A Complete Lack of Humanity


Alright, so a lot of people, they
want to come to, okay, nerds.

I should just start with nerds and
just any kind of new story, just nerds.

But, nerd stuff and
Japan stuff go together.

I think that’s pretty fair.

Anime voice acting is a
dream for a lot of super nerds.

It’s the kind of thing they want to do.

It would be like a dream
job for a lot of people.

The anime industry is tough.

It is incredibly tough and
is incredibly tough because

the margins are razor thin,
they have to produce so much.

It’s not the dream job
most people think it is.

It’s a lot like drug
dealing where there’s a

very small minority at
the top of the pyramid

that is making a ton of money and then
you have everyone else who’s making below.

McDonald’s sort of
staff wages in the hopes

that one day they’ll be part of that
incredibly small upper percentage.

The government has
introduced a new invoice system.

It goes into effect in October.

969 voice actors were surveyed.

77% of those said this
new invoice system is

going to become an
income decrease for them

and 27% said they may actually
have to quit voice acting altogether.

So this system is clearly incredibly
detrimental to the voice actor.

It’s being introduced to simplify taxes
for the companies and to prevent fraud.

Now those are good things.

You want to simplify taxes
for companies because

companies pay a lot of
taxes if they do a good job.

You want to reduce fraud,
reducing fraud is a good thing, but

it seems like it pushes all the
burden onto these voice actors

independent artists
essentially because a lot

of them are not employed,
salaried employees.

In some cases it pushes the
corporate rate to the actor

or artist because they are
not technically employees

or the tax will increase for the
companies reducing work for some artists.

So basically let’s say
you employ me as a voice

artist and I don’t do
this tax invoice thing.

The tax will increase
for the company so they

can employ me or they
can go with someone else.

But if they go with me and then I have to
provide that invoice, my tax rate goes up.

Most voice actors actually supplant
their income already and so all of these

taxes that they were going to have to
pay were going to come out of pocket.

Which means voice acting as
a career is a less viable option.

So if I issue the invoice and
pay the tax I have less income, if I

don’t do the invoice I’m going to
get less work from the companies.

Also the other side part that
they didn’t actually mention

very much is this is also
going to be more paperwork.

So that paperwork is going to have
to be done for done by the artist.

If it’s done by the artist
they actually spend that time.

Then you might think
oh it’s just taxes, it’s a

little invoice you have
to fill it out for every job.

And a voice actor might be
doing X amount of shows for one

company, X amount of shows
for a different company, different.

So they would spend a
significant amount of time if

they’re actually a busy
voice actor that is unpaid time.

I work for a company.

My company essentially does all my taxes.

I have to fill out basically
one or two forms a year.

It’s really just making
sure I sign a piece of

paper that says I still
work for this company.

My salary hasn’t changed
or it has changed whatever.

And the company takes care of it.

I basically do almost nothing
for taxies which is amazing.

That’s not going to be the case
for these independent voice actors.

And it seems like it’s going to be very
detrimental to the voice acting industry.


Maybe I should just
start every story like that.

I could do that.

It could be the thematic beginning.

It could be nerds and then perverts.

I wonder which one I’m going
to end up yelling more often.

Let’s try to get that.

So it’s nice on Dave is the star show.


So there was a sex scandal.

Perverts and nerds.

Oh my God.

Johnny and Associates.

Johnny and Associates is a talent agency.

They have made some of the biggest band.

Biggest band boys.

The biggest boy bands.

You can see how deep I am into this world
when I can’t even get like the words right.

Johnny and Associates
has a sex scandal going on.

Where the executive
class of the company was

sexually abusing
members of the boy bands.

And of course you had to succumb
to this in order to get into the

band and be famous and get your
job and honestly fulfill your dreams.

So that’s awful because this is abusive.

Now the abuse in the idol
industry is sort of an open secret.

I think it’s one of those things
that everyone knew it was going on.

But now it has come to the light.

Some whistleblower has come forward.

Dave said this is what’s happening.

This has been happening
for years and years and years.

Johnny’s is in trouble.

McDonald’s will not renew its contracts.

It used to use a guy named Kim Taku.

Kim Taku is probably one of
the most famous people in Japan.

He was part of SMAP, which was
one of the biggest boy bands in Japan.

It’s weird to call it a boy band because
they’re all in their 40s and 50s now.

At least 50s and 60s at this point.

Kim Taku is one of the
richest dudes in the country.


I don’t know how much money he makes.

The way I actually know him and would have
any sort of affection for him as a person,

although everything I’ve read
makes him seem like pretty awful.

He is the star of the judgment
or judge eyes video game series.

So if you play that
game, you’re probably like,

oh, they just made
this guy look like this.

That’s not the case.

They took one of the most
famous dudes in Japan and

they put him in his own,
Yaku is a style video game.

Kim Taku, from what I’ve read, he’s
basically the reason his boy band broke up.

So he went to the executives at
Johnny and Associates and like,

Ratted out the other guys
were going to go independent or

something or were looking at
other contracts or something.

I broke up the band so
that he could stay famous.

I never watched, they
all had like TV shows.

So they’re like four of those five members.

I think they all had TV shows.

There was a period where
you would flip channels

and there was a TV show
with one of the members from

SMAP on almost every
channel, which was disturbing

if you think about how
much they were making.

When they broke up, the thing
is, every show has a production

crew, that production crew, you
know, massive amount of people.

We’re not talking about one show, we’re
talking about like 5678 shows overall.

All those production
crews ended up losing

their jobs, millions,
not millions of people,

but thousands of people,
millions and millions

of yen were lost when
this group broke up.

Kim Taku seems kind
of like a piece of shit.

He seems like he sucks the corporate teet as much as humanly
possible, although I’m complicit in my guilt in that I will still play

those video games because I really love Yakuza video games and
that style of video game and I love how weird and stupid they are.

Nerd, I get a self nerd on that one.

So other companies now, now that the sex scandal
is public, I’ve decided to start dropping

Johnny and Associates, which is an interesting
thing because I think they knew it was going on.

But now that it’s public, they
have to act like they are outraged.

And that’s the bit
finding it a bit hypocritical.

Like you can’t be outraged by
something you inadvertently supported.

Which again, should I play judgement?

I’ve already paid for
the game, so I guess I

mean my complicit
nature in this is already set.

I can’t undo that.

I guess I can’t return the game.

I bought it digitally.

So I’m going to play
that game and then am

I going to play other
ones if they come out?


I’m a hypocrite.

You’re probably hypocrite too.


So we got nerd, pervert, and hypocrite.

I can call them out in succession.

And I can do self callouts.

I can see where I’m being a
piece of shit just like everyone else.

But at least I’m not abusing
young boys who want to be famous.

I mean, I can take a step
back from that at least.

This is the Howard who runs 100 feet.

Shouts at the the coward.

All’s the the coward who runs 101.

Eat a coward.

I don’t there’s a saying there.

I don’t remember what it is right now.

I’m a bit lost to my own
words at the moment.

Other companies that are
dropping Johnny Associates.

These are masters.

McDonald’s was one of the first ones.

Asihi group, which makes Asihi super dry.

They are a drink company and
alcohol company and beer company.

They’re dropping the other companies.

They are a drink company and
alcohol company and beer company.

They’re dropping them.

Suntory is demanding improved governance.

So this was the other side of the issue.

Well, let’s get through the drops first.

Japan Airlines is dropping them.

Nippon life insurance is dropping them.

Suntory is demanding
improved governance, which

actually implies that
what they’re saying is.

If you get rid of all your executives who
are doing all this abuse, we’ll keep them.

Because I am thinking about
the young up-and-coming stars.

Currently, who may be remiss
treated, but do they deserve

to be punished because the
executives were pieces of shit?

I actually think it’s fair for
the big stars to get in trouble.

They lose their contracts
because they were complicit

in that they didn’t speak
up in defense of anyone else.

This whole thing broke when a couple of
them were like, “I can’t let this continue.

I can’t let this happen to other people.”.

I have a great deal of respect for that.

They went through it, they
came up, they got famous, and

I’m like, “I can’t let someone
else suffer the same way.”

The media also remained silent on
these issues when these stories came up.

They remained silent on it because
they had to maintain access to the

stars because this is where all
their entertainment news comes from.

This group is so big and so powerful.

If they block off your access
to the stars of their group,

you’re going to lose out on
news stories, which is problematic.

I don’t want to see
these young guys who are

just trying to break
in get punished for it.

I do think it’s fair that the guys
who sort of profited off it get punished.

The guys who called it out are
actually the most noble people in this.

They suffered, they
went through it, and yet

they tried to make it
better for other people.

They’re better than me and my
desire to play the “Eckusa” video game.

“Eckusa” video game.

More nerd, more idle news.

This is a more entertaining one.

It doesn’t involve the… it involves
abuse but in a more entertaining way.


An agoya-based, idle underground idle group,
which I don’t really know what that is.

I guess underground idle group
just means not popular yet.

“Pulsar, LUMACS.”.

“Bired one of the members.”

The member is called “Riri and
Osono” or her complete lack of humanity.

This is on the other side.

It’s not the management of
using the teams, the members.

The members abusing fans.

It’s hard to tell.

“Riri took some time off for stress.”

She’s feeling tough, tough life.

I Grant that it is a very tough thing
to have to keep doing all the time.

She needed a couple weeks off.

She took a couple weeks off.

Management’s very kindly, very
sensibly came in to check on her.

When they came to
check on her, she appeared

with two men carrying
her on their backs.

So I really want an
explanation of what that means.

Like is it she on both shoulders?

It says on their backs, are they bent over?

And she’s riding them like
some kind of weird horse?

Are they piggybacking her?

But in the middle, I can’t
tell what it actually means.

Anyways, they asked quite sensibly,
“What the fuck are you doing?”

And she replied, “It’s bothersome to walk.

It’s too bothersome to walk.”

So basically, I’m assuming these are fans.

She got these fans
because they are such big

fans, they’re willing to
do anything she wants.

She said, “I don’t want to walk.
I want you to carry me.”.

Management was so deeply offended by this,
they’re like, “I’m sorry, you’re fired.”

Turns out she was also lying to fans
about the other members of the group.

So she’s not even like smart enough
to not abuse the other members.

This is a thing.

She’s underground.

So she’s not that popular.

But I think in her head,
she’s so popular she can do

whatever she wants because
he has these core fans,

probably like a bunch,
will do anything she asks.

Now, if she’s no longer
part of the band is that going

to continue, does she have
enough clout to go solo?

I doubt it. Is she talented enough?

These idle groups don’t tend to hire people
based on talent by being really honest.

So she was fired.

She was fired for her
complete lack of humanity,

which is a great
reason to fire someone.

And now they are looking
for a new fourth member.

And I think I know someone who
has no musical talent, who’s a big

white dude, who would really bring
a new demographic to your market.

Who’s really old and doesn’t fit the mold.

But this is it.
It’s time to break the mold.

I’m not going to make two
people carry me on my back.

I would actually
probably try to carry two

people on my back because
that would be funnier.

And then break my knees.

And I would be a member, the first
50-year-old, foreign member in a wheelchair.

of an idle group ever.

And think about the records
you would be breaking.

I immediately think like, the fans.

Fans are so gross.

So she’s an awful person.
She was doing awful things to people.

And she was punished for it, which seems
like the way that story is supposed to go.


So nerd.

Over hypocrite.


A few weeks ago we did a story on OSO18.

Also 18.

This giant bear who is killing
and partially eating cows.

And they were very worried
about it attacking people.

And they actually had
to put them down, which I

was really sad about
because giant bears are cool.

Even if…

Yeah, it doesn’t matter, man.

Giant bears are cool.

That’s just what they are.

But the bear community
is decided to get revenge.

They’re actually on the brink of a war
between humanity and bears in Japan.

There have been 54 bear-inflicted
injuries since the end of July.

And this is the most, the
highest since 2007, which

makes me go, “What the
fuck happened in 2007?”

That there was some
sort of peak in bear attacks.

So I was thinking, “Yeah, the bears,
their leader, also 18, was taken down.”

And they’re like, “No,
we gotta get revenge on

these humans for hurting
our master and lord.

The biggest bear who ever went.”

Because you know bears are
going to do it based on size.

That is just going to be how it is.

It’s not talent or charm.

It’s just going to be
like, “Biggest bear wins.”.

Well, it turns out it’s not
because of revenge for OSO18.

It turns out there was a really
bad beach nut crop, which is one of

the main sources of nutrients,
main sources of food, for these bears.

So back in 2007, there was also a really
bad crop of beach nuts, which means the

bears are now coming down into sort of
human settled areas, trying to find food.

Trying to find food means
they encounter more people.

They freak out and they attack the
people, which is perfectly understandable.

This is all again, a secondary
result of climate change,

which means the human
bear war will occur very soon.

Maybe I should just switch to animal news.

I don’t know.

A two meter long iguana
is loose and cute shoe.

It escaped from a woman’s house.

This woman, in her 60s, kept a
two meter long iguana, and she

just let it loosen her home,
which honestly is cool as hell.

I don’t think I would do that.

I don’t think I have two.

I am 1.84 centimeters.

I’m almost too, not, no, I’m
20 centimeters off two meters.

We’re going to round off.

I’m also old, so I’m probably shrinking.

I think I went from
184 to 183, but we don’t

need to report that
small piece of news.

But there’s women in her 60s.

She’s like, “Oh man, I
gotta have a companion.

I’m gonna have a giant
iguana to be my companion.”

That’s amazing.

It escaped.

So now there’s a manhunt
for the two meter long iguana.

The iguana is said to be very timid
and gentle, which sounds very nice.

But I think maybe it’s a
co-conspirator with the bears that

is decided to rise up, and
if it can become big enough,

because again, size is what
matters in the bear world.

If it can become big enough,
it can lead the bears, and we

can get some kind of
iguana bear hybrid animal

that will decimate
the human population.

Thus, we won’t be producing as much.

Climate change will correct itself.

This iguana bear hybrid is going
to be what fixes climate change.

The Mayor of Shibuya Ward says,
“Don’t come to Shibuya for Halloween.”

We did a report on Shibuya last week,
and they started eating a little bit of a

issue in more complaints,
more tickets and whatnot.

There increased police presence.

Because people are getting out of hand.

They were getting 200 complaints a day.

He said something similar last year.

Now last year was deep in the pandemic.

Now, technically the pandemic’s not finished,
but we are acting as though it were.

The pandemic is not a
thing anymore as far as

people and governments
and whatnot is concerned.

You do have to be careful though.

My son’s school was shut down
for three days because of COVID.

I think my son got it
and got over it in a day.

But him being young and very
healthy, it didn’t impact him very much.

He also was vaccinated.

So I think all that helped.

I didn’t catch it or I caught
it and spread it around

and just never noticed,
which is very possible.

They are very worried about the
accident that happened in Seoul last year.

So in Seoul Korea last year during
Halloween, there’s an area called E-Tae-Won.

Thousands of people went to E-Tae-Won.

They thought there was a famous person.

There was this huge rush and a
whole bunch of people got killed.

They were just crushed to
death or trampled and stuff.

They are really, really worried about
something similar happening in Shibuya.

Traditionally, that’s not what happens.

They, people get drunk, they
get out there, they’re all walking

around, then they start flipping
over cars or smashing stuff.

It just becomes sort of a little riot.

They need more police.

What they’ve decided to do
was hire 100 security guards.

They will be deployed and they
will probably be absolutely useless.

Security guards don’t have
the authority to do that much

other than turn around
and go like, “Hey, stop it.”.

And then a drone person
when you say, “Hey, stop it.”

It really just encourages them to do more.

You have police currently in Shibuya issuing
citations and it hasn’t really curved

the amount of negative behavior they’re
talking about that they’re trying to stop.

I think what’s going to
happen is people are going

to go to Shibuya for
Halloween just like the year.

They’re going to be drunk
just like every year and

they’re probably going to
set cars on fire and stuff.

Smash them up just like
they do every other year so far.


Maybe in-in-nep to governance.

In-in-effective police.

Maybe I could just do that.

I’m going to have to sit down
and actually work out my call-outs.

Just like the last story, I found
that the parallel between is very funny.

So the mayor of Shibuya is saying,
“Don’t come to Shibuya on Halloween.

My prediction is a whole bunch of
people go to Shibuya for Halloween.”.

The police last week, when
the Huncheon Tigers, which

is based on Osaka, when
or if the baseball team wins,

what they’re saying is, “Please don’t jump
in the river that goes downtown, Osaka.”

So this is something that
happens whenever they win.

It’s sort of good
locker, it’s your addition.

You jump off the bridge into the river.

In 2003, there had been an 18-year
sort of losing streak for the team.

They broke that in one in 2003.

5,300 people jumped into the river.

They’ve put signs up on Bridges.

They have a larger police presence.

And then yesterday, it went into effect.

The Huncheon Tiger… oh wait, 2005.

That doesn’t matter.

And then yesterday
there was a baseball game.

September 15th, this Tigers fans jumped
into the river to celebrate their victory.

They did try to arrest
as many as they could.

So they had police presence on the bridge.

You couldn’t jump off the
bridge, but there’s still the canal.

People were jumping
off the side into the canal.

They arrested some escape,
but again, the police saying,

“Please don’t do this thing
you’ve been doing for years.”

That’s not going to work.

I don’t know.

I honestly, as an interested side party,
don’t know how you would fix this problem,

it is an interesting problem for police
to fix because you have this tradition.

It’s a bit dangerous.

People have died in the past.

What, how do we stop it?

Do we corn it off?

Do we have enough police?

You can’t put… We don’t have enough
police to like line the entire canal.

You can arrest people.

How many do you arrest?

When do you go too far?

When do you cross that line?

I have no answers for this.

I would have to honestly sit down
and see how many police they have.

How many people show up?

Is there… What kind of like
resources or finance do they have?

So they could actually put it to
implement some sort of defense.

I bet they just sheer
volume of people who

are idiots overwhelmed
the police every time.


A 50-year-old man, Neat.

What is Neat stand for?

Yeah, let me actually just look that
up really quick before we continue.

Not in employment, education, or training.

So this is basically just another.

Neat is a phrase for unemployed people.

They’re not even training or
going to school or anything.

They are just not doing anything,
so they’re staying at home.

These aren’t shutters.

He-Komori is a different thing.

He-Komori is…

You have some sort of trauma.

You have an issue with society.

You stay shut in your room all the time.

These are these people who don’t work.

This dude is 50 years old.

He’s clearly being fully supported by
his father, who lives in the same house.

He was arrested for setting fire.

He was father’s clothing
and the building they

live in, which seems
like a really bad idea.

If you live in a building, it’s not a
good idea to burn down the building.

You live in if you can’t afford to
pay for living in a different building.

He started with the laundry.

And then the laundry fire that
he set expanded to the house.

He started spreading a
lot faster than he expected.

He panicked and then he put it out himself.

But then of course by that time, the police
had arrived, the fire trucks had arrived.

They arrested him and they
said, “Why did you set the fire?

You weirdo moron.”

He said he wasn’t happy with
the dinner his father had made.

So basically his father had made bad food.

He had been supporting
him in this completely

individual lifestyle where
he doesn’t have to work.

The food wasn’t good.

So he decided that the appropriate response
would be to set fire to the laundry.

Jesus Christ, dude.

You clearly don’t
understand your situation.

Weirdo perverts.

Weirdo perverts is the final
story of every new student.

I actually noticed I’m doing a
lot less weirdo pervert news.

And I realized it’s
because it’s repetitive.

Weirdo perverts don’t
tend to be that creative.

I have realized I’m doing
less and less news because

now it has to either
the interesting or

surprising so that I have
something to comment on.

Now we’ve done the same
like stole panties from a balcony,

stole a thousand pairs of
underwear, stole something.

I guess volume would still
get me interested, but at

the end of the day most
of the weirdo pervert news.

We’ve hit a saturation point
where most of it’s not interesting.

This one was kind of interesting though.

So it made the list.

I’m now very discerning in my
choice of weirdo pervert news.

A phone was found in a gutter.

It was face-stuffed and recording.

And this was a woman
who steps across the gutter.

There would be a few frames of film.

I guess we don’t call it film anymore.

I guess it’s still the phrase.

It’s the verb, two film.

A few frames of film would
catch an up-skirt photo.

Seems like not the best way to do that.

But I’m not going to give advice on people
on how to take better up-skirt photos.

A woman saw the device.

She called the police.

The police dug it out.

They weren’t able to unlock the phone.

So they started searching the area.

And they found a man in a ditch.

And they’re like, “Hmm, using
my incredible detective skills.”

I think we have found
a link because we have

a phone in a gutter
and a man in a ditch.

There, while correlation is
not causation, it does seem

like there is a unnatural
link between these two cases.

And we should investigate that further.

This is good police work.

I think maybe I should start
narrating the way police think.

So they found a man in a ditch.

And they started to use some really,
really powerful investigative skills.

They walked up to the man and
they said, “What are you doing?”

The man in the ditch looked up at them and
said, “I was trying to look up her skirt.”.

Here, my incredible detective skills.

Find a secondary link.

One, in the interest in
ditches and low-dug places.

Second, in the desire to look up skirts.

So then they arrested the man
and they said, “Is this your phone?”

And I went, “It is.”

So my investigative instinct.

Now, why was not making assumptions?

Let’s be very clear.

Man, he really gave that up quick.

Yes, he gave that up so fast.

This was actually one of the bits that I
found most interesting about this story.

The police are like, “What are you doing?”

And he goes, “I’m committing a crime.”.

And it’s a crime immediately
linked to a previous crime.

So that’s actually two crimes he’s
been committing sort of at the same time.

You’ve got to give the man
some credit for efficiency.

He has doubled his crime
capacity and creepiness all in one go.

So I’m assuming he was
going to go back retrieve the

phone and then go home
and try to extract still images.

I don’t know how to campy good video.

I weirdly have realized that the
quality of the film is important to me.

So this wouldn’t do it for me as a pervert.

I need a higher quality perversions
to satisfy my perverted inclinations.

Anyways, he was arrested.

They were able to unlock the phone.

I was assuming they just took his, they
said, “Hey, can you unlock this phone?”

And he just stuck out his finger or
they were like, “Is this your phone?”

And he just went, “Yup.”

Because he is.

As Jade said, “Giving it up real quick.”.

Turns out he has a record he was arrested
for the exact same thing 10 years ago.

Not being in a ditch,
literally getting into the gutter

laying down so his face was
sticking up out of the gutter

so that when a woman walked
over he could look at her upper skirt.

I left 90s Aerosmott
quality behind the 90s.


I’m wearing 4K now.

If it’s known 4K, I don’t want to see it.