HyperX Fictosexual

There was the sub that went down to see the
Titanic in it and imploded and everyone was

all basically making
fun of it on the Internet.

Titanic therefore was sort of trending
in the whole space of the Internet.

Foody TV on June 24th
and July 1st scheduled

to play Titanic because
that’s what people want to see.

People want to see the movie
Titanic and everyone’s like,

“Oh, that’s in very poor
taste you shouldn’t show that.”

But it turns out they
made this schedule on

May 23rd months before the actual
Ocean Gate submarine thing happened.

So they were really just continuing
on with their scheduled programming.

So it’s a question of,
“If I make a schedule

to play a movie, an
incident happens that

relates to that movie, is it import
tastes to stick to my schedule?”

I don’t know.

So I think I go along
with people who are like,

“Look, Titanic, even if you like
it or not, is a very popular film.

It’s going to be shown on TV regularly.

If you don’t want to see it and
it offends you, don’t watch it.

It’s really that simple.

I don’t know what I would do.

If I was the head of
programming for Foody TV,

we’re like, “Okay, we’re
going to play Titanic

like it’s two hour, two
hour and a half hour movie.”

So that’s a huge block
of our scheduled time.

We’re going to play that today.

And then a sub explodes.


Very important to get the difference right.

A sub implodes.

Do you continue with your
scheduled programming?

I think you do.

Because the people have the choice.

This is one of the problems
with people and media.

Because people watch
media and then they get

offended and they start
to complain, they don’t

seem to realize they could at
any point stop watching that media.

This is not just TV, this is
TV, Internet, movies, whatever.

If you find something
offensive, don’t watch it.

If it doesn’t get watched, it goes away.

Well, except for this podcast.

No one watches this podcast
or listens to this podcast.

And I’m still here.

It’s like years and
years later, I’m still

saying the same dumb
crap into the same time.

I’m like, it’s sexy.

A new microphone from when I
started way better microphone.

HyperX Solo Cast.

6000 yen on Amazon.

There’s a group I work
with, a blind knowledge.

They are just a group of
podcasts that get in together.

They’re trying to get ads so we
can make some money, which is great.

So I’m going to practice.

I’m going to practice by dropping in
little ads here and there everywhere we go.

HyperX Solo Cast.

You can sponsor the podcast.

I’ll mention the microphone.

It’s up right in front of, if you
watch the video on YouTube.

I always stick it up in front of my face.

I’ve made sure I got a bright red cable.

USB cable to connect it to my computer.


Because it matches the
piping of my stupid chair.

I didn’t do that consciously, but
when I saw, oh, I need to plug it in.

It came with like a very long black cable,
which would have been sort of nondescript.

Then I saw I had this one in my,
in one of my junk drawers, basically.

And then I noticed it matches the
chair and I was like, I could have it.

And then I put a red
border around the screen.

That’s all I’m perfect.

People don’t think
of me as the kind of

person who does stuff for
aesthetics, because generally I don’t.

But I saw, I was like,
oh, I could match my

chair and my cable and
the border on the screen.

Yeah, why not?

Just click of a button.

Hyper-X solo cast for
solo casting your hyperness.

I don’t know.

I guess I have to work on that part.

Anyways, I don’t think
Fuji TV did anything

wrong by playing the
video about rich people.

dying when a bunch of rich people died
because no one cares about rich people.

You should listen to the last C McB to
get a good sense of why people don’t care.

I actually go into a little talk about
empathy and the function of empathy.

It’s very good.

If I’m being really honest,
I’ve done some shit episodes.

That was a good episode.

It drew in a lot of ideas.

You should definitely, if you
like whatever, just listen to that.

Finish listening to this first.

Don’t just like, oh, well, you told me
to listen to that stop and then go away.

Why is supposed to be already gone?

I already lost that group.

Oh well.

There’s a vice principal
and he was very helpful.

He put up some curtains
in a classroom for a

teacher and they had a
kerosene space heater.

So he went and got
kerosene and filled it up again.

And he decided that he
needed some appreciation.

He needed to be, you know, someone to show
him a very specific teacher, by the way.

She showed some appreciation
for the efforts he did on her behalf.

So amazing to ask for some kisses.

The little kids I’ve
filled up your space here.

A little kiss, please.

I put out some curtains for
what you look, please, please.

She seems to think this
was sexual harassment.

He’s just asked for a
little kiss here and there.

He actually asked for five and once tapped
on her shoulder and did a hugging gesture.

The teacher felt harassed, went to another
teacher and just sort of game the rundown.

The other teacher was like, oh, you shit.

No, this is not okay.

He was pulled into a
meeting and he said, I felt

that there were no
problems with my actions,

which therein lies the problem with his
actions because he thought that was okay.

I, let’s say I have a
coworker or something.

I find very attractive.

I know that going up
and asking for kisses for

mundane tasks is not
appropriate work behavior.

I might want to do it.

I’m like, oh, she’s very pretty.

I’d like some kisses.

I know that there is a problem
with me asking for kisses.

I just know that inherently.

I wasn’t even taught that.

Don’t sat down and
went through a list of rules

for me when I joined companies
and started working and stuff.

They never said
like, hey, Peter, if you

pick up a heavy box for a
lady, don’t ask for kisses.

They didn’t have to say that to me.

Apparently they needed
to say it to this guy.

It’s still probably wouldn’t have worked.

When he was being suspended, he hasn’t been
fired yet, but when he’s being suspended,

he had intended to improve
communication in the workplace.

How, again, how is the question
that never gets answered?

I want to be on these boards.

I want to be the guy on the
board who talks to these people.

I don’t know how I get that job.

The problematic board member.

No, that makes it sound
like I’m the problem.

The investigation into problematic
behavior of board member.

That’s better.

I want to be that guy.

When he says to me,
dead seriously, I intended

to improve communication
in the workplace.

I can look at him and go, how?

How does asking for kisses
improve communication?

Then listen to the incredible because
he’s going to have a dumb, long answer.

You know the answer is long.

The answer is long because
they’re trying to justify gross behavior.

That’s what these people do.

Again, he doesn’t think anything is wrong.

He’s going to have
reasons like, oh, if we do

more at kissing, we’ll feel
closer and work together better.

He’d say something like that.

He would be dead serious and he’s wrong.

Scam alert.

I wanted to look some more into scams.

That actually might be a
theme of a future podcast,

either in the ancient
New Japan or Seemingly.

Looking to some of the
bigger scams that have

gone throughout life,
scams are interesting.

What has happened is a
guy did an unboxing video.

Unboxing video was one hour and 38 minutes
long and he does not say a single word.

I didn’t watch the little thing.

He may actually speak at some point, but
he ordered 60 plus packs of Pokemon cards.

He’s a big fan of Pokemon.

He wants to Pokemon cards.

He did it through a reseller.

There’s a website called Marikari where I
could sell my HyperX solo cast microphone.

Should I grow tired of it and want to
upgrade to the HyperX quad cast microphone?

The quad cast microphone
is the one with lights.

It’s a little taller and
it has LEDs inside and

you can change colors
and you can make it vibrate.

Not vibrate physically, vibrate the lights.

Although if it did
vibrate, it’s weird when

you gross yourself
out because it’s like you

let the intrusive
thoughts just come out

before you filter them, much
like our man and his friendly kisses.

The scam, he bought a giant box.

He opened the box.

This is unboxing video of unboxing videos.

His unboxing video of
opening a box with more

boxes in it where he
unboxed each box in the box.

He went to Marikari where he
bought these from another seller.

There were more than 60, I think it
was like 64, 65, but a bunch of a lot.

50 of the boxes had juice boxes
inside them instead of cards.

So what this person had done, the scam.

He got actual Pokemon
boxes because every box

he unboxes is a real box and it’s
not like a real box someone made.

It’s a real box from the
Pokemon Corporation.

And shrink wrapped.

So this guy bought
the boxes, opened the

boxes, took out the
cards, got a juice box, put

it in, and then close
up the box and then

shrink wrapped it again
and then box the box

into a bigger box and
sent that big, big box

to this man who
bought it on the Internet.

That’s a lot of work.

Why did he fill it with juice boxes?

Well it’s because the juice box weighs
basically the same as a box of cards.

So the weight of the
big box with all the little

boxes in the box would
weigh the appropriate amount.

And so when he got it, he wouldn’t
be suspicious, he opens the box.

I bet you just put a
line in there like once

open, there’s no returns
or something like that.

And he’s actually kind of screwed
himself that way by opening

to check the boxes that
he’s unboxing from the big box.

I feel bad for this guy.

He’s one hour and 38 minute YouTube video.

I did watch chunks of ice skips
through it because he just opens the box.

He takes a box out
of the big box, the little

box out of the big
box and he weighs it.

So it has the right
weight and then he opens

it up and it’s a juice
box and then he puts

it to the side and then
he opens it up, juice

box, juice box, juice box, juice
box, juice box, juice box, juice box.

I bet the box of cards
though because this

guy’s a scammer and
he has all the equipment

I bet he’s taken out any
good cards and just put

all the crap cards into
the box that the guy bought.

Yeah, it’s kind of, it’s, it’s shit man.

I don’t enjoy unboxing videos.

The Japan consumer
agency, so this is the, the

monitor television and
advertising and stuff

to make sure you’re
not breaking any rules.

They would have to
dominoes and they give them

a warning because of a
service charge printed on flyer.

I have the, let’s say list of prices
and then delivery fee and whatnot.

That all should be together.

And then there is a
service fee on the other

side of the flyer and
that service fee was

in really small font which made
it really hard for you to see it.

Now it was about 300 yen, 6
to 7% of the cost of the pizza.

I was wondering what
the service charges for.

Like dominoes is a service.

So I’m ordering a service
from a service provider

to get the service and
they had a service charge.

That seems like bad service.

If I’m bringing really honest, it seems
like you know, appropriately bad service.

I’m not happy about that.

But I am happy with
the HyperX Solo Cast

microphone I have right
here in front of me and

the Dulce tones you’re getting through.

It came.

Oh, I should actually do.

I was about to do like I
should do the mic arm too.

The mic arm was 3000 yen.

So in total, the whole setup
basically cost nearly 10,000 yen.

It’s luling arts which is
a cheap manufacturer

but it’s just I don’t do moves
the arms around very much.

Once I put it in
position, it sits there

while I do the whole podcast
or I play games or whatever.

But it came with the
pop filter which is why

you’re not getting the posters
as strongly as you should.

At least I hope not.

And then it also came with a variety
of ways you can attach it to the arm.

So honestly, as far as
products go, the HyperX

Solo Cast plus the
Luling Arts arm for putting

it on my desk and
moving it around and stuff.

The arm actually makes a huge difference.


I know this is like supposed to be a stupid
joke that I’m doing throughout the podcast.

Callbacks what not.

It is funny.

But if you are going
to do podcasting or

streaming or something
like that, you should

get a mic arm because it’s
way less effort to set it up.

If you have an open desk,
you can just swing it away.

Mine doesn’t, it has like a shelf to the
side but I can push it back into the corner

and I don’t have to
like set it up every time.

I don’t have to get a stand or anything.

That is the benefit of a mic arm.

So Domino’s had a service charge.

The service charge was 6 to 7%
of your purchase up to 300 yen.

Very technically, 299 yen.

But they said, oh no, we’ve gone in
trouble with the consumer agency.

The Japan consumer agency.

So we’ll get rid of that
service charge and we

will just increase the
price of pizzas by 9%.

And that was part of their apology.

We’re like, oh, we’re sorry we had the
service charge that was 300 yen, maybe 6, 7%.

of your pizza pie.

We’re sorry we did that.

We’re going to increase
the price of pizzas by 9%.

So they came out of this making
more money and I now, I hate Domino’s.

I never cared about Domino.

I didn’t have positive or negative
feelings about Domino’s before.

Now, totally 100% negative
feelings about Domino’s.

He just sends the bitches.

This is awful.

The price of everything
has been going up in Japan.

Like little bursts.

I have noticed costs of
things I just buy regularly.

I have gone up but onto a new topic.

What is a salt?

And it is, it’s a tough question
because it could be a lot of things.

And so this was one of the more interesting
assaults that I’ve read about only because

I’m as, I don’t want to
make any assumptions.

Let’s just go through the story.

A man was feeding his child an onigiri.

Onigiri is a usually
triangular packed rice ball.

The very basic one is just rice and salt.

They pack it into a
ball or they make a

little triangle is what you’re going
to get in like a convenience store.

Because they’ll push some
fish or something into the middle.

Give it a little flavor boost.

I do like the salmon ones
or the tuna and mayonnaise.

It’s like getting, I don’t want to buy a
tuna sandwich from a convenience store.

I wish I should buy an example
and actually do it on screen.

They make the sandwich
and it’s like a triangle.

And then there’s the
bit that faces out towards

you and it’s this
big fat thing of tuna.

And it’s because they’ve
taken a dollop of tuna

and put it at the very
front of the sandwich.

So it looks big.

But then if you open it up,
90% of the sandwiches empty.

They say it’s so that
you can spread the tuna

yourself, which no
one is ever going to do.

So essentially you take
one bite of tuna and then you

just have like white bread
for the rest of the sandwich.

Never bought a sandwich again.


And that was all convenience
stores were judged

the same because of
this behavior of just one.

So the man is feeding
his child a rice ball

and then his wife starts
scolding the husband.

They don’t say what about
how he’s about the details.

I don’t know what you would scold
him or what was she pissed off about.

The man shoves the only
giddy in her face, which is a soul.

Like I’m not joking, it is a salt.

Now if you just shoved it in her
face, it wouldn’t have hurt her.

But that’s like spitting
on someone, spitting

on someone doesn’t hurt
you physically, but it is a soul.

So yes, it is a salt,
but usually we talk

about violence and I
was like, it’s not really

violence is it, but
then of course it is

violence because
again, the spitting counts.

So shoving an only giddy in
someone’s face should also count.

She calls the cops, cops
show up at the guy’s house.

She’s got rice all over her face.

That was apparently an
important point because that’s

essentially the evidence that
what she’s saying was true.

I was like, uh, she could call the cops
put rice on her face and then say he shoved

only giddy in my face
and he would get arrested.

Uh, and he was arrested.

I mean, there’s nothing to say about that.

He did assault her because it weddings.

It’s a tradition shoved
cake in your partner’s face.

Ha ha ha.

That’s a salt.

I think we better like crack down on that.

Actually, last week on Engineers Japan, I
talked about a guy who took a job online to

steal Pokemon cards,
drop them off and go to

a secondary location
and collect money for

his theft.

Uh, turns out it was a scam.

He stole the cards, gave him to a guy
who just disappeared and never paid him.

This is a weirdly
common trend recently in

the news of people
getting crime jobs online.

So a couple weeks ago, there was
a break in at a luxury watch store.

Three kids.

I mean, I say kids
because the one who got

arrested was like 19, but the
other two might have been older.

They didn’t know each other.

So actually, that’s why
I don’t know the ages

of the other people who
were the perpetrators.

They were part of this ring who got recruited
to commit this crime on the Internet.

They didn’t know each other.

There was someone sort
of coordinating all the stuff.

This one guy just got arrested.

What he did is he took
a job online and they

said, go rent a car,
park it in this parking

place, put the key on top of
the front right tire, let’s say.

He was on top of the tire,
but they didn’t see which one.

And then take off.

It was used in the
highest last week in Tokyo.

So he got arrested for
being part of the highest.

He didn’t even know what
the crime was going to be.

He just wanted to get
paid to pay off some debts.

So he took this shady job.

Man, guess what?

He never got paid.

So he participated in the crime.

He was part of the
conspiracy to commit a crime.

He did the crime and
never got anything for it.

So I’m like, if you’re
going to get arrested,

you might as well have
at least have committed

the crime or profited off the
crime you were trying to commit.

Like a bunch of guys got away with watches.

If they turn them in, they are dead stupid.

Like I know reselling, I
talked about it last time.

I wouldn’t know how to resell
a watch and not get caught.

I actually talked at
length about how I couldn’t

even like, launder money properly
because I don’t know about that.

I would have to go online
and research it and stuff.

And then they would
go through my browser

and find out that I’d been
researching how to launder money.

That’s my downfall right there.

But it is a bit
terrifying that all these

people are getting into crime
and getting ripped off in the crime.

But of course, if you’re going to commit
a crime, don’t trust the other criminals.

That’s like crime movie 101.

There’s don’t trust any of the
other people in your crime circle.

Whole life is a VTuber agency.

So they basically, I
was considered because

I never wanted to put
my face on the screen.

I thought of doing a VTuber.

So get a super cute anime girl
VTuber thing and not change my voice.

Not try to do a cute voice.

Just speak completely normally.

So I have the contradiction.

And it’s weird because as soon as I say
that people will have been done before.

Do you know how many
things have been done before?

Like everything, like music and stuff.

Like I get, I’m too late to be the first
at pretty much everything in the world.

But that’s fine.

If I do it and I do it
well, it’s still funny.

So I was thinking about doing
this podcast with a VTuber face.

I was thinking of streaming with a
VTuber face, all that kind of stuff.

But realistically, I just
didn’t want to go through

the effort of learning
another piece of software.

It’s really more than anything else.

I just didn’t want to learn the software.

If something else comes along, it’s
easy in the future and I might do it.

But I could do an avatar of my own face.

It would be such a lame avatar, whatever.

So they had whole life.

They are an agency for VTubers.

They were having a
shareholders meeting last week.

We also had a conversation
about shareholders.

And this guy showed
up and completely

inappropriately showed
up at the Nintendo meeting.

This guy shows up in full, I have to
get the name right, Roushia cosplay.

So cute.

VTuber girl.

This guy shows up in full cosplay.

And then he gets
really angry that he’s not

allowed in because to
get into the shareholder.

meeting, the company
actually holds a lottery.

So you don’t just like show up.

I’m a shareholder.

I can join.

I assume this guy is a shareholder
because he thought he could just walk in.

And they’re like, no,
you have to apply in

this lottery because we can only
fit so many people in the meeting.

And then the people
who win the lottery come

in, they can ask their
questions and whatnot.

Also we want to be
able to turn away certain

people who obviously
are not in the right

mindset for a shareholders
meeting, which is

not where we do full
cosplay and talk about stuff.

What did this person want?

They had some signs with them.

They started protesting
that they weren’t allowed in.

They started protesting about
the termination of Roushia.

So basically their
favorite VTuber was being

cut and they were
coming to the shareholder

meeting to demand
the reintroduction, which

was very similar to the
guy who showed up to

the Nintendo shareholder
meeting who was angry

that the female
inklings in Spat-splatoon

were being sort of
treated better or promoted

more than the male
inklings from Spat-Tune.

I have to be very careful
because I don’t play Spat-Tune.

So I don’t really know all the verbiage.

I read a thing and it said inkling.

I’m assuming inkling is
both male and female.

I can’t actually see that’s true.

What I can say is true
that the HyperX Solo

Cast microphone is one of the
best microphones for the price.

So I could just slide it in.

Just like DM’s, just slide that one in.

No one had even noticed if I just
kept going and didn’t point it out.

So the guy I never got in, Roushia still
terminated so a complete waste of time.

Okay, our last story is
because I learned a new word.

I don’t want to go
through this whole story.

Four and a half years ago, a man
married a virtual idol at Tsune Miku.

So he had a ceremony, had a wedding.

When I read about this
story, I was immediately

like, “I’m going to
make fun of this guy.

It’s going to be really funny.”

And then his backstory is pretty tragic.

So I stopped wanting to bully him because
that’s how he ended up the way he is.

He had confessed his love.

Oh, creepy Mcreaster in the chat.

He said that inkling is the race.

Thank you.

I actually worth knowing if I’m actually
going to ever talk about them again.

Hopefully I don’t.

It’s not like I’m anti-splatoon.

It seems to be a whole backstory
there that I don’t want to learn.

It’s all like post-apocalyptic
stuff too, from what I understand.

But thank you.

So an inkling is the race, not the gender.

Which again, I didn’t know.

I don’t want to judge
people based on gender.

I’m open.

Whatever gender– that’s actually related
to what I’m talking about right now.

So anyways, this guy,
he had confessed his

love in his youth seven times
and was rejected seven times.

So that hurts.

I mean, I, as a young man, tried
to ask out girls, got rejected.

But I was lucky
enough that I didn’t get

rejected so much that I kind of like
built up a wall to the world around me.

This guy on top that was
also bullied in high school

and university and then
on into the workplace.

And he had to take a leave of absence.

And so in his leave of
absence, this is where

all my sympathy started actually like
turning really quickly towards this guy.

In his leave of absence, when he was stressed
out and living like a shut-in, heard a

Hatsune Miku song and
the voice kind of inspired him.

I don’t personally like
Hatsune Miku music, but

the fact that it spoke
to him in that moment

and made him a happier
person, I am kind of on board.

I mean, I don’t like
stuff that other people

like, other people don’t
like stuff that I like.

I want you to be happy.

I want to be happy too.

So I suddenly was like, I don’t
want to make fun of this guy anymore.

They did a survey
and found that 10% of

university students
have romantic feelings for

a game character or a fictional character,
a game character, and an anime character.

Female university students, it’s 17.1%.

I don’t know what you can do with that
information, but at least if you want to talk

to 17% of the female
university population,

video game character, you should
ask them like what character they like.

There’s a 20% chance that they’re going to
get real excited about and talk about it.

That’s the first step is to
actually interact with people.

So this guy, after
experiencing years of

bullying, finding something
that makes him happy,

decides that in the real world he
wants to marry this virtual idol he does.

And his life is improved.

He decides that he’s going
to find other people like him.

And of course, like
there are 10% of university

students who have
those feelings, maybe

they don’t go so far
as to actually marry a

fictional character, but
they have those feelings.

He set up a support group and the
support group is for fikto-sexuals.

And like I said, I was going
to make a bunch of jokes.

I had a bunch of
jokes until I read the

story and then I was like, I have
nothing but sympathy for this guy.

And I hope he and the people
in his support group are happy.

He was talking about
how he goes through life

and people call him
disgusting and stuff.

And it’s horrible.

But I’m like, he’s not hurting anybody.

So if he’s actually
happy with his virtual

idol, I hope he stays
happy with his virtual idol.

Just like I’m happy with my
HyperX solo cast microphone.

I just realized that my
video could be tagged

for promotion, despite
the fact that I am

promoting the product, but
I’m not getting any money for it.

So I guess it’s paid
promotion is the issue.

This is literally just
promotion, not paid promotion.

So I guess it doesn’t count.

Unless HyperX solo cast wants
to reach out, I am willing to add

the HyperX solo cast
brand, HyperX in general,

brand into every story
I do on this news Japan.

And I will just again,
I’ll just slide it in.

People after a while
won’t even notice, it’ll

be like, uh, subliminal advertising
because I just be so smooth.