NNJ 50: Which way up?

The 50th episode milestone. Thank you to everyone who has listened so far. This episode takes a slight tone change in the middle as I used a new app to record on my phone and the room was acoustically different.

Just trying to find more ways to work in time to record.

This week, learn about escalator culture, we predict it won’t end well. 

Japan leaves the international whaling commission, because they keep trying to NOT kill whales. 

Find out how revelers were caught and arrested but not by the cop that forgot his gun in the toilet. 

NNJ 49: Good Cop Bad Cop

Learn about some of the words of the year.

Some cops beat each other up while other cops do their best not to hurt a dude.

Huawei is in trouble here too and a family restaurant takes a stand that the Japanese government won’t.

NNJ 48: Slurping Naked Bodies

Why is slurping ok in Japan? I have theories, but that doesn’t mean I have answers. 

Say good-bye to beepers and maybe the president of Renault because he’s being held in the purgatory that is Japanese litigation. 

More advice for criminals and other tidbits.

Watch a dumbass drift his mini-truck

NNJ 47: Hot Pot AI – bad decisions

The news of the week is a 3 year old power harassment case, excessive touting (which is a thing, I just learned), a study on if young people are knocking boots, and the standard, Yakuza and Disney are both bastard organizations. 

Also, the laws of robotics. 

The offending video mentioned in the podcast, which is seriously hard to watch.

NNJ 46:Don’t trust media

Lies on television. Thus proving you should only listen to podcasts. Only podcasts. Maybe even only ones about Japan, specifically the news.

We find out that Japanese pilots like to party, so much so it’s making you late for whatever you want to do.

Japanese politicians aren’t all their cracked up to be, which is a statement I don’t really undertsand. 

Plus, two follow ups on previous stories.

NNJ 44: Licking the truth

Post Halloween round-up of stories from Japan. The Yakuza being nice and the normal people getting out of hand.

Then we learn that what you see in anime may not be the best guide forhow to live your life. 

Finally, your Amazon sucks compared to my Amazon, for the moment.

NNJ 43: Plastic Extortion

Recycling, Japanese people will tell you they are awesome at it. The the government will be like “Shit, we gotta do better.”

Is smoking Mary Jane in Canada the equivalent of smuggling? Might as well be now.

Also, old people porn and cross dressing.