There’s probably rat feces on that

(upbeat music)

Update, ginger guy, so we
are deep in food terrorism.

And it doesn’t seem to be stopping.

The fact that people are getting arrested,

the fact that people are
being sued by companies,

the fact that there has
not been a popular outcome,

’cause what I mean by popular is, of
course, people are filming these things,

they’re getting on the
internet, and the only reason you

put stuff on the internet is
’cause you want to be popular.

That’s, you know, social
points is what you’re going for.

You maybe get it for a little bit,

but then it disappears
when you end up going to

prison, which is what
happened to the ginger guy.

So a couple of weeks ago, I was
a guy in a beef bowl, restaurant,

and they have communal ginger,

and he was eating the ginger
right out of the ginger bowl,

and he was like putting his
dirty chopsticks back in it.

They filmed it, they put
it on the internet, internet

goes crazy, he gets in
trouble, he gets arrested.


The question was, for me, always, what
is the actual punishment for these crimes?

Kids in Japan basically don’t go to jail.

So now that it’s an
adult, he could actually get

punished, he’s actually
responsible for his actions.

The problem was, this guy was arrested

on multiple counts, and
they were all stuck together.

So he got two years and four months
and had to pay a 200,000 yen fine,

but those charges
included growing marijuana

for personal use or
distribution, drug offenses.

He got arrested for growing
marijuana to drug offense.

That is way, way more serious than
eating ginger out of a communal thing.

So that’s a problem, because
how much of the punishment

is growing marijuana, which
is an incredibly serious crime

in Japan, and how much of it
is for weird public harassment,

chasing internet clout, just being gross.

I mean, that’s what we’re talking about.

My guess is that the two years as
for growing marijuana, the four months

is tacked on for the ginger crime.

Maybe even the 200,000
yen, the interesting part.

This was the more interesting part to me,

which is why this became a
worthwhile follow up to the story.

The guy who filmed his friend eating
the ginger was fined 300,000 yen.

So I think that is a fair
view of the punishment.

So I think jail time for doing
something gross in public is a lot.

A fine seems appropriate.

The fine can be very big.

I think big fines are good
things, but it’s very hard.

I’m not a judge and Japanese law is
a bit hard to work your way through.

It’s got a lot of rules and stuff.

It has a lot of considerations
that I will not understand.

But filming someone
committing the food terrorism,

which is what this has been
dubbed, is a 300,000 yen fine.

So I think that’s actually
showing you how seriously

they are taking it because the
companies now are going to follow up.

Now that they have a guilty charge,
they know that this guy is guilty.

If they take him to court and they
sue him, they have a much better case.

And I think interestingly,

the punishing the cameraman
to me is an interesting tactic

because you are punishing not
the person committing the crime.

You’re punishing the person who videoed
the crime, who essentially made it popular.

So what you’re kind of doing is like,
okay, these guys want to do gross things.

Something I’ve said on Indonesia
pan, probably a thousand times now,

to the point where it’s
almost not worth repeating,

but I have to because
it flows into the thoughts

that we have is,

don’t film it and put on the internet.

Now, the crimes still may occur, and
there still may be these things happening.

But if the popularity that momentary fame

is taken away from this sushi terrorism

from the food terrorism that’s happening,

there’s going to be
less incentive to do it.

So if you punish the people
who are filming it and they’re like,

well dude, I’m not going to film that,
I’m not going to put it on the internet,

then there’s less incentives
for you to do it in the first place.

And I think that’s an interesting way

to maybe do attack this
issue is attack the goal,

because the goal is
to cloud the popularity.

If you can take that away, so the people
like it do it, I don’t want to film this,

I don’t want to spend 300,000
yen to film a 30 second TikTok

of you eating stuff that
you shouldn’t be eating.

That in itself is pretty interesting,
take on how to get a handle on this,

’cause this is a thing that’s
not going away, that said.

It happened like immediately right
after, it’s almost like the crime happens,

the punishment comes out and then like a
week later, it’s teenagers, mostly, right?

This guy, this guy who was just arrested,

it was in his 20s, he was an adult.

But mostly it’s teenagers
and there’s a whole thing

I learned here, so let’s
get to the second story.

I don’t want to do a transition sound.

(upbeat music)

Completely unnecessary, it’s
just to help me stay organized.

This is the second story, but it is the
exact same thing, it is the food terrorism.

And I didn’t know this had been
going on for as long as it had.

I learned about it, the main
instance was sushi terrorism,

but it was probably because
it became such a big story,

because sushi row, the Kaiten sushi
restaurant, sued like a 15 year old kid’s mom,

I forget it was like a billion
yen, it was some ridiculous

number, but they were
just out to prove a point.

But kids are kids, I
have trouble remembering

when I was a teenager, I know I was stupid.

I was stupid into my mid 20s.

Easy, maybe even late,
what am I talking about?

I might be dumb now
and just not realize it.

That’s the problem with being dumb.

These kids, I guess
they’re not reading the

news, they don’t know
these things are happening.

I don’t know, or they do and they
think they’re gonna get away with it.

That’s a very youthful
bravado kind of thing,

but there’s a dominoes, and Amagasaki,

and a worker at two o’clock
in the morning with his friend,

they’re goofing around, he’s needing dough.

And they’re talking back and
forth, and he picks his nose,

and he wipes it on
the dough, and he carps

needing it, and they
laugh and laugh and laugh.

They filmed it.

Now, these are not intended
to go on the internet, apparently.

These are intended to
be shared among friends,

but share among friends, and
then one of the friends is like,

“Hey, this will get
me internet clout.

” The only logical
thing for me to do

would be to post it on the
internet, it gets super famous.

Dominoes reacted so quickly.

So this dough that it had snot wiped on it,

was still in the fermentation
process, it wasn’t actually finished.

They found the restaurant,
they found the dough,

they disposed of it, they
closed the restaurant,

they sanitized the entire place
before 24 hours was even done.

So this thing hit the
internet, it started to

gain, just the smallest
Iodo of popularity,

and Dominoes was like in crackdown mode.

They probably have the Dominoes SWAT team.

You know how they get their
pizza to you in 30 minutes?

They’re gonna get to the store
where the food terrorism happens in 10.

I mean, that seems like
what’s really gonna happen.

I am now imagining there’s
the Dominoes headquarters.

It’s got all these monitors everywhere,

and then an alarm goes
off, and they just dispatch

the Dominoes sanitization SWAT team to go.

And those kids are fired.

I mean, again, I don’t know
about criminal charges.

They are talking.

Dominoes didn’t mention that
criminal charges are possible,

but criminal charges,
as I said in the last bit,

criminal charges towards teenagers
in Japan doesn’t really do that much.

So we know that no one ate that pizza.

Now, if you’ve eaten fast food,
there’s the logic part of my brain,

and then there’s the
emotional part of my brain.

The logic part of my brain is saying
that if the snot was in the dough,

and the dough was
cooked at a billion degrees,

or whatever it is, to make pizza
dough, nothing’s gonna survive in that.

It wouldn’t actually be that bad.

So logically speaking, no
harm would come to you

because it was pre before it was cooked.

Doing it after it was
cooked is somehow grosser

because you’re eating
the actual bodily fluid

that came out of the person.

But once you cook it, it’s all dead.

The emotional part of me
responds like everyone else does.

It’s like, I do not want to eat snot pizza.

So what I learned
from looking at several

articles, and soda news
24, big Japanese website,

they actually did a
little bit of a breakdown.

So this actually goes back to 2013.

It’s like a decade ago,
and they have bakatur.

So it’s bakah, which means stupid, and ter,

which is Twitter, so bakah,
Twitter, so stupid, Twitter.

And it’s filming yourself doing
dumb things and putting it on Twitter.

Twitter was 2013, the
biggest website in Japan.

And they’re also
calling it Baito-terrorism.

Baito is Japanese for part-time job.

So Baito-terrorism, so
we have food terrorism,

Baito-terrorism, but
this all seems to evolved

from bakatur, and it’s kids
filming dumb shit at work.

And I just remember
seeing this pre-pandemic,

and it was a part-time kid
in a community store at night,

and it was super hot, and he got in the
cooler where they keep the ice cream.

You just lay on top of the ice cream.

Very technically, all the
ice cream in there was in

packages, and he was
wearing his clothes and whatnot.

So nothing actually touched
anything, but it is gross conceptually.

Again, the logic part of
my brain kicks in and goes,

well, you know there’s probably
a ton of rat poop on that anyways,

because it was all in transit at
some point, and rats are everywhere.

You should wipe the top of a drink can
or bottle before you put it to your mouth,

if you’re ever gonna drink straight
out of the bottle, that kind of stuff.

‘Cause there probably is rat feces on it.

That’s your ninja new
Japan, thought for today.

There’s probably rat feces on it.

And I think I just came
up with a new t-shirt.

I mean, the chocolate
beef chest, Academy

of Martial Arts t-shirt,
it’s a best seller.

Everyone loves it, who gets it.

But you know, I need
to expand my repertoire.

Maybe I need to take more
of my classic phrases and turn

them into t-shirts like,
there’s probably rat feces on it.

And just say that.

Just something you just
keep in mind at all the time.

It’s probably rat feces on it.

So the trend seems to
have really hit in 2013.

So kids saw other kids doing stupid shit

in their part-time jobs, and
they would do something similar,

but there was a trend that had
happened in January and February,

and there are theories, it’s why.

So there were some nice
theories on Soto News 24.

I don’t wanna like
just steal their content.

So this isn’t my idea, but
it was pretty interesting

because January,
February is when you’ve hit

sort of the stressful
exam time in Japan.

So maybe this is a weird way of
kids trying to alleviate their stress,

where they’ve just hit this
point of stress where they’re

just the brain shuts down,
they start doing stupid stuff.

I don’t know, it’s interesting though,

there is a trend of an
increase of kids doing dumb shit

at their part-time jobs
in January, February.

So if you have a theory,
I mean, I’d love to hear it,

send an email to

com or
and tell me your

thoughts on why you think
teens in January and February

do dumb shit at their part-time jobs.

There’s a street vendor in Asakusa.

He’s been out in the street for 15 years,

selling soda, they
call rumnay, it’s like a

very, very sugary
ginger ale, I guess, soda.

I don’t like it, it’s
actually too sweet for me.

I like sweet things and
it’s too sweet for me.

The thing is, this is also
a member of the Yanayah

Yakuza family and apparently a
fairly high-ranking member of that.

So there’s a lot of
questions they’re already.

My image of Yakuza comes from the Yakuza
video game series more than anything else.

It used to be Yakuza movies
and then the Yakuza video

game series took over in my
mind as to how Yakuza’s live their

life, basically you don’t open a
door, you only kick open doors.

There was someone else
came out on the same street

where he was selling his
sodas and it was a guy dressed

as a ninja and he was giving
out flyers for a ninja experience.

Now, let me tell you, I went
to Iga Castle and I took my

mom when she visited
Japan and they had Iga is

famously were ninjas or
supposed to come from.

I learned that ninjas always
sleep on their left side to be

able to protect their heart,
which weirdly makes sense, but

also doesn’t make any sense
at all because if your head’s

exposed and you’re lying
down, I’m not going to

attack your heart, I’m
going to attack your head.

But still, they slept on the
left sides and they didn’t wear

black, they wore navy blue because
that blends in better in the evening night.

There was also a thing where
you got throwing stars and you

threw it at a target and
hit the target three times.

You want a t-shirt?
Now, let me tell you, you’re good friend,

showing a beef chest.
He threw those three throwing stars and he

hit that target three times and he
won that t-shirt and it was too small.

That is the second
t-shirt I’ve wanted to

pay. They don’t have big boy sizes
in Japan. That’s pretty much a given.

I was at a bar with a
friend and they had a

thing and it was this Apple Jack Daniels.
Maybe it was Apple

whiskey of some sort,
which is already pretty bad.

But if you bought one, you got a
lottery ticket. You pulled it out of

this like box and if you got
the thing, you want to add

Jack Daniels, Apple, whiskey
t-shirt and something in my

brain clicked because I bought
one. I actually was being stressed.

What does this taste
like? It wasn’t bad.

Again, too sweet, weirdly.
Then I said to the waitress the

next time she came to the
table, I said, can you promise me

there really is a winning card in that box.
She said, yes, we

have three t-shirts in the
back right now that I know of,

there are probably more.
So I said, fine. Please continue to

bring me drinks until I win. I don’t
remember how many drinks I had.

It was a lot. Like we’re
in excess of six to seven

easily because I was drunk,
like real drunk, like proper drunk.

And I won the t-shirt and it
was a very nice t-shirt and it was

also way too small.
That’s two t-shirts I’ve

taken the time to win in Japan
and two t-shirts that I’ve won

that are too small.
Not what we’re talking about.

What I am saying though is you
have the opportunity to go to the ninja

experience in Ega
Castle. You should do it.

My mom really enjoyed the ninja castle
experience. You go through this little house,

has ninja doors and stuff.
I’m doing like tourist services for Ega

Ega may be want to drop a coin this way.

Just putting that out there as well.
I don’t really do free advertising.

And then they put on a little show.
So you go through the house and they show

you like the trick floors and
the trick this and the trick that.

And then they do a little show with some
guys who do some martial arts and stuff,

which was quite fun. My mother
really enjoyed it. I actually really got

talking to the guy next to me who
actually worked for like a news company.

We had a really great chat about
like would this be good TV or not.

The irony being that he clearly
thought this was not going to be good TV,

but he was going to film it anyways,
which does directly express my

feeling of most Japanese television.
So we’re back on the street.

We got this guy. He’s dressed
like a ninja and he’s giving out

flyers for a ninja experience.
We got this Yakuza. It’s been selling

ginger ale for 15 years on the street. No
one can figure out why I’m supposed to be

a high level Yakuza. The quality of
Yakuza and the drama there and has

dropped significantly is this if this is
how these guys are spending their days.

15 years on the street selling soda
is not the life I would imagine for a

high level Yakuza. It’s not sitting in
like gold cars with like three women

draped off you who loathe you,
but you know they’re too afraid to

get away from you that kind of thing.
You know movie stuff.

I actually would prefer a honest and loving
relationship. Just want to put that out there.

Chocolate beef chest
of an engineer’s Japan.

He’s not into a press of relationships.
He’s into a open, honest,

mutual relationships. Don’t know
where I am right now. I’ll be honest.

The Yakuza walks up to him and he does
a very very Yakuza thing. He says if you’re

gonna give out flyers on my street,
you’re gonna have to give me 10,000

yen a month or get the fuck out.
No one really knows what happened.

If the guy actually paid any money
and stuff, eventually the intimidation

tactics, the extortion
got back to the police.

The police come out
and arrest this guy.

The reason that this blew up on
the internet in Japan was that he was

calling the Ninja Ninja Kun. Kun is
what you would call like, so if I was a

teacher and I go into a classroom
and I talk to the kids, there’s you

probably no Chan, so like Lucy
Chan would be Lucy as a young girl.

Kun is for boys. She calls him
Ninja Kun. So he’s talking like this

lower status person in society, which was
pretty funny, but the guy is in his 60s,

so probably the guy who was the
ninja dress up as the ninja was actually

probably younger, fair enough. On February
8th, he was arrested for extortion,

which is a very Yakuza thing to be arrested
for. So I’m very, I’m happy that that’s

at least consistent
with my image of Yakuza.

His defense was I
was just giving him a

warning because he was being impolite.
Now that to me is Yakuza code for,

I told him to give me money or I’d break
his bones, but also it’s also a pretty

weak defense. Like you shouldn’t really
be telling other people how to live their

lives, and I bet the 10,000 yen, if
you want to stay on this street, was

something that came out of your mouth.
But that’s again, that’s a bias on my part,

and I’m not a lawyer, so I don’t
want to like sully his reputation.

Problem is, if you remember last week,
we talked about Yakuza apartments,

so was the guy who was on the poster.
Next to the guy who had died,

who had had people have been looking for
him since the 70s. That guy in the poster

was found at a Yakuza apartment.
Yakuza on apartments. Now the police have,

since they’ve arrested this guy, they
have a reason to go into where he lives,

which may be one of these apartments
or maybe a house, and then get information

about other places, Yakuza. So if he’s a
high-level guy, he has information about

other Yakuza stuff
that leads to the cops

on this sort of network
they can go through,

which could cause a huge amount of
problems for that Yakuza family over 10,000

yen from a ninja they just
could have just left alone.

I suppose I do this all the time. I finish
the story, I hit the transition sound,

and then I have a thought while
the transition sound goes on.

That isn’t how crime things.

Crime isn’t thinking, this
isn’t worth 10,000 yen.

Crime is thinking,
this is 10,000

yen I could get for doing
nothing, which is what extortion is.

It’s getting money for nothing.

Yeah, I don’t think
like a criminal.

That’s maybe the problem.
Maybe why I haven’t, you know,

really, my criminal
empire hasn’t really taken

off is I just don’t
think like a criminal.

I don’t think like, hey, let’s
abuse the people around

me and get money for
nothing and cheat and lie.

God, maybe I have
not done this right.

Is that how I ended up
podcasting? A 64-year-old woman

had been making fake
designer brand bags for the

last few years by hand. So
she had started her own shop.

She was making bags
of her own design.

And they weren’t selling very
well. She saw some news and

she saw some really popular
bags. And some were similar enough.

She’s like, I think
I could make that.

So she made it. She made
Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Gucci.

And she would sell
them for about 3,500 yen.

And what she was doing
in some cases, she was

trying to copy the bag.
And in other cases, she was

making her own original bag
and putting like a logo on it.

I found this interesting
because I was

like, I bet her handmade
bags were of the same

if not better quality
than the actual brand bags

that people were buying. She
was only charging 3,500 yen.

Unfortunately, that is illegal.

So you can’t do that. The
police searched her shop and

they found 330
bags ready for sale.

So she just basically made a
couple bags every day, all day,

every day, I guess.
And then she was selling

him in her store. I don’t
know. The thing that struck

out to me, there’s not
really much else to say,

this lady was basically
hand making bags.

But I was like, if you can hand
make a bag, man, that’s pretty cool.

I kind of had this
weird respect for the

lady’s ability to make a
bag that was of the same

quality as a Chanel
bag, if not better.

Because she just bought,
bought the material.

She’s like, what are those made of?
She bought similar materials online.

And then made those
bags. And I’m like,

man, I wonder if
her bags were good.

That was pretty shit story. I
didn’t have anything to say about it.

I just did it again. Hit the transition
sound and then finished my fault.

It’s an interesting story, but I
didn’t have anything to say about it.

Because I should
actually, if I could

have got it early, I’m
not going to find out about

it until she gets
arrested, but I kind of want

to buy one of her bags
now and just see what the

quality of the bag. Prison
inmate was not allowed

to wear his glasses because
they were one millimeter

over the Sives limit.
And he was without his

glasses for two months.
That doesn’t sound too

bad. Not having your
glasses though. He had trouble

going up and down stairs
because he couldn’t see the stairs.

So his eye set was terrible.

And he was wearing glasses.
It sounds like they were blacked

out like basically dark
lenses. He might have had

a light sensitivity thing.
Who knows? But he was like,

he had trouble walking
around without his glasses.

And they said the the frames
were one millimeter too thick.

So I don’t know what
they meant like the arm

of the eyeglasses were too
thick or they were too big.

I’m guess the reason I try to figure out
the reasons for this. I guess the reason is

because the arm of
the glasses could be like

shaved down into a shiv
depending on what they

are minor made of plastic.
So I would do that and

just still would just
bounce off people.

I don’t think I can make it sharp
enough to actually shiv someone.

But they took away his glasses
and didn’t give him anything else.

So he’s just basically blind for
two months. The bar association

in Japan is claiming
that taking away his

glasses as a human
rights violation, which I

think is probably pretty
accurate because you’re

basically saying like,
hey, you could see, but

we’re going to take away
the thing you see with

because we’re
annoyed. And this is it.

This shows more the actual
reason why they took away his

glasses because the
prison complained, these

glasses were arousing
the curiosity of others.

So again, because he
was allowed to wear these

what sounds like
sunglasses all the time,

other people in the
prison are like, hey, why

can’t I wear sunglasses and
look cool while I’m in prison.

Hey, why does
that get those weird

glasses on? Hey, how come
my glasses are just regular

glasses and that guy
has special glasses.

And the guards had difficulty
confirming eye contact.

So because he’s wearing
darkened glasses, they

can’t tell if he’s actually
looking at them when

they’re talking to him. So he
might be being disrespectful.

We don’t know. So
I think this is where

we see the actual reason they wanted to
take away his glasses because they’re like,

I don’t think that guy’s
paying attention when I

was speaking to him. I
think he thinks he’s too cool.

I think we take away
his glasses and we

make him blind and we treat
him like ship for a couple months.

And then he’ll
learn some respect

because this is all about
respect. He was unable to

read and he could not go
up and downstairs very well.

He isn’t prison. I
don’t know what he did,

but yeah, I think if you’re
in prison and you wear

glasses, you should be
allowed to wear your glasses.

Okay, so we get to a new
porn law introduced in Japan.

And this was very
interesting because it

was stringent enough
that porn stars were out on

the streets protesting.
And they say if it goes

through the Japanese
adult videos will disappear

forever, like the
industry will just die.

I found this interesting
on a conceptual level.

Let’s say you agree with
the stars that this law

is unfair, but like I’m
not in the porn industry

and I live a very normal
life. So it would be

very difficult for me to
go out and lend my voice

to the porn industry
because then people would

then say like, well, tongue
of beef chest is big horn dog.

The rule itself was
interesting because

there’s one of the directors
started speaking up on it.

He was of course in
the public protesting,

saying like, this is my
livelihood. You’re actually

attacking my livelihood.
And he said, I think

it’s good for girls filming
for the first time, but

not for those who make
adult videos for a living.

And I actually agree. He seems like a very
reasonable guy, this director he’s talking.

He is saying it violates
the freedom of business

that is in the constitution.
The director says

it has some good points,
but too many hindrances.

So what this is designed
to do is I am going to do my

first adult video. I
sign the contract.

There has to be a one month waiting
period before we actually film the video.

So I’m sitting down with you.

We’re doing the
contract negotiation.

I say, yes, I will take this
much money and I will put

my very attractive sexual
body on screen for you,

which I know is what everyone
wants at the end of the day.

Let’s go and go, no, no, we
have to wait for one month.

So I have essentially one month to change
my mind and back out of the contract,

then after we film the video, of course,
has to go through editing and whatnot,

I doesn’t need too much
CG for me because I actually

know you’d have to like
really tone down the whites.

My bare skin would probably
blow out the cameras.

So we’re going
to have to film it in

complete darkness
and my body will light up.

It’d be like watching
luminescent jellyfish have sex

would be very similar to
the experience of having

sex with me and motion wise,
like the very I assume very floppy.

What am I doing? I’m insulting
my own sexual prowess.

It feels bad about
making fun of myself now.

So we filmed it.
We’ve edited it.

It’s ready to go. There has to be
another four-month waiting period.

And that means from the date you sign
the contract to the actual release of the

video is going to be going to
be between five to six months.

And that is also that this person
who’s doing their first video for the first

time can back out, which I
actually agree with that director.

I think if this is
your first time,

you seem very excited about it. Your
circumstances are such circumstances changing.

Like I don’t want to do this
anymore. I think having the

ability to back out
is a really good idea.

Japan also has the law
that after X amount of years,

you have to re-sign with
the star to keep the video out.

So the star like let’s say I did a porn
five years ago. And I don’t want that in

my life anymore. I don’t
renew that contract.

You have to take all that
stuff down from the internet.

Now there are going to be clips and stuff,
but basically it becomes harder to get.

And that part of my life may be
not erased, but is greatly diminished.

You’re far, far less likely to find out
that I made this porn video in the past.

So I actually think these
protections for people

starting out and for
people who’ve retired from

that industry are
a really good thing.

But I also think he is right
in that putting this much

hindrance like a six month period between
contract and final production and release

is problematic for
people who actually make

this as their livelihood.
And so they need to

continue to produce content
to be able to make the money.

The other danger
is that this goes into

place and then people
instead of doing it through

their proper channels
start to go to underground,

start to do things
illegally, start to do things,

which therefore
immediately become less safe.

I actually agree
with this director.

I think this should be in place
for first timers. I do actually

agree with that. But once
you’ve done two or three

videos, then there’s no
need to have all these

sort of roadblocks
in place. I was thinking

about like who’s going
to stand up for them,

because this is
about fair treatment.

And to stand up for porn
stars, you are then connecting

yourself with porn stars,
which no politician wants to do.

And that’s where the
problem is going to arise.

That’s a certain amount of bravery,
because we know about the proliferation of

pornographic material
on the internet.

So we know there’s more than
like three people watching it.

We know there’s a lot
of people who watch it.

We know the statistics.
So I think the fair

representation there
actually needs to happen.

But I don’t think
there’s ever going to be a

politician in place who’s
actually going to have

the balls to do it, because
it immediately puts you

on this position where,
well, if you support

porn, then you’re a dirty,
dirty person who does

dirty, dirty things,
ruins your reputation.

They’re in a really tough
spot. But I will actually

stay up because I mean
stay up. I actually follow

up on this story primarily
because I’m always

interested in new rules
and how they go into effect.

It’s funny, I love the
dirty, dirty stories,

but I never loved the
dirty, dirty aspect of them.

Like the actual
porn parts, not the

interesting part to me. It’s
the contract negotiations.

It’s the production.
It’s the rules in place.

It’s the things that
have to happen before

and after is the stuff
I actually care about.

I’m really interested in
the complicated contract

negotiations that go into
Japanese productions.

And production’s all over the world. Movie
contracts and stuff. We’re all fascinating.

You should look them up
and make yourself a more

informed person. I have
just got lost at that last part.