NNJ 21: Sushi Chocolate Allergy

Allergies plague Japan, but the source is one of those unintended consequences of a bygone time.

YouTubers don’t get arrested, but they sure as hell could have.

Chocolate, they said it makes you smarter, but it didn’t make them smart enough to get the science right.

NNJ 21


Summer clarification

For those of you who don’t know what Summer Lesson is from the previous post. It is a VR game where you tutor a high school girl.

This is how I assume every game goes:

X Summer Lesson

I love game crossovers, mainly because I like dumb things.

Best board meeting ever:

President Tekken Industries “We need to liven up Tekken. What we do?”

Distracted employee “I never managed to look up the skirt of the girl from Summer Lesson…”

President Tekken Industries  “Perfect.”

Distracted employee “What?”


Instructional Video

The terms you need to know for today’s Japanese lesson:

JK = High School Girl

PK = Underwear riding up yer butt

あるある (aru aru)= Something that happens. This is a form of comedic short story telling about things that happen to everybody.

歩き (aruki) = walking

かぎ (kagi) = key

探る (saguru) = search for

直す (naosu) = fix

That’ll get you through most of the video, enjoy figuring out the rest from the video itself.


I knew a long time ago that technology would allow me to replace human relationships, but i never thought they would actually be warmer and more caring than the ones I have now.

Thank you, nerdy Japanese science, for finding the most expensive way to feed me candy.

2020 Olympic Mascots

Look like they will meld into robots and save the world.

Here they are in action.