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End of the year stats that may leave you all depressed. Sorry, stats don’t care about your feelings.

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A new way to stop chikan, but that totally won’t.

Some statistics about Japanese school kids and Japanese managers who work with foreign staff.

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Golden Guy Who lays things out

When things of value need to be displayed there is much care needed in deciding the how, where, why and how again in the laying out of things.

The blue trap, while the masters tool, the master knows when he needs to step away from the norm and create a new canvas. The smuggled gold here would seem dull and lifeless when placed on the magnificent blue tarp, so the master decided simplicity, symmetry would be more evocative of the weight that gold carries with it. Enhancing the image instead of confusing the viewer.

Here we have not only the gold, but the suitcases they were hidden in, giving us a sense of the plot. Also, the plastic storage bins the police use to transport the gold, pulling the heightened fantasy back to the real world. Everything is balanced.

Okinawa Guy who lays things out

I do not know if each prefecture has their own guy who lays things out, if it is an art collective, or if there is only one true master who rules over all police departments, but when called to Okinawa to create this wonderful display not only were the stolen underwear layed out in a massive space with blue tarps, because the thief had taken the time to individually wrap and seal each panty, the guy who lays things out took the time to release each from it’s solitary prison and lay it on top of the plastic in which it was enclosed.

Screaming to the world, “You cannot imprison the human spirit, we shall fly through the sky on our dreams, like a blue tarp.” The guy who lays things out broke through the plastic covering of my heart.

A Stimulating haul

The guy who lays things out knew that some other poor should had to get each of these pills from the feces of the drug mule who had brought them into the country.

The care and precision demonstrates the respect felt for a colleague who has never know the spotlight of the blue tarp (or in this case blue cards on a table). Each pill carefully placed to ensure that the world will see that nothing can hide from the long, plastic glove of justice.

Over 1,000

When a thief has put in as much effort as this one, you cannot just lay out the panties in a pile on a single tarp, this is how one would lose the massive scope of the endeavor.

The Guy who lays things out knew this and decided to take full advantage of the space available to him but filling the entire room.

Now not only can we seen the panties, we can feel the breadth of time and how we are just a single panty in the universe…

Does this say poop?

This is from the cover of a yogurt drink in Japan. I get that these may … assist people in their daily functions, but am I reading this right?

Because of the final shoulder, I think it has to be poop on purpose.

Guy Who Lays Things Out

An interesting episode for the guy who lays things out as this time it is not drug paraphernalia or a mass of women’s unmentionables, this time it is the technology taken from illicit live cam streaming.

Choosing to go from Largest piece of equipment to smaller while laying out various cameras in front gives us a sense of scale and as if we are about to start a game of high technology chess.

Also, great care has been put into covering the screen of the mac, for should the accused be found innocent they want to return the property unscathed. A fine print job rounds out the tableaux with clear fine lines declaring where the items have come from. Well done guy who lays things out, well done. #guywholaysthingsout

Guy Who Lays Things Out

I have made jokes about the guy who lays things out before. He is a mythical hero. Then the myth becomes reality because I don’t need to make jokes about the following display, I can honestly appreciate the effort.

There has been so many underwear thief stories that I have avoided them on ninjanewsjapan.com but then something happens, something magical.

Someone comes along and just puts in that extra effort, as in the following display of pilfered underwear where The Guy Who Lays Things Out went through the effort of not just laying out the underwear by category, but by laying them out in a gradient. Please, take a moment out of your day and think, did I put this much effort into my work today?

Guy Who Lays Things Out

There have been several news stories in recent Ninja News Japan episodes about the uptick in cannabis usage in Japan. This comes to our attention primarily through arrests and announcements of the volume of the devils cabbage that have been confiscated by Police.

Needing to make a grand ceremony of the triumph of justice, the Police called in the guy who lays things out.

You can see it was quite a take. To increase the impact while saving space the guy who lays things out overlayed the bags of prepared jazz tobacco, then added in measuring equipment and materials as a centerpiece before moving on to the ziploc bags. Label out for a little cross promotion. My favorite element is the single back in a bucket, which brings a relate able touch to the whole presentation. Well done.

Guy Who Lays things out

These were discarded CD’s from a forest which led to two arrests. AKB fans buy hundreds of CD’s for the voting tickets to elect their favorite to the lead position. The election won’t happen this year because of the assault scandal.

Guy who lays things out made some interesting choices here. He wanted to demonstrated his skills at laying things out evenly on a blue tarp, but also wanted to juxtapose that with the anarchic nature of thousands of CD’s being dumped in the forest. The balance leaves me breathless as we see both his organizational prowess and true understanding of communicating the feeling to his audience.#ninjanewsjapan #guywholaysthingsout