free in her house.

That escaped the house.

It was found in a tree two
kilometers from her house.

The police and some very brave
civilians joined the attempt to

recapture the iguana
the two meter long iguana.

Again, a lot of sort of Americans
may not know what two meters is.

I am six feet tall.

I am 184 centimeters.

I am shorter than the
entire length of this iguana.

This is a very big iguana.

The iguana resisted being taken
in, which I support the iguana.

The iguana wants the freedom.

It loves the freedom.

It wants to be in the tree.

I think the iguana doesn’t understand
that winter is coming in Japan.

And this is not his natural habitat.

The tree saw it probably felt really nice.

It was nice to be out in a tree.

It was hot during that
period when it escaped.

That was all probably pretty cool.

There’s lots of bugs around.

I bet it’s a pretty happy iguana.

I don’t think you realize
like if you don’t get

back to your home, things
are about to go real bad.

The Johnny’s sex scandal.

I wasn’t talking about the
sex scandal specifically.

I was talking actually more
about the financial side last time.

I’m talking about
companies that had dropped

Johnny’s because the
scandals had become public.

I actually think those companies
were partially complicit in the scandal.

So they’re distancing themselves
from the thing they helped support.

I don’t believe that those
companies didn’t know that this kind

of stuff was going on, but my
personal opinion is not proof.

Though we’re going to drop it there.

65 companies.

32 of them have now cut ties completely.

So I almost half the companies
that were using Johnny’s talent

in their advertising or whatnot
have now dropped the company.

The company is considering
changing the name because

Johnny’s and Associates
is named after Johnny

to Gawa who is the
founder of Johnny’s who was

one of the, uh, didlers
or no sexual abusers.

He was an abuser.

And now they’re saying like
the name is now connected

to that and shouldn’t be connected to
the artist and there’s new management.

So we’re going to change the name.

The problem is the name
has so much history in Japan.

The problem is all that history is
now connected to, connected to SA.

I don’t know what you want.

I mean, I actually think the
problem here is that your company

was doing horrible things
for the last 30, 40, 50 years.

And now you’re like,
well, how do we fix this?

I don’t think you do.

I don’t think you fix this.

I think you now suffer through the
pain of having your whole world fall apart.

The, the real issue is
that Johnny, the actual

worst person in this, he
died a couple of years ago.

So he’s off scot-free.

He lived his life.

I haven’t been talking
about Gassy recently.

He’s been in, in holding.

He’s been taking him to court.

The accusation was that he was harassing
famous people’s celebrities online.

He was released the other
day on 30 million yen bail.

He is admitted to the charges.

He is apologized.

The charges, again,
harassing people primarily.

He apologized for causing huge
psychological pain and economic damage.

Weirdly, he was right.


So the thing about Gassy, I haven’t
talked about Gassy in a long time.

So people might not remember.

Gassy was, he did scandals
on YouTube in Japan.

So famous people, their
scandals, he talked about them.

He made accusations.

Apparently he was like getting
videos and like, lack mailing people.

He got a lot of, got a lot of heat.

He started, he went and lived in Dubai.

Somehow decided that that wasn’t enough.

Living in Dubai, making money
off YouTube wasn’t enough for him.

So he decided to run for government.

He wanted to be like a minister
in Japan, a part of the diet.

Did it from Dubai, he tried
to do it remotely from Dubai.

Then they’re like, well,
if you don’t actually show

up to any of the sessions,
you can’t vote remotely.

You actually like to show up.

He’s like, well, if I show up,
the police are going to arrest

me because of all these things
that have happened in the past.

He tried to make it seem
like it could spare us a

theory because he was so
powerful and knowledgeable.

Turns out he was right.

As soon as he showed up in
Japan, he was arrested, but it wasn’t

because he was so like knowledgeable
and powerful and it was conspiracy.

It’s because he was
being a dick the whole time.

So I guess the lesson
there is don’t be a dick.

Last update.

This is the most interesting
one because we have

sugar baby Liri Cha
or itadaki Joshi Liri Cha.

We talked about her.

She wrote a book on how to scam
lonely men and take all their money.

I don’t know.

Scamming people’s not good.

Abusing whatever.

She’s been given some fresh charges.

She took a man for 27
million yen using a dating app.

She was on the dating app
and the story she was giving him

is that she had borrowed money
from an associate to open a…

It says an apparel business.

I don’t know if that’s
making clothes or selling

clothes or opening your
clothing store or something.

A apparel business was a bit vague.

I actually want to know.

Because I want to know
the details of the scam.

A, so that as everyone says
it to me, I was like, “Whoa, you

can try to scam me or like how
much detail go into these scams.”

I bet keeping it vague is important.

When you get scam emails,
apparently they’re always

like misspellings and some
weird sentence structures.

Apparently that is on purpose to filter out
the people who are knowledgeable or aware.

So you are so naive
and hopeful that you read

this thing full of spelling
and grammar mistakes.

And it says send us money that you’re willing
to overlook that because you’re naive.

Whereas someone who’s a bit more like
critical will be like, “Well, this is supposed

to be sent to me from the government
or a Nigerian prince is the classic one.”

It’s full of spelling mistakes.
I don’t believe it.

So that’s not the person
you want to target anyways.

You want to target the naive
people who would go for it.

So I’m actually wondering if
she was giving specifics or not.

Her story was, a borrowed money from
an associate to open an apparel business.

If I can’t pay it back, I’ll have
to sell my body in a brothel.

The hint there is that she’s
willing to sell her body for money.

So the guy on the dating app, if he sends
her enough money, she will sleep with him.

So I think that is sort of
the loop he tries to create.

The hope that if you spend enough
money on me, I will have sex with you.

And then keep that going
and go like, “But you don’t

know how much money it is
and I need x amount of money.

I need 10 million, 20
million, 30 million yen.”

And then it just keeps going in
a loop and then she gets more

and more money until the guy
that runs out of money or gives up.

Or she’s decided she has
enough and finds like a better Mark.

She’s done this dozens of times so much,
so successfully she wrote a book on it.

She has dozens of
victims with a total of, and

this was a bit
mind-blowing, 160 million yen.

That is 1.08 million dollars
he has taken from her scams.

So criminals, we are now in
Ninja Ninja Pan criminal advice.

When you make enough money
to live for an extended period,

what you actually have to do
is stop and let the heat cool off.

This is not what most
criminals do. They’re like, “I’m on

a hot streak. This is like
gambling. I’m on a hot streak.

I’m going to keep going. I keep going.
I keep going. I start losing.

Well, if I just keep going,
I’ll start winning again.”

I’m like, “It goes in and
you lose everything.”

She, once she hit the
million dollar Mark, could

have lived four years,
there is a secondary issue.

I just thought of.
And that she’s selling her youth.

She’s banking on her
attractiveness and in Japan

a lot of attractiveness
is connected to you.

So maybe she’s actually being smart
and thinking, “I have a finite amount

of time to make X amount of
money to live for the rest of my life.”

But then they talked about her spending
habits. What was she spending this money on?

And she used the money
for travel and host clubs.

So she wasn’t keeping her
saving the money for a future plan.

I guess scammers in general
aren’t long-term planners.

So this is, again, the
reason I’m not a criminal is

because I would be like,
“Well, I have to be conservative.

I have to plan for the
future. I have to plan

for a point where I’m
actually going to stop,

or I’m going to make so much
money in the next little while,

and then stop, let the heat
cool off and then do it again.”

Probably in a different location.

In an attempt to keep it going long-term.
These are the issues you’re running into.

Because that’s also why I’m not a criminal.

If you’re going to do it
my way, you might as well

just get a regular job,
which is exactly what I have.

I have a regular job
that I go to where I —

there is no risk of me
getting arrested that.

I’m not going to be doing
something shady that I don’t

know about, and they
might end up pinning it on me.

Now I know what I’m doing when I
go in to work tomorrow is making sure

that I do not get tagged for some
crime that my company is committing.

Go through computers
and just check everything.

But, re-reach on, being each
on, is never really going to be

successful because she was
always going to push the limit,

or scam more and more men to the point where sooner
or later someone was get the police involved, sooner

or later she’s going to pass this point where it’s
like, “How does this girl have this much money?”

Then get caught, which
is exactly what happened.

“Drive News, interesting
crime news, fun crime news.”

This guy, I have a house.

And then I was like, “Oh, it’s time to
renovate part of my house. I’m going to

hire a contractor who’s going to come in.
They come in and they see your house.”

Then they might see like your collectibles.

Now, I don’t have very expensive
collectibles, but you might be

the kind of guy who collects
common writer transformation belts.

I have to explain what a common
writer is and a transformation belt for the

people who have never lived in Japan or
never watched common writer kids’ shows.

I’m going to use Sailor Moon as the base.
She has a transformation scene. She goes

from young girl to spins, lights, things,
close change, changes into Sailor Moon.

This happens very regularly in a
lot of superhero things in Japan.

There’s common writer. He generally
has a motorcycle. Often bug-themed in his

mask and whatnot, but the transformation
is unique in that he is wearing a belt.

He will do something with the belt.
Every season they change common

writers, so every season they
update the belt and what he has to do.

I remember one, it was a ring. He took off his
ring, put it in the belt and spun something.

There was a razor blade and he spun the razor
blade in the belt. They always make a sound.

There was one, it was like starting like
a chainsaw, so he pulled it out the back.

And then the transformation
happens and he’s in

his power armor or
whatever you want to call it.

They do this every year so
that a collector or a fan or a

new crock of kids buys the
new product every single year.

My son had two common
writer belts when he’s youth. This

show has been going on for
decades and decades and decades.

They’re designed for kids, poised
to sell to kids. Now, the thing is,

there are a lot of adults who
grew up with this and still like it.

They make electors edition
adult belts. These are more

expensive, they’re more
detailed, they’re more valuable.

This contractor came
in and he saw that this

man had white a lot
of belts on display.

That must immediately imply that
these belts are valuable. What’s he

going to do? He’s going to take seven
of them that were worth 130,000 yet.

The problem is, again,
my problem with stealing

certain objects is almost
any object is how to resell.

If you take the two upon shop
or something, oh, yeah, I don’t

know how much you’re going
to get for it. That’s the issue.

I have likened the theft of Pokémon
cards to a new form of art theft where

you need to be a fan, a collector, to
know the value of what you’re stealing.

If you put me in a room
with a bunch of plastic belts,

I wouldn’t know which one
was the most valuable one.

I might steal a couple. It would be at
random. It’s almost like a lottery. Do

I get the good one or not? Who knows?
Except the guy I tried to sell it to.

He might realize really quickly, I don’t
know the value of this thing. He undercuts

me. I’ve actually risked jail time or a theft
and still not gotten my money out of it.

That’s one of the problems with stealing
collectible items. The guy is like, I’m a nerd.

I’m at home. People don’t come over to my
house very much. No one’s seen my collection.

I had this contractor over. He and
then it disappeared. The contractor didn’t

show up again. It didn’t take a particularly
good detective to figure this out.

Since I mentioned Pokemon Fest, there has been a new type. For a
while, it was breaking into the store. Just take all the valuable

ones and run away pretty basic. Then there were some cat thieves
who were sneaking into the store, taking all the valuable ones.

Again, they knew which one the valuable ones were. They knew which cards
to steal. The latest scam. Actually, I thought this was pretty good.

This shows the creativity of these people if it was applied in a
different field, it could actually be very successful in a different one.

I would like to see this Pokemon
card. It is worth 798,000. He says,

distracts the person who says, can
you show me this? Can you show me this?

As they look away, he puts
a new price sticker on it.

Then walks out. Customer
B comes in 20 minutes later.

The store clerk has been very careful.
All the cards I’ve shown him are still

here. I showed him 5 cards. All 5
cards are still here. I’ll put them away.

Customer B comes in 20 minutes
later. I would also say, also, because

I’m a completely new customer.
I’m not in cahoots with anybody.

I would like to see this
Pokemon card. The price on this

Pokemon card. The price on
this Pokemon card is now 498,000.

They’ve committed, so he buys
the card for that price, essentially

having committed a 300,000 yen
theft without anyone being anybody.

That is a good scale. I have to give some credit
to them. That’s a good piece of work on their part.

They had to pay 500,000 yen, but they are going
to be able to sell it for a 300,000 yen profit.

That’s a pretty solid day’s work. I
have to give some kudos to them.

They are probably going to get
caught because there is CCTV in it.

Johnny Somali is a YouTuber.
He’s actually on,

which is the competitor
to Twitch at the moment.

I didn’t talk about him in
the past. He basically just

did some really offensive
stuff. He got on the train.

The first viral video he
did, he got on the train, and

he was like, “Hiroshima
Nagasaki will do it again.”

He’s saying it to Japanese people.
In English, they understood the

city names, but I think if you put
those, you pair those two together.

People kind of know what
you’re doing. He was clearly being

a dick. Other people, English
speakers approached him.

They were like, “This isn’t cool. Don’t do
it.” He got popular off that viral video.

I didn’t talk about it
because there wasn’t much

to talk about. Guy comes
with Japan being a jerk.

There’s a second guy,
I don’t know his name

yet, but I’m pretty
sure I will in the future.

He was deeply offended that
there were women’s only cars on

trains, and then he walked
through the train going, “Yup.

I’m a woman inspector.
I’m checking for women.”

Yep, they’re all
women. It wasn’t funny.

But of course, that went
viral because everyone

hates on them, but that’s
how they get attention.

They wasn’t purposely avoiding them.
There just wasn’t much to say.

He’s like a tension seeker live
streamer people being shitty and awful.

Isn’t something I want
to spend a lot of time

on because there’s
not much to say about it.

Hey, look, this guy who’s getting
attention for being shitty and

awful is being shitty and awful,
and I’m giving him more attention.

Not much to say.
Why am I talking about Johnny Somali then?

He harassed some women, he got
punched in the face, he took it too far,

so I’m Japanese youtubers came,
showed up and threatened to beat him up.

He apologized and left Japan. I guess
he felt like he wasn’t getting enough

attention wherever he was because
he kind of fell off the map for a bit.

Decided that the best way to revive his
career would be to come back to Japan.

I’m assuming if he did
the same stuff in America,

he would get really beat
up regularly and or killed.

So this is one of the things Japan
attracts a certain person who wants to push

the boundaries because there’s a certain
safety level of doing an independent.

You’re less likely to get beat up,
you’re less likely to get shot and killed.

The police aren’t going
to destroy your life or

are they? Maybe that’s
where the story is going.

He came to back to Japan. He decided
his thing was going to be trespassing.

He went into construction sites, he went
into some hotels and stuff where he wasn’t.

He went into the areas
he wasn’t supposed to go in.

He had a guy follow him.

Thing is in Japan, the rules
are really different than America.

I’m actually betting
he didn’t take the time.

If you’re going to be a harassment streamer,
you should look up the laws around public

activity and harassment to make sure you
are pushing the line, but not crossing it.

Of course, trespassing is it
breaking the law. He crossed the line.

He was followed by cops.

He noticed that the cops
are following him, so he starts

messing with the cops, obviously
again how his brand works.

But this isn’t a good idea because
the cops are just waiting for him.

What they were actually
doing was making sure

they had the right guy
following him for a bit.

Then he comes out of convenience
store and there’s like three, four cops.

They’re holding him, they give us
your phone, he’s saying, “Hey, it’s okay.

Die job, who died job, who
doesn’t speak any Japanese?”

He’s actually trying
to be friendly with them

and make jokes, but
they’re not taking it.

They’re like, “Just give us your stuff.”

Then they’re like, “Stop talking.”

Two detectives show up.

So now he’s got like eight,
nine cops at this point.

They get a woman on the phone to translate
and then they tell him he’s being arrested.

Then you can hear a
change in his voice where

he’s like, “Hey, call the
embassy, call a lawyer.”

So I’m not free sure.

I’m not so aware.

Can I speak for the embassy?

Somebody call the embassy, “All
right, call the embassy, call the embassy.”

Call an embassy, call a lawyer.

He knows he’s now in trouble.

So he’s being charged with
trespassing that has a hundred

thousand yen fine and/or
up to three years in prison.

They, as you’ve listened
to Ninja Juice Pen

for many episodes, you’ve heard me
talk about how they can hold you on.

So he has the trespassing charge.

That’s one.

He has the obstruction
of police duties charged.

That’s two.

He, I’m assuming
interfering with a business,

so obstruction of business,
that’s going to be thrown in there.

They’re going to hold him
until he overstays his visa.

So that’s 23 days, 23 days, 23 days.

They can hold him so that they
can hold him for 60 some days.

He has a visa.

So they can actually hold him until he
overstays his visa and then charge him with

overstaying his visa, which
is a really shitty thing to do.

Normally, I would be very
opposed to this, but in this

case, because I just don’t
like the guy, I think it’s funny.

This is the problem with these
draconian rules is applied to most people.

It’s wrong, implied in certain instances.

It’s quite funny.

So the base charge, he’s
looking at three years in prison.

Now, are they going to put him in prison?

Probably not.

They’ll probably make
him overstays his visa,

send him home and
then never allow him back

in the country, which
means Johnny Somali

might have to find either
another country to go to.

My bet is okay.

So again, I don’t know, but my bet is
that they just wait till his visa expires,

deport him and then just you
can’t get back in the country.

He would then go to Korea and start again.

This ports are an interesting thing is I’m
pretty sure they share that information.

Have you ever been arrested?

They’ll actually arrest
him so they can ensure

that he’s not allowed
back in the country.

That goes on sort of his passport record.

What countries would and would not allow
you in after that will be interesting?

I’m sure he’s going to
pop up again in a very

small instance and
then disappear forever,

because he’s going
to do something stupid,

like go to Thailand or
Singapore, mess around,

they don’t care in the same
way that Japan or Korea would.

Japan and Korea, I think
would just send you back.

Thailand and Singapore, they
would love to throw you in prison.

And I don’t think there’s much you
could do to convince them otherwise.

So the embassy is going to be
like, fire man, Singapore’s really strict.

You shouldn’t have done that.

You actually already had
learned your lesson technically.

So we’re going to back off
this and I can see Johnny Somali

ending in prison for a good,
in a country other than Japan.

So let’s lay the bets on that.

You can bet completely nude.

He’s not ever going to get in
trouble again or you can bet on

guard or belt that he is actually
going to get in trouble again.

If you are right, I don’t know.

I should have thought.

I didn’t, this is a
problem with thinking of

things in the
moment, doing like an

improv-oriented news
podcast, which is not a thing.

I have thoughts in the moment that I
don’t have time to organize the thoughts.

But there is a game there.

We could bet, Carter or nude.


Is he going to get arrested again?

I think he’s going to
get arrested again in

different country and
actually do prison time.

I think Japan is going to send him away.

So there could be two bets there.

That was a bit messy
at the end, but we’re all

happy that this guy
is not on the Internet.