A jerk we reported on 2 years ago gets arressted, which was weirdly satisfying and a lot of corona confusion because the government wants people to travel, but don’t travel, but we need to get the economy going but not everyone and be safe, but the hotels are responsible for safety.

Just stay home.

Also, Vagina Kayak lady is back.

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NNJ 109: Corona Gouging

There is no news other than the covid-19 news, so we go through all of that. Mostly it is the effects its having on normal people just trying to live.

Plastic bags are on notice and one creepy guy tries to make a challenege for the guy who lays things out.

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And the image mentioned in the episode:

The guy who lays things out shows his ultimate talent in forensic reconstruction of skirt slashed for thrills. Each tattered element placed back where it truly belongs. The guy who lays things out, he re-constructs all of our hearts.